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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  February 15, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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>he body of supreme court justiceantonin scalia arrived in the d.c. area today. expect more fall-out outut of his dea. republicans are insisting president obama hold off on naming another justice t t replace him until the next president. >> reporter: replacing scalia could tilt the balance of the supreme court. republicans fear it could make the court more liberal with key cases still undecided. as justicicscalia's flag-draped casket arrived overnight in d.c., the political fight over his replacement is under way. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. >> the whitehouse says that won't happen this week with congress on eak. with flags at half-staff, we've
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mentioned. >> if there's an up-and-down votet should be based on the history how president obama selects justices. >> we will see unlimited aworgs on -- aworgs -- aworgs -- abortion on demand throughout this country. >> we need a conservative person. >> democrats insist the country should not have to wait for nearly a year for the next president to decide. >> we have a president. he was elected. he has the right to nominate another supreme court justice. >> i don't think the public will look kindly on republican actions to try to thwart what he is supposed to be able too. >> reporter: republicans are not just battling the president and
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>> florida international university holding an on campus voter rerestration until 2:00 today. one month from today, florida will be holding its presidential election primary next month. you can find extensive coverage on the nbc news and weather app. everything from live results and in-depth analysis right at your fingers tips. police are trying to find the driver who hit a bicyclist. >> what do they know at this point, bobby? >> reporter: unfortunately, at details. now, we have a picture of the car that detectives say did this. i'm going to show you that in a second, but first i want everyone to see behind me here next to the road where this happened. a memorial built for a man who
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he is charles blackledge. i'm told he rode his bike every morning to and from work. last week, he was hit by a silver car. he landed on the grass by the road here. his briefcase was found right next to him. a surveillance camera caught that car i was just talking about. you should be seeing it in your screen. silver four-door but hard to make out what kind of make and model that car is. we're also being told that blackledge was the office manager at the healing and wellness spa at this neighborhood. he was 46 years old and if you happen to know anything about it call the browowd crime stoppers 954-393-tips. nbc 6 is everywhere on the ground after an officer-involved crash shut down all lanes near turnpike off ramp actually. it happened early this morning
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street. according to investigators, three cars were involved. a saturn traveling in the right lane hit a ford after losing control. no one was hurt and traffic is back to normal. margate police are looking for a missing teenager, his name is ezion jahni lewis. he was last seen around 80th avenue. they say he was wearing a black sweater,ike pants, black and white sneakers. he was carrying a backpack with him. anyone with any information is asked to call police many margate. police in hollywood are looking for a pricey heist after $250,000 million worth of zblsh
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jewelry is missing. employees say the robber acted alone, however police may be looking for more than one person. anyone with information asked to call broward county crime stoppers at 954-493-tips. in hialeah, police searching for a group of robbers there behind a strings of smash and grabs. surveillance video captured the crooks as they used a ledge shammer -- sledge hammer to break into businesses. if you know anything, call crime stoppers. pope francis is now head to the least catholic state in mexico. this is new video of the pontiff making his way to the capital
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he's expecting to talkk about the plieths of --light of migrants in that mass. he spoke out against the drug trade and all the violence that comes along with it. he definitely is not alone either. laura rodriguez is traveling to cover the pontiff. you can follow her journey and the pope's journey on social media, her twter p handle is @laura nbc 6. eight members of the charity staff are now missing, however, there is no official count as to how many people are gone in terms of lives lost. in total, the hospital had 30 beds and 54 staff members working at the time when this happened. one british organization claims a russian war plane is responsible for the strike. eliot spitzer in the limelight again and not for a good reason. what the woman accuses the
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a high-end hotel. skiers and borders stranded. how their trip turned dangerous in seconds. and cloudy and windy. not a lot of rain coming out of the clouds just yet. that changes a little later
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the pretty wildap_ this time for allegedly assaulting a woman who was with him at new york's iconic plaza hotel. nbc has the details. >> reporter: eliot spitzer back in the tabloids. the former new york governor who famously resign after being caught paying for sex with a high-end escort is now under investigation for assault. sources familiar with that investigation tell nbc news that on saturday nit spitser and a woman in her mid 20s entered new york's iconic plaza hotel and headed up to one of the rooms. inside, spitser is being accused of choking the woman. the nypd is investigating him for assault. but not foror sexual assault. a source familiar with the investigation says after the alleged incident, the woman slit her wrists but the wounds were
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no charges have been filed and a spoke person says there's no truth to the allegation. a prostitution scandal caused him to resign less than a year. >> the politicians are sprinting. >> hosting shows on cnn and current tv. before a failed return to politics, losing to his opponent in the democratic primary for controller of new york city in 2013. following that loss, spitser divorced his wife and later started dating the spokesperson for his failed campaign. >> that was kristen dawl -- dsh
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a flight was leaving from london when someone flashed a laser hitting the cockpit. the passengers were put up in a hotel for the night. a scary situation for passenger on two different trams at a new hampshire ski resort. it happened over the past weekend. the passenger including an eight-month-old little baby were stranded in subzero temperatures for about three hours when the trams decided to stop working. nbc's natalie morales has more on that story. >> reporter: a ski record sort -- two tram cars stopped leaving dozens stranded feet in the air for almost three hours in subzero temperatures. one tram came to the rest near the top of the 4,000 foot summit. the other at the base of the mountains.
