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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Sunday at 7am  NBC  February 14, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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it's sunday, february 14th. hap valentine's day to all of you. we're sharing thelovov let's toss things over to meteorologist erika deldo south florida's most accurate newscast. happy valentine's day. >> right back at you. we did not coordinate for valentine's day, neither one of us is wearing red. that's okay. in our hearts we feel the love. happy sunday. 59 degrees in miami. it was a beautiful day. you would think temperatures would be on the cooler side this morning. we will see the difference in the temperatures this afternoon. highs lateroday possibly won't pass the mid 70 mark. let's ke a look at what we're dealing with as far as rain is concerned dry conditions. first alert radar looking good for fort lauderdale do to miami-dade. if you are in the coasting areas you are dealing with some of
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that's part of the reason temperatures aren't coolinin than they are right now. also we're beginning to see the ocean a little rougher than we were yesterday, that's because winds will be shifting a little more out of the northeast later today, a little breezy, so that could leave us a moderate risk of rip currents along atlantic beaches. we'll be dry, mostly sunny especially inland areas and temperatures will possibly hit that 70 degree mark come noontime. influenced aeneration of judges, lawyers and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> flags lowered to half-staff outside the supreme court overnight in honor of justice antonin scalia. the 79-year-old justice died of natural causes while on a hunting trip in texas yesterday morning. the unexpected death leaves control of the gh court at stake causing political battle lineso be drawn. >>. >> reporr: the nation's first
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on the supreme court in 1986 by ronald reagan. though he later back a lightning rod of criticism he was confirmed after telling senators he has no plans to reshape the law. >> i am not going on to the court with haste of things that i want to do, my only agenda is to be a good judge. >> reporter: he became one of the most -- affirmative action in hiring and school admissions and of abortion rights. the landmark case rho v. wade he said was wrongly decided. he said judges should be bound by theords of the law they interpret not by ideas behind them. he wrote the ruling for the second amendment protected a right to own a gun. the president announced he will name a successor in due time. it's a an appointment that could
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>> i have a feeeing that the senate is not going to accept any appointment made by president obama at this point. they are already refusing to vote on judicial appointments that have been sitting and waiting for months and monons at the lower courts and this one is more important because again, this will shape the future of the supreme court. >> political science reporterat nova university charles zelden believes this could be the number one political year issue. even with quick action from the president confirmation could not happen during his presidency. >> having someone replace scalia wiwi a moderate or liberal you're talking 30, possiblyy40 years of this individual shaping the law and the constitution. that's a major, major impact and so it's hard to see. i think we're going to fail this test of democracy. >> reporter: keith jones, nbc 6 news. as you can imagine statements are pouring in from
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senator bill nelson says, i take very seriously our constitutional responsibility to fill this vacancy. congressman maria diaz ballard says in almost 30 years of serving on the high court he leads behind a legacy of protecting the constitution and attorney general pam bondy calls justice scalia one the greatest legal minds of the last 100 years who passionately upheld the rules of law and served honorably on our nations highest court. we will have much more coming up. we have new video this morning of a series of smash and grabs in hialeah. the suspects caught on suspect. nbc 6 anchor erika glover tells us what those burglars got away with. >> reporter: this morning one businesswner in hialeah says he is out of thousands of dollars in stolen property and he is no the alone.
