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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 17, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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more than 3,000 dog fweez names it be named best in show. "early today" starar right now. closing in on the south carolina primry, republicans push back against critics. in the late poll, the donald has a 12 point lead over sepnator ted cruz and jeb in a disappointing fourth place trailing marco rubio. president obama weighed in on the race and a direct shot at the frontrunner, donald trump. >> being president is a serious job. it's not hosting a talk show. or a reality show. it's not promotion, it's not marketing. it's hard. >> and this is what mr. trump reacted to when he was told of the president's remarks. >> reality show is not
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it's hard. that's from president obama. [ crowd boos] >> this man has done such a bad job and for him to say that is a great compliment. your arer lucky i didn't run last time when romney ran one-term president. >> but he soon turned his attention to fellow republican, ted cruz. >> ted cruz who i think is totally unfit be to president, but these are minor details. meanwhile in columbiaia south carolina, cruz had his own take on the job. >> you know, pple will be forgiven this lection season for thinking at times it seems like a bit of a circus. the time forames is over. we need a leader who's prepared to be commander in chief.
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when radical islamic terrorists wage jihad on the united states of america, the answer is not to tweet insults at them. >> and cruz pked up two big indorsements, kansas congressman tim, the medal of honor recipient recipient. veterans makeup over 12% of the population there. and for the democrats, both are fighting hard for the african-american vote. hillary clinton is aheadad of vermont sanders by 18 points, numbers clinton is hoping to keep security. on tuesday, she met with the leaders of the national urban league and sharpton said his decision is decided but under wraps. >> she's trying to ask whether
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you know and i'm not telling. >> later during a speech in harlem, clinton hit sanders again with a charge of being a single-issue candidate. >> it's not enough for your economic plan to be break up the banks. you also nee a serious planning to create jobs, especiallin places where unemployment remains doubly high. [ applause ] >> but there are signs of trouble in clinton's push as a top african american democrat in georgia said he would switch from clinton to sanders. siting t minimum wage and health care as reasons fo the shift. daughter of eric garner, who died by being put into a choke
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the late supreme court justice, ant nnonin scalia's funeral. and senate judiciary who's in charge of any confirmation hearing said in part quote i would wait until the nominee was made before i made any decisions but he's not open to a confirmation hearing. yesterday presidenobama charged them to rise above day to day politics. >> this will be the opportunity for senators to doheir job. your job doesn't stop until you're voted out or until your term expires. i intend to do my job between now and january 20th of 17, i expect them to do their job as well. >> nbc's tracie potts is live in washington as well. now we have president obama tatang direct aim at the republicans.
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sometimes we forget that he taught constitutional law. his argument that this is not a partisan issue, it's a constitutional issue. listen to his response to republicans arguing that a lateteerm president in his final year should not be nominating a justice to t t u.s. supreme court. >> there's no unwritten law that says that it can only be done on off years. that's not in the constitutional text. i'm amused when i hear people who claim to be strict interpreterase of the constitution reading in things that aren't there. >> reporter: republicans here and on the campaign trail have said they will block those hearings. you heard what chuck said just a few moments ago, that sound that
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although, he walked that back a bit. also, presidentntbama saying that he will nominate someone who sticks to the law, even if that person disagrees with his popotics. >> thank you so much for that. and happening overseas, tensions continue to mount in regards to north korea's missile ambitions. the u.s. flew over south korea today after north korea tested ballistic missile technology.. this comes in response to their latest missisi launch. defiance of the sanctions, pyongyang firing a long-range rocket with a e!rth observation satellite. they won't say how long the planes with il ss will be deployed in a region.
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court papers reveal that t ty failed to provide voluntary assistance to unlock the cell phone of syed faroo investigators are trying to find out who the shooters were communicating with and who may have helped plan and carry out the massacre. a rare moment of anger from pope francis during his visit to mexico tuesday. he lost his cool after a member of the crowd caused him to lose balance and fall on a man in the wheelchair. he said in spanish "don't be selfish." and he will hold a mass today in the violent border city of juarezjuare juarez. >> reporter: i think we'll hear the same message that's been consistent throughout his tour of mexico.
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one of help for immigrants along the boarder. there's going to be an interesting mix of theology a technology here later today. the pope will be able to hear and see the thousands as they watch and listen to his mass, which will be just a few miles away, across the boarder. still, for many this is as close as they can get to the pontiff. >> reporter: pope francis ends his tour in mexico with a mass later today in juarez. the five-day journey of hope in a country where it's desperately needed. >> he's reforming the church and i think he's absolutely wonderful. >> reporter: his message to hundreds of thousands who spilled into the streets, fields and arenas to listen has been focussed on compassion to
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eliminate the crime, conditions boarder. >> i hear a lot -- [ speaking spanish] if the pope goes, things are going to change. and i remind him the pope is not good and he's not going to change things immediately, but over time. >> reporter: he's going to preach his message to mill yngz ofyngz -- millions in juarez and in sun bowl stadium. a pontiff's historic visit. >> close to cit mexico is very emotional, being here. >> reporter: emotions effecting so many in separate countries bufrom a single faith. the faithful are expected to gather hours before the mass here at the sun bowl for songs and prayer celebrating the papal
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and here in el paso, i'm jay gray. back to you. well, from incredible video out of florida. a dash cam was rolling as a man ran straight into the path of a tornado. you can see the sheer force of the twister as tree limbs go flying through the air. and in rochestur, new york, hundreds of drivers got stuck on highways and local roads. nearly two@ feet of snow fell in some parts. and good morning to you, raphael. crazy weather. yeah, we had everything from that same storm system, the severe weather across the south and florida. much quitter todd. we look at the satellite and radar picture, our storm is gone and finally high pressure settling in across the east. temperatures in the 40s from boston to d.c.
