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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  February 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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wednesday, february 17th. i think we can all use a break weather wise after yesterday. >> when we left there there wasn't any confirmation whether or not the weather we saw were tornadoes. ryan, we got confirmation two tornadoes touched down here. >> been here 11 years and two in a day, thatat quite significant here in south florida. give a lot of credit to the national weather service in miami for their quick response to assess the situation and make the determination that two tornadoes did come down. we'll talk more about the clean up efforts here. the great news here leading into into this afternoon and for the next few days beautiful, rain-free weather in south florida. nice wintertime pattern and it also will be con do you say sieve for those who unfortunately have to get out to clean up. dry conditions, no rain on-site. check the satellite and radar composite, there's no rain across the region. we have pesky clouds that will work through initially this morning. don't be thrown when you get up,
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and the clouds are lingering, they will break as the morning goes on. this afternoon looks spread did.d. first alert forecast filled with sunshine. 64 with a few extra clouds on the morning commute, partly clouou to mostly sunny and a beautiful afternoon with highs in the mid 70s. first check on first alert traffic. >> good morning. we have a couple things to worry about. broward county has no accidents but we do have construction as you can see the flashing lights blocking that center lane, this is on i-95 southbound and griffith road. let's take you on over to the palmetto expressway, at northwest 36th street you have an accident here off to the right and then also on 826 southbound right at northwest 103rd street,hat's another accident scene locking one of your lanes as well. oth of these crashes don't need an alternate, traffic still getting by, they are both on the
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keep that in mind as you're making your way out the door. your time right now 4:32 on this wednesday. this morning south florida is cleaning up after two tornadoes swept through the area. we were just talking about this with ryan. we were right there with you covering all of this as it was happening yesterdayymorning. one touching down in pompano beach, the other landed in northeast miami-dade and that is where we find jia bagg with a closer look at the damage there. we're creepi up on 24 hours since all of this happened but still there is a lot to do to get it back to where it was 24 hours ago. >> reporter: really is, eric. this place just loks like a jungle here on 191st street, the strong winds snapping trees like tuition, like the giant bnch you see here, upside down, a,so splitting lamp posts along 191st street near noreast 14th avenue. there's three of them knocked down and one still on the ground here on the grass that you can see. now, let me show you some video
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these storms that for through south florida yesterday. one of them on dash cam video and this storm just toppled trees, knocked out power to people, leaving a mess, and this morning it means neighbors must have tience. >> there's part of a tree on the back of our house and the guy behind us his fence is in our yad. so it's a mess. >> reporter: now, have a look at this video, one of two ef-1 tornadoes bearing down on south florida, just shows you how fierce these storms were that we went through yesterday. now, coming up at 5:00 we will show you what else neighbors here are dealing with this morning. live in northeast miami-dade, julia baga, nbc 6 news. check out this video from broward where strong winds whipped around those trees and debris in this neighborhood, the video shows the minute the storm
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in pompano beach clear dash cam video of the twister sent in from a viewer as he was driving through the area trying to escape that storm. clean up continuing this morning after storms wept through causing damages to building and leaving thousands without power. ceiling tiles in piles at an auto parts store after a tornado slammed that store there. at a horse park horses panicked. along the intra doesel in florida strong winds turned over boats and sunk others. business owners are just glad no one was hurt. >> tota@ disaster for my business. nothing you can do about it. nothing at all. i'm -- i just don't know what to say. we were just lucky nobody was hurt. >> yeah, you are in a bit of a shock when you see that. clean up is well under way but some of it will take some time,
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the r grown off from the good year glimp hangar. a team from the faa is on their way to pembroke pines where a small plane took an emergency landing on the highway. it happpped on u.s. 27 rights at pembroke road right next to t everglades. this plane a single engine plane, had two people on board at the time. pembroke pines police say neerts person was injured so that's good but we're told the pilot radioed in about enge trouble he was having and found a safe spot to land. luckily no proporty was damaged in the process and no homes in that area, either, so everybody got very lucky with this one. the rd has since been reopened, the plane still there, but they say later today it will be towed away. messy workday ahead for crews in florida trying to fix a sewer main break. it happened on northwest 4th avenue. a 20 inch section is pipe is broken. because of the repair work crews want you to avoid water-related activity in the area, fishing,
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a section of the neww river between northwest 17th avenue and northwest 4th. the city is asking that drivers and walkers avoid that area, too. police are looking for a burglar in defield beach who went toe to toe with a door and won, but that door it did put up a good fight. watch as this guy kicks ahd punches the glass door of an antique store earlier in month. six minutes of what you're looking at here passed before he was able to finally pry the glass from the door frame. the man and his accomplice went in stole some paintings worth about 10,000 bucks and a computer as well. we have all of this on our nbc news and weather app so you can get a closer look at the people involved and what they went through to get in there. if you have any information about either one of these burglaries called broward county crime stoppers. herere is a live look from our first alert camera in downtown miami, the kaunl after the storm. >> ryan, it was such a different
