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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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middle. we turn it over to laura reed ree -- >> reporter: meemt. >> nigh -- now the identity of that fifth vote is up in the air. >> reporter: they would refuse to act on any supreme court nomination by president obama. president obama said h would nominate a successor in due time.
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in tact. a tie vote would mean the new texas restrictions on abortion would remain, possibly inspiring other states to enact similar lalas. >> having someone replace scalia with a moderate or a liberal, you're talking someone on the bench 30, 40 years shaping the constitution. i think we're going to fail this test of democracy. >> reporter: amongg potential nominees mentioned an indian american on the d.c. court of appeals and pricia millett on the d.c. court of appeals. the procession traveling more than three hours from the west texas resort where scalia was found dead. scalia arrived at the ranch on
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hunt, attended dinner with roughly 40 people. he retired to the presidential suite early in hopes ofetting a good night's rest. >> the judge, when i found him saturday morning, was in complete repose. he was very peaceful in the bed. he had obviously passed away with no difficulty at all in the middle of the night. >> tentative plans call for scalia's body to be flown back home to his family in the suburbs of northern virginia on tuesday. they do n n want an autopsy to be formed. turning to decision 2016 now. climate change and the donald, two major talking points o the campaign trail today. bernie sanders calling out republicans saying they know climate change is real, but publicly claim it is a hoax to receive campaign funding. sanders sar castisticcily said he's the best in the world on
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>> he said this hoax was created by the chinese and that really shocked me because i thought he would have it was created by the mexicans orhe muslims. >> the democratic caucuses are next weekend in sin city. florida holds its presidential primary election on march 14th. earar voting runs march 5th through march 12th. police in hollywood investigating the half a million dollar jewelry hist. the armed robber ordering the employees at of jewelers into a bathroom. one of themm was even pistol-whipped. the store just off sheradon street.
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anyone with information is asked to call broward crime stoppers. hialeah now where police are searching for a group of robbers behind a series of smash and grabs. surveillance video captured the crooks as they used a sledge hammer to break into those buinesses. they got away with merchandise and a cash register^ if you have any information on this case, call miami-dade crime stoppers. it's a clear cool night in south florida. here's a live look. erica? >> after a few days here, we're beginning to see some changes already under way. first alert radar picking up on a few showers offshore near broward coastal areas. winds have shifted out of the east. we'll deal with a few spotty
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also throughout theorning hours. keep those umbrellas close because as you leave out the door tomorrow morning, you will be needing them. a little breezy at times between 15 to 20 miles per hour. anything that does form near the coast over the atlantic waters will affect us throughout the overnight hours. temperatures pretty mild. 70 degrees in miami as well as ft. lauderdale. that goes from the pembroke pines area as well. still in tuphe upper 60s in the oakland park and kendall area. we're going to keep that chance of showers in the forecast. temperatures in the 60s cooling down to mid 60s overnight. that's going to leave us a few degrees above average because temperatures in the water are in the upper 60s. taking a sneak peek at your morning commute, grab that umbrella because we are expecting a few showers to linger into your afternoon. valentine's day was a good day to stay inside with someone
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cold gripped much of the country. take a look at this. a winter wonderland there. record low temperatures, some belowew zero in the northeast and massive snowstorms in the midwest. it was a snowy valentine's day in indiana. pile-up. at least ten people were taken to hospitals with injuries. >> we knowp a squall came through here. visibility was almost ze. it just turned icy very quickly. it is what it is. we deal with this. in 32 years, this is probably one of the worst crashes i've ever seen. >> reporter: it was the coldest valentine's day on record in the northeast. >> they lost water in the beginning. delayed operations with the lines freezingn that's typical when you have this kind of weather. >> reporter: in new york, the icy air almost scared off a tourist from london. >> we got off the plane
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into the airport. i've never known cold like that ever. >> reporter: the temperature kept many people at home in philadelphia, b not everyone. some party revelers turned out for a chinese new year celebration. one woman didn't think it was so bad. >> i lived in chicago for a while, so this is cool. >> there's good news. forecasters predict a warm up a little bit later this week. a busy day in mexico for pope francis. the pontiff stopping by a pediatric hospital tonight. one little girl in a wheelchair gave him a handmade valentine's card. the pope ventured into a crime-ridden area of mexico city leading a huge outdoor mass with
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trapped by the city's drug violence. the head of the russian orthodox church met fidel castro in havana on saturday for a private meeting. the patriarch and castro met at castro's home. this meeting comes a day after patriarch held a historic meeting with pope francis. haiti has a new president, at least for the next 120 days. he was formally installed this afternoon to fill a void. the president was barred by the country's constitution in seeking a second term. run-off elections were delayed. that was amid deep public suspicions about possible vote rigging. a new round of elections will
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new tonight, a big loss for aventura police. quantum passed away due to some complications from surgery. the german shepard was a member of the department since 2008. quantum loved to attend community events and meet with children at various school assemblies. coming up next, details on two gunmen on the run as an injured police officer fights to stay alive. and a mechanic makes an unsettling discovery that forces a rental car office to shut down. >> just images of what i saw that night, you don't forget them. relieving a nightmare. you'r'r going to hear from a couple who survived the paris terror attacks at the bataclan theater. why they say they can't move on,% not just yet. there's some c canges in the forecast already under way as early as tonight. i'll have details after the break.
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sunday night. a whole lot of basketball on the docket, including the canes talking on their rivals from tal tallahassee tallahassee. the all-star game. a farewell to a legend of the hardwood. anybody want to talk football, let's go. anybody want to play football, suit up.
