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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News Sunday 9AM  NBC  February 14, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EST

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it's sunday, february 14th and that means it's valentine's day. so happy heart day to all of you out there. let's toss things over to meteorologist erika delgado for south florida's most accurate forecast. happy valanes day, erika. >> right back at you, sharon. happy valentine's day to you at home, happy under, 66egrees right now, comfortable start to areas in miami, miami-dade and broward county. we did wake up with temperatures this morningn the 50s. we were a little on the cooler side, but the sunshine now warming us up, 67 fort lauderdale, 64 degrees down into the homomtead area. winds slowly throughout the morning hours w wl be shifting a little more out of the east-northeast, it's also allowing for the temperatures to warm up, water temperatures right now are in the upper 60s, right now a little on the breezy side along coastal areas of broward countt 10 to 15 miles per hour. we are expecting conditions to turn breezy in afternoon. you can see now that the wind has shifted a little more out of the east-northeast, a little on
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beaches. that's what we're expecting later this afternoon. if you do have plans to go out on the water keep that in mind. we're waking up to dry conditions, our radar looking pretty good, no green anywhere in sight. temperatures will slowly bee climbing up into the upper 60s and we should hit that 70 degree mark come noontime. he influenced a generation of judges, lawyers and students. and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> flags lowered to half-staff outside the supreme court overnight in honor of justice antonin scalia. the 79-year-old justice died of natural causes while on a hunting trip in texas yesterday morning. the unexpected death leaves control of the high court at stake, causing political battle lines to be drawn. nbc 6 anchor keith jones reports. >> reporter: the nation's first italian american justice was put on the supreme court in 1986 by ronald reagan. though he later became a
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was confirmed unanimously 98-0 after telling senators he had no plans to reshape the law. >> i am not going on to the court with a list of things that i want to do. my only agenda is to be a good judge. >> reporter: once there scalia became one of the most out spoken conservatives and a steadfast opponent to affirmative action in hiring and school admissions and of abortion rights. the land marc case rho v. wade he said was wrongly decided declaring rights that the founding fathers never decided. he said judges should be bound by the words of the law not ideas behind them. he wrote the ruling for the second amendment tease an individual's right to own a firearm and in the process he became one of the most influential justices in the court's history. the president annoced he'll name a successor in due time. it's an appointment that could have namerer political ramifications. >> i have a feeling that the senate simply is not going to accept any appointment made by
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they are already refusing vote on judicial appointments that have been sitting and waiting for months and months at the lower courts and this one is more important because, again, ths will shape the future of the supreme court. >> reporter: political science processor charles zelden believes this could be the number one political year issue confirmation may not happen during his presidency. >> having someone replace scalia with a moderate or a a liberal you're talking 30, possibly 40 years of this individual shaping the law and the constitution. that's a major, major impact and so it's hard to e. i think we're going to fail this test of democracy. >> reporter: keith jones, nbc 6 news. as you can imagine statements are pouring in from florida lawmakers. senator bill nelson says i take it very seriously our
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fill this vacancy. congressman mario diaz ballard says in almost 30 years of serving on the high courts he leaves bend a legacy of being the defender of the constitution andd liberties is to dearly en shrines and pam bondy calls justice scalia one of the greatest legal minds of the last 100 years who passionately upheld the rule of law and served honorably on our nation's highest court. in other news we have new video this morning of a series of smash and grabs in hialeah. the shameless suspects caught on camera. nbc 6 reporter erika glover tells us what those brazec^p (u(ulars got away with. >> reporter: one hialeah business own err says not even security cameras could prevent thieves from breaking in and grabbing whatever they did this weekend. watch as thieves shattered glass and grabbed what they can from this mobile solutions store friday night on 927 west 29th street in hialeah.
