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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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weather through the weekend. simply outstanding. today won't be terrible but we do have a few things to talk about. taking you closer, a few isolated showers popping up. south of atlantic on i-95 here. that's really it. everything that has been coming in, and not holding together. sprinkles at best. here's a live look into miami at thiipoint, where it has been dry. skies mostly cloudud and a little warmer this time around. mostly cloudy and 699 at mia, and the winds at 15. and the winds keeping us elevated. the two-county area. more cloud covov around today. and that breeze, staying strong. brings in a passing shower from time to time. mostlycloudy and warmer. forecast high of 79. pushing 80 tomorrow before some
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your extended forecast is in about 12 minutes. good monday morning to you, south florida. we have a traffic alert. talking about this accident since 4:30 a.m. an officer-involved accident. it's around southwest 216th street now the crash is still under investigation and all lanes are ill completely blocked off in that area as well as the onramp, and you can see heavy police activity right now. pice were injured as a result of the crash and we don't know if the officer is okay or the other people involved in the accident. traffic is being detoured off the turnpike right at southwest 216th stret. this is the only accident we have in all of south florida. let's take you to i-95, southbound and northbound lanes, and it's president's day so hopefully the commute as you are make your way out the door if you have to work will be light
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for now a. 12-minute ride from the golden glades to the airport expressway. we have a broken-down car at i-95, the southbound lanes of cyprus creek road. if you are planning to vote in the florida primaries, your time is rning out to register. and erika, with record turnouts in iowa and new hampshire, and fiu doing their part to make sure everybody gets a voice here. >> reporter: trying to get as many voters to the polls as possible. they are encouraging everybody to get out here and register to vote. the deadline, right around thehe corner. the student union will open its doors toanswer questions and make it easy to vote in this impptant election year. if you are a u.s. citizen and
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years old and meet the other requirements you can register to vote. they arar encouraging everybody to do that out here and get involved. it gives everybody a chance to learn more a aut the important dates and learn about the election going on. you can check out what district you are in and your precinct, and learn about the early voting locations and head over to nbc 6 news and weatherapp to learn more abobo the voter registration and how can you do that. we are live. >> you are taking a live on capitol hill on this monday morning where a political battle is brewing, certainly not unexpected, over who should appoint the next replacement for supreme court justice scalia. justice scalia died in his sleep in texas. both sides of the aisle want the
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course. let's turn it over to laura rodriguez to explain more. >> a political battle taking shape. who will replace justice scalia and will the new appointntnt tilt the court the other way. >> most people in the country understand it has been 5-4 on important decisions, and now the identity of that fifth vote is up in the air. >> senate republicans announce spupreme court nomination by president obama, the president, however, said he will nominate a successor in due time. >> it would be disgraceful is the president can't get a justice in and we spend the rest of this year at 4-4. >> a tie would mean the new
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would remain, possibly inspiring other states to enactimilar laws. >> having somebody replace scalia -- that's a major, major impact. so it's hard to see. i think we are going to fail this test of democracy. >> laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. coming up at 6:30 this morning, nbc 6 is live in washington, d. with more on what the presidential candidates are saying about this this morning, and who might be frontrunners for the nomination view. everything, live results and in depth analysis of the candidates right at your fingertips. this mooing police are looking for a robbery suspect
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when police saw a man trying to steal a car he jump into the another car and he hit a cyclist as he was maang his getaway. police are looking for a car similar to this one here on your screen. it will have a missing passenger damage. a 5-year-old child was killed touring a high-speed chase with police. it happened over the past weekend. police are telling us a 20-year-ol eugene lost control of his suv when he was trying to make a turn. he hopped on the sidewalk and in the process ran down the 5-year-old. he got out and triedke off on foot. it's unclear why he was being chased by thepolice to begin with. and this is what we understand what happened. a 16-year-old boy and friend
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along southwest 10th avenue and 5th street when somebody opened fire on them. the 16-year-old was taken to the hospital right away and ended up with a gunshot wound to his leg, and no word on his identi but he is a student at booker t t washington high school, and who opened fire and why is still under investigation. a g gman shepherd died while in surgery this week. the police department says quantum loved to go to community events and meet with children at school assemblies. more than 100 firefighters battle frigid temperatures out there and massive flames. look at this. this is in the heart of new york city. a fire so big it took until the early morning hours to get it under control. we will hav a look at the latest video come into the nbc 6
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are you willing to bet on
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welcome back. this morning we coinue to follow breaking news overnight out of new york. some residents in brooklyn battling frigid temperatures as well as flames. we're told the blaze is now under control, more than 145 firefighters, that's how many it took and they are at the scene trying to tame the flames and four people including two injuries. all buildings having to be demolished now, and police trying to figure out what caused
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and then filling a void left by the president that was barred by the constitution left office a week ago without a newly elected leader in place. deep public suspicions about vote rigging there. a winner will be installed sometime in may. some of the kids, all public schools will be closed today and so will miami-dade and browar countyty offices today. the malls and the courts will be open, and for commuters that do work today, broward transit will be running on schedule, and your news is on as well.
