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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the weather expected to play a part in your morning smut. a look at south florida's only live radar. tracking a string of storms coming from the golf course. i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. one minute past the top of the hour. let's get you over to meteorologist ryan phillips. pretty decent weather size tell moving from weststto east. >> we're watching the radar very carefefly. first and foremost, not much happening in the two-county area. we've had a few popup isolated showers. that will be thrule. west. the good news is we monitor the trends here, this entire system lifting offfto the east-northeast. i would saybroward county, northern broward county stands the best chance to see active weather as we get close to 7:00. a lot of this transitioning into palm beach county, on the front end of nasty weather.
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hold steady acrossssl greater alley. generally the most intense part ofofhis thunderstorm is staying north of i-75, lifting off to the east-northeast. we'll eventually get a better shot at we weather. there is a tornado watch in effect all night long here. now ithas been tripled back just to encompass northern beach county. we're watching the main event here which will be the line that extends off the southwest coast into the gulf waters. again, broward county at least initially starting at 7:00, all of south florida after 8:00. expecting wet weather initially. after we get through wet weather this morning, a beautiful afternoon, partly cloudy and 82. quick check on traffic with kelly. >> good tuesday morning south florida. thank you for joining us this morning. on i-95, no issue here in miami-dade. in broward county we have an accident i-95 northbound. but this is miami-dade around
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no issues making your way into the miami beach area or downtown miami. 836 where it meets the palmetto expressway, no issues here, but we have roadway debris on the 836 eastbound around 17th avenue. keep that in mind as you make your wear out the doofrmt we have one traffic alert this morning. that's southwest 7th street, exit ramp is still blocked off after that garbage truck plunged onto the i-95 southbound overpass. biscayne boulevard is the exit % you want to take, south on miami river onto brickell avenue and head towards 7th or 8th street. affic at the southwest 7th ramp completely shutdown, your alternates are southwest 17th avenue, brickell avenue or businessiscayne boulevard. >>bc 6 reporter julia bagg is live where that garbage truck
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that trauk has finally been moved out of there. tt doesn't mean there's not a huge mess left f crews to clean up this morning. >> reporter: definitely is still a mess. i want to show you something you haven't seen yet this morning. that's the pile of what looks like rocks here in front of the steps at jose marti park. when this garbage truck went flying off the exit ramp off i-95 tumbling down more than 100 feet ansmashing into two pieces, it also took pieces of the highway with it. let me show you something else. in the video you can see just how much this garbage truck came to the swing sets here at the park. incredibly nobodyon the ground was hurt. there were kids out here playing basketball. this is a very popular spot for teenagers. there were plenty of them out here this morning. they heard the initial crash when that truck smashed into some 50 feet of guard rail.
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right after they finisheded a basketball game bebew. >> we heard a loud noise and we thought it was a car crash. then we saw the garbage truck fall. >> the guy looked like he was dead. i `idn't think there was any chance he was alive or anything. >> the driver did survive that crash. he went to jackson memorial hospital. he's there this morning. he's still in serious condition. right now investigators are hoping they'll be able to get more information from him this morning. coming up in our next half hour, find out what else we're learning about what happened here. live in downtown miami, julia bag, nbc 6 news. julia, thank you so much. wewecontinue to follow that breaking news out of little havana thismorning. a missing child alert has been issued. we first told you about this story on our facebook page. you can share the girl's photo with your friends. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live in the neighborhood in little havana. michael, first off, do police
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>> reporter: yes, and we actually just spoke with the florida department of law enforcement. they say one of the criteria for a missing child al left is the possibility of danger. however, it's important to note an amber alert has not been sued. they tell us the criteria for that is there has to be a possible auction to issue an amber alert. right nowh officials are saying this is a missing child alert. 6-year-old ashley jade martinez last seen here in little havana, but no possible signs, according to this preliminary investigation, that this was an abduction. officials say she was last seen with 53-year-old lilly hatton. when we spoke to fdle on the phone a few minutes ago, they told us they could not confirm the relationship betweenhe 6-year-old and the 53-year-old woman. however, when we spoke to neighbors, they say it's possible this woman is the little girl's grandmother.
