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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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evening driving south on i-95 southwest 7th street exit, a garbage truck loos control. >> it's craby. >> reporter: he plunged hundreds of feet below. on the ground jose park where some kids finished playing bastball. >> it sounded like an explosion. we didn't know what it was. everyone just turned. no one saidanything while it happened. no one screamed or does thing. >> reporter: the truck split in two slamming into other cars. >> we see a truck falling. it felt like it too so long to hit the floor. it was twice as loud and when it broke the railing. >> reporter: the driver rushed to the hospital in extremely critical condition. his co-workers, family and friends showed up. they w wl figure out what caused this freak accident.
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maybe he lost control of the vehicle. maybe he had a heart attack. maybe he was hit by another vehicle. weweon't know yet. >> reporter: he's been upgrad to serious condition. tow trucks just arriving nearly six hours after the accident to re remove the garbage truck and other vehicles. we're following breaking news now out of the city of miami where police are on the scene of a double homicide. nbc 6 reporter marissa bag just arried there. what can you tell us about what is happening tonight? >> reporter: police are calling this a puzzle of an investigation at this point. they can confirm that two african-american women were found inside this duplex that you can see here behind me right around 7:15 this evening.
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northeast 75 stet. police don't know much. that's why they have had multlple crime scenes investigating. family of one of those women stard arriving on scene immediately fearing the worst. clearly upset. there were several gunshots heard and they are actively searching for a shooter or multiple shooters. police have not released the identities of those two women found dead but family says that one of them is 44-year-old shalonda lynn. they shared a picture. they said she was vibrant and a loving mother. they can't think of any reason why someone would try to hurt her. >> what i'm hearing from the neighbors it's always something going on. she could have been caught in a cross fire or anything. i've spoken with her since friday and she didn't indicate she was having any problems with anybody. >> repororr: we did see one woman in handcuffs being escorted i io a police car but
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this cri and not a suspect. no arrests have been made and police really hen't been a i believe to give us any kind of description on a possile suspect in this case. of course, they are asking the public for help on this one. if you have any information or heard the gunshots around 7:15 this evening, call crime stoppers in miami dade. the number is 305-471-t-tps. miami de police officers want to target the men who shot at teens. cops think several people approached them and began to shoot. a 15-year-old was shot while running away. is friend died. his body wasn't found by police until the next day. parents of the injured teen are searching for answers tonight. >> they want to handle matters into their own hand. he never gave them that job to
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it's up to god when he ready for us to me home and when he want us to lay down not the man that's holding the gun. >> the mother says her son is improving and hopes he will be okay. anyone with information can cl miami dade crime stoppers. an accused killer will stay in jail for the tragic death of a little 5-year-old. a judge ruled that 20-year-old cannot bond out of jail for a slew of chchges. cops say he was driving without as license and ruruing from police when he plowed into a 5-year-old jaden seen here and kept going. the impact killed the child. his family was in court heartbroken and upset at the driver's actions. >> took a 5-year-old from us. >> you need the guidance and the grace of god to tell you what to do and how to do it. a memorial continues tonight
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was kill and hundreds of condolences fill the family's facebook pages. police need your help finding a hit and run driver. police released a photo of a gray or silver four door vehicle of interest with connection to the crash. a $3,000 reward is being offered to find the driver. if you have information call broward county crime stoppers. bill clinton campaigning for his wife. attending a fund-raiser at an art gallery and earlier in the day he was stomping at riviera beach. george w. bush was campaigning for his brother jeb.
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help on the campaign trail in south carolina. former president george w. bush with choice words for donald trump. >> in my experience, the strongest person usually isn't the loudest one in the room. >> reporter: the billionaire dismissed jeb bush's @ampaign. >> his brother came today trying to make it better. i don't think it's going to happen. >> reporter: earlier a in the day trump repeated his attack aimed at another rival, ted cruz. >> he doesn't have the right to serve as president. he was born in canada. >> reporter: senator cruz dismissed trump and said the suitit was a sign of desperation. >> this is the most rattled i've seen him. >> reporter: hillary clinton focused on saturday's caucus but hopes to rebound of her loss to bernie sanders who she belies is only concerned with wall street.