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around for five years and never experienced this kind of problem. now he's stuck trying to recover an estimated 15 to $20,000 in stolen items and property damage costs. >> we have alarm like good camera system but each that like they came in the middle of the night. >> reporter: here at 1165 west 29h street an electronics store faced the same type of property damage only this time the thieves got away with nothing. at 11 a 9 west 29th street more broken glass. not far away at 1171 west 35th street more surveillance video of what looks like the same four guys. all of those store owners say they are concerned and hope that someone will recognize those thieves caught on surveillance video. reporting in miami, erika glover, nbc 6 news. police are looking for a hit and run driver o struck a cyclt on miami beach t started when an officer saw a man trying
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afterjon in the area of washington avenue and first street. the man jumped into another car and headed west on the mik art thur causeway hit ago cyclist. the injuries are not life-threatening. police are looking for a car similar to this one that you see on your screen, it's a 2013-2014 white chryslerer300 with a missing passenger's side mirror and front and bump damage. if you can help call miami-dade crime stoppers. we have new details this morning on a crash that killed a child in broward county. the sheriff's department identifying the child as four-year-old suri petit-jean. she was inside the white hon day that collided with a chevy lumina friday night. suri was ejected from the vehicle. the hyundai went on to hit another vehicle stopped at a red light while the lumina crashed into a concrete wall. investigators don't think speed
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it's not clear if the child was properly restrained. in morning a 16-year-old a recovering after getting shot in little havana. the gunman still on the run. that victim identified as a student at booker t. washington high. nbc 6 reporter bobby brooks has more. >> reporter: bullets pierced the back of a chevy suv, the refrigerating equipment inside of a grocery store and unfortunately the leg of a 16-year-old in little havana. kelly brito says the victim is someone very close to her heart. >> it was my friend, my best friend. >> reporter: she didn't give us the victim's name but tells nbc 6 that he is a student at booker t. washington high. she knows only being shot in the leg is a blessing, based on all the bullets she and others found laying on the street. >> i just heard eight shots. >> reporter: the girls tell us the victim and a friend left the house to get something to eatat then on their way back that's when someone startedshooting.
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of a sudden i heararhe shots and i started panicking. >> > porter: the 16-year-old shot marks the fourth day of consecutive shootings in south florida somehow involving either a student in school or a school. on wednesday this week bullets were fired utside of carol city high. we know two teens were arrested for that. on thursday a bullet flew into one of the portable@ classrooms of francis tucker elementary in coke in ut grove with students inside. three schools in miami gardens were put on lock down after a shooting including carol city high again. this week community leaders begged the public to break that code of silenceprotecting those criminals. >> you don't necessarily have to look at yourself as a snitch, you can also look as yourself as a community servant. >> as for the young people in little havana, shootings are something they're growing up with and that's sad. >> sometimes you hear shots somewhere and you don't even
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it's because it's so much. >> reporter: bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. almost ten minutes after the 9:00 hour. still ahead, republicans square off in south carolina. find out who is trump's target wans this time. and if you're all about art, you're in luck, we read to the coconut grove arts festival on the other side of the break. >> south florida, beautiful day for the coconut grove arts festival but if you will be celebrating your valentine's day on this sunday here is what we can expect, aix of sun and clouds later today, a few more clouds than we saw yesterday, highs will be reaching into the mid to lower 70s.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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breaking overnight out of haiti, haiti finally has a president at least for now, haitian lawmakers chose the senate's chief jocelerme privert to become the natio's provisional president. he will only be president of haiti for 120 days. thousands of already lined up for what is expected to be the largest mass of the pope's visit to mexico. it will be held today in one of the poorest districtss of mexico city. nearly 300,00000eople are expected to attend and security will be tight. before heading back home the head of therussian orthodox church met with former cuban
