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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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grace of god to tell you what to do and how to do it. >> reporter: a judge did not grant bond today. the suspect will remain behind bars. thisyoung boy's fammly prepares for his funeral. the young boy's uncle has a message for the community. more on that coming up tonight at 6:00. nbc 6 news. right now, police need your help finding a hit-and-run driver that took the life of a man over the weekend. 46-year-old charles blackledge was riding his bicycle thursrsy evening when a speeding car fatally strucc him on dixie highghy and just kept going. police released a photo of a gray or silver four-door vehicle. a $300 reward is being offered tonight. if you have any informatn, call broward crime stoppers.
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safety campaign for safety awareness week. it brings the told number of zika virus cases in florida to 21. seven in miami-dade. just last week state officials activated a zika virus hotline. they have answered 274 calls. they're urging floridians to wear repeant. firefighters are looking into how a car wound up in a garage in all the wrong ways. it doesn't seem like much from the skies, but chopper 6 was over the accident around 4:30 this afternoon near 43 terrace and northwest 26th avenue in lauderhill. it appears someone reversed the red honda through the garage on top of everything inside. no one was hurt, but it's not known if that car is drivable. a live look outside on what's been a very ugly gray day for parts of south florida.
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again showers. i know i did earlier. john morales is here now with a look at your first alert forecast and what's in store for the rest of the week. >> definitely a gray day today across south florida, especially when you contrast what w saw today with what we had saturday and sunday, which was so beautiful. doesn't look like there's a lot out there. a little bit of light rain in the lower florida keys. within broward county, weee had these showers clipping the western end of the metro area. but now these are moving toward the north. new showers, though, are moving into miami-dade as you can see from the south and southeast, crossing through kendall at this hour. others about to reach the area near cutler bay, palmetto bay affected recently as these are expected to move towards the north pretty soon. as far as rainfall accumulations, not impressive.
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seen today is strong winds. they are sustained now across the mainland. 15 to 25 miles per hour with gusts of up to 36 miles per hour as y y can see in pompano beach. quite the w wndy day. the details on what a front will bring tomorrow coming up in a few. tonight, the papal visit in mexico continues. ths is a live look from tuxtla gutierrez where pope francis is meeting with families. it is the last stop today before departing for mexico city tonight. it's the pope's full third day in mexico that included a mass. we are live in the newsroom with some highlights from today's trip. >> that's right. the trip for the pope continues across mexico. he toured other parts of that
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thousands of supporters. there you can see him being greeted by cathtlic officials and cig anyni dignitaries. a crowd of thousands gathered to meet the pontff. many have traveled across mexico for this historic event. the pope will give mass at a sports complex in the southern state of chiapas near guatemala. as someone shouted the pope's name from the crowd, an announcer said welcome home. the pope then boarded a helicopter for the small town for san cristobal de las casas. he was welcomed with much enthusiasm. this trip has been dotted with music from a children's chorus to a 15-year-old fightig cancer.
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her tribute as he continued his journey of peace. and tomorrow the pope heads to another small town inexico and on wednesday to juarez. then he heads back to the vatican on thursday. >> another live look from the stadium. the pope's last day and stop of the day. laura rodriguez is traveling to cover the last leg of the pontiff's trip. look for her live reports on air starting tomorrow and follow her journey on social media. well, another big move for the u.s. as we restore relations with cuba. the decision allows a two-man
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tractor plant. they waited for approval to legally build the tractors and other heavy equipment on the island. well, the sudden death of supreme court justice antonin scalia has shifted the debate on the campaign trail. republicans and democrats are fighting over whether president obama should appoint a nominee of his choosingng. brian moore is at our nation's capital with the latest on decision 2016. >> reporter: even as washington prepares to say farewell to justice scalia, both parties at war. >> this country has not gone with a yearlong vacancy on the supreme court since the civil war. >> reporter: that battle has spread from congress to the campaign trail.
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consider that and to decide whether or not to confirm whoever the president nominates. >> i'm not saying obama shouldn't do it. i'm just saying the republicans should not allow it to happen. >> reporter: republicans are allowing to make this election referendum on how the next president will fill that open seat. >> we were reminded on saturday by an untimely death of what the stakes are in this election. >> we are one jusce away from losing our fundamental rights in this country. >> report: but not everyone is comfortable with this fight. >> scalia dies and one second after he's dead they're fighting about politics. >> reporter: legal scholars point out the republican nominees have been in the court's majority for the past 44 years. i'm brian moore, nbc 6 news.