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limited about that relationship is wearing. we know 53-year-old lilly hatton was possibly seen in a blue floral dree. there's no vehicle description to pass along but possibly the danger. right now officials across the state of florida is asking anyone who has seen this little giwl or the woman she may be with to call police immediately. as y said before you talked to me here, we posted this on the nbc 6 facebook page. we encourage folks to check it out, to share it and hopefully spread the word and bring this little girl home. i'm working to find out more informamaon from miami police about the relationship and a possible vehicle description. check back with us in 30 minutes for an update for now, live in little hafvanahavana, michael spears, nbc 6 news. also breaking for yoy overnight, new pictures since you went to bed last night, waking up to this, showing the damage left behind after what
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ripped through the area. nearly 7,000 people as we speak are waking up with now power this morning. the hardest hit area they tell us about 40 miles north of pensacola. that twister destroyed ten homes and damaged quite a few others. luckily noserious injuries reported yet. this morning miami-dade poli officers want to find the men who targeted two teens in a deadly shooting. it happened near the train tracks of 73rd street and northwest 19th court. someone shot 15 dion fowell as he was running away. he had to undergo emergency surgery here. his friend, 16-year-old leonard wilker died. police didn't find his body until the next day. anyone with information on the shooting can call miami crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. the miami heat season could take a drastic turn and not in a good way.
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a look at why the health of chris bosh could be announced. a south florida dog owner looking for answers after taking his pooch in forreatment and coming out with a whole set of problems. the search continunu this morning for this missing 6-year-old little girl out of little havana. this is a look at the nbc 6 % facebook page where we've posted her photo, sheli and i have both posted her photo on our facebook pages as well. we ask you to share the picture
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6-year-old little girl. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it.
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take a look at the radar you'r waking up to this on tuesday. you can see a line of storms
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to east this morning on our first alert doppler radar, south florida's only live radar in the morning. you can also use our interactive maps on the nbc 6 news and weather app. you can zoom in to findnd out what's going to happen in your neighborhood. rogue showrs in northern broward county this morning. pretty dry outside of that. we'll have ryan's full forecast on what is headed in our direction, more specically, what is likely going to hit us between 7:00 and 11:00. ryan's forecast is three minutes away. on the political front, democrats rin sifting president obama's choicic to replace antonin scalia get an up or down vote. >> tracie potts is live on capitol hill. republicans say they're going to do everything they can to stop president obama from being the person to name that replacement. >> reporter: exactly, eric and sheli. but the white house is moving forward. a top democrat on the hill tells us the president has a short list of names he's looking at. they have more names to give him. the question now becomes will
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ever get a vote here. >> it's unprecedented. it's pure politics. >> reporter: from capitol hill -- >> it is wrong. it is not responsible. >> reporter: to the campaign trail. >> talk about coward es, talk about obstructionism. >> reporter: democrats are pushing back hard at republicans' refusal to give president obama's supreme court nominee aavote. >> let's have a hearing, hear from our constituents what they think and then vote, not say no vote at all skbl the people of this country should send a very clear message, that is not the way our constitution works. >> reporter: they point out anthony kennedy was confirmed by a democratic senate in president reagan's final year. >> the constitution does not include exemptions for election ars or for the president's last term in office. we're in an election year. so i'm not going to prevent that's not part of the atmospherics here. >> reporter: republican candidates insist the
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not be obama's choice? >> i think the new president should have that option. >> the practical implications are nil. it's all about politics. >> reporter: they argue even if an obama nominee skon firmed,d, it could be too late to have any impact this term. >> new overnight, posted on washingtonposcom, harry reid calls all this nakedly part san. he argues republicans are insulting americans by not bringing this to a vote. we're following it for you live from washington, tracie potts, nbc 6 news. >> nbc 6 is everywhere. political reporter steve litz traveling to south colina ahead of the state primary there. you can look for his live reports starting friday. you can also follow him on twitter for updates from the
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his handle,@steve nbc 6. >> as irk just ntioned, don't forget our live first alert dpler is available on the nbc 6 news and weather app. you can follow along with me at home. we have nasty storms across the area. a lot of this activity may clip broward county moving north into palm beach county. as we go through the morning hours, we'll continue to step down the severe weather threat. you can download the app and get push alerts whenever there's nasty weather moving through the area and check the forecast at any time. let's look at the radar, several thinin to identify, watching the storms move through interior south florida all night long. this cell in particular rigig along alligator alley. the southern extension of this, as the entire line moves to the north and the east, that's what
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anywhere from westin into coral springs. from northeast to southwest, there are no active watches or warnings here. we are free of advisories at this hour, watching the radar carefully here. these storms are about 15 miles or so off to the west of westin. tracking right along, but in this trajectory we can carry this into northwestern broward county as we get closer to the 7:00, 7:30 hour. across miami-dade,not much happening happening. our rain this morning will be pop-up in nature until we get the larger line moving through around 8:00. it's lingering now across collier county extending out into the gulf waters. please excuse the pop-upox that came into play. look at the lightning across interior south florida.