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recognize the men caught on camera. >> watch as thieves a shatter glass s d grab what they can from this mobile solutions store on 927 pest 39th street in hialeah. the owner says they have been aroundor five years and never experienced in kind of problem. now he's stuck trying to recover an estimated $15,000 to $20,000 in stolen items and property damage costs. >> we have alarm, a good camera system but even with that they came in the middle of the night. >> here at 1165 west 29th street anlectronics store faced the same type of property damage only this time the thieves got away with nothing. at 1159 west 29th street more broken glass. not far away at 1171 west 35th street, more surveillance video of what looks like the same four guys. this morning those business owners are looking for answers. you can take another look at that surveillance video by heading over to our nbc 6
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reporting in miami, erik glover. a south florida teenager is recovering this morning after being shot in little havana. we brought you this as breaking news yesterday morninn a 16-year-old boy and a friend were walking near a grocery store along southwest 10th avenue and 5th street when someone opened fire. the 16-year-old was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. no word on his identity. but friends say he is a student at booker. washington high. who opened fire and why remains under investigation. police are looking for a hit and run driver who struck a cyclist on miami beach t started when an officer saw a man try to steal a car in the area of washington avenue. he headed west on mcarthur and hit a kick clis. police are k look for a car similar to the one that you see
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white chrysler 300 with a missing passenger side mirirr and front end bumper damage. if you can help call crime stoppers. almost 7 minutes after the 7:00 hour. coming up, republicans square off in south carolina. find out who trump's target was this time. south florida, beautiful day in store for us if you're planning on spending ith out on the water winds will be picking up out of the east-northeast later today, possibly gusting up to 20 to 25 knots. small craft should exercise
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waters. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing withthocial security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strtrg. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> he will go down as one of the great justices in the history of this republic. >> now with an unexpected court vacancy many of the candidates are urging the senate to block president obama's next appointment to the court. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say we are not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. >> while donald trump and ted
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other on air and online after their wins in iowa and new hampshire it was trump and jeb bush who got in the most heated exchanges in the palmetto state. >> jeb is so wrong. jeb is absolutely so -- >> just so you understand, do you know who that is? that's jeb's special interests and lobbyists talking. >> vladimir putin is not going to be a ally of the united states. i am sickcknd tired of him going after my family. while donald trump was building reality tv show my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. >> the world trade center came down. >> analysts say marco rubio needed a browns back performance after stumbling in the new hampshireedebate but the florida senator disappeared from the discussion for longng stretches until finally clark with ted cruz over immigration. >> ted cruz supported legalizing people that were in this country and only now does he -- >> that is -- >> the first in the south primary aeek away, a chance
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solidifyheir positions and those trailing behind to gather much needed momentum. meanwhile, if you were hoping too see hillary clinton tomorrow you will get a clinton, just not the candidate. we're told the presidential hopeful canceled her appearance in riviera beach. instead she will be sending her husband in her place. the former president will be seeking tomorrow at the port of palm beach. the clinton camp says hillary will stay in nevada for an additional event. >> and a reminder, florida holds its shl primaryry election on march 15th. to ensure you will vote you will have to register by february 16th. that's tuesdada early running is march 5th to march 12th. don't forget you can register to vote at fiu from 9:30 to 2:00. >> you can find extense coverage of the campaign trail on the nbc 6 news and weather app. everything from live results to
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fingertips. south florida, happy valentines sunday tyou. things are looking pretty nice on this sunday morning. 59 `egrees right now in miami. 56 fort lauderdale. we are in the 60s with the exception of the keys, temperatures in the mid to low 60s. it is feeling cool out there, but not as cool as yesterday. we arectually anywherere between 2 to 7 degrees warmer now than we were yesterday at this time. as you can see that cold front did swinghrough yesterday throughout the afternoon hours. we're dealing with some clouds this morning, especially along coastal areas and not only that, though, we will begin to see winds shifting more from the northeast. anytime you have that ocean influence temperatures overnight won't cool down as they would if you had more of a northerly wind or possibly northwest wind for us here across eastern areas. so fort lauderdale all the way wn to miami-dade things
