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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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first, breaking news. supreme court justice anton scalia found dead at his home in west texas. he was discovered when he failed to appear for breakfast this morning. he was known for his fiery dissents. he was nominated to the supreme court in 1986 under then-president ronald reagan. in a statement, he's been called a rock against attempts to distort the constitution. log on to our nbc 6 app for updates. a 16-year-old shot overnight in little havana, the gunman still on the run. the victim a student at booker t. washingtgt high school. bobby brook is live withh more. bobby, any word on suspects?
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no, unfortunately no word of any suspects or leads or any arrests. i can tell you again, that 16-year-old at the hospital here with a bullet wound in his leg. really, when you see this video and how bad things were where this happened, this young man is very lucky things didn't end up worse. bullets pieed the back of a chevy suv. the refrigerating equipment inside of a grocery store. unfortunately the leg of a 16-year-old early this morning in little havana. the victim someone very close to this woman's heart. >> it was my best friend. >> reporter: she tells nbc 6 he's a student at booker t. washington high. she knonos only being shot in the leg is a blessing after all the bullets found on the street. >> i heard eight shots. >> reporter: she says the victim
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to get something to eat early this morning. on their way back, someone started shooting. i was waiting for him. all of a sudden i hear the shots and started panickingng >> reporter: this is the fourth day of consecutive shootings in south florida. on wednesday this week bullets were fired outsideof carroll city high. on thursday, a bullet flew into tranciesesuck sis fran advertisecies francis tucker elementary. this week, community leaders begged the publi to break that code of silence protecting those criminals. >> you don't necessarily have to lookokt yourself as a snitch. you could also look at yourself aaa community servant. >> reporter: as for the young people in little havana, shootings are something they're growing up with.
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>> sometimes we hear shots where and you don't even know where it's fired, because it's so much. >> reporter: back out live here, again, n n word of any suspects in this shooting.g. this goes back to what community leaders are asking people to do, andhat is say something, if you know something, or if you know somethin say something, rather, because that's the only way things are going to get better. live at jmh, bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. new video tonight of a series of smash and grabs in hialeah that happened overnight. the suspects were called on surveillance video. stephanie bertini joins us live with more. >> reporter: one of the places it seems the same guys hit overnight.. here the owner says it looks like they got in through the front door. th door is under repair tonight. inside the store, thousands of
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merchandise still missing tonight. hiding their faces, helping themselves. watch these apparent thieves work overnight at this hialeah cellphone store. >> i would call it insane. >> reporter: that's how the owner describes the crime he learned about from the people who saw the damage to his store this morning. >> thimorning we received a couple of phone calls, someone broke in the store, they took basically most of the front of the store. >> reporter: he got here today to find out the 15 to $25,000 is the estimated hit between what was stolen and damaged. and it seems this isn't the only place the thieves hit overnight. on the same street, 1165 west 29th street, an electronics store, and thth same type of crime. 1159 west 29th street, more of the same damages. and it seems the same guys hit up this store at 1171 west 35th street. the sma and grabs have store
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>> we've been here for five years. you know, we never had any kind of problem. but we've got a big one now. >> reporter: back out here live, one of the surveillance cameras thataught some of that video that you just saw from this store, tonight the owner says he hopes the surveillance video will help cops catch these guys. stephanie bertini, nbc 6 news. new details tonight on a crash that killed a child in broward. the sheriff's office identifying the child as a 4-year-old. police say she was insid the white hyundai there that collided with a chevy luna last night. she was ejected from the vehicle. the hyundai went on to hit another vehicle stopped at a red light while the lumina crashed into a concrete wall. investigators don't think speed or alcohol was a factor. it's not clear whether the child
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pope francis is in mexico, not biting his tongue. he delivered a speech to several government leaders including president nieto. he called on them to do more to stop the drug-fueled violence plaguing the country. he said they have a duty not to be seduced by corruption. it shines a spotlight on the gang warfare in mexico. he called on mexico's bishops and other church leaders to challenge what he called the insidious threat posed by the drug trade. he said confronting the problem would require thehe church, parents, schools, and communities. thousands a lining up along the pope's motorcade to get a glimpse. this is the seventh time the pope has visited mexico but the
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the catalyst for change the country so badly needs. a showdown in south carolina in tonightht decision debrief. just one week until the south carolina republican primary. tonight, the six remaining gop rivals will try to sway last-minute voters chris pallone reports. >> reporter: for the first time in the 2016 campaign, just six republican candidates will be on the debate stage saturday night, trying to impress voters in south carolina, a state with a large percentage of voters who call themselves conservative evangelical christians, a fact not lost on ted cruz. >> they're looking for a conservative, someone who has a proven record of defending the constitution, defending the bill of rights, defending the free market principles and judeo-christian values. >> reporter: cruz and donald trump have been sparring online and on the airwaves this week.