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park camera. moving closer towards the saw drooet grass expressway. mostly cloudy morning, warm and breezy. it will carry a lot of this activity. a lot of this heading into palm beach county. here is a better look at the secondary line that should come into 8:00. the severity will begin to decrease as we head through the morning hours. we'll bring through a shield of rain as we indicate into future radar, leading to 9:00, 10:00. we'll divide our day in two. we're staying weather aware, watching the radar. we move into the afternoon hours, sunnier skies and conditions up to about 82. we'll watch the dar carefully. you can watch the ray dan on the nbc 6 news an weather app. a beautiful afternoon takes shape after the lunch hour today, 82.
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thursday, sunny and mid 70s. here's traffic with kelly. the i-95 exit ramp at 7th street is still completely shut down after the garbage truck lost control and flew 100 feet onto the jose marti park. that exit ramp will be shut down for quite some time. let's take you over to our first alert traffic maps andhow you what you need to do. you can take biscayne boulevard on to brickell avenue and 7th street and 8th street. we do have an accident reported now on the 836 eastbound at northwest 72nd avenue. broward county, also a crash with one of your lanes blocked off on i-95 northbound and sunrise boulevard. thank youso much, kelly. it is one of the most watched stories on the nbc 6 news and weather app. a man claims his dog ended up
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surgery at an animal hospital. juan rodriguez says his bulldog sasha was burned by a heated hospital. he took her for emergency surgery on the spleen. while the vet was able to help the dog, he says sasha came home with third degree burns. >> > t swollen, losing hair by the touch. >> wow. rodriguez has set up a gofundme page to help cover the cost of sasha's injuries. so far he says it's going to cost him almost $4,000. plantation animal hospital says the standards of care were met when caring for sasha and have never experienced any issues with the surgical method used. not the way you want things to end up, a driver ends up in the wrong garage. nbc 6 is talking to the woman who crashed into her neighbor's home.
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child alert has been issued for 6-year-old ashley jade martin, last seen in the 200 block of 14th avenue. you'll he from her mom in just a few minutes. a lot of talk about this as well. we heard ryan tell us a lot about this. we're continuing to track the tlien of storms making its way across south florida. it's obviously going from west to east on its way to us. the storms and of course everything about them on our nbc 6 n ns and weather app. also our live first alert radar
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it was a real estate closing. this has quite a few twists to it. here is nbc 6's willard shepard with a preview. >> reporter: south florida is of course one ofthe top places in the country for real estate. lots of people wanto buy, represent and invest here. we found one deal where a closer@ look at the paperwork raised some red flags to an unlikely detective who put the clues together and went on a search for the truth. >> we didn't know. you never know what to expect with anyone in these situations. we were nervous. >> reporter: it's a story of a real estate deal that ends in an arre with a few twists along the way. we'll share the waysou can protect your property, too. the story tonight at 6:00. willard shepard, nbc 6 news. trade rumors have been circling around the miamam heat for the last couple weeks. all that is taking a bac seat because the team has something more serious to worry about right now, that is chris bosh's health.
6:25 am
big of a deal, but bosh abruptly pulled out of the all-star game this past weekend with a calf strain. now according to "the miami herald" the team is concerned it might be more than that. this is why they feel that way. when bosh missed the second half of last season with a life-threatening blood clot it actually started in his calf. his agent told the herald it's too soon tomorrow port if this calf injury is also a blood clot or not. they're just sort of silent right now. neither the heat nor bosh or any representative for either one have given us an offial comment on what's going on. checking the time for you, 6:26 on your tuesday morning. breaking right now the search for a missing 6-year-old girl. nbc 6's michael spears just talked to the mother. we'll turn that information around in about six minutes. we have posted information in the mean tim and the girl's' picture on our nbc 6 facebook page.
