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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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putting the brakes on these crashes. bwbby brooks is live from miramar to tell us how. >> reporter: there's only one for these cases to be solved and that is for someone out there to speak out. please if you're out on the roadays and you see something happen or if you're the person in the crash, please do the right thing. marion sanchez opened up about her mom, the victim of a hit-and-run in kendall. >> she's never going to meet my children. she's never going to be there when i need her or even at my graduation and that's really hard. >> reporter: marion and along with others who have lost family because of hit-and-runs in the fhp kick started an initiative today. marion's mom was killd while they were crossing a street last
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>> if you saw something, just please call. >> reporter: just this past thursday in ft. lauderdale a cyclist was killed by the driver of this silver fofo-door car. the suspect took off. charles blackledge died alongside dixie highway. >> i'm watching my son not grow up without his father. he's 19 years old. >> reporter: the number of hit-and-run accidents in florida is staggering. >> 92,000 hit-and-runs in the state of florida. >> reporter: miami-dade is number one with the most. broward right behind at number two. troopers say if you're in an accident, you need to help. >> you cannot leave the scene. if you leave the scene, minimum by lawyer is four years. >> reporter: continue living knowing you were in an accident like the onene that killed charles. >> it's sad that we have so many people down here that are willing to leave the scene and
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>> reporter: back out liveere. it does not tter. if you know about an accident that happened a week, a day ago, or five years ago, if you know something, pick up the phonene and call police and try to help those families that are suffering. emotional moments in court today when a man accused o running over a 5-year-old boy while trying to escape police appeared in court. a judge denied him bond as the victim's family stood by in court. dan krauth spoke with that boy's family. he joins us live froro miramar. >> reporter: the young boy lived in and played here in this miramar neighborhood behind me. i just spoke with his family members who are distraught. they want the man respoible to spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> very polite, respectful. fun loving. >> reporter: family members of jayden readon never thought at the age of 5 they would be
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been. >> he took away my grandson. >> reporter: readon was walking down the sidewalk in palm beach county at the same time lex eugene was running away from police. he not only struck the boy with his car. police say he then took off from the scene. >> for him to stand there like fe doesn't matter, all life matters. >> reporter: the 20-year-old came face to face with the judge and the boy's distraught family in court. i just spoke with the boy's uncle who told me he was a boy who was full of life, a boy who loves his brothers and sisters. as for the suspect, he is facing a slew of arges, including vehicular manslaughter. happening right now, police are looking for the person who
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standing on the street in little havana this weekend. the victim was with a friend near fifth street and southwest tenth avenue when someone opened fire from a car. he was taken to jackson memorial's trauma center. miami-dade police officers wanto find a man who targeted two teens in a deadly shooting. it happened late saturday night near 73rd street and northwest 19th court. several people approached the teenagers and began to shoot. one underwent emergency surgery. by la la-nard wilcher died. earth. he never gave them that job to take another man's life. it's up to god for when he's ready for us to come home.
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improng and she hopes he'll be okay. anyone out there with information on this shooting call miami-dade crime stoppers. new details tonight in the case of a broward county circuit judge convicted of dui. she is leaving the bench. she submitted her signation friday. they arrested her backin november 2013. she served 20 days on house rest last summer, but was facing more disciplinary action from the state supreme court. tonight, former president george w. bush will hold his first joint rally with his other republican presidential candidate jeb bush. the former president will appear in south carolina at the charleston convention center. now polls in the state show jeb currently running in fourth place behind trump, texas
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senator marco rubio. the south carolina primary is set for february 20th. now, on the democratic side another formr president showed his support to a white house hopeful. bill clinton supported his wife today at a public event in west palm beach. hillary clinton was scheduled to hold the rally, but the former secretary's campaign announced e would skip florida to focus on nevada. if you're hopi to cast your vote for a presidential nominee, you better make sure you're registered to vote. florida has a closed primary. only registered voters can cast a llot. we are live with more on this one. >> reporter: ticktock. the clock is definitely ticking here. today, a big push to get as many younger erer voters registered to vote.