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chicago, 29 and sunny there. and near 80 in miami. out west, 91 in phoenix. 74 in l.a. and we're tracking rain and mountain snow from the pacific northwest down to central california. soso it has been quiet, stormy at times return to the west tomorrow as well and we're chilly but dry in the northeast for your thursday. that's a look at your national weather, now here's aloser look at your day ahead. finally catching a break today in new york city, 42 sunshine, boston looking good as well, light snow showers across the great lakes down in the southeast, temperatures in the 60s and 70s. in miami. back to you, dara. >> thank you. one of the most bazar slow-speed chases ever. plus ultimate fighter, ronda rousy reveals her darkest thoughts if you're looking to save money on your
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there is a new top dog in town. c.j., a german short-haired pointer from california won best in show at the 140th westminster dog show last night. the 4-year-old beat the best of the best, including rumor has it the german shepherd having won over 100 previous competitions. and check out this police dash h cam video of a backhoe on the floridid keys seven-mile bridge. deputies were able to stop 59-year-old driver by throwing spike strips in front of the backhoe, slicing the tires. in oklahoma, the new bridge came crashing down tuesday. it was imploded one month after a brand new bridge was open in january.
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this morning on "today," 3,000 dogs from 12 different countries and all 50 states competing for top dog. today takes you behind the scenes that westminster dog show. and now to sports. college upsets. texas taking on west virginia in austin. the long horns manage to keep the lead. and 25th ranked baylor battled iowa state. baylor with the upset at home. and any idea what this guy earned last year as nfl
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roger goodelll earned just over $24 million in 2014 and that's down from the 24.2 million he earned in 2012. a sprinkler malfunction caused a delay in the olympic qualifng match. and 5-1 was w the victory. and talk about the dunk team has raised the bar. the seven-team memberfinish with a monster slam dunk that shatters the back board. talk about your show stopper. and just ahead, someone famous is getting a face lift just for the oscars. plus, the eagles of death metal make a triumphant performance in paris. do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer
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i think wewehould've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey,y,xcuse me, do you know where the waterfall is?
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since the paris attack. and they led a tribute to the victims. and there's a new family member in the new house gang, none otherhan donald trump. >> you see, donald, that's just it. if you really want to make america great again, you have to bring people together, not push them apart. >> look, duneledonald, we understand you're used to winning all the time and now that you're not, you're scaredednd confused. >> i know, you're right. what ever happened to predictability predictability. the milk man, paper boy. >> funny moments.
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leading the news on, florida team arrested for performing exam with fake doctor with own offices according to thorities. the 18-year-old even had his own website that offered holistic care. he was booked for practicing med medicine without a license. >> and cliven bundy must stay behind bars in oregon and referred to as the father of the rancher's resistens was an avid supporter of the occupation.
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leave before trial, he would most likely not return. and in montana, police received a 911 call from neighbors who heard loud screaming about someone having a gun. instead they found two adults and several kids watching the mid-season premier of amc 's zom be hit, "the walking dead." the academy h changed them to look more like the original 1929 model. they used a 3d printer for the new mold. and they say dogs are a man's best friend, this video shows a georgia vet sitting in a cage with gracie, an abandoned dog. the doctor was so worried she wouldn't eat that he got in the cage to eat his breakfast with her. in monday's winter storm
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stranded across the east coast but 60 students from american fork high school orchestra provided musical relief for weary travellers when they gave an imprumptue performance at regan airport and they made nearly $300 in tips during a 45 minute period. what a great way to share their gifts with people whoo are obviously frustrated. >> much better than the music they p pe over the system at the airports anyway. >> and a true performance. and the state of florida will announce one of three winners of the january 13th powerball jack bought. th will be receiving 1/3 of the $1.5 billion jackpot. and denise richards turns
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major league actress, reneeuruenee
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i'm dara brown. touching down in florida. cameras were rolling as two tornadoes destroy everyrying in their path. we will take you to some of the most damaged areas and showou the clean up that today still ahead. plus next up on the pope's tour of mexico, celebrating one mass for two nations, our team right there for today's historic moment. and this may be a real medical building, but the teenage doctor who set up inside is not. find out how that impostor was stopped in his tracks. and a good morning to you, everybody, your time right now 4:30.
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wednesday, february 17th. i think we can all use a break weather wise after yesterday. >> when we left there there wasn't any confirmation whether or not the weather we saw were tornadoes. ryan, we got confirmation two tornadoes touched down here. >> been here 11 years and two in a day, thatat quite significant here in south florida. give a lot of credit to the national weather service in miami for their quick response to assess the situation and make the determination that two tornadoes did come down. we'll talk more about the clean up efforts here. the great news here leading into into this afternoon and for the next few days beautiful, rain-free weather in south florida. nice wintertime pattern and it also will be con do you say sieve for those who unfortunately have to get out to clean up. dry conditions, no rain on-site. check the satellite and radar composite, there's no rain across the region. we have pesky clouds that will work through initially this morning. don't be thrown when you get up,


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