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quiet, that's how we like to see it early on a weekend morning. we're going to keep it rain free all day, temperatures reaching into the mid to low 70s. we're warming now than yesterday at this time, the afternoon hours temperatures will be cooler than yesterday n the afternoon. we'll see some of those clouds rolling in, especially with the winds shifting more out of the northeast later this afternoon. it will be turning breezy as the day goes on. let's take a look at what we'rere dealing with right now, there is the front that swung through yesterday, remains stationary to the south of the frida straits. high pressure settling in across much of the carolinas and mid-atlantic, this is that system bringing the frigid air -- it did bring the frigid air across the midwest and now new england. that's what's causing that east-northeast wind later this afternoon and will continue to bring us ouds from the atlantic over to us as the day goes on. taking a look at levels of moisture in the atmosphere, apart from tat things are still looking pretty dry, especially
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bahamas, things looking really nice. soaking a look at what we can expect as far as threats are concerned, because winds will be shifting out of the northeast and picking up a little later this afternoon marine conditions will be on the moderate to higher end of the scale, small craft should exercise caution over the atlantic waters, moderate risk of rip currents and you definitely want to have that sunscreen handy. let's take a look ahead at the next few days. temperature rebound as of your monday for president's day, showers reach into the forecast later in the day and into your day on tuesday ahead of a cold front. the cold front -- before the cold front we will be back into lower 80s on tuesday, after that the rest of the workweek is looking predt nice, wednesday into saturday temperatures will be in the 70s with mostly sunny skies. >> pretty nice forecast. erika, thank k you. tourism in cuba appears to be getti a boost following the restoring of relations with the u.s., but w is exactly benefiting? there are critics who say that
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ends up in the hands of the cuban government and not the people who n ned it. however, a tour operator says he is seeing a rise in private entrepreneurs, something he says is a sign of better ings to come. >> the people that are directly involved in tourism they'' doing very well. the people who are involved with tour guides driving cars or rentding their houses, they're doing very well. everyone else they're just sort of waiting. >> and tourism in cuba is expected to get a bier boost tuesday. that's when the u.s. and cuba will sign an agreement to allow 20 scheduled flights a day between the two countries. the deal will allow commercial carriers to o orate between cuba and any city in the u.s. for the first time in half a century. still ahead. so what are you getting the love of your life this valentine's day holiday? don't break your head, we did the thinki for you. actually we just asked the
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will your valentine's day let's thinin about this. flowers, chocolate, dinner, perfume, sometimes it's tough to figure out what a woman really wants from her valentine. >> that's right. six in the mix host roxanne vargas has some help for all of the men doing last minute shopping. >> reporter: shiny thgs, sweet things, things that smell nice and make you feel good. things that fill you up. there are lots of things that will be wrapped up and handed over this valentine's day, but let's save you the struggle of figuring out what women really want this valentine's day. we asked the woman's choice award is a referral source for women where women share their voice and their seal of approval for stuff they love. >> wha do women really want for valentine's day? >> well, we asked them and
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women that we polled what they really want are practical gifts, gifts that they can really use. and theumber one choice among practical gifts is gift certificates. >> that means women want me time. we want to go to our favorite stores, take our time, buy something that makes us happy. what about the romantic woman? >> among diferent romantic ideas like mass sajs and candlelight dinnmrs and so forth the number one choice was weekend getaways. women really have so much going on, they have kids, we have he husband, we have the house, we have our own careers that we really don't get that opportunity to decompress, to kind of recharge our batteries. so it's so important. women really crave that. if it's not done for them the reality is we won't do it. >> the traditional woman still wants flowers, score extra points by sending them to her job. as for the luxurious lady in your life -- women love the idea of being
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cruise to an exotic destination. of all the exotic destinations the number one choice for women is tahiti. at that letty is on most women's bucket list. >> whether you're taking your sweetie to tahiti or sending a bouquet of love, these t tps can help. by the way, a box of chocolas, champagne and strawberries came in second and fourth and a candle lit dinner second for romantic hearts out there. roxanne vargas, nbc 6 news. i'm thinking bora space bora. >> i just need a valentine, forget the gift. >> what happened to a card, a beautiful card, a very thoughtful card that you write in and just express your love. >> i'm all for just showing these acts of kindness on a daily sis. >> that's what my husband say, every day. that's my greek accent. did you like it? >> you use the same accent for everything. >> i know.