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turnout, it can really sway the election votes this year. pundits believe benie sanders resonates the most with those younger voters. a flurry of students coming and going on the campus of fiu. >> we have our primary and then our general elexctionelection. reporter: to register younger voters ages 18 to 22. most who stopped by aware they're embarking on a civic duty. >> i'm pretty excited. >> reporter: just squeaking under t t deadline in florida, which is tuesday. it's the young vote that could sway an outcome. >> we're the future of america, so i think it's important because we will dictate what our like. >> do your research just a little bit and make a difference because it's your future leader. >> to be a voice in this country because we all need to have our
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tomorrow the deadline to register, but it's the deadline tohange party affiliation, which these 30-year republicans did. >> inpendent isn't an option and we definitely could not vote republican. >> hillary seems to be the candidate i'll probably vote for. >> reprter: she's been registered since he was 18. >> i had my address back in daona beach when i was originally registered. i changed it to the address down here. >> reporter: while these young and inspired voters have made up their minds, interestingly enough they say they've done their homework and aren't bound bybyarty affiliation. >> marco rubio is my candidate. >> i like bernie sanders a lot. >> probably donald trump.. >> reporter: again the registering deadline is tomorrow. absentee ballots being mailed out tomorrow in broward county
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early voting begins february 29th and if you have work, if you've got school, some other obligation, can't make it during business hours, board of elections say polling is open until midnight. >> steve litz is traveling to uth carolina for this weekend's primary. don't forget to f fllow him on twitter. we'll be updating the nbc 6 news and weather app leading up to saturday. the paypalpal visit continues in mexico city tonight. pope francis' third full day in mexico included a mass at the city sports center. on wednesday, the pope will
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laura rodriguez is following the pope. follow her on twitter for updates. we'll see what a helelcopter spotted just offshore and why there are so many. it wasn't the day to be out on the beach today with all this wind and clouds and rain. we have a cold front coming through tomorrow. i'll let you know what that is going to bring us. will temperatures cool down just like the last time? i'll let you knkn. sex offenders released with little or no oversight. now someone isowing to take action. we continue to follow breaking news out of miami. here is a live look from our chopper 6. a dump truck fell off the southbound lanes of i-95 near southwest seventh street. >> fire rescue is telling us the garbage truck broke the barriers of the exit ramp and plummeted
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tte a look at this. a stunning sight from the air along the coast of palm beach. tens of thousann of sharks. a biologist shot the video this weekend after the sharks faed to show up for their florida migration on time. scientists believe a strong el no season and warming ocean temperatures may be to blame for
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while it may look scary, black-tipped sharks are relatively harmlessss. a reunion for doctors and their patients who met years ago on the operating table. for many families, it was their first time speaking to the doctors who saved their baby's lives. that's why today's celebration of success is what it's all about. doctors meeting their growing patients and parents who get to say a big thank you to those surgeons who made their sure kids are still strong. >> i was young. i really didn't know what to expect. being here, the hospital took care of us. i knew she was in good hands. >> doctors promise to continue to evolve the technology that they need to save future lives out there. they agreed watching their
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them all. well, we had some rain move through earlier. a long duration rain shower in downtown miami and little havana. things not quite as active. bu we zoom in and see a few showers moving into southern dade county and key largo. meanwhile, this onshore breeze has just been wreaking havoc along the ast. rough surf, rip currents as well, with winds gusting to about 35, 36 miles per hour. diplomats resort and spa cam quite a sig today with the dangerous surf. our rain-free stretch ended at seven days. this was the longest stretch of our dry season, which started way back in october.
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our next rain-free stretch begins on wednesday. we're in a more typical dry season pattern right now with an occasional cold front interrupting our dry weather. 72 right now in miami. 73 in ft. lauderdale. part of the reason for the wind gusts is this strong area of low pressure. all the air is rushing into the low and that's why it's so gusty out there. this low has a front behind it and the frontal system is expected to cross the gulf of mexico and reach south florida tomorrow afternoon. give it about 20 hour, maybe 22 hours or so. it should be here. well ahead of it that's when we're going to see some shower and thunderstorm activity that's expected with this front. this evening there are quite a few showers and thunderstorms affecting southern portions of louisiana into mississippi and alabama. as you can see, there are tornano watches, warnings, as well as severe thunderstorm warnings at this hour for that area.