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>> you have cruz. find out where he gets his money. >> reporter: perhaps the most pressure tonight is on florida senator marco rubio. analysts say he needs a strong debate performance. he was widely panned for his poor performance in the last debate. the next democratic contest is saturday in nevada where vermont senator bernie sanders hopes to keep the pressure on hillary linton. >> we surprised them in iowa. we surprised them in new hampshire. we're going to surprise them here in nevada. >> reporter: all the candidates searching for momentum, with super tuesday and hundreds of delegates up for grabs, coming in a little more than two weeks. chris pallone, nbc news, new york. if you're hoping to see hillary clinton on monday, you'll get a clinton, just not the candidate herself. she cancelled her appearance and her husband is coming in her
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the clinton camp says hillary will stay in nevada for additional events there. florida holds its presidential primary election on march 15th. to ensure your vote, you have to register by february 16th, that's tuesday. early voting runs from march 5th to march 12th. find extensive coverage of the campaign trail on the nbc 6 news app. still to come, a fatal pileup in pennsylvania closes a busy stretch of roadway. what's to blame for the highway havoc? a horrific accident on a boston interstate. if you're all about art, you're in luck. we head to the arts festival. i'll have the forecast and
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know if anything chchges. multiple fatalities being reported in a pileup on a central pennsylvania highway involving more than 50 vehicles.% this crash happened early this morning in bethel toship, 75 miles northwest of philadelphia.
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cars and trucks tangled together on the snow-covered median. no word on the cause but weather is believed to have been a factor. a driver was killed%in boston in a freak accident involving a manhole cover. a 200-pound manhole cover went airborne and crashed through her suv's windshield. she was a beloved art teacher in the area. instigators say it was last inspected in 2014 and due for her ahother inspection in june. >> it's one of the things, you don't think about it. you drive to work every day and hope you get there. you don't expect anything to happen. >> as a precaution crews are checking 500 manhole covers, grates, and utility covers on highways. brazil is sending in troops to fight the spread of the zika virus.
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brazil cities today, handing out leaflets with information on the zika virus and how to prevent it from spreading. brazil was ground zero for the outbreak of the virus which has been linked to a surge in microcephaly, a condition that causes babies to be born with brain damage and abnormally small heads. on monday armed forces will visit homes around the country to identify problem areas and distribute insect repellent. as long as you like highs in the 70s, perfection. a little breeze out there but not too terrible, especially when it's mid-70s. live first alert doppler not showing you any color on the map at all. let's bounce arnd, starting off in the keys, working northbound. yes, elliott key down to key
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if you look up, you know there's nothing cooking out there. beautiful blue skies. deerfield beach to elliott key looking pretty sharp. where we have blue skies for your boating trip tomorrow, more on that in a moment. thehether numbers like wind, it will be picking up a bit. a front is bearing down on south florida right now, pushing through tonight, probably any minute, in fact behind it some gusty northeast winds, up to about 20 knots. that will push these 2 to 4 feet, occasionally up to 5, making it choppy on the bay. surf temps coming in around 72, so not an ideal boating day. but again, i do think a decent amount of sunshine tomorrow. right now winds are out of the northwest, 5, 10, 15 miles per hour or so. as that front pushes through tonight. then we get a little bit of mix ing in the atmosphere tomorrow, the winds will begin to pick up. across the rest of florida, a cold f fnt right on top of us.
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too terribly bad. again, if you're looking for something warmer, you may have to wait a coue of days. lows in the 50s for the next couple of nights. for us, in the 50s by 1:00 a.m. right now,temperatures in the 70s. we'll make a pretty quick drop here. low humidity and clear skies will get those temratures going down. then, as we go from tonight through tomorrow morning, winds start to go more to the northeast. ift happens a little sooner, we may not hit that 59. you notice east winds start working in quickly as we go into monday morning. 65 for the low. the cold front moves through, monday into tuesday, president's day into tuesday or so, a possible thunderstorm. temperatures don't drop too much, back to the 70s. east winds kind of on the strong side, thursday and beyond. those overnight lows stay pretty mild, into the 60s. let's get you back to valentine's day here, for your sunday.