6:26 am
weather app to share it as well. sheli, watching the radar very closely here. watching one storm through broward coconty. no warnings on the cell as it moves to the east-northeast. get ready r rain into westin
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expressway in about 10 to 15 a busy tuesday morning in the nbc 6 newsroom. michael spears just spoke to the mother of a 6-year-old girl who has gone missing in little havana. >> and also kelly blanco telling you how to get around the traffic mess out there. you'll want a better route so
6:30 am
we're also following a very stormy beginning to your tuesday morning. ryan, it started on the western part of florida but moving towards us as we speak. >> one nasty cell we're watching in particular, moving along u.s. 27 in broward county north of i-75 that will take you to the lake. morning. we have no active watches or warnings in effect across the immediate metro area. the radar picture really lighting up. when we look at this twcounty area, in metro area in its entirety, extreme nohwestern broward county that we're starting to see the rain pressing along the sawgrass expressway. the core of the lightning and u.s. 27, low level and mid level rotation here. there are no warnings on this cell. really nasty. back here, at least south of i-75 across western broward county, there could be a little hail in here. watching this system move off t/ the east-northeast, the
6:31 am
nasty stuff across northwestern broward county into palm beach county. not much happening in the miami-dade. i don't expect much to kick up until later in the drive. a live look into ft. lauderdale, we're capturing the lightning. broward county u public schools back in session this morning. be sure the kids are safe at the bus stop this morning. we'll carry you into the forecast and go this way, line of storms, one cell in particular going into beach county. the mainline will catch up late thy are morning. good news is after we get through the morning drive, even by the lunch hour, conditions improve drastically. showers and ststms, some could be strong this morning. this afternoon partly cloloy and 82. another check on live first alert doppler in just minutes. it's getting busy out there.@ let's show you i-75 southbound around the golden glades
6:32 am
your typical morning tie-ups at 6:32 a.m. as you head from i-95 into the golden glades interchange. let's take you to our maps, i-95 northbound as you approach the ramp to 826 westbound, that's where we have a problem, an accident with injurs has that ramp completely shut down. after you pass northwest 151st street, tryinin to ramp on 826 or turnpike, that rampp is completely blocked off. another athe turn bike at caribbean boulevard. in broward county an accident off to the shoulder. you'll find it on i-95 northbound and sunrise boulevard. your time is 6:33. breaking right now out of little havana. police are hoping you have seen this little girl. she is 6 years old. nn 6 reporter michael spears is live in that neighborhood where this little girl was last seen. we've been following your twitter feed over the course of the last half hour or so and you posted a picture of you talking
6:33 am
little girl. what did she have to say about her disappearance? >> reporter: eric, she's in absolute shock right now. she says she has an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. her 6-year-old girl went missing from theihome. you can see her toys here. 6-year-old ashley jade martinez. the mother tells us this little girl is with her grandmother. so right now who officials across florida are looking for, a missing child alert was issued overnight f f her. the woman, 53-year-old lly hatton. as far as what happened, the mother tells us yesterday she went to a doctor's appointment and her mother was watching the 6-year-old. when she came home around 7:00 p.m., they were gone. i was told by the mother that they were here with her other children, that the 12-year-old son of the mother said they left in a taxi. of course, this mother, she said she's in shock. she's confused. she doesn't know what's going on. she went out to try to look for
6:34 am
according to her she spoke to her mother's boyfriend, she was said she was thinking about getting a bus ticket to new york. it's important to note t ts is a missing child alert, not an amber alert. fdle says there'sossible danger for the 6-year-old but they don't believe it was an abduction. we asked why would your mother take this little girl away from the home. there's been concerns about how strong willed the 6-year-old is and the mother had concern about the pareing. when we talked to the mother again, she is in absolute shock. take a listen. >> i just want my daughter back. i'm not saying my mom is going to harm her. as a mother, i'm worried. she's supposed to be with me. >> reporter: again, the motr telling us they left here in a taxi. she tells us miami police are
6:35 am
will be contacting the tax kpip company to see possibly whwhre they were going. the woman she is possibly with, grandmother 53-year-old lilly hatton. muchore ahead in the big 6. michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> michael, thank you for the new information. the cleanup continues after a garbage truck crashes through a guard rail, falling 100 feet and slammingg into the ground next to a park. julia, only the driver was hurt miraculously, because this was right next to a park. >> reporter: a park w(ere teens were hanging out yesterday afternoon. sheli, it is a mess of crumbled con crease scattered across jose marti park. whenen this garbage truck took a dive, it took chunks of the interstate with it, crashing down into asphalt. we know at least one hole it poked into one of the buildings at jose marti park. let me show you cell phone