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at that radar and it was lit up fferent colors and today a completely different radar. >> we are about to settle in a nice stretch of weather for the next couple days. a rain free forecast. no rain overnight a our roadways are drive first thing this morning. we will bring you up to date o" traffic in just a moment. the only problem we have or at let i have with the forecast is working through the extra cloud cover that's still streaming overhead across the southeastern gulf waters through the keys and south florida. clear skies. we will get back to afternoon sunshine through a really nice day. in the wake of the cold front which i will seehow you later temperatures are settling into the mid 60s. 68 right now in key west. it's mostly cloudy morning, your first alert forecast filled with sunshine this ternoon. that 78 spot on for where we should be at this time in
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back to traffic now. >> ryan, we have two accidents on the palmetto expressway and also construction going on. taking a look at yur drive in miami-dade first, this is 826 southbound as you're approaching northwest 103rd street. cars are getting by the left hand, but one right lane completely bloed off. we will take you -- no, we won't. this is i-95 at griffin road, these are your southbound lanes, we haveveonstruction blocking one of your lanes. on the southbound side no issues, but on the p pmetto expressway northbound you will find another crash in there. you have two southbound 826 crashes. >> all right. kelly, thank you so much. >t is 4:39. still ahead for you today, we've g a lot to talk about in terms of what is going to happen next. the pope is on his way to what is described as a very troubled
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pontiff is going to be addressing mexicans and u.s. catholicsthere. we are at the border right along with him. we will have a report there just minutes away. plus a new statue at key west it honors a part of@ history that textbooks often ignore. police say a local teenager posed as a doctor. find out how this it doegel looking great and stepping out with confidence includes having beautiful feet. my newest beauty routine secret starts in the shower. discover the latest innovation from amop\. the new pedi perfect wet & dry.
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welcome back. you're looking live at el paso, texas, right across the border from where the pope will give mass today. pope francis ends his historic trip to mexico for a service for more than a million people. thousands will fill a stadium to watch a simulcast of the mass. jay gray reports from el paso. >> reporter: pope francis ends his tour of mexico with a mass later today. a five day journey of hope in a country where i's desperately needed.
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i think he's absolutely wonderful. >> reporter: his message to hundreds of thousands who spilled into the streets, fields and after nast to listen has been focused on compassion for immigrants and a challenge to eliminate the economic conditions, crime and corruption forcing many acrcrs the border, but most agree changing thingss here will take some time. >> i hear a lot. [ speaking foreign language ] . if the pope goes things are going to change. i keep reminding them the pope is not god and he is not going to change things immediately, but over time. >> reporter: francis is expected to echo his message of persistent, faith and family to more than a million this afternoon and tens of thousands will gher here in sun bowl stadium connected by their faith and a two-way video feed. in a place where many can't go home for the pontiff's historic visit.
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years is very emotional. being here. >> reporter: emotions affecting so many in separate countries, but from a single faith. jay gray, nbc news, el paso. and keep it locked here on nbc 6. we will have a live report from jay in texas comg up in our next hour of news and watch for live reports fro nbc 6's laura tonight's mass. ahead of the south carolina primaries this saturday presidential candidates are gearing up for tonight's town hall debates. msnbc will be hosting specials with john kasich and trump, other candidates will be appearing over on cnn incncuding senators marco rubio and truz along with neurosurgeon broward county. hillary clinton heads to chicago today after trying to shore up support among black voters in new york. during a speech in harlfm clinton said if she becomes president she will make it her mission to fight racial inequality.
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flint is a reminder of other systemic issues facing minority communities and clinton didn't mention his name but basically implied bernie sanders is courting the african-american vote. sanders is also keeping busy while at a prayer breakfast in south carolina. his call to r rbuild the flint water system drew a standing ovation just two days ago sanders met with families during a visit to flint and actually said that their stories let to one of the most upsetting meetings he has ever held in his career. the vermont senator feeling confident and predicting he will, quote, surprise people on electionday. 4:45. a much quieter morning across south florida. wednesday morning starts off rain free with a few extra clouds but cooler temperatures and a wonderful forecast. we are going to tell you about great weather that starts to settle in today and hangs around
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finally quiet pattern, didn't have any shower activity overnight so our roadways are dry this morning. let's take a live look outside and go into miami right now with skies starting to can lear out here, a look towards the freedom tower, lights still on there. temperatures into the mid 60s right now into miami. notice the northwest wind drawing in slightly cooler and dryer air at the surface. winds won't be a big problem today. florida skies mostly cloudy the visibility just fine. no rain in sight. winds coming into out of the northwest that's a precursor to beautiful morning in south florida. as for the temperatures settling back and i still do believe that they will dial back another two, maybe three degrees in some locations, 63 in oakland park, not bad, 64 florida and pompano beach, 66 currently opa-locka, 64 homestead. how about 640s up state.
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we're talking midto upper 50s. really nice pattern settling in across the sunshine state, widen out here, there's our front tt is well off to our south and east across the atlantic east and high pressure spreading out over the pens l.a we will settle into several dry days. as for the clo cover i spoke of it starts to thin out quickly this morning, we ben up with a sunny afternoon. mostly clear skies, could see upper 50s inland tonight, tomorrow back into the mid 70s with a few passing clouds. i do think we remain dry. we clear out these clouds as we approach the midday hours, from the mid 60s this morning to the mid 70s for the lunch hour, 78 first alert forecast high and that comes with lots of sunshine and low shumdity. 61 tonight, upper 50s inland, m 70s will do it each and every day with lots of sunshine. here is a preview of your weekend, how about 76 on saturday, 75 on sunday.
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now on in after such a stormy day yesterday. here is kelly blanco with traffic. >> good morning, south florida. ththnk you for joining us. a couple of accidents to talk about in miami-dade. let'start off on the palmetto expressway southbound, you see those flashing lights, that a right lane that's blocked off because of a crh with injuries that happened roughly around an hour ago, this is approaching northwest 103rd street. it's one of your right lanes, the left lanes are getting by just fine. no issues northbound in in area. let's show you 826 northbound, you're taking a look at anonoer crash scene. you see this crash scene off to the right-hand side. at one point it was blocking three of your lanes now only that right lane, leftane is getting by just fine. in broward count we are accident free but we do have construction on i-95 northbound and southbound around sheridan street, a couple nes blocked off in each direction. this morning we're seeing
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that garbage truck driver taking a death defying plunge off of i-95 in mooi. cellphone video shows a stunned can seem smith. monday's crash left a gaping hole in a concrete a barrier along $95 as the truck plunged about 100 feet. smith right now still in the in serious condition. if you happen to shop at whole foods in west palm beach we have information you might want to know about, especially if you like your fancy cheese. the supermarket iss recalling the leaves. the recall is only for this particular store. the wholeoods in west palm beach. we have all the information that app. a federal judge has ruled that apple has to unblock the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters, saeed farouq and his wife were
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farouq's workplace last december. since then investigators have not been able to unlock the phone, now apple is beingg ordered to help get past the security. within the last few hours ple responded saying it plans to fight the order because it threatens the security of its customer. also apple's ceo tim cook says they don't have a back door to get into locked iphones and making one is too dangerous for privacy. u.s. stealth jets have been spotted in south korea. the military usually sends these high tech planes during times of tension with north korea. last month a b 52 bomber has sent after north korea's fourth test. sepp blatter appealing his ban. the soccer company's ethics committee suspended him for eight years, they said he was guilty of offering and accepting gifts. he says he expects his appeal will be denied and if it is he will take the matter to court. fifa trying to appeal the ban themselves and make it a life
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this morning police are searching for a missing newborn. this is why they're searching. orlando police were called out to an apartment complex on monday after people reported seeing a placenta and other remains that gave tem an indication that a baby had been born in that parking lot. several teams of dogs were immediately called out to try and find that missing baby butp nothing else was found. officers later determined the identity of the mother who admitted eventually that she did give birth to a baby girl. >> this morning key west has a new statue commemorating the city's vil war history. thee sculpture is called the forgotten soldier, it is dedicated to the african-american soldiers who served in the union during the civil war. people at the ceremony placed yellow carnations as the names of soldiers were read. you might want to be on your best behavior because you never know what's going to happen. last month's record powerball jackpot, a ticket told at a publix in melbourne beach matched the numbers so that
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comemeforward at some point today to grab his or her share of all that dough. two other tickets matched the numbers in the same bay way, they were sold in california and the other in tennessee. a south florida teen in big trole. police say he was posing as a doctor at an illegal medical office he ran. this story is unbelievable. this kid was actually able to do this. early this morning he posted bond and has been released from jail.l. michelle cass da reports on this real life doogie howser. >> reporter: it's a real medical building in west palm beach with real practices, but investigators say what isn't real is the teen doctor practicing behind this suite. >> i've heardof these things happening, but, you're right, i never thought it would happen in this building. >> dr. allen schultz is an oncologist on the same floor of the professional office building off north congress avenue. he says suite 303 was empty until a couple weeks ago. >> all of a sudden i saw the
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>> even the directly board at the medical did building says dr. malachi love-robinson has a ph.