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thank you to everybody that showed up. we are sponsors of the event, and more than 380 artists out there from all overrhe weurld. it's a rare glimpse into something that not a whole lot of people get to see. there's a lot of@ local food and you can listen to nice music performed by local bands as well. that's through the weekend and on through today. gates are going to open at 10:00, and close at 6:00. as i mentioned, nbc 6 is a proud sponsor of this festival once again and we have everybeen at that event all weekend long. stop by and let us snap a selfie with you so we can post it on our facebook page.
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2:00. let's go outside, and somewhere not far from here -- actually, very far from here. north carolina, a much different picture and on the vrginia border is where we are looking at. a large wint storm making things difficult for the morning commute there. >> in that part of the country, when a little snow fas, it shuts down the city. >> it shuts things dodo. ryan phillips is with us. we're talking about a little rain, but nothing like what we are seeing in north carolina. >> i i you heard from your friends and family up in the northeast this weekend, what a rough weekend it was. record-breaking cold temperatures, and all the while we enjoy nice weather. not looking for a big change in today's local forecast. may see one or two sprinkles
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alert doppler. these are dissipateing as they move off. here is your commuter forecast. going in this morning you happen to work today, mild and breezy and 68. more clouds and sunshine, and it will be a breezy afternoon. a better chancece for afternoon isolated showers, and nothing to scrub your plans. everything is going to be hit and miss. 70s in ft. lauderdale, as well as pembroke pines and pompano. and good morning to you in marathon. winds have come up, at least this hour, at about 15 to 20 miles per hour out towards the beaches. a little stronger out towards the water as we go through the ternoon urs. here's the developing area of low pressure that we brought in the snow.
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connecting through atlanta, charlotte or d.c., you could have problems as this system cranks up and heads off into the northeast. we will watch this front on the backside of the system as it brings us pleasant weather, i think as soon as wednesday. right now, 60s will do it you cross the gulf coast state. set this up for you, and watching the source to move away into the mid-atlantic states. some isolated showers on the breeze today, not a washout, and a better chance for showers coming in on the front end of our tuesday, and these showers quickly sweep through in the midday hours, and we clear out. upper 60s and breezy this morning, and isolated showers linger through the afternoon hours, and temperatures up through 79 again. a lot of folks off today, and beach seems like a good requested, and the winds being so strong will lead to a high
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we are talking we dry out, lots of sunshine and pleasant sunshine. highs in the mid-70s on into next weekend. back to traffic now, and here's kelly. if you have to go to work today, we have two accidents that will definitely be affecting your morning drive. chopper 6 got to the scene of an accident on okeechobee road, and all lanes were blocked off up until a few seconds ago and the right lane opened up, and it's slow going around this area of okeechobee road northbound because of the emergency crews blocking the lanes. the turnpike extension, line pictures of the turnpike extension right around the area
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this is after officer-involved accident. again, that entranceramp is completely shut down. all lanes blocked off, and what people are having to do is exit off and take u.s. 1 southbound instead. your time is 6:19 on your monday morning. after a shaking 2-2 start, the basketball team was put to the test. this happened last night. take a look. it was a close game, and the hurricanes left tallahassee with a big "w" for the night. the canes are in second place i the acc with virginia trailing behind them in third place. later this week they will take on the number one team in their specific conference, the carolina tar heels and before that you can catch the canes back in miami wednesday night against virginia tech.