6:36 am
you can see smoke rising in the moments after this garbage truck simply split in two when it smashed onto the ground. we're talking yards away from a playground here and from basketball courts where some eens had just finished shooting a game of hoops. they told us what they saw and what they heard. >> you see a truck falling, it's like in slow motion. it felt l lke it took so long to hit the floor. when it hit the floor, it was twice as loud as when it broke the railing. those teens told us they didn't think theriver was still alive after that crash. but he was. kaseem smith who was driving that city garbage truck, he was rushed to jackson memorial hospital. and that's where he is this morning and where investigators hope e get more information from him as to what happened here on this i-95 exit. stay with nbc 6. we'll be keeping an eye on the cleanupand the investigation, and we will bring you what we find out on your nbc 6 news and
6:37 am
we're live in downtown miami, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. julia, thank you so much. that accident causing some traffic nightmares. first alert trtrfic reporter kelly blanco back with more. what can you tell us about getting around this? >> that r578 ramp won't be opening any time soochblt you can take southwest 17th avenue, brickell avenue or biscayne boulevard as your alternate. if you want to head out biscayne boulevard, the downtown exit, you can go south across the miami river and on to brickell avenue to 7th street or 8th street. no word on when that ramp is going to be reopening. ckily you do have those alternates. you can follow me on twitter, @kellynbc6. also following breaking overnight news out of the florida panhandle where neighbors a dealing with the damage of what may have been a tornado. eric is at the breaking news desk with the latest. >> nearly 7,000 people waking up
6:38 am
several homes completely destroyed. take a look at some new pictures showing the damage after what appears to be a tornado that touched down inscambia county. the hardest hit area about 40 miles north of pensacola. about ten homes completely destroyed by that twister all the way down to the foundation. crews working through the night to try to restore power to homes and businesses. i mentioned 7,000 people waking up with no power. that's an improvement. at one point nearly 19,000 people were without power at the peak of that storm. take a look at this video as well showing emergency crews and volunteers pulling a woman from the deborrow of her home. this is many century. the crew spent hours trying to dig her out of the wreeage. they had no luck. then they formed a human chain to try to pull this unconscious woman free. looks like she's going to be okay. no word officially on her condition.
6:39 am
winter storm system heading across south florida. ryan fill lins has been watching since early this morning. luckily no serious injuries reported so far. we're waiting for the final call on the woman pulled unconscious from her home that was partially destroyed. crews for the national weather service will be out after the sun comes up and things calm down to survey the damage as guarantee us as to whether or not that was a tornado that hit there. good news coming for peele in the northeastern states who battled a freezing valente's day weekend. today. itwon't be all sunshine. this morning snow still cover parts of virginia. the state urging people to stay inside and avoid driving in these conditions. we're told there were 67 crashes last night in the richmond area. in misssippi several thunderstorms there, some people suspect tornadoes touched down forcing students at some schools to actually take cover.
6:40 am
yet to confirm that these were tornadoes that hit in these areas. so far only minor injuries have been report. nbc 6 making calls to find out how one woman is doing after she was shot. this is what we know so far. bso say it is woman and a plan were confronted by two men in a dark colored suv who tried to rob them. we're told one shot was fired. the woman was hit, she isisin the hospital. now. as i mentioned, we are making calls. as we get new information on her, of course, we'll be putting it on air right here and also using our nbc 6 news and weather app, we're always updating the most accurate informatioh there as well. this morning police investigating a double shootingg that happened in miami. two women were found dead in a duplex near northeast 75th street and miami court. we brought you this as breaking news late last night. police have not confirmed the
6:41 am
families say one is this woman, 44-year-old shalada lynn, sharing this photo with us. investigators are asking for the public's help. if you think you know anything that can help with anything, please call 305-471-tips. this morning police are looking for a missing 6-year-old. they're hoping you c help find her. ashley jade martinez was last seen with her grandmother. the girl's mom told us the womans that threatened to take the child before. coming up, the big six stories you need to know before you head out the door. impactsn the saw grass expressway. big time thunderstorms rumbling across broward county on live first alert doppler. gusty winds and a lot of lightning moving into coral springs and margate.