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blankets were sent up to the top car to help guests stay warm until help arrived. then one by one i patrol and firefighters rappelled each person down from a trap down from the tram. thankfully no one was injured and no reports of any frostbite. mountain officials say a mechanical issue not the cold caused the brakes to somehow engage and get stuck, making for an unexpected downhill situation for those on board. >> with an eight-month-old right there, incredible. natalie morales reporting for him. the trams have not reopened today. >> pretty incredible. another pretty dramatic rescue in california. life guards had to use a crane to save a man who was swept off a reef. you can see the 19-year-old stuck in the could he have there.
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waves to get to the victim. they lifted him to safety. >> i thought i was goioi to drown. there was a point where i was hanging on the rock over there. i thought i was going to drown, so definitely very scary experience. >> he seems to be taking it in stride. luckiki, he only suffered minor injuries. the mid atlantic and northeastern states bracing for an extremely cold president's day holiday today. it's a holiday and traffic will be off the roads so that s suld be a good thing, so people are pretty happy about that. nice it to be off from work and school though. snow is expected to fall in some areas. in some areas, it is already fafaing this morning. forecasters say the snow could mix with sleet and freezing rain along the way. some states could see a couple inches of snow as the day goes on today. >> kes. >> brutal, brutal. >> we've got storm warnings
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>> and with the kids go -- home, you can't go anywhere. everyone isready for tuesday. >> here a little gloomy. you can see behind us there, some gloom, but not a lot of showers just yet. we expect the moisture creep up just a bit. right now, here's parts of broward into palm beach county. not a lot of action behind this particular cluster and these showers are pretty fast-moving as well. just when you realize the showers is hitting, it is actually gone. it is going to be out of there for you. here's broward, miami-dade, also notice a few more showers toward homestead. elliott key tracking a few of these right now. these are pretty quick movers. rather consistent. it looks like showers for the next fee hours across the upper keys into southern miami-dade. we talk about the rain.
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how are the winds doing? it was windy yesterday. it's going to be windy again today. 15 to 20 knots. occasionally gating up to 8 feet as far as the seas. the bay will be choppy. surf temperaturerecool for this time of year coming in right around 70. it's going to be windy today and it's already windy. sustain winds here in miami, east-southeast, 18 miles per hour,r, sustained at 21 in opa-locka and we're gusting in excess of 20 in many of these areas. rip currents are a concern as well. i guessshat i'm trying to say is maybe pick another day to head out on to the water. 73 right now. temperatures are great though. if you love the 70s, you are loving today but with some of that cloud cover out there and some of these showers moving through, i don't know if we're going to add too many more egrees to what we're dealing are right now.
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here's the next big system impacting thesoutheast. cold front from this system will slide on through for us once we get latat tuesday time frame. we could actually call it a cool front. it's not going to be too cold behind this one. here's ontime. here's south florida. youotice again in general, just a few spotty showers out here. i don't expect us to be getting soaked with rainfall. seattle-type rain. just light enough to get windshield wipers going. here's your 00 p.m. a little more moisture working through it. i think the showers are going to bebeut and about. i think starting probably at least as f as consistent showers go probably after early evening, continuing overnight. 78 degrees. maybe i'm a little more optimistic there. average highs right around 78. so this is a typic day for us.