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bryant before hanging upis well-worn sneakers. he played his 18th and last all-star game last night in toronto, and all eyes were on him as the nba and his fellow players gave number 24 a proper sendoff. bryant earned a well-deserved retirement party. >> and also d. wade making his all-star appearance. it was not all assists for d wade making his presence known. and one company letting newlyweds bet on their relationship. this is the second time the story has come up. this is a tough one. i am not sure what i think about this. thth will give couples up to $10,000 to put towards their
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divorced, you have to pay the company back that $10,000 plus interests, d the interest rate depends on the newlyweds' odds of staying together and they come up with the odds by utilizing databased on their application. >> yeah, makes me uncomfortable telling this story. >> you already got married yet and you are betting whether or not you will get divorced? that's not good. >> what about this pre-nup. who will be taking home the hardware?
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ah, this lucky boy... he has no idea what's coming.
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and we tell you what to expect from some of the major awards. >> the rapper couldet album and song of the year. >> he's on the top of almost every critic's list. >> she expect him to win multiple times. >> i don't see how taylor swift's "19" could not win album of the year. >> it sold more than 5 million copies and spawned five hits, cluding "bad blood." >> taylor h h it made because that album dominated. >> but "blank space" could take a backseat in the song of the
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>> it was dedicated to paul parker who sadly died and i think a lot of people resinated with that. >>ecord of the year also sees "blank space" as a contender. parker experts bruno marches to win for "uptown funk." >> it was the song. >> it could be among the winners tonight at the grammys. >> it's information we might find out tomorrow. >> i was jus thinking about that. we are going to have to watch replays the next day. >> it's a dvr night, because they are great but can't stay up for that. controversy on capitol hill. the death of supreme court justice scalia has a fight
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nbc 6 is live in washington with
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see the i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i i uldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day sharyour story.
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let's take you outside right now on your monday, your psident's day for a live look over downtown miami this morni. a nice start to your monday morning as well, not quite the same as the weekend seeing cloud cover for the start of your president's day and the possibility of showers maybe later today. >> calling it sneaky showers. >> kelly blao is keeping ah eye on the roads for you if you have to go to work. >> kids are out of sool today and moms and dads are hoping the rain is not too bad because that means they are stuck in the house. >> you do t want that. >> kelly and i have a weird
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being off and those that do have to get up and go to work. we have dry roroways this morning and one or two isolated showersrsn broward county so far this morning, and you can get the doppler anytime on the free mobile app. here's a live look outside as we are getting ready for sunrise this morning. the clouds win out. the breeze is stronger than what we have been contending with. ononhe breeze, passing showers in your first alert forecast. let's look at the 836. passing showers this morning, and first alert forecast high of 79. three traffic alerts in miami-dade. this is why i don't like taking holidays off and i don't, because you need me. this is okeechobee road on the turnpike. messy out there.
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and this is because of an injury crash. let's take you over to the turnpike extension where we also have an accidentt and on the don shula expressway. as far as the police-involved accident southbound at southwest 216th street, all of the lanes are blocked off and you will be detoured off the turnpike extension southbound. while you were sleeping the body of u.s. supreme court justice, scalia, arrived back at his home in virginia. 20 officers headed to an el paso, texas, funeral home. >> the autopsy is not necessary because they believe he died in his sleep. but they do expect more fallout
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>> and we're already starting to hr names being tossed around. >> tracie potts is live for us in washington, d.c. what is the latest developments in terms of what is goinin to happen moving forward here. this is a huge, huge spot to fill withh a lot of different angles on each side. >> one of the angles is the fact that he ww a conservative and republicans are concerned that any pick by president obama wwld tilt the balance of is court more liberal with key cases and key issues outstanding. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. >> that won't happen this week while congress is on break, but we are already seeing possible candidates mentioned to replace
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>> that's his paw raugtive. >> partial birth abortion, taxpayer funding. >> we need a conservative person. >> democrats insist the country should not have to wait nearly a decide. >> we have a president, and h was elected, and he has the right to nominate another supreme court justice. >> i don't think the public will look kindly on republican actions to try and thwart what he was supposed to be able to do. >> it's not brewing just to be a battle between the president and republicans, and republicans turning on each other as well. ted cruz, he's already got an ad out that is going to be running in south carolina, the site of the next primary, claiming donald trump if elected cannot be trusted to select the next supreme court justicef the united states.