6:42 am
checking your completefirst alert traffic. from coral reef to tamiami, 14 minutes, moving 36 miles per hour. 826 from bird road to dolphin
6:43 am
and 826 eastbound from the big good morning, good morning, hello, my name is patricia rodriguez. good morning governor, counsel, and jim allen. good morning everyone. i think it's still the most important ththg we can do for any family in this state is to create an opportunity
6:44 am
i'm a single mother of three. i've been working for the seminole tribe for fteen years now. this company has given me the opportunity to provide for my chilen. how does it make you feel when you worry about whether this compact gets signed? if the compact isn't signed, then it does affect me tremendously because i would be out of a job. a month ago my sister passed away. she have children? how many? five. so are you taking care of them? yes. this compact not being signed would affect me and many people that have grown with me at this company. if would affect them immensely. jobs for florida.
6:45 am
already this morning at 6:46, quite a light show coming from the interior locations of south florida. this one thunderstorm which is very potent in nature, but at this hour, at this moment, with no severe weather warngs or watches here across the area, just wtching on live first alert doppler very heavy rain e encompassing broward county
6:46 am
i-95, turnpike extending down toward commercial. these yellow circles indicate mid level rotation. these storms have the potential for gsty winds here and also some exceptionally heavy rain that we're seeing right now in the westin area. the returns have always been high. we've had some mightyty mighty returns on these thunderstorms all morning long. heavy rain, gusty winds moming in. a lot of activity moving to the north into palm beach unty. this storm will weaken as we get through the morning hours. we'll slowly see our severe weaeaer threat decrease and do so in a hurry. it's only about 25% or so of the metro area seeing the wet weather this morning, across southern broward and all of miami-dade county,onditions
6:47 am
this is aa mainline. this is the line that we'll watch to put more wet weather across miami-dade county and the keys. that won't be until well after 8:00 this morning. broward county in the front end, here is a live look using our nova southeastern camera. you can see as daylight is breaking, lightning here across the metro area. again, browawa county schools back in session today. make sure your kids are safe on their way to school this morning as the showers sweep through. clomdy skies in miami-dade county with the radar looping er the last hour, showing the storms sweeping to the east. this will push quickly into the atlantic waters by the time we get t 20 past 7:00, one more line to creep on through as we head towards the mid morning hours. i'll tell you this afternoon it's going to end up beautiful after we get through rocky
6:48 am
rain ending before the lunch hour, then partly sunny and 82. cold front sweeps in and we've got lows for the next f f mornings into the lower 60s and highs into the mid 70s with lots of south florida sunshine, the rest of the workweek and into the upcoming weekend. good morning south florida, make sure to pack the rain gear as you make your way out the door and your patience as well.h we still have southwest 7th street ramp completely blocked off. you can take southwest 17th avenue, brickell avenue or biscayne boulevard as your alternates. we have a crash with injuries on i-95 northbound ramp to the 826 westbound. you won't be `ble to do so. we have an accident on the turnpike extension northbound at caribbean boulevard, your right lane blocked off causing delays as we can see from the first alert traffic maps and broward county i-95 northbound, the only
6:49 am
county here, a crash off to the shoulder at sunrise boulevard. a scary ride for a lauderhill woman who somehow reversed her car straight into hereighbor's garage. claudette campbell claims she was pulling into her driveway when the car just started revving. all of a sudden, the honda went straight back across the street and landed in the garage. a neighbor heard what sosoded like an explosion, ran over when he saw the garage filled with smoke. >> i ran in there like g.i. joe, kicked the door in, kicked the window in and dragged her out. >> he was so brave that he jumped in, ran, jumped in and kicked the windshield out and got me out. >> thank you to him. she just had small scrapes an bruises will be fine. a tow truck already. >> reporter: moved the car. today there's going to be a series of coast guard meetings an hearings. all of this will happen in
6:50 am
out answers as to why the el faro cargo ship sank. all 33 crew members that were on board didn't make it. ow the coast guard wants to address a whole lot of questions from their families, among them, whether misconduct, negligence or some shod safety inspections contributed in any way to what happened to that ship out at sea. pope francis looking forward to a busy day ahead as he wraps up hissisit to mexico. later this mornini the pope will visit a prison and hold a mass there as well. whi he was on this five-day visit to mexico, the holy father took time to meet with individual families. while listening to testinies at one of his spots, members of the crowd lifted a child in a wheelchair onto the stage. the pope then blessed that child which, as you can imagine from that huge crowd, was met with an
6:51 am
nbc 6 reporter laura rodriguez is traveling to cover the pontiff's trip. last fivedays. you can look for her live reports on page. 6. breaking news on the international front. russia firmly denying allegations it had anything to do with attacks on a hospital in syria. all this as the death toll rises followinglmultiple attacks on medical outposts. the u.n. says close to 50 people, and this does include children, died during yesterday's attack. this video right here is captured moments after one of the air strikes hits one of the hospitals. in total five hospitals were hit and two scscools. so the day is very quickly approaching florida's primary, less than a month away, march 15th. if you're hoping to vote, make sure you're registered to vote to begin with.