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moving right along, it's 7:22. coming up, will the sudden death of justice scalia provides a rare moment of agreement among gop candidates nd at a debate that quickly turned vicious. how choosing a new justice will
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chuck todd weigh janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this. thousands are already lined up for what is expected to be the largest mass of the pope's visit to mexico. it will be held today in one of the poorest districts of mexico city. nearly 300,000 people are expected to attend and security willlle tight. pope francis spoke to both church and government leaders yesterday urging them to help the mexican people by reducing
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nbc's anne thompson reports. >> reporter: today mexi city opened its arms to pope francis. t site of this son of latin america beaming in e city square moved some to tears. >> i'm going to cry for sure. that's for sure. >> and others to hope. >> he is a life changing hoho. he is reforming the church and i think he's absolutely wondedeul. >> reporter: drawing the faithful from all over the americas. describing himself as a missionary ofofpeace and mercy, francis challenged the country's leaders to focus on the common good and eliminate economic inequality that he warned is officer tile ground for corruption and drugs. mexico is the second largest caolic country in the world, 83% of the people here claim the faith. much of it rooted in devotion to our lady of guadalupe, the shrine a trust on frin aa' itinerary today. but it was all bloodied by the
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speaking to the local bishops francis said the drug trade spreads like a cancer. more than 164,000 people murdered since 2007. this man's only son is one of 43 students kidnapped and believed dead. he says he wants to meet the pope because he believes francis can give the parents strength. a nation of many problems and a deep faith. next w wk the pope turns his attention to the controversial issue of immigration, traveling to the south where many central americans enter this country and heading north to say mass at the s. border. i'm anne thompson in mexico city. 7:27. more news ahead in our next half hour. coming up, thieves wipe out shelves at an electronics store but they don't stop there. see the bold move caught on camera. plus the search continues
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in little havana. good morning. welcome back to nbc 6 south florida today. i'm sharon lawson. it's sunday, february 14th. you know what that means, it's valentine's day. happy valentine's day to everyone out there. let's toss things over to meteorologisiserika delgado and south florida's most accurate newscast -- actually, forecast. >> forecast and newscast. happy valentine's day to you at
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59 degrees right now in miami, it's feeling nice out there, 56 degrees in fort lauderle. cooler for pembroke pines and oakland park, temperatures in the mid 50s. we are a few degrees warmer today than we were yesterday, just by the cold front that did swing through, but therere cooler temperatures further to the north across the rest of our sunshine state. 30 and 40s across the papaed handle. that high pressure system that continues to drag in very cold temperatures across much -- cold air i should s s across much of the eastern seaboard. for us looking pretty quiet, no rain anywhere in sight. still dealing with plenty of clouds over the atlantic waters because the air temperature is cooler@ than the actual ocean temperature. with that northeast wind we are expecting some of those clouds to roll on through. we are rain free as you just saw and our live first alert radar confirms it from broward county down to the keys, things are looking pretty nice. for your first alert forecast on this valentine's day, cool
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later this afternoon will be a little cooler than yesterday, tempmpatures in the mid to lower 70s. this morning we have new video of justice antonin scalia's body arriving at a funeral home in texas. the 79-year-old strekt supreme court justice died of natural causes while on a hunting trip yesterday morning. the unexpected death leaves the high court without its conservative majority causing political battle lines to be drawn. chuck todd will have more on "meet the press" right after impact with jackie. we have new video this morning of a s sies of smash and grabs in hialeah. the shameless suspects caught on camera. nbc 6 reporter erika glover tells us what they got away with. >> reporter: one hialeah business owner says not even security cameras could prevent thieves from breaking in and grabbing whatever they could this weekend. he's hoping that video leads to answers. watch as thieves shatter glass a
7:32 am
mobile solutions store on 927 west 29th street in hialeah. the owner says they've been around for five years and never experienced this kind of problbl. now he's stuck trying to recover an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 in stolen items and property damage costs. >> we have alarm like good camera system, but even with that like they came in the middle of the night. >> reporter: here at 1165 west 29th street an electronics store faced the same type of property damage. only this time the thieves got away with nothing. at 1159 west 29th street more broken glass. not far away at 1171 west 35th streetore surveillance video of what looks like the same fourur guys. all of those store owners say they are concerned and hope that someone will recognize those thieves caught on surveiance video. reporting in miami, erika glover, nbcc 6 news. we have new details this morning o a crash that killed a