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rain-free but with gusty winds out there, we'll have to watch rip current risks running a little high. i think future tracker is ordoing some of the showers. certainly a few clouds on there. all in all, if you're staying off the water, because it will be choppy out there, i think it's a great-looking valentine's day. coconut grove arts festival going on tomorrow. hold on to your hats for the next couple of days. keith, right into monday, a few late day showers before a possible thunderstorm or too on tuesday. first like tonight at 11:00. >> thank you, sir. art, food, and entertainment taking over the streets of
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53rd annual artsfestival. he erika glover has more. >> reporter: this festival showcases the works of 380 artists and craftsmen f fm around the world. >> 150,000 people come through here in thr days. >> reporter: the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival keeps growing, attracting crowds from out of state and down the road. >> there's lots of people here from everywhere. we've met some of the artists, which is fascinating. >> reporter: vendors say this celebration of the arts is a neat way to attract buyers that you can only find here in south florida. >> i think it's just the people here. you know, it's a diverse crowd. and they love art. that means a lot. >> reporter: opening these streets to newnd returning visitors. >> there's so many people who are intimidated by art and they don't want to go to a gallery. this provides a aone-on-one,
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>> reporter: erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> nbc 6 a proud sponsor of the festival. we'll be everywhere at the event all weekend. stop by and snap a selfie with us. here's the lineup for tomorrow. > another break here. kind of a bummer for fans. they were supposed to have a representative in the three-point shootout. they've had a lot of success. the team's fifth three-point
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ruled him out welcome back. it's been a fortress for the florida panthers. the unexpected first period hiccup of allowing tee goals and losing the game to st. louis last night came as a bit of a shock. the head coach actually made the
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goaltender with the score of 3-1. it wasn't an easy situation for the coaching staff. they felt the team needed a spark. the panthers don'n' have time to dwell on that loss. they're right back on the ice tonight. they'll play the national predators. they dominated over the laot two months. hqpefully they'll get back on track after of the debacle last night. >> we got the first goal, they scored the three goals after that. i thought the first five shifts, we were sound asleep. i like playing back-to-back games. we're usually real good in the second game. >> chris bosh is supposed to b% competing on all star saturday night in toronto. instead h will only miss tonight's event but tomorrow's as well. he'll have more tests on monday
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severity of the injury. it isis't thought serious but no doubt the heat star is bummed not being able to participate in the on-cour festivities. he's been with the heat medical staff all week and decide it wasn't smart to continue to push it. the number 12 hurricanes back at it again tomorrow. they'll visit long time rival florida state. at 19-4, and 8-3 in the conference conference, they find themself in the acc. the squad will be looking for the best possible feed with the acc tournament. the miami marlins are less than a week away from pitchers and catchers reportina to spring training. al leiter and preston wilson as well as eduardo perez will share the e alyst duties for the game
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jenrry mejia has been band for testing positive for drugs. the 26-year-old fromn the dominican republic tested positive for a drug used by athletes to increase muscle mass. he hopes to appeal and turn to the national champion mets when he completes his suspension for his second positive test. keith? >> three chances. still blows it. man. great weather for the festival tomorrow. >> not bad at all. a bit of a northeast wind comimg off the ocean and cool upstairs in the environmentn what does that all mean? it sounds fancy. basically it means a mixf sun and clouds on sunday. for your valentine's day. it'll breezy tomorrow, so seas on the choppy side if you're taking your loved one out, keep that in mind, she or may be
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we aren't expecting any rain until maybe late monday into tuesday as another front rolls our way. but not bad, exactly where i like it. >> not could cool, not too warm. perfect winler weather. that will do it for us.
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"nightly" is next. on this saturday night, breaking news. antonin scalia, the longest serving justice on the u.s. supreme court is dead. he was the court's most influential conserertive. tonight, we look back at his life and his legacycy deadly weather. dozens of vehicles crash in a massive pileup in pennsylvania. a large part of the country endures extreme life-threatening cold. the showdown. tonight, republicans debate. a make or break moment
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remaining candidates. will rub yoio rebound. the pop pushe pushing on the pressure to step up the fight against corruption and violence. >asoline delivered to your car on demand. night "nightly news" begins now. from nbc world adquarters in new york, this is nbc nightly news. reporting tonight, erica hill. good evening. justice antonin scalia, the supreme court's most influential conservative has died. the 79-year-old appointed by president ronald reagan almost three decades ago was found dead in texas. known for his strong language, he was widely respected by his colleagues and by the many who disagreed with his legal findings. john roberts praised


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