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no doubt about it. oddly enough, when that cold front comes in on tuesday, it's going to be limping in. i don't expect a lot of wind on tuesday, but the wind direction will be to the south. that 81 might be a little conservative. it's all about how much sunshine we get on tuesday. we don't expect thunderstorms or any severe weather with this cold front, but it's certainly going to be warm and muggy.
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we could almost call itiirv?!ir are. you still got one more day to check out the coconut grove arts festival. >> if you pass by later, we will see you there. erika glover is right now at the event. we're going to see you in a few minutes. we'll head over to the event in just a few minutes after the show, and we're looking forward to the food and, of courur, the art. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, today is the last chance to come check out the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival. everywhere we look, there are different tents set up for artists showcasing their work. it's not just paintings. there's photography, sculptures, jewelry, a little bit of everytng for you to come out and explore. some of these artis say this is a yearly tradition. they come every year. they are new artists. she -- they show people their work.
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we caaht up to find out how this artist is enjoying it this year. >> what do it feel like to do this? >> it's monday. this is the third day. it's so exhilarating. so many people, yesterday, t tre was a line constant coming through here. wonderful to talk to people and actually get to see people immediately react to my arar which is something that, you know, often in the gallery, you don't get. it's really wonderful. great talking to people. >> reporter: we want to remind everyone to come out here and stop by the nbc 6 booth, grab some goodies, take a picture in the selfie booth and you said you were going to be out here later today. great weather. a lot of people have the day off for president's day, so it's a great day to enjoy the festival. reporting live in coconut grove, erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> we'll see you in a bit. a great crowd out there, and again, it is a holiday, so a lot
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lotf long sleeves out there. a little chilly there. nbc 6 is a proud sponsor of the festival and has been at the event all week long. be sure to stop b the booth and we can grab a selfie with you and we'll post it to faib. get a full look at the festival on our app. this is bizarre. i don't think it's a good idea at all but nobody ask me. the company called swan love, it's going to give couples up to $10,000 to put toward their dream wedding. it sounds awesome. if you get divorced, you have to pay that company back and you have to pay them b bk with interest and the interest rate depends on the knewly weds odds of staying together utilizing data from their application. >> weddings cost much more than $10,000. >> if you are hard up for cash, okay, i get it, but don't you
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yourself before you ring on there. >> the prenewspaper -- prenup. >> why don't you sign the prenup while you are at it. >> we're all fired up.
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with a cat -- skiing cat. it's always fun when cats do fun stuff. this cat looks like he's having a blast. he's from norway. jasper jasper, the skiing cat. maybe he's pulling the guy who is skiing. either way, i don't know whethehe it's a husky or a cat. >> this cat might be desperately trying to get away from his owner. >> for making him do this. >> he thinks the faster he walks, the further he's going to get. >> according to his owner, he also loves tagging along on hikes and other adventures.
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thousands of facebook followers. >> i don't even have my own blog. >> probably opened@b twitter account before us too. >> the owner was probably behind that too. >> you are right. >> just a quick reminder as well. the coconut grove arts festival, adam says it's going to be a pretty nice day. >> a sprinkle or two. i don't think it's necessarily umbrella-type weather. these sprinkles are moving quite quickly. it's not uncomfortable. it's quite nice out there. >> and sheli and@i are on the way with kelly blanco as well. we'll see you there. (donkey sound) (elephpht sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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roxanne: he uses fire to shape his art and battles it on the job. hear the story behind these pieces. adam: does this look like a photo? look again. this bulgarian native is making her mark for the first time at this year's festival.l. mueve la candenga, oh, oh, mueve la cintura roxanne: art that makes you move with music from around the country and here at home. we tell you who's taking the stage. adam: art you can taste. we take you inside the kitchen with chef cindy hutson, and hear from d wade's culinary tist. >>welcome to a special edition of "6 in the mix," i'm roxanne vargas. >>and i'm adam kuperstein. we're
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sonesta coconut grove miami, and getting you ready for the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival. [ ] roxy, we have such a great vantage point of the festival from here, and if you've seen the poster this year, it looks familiar, doesn't it? >>yeah, it definitely echoes the poster artist's vision of what she sees as the coconut grove arts festival, which has given a place to artists from all over the world to showcase their artwork right here. take in all the colors, the shapes, the taste of coconut grove. paint, picturere art that pleases your palate, and art that makes you move. it is a celebration of the arts at the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival, a three day event welcoming top talent from around the world to showcase their art along nearly one mile in the


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