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the sheriff's department identified the child as four-year-old suri petite jean. police say she was inside the hyundai that collided with a lumina friday night. suri was ejected from the vehicle. the hyundaiaient on to hit another vehicle while the lumina crashed into a concrete wall. investigators don't think speed or alcohol may have been factors. it's not clear if the child was properly rerained. this morning a 16-year-old is recovering afteretting shot in little havana. the gunman still on the run. that victim identified as a student at booker t. washington high. nbc 6 reporter bobby brooks has more. >> reporter: bullets pierced the back of a chevy suv. the refrigerating equipment nside of a grocery store and unfortunately the leg of a 16-year-old in little havana. kelly bredo says the victim is
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>> it was my friend, my best friend. >> she didn't give us the victim's name but tells nbc 6 that he is a student at booker t. washiton high. she knows only being shot in the leg is a blessing, based on all of the bullets she and others found laying on the street. >> i just head eight shoho. >> the girls tell us a victim and a friend left the house to get something to eat, then on their way back that's when someone started shooting. >> i was waiting for him and all of a sudden i hear t shots and i started panicking. >> the 16-year-old shot marks the fourth day of consecutive shootings in south florida somehow involving either a student in school or a school. on wednesday this week bullets were fired outside of carol city high. we know now two teens were arrested for that. on thursday a bullet flew into one of the portable classrooms of francis tucker elementary in coconut grove with students inside. three schools in miami gardens were put on lock down after a
7:35 am
high again. this week community leaders begged the public to break that code of silence, protecting those criminals. >> you don't necessarily have to look ate0g0 yourself as a snitch. you can also look at yourself as a community servant. >> reporter: as for the young people in little havana, shootings are something they're growing up with and that's sad. >> sometimes you hear shots somewhere and you don't even know if it's shots fired or if it's because it's so much -- >> reporter: bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. police are looking for more bodies after human remains are found at the home of an inmate in jacksonville. tip led police thursday to the property where the medical examiner's office was spotted removing a body bag. the home belongs to 54-year-old russell till police who was arrested in may on charges of aggravated assault and battery of a law enforcement officer. the medical examiner is trying to identify the body and determine the cause of death. police are checking the property to see if there are any other
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7:36. coming up,, harsh words from pope francis, his message for mexico's elected leaders this morning. and if you are all about art, you are in luck. we head to the coconut grove arts festival on the other side of the break. plenty to do this weekend and definitely great to be out there. the coconut grove arts festival we were there yesterday and had a great time. if you are celebratingour val tients day today, expect a rain free sunday, temperatures will be reaching into the mid to low 70s.
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temperatures in the 60s. breaking overnight out of haiti, haiti finally has a president, at least for now, they chose the senate's chief to become the nation's provision naer president. he was one of three candidates competing to lead the nation. he will only be president of
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a train tressel fire disrupting amtrak train service in new orleans. smoke could be seen for miles yesterday and dozens of firefighters fought the blaze with boats and helicopters. amtrakofficials say four to eight freight trains and two passenger trains travel across the bridge each day. no word how long travel will be disrupted. investigators are working to determine what caused the blaze. the battered cruise ship forced to return to port after being lashed by rough seas is back in the water. once again it's heading to the bahamas. coast guard inspectors scoured the ship for damage. ultimately giving the go ahead for the crews to set sail yesterday. the ship with more than 6,000 people on board returned early to new jersey lasteek after being caught in a powerful storm. everyone who was on the frightening voyage was given a full refund and 50% discount on their next cruise.
7:41 am
dead and dozens others injuredd after this pile up on a central pennsylvaninihighway involving more than 50 vehicles. the crash happened yesterday morning about 75 miles northwest of philadelphia. you can see tractor-trailers, box trucks and cars mangled across three lanes of traffic in that snow packed median. no word on what caused the chain reaction accident but weather is believed to be a factor. south florida, we have a beautiful start tour weekend. looking like sunday will be similar to what we saw yesterday. first i want to take a look at these temperatures across the
7:42 am
england. 59 degrees in miami, 56 fort lauderdale, 57 in the kendndll area. temperatures in the 60s down into the keys. we have a quiet day yesterday, it was beautiful. thanks to all of you who came out to say hello we were at the coconut grove arts festival.