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anyone who hasn't registered to vote in the presidential primary. nbc 6 is everywhere. steve litz is traveling to south carolina ahead of the state's primary. you can follow him on twitter for updates from the campaign trail. many of you are out of school today for presidents day and the president hashtag is taking over social media here. many people are postin pictures of their favorite commanders and chief and quotes to include why they're inspiring. next on 6, stories that are trending on social media. >> you know, we're starting a new thing. everybody has an amazing body. you've got to own yourself. >> "sports illustrated" reveals
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kanye west posting his financial troubles on twitter. another scandal. what a former new york governor is accused of doing at the world famous plaza hotel. >we have changingses coming. a front moves through tomorrow. coming up, law enforcement is not just using dash cams.
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why officers are welcome back. kanye west i i the headlines agagin. the hip hop ashrtist asking mark zuckerberg to invest $53 million in his ideas. he claims his business p%t him $16 million in the red. >> yikes. former politician is being accused of an alarming assault at a swanky new york city hotel. >> the latest spitzer scandal. >> he's been investigated about his involvement in an alleged aaault. eliot spitzer back in the
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tabloids, the former new york governor that resigned is now under investigation for assaul sources familiar with the investigation tell nbc news that on saturday night spitzer and a woman in her 20s entered the plaza hotel and headed up to one of the rooms. inside spitzer is accused of choking the woman. nypd is investigating him for assault, but not assault. after the alleged edd incident, the woman slit her wrists,s, but the wounds were not life threatening. in2008 a prostitution scandal forced spitzer to resign as governor just 14 months after being sworn in. >> i've acted in a way violates my obligations to my family. >> reporter: hosting short-lived shows on cnn and current tv.
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the other side. >> reporter: before a failed return to politics, lososg to his opponent for comptroller of the city. he divorced from his wife and then started dating hisampaign spokesperson. the woman is now headed bacac to russia. more to come certainly on this. nbc 6 news. the miami heat are reportedly discussing a blockbuster trade. listen to this. the hea and the houston rockets are discussing a trade that would involve that man right there, dwight howard and whiteside. the player would take place before thursday's trade deadlinee according to multiple reports. if the deal goes through, it would involve more players from the heat given the huge salary differences between both players.
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become free agents this summer. well, not the best of ends to presidents day weekend here in south florida. we've had some on and off rain in some locations. this wind along the coast, look at those rip currents in the surf along the coastline todada this is the diplomat resort and spa cam. showers on the first alert widespread. some down in the lower florida keys and some affecting the regions of metro broward county have now moved away. others are justtow crossing dade. there you see a couple of them. e moving through kendall very quickly andne crossing pretty soon tiamiami airport. a rain-free stretch ended at seven days. seven days without rain, the longest stretch we've had@this entire dry season. dry season started in october, so it ended today withthe rain that we've had. a cold front moves through with
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then the next rain-free stretch begins and it's bound to be another long one. it could last all the way past the weekend. make your plans already. 73 in ft. laududdale. 72 miami. 73 in key westt right now. keep in mind with a very strong breeze at times gusting to 35 miles per hour. the breeze caused by this area of low pressure which is quite the vigorous low today. all this wd converging close to the area of low pressure, which is yielding this afterno and evening. the risk of severe weather unfortunately for parts of the south. so everything you see in yellow here, those are severe thunderstorm warnings and they encompass a good portion of the southwestern area in alabama. what you see in solid red are tornado warnings.
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tornado wardenning in southern alabama. it is not expected t tbe a strong front. it's all part of a large system that's effecting the eastern section of the u.s. these are winter storm warnings in effect in parts of pennsylvania, new york, and parts of southern new england. for us, the skies have been cloudy today. thy're expected to rain cloudy tonight and parts of the day tomorrow. so really the worst weather day of the next sevev is going to be tomorrow. as this front approaches, the front proper will not move through until the afternoon hours of tomorrow, but ahead of it showers and thunderstorms are likely i'd say, especially in the morning time.. so the morning commute may be effected. then the rain into the midday before thingstart clearing out in the afternoon. the high would be 82 degrees tomorrow. that's a pretty warm high. the highest we've had in quite sometime.