6:52 am
chan your party affiliation is today. a quick reminder here, florida is not an open primary state. that means you do have to pick a party before you vote. >> now the big six stories you needo know. >> please just notify pole and bring her back. i don't want my mom to get into trouble. she obviously needs some mental help, but i want my daughter back. >> the mother of a missing 6-year-old. ashley jade martinez was last seen in the 200 block of southwest 1th avenue. they believe the little girls with her grandmother. officials believe she could be in danger. if you see her or the woman she's with, 53-yeaold lilly hatton, you're asked to call police immediately. a garbage truck driver in serious condition after driving
6:53 am
the truck landed in a parking lot next to jose marti park. investigators still looking into what caused the crash. reports of a tornado in escambia county, part of a larger winter storm system moving across florida. ryan phillips has been tracking it closely. that storm knocked out power to nearly 19,000 homes. nbc 6 making calls to find out how one woman i doing after being shot. bso says two men in a dark suv tried to rob her before shooting her and driving away. president obama discussing nominating a replacement for the late justice antonin scalia.
6:54 am
annual gray awds. good morning to you, south florida. take a look at your screen. if you're headed out the door, we have an accident that will definitely affect your morning ride. this is at 826 westbound out of i-95 northbnd. you can see emergency crew, road rangers, tow trucks on scene, everything being rerouted. you'll have to continue on to the turnpike if you're making your way from i-95. the 826 ramp is completely shut down because of an accident with injuries. let's take you to our first alert traffic maps. we've been telling you about this since yesterday. southwest 7th street ramp is completely bloloed off because of the garbage truck incident. you can take 17th avenue, brickcll avenue or biscayne boulevard as your alternates. northbound and southbound lanes at griffin road, no major issues in broward county.
6:55 am
>> especially true in broward county on the dpront end of the wet weather. no active ththderstorm or tornado watches or warnings. right now nasty stormrm moving across broward county. the lightning intensity and frequency has decreased a little bit in the last ten minutes. very heavy rain and gusty winds moving along the saw grass expressway and 595. gusty winds the next half hour as the entire line sweeps quickly to the east. not going to be around for ng. if you can wait, hold off, let the showers move through. visibilities will improve drastically e. right now on the front end, 55 and the saw grass. nothing going on across miami-dade county. that will soon change. quick look outside into ft. lauderdale. stormy skies up above, we'll split the day in half with the wet weather on the front end of the day. by the time we get to the
6:56 am
that's what we're watch for to miami-dade. equal rain chances this morning, even by the lunch hour, it's gong to be much better. 82, partly sunny skies this afternoon. low humidity. quiet later in the day. the "today" show is next i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything juststhen i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i lp you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would haveexpected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning. winter wallop. nearly 50 million americans waking up to sloppy commute. a massive storm sweeping across at least 17 states, from north carolina to new england. a tornado outbreak across the south. a 94-year-old woman trapped inside her home. >> hallelujah! >> first responders and volunteers form a human chain to pull the woman from the debris. ultimatum. donald trump now threatening to sue ted cruz if the senator doesn't stop running attack ads. >> ted is an unstable guy.
7:00 am
that lies more than ted cruz. >> and trump doubles down on his attacks on the bush family as the former president hit it is trail for his brother. supreme battle. could the president name his nominee for the court as early as next week? there's a showdown between the successor for justice antonin scalia. triumphs, tributes and trip-ups. taylor swift comes away with a big award and possibly a message for kanye west. >> people will try to cut your success or takak credit for your accomplishments and fame. >> while adele's performance hits a sour note due to audio issues.


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