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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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it's monday, february 15th. president's day. some of you have a day off. >> if you enjoy , this is what you have to encounter. >> it's a warm morning across the area, progressively through the weekend bringing temperatures up and we will see that come together in the next few days as we make a quick turn to the 80s. a few clouds in the skies but we are dry at this hour. temperatures a lot warmer than what we are looking at. 70, ft. uderdale. and if you live out towards the beaches, you have been feeling that breeze all night long. it will be a breezy, if not windy forecast for today, and from time to time, shower may come into play. the radar down through the keys, i think we will see spotty showers come into play and more isolated activity by the time we get to the afternoonhours.
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you will nooce humidity coming up. windy at times, with isolated showers, and your forecast high, 79.. we do have a crash going on on the turnpike extension around 216th street. this is a police-involved accident. we will bring you more information on the crash. we have a crew headed towards the scene. we have construction going on until 5:30 a.m., and expect a couple lanes closed on the dolphin expressway, and we have construction around tamimmi trail trail. broward county, accident free but we had this construction alert all weekend long, and you may be a little familiar with it by now. it will open around 5:00 a.m.,
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eastbound miramar parkway. and the body of scalia has arrived back to his home. a medical examiner says an autopsy was not necessary and believe he died of natural causeses scalia died in his sleep while on a trip to . he is reshaping the race to the white house, and a battle is brewing over the appointment of a justice during the election year. >> there is no way the congngss should appoint --
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barack obamas president of the united states until january 20th, 2017. >> good evening, everybody. >> from california, president obama made clear he will nominate a `ew justice. >> these are responsibilities that i take seriously, as should everyone. they are about our democracy. >> if the presidt gets to see his third justice, that change would m!ke the court more liberal, compounding the shock of scalia's sudden passing is the timing, a campaign year. >> republican candjdate, ted cruz, had been a law clerk for rehnqnqst, and now he plans to block any nominee. >> we are advising a lame duck president will not be able to tip the balance of the supreme court.
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constitution now when he walks through the halls of congress, and let him show me the clause that says the president is only president for three years. >> democrats may have to take their fight to the campaign trail as well. >> i just don't think it looks good that for very overtly political reasons that the republicans deny this president to deny his constitutional responsibility, which is to appoint members to the supreme court. >> that was kelly o'donnell reporting fors this morning. if you were hoping to see hillary clinton in florida today, you will see a clinton but it will be bill clinton going this time around. this is how you can get ready to vote in next month's primaries, because te is ticking if
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registered to vote. >> presidential hopeful, hillary clinton, she won't be here in south florida campaigning, but her husband, former president bill clinton, he will be doing stops in miami. the primary election is one month away, which is why we are here this morning at florida international university. here students are organizing a voter registration event on campus, and if you want to vote in the upcoming primary, you must register by tuesday, that's tomorrow, that's the deadline. there are several locations to make that happen, and what do you need to register to vote. a photo id like a passport or driver's license and a current document with your name and
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used to know which precinct to put you in. you can also register to vote at any public library, and we will give you updates about where to vote. >> thank you so much. you can find extensive coverage on the campaign trail. this morning police in hollywood are investigating a half million dollar jewelry heist. the robbery ordered the employees into the bathroom, and one was pistol whips, but nobody was hurt past that. employees say the robber acted alone that day but police may be looking for more than one
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meantime n. hialeah, police also searching for a group of robbers that you are looking behind a rash of smash and grabs. the robberies took place at four separate locations, just blocks from each other. and they used a sledge hammer to break into the businesses and they got away with the merchandise and a cash register as well, and you can call miami-dade crime stoppers. on this president's day, happy monday and hope everybody had a nice weekend. ryan phillips is back this morning with your first alert forecast. good morning, ryan. >> all is quiet here across the area here ts morning. we have a few extra clouds and a warm weather pattern here as we are in the ththd day of the long holiday weekend. not bad at all. our temperatures at 70. one of the warmer locations.