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it'srnot going to be cold. this front will not bring us cold air, but it will bring us seasonable temperatures with highs in the 7070s for the next seven days. lows at night, the coldest one would be 58 degrees. our average low this time of year is 62. we'd be right around that figure for the next seven days. no rain expected. a little bit of a breeze. occasionally a mixture of clouds and sun. after tomorrow, the rain stays away. back to you. "sports illustrated" ignite igniting social media wh new swimsuit covers. a trio of women with distinct body types. >> traveling to every country in the world and every continent, i see beauty in all shapes, sizes, and forms. it was time to highlight that
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>> ronda rousey and plus size models graced their own cover. >> they're all beautiful. >> yeye they are. next on 6, tax seasononips. >> how to find out if you're eligible for a little known t credit and how to keep your return from going into someone else's pocket. all new at 6, a sex offender who continues to commit crimes following their release. and another check on the papal visit in mexico. ese are live pictures from a packed stadium in tuxtla gutierrez. pope francis hearing from
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it's the pontiff's last stop of all right. welcome back. just a few weeks into tax season, and the irs is alerting taxpayers there could be something terribly wrong with your returns. the agency is dealing with an onslaugt of fraudulent tax retur. id thieves use the number to file a fake return and get other people's tax refund. >> we're hearing they're efiling and they're doing this in bulk. massive amounts of returns. they know a lot of these are going to be rejected or caught by the irs.
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this year to detect the real return from a fake one, but your bebe line of defense is to file yours before a thief does. you could be in for an extra credit this tax season and not know it. >> how to fi out if you qualify in tonight's consumer report. >> for many americans struggling to make endsmeet, tax time can be especially stressful. important advice about a tax credit that often goes unclaimed. a financial counsellor helped her file her taxes. he was able to get a refund of thousands of dollars last year by taking advantage of the earned income tax credit. the refund made a big difference. >> it helped a lot. i work hard, but i don't make much money. >> reporter: millions of
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income tax credi on their yearly tax return. >> if you're a low-income or moderate-income worker, this will give you some or all of your taxes back, even more. >> reporter: the amounof the earned income tax credit depends on your income, marital status, and how many children you have. a single person without children making almost $50,000 a year can get more than $500. a married couple with threre children making over $5,000 can get back $6,000. >> one in five eligible households i i the united sttes for the earned income tax credit does not claim it. >> you deserve to get it back. that's something available for them and they should claim it. >> reporter: you can find out
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federal earned income tax credit along with other deductions on the irs' website. you'll need a social security number for you and allour children. you can get help from any tax prep service, but if you'd like free in-person help, you can find a volunteer tax assistance location. for more information, go to our nbc 6 news and weather app. >> those credits are always good. the news at 5:30 continues next. >> here's adam with a look ahead. guys, local business owners cleaning up a mess left behind some armed crooks. the critical clue here that's helping detectives connect the dots. also, the latest big name to endorse marco rubio's presidential bid. what the backing means for the
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plus, why using apps to beat and we are following breaking ws. you're looking at the overpass at i-95 and southwest seventh street where a garbage tru flew over the overpass. it's in your top left-hand corner. the garbage truck taking flight and going over the overpass. >> you can see the sirens of police at the top of your
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this truck fell offff the highway 95 s sthbound at the southern part of jose marti park there. we don't know anything as far2as injuries at this point. we'll get you that information as soon as we can. again, a trk has fallen off the highway. 95 south andouthwest seventh street. thieves smash and trash several businesses in hialeah. >> we're going to go live to one of theargeted businesses where jamie giurola has more betails. >> reporter: most of these businesses are up and running totaling their losses while police try to nab the people responsible.
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hialeah businesses targeted in a series s smash and grabs. this worker says in three to four minutes they took almost t entire inventory for the store, tablets, telephones, the egister, absolutely everything. the men hid their faces, but the crimes still caught on camera. at another store nearby, surveillance caught a group of four breaking in. looks like it could be the same guys. they damaged property, but walked away with nothing. damage done here too, but no surveillance video at this store. another worker said i think it waslanned. they came from various st@res. and this store behind me says they lost about $15,000 to $20,000 worth of merchandise. if you recognize those people in


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