7:43 am
this is outside of the westin diplomate in hollywood. as you can see a few clouds rolling in. other than that things are looking pretty nice so far. we are expecting conditions to turn breezy later this afternoon. for your first alert forecast we're calling for breezy east northeast wind up to 20 to 25 miles per hour, gusting, that is, average high should be around 78 degrees. temperatures will be a a few degrees below that for this time of year. even though temperatures are warmer than yesterday at this time, tomorrow in the afteoon -- i mean later in the afternoon temperatures will be cooler than we saw yesterday. high yesterday in miami was 76 degrees, we' expecting highs today to be a few degrees cooler than that. high pressure dragging in that cold canadian air across much of the easter seaboard. this was a front that went through yesterday. we didn't see any rain with this front, this was a dry frontal passage, however, temperatures this afternoon will be a little on the cooler side and winds out of the northeast. still plenty of dry air across much of our sunshinenetate especially across the bahamas, beautiful days in store there
7:44 am
i want to take a look at what we can expect as far as the main threats. i mentioned that breezy east-northeast wind for a reason. marine conditions will be deteriorating this ternoon. and of course for the northeast wind that means we need to reintroduce the risk of occurrence along the atlantic beaches and we will leave that on the moderate end of the scale this afternoon. at the start of the workweek, president's day showers begin but the significant rain is expected for tuesday and that will be associated with a cold front. temperatures will still be reaching into the lower 80s, hind the front temperatures on the more comfortable side for wednesday into theest of the workweek. turning breezy. once that cold front does swing through we're expecting highs to be closer to average back up into the upper 70s. in honor of black history month an exhibit celebrating the strength, resilience and beauty of black women is being showcased right here in south florida. at the cmp starts center in miami the women of a new tribe captures the images and
7:45 am
women ranging from legal to public office to media to the clergy. each subject struck a powerful pose reminiscent of old hollywood glamour. susan mcdonnell is featured in the photographic portraits. >> i can't even believe i'm in this exhibit along with people like you and the congresswoman and sabrina fulton and all of these wonderful women. it's humbling, it's daunting. >> and turns out our own nbc 6 pose. congratulations to all of you. the exhibit will remain on display through the end of march to also honor women's history month. after a successful kick off the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival is ready for its second day. the three-day eveft is a showcase for the works of more world. music.
7:46 am
the artists behind the creations. >> there's so many people who are intimidated by art and don't want to go to a gallery. this provides a one on one with the artist and it's not intimidating at all. >> the coconut grove arts festival runs t tough monday, president's day. nbc 6 is a proud sponsoror the festival and will be there day until monday. be sure to stop by and snap a selfie with us. here is a look at the line up for today. you can get a full list of appearances on the nbc 6 news and weather app. we had a wonderful time yesterday. thanks for stopping by as erika said. as most of you know, tomorrow is president's day, it is a national holiday, so many of you will get to relax at home and soso will the kids. all public schools will be closed, so will all federal offices in miami-dade and broward county offices. taking a day off the post office, miami-dade courts and most banks. broward county courts and the malls will be open and so will all state offices.
7:47 am
coming up, the biggest name in music, biggest names in music coming together for the 58th ant grammy awards. the performance line up will not disappoint. find out who is nominated and
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7:49 am
return. tomorrow night and rumors are awards. mike wilbur has the scoop. >> reporter: it looks to be the year of kendrick lamar who leads the pack with 11 nodst this year's grammy awards. >> here is the thing, grammys feel like they need to make it up to kendrick. >> joe levy thinks it's kendrick's turn to sweep the major categories. >> you may remember two years ago he had numerous nominations including in some of the big categories and he did not win in those major categories, so many people were surprised. >> t ts year's line up on stage
7:50 am
>> the performers are always look to go make an impression. >> he predicts big things from rihanna, lady gaga will do a david bowie tribute, adele's p hello who came out too late to be nominated this year. lionel ritchie who sang the 1983 classic "hello" is set to perform as well. justin bieber who didn't make the cut in the major categories will also perform. mike wilbur nbc news. coming up a lookk at our top stories. but first a live look at miami from our first alert camera.