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>> never a dull moment. the florida primary a little over a month away and that has the candidates keeping an eye on the state. and the campms really helping people to get ready to vote for next month. >> reporter: good morning, sheli. you won't&find presidential hopeful, hillary clinton, campaigning here in florida today. that's because she is in nevada along with bernie sanders who was catching up with her in the polls, and that's why she switched it up and headed to nevada instead for the ree-day weekend. she is sending her husband, bi clinton here, to florida on her behalf. the listsincludes miami and
6:35 am
here at fiu, it's a push to get as many voters to the polls as paugsable. tomorrow is the voter registration deadline. they want everybody to know you need to have an i.d. like your passrt or driver's license to do so and you also need to have a utility bill or bank statement that has your current address. the student union is opening at 9:30 this morning and going to be here until 2:30 this afternoon. reporting live outside of fiu, erika erika glover. >> they will be hosting an on campus registration from 9:30 to 2:00 p.m., and you have to register by tomorrow. you can find exexnsive coverage of the campaign trail on the nbc
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live results to in depth analysis right at your fingertips. hollywood investigating a half-million dollar jewelry heist. police say one of them was pistol whipped in the process, and other than that, nobody seriously hurt. the store was not ininially open on sundays. the robber acted alonene but police might be looking for more than one suspect here. call the broward county crime stoppers line. in hhleah, police looking for a group of robbers behind a rash of s ssh and grabs that also happened over this past weekend. it happened at four separate locations but blocks from each other. surveillance video captured the crooks as they used the sledge hammer. they got away with merchandise
6:37 am
and miami-dade crime stoppers is the number to call if you have information. breaking news out of israel. a former prime minister started a prison sentence. he was sentenced for bribery and obstructing justice and convicted in march of 2014 in a case that accused him of accepting accepting bribes. he denied he ever did anything wrong. the sudden death ofjustice scaliaas reshaping the race for the white house. major political battle is brewing over nominating a new supreme court justice during an election year. pope francis continues to make his way across mexico and a look at where the pontiff is headed today and the message he is going to bring with him. quiet cub tkeugss ondititns across the area. a breeze picking up in ft.
6:38 am
a warmer morning, 70, and may dip down briefly to 69. this time around, could see isolated shshers around and we will talk about your extended forecast in just a few minutes. chopper 6 giving us a
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the turnpike good morning, good morning, hello, my name is patricia rodriguez. good morning governor, counsel, and jim allen. good morning everyone. i think it's still the most important thing we can do for any family in this state is to create an opportunity for them to get a job. m a single mother of three. i've been working for the seminole tribe for fifteen years now. this companyy has given me the opportunity to provide for my children. how does it make you feel when you worry about whether this compact gets signed? if the compact isn't signed, then it does affect me tremendously because i would be oututf a job. a month ago my sister passed away. she have children? how many? five. so are you taking care of them? yes. this compact not being signed would affectcte and many people that have grown with me at this company.
6:41 am
jobs for florida. the new seminole compact. the hunt for burmese pythons as of friday. all the snakes caured were killed and turned over to researchers. they are trying to find clues to control the python population. they believe tens of thousands ofythons could be destroying
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the average gas prices in miami have fallen 4 cents were gallon. we found one, $1.69 at a costco in kendall, and you can fill up your tank for $1.22 at bj's, and of course, you ve to be a member. it's $1.72. selective gas blocking is what it's called. it hurt yourredit card. >> yeah, and the coconut grove arts festival,@ the last day to check it out. >> take advantage of the holiday today, becausthe kids are off from school. we will be out there from noon to 2:00.