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the private meeting took place yesterday. we're told they met at castro's home. they discussed the friendly relationship betwe russia and cuba as well as world affairs. this meeting comes just a day after the patriot held a historic meeting with pope francis at an airport terminal in havana. it was the first ever meeting between a roman catholic pope and a russian ortock patriarch. south florida, pretty cool temperatures a wros much of the eastern seaboard and by cool i mean cold, waking up to temperatures in the low zero across much of new england. for us waking up to 50s early this morning, 60s across miami and 67 degrees in the fort lauderdale area. winds will be switching out of the northeast and that's going to play a major role not only on our temperatures but also on the
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right now we're seeing breezy conditions along broward costal areas between 10 and 15 miles per hour. turning breezy and the aernoon goes on as well. so for your first alert forecast looking pretty good right now, live first alert radar looking nice, rain free pretty much across the board, a perfect start to our valentines's day sunday. you will see now the wind is picking up a little bit, we are expecting a moderate risk of rip currents along atlantic beaches, if you have planls out at the beaches keep that in mind and don't forget that sunscreen, the uv index will be on the higher end of the scale. for your first alert forecast if you're heading out to the coconut grove arts festival be sure to come by the nbc 6 booth and say hello. we will behere all day today and tomorrow. temperatures will be a few degrees below average. a few clouds rolling in because of that east-northeast wind, but also since water temperatures are in the upper 60s right now
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much as they did yesterday. but they will remain in the mid to lower 70s today. this is a front that swung through yesterday. high pressure settling in across the mid-atlantic, that's what's dragging in that cold canadian air across much of the eastern seaboard. for us temperatures are in the 30s and 40s across the panned handle of the sunshine state. right now we are already in the 60s. plenty of dry air in place especially for our friends ross the bahamas, beautiful day setting up there for your sunday. we will begin to see some moisture creeping up ahead of another system that will bring us changes for this upcoming workweek. breezy conditions, of course, we are expecting winds to be gusting as high as 20 to 25 knots over atlantic waters, small craft shouu exercise caution. we're leaving the marine conditions as one of your main threats and rip currents will be on the moderatend of the scale especially with a breezy east-northeast wind.
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creeping back into the area. basically for tomorrow and tuesday this is ahead of a cold front that will not only leave us showers will you also knock temperatures down a little more seasonal for the second half of this upcoming workweek. in the meantime we have a beautiful weekeke to continue to enjoy. >> area, thank you. at least three people are dead, thousands others injured after this pile up on a central pennsylvania highway involving more than 50 vehicles. the krach happened yesterday morning in betdel township, about 75 miles northwest of philadelphia. you can see tractor-trailers, box trucks and cars tangled together across three lanes of traffic i that snow covered median. no word on what caused the chain reaction accidents, but bad weather is believed to be a factor. this morning one person is dead and another is injured after an atv plunged into a an icy lake in michigan. it happened saturday night. police say four people were on the atv when it drove through a fence offff area into a frozen lake.
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where a le was made for a toll lar plunge held earlier r a festival. a 52-year-old man was killed and 25-year-old woman was taken to the hospital, the two other riders are expected to be okay auto. the battered cruise ship forced to return to port after being lashed by rough seas is back in the water and once again it's heading to the bahamas. coast guard inspectors scoured the ship for damage, ultimately giving the go ahead or the crews to set sail yesterday. the ship with more than 6,000 people on board returned early its home po rt in new jersey last week after being caught in aa powerful storm. everyone who was on the flight thing voyage was given a full refund and 50% discount on the nextxt cruise. this is a guy who is a great negotiator on iran. we are living in dangerous times. this is a man who insults his way to the nomination. >> all right. all right.