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rain, the mostly cloudy skies, the strong breeze. expect the clouds to remain tonight. winds will die down just a little bit. once the front moves through, we'll get more normal weather condndions in here, but the front is a problem for tomorrow. it's going to be approaching in the morning. take a look at the future tracker. this is 7:00. we move into the mid-morning hours and that's when the future tracker has the majority of the rain affecting us. if you have a late commute in the morning, you can expect thatt to be affected by the rain. in the afternoon, things start toto partially clear out. as we head into the evening, things should be much better. tomorrow the rain chans increase increase in the morning and the afternoon. mostly 60s at night with no rain for the following six days. nbc 6 was the first to tell
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dangngous sex offenders are released from prison with very little oversight. >> an advocate has a plan too track sex offenders, hoping to keep them from striking again. here is a live look from chopper 6. a dump truck fell off the southbound lanes of i-i-95 near southwest seventh street. >> the truck broke the barriers
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tonight, a call for change after an nbc 6 investigation exposes the state's failure to monitor someeleased sex offenders. new video tonight of a 55-year-old convicted sex offender accused of having sex more than 130 times with two 16-year-olds. >> one woman's plan to fix what happens with some sex offenders that are released. >> reporter: lauren book survived years of sexual abuse
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she's turned her pai into a child protection unit. she jumped into action. lauren book knows. >>these are the stories that so desperately need to be told. i'm thankful as a kid who so wanted people to hear and understand -- >> reporter: understand that those who like her were abused e ed as children can speak out and get help. so heelt for the two 16-year-old girls convicted sex offender fender allegedly molested weeks after he was released from custody. >> sending him back to a house where a 16-year-old girl would be living, what was that for him? >> hunting grounds. >> reporter: she wants the state to address the lapse exposed in our investigation.
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are leaving@the civil commitment center, there's no real step down program. not having transition and oversight is extremely dangerous. >> reporter: book has interviewed men held in that commitment center while the courts decide if they're likely to reoffend. she speaks to school children about how to report abuse. she knows how both predator and prey think and can't believe he was back in a home with children. >> i was horrified, but not surprised. >> reporterthe department of children and families was warned eight years ago to keep a closer eye on sex offenders. >> i think there's some pieces of this legislation that are very good. we all would agree there needs to be a transitional release program. >> reporter: a prosecutor says what's missing is money. >> it's an expensive problem to guarantee safety for your community.
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willing to pay taxes to fund important government projects. >> reporter: book is angling to do somthing about it, running for state senate in broward county county. here she is inn014 staing with governor rick scott as he signed a bill toughening sexual predator laws. >> i will fight unt i have no breath in my body to make sure that w whave some of the toughest laws in our state to keep children and families safe. >> reporter: but for now, she's focused on lauren's kids promoting a k-12 curriculum. a reminder tonighhthat the nbc 6 investigators are working for you. if you have a story you think
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e-mail or you welcome back. we continue to follow that eaking news story out of miami. that's where a garbage truck fell off the highway. >> what's the latest? >> reporter: well, this is certainly not something you see every day. a garbage truck split into two right in the middle of the park. it fell nearly 100 feet off an i-95 south ramp that was the seventh street exit. it smashed into two different vehicles. as far as we know, the driver of that truck, he was transported to rider trauma. there were no other injuries. captain carol is with us. thank god there were no other injuries. this is a busy park usually. >> luckily this park was not occupied and nobody was injured other than the driver. >> reporter: how do you go forward in this investigation? >> fhp is conducting the investigation.
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a lot of that will lie with the driver who is starting to come around a little bit. >> reporter: thank you very much. a very busy scene here. a city of miami garbage truck has plunged off the highway into a park. th driver is at rider trauma. tonight, supreme war. the death of jtice scalia prompting a high-stakes showdown. the president vows to nominate a successor. republicans refuse to even consider it. major issues left hanging in the balance. facing trump's fury. the front-runner again threatening to sue teded cruz and taking aim at george w. bush over 9/11. trump's risky attack as the former president hits t t trail. hospital bombing. a new horror in syria. medical facilities and schools are hit. children are killed. a massive storm from louisiana to maine. snow and ice#in the north.
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the south. and heartburn alert. new concerns about prescription meds millions take to treat it linked to kidney disease, now linked to an increase risk of dementia. "nightly news" begins s right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this the "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. in an election year already fraught with improbable plot twists and drama now this. the ideological balance of the u.s. supre court suddenly in limbo. tonight there's late word on who president obama might be considering to replace the late justice scalia as lines are drawn for an epic battle between democrats and senate republicans who are determined to leave the choice up to the next president. tonight the current esident is suggesting republicans are full of bluster, but they, not democrats, hold the power to control the process. our justice correspondent pete


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