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per hour, and the dew point temperatures in the higher 50s and that's a signal we have a little more humidity in the atmosphere. we're picking up a few sprinkles coming in on the breeze. we will see a better concentration on the breeze later on today. the breezy conditions will pose a risk on the beaches today, rip current risks way up there with breezy conditions and it's a much warmer morning here, 68, and up to 78 this afternoon with isolated showers coming in on the ocean breeze. back to traffic now. >> president's day, there will be no school in miami-dade or broward county, so hopefully roads will be lightly travelled ss you make your way out the door. i-95t northwest 151st street, no issues out of the golden glades or into the golden
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i-95, which is a good thing. let's take you to the accident alert we have in miami-dade. broward county, you are accident free. and right around southwest 216th street, all lanes blocked off plus the onramp, and this was an accident involving a police officer. you w wll not be able to hop on the turnpike. your time is 4:40, and still ahead, getting goesy with castro the head of the russian orthodox church, face-to-face in havana. and then parts of the midwest, and this morning washington, d.c. bracing for a winter storm of its own.
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it's a national@ holiday, so a lot of you will get to relax at home and sit with the kids. all public schools will be closed. the postoffice, my miami-dade courts will be closed. the malls will be open and so will state offices. so for a good portion of the country, mind you, south florida excluded from all of this, but snow and bitter cold ripped the rest of the country. >> record lows in the northeast, and a snowstorm in the east. >> it was a snowy valentine's day in indianapolis. at least ten people taken to
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>> visibility was already zero. in 32 years this is probably one of the worst crashes i have ever seen. >> frig temperatures caused problems for firefighters in new jersey. >> they lost water due to one of the lines freezing and that's typicalal when you have this kind of weather. >> inn new york, the icy weather almost scared off the tourists. >> party revelers turned out for a chinese new year's celebration. >> i lived in chicago for a while, so this is cool. >> there is good news.
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later in the week. 4:45 this time. monday morning, all is quiet across south florida. you have a decent ocean breeze, which is leading to warmer readings later this morning. not much activity now on live first alert doppler. the only thing we are watching, a few showers offshore fromom at least ft. lauderdale beach. we will take it in a little closer here. the showers not adding up to all that much. we are goi to see spotty showers on the ocean breeze. here's a live look into miami right now. our dolphin expressway camera dry.
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that's ririht, it's a holiday. won't be many people out there this morning. the winds not so strong, and east winds at 10 in miami, and look at the winds in pompano beach, about 20. the ocean breeze keeps temperatures warmer, and we're at 70 in ft. lauderdale and 70 in opa locka, and 68 in miami, and 68 also in homestead and florida city. there are some 40s upstate thanks to clear skies and light winds. we are going to settle into a warm pattern in the next two days. we have beautiful weather coming our way after we get past tuesday. and a storm, rain, snow and ice, and it's going to be a mess up here, so we have it just right here in south florida. we have to contended with the breeze. first alert forecast on this president's day, breezy conditions with a sun and cloud
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theloud cover will begin to take over. we could see a spotty shower, and any isolate activity will hold off until the afternoon hours. you will feel a difference with the humidity coming up atouch and our temperatures coming up, and as i meioned, just brief. 79 today and 80 tomorrow. look at what we saddle into. several dry days, and temperatures in the mid-70s for the afternoon highs. and then no big humidity problems, and sunshine all the way through, andwe will bring this down to monday and tuesday, and our peak period of any wet weather, this afternoon and overnight and into tuesday morning, and otherwise it's smooth sailing into next weekend. so we are accident free in broward county, but in miami-dade we have an accident on the turnpike extension southbounn if you are headed out the door anytime soon it will affect your morning commute.
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after southwest 216th street, all lanes were blocked off so they are fororng people off the highway around that area, southwest 216th street. a couple lanes blocked off on the dolphin expressway westbound as you are trying to ramp on to the palmetto expressway, and we also have construction on the 826 northbound around tamiami trail. if you are headed on the turnpike from coral reef to tamiami trail, a 10-minute commute. a few weeks into tax season and the irs islerting there could be something wrong with your tax returns. >> american taxpayers across the country are getting letters from the irs that shows the agency is dealing with an onslaught of fraudulent taxreturns. >> tax return fraud is not going
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>> kelly has been w wting around it and says the troubles can be traced back to last year's security breach where lots of information ended up in the hands of the identity thieves. >> in most cases we are hearing they are e filing and doing it in lk, and they know a lot of these will get rejected or they are going to be caught by the irs. >> taxpayers should take cover that many are being caught the irs and more measures are in place, but the individual can't do much to prevent fraud except to file before the thief does. >> try to get all of that done did so as soon as you have all of your w 2s, you can file right away. >> whi means trying to file your return by the end of this week.
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meeting with several leaders of southeast asian nations in lo angeles california later this afternoon. it's the first time a meeting like this has been hosted here in the united states. the g gup will cover a bunch of issues, includinglimate change. preparations right now are underway for the pope's next stop in mexico. he will be stopping off in southern mexico, and he will hold a mass in a soccer stadium, and recently did this visit mexico city where he spoke out against the drug tradend all the violence that comes with it. the head of the orthodox church sitting down with castro.