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>r reporter: bernie sanders brushed off the charge and took his campaign to michigan. he said he met with families affected by the water crisis in flint. >> i've come from a meeting which was one of the more difficult meetings that i have ever attended. >> reporter: analysts believe the flint water crisis isn issue that resonates with african-american voters across the country. >> remember tomorrow is the deadline for anyone who hasn't registered to vote. florida will head to the polls on march 15th to select a party nominee. nbc 6 is everywhere. carolina. you can follow him on twitter for updates on the campaign trail. as washington prepares to
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scalia both parti are fighting over whether president obama has the right to appoint a nominee of his choosing. senate majority leade mitch mcconnell said he will not consider a nomination until the next president takes office. the white house says that a new u.s. supreme court judge to replace justice scalia will be nominated by the president after next week. m. the papel visit continues. pope francis third full day in mexico included a mass ad the city's sportscenter. the pontiff visited tens of thousands of followers. the pope made some public remarks and met with families who have children suffering for various illnesses or disability
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the pontiff took a quick took of the cathedral after finishing a luncheon with representatives. during his visit he authorized the use of indigenous languages. also top pope francis gave mass to the mexican indigenous community. hundreds of thousands of indigenous people traveling across the country for the mass. it included readings and songs. nbc 6 reporter laura rogzdriguez the traveling to cover the trip. another big move for the united states as we restore relations with cuba. a presidential administration has approved@ a u.s. factory on the island. the decision allows a two-mam
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the tractor plant in a special economic zone in cuba. nbc 6 caught up with the paper as they awaited for approval. they plan to sign an agreement wiwi cuba to restart commercial flights. the deal would allow u.s. airlines to bid on dozens of daily flights. that's five times more than the current number of charter flights. there has been no commercial air traffic between the natis since shortly after cuba's 1959 revolution. sad news from the university of miami. former president tad foote passed away. he was the fourth president and the nation's longest serving one at a private university with a 20-year tenure. he was replaced in 2001. he was 78 years old. a vigorous cold front is
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panhandle and into the peninsula. a dog went in for ememeency surgery and came out with a whole new problem. hear what one dog owner is claiming, coming up. then smash and grab. a group of thieves hit up five
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is on. >it's battle between a dog owner and a animal hospital. a pet owner claimed his pet was burned by a thermal blanket. some of the pictures could be graphic. we have the story all new tonight. >> reporter: meal sasha. the bulldog is in a lot of pain. her owner said she was burned.
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you can see all kind of things cocoing out from her skin. >> reporter: the owners took thiez graphic photos showing her severe injuries. >> her back got worse. she was losing hair by the touch. >> reporter: it all happened on january 14th. she was taken to plantation animal hospital for emergency surgery on her spleen. while thevet was able to help the dog. she came home with third degree burns from a heated blanket or bear hug. >> having to care for her almost 24/7. showering her, treating her. >> reporter: after seeing the pup in distress he got biopsy results confirming that the injuries werer the result of a ththmal burn. it's been expenseiveexpensive. he's set up a go fund me page to cover the cost of her injuries. it's cost almost $4,000. >> all of this is coming out of pocket. money that we really didn't have. we didn't think about not spending because we l ve her so much.
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is defending their actions and released this statement. the standards of care were met. in fact, our surgeon saved the dog's life. everything was done with the dog's best interest at heart. we've never experienced any issues with this method nor were there any signs of negligence. although they claim no wrong doing, he said he will keep fighting so this doesn't happen to anyone else's pet. >> our biggest concern is to prevent something like this from happening ever again. hialeah police trying to connect the dolls between five burglaries and the men behind them. cops say the same group of crooks may have targeted the cell phone stores earlier saturday morning in a series of smash and grabs. cameras captured the thieves busting through the glass. most of the stores are back up and running. at one store alone, that's
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a scary ride for a woman who somehow reversed her h hnda straight into her neighbor's garage. she claimed she was pullllg into her driveway when the car started ving. all of a sudden it traveled straight back, acrosshe street and crash landed in the garage. a neighbor heard what sounded like an explosion. he ran over when he saw the garage filled with smoke. >> i ran in there like g.i. joe. kicked the window in and dragged her out. >> he was so brave that he jumped in. he jumped in and kicked the wind shield out and got me out. >> she said she had small scrapes and bruises but will be fine. a tow truck has removed the car. more possible trouble for elliot spitzer as he's been investigated for an alleged assault. he resigned after a prostitutiti scandal is under investigation for assault.
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the nypd is investigating him for assault but not sexual. his spokesperson said there's no truth to the allegation. the woman is now headed back to p. we have some rain today here in south florida. right now no rain across the metro area. that will change tomorrow morning asas a front slides through south florida. it's been very win ahead of that front. wind gusts peaked at 37 miles an hour in ft. lauderdale. it's still gusting to about 30 miles an hour in many spotu. sustained winds anywhere from 15 to about 20 miles an hourand again gusts almost to 30. the winds are expected to continue to die down somewhat tonight and into tomorrow as this front approaches. our temperatures haven't changed all that much during the day and into this evening. they were in the mid-70s.