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showdown in south carolina. trump targets bush who comes out swinging as the remaining six square off. bush and trump tangling on several issues including foreign policy, the iraq war and the bush family. meantime the unexpected death of supreme court justice scalia further raises the stakes of the 2016 presidential election. for nbc 6 here is chris palone. > reporter: the six remaining republican candidates for president on the debate stage in south carolina just hours after learning of the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. the candidates heaping praise on the court's long time conservative stall worth. >> he will go down as one of the great justices. >> now with an unexpected court vak's many are urging the senate to block president obama's next nomination. >> we are not going to give us the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack
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>> win ted cruz and donald trump have been sniping at each other it was trump and jeb bush who got in the most heated exchanges in the palmetto state. >> jeb is so wrong. jeb is absolutely -- that's -- just so you understand, do you know who that isis that's jeb's special interests and lobbyists talking. >> vladimir putin is not going to be an ally of the united states. >> i am sick and tired off him going after my family. >> while donald trump was buildi a reality tv show my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. >> the world trade center came down under your brother's reign. remember that. >> analysts say marco rubio needed a bounce back performance aft@er stumbling in the new hampshire debate but the florida senator disappeared from the discussion for long stretches until finally clark with ted cruz over immigration. >> here is the truth, ted cruz supported legalizing people who are who were in this country andnd only now does he -- >> the first in the south primary a week away, a chance
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solidify their positions with those trailing behind to gather some much needed momentum. chris palone, nbc news, new york. and continuing in the race to the exhaust if you were hoping to see hillary clinton tomorrow, you'll get a clinton, just not the candidate. were told the presidential hopeful canceled her appearance in riviera beach. ininead she will be sending her husband in her place. the former president will be speaking tomorrow at the port of palm beach. the clinton camp says hillary will stay in nevada for additional events. and a reminder, florida holds its presidential primary election on march 15th. to ensure your vote you have to register by february 16th. that's tuesday. early voting runs from march 5th to march 12th. don't forget tomorrow you can register at at fiu from 9:30 to 2:00. you can find extensive coverage of the campaign trail on the nbc 6 news and weather app, everything from live results to in-depth analysis at
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after a successful kickoff the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival is ready for its second day. the three-day event is aoe case for the works of more than 380 artists from around the world. there's plenty of food and music. it's also a great way to meet the artists behind the creatiins. there's so many people who are intimidated by art and don't ant to go to a gallery so this provides a one on one directly talking with the artist, understanding the artist and it's not nt dating at all. >> the coconut grove arts festival runs through monday, president's day. nbc 6 is a proud sponsor for the festival and will be everywhere all weekend so be sure totop by and snap a selfie with us. here is a look at the line up for today. you can get a full list of appearances on the nbc 6 news and weather app. as most of you kno tomorrow is president's day, it is a national holiday so many of you will get to relax at home and so will the kids.
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closed, so will all federal offices and miami-dade and broward county offices. also taking day off, the post office, miami-dade courts and most banks. broward county courts and the malls will be open and so will all state offices. time right now just about 7:23. here is a live look at miami
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erika will have a fifil check of lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98,
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we were just talking about
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and i think it did something to my throat. >> it did something to all of our throats. maybe it was the screaming at the festival yesterday. we had a great time at the coconut grove arts festival. thanks for coming by and saying hello. if you are heading out there now temperatures are in the mid 60s so if that's cool for you grab that light jacketou will need it maybe for the morning hours. it will be a beautiful day, not as warm as yesterday, we will be a few degrees cooler today. right now 67 degrees in fort lauderdada. east-northeast wind beginning to drag in some of those clouds, it will leave us a moderate risk of rip currents along atlantic beaches. if you are spending your day at the beach keep that in mind. if you are going to the festival first alert forecast calling for highs reaching into the mid to lower 70s. it will be breezy so you may want to hold on to that jacket if you are going to be outside side. i might be a little chilly with that northeast breeze and 73 highs there, you know. >> northeast breeze always gets. >> you always gets you every time. we have a cold front toous that
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us down to season seasonal temperatures. we bring you a show >> i like that one, never go to bed angry. great advice. each couple received a certificate from the archdiocese acknowledging their anniversary. congratulations. that's so beautiful. >> that is really nice and it's true never go to bed angry. >> sounds like a good thing. >> i like it.
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> jackie nespral: making an impact this week, one of the hohoest congressional races in the nation just took a major turn. king an impact this week, one of the hottest congressional races in the nation took a major turn. what one democratic congressional hopeful has to say about her in party competition. plus, the changing facef overtown. what the city commission hearser has to say about david beckham's latest p pn.
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mate to congressional candidate, looking to make an impacton the political scene. now she's facing competition from inside democratic party in her effort to represent district 26. joining me now on "impact" to break down her race, thank you for joining us. >> good to be back. >> last time you were here, you were running as charlie crist's running mate and w congress, district 26, a swing seat, battlegund seat. why did you think now was the time for you to run for congress? >>first of all, there were so many experiences in ruing state wide, so many people i met that really needed us win. and it was such a narrow margin of a loss. that that night as i was realizing that we had lost, you realize e t that moment in time you're either done or you're not done fighting. as the daughter of a world war ii fighterer pilot, i definitely


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