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a rental car facility near the albuquerque interntional sun port shut down today after an explosive device was found under a rental car. the car w retururd overnight. the mechanic found it this morning. it was deemed safe. they are investigating t t find
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right now, police a searching for two people in connection with a shooting of a police officer in clarksdale, mississippi. corporal darryl couch was shot in the head while investigating a robbery. the two suspects walked into the conveninice store. an employee and a witness said two men in masks and came in and threatened two people. corporal couch was taken to the hospital. he remains in critical condition tonight. a british rock band was killed when a car plunged into a canal near sweden's capital city. four members and the manager of that band were found dead i i the car that was submerged in the water. the car crashed through a barrier that was closed to stop vehicles at a drawbridge ahead. all five victims were ages 20 to 35.
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lineup at a festival near stockholm. a memorial conert will be held in france to remember last year's victims in the terror attacks. two people who were there say the attack is still too fresh in their minds. >> you go from just innocent having fun, listening to music, to an absolute bloodbath. >> >> >> the eagles of death m mal started their rescheduled ur. rescue crews had to help people actually repel 40 feet down to safety from the lower and upper parar of that car. luckily no injuries to report here.
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surface brake isssue and don't think temperatures were a factor here. t hunt for the burmese python is over. all the snakes that were captured were killed and turned over to researchers trying to find clues to help control the population. they may be decimating native mammal populations. the final total will be announced at an award ceremony near the end of the month. all right, south florida, we had a beautiful weweend. rain free saturday and sunday. for ose of you who did visit us at the coconut groves arts festivals, thanks for coming by.
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we could see a few showers as early as overnight. let's take a zoomed in look here at what's going on in broward county andami-dade. these are very light showers at best in the overnight hours, but just something to keep in mind especially if your morning commute takes us earlier than the rest of us. have that umbrella close. that rain-free stretch comes to an end. we had a beautiful workweek and the weekend was absolutely perfect. the next significant rain chance returns on tuesday and we could see some of those showers already beginning on monday. but then after that the next rain-free stretch won't be that far off. we're expecting that to arrive sooner than later. temperatures are pretty mild across most of the area. 70 degrees in miami as well as ft. lauderdale. 68 degrees in kendall. in the mid to upper 60s across much of the lower keys.
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those clouds rolling in. high pressure beginning to move further into the atlantic, weakeeng as it does so, but that's what giving us that east-northeast breeze. kind of squeezing us in between these two systems. conditions will turn breezy. for your overnight forecast, temperatures in the 60s. we'll deal with the mostly cloudy skies and we'll leave that chance of an isolated shower or two overnight and into your eay morning commute. you can see late night into morrow morning we'll begin to see some of those showers moving in. the cloud cover sticks around for most of the night. definitely want to grab those umbrellas. we could see an isolated shower on your way to work or dropping the kids off at the bus stop. as the day goes on, we'll see an increasing chance of showers. winds will still be out of the east. we'll deal with a few showers as you head home from work late in
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you want to have that rain gear handy not only tomorrow, but especially into tuesday. the next cold front swings through. good chance of showers for tuesday. next dry stretch. that's going to linger into the next weekend with temperatures comfortably in the upper 70s. the grammy awards are right around the corner here. rumors are flying about who will take home awarr. mike wilbur has the scoop on who is favored to win big tomorrow night. >> reporter: it must be the year of kendrick lamar who leads the pack with 11 nods at this week's grammy awards. >> grammys feel like they have to make it up to kendrick. >> reporter: "rolling stone" thinks it is kendrick's turn to sweeeethe grammy categories. >> a few years ago he had numerous nominations in many categories. he did not win.
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>> reporter: this year's lineup on stage is impressive. >> the performers are always looking to make an impression. >> reporter: he predicts big things from rihanna. lady gaga will do a david bowie tribute. hello from the other side >> reporter: lionel richie is set to perform as well. justin beiber didn't make the cut in the major categories, but will perform. >> more than 380 artists will be back tomorrow for the last day of the coconut grove arts festival. you can listen to tunes performed by several bands. tomorrow gates open up at 10:00 in the morning. kids 12 and under get in
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nbc 6 is a proud sponsor of the festival. be sure to stop by our tent there. you can snap a selfie with us. here's a look at the lineup tomorrow. still to come, how one teen made sure every girl in his high school felt special this
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valentine. aa utah teen trying to make every girl feel special at his high school. he showed up with 900 carnations, one for every girl. it wasn't cheap either. cost 50 cents apiece. he saved money slowly over the past year and a half.
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people as happy as possible. this year i was finally in a position to do that. >> he's already got a girlfriend. her name is lillian. he says she's grateful her boyfriend is thoughtful, but she's keeping him close and making sure all the girls know her man is taken. [ applause ] in case you cldn't hear, he asked her to marry him. love is in the air this weekend at coral gables. not one, but two separate proposals. both ladies said yes, prompting the audience to burst into cheers. both proposals took place during the pre-show curtain scene for
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estside no good. and miami with a big road win in tallahassee. >> hello. welcome to "sports final." big time win for the hurricanes. we have a heavy basketball night
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to start in canadian. the heat represented by dwyane wade over in toronto that is the all-star game. real game on college hardwood. nascar is back and as always daytona and national speedway is a site for the season. >> anybody want to talk football, let's go. anybody want to play football, suit up. >> plus, from "south beach tow" to breaking barriers on the grid gridiron gridiron. bernice is making history. we'll introduce you to a special basketball squad giving the most talented native americans a chance to shine. we'll start north of the border with the nba all-star game being held in toronto. the city where chris bosh started his career.


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