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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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made an emergency landing but no propt was damaged. the plane looks to be okay. there's no homes in that area. one lane on the road is still open at this time. it's not a busy area. they'll reopen that. the plane will stay there overnight. it will get towed at some point. here's a map. us 27 at pembroke road. we'll post any late breaking details on the nbc 6 news and weather app. live at the breaking news desk, adam kuperstein, nbc 6 news. tornado touchdown.
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twister i i pompano beach. >> you can see the destruction and the strong winds with trees. the surveillance video shows the minute the storm battered portions of miramar. >> we have extensive coverage. we begin with marissa bagg. >> reporter: the major damage comes in the form of businesses being out of money because they now. check out this auto shop, unsafe structure.e. they can't open back up until the roof is repaired. ceiling tiles and trash sit this piles where murray's auto parts store used to do business along dixie highway in pompano beach. >> took the roof off and the wind driven rain, merchandise
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building. >> reporter: the ef-1 tornado slammed the warehouse next door and ripped off the roof. >> totaldisaster for my business. nothing you can do about it. >> nothing at all. i just don't know what to say. >> reporter: many horses panicked and bolted eded out of their stalls. >> hoping they would not freak out or escape. >> i'm sure the horses are in shock. >> reporter: a few miles southeast along the intercoastal in ft. lauderdale, wild winds overturned boats and sunk others. people who were on the boats
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>> let's call 911 because we saw people in th water. >> reporter: the clean up well under way but some of it will take time like replacing be d, a and r blown you have from the goodyear blimp hangar. one of the horses at the horse park did get hurt. it got a gash on its side. it got some stitches and should be just fine. >> our live team coverage continues now with jamie who has more on the damage done in miami dade. >> reporter: electricity is a priority tonight. 85,000 people initially withoutut power. now the number is reduced to a little bit less than 2,000. the best number we can report is the number of injuries and that is zero.
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the most intense moments today. wip whipping winds and damage. >> right now we're waiting for it to all be cleaned up. >> reporter: tonight the sound of work trucks backing up. rakes and chain saws echo from street to treet as neighbors and homes pick up after mother nature's fury. the national weather service confirming northeast miami dade hit hard by a tornado. the highway sign spanning the southbound lane sheered off. >> which caus an accident between three vehicles, car and a tractor trailer. >> my kids were by the door and said it started raining and it was like pink lightning. the power went out and the wind started going. it was something, it sounded like train.
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roaring winds before sunrise. after sunset many still without power taking in the unexpected chaos. >> this is nuts. i didn't en, i didn't really see when this happened. i heard something. since it was still rainy and wind windy, you couldn't see outside. it's been there since 8:00. >> reporter: in other neighborhoods massive trees split or uprooted. >> we don't have power. there's part of a tree on the back of our house. >> reporter: as you can see fdl working hard to restore power to all of its customers. the city of north miami beach says it filled 20 dump trucks full of debris. days. thank you. a live look outside right now where things are a lot calmer.
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overnight hours? john joins us for that. >> not showing any rain now. we don't expect any rain for the next sever days. looks like the next chance for squall line might be a week from tonight. for the time being let's talk about tonight. you mentioned conditions being calm anan the rest of tonight despite some clouds, high clouds that are out there right now we're not expecting any rain. temperatures will drop from the upper 60s into the low 60s. these are seasonable temperatures. low humidity should be a delightful day with lots of sun. about the long term forecast, i'll have that in a few minutes. back to you. thank you. we've been flooded with pictures from our viewers out there. we compiled all of them and created a special gallery of today's images on our website and on the nbc 6 news and weather app. happening right now, messy
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lauderdale trying to fix a sewer main break. the city sass a 20-inch section of pipe is broken due to the repair work officials want you to avoid water activities like swimming, fishing or jet skiing. it affects a section of the new river between northwest 7th avenue and northwest 4th. the city is asking that drivers and pedestrians avoid the area or any standing wer at the site. police need your help finding the man caught on camera in the middle of a hollywood home burglary. video captured the suspect walk through the back patio and scope out the scene. after a few tries he shatters a glass door and gets inside. it's unclear if he stole anything. cops want you to take a good look at this video.