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around the world will be back out there today. you can enjoy lots of local food and listen to nice music performed by local bands. they will close at 6:00 p.m. tonight. general admission, 15 bucks for an adult and 12 and under, you are free. nbc 6 is a proud sponsor of the festival this year. be sure and stop by and let us snap a selfie with you so we can post it on our facebook page. you can get a full list of the appearances, who will be there and who won't be there using our nbc 6 news and weather app. the weather was spectacular for this event this weekend. >> we will have a little breeze to contend with, but overall another delightful day across the area. we will have a brief warmup. good monday morning to you.u. check on the radar before we get
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live first alert doppler into broward county. the onlyocation we had any shower activity this morning, and it's hit and miss, and few and far between, and a fast-mover. we have showers exiting off to theheorth and palm beach county. that's it. thatat the only game in town. not a lot going on, but the east breeze may bring in one or two showers throughout the day. mostly cloudy skies the rule as we look at over 836 here and cloud cover sticking around. sunshine, of course. the breeze is only ging to get stronger as the day goes on. 69 right now in miami, and the cloud cover expensive. all the mid level cloud cover, that's what is going to get us later this afternoon. again, one or two showers, pretty quiet, just bare with the clouds down through the kays
6:45 am
we will dig deeper into the morning and wards midday and the winds will get pstronger. the perfect east wind sets us up on the dangerous day on the beach so plan for that if you are going out to the coast for a little while. where are the 50s we have been enjoying. 66 in west kendall. and future radar, shower chances, few and far between, and the moisture rides in on the atlantic breeze, so can't count out a few showers, but a better chance of shower coming tuesday morning into midday and then back to beautiful weather. if you are working today, a mix of sun and clouds and breezy, and broward could see a few sprinkles, and warmer this afternoon to about 79, and isolated showers around. and a very high rip current
6:46 am
one or twowo passing showers. midday, tuesday, we will quickly dissolve the shower chances, and lows in the lower 60s, and highs to the mid-70s with plenty of south florida sunshine. broward county, no major issues, but miami-dade, a different story for you. if you are headed out the door, aouple accidents. chopper 6 above a officer-involved accident and which is turnpike extension southbound. this is right around southwest 216th streethere you can see all lanes are completely blocked off and they are about to put the cars on the bed of the tow truck now and it will take time to clear up and the accident under investigation. southbound 216th street, you will be detoured off the highway. seeing northbound delays as well. let's change sources, and take you over to the maps.
6:47 am
shula expressway, a car fire. we will have a cash on okeechobee road northbound approaching the turnpike where one lane is getting by causing delays at this time. breaking overnight, out of london, a flight had to be sent back to the runway after it was hit by a laser right after takeoff. sheli has the breaking news. >> leaving from london to new york, and one pilot said he felt ill after a laser hit the cockpit. all the passengers were put up in a hotel overnight, and a new flight leaves today. that person could face minor jail time and hefty fines. a massive blaze putting firefighters toowork in brooklyn, new york. here are some of the images you have seen. flames are n nw under control.