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the patriarch held a historic meeting with pope francis in havana. and thenen trying to figure out who attached a explosive device to a rental car albuquerquenternational airport. the device was disarmed. flights were not affected, they tell us, but the fbi and atf are conducting separate investigations to figure out where that bomb came rom. and we're not just talking about the prices. nbc's jacob ras kin introduces us to fuel on demand. >> the purple truck hard to miss. >> how would you like )t if you didn't have to go to the gas
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>> what if the gas station came to you. >> i have not done it in over i have two small kids at home and this allows me to get home to the babies that much faster. >> it's backed byy big namesike ross per, jr., and it has read to ten cities. inspired by uber, the company and it's customers connect through an app. blake phillips was skeptical at firsrs >> not a fee that i have had yet. it's just amazing. >> the 30-year old intrapreneur from seattle. >> we are able to avoid the
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>> no wait, a window wash and a thank you note, almost too good to be true for some friends. >> complete disbelief. the next question is, how do i get that? how do they come to my home or office? how do they come to my farm and fill up my tractors. >> booster fuel only services business campuses, and the gas station of the future may not be a station at all. >> mind blowing to think about, huh? >> can you think about what kind of business they would do if they included a breakfast burrito in that. >> oh, my gosh. more than 380 artists from aa over the world will be here to check out.
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and enjoy delicious food, maybe a breakfast burrito, right. kids 12 and under are free. >> we are everywhere at this event all weekend, including today. be sure and stop by, and maybe let us snap a selfie with you so we can post . here's the lineup for today. a full list of the appearances on the nbc 6 news and weather app. we'll be out there from -- >> right after work. >> from noon to 2:00 today. >> watch the mimiay show and then head over to the coconut grove arts festival. doctors using srurvirtual reality to visit a patient. >> how much money are you will be to bet that your marriage
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there's a startupffering a hefty sum to test that. we'll look at the turnpike in a few minutes. construction in miramar and on the expressway, and we'll talk about that. and we are at 67 in west kendall and 68 in homestead, and that's our starting point for
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we have isolated showers erika edwards explains. >> imagine being emersed in this peacefulul underwater world.
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>> the woman's voice you hear is not scuba diving, she's a patient in the hospital. >> oh, my god. >> doctors in los angeles are studying the affects of virtual reality on hospital patients whose surroundings could be uncomfortab and sometimes frightening. >> this is an opportunity to escape the hospital. >> those that tested the system with about 70 people so far, many say it's helping to relie stress and anxiety. >>t's the best diversion i could have had.
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virtual reality. >> now we need to know,w, does it improve pain scores or blood pressure. >> oh,wow. >> it's older patients that appear to be most amazed by it and could get the biggest benefit. erika edwards, nbc news. >> that's cool. > terrific. takes your mind and puts it over here whili we take care of what we need to take care of. >> it's so much more than just the television. so cool. very cool. >> the nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> right now, nbc 6 is everywhere. a local legal expert weighs in on the battle brewing of who is going to replace the late anthony scalia. and how much would you be
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going to go for a long term? one startup is asking the same exact question. good morning, everyone. i am ic harryman. >> i am sheli muniz. a lot of you have the day off. >> it's kind of nice when the kids are out of school and you have a nice day brewing on a monday morning. let's get you over to meteorologist, ryan phillips. >> we haveve a few showers on live first alert doppler. nothing that will keep you from getting outside. mostly cloudy skies and conditions on the breezy beaches. a lot of these fading away before they reach i-95, and that's a signal of what is to come. here is the breeze that has been strong overnight, and we have winds over the east and about 202
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miami-dade county, winds running about 10 to 15 miles per hour, and go over and check out what the winds are doing. there we go. winds at 13 in miami. and they were sustained at 20 now, and updated until about 16. bottom line, a warm and breezy morning. mostly cloudy skies taking over. in the meantime, out initially this morning, looking at miles conditions and for those of you working, find conditions at about 68 as we get into the morning commuted this morning, and we get into the afternoon hours. the evening commute may have more showers around. let's see how the roads are moving on this president's day. we have an accicint on the extension southbound. this an officer-involved accident. it happened a little while ago a you can see all lanes are completely shut down and we have a crew there and we can see from the live picture that that ramp


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