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long sleeve white shirt. the deal allows u.s. airlines as many as 110 flights day to the island nation. cuba now receives about 10 to 15 daily charter flights. resuming commercial passenger flights would be theh most important development in u.s. cuba trade since the restoration of diplomatic relations. flights are expected to begin operating by fall. p. tonight pope francis is back in mexico city preparing for his visit to the troubled town of juarez. he will speak to mexicans and catholics simultaneously. >> reporter: that mass will be broadcast simultanusly here at
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there will be a celebration with musicians playing for the thousands of people that will be gathered here at the sun bowl. the archbishop says although a border divides both countries they are one@ catholic community. pope francis concluded his fourth day in mexico accompanied by youth at stadium. more than 80,000 people from different parts of the country listened to his message about the right to live without drugs and violence. earlier in the day his holiness celebrated mass and rode in the pope mobile where he was given keys to the city. >> he's such a unifier and his message is one of hope and love that really resonates with us. >> reporter: andrea traveled to el paso from south florida to join dozens of women on a border pilgrimage. >> so easy for us to cross the
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and dococents. thinking about all the women who riskeded their lives to cross the border with their children and the people who have died in the desert. >> reporter: the sister cities are one catholic community. those who can't make it to bowl. >> i think he's going to openly ask everyone to just get out of your chair and be more human. p. >> reporter: right now you're looking at live images just so you can get a perspective of how close the two cities are. the event is called two nation, one faith. e mass will begin at 6:00 p.m. miami time. we'll be right here at the sun bowl tomorrow and bring you the very latest. comi up, nbc 6 goes out on
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>> out on the water with miami fire rescue. coming up an inside look at the new station 15 and what it manes for your safety. then lucky to be alive. hear from the family of man driving a garbage truck when it fell 100 feet off an i-95 ramp. we continue to follow breaking news of a small plane that's gone down in western broward county. this is south of pembroke road. two people on board but thono injuries. >> we do understand that one lane of traffic is getting by. you'ree taking a live look at the scene. this is in west broward county. nobody hurt in that plane or on the ground. we'll connue to follow this breaking news story.
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seconds andmens count for all first responders, but especially for this team. on land officials say miami fire rescue's response time is four to six minutes. on the water it's much longer. it could take t tm 10 to 20 minutes to get to an emergency. that's if the emergency is in miami because although they work ror the city, the water means this team has no boundaries. >> we have no jurisdiction on the water. we respond to where there's nene. >> reporter: on this day a call came in around 1:30 in the afternoon. an emergency miles away was report reported. arrival time was an estimated 40 minutes. before they got there they were told they were no longer needed. shortly after the stand down another call, a foot injury not far from station 15. >> aside from fires we deal with a lot of traumatic injury on the water.
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required to get these first responders out. they spend a lot of time patrolling. >> we @spend a lot of time out on the water making sure that we can get where we need to be. >> reporter: there's factors that challenge response time. >> where you're located in the territory, what kind ofther conditions you have to deal with and boat traffic. >> reporter: at night an extra problem, darkness. the miami skyline seems quite impressive but these bright lights are a problem for firsrs responders on the water. >> vessels that may be in front f us get lost in the background. >> reporter: like paramedics and firefighters who work land, these first responrs consider saving lives to be not only their duty but their purpose. that's why station 15 is so important to those on the frontnt line of possible water tragedy. the closer they are to their boat, the better shot they have at improving public safety. station 15 has only been in
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it got up and running just after the beginning of this year. those positions here say they saw the benefits to public safety rht away. we're seeing new video of the aftermath of a garbage truck driverer taking a death defying plunge. it shows him laying on the ground next to the mangled metal of what used to be a garbage truck. it crashed monday afternoon falling ten stories. it landed in jose park which would have been filled with children at the time if it had not been for a holiday. smith remains in the hospital in serious condition. family members say his survival is nothing short of a miracle. devastating. here.