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just ahead on "today" we will take a look back at the life and legacy of the supreme court justice antonin scalia. we will also look ahead to that looming fight. whether president obama or the
7:53 am
justice scalia's replacement. justice scalia's passing staunld blee the hot topic in the debate but it turned intnt a knock down, drag out fight as things started to get personal. we have a full wrap up this morning. also today dylan is taking to the ice for a little pond hockey. how did she do on the skates? we will take a look. even the zamboni. those stories and a special love story on this valentine's day when we get started on a sunday morning right here on "today." new video this morning of a series of smash and grabs in hialeah. the shameless suspects caught on can a m ra. they took the cash regester and merchandise near the west 29th street and 9th avenue stoe. the same group appears to have robbed other stores in the area. a teen recovering after being shot in little havana. 16-year-old boy and a friend walking near a grocery store
7:54 am
10th avavue and 5th streetet when someone opened fire. the teen was t tken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. the shooting remains under investigation. flags lowered to half-staff outside the supreme court overnight in honor of justice antonin scalia. the 79-year-old justice died of natural causes while on a hunting trip in texas yesterday morning. his death leaves control of the high court at stake causing political battle lines to be drawn. showdown in south carolina. as the remaining six republican candidates square off before that state's primary. trump targeted bush as they tangled on federal issues including foreign policy, the iraq bar and the bush family. the candidates also discussed whether president obama should nominate justice scalia's successor. thousands are already lined up for what is expected to be the largest mass of the pope's visit to mexico. it will be held today in one of the poorest districts of mexico
7:55 am
nearly 300,000 people are expected to attend and security will be fight. after a successful kickoff the coconut grove arts festival is ready for its second day. the three-day event is a showcase for th works of more than 380 artist around the world. there's plenty of food and music, also a great way to meet the artists behind reations. be sure to check out our nbc 6 news and weather app for new details on all the stors we are covering. hopefully i will continue to have my voice. >> we did a lot of screaming sterday at the coconut groves arts festival. >> cheering on all the people that came by. >> it was a good time. >> south florida, if you are just waking up we're already warming up, 61 in miami after waking up to temperatures in the 50s, 60 degrees in fort lauderdale. if you have any val lines day plans, temperatures in the morning 50s and 60s, 70s later today. if you're heading out to the coconut grove arts festival definitely expect a beautiful day out there, plenty of sunshine with a few more clouds
7:56 am
finally this hour, this morning we bring you a story that shows that the best valentines present a couple can have is each other. 85 couples renewed their vows yesterday at a special mass at st. mary cathedral led by the archbishop. several of these couples have been together 50 years, one couple is marking their 69th wedding anniversary and some covered advice on how to make the romance last. >> most days happy, some days for a couple of hours maybe not so happy, but you get back into it. never go to bed angry. >> that's some good advice right there. each couple received a certificate from the archdiocese acknowledging their anniversary. congratulations to all of them. that's beautiful, isn't it? >> it is beautiful. >> 50 years.
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good morning. remembering antonin scalia. >> for almost 30 years, justice antonin nino scalia was a larger than life president on the bench. >> the conservative supreme court justice dead at the age of 79. his passing setting up a political fight over which president will nominate his replacement. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time.
8:00 am
arguing it is a job for the next president. the issue front and center on the debate stage. >> it is called delay, delay, delay. >> i do not believe the president should appoint someone. >> will this fight paralyze washington even further? what about the key cases in front of the supreme court right now? we're live with it all. dangerous and deadly. another day to stay inside. bone chilling temperatures affecting up to 90 million people, the coldest negative 34 in western new york. the weather now responsible for several deaths after a major pileup in pennsylvania. dylan has your forecast and there is some relief in sight. cover girls. not one, not two, but three "sports illustrated" swimsuit covers. the magazine highlighting beauty in many forms this year, including a plus size cover model. why "si" decided to make history today, sunday february 14th, 2016.


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