6:48 am
building where you can see it smoldering. the smoke billowing out of the roof there. a couple flames coming out. rescue crews still out containing the fire, and we understand more than 100 firefighwers at the scene at one point. that's when they were trying to contain that. investigator trying to figure out how it happened. preparations under way for the pope's next stop. he will hold a mass at a soccer stadium, expecting a big turnout there, and expected to talk about the plight of migrants. the headad of the russian orthodox church sitting down with a private meeting with
6:49 am
they met at castro's home yesterday and talked about the friendly relationship between russia and cuba. this meeting comes a day after the patriarch held a storic meeting with pope francis in havana. and then president obama meeting with leaders in asian countries. experts believe the meeting has been called so the u.s. can take steps to counter china's growth. federal agents will try to figure out who attached a explosive device in new mexico. the device was disarmed and flights were not affected, but the fbi and the atf are conducting separate investigations to try and figure
6:50 am
and then new details on the alleged jewelry thief. and we have been updating you on her robberies on air and on the nbc 6 news and weather app. she was caught last month and they found her in georgia, and this is the third state to file charges following georgia and florida. she could face charges in n nth carolina, and tennessee as well. >>ax season just started and that means it's primetime for id thiefs. the agency says all the trouble could be linked to last year's security breaches which led to millions of social security numbers ending up in the hands of id thieves. >> they are e-filing in bulk, and they know a lot of these will be rejected or they will be
6:51 am
>> according to the irs, the best way to beat the crooks is to file your return as soon as possible. people on the east coast are probably wishing for south florida sun. it was the coldest valentine day on record. at least ten people taken to the hospital with injuries after a pileup. and d.c. and georgia bracing for another winter storm. another several inches of snow are expected. now the big six stories you need to know. >> florida will be holding its presidential primary election on march 15th, and today florida's campus will ho voter registration tpwr 9:30 to 2:00. early voting runs from march are 5th through the 12th. days after scalia's passing,
6:52 am
his replacement. president obama promises to make nomination in due time. the former prime minister of israel starting a 19-month prison sentence. he was convicted in march of 2014 in a case that accused him of accepting bribes to promote a controversy real estate project in jerusalem. a robbery took place on camera, and they got away with merchandise and a cash register as well. poli in hollywood investigating a half million jewelry heist. nobody was seriously hurt. > a teen is recovering after being shot in little havana, and
6:53 am
were walking near southwest 10th avenue and he was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg and police are investigating. check out our nbc 6 news and weather app for more details on all the stories we are covering this morning. all lanes are completely shut down here at this time. this is a live look from the scene. this is around the area of southwest 216th street. that accident getting ready to clear up but still going to take time. this is an officer-involved accident and it's under investigation, and they are towing the cars involved in the scene away. let's take you up above to show alook outside to see all lanes are completely blocked off. you are going to have to take that detour off the exit of the turnpike extension to maybe u.s. 1 and we will keep you posted on air and on our news app. we have a car fire and accident
6:54 am
approaching the turnpike. and that car fire is on the don shula spray blocking one of your lanes. don't forget, you can get this anytime on our free mobile app. get the radar anytime. things looking pretty good right now. we had isolated showers pop up. northern broward county in the last hour,that's about it. not worried about an overly wet day just one or two showers passing on the breeze. the breeze will bring a rip current danger and excessive cloud cover that will take shape. a lot of you are enjoying a day off out to dodge island and miami beach. the clouds are likely going to win out today. if you are out early this morning for a walk or heading out for breakfast, it's warmer. the winds will only increase
6:55 am
initially this morning, running up to 20 miles per hour this afternoon. mild conditions and upper 60s on the drive in for those of you working, and otherwise the clouds hold out and there could be a passing shower or two this 79. we briefly hit 80 degrees tomorrow with morning showers bg but i think by midday, we dry out and turn brighter by tuesday afternoon, and then set ourselves up for several nice days. highs in the mid-70s, and bright uth florida sunshine all the way through. this is a brief shot for any wet weather, and otherwise back to a february pattern. >> that looks nice. >> kelly, who are these people? >> that was a auction, and sheli came for moral support. it was a bachelor auction. 26 of south florida's most
6:56 am
to bid for sheli, but didn't let me. >> people were bidding up to $2,000. >> kelly did a good job hosting and you looked wonderful. >> was the crowd looking at the
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to wor this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and heas so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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good morning. paying respects. the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia arrived in virginiaovernight. while the battle to who should fill his seat is already in full swing. >> we have a president. he was elected. heas the right to nominate another supreme court justice. >> the lame duck president in an election year is not going to be able to tip the balance of the supreme court. >> this morning, the epic once in a generation fight over the direction of the court and the country.
7:00 am
as his brother gets set to hit the campaigig trail today. after a weekend of record settinglows, the weather conditions will affect 90 million from the deep south to the north today. torrow, things heat up in a big way. new scandal for spitzer? elliott spitzer has been accused of choking a woman inside a new york city hotel room. he says there is no truth to the allegation. police are investigating. and trapped! dozens of people, including a baby, stuck in a train car for hours in sub zero temperatures. the riders finally lowered to safety by rope and glad to be back on solid ground today, monday, february5th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "tjday" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie,live from


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