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it's still 74 in miami and ft. west. temperatures won't change that much tonight. they will change after the front moves through. the fact it rained today mns we ended a stretch of days without rain. the cold front moves through tomorrow and we'll begin a new stretch of rain free days which could extend inlo this up coming weekend. the front i'm talking about is this one here. it produced today a tornado as it slid through pensacola. there were other tornadic events earlier. we still have winin coming in from the southeast ahead of the front. once the frontnt moves through, the winds will be coming in from the north. that's when temperatures will cool down. it's not going to be a very colol air mass. we willotice drier air. much less humidity around as we'll see the clearing skies
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that will be late tomorrow. for the time being busy in northern florida. the's a tornado watch in effect. couple of severe thunderstorm warnings as the line moves into cross city there in north western florida. this is part of large weather system that encompasses a good portion of the eastern section including snow that's calling up to the canadian border. for us skies have been mostlyly cloudy. that's the way they were today. we expect them to remain that way throughout much of tonight and tomorrow until the front moves through with its rainnd things will start to clear out. let's look at the forecast in detail. for the next seven days really the only significant rain chan will be tomorrow. after that, a bunch of dry ays. let's look at tomorrow in detail so i can show you what to expect. 7:00 in the morning, most cloudy. winds veering to the south. here comes the rain and quickly sliding out. obviously, the front not nearly as active tomorrow as it is right now. when it slides through our area
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clear late in the day. we'll start off with 70 degrees. high of the day 82. clearing in the evening. the best chance of rain tomorrow, mid-morning. wednesday, thursday, partly to mostly sunny. friday, saturday and sunday, partly cloudy. i'm going to hold off on any rain chances. back to you. >> thank you. check this out right here. this is a stunning sight along the coast of palm beach. tens of thousands of sharps. it was shot after black tipped sharks failed show up with their florida migration on time. just showed up this weekend. scientists believe a strong el nino season and warming ocean temperatures may be to blame for their late arrival. while it may look scary, black tip sharks are relatively harmless. still aheaea why millionaire
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reaching out to the founder (donkey sound) (eleant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound)
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when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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kanye west in the heed lines again. he's asking facebook ceo to invest $1 bilon in his ideas. he made the twitter plea sunday morning after he revealing he's $53 million in debt. he's been putting tens of millions of dollars into his
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in an intervie last year he claimed his business put him 16 million in the red. music's biggest night. many of music's biggest names walked the d carpet before the show including taylor swift and selena gomez. british star adele walked the carpet even thouou her released album is not eligible for any awards. justin bieber was on the carpet with his 6-year-old boir. the 58th edition of the awards took place in los angeles. sports illustrated basicigniting social media. there will be a feature of trio of women with distinct body types. >> it was time to highlight that
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>> m each grace their own cover. they're very happy to be part of history. history it is. >> we're glad they are part of it. they're all beautiful. i have some sobering news on chris bosh. a little frightening with what's going on with him.
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florida break from the all the heat trade rumors. bosh pulled out for a calf strain. the team is concerned it might be much more than a calf strain. when bosh missed the second half of lastst season with a life threaten blood clot, it all arted in his calf. his agent said it's too soon to report this calf injury is a blood clot. he also didn't dny it. bosh said last summer the risk of a future blood clot is low. marlin's star pitcher experienced his first hockey game tonight. he was supposed to speak to the media. there's the press release that says so and then something
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i can't tell you what he would would have said without wanting 30 million dollar a year when he becomes a free agent in 2018. i can show you fernandez dropping the ck. yager, his 44th birthday. what would be tter than a win against his former @eam. got to step it up. chris for pittsburgh ties the game. tough break for the pahers. we go to overtime. so many big days. we go to a shoot out in sudden death. the panthers have the edge. now all they need is one stop. montoya got it.
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no surprise that he gets the space hoodie. the panthers in first place. have you seen the best dunker ever have wear blue jeans. he's a professional dunker. he turned the all-star game time out. he got the players attention. look at d. wade. in jeans. check out this guy. he's got ups. he's trying to get votedd into a college dunk contest as a dark horse dunker. you gotot to give him some love.
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that's unbeli i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that dodohat. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldndn believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share yourtory.
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all right. another hot day. >> no time for that. >> we're seeing inging showers. >> tomorrow morning. they'll end by midday. skies clear and the rest of f he week a dry. >> must
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on a plane back to cali, cali, cali i'm going back to cali >> for the "tonight show." i'm going back to cali, cali, cali i'm playing back to cali >> for the "tonight show." i'm going back to cali hostin' west coastin' laughing and taking the show on the road i'm back in town on the l.a. scene and this group is gonna get crazy i'll be telling jokes playing games with my guests singing songs and the roots will be jamming in new york it's snowing it's cold and icy sometimes you just tta get away the party never ends so tell your friends "the tonight show's" back in a. i'm going back to cali, cali, caci i'm going back to cali for the tonight show


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