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recording device that was damaged in the crash. investigators hope that a lab in california will be able to retrieve theh video. the rain long gone, so are the storms and of course the tornadoes. the surprising tornadoes here in south florida this morning. live first alert doppler not showing any precipitation. let's talk about the tornadoes, numerous reports of sightings and damage. now, thetornado did skip along so there were portions that were not as impacted as others. nevertheless, we're talking
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between 90 and 100 miles an hour. the other one in broward county touching down just to the west of the pompano beach air park and crossing the northern section of that airport near that goodyear blimp. further towards the northeast along a three mile path up to 200 yards wide and lifting up to lighthouse point. a discontinuous line of damage along that part of broward county earlier today. another possible tornado now might have occurred in davie. this one not confirmed yet by the national weather service. they haven't sent the survey team out. numerous reports of wind or wind damage or hail up to nickel size. much of this in southern broward and northern miami dade county. switching to current temperatures it's cooling down out there. we ve 70. all the way down to 64 at this
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the front starting to move away from us despite lingering clouds across south @florida. those upper level clouds won't yields any rain. you can expect the sun to be tomorrow. we're into a stretch now or about to begin a stretch of several days with no precipitation precipitation. the next rain chance, as you can see would be on tuesday. tuesday night of next week, looks busy. we could see another squall line like this. it's a long ways way and things could change between now and then. tomorrow, looking pretty nice. some high clouds around. here's your 7:00 a.m. look. we have a north to northwest wind. then the clouds mover out by 10:00 and noontime and we'll continue to sunny conditions throughouw the afternoon. tomorrow a dry day. no worries with rain. no worries with severe weather. look for high temperature again near 79 degrees. 76 thursday and friday. it will be brrzy both of those days.
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wednesday night into thursday early morning. a little bit on the chilly side. lows in the 60s. highs in 270s for the nec six days and the week right now looks to be dry. back to you. still ahead, the coats
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>> which pup if you're fighting with a relative or a friend now would be a good time to make up with them. it may be someone you know who will come forwardd tomorrow afternoon to claim their share of last month's record $1.58 billion powerball jackpot. one of the three wanning tickets was sold right here in florida at a publix in melbourne beach. the other winning tickets were sold in kra c andcalifornia and tennessee. take a look here. the toy company has created an e lek tri radioelectric radio flier. it can be charged in as little as three hours and tops out at six miles an hour. it comes in three available colors and two wheel styles. it's available in may. what do you think? you got two girls.
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rry girls. not happening. stick with the old wagon. chris bosh, we'll give you
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chris bosh's basketball
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he's dealing wi blood clots and back on blood thinners. there's chance he'll need to take another break from basketball. he missed 30 games last season because of a life threatening blood clot in his lungs. that started in his calf. there's concern this issue that was first reported by the calf strain is also more serious. the ap says he's not ruled out of return this season. the heat have a practice scheduled for tomorrow. the next game is friday. hopefully we'll know more about ts soon. wird birdman has played his final game for the heat. chris anderson headed to memphis. the heat sending out this thank you on social media. they know he will be missed. when he arrived in 2013, they had birdman fever. it was fan favorite for the little ones as the heat won the championship that season. the kiddressing like him.
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not that exciting. the heat sending two second round draft picks over to memphis. the miami hurricanes have had a taste of the college world series in omaha and now they want more. the baseball team holding its annual media day. last season they were only one of eight teams to make it. they only won one of their three games and got eliminated quick. >> this school isn't okay with just make it to omaha, we want to win. we have a sour taste in our mouth from how it ended. we want to get back there and win it there here. >> the marlins don't start spring training until the weekend so the guys getting warmed up with kick ball. kicking it with the fish.
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what a cool thing to do. america has a new favorite dog, cj the german short hairir pointer won best in show. the 3-year-old pup is the thrd dog in the breed to achieve the honor.
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tails fluffed and nails clipped. seven new breeds made their debut. they're all winners. they're all winners in my book. >> so cute. i love watchihi that. >> i do too. >> those are good looking dogs. >> they are. >> smart dogs. >> you'll be a nice looking weather man if you can bring us some good news tomorrow. >> there is good news. >> just like a dog. congrats. >> did you compare him to a dog? >> i didn't do that. >> singsx days of dry weather. it's going to be delightff, dog. >> well done. >> it doeses look good. you lucky dog you. >> isn't hhcute? >> have a great night. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests --
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ronda rousey, musical guest, pitbull, featuring robin thicke, joe perry, travis barker and the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 418! woo! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hey, everybody. welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. welcome, welcome, welcome. welcome to "the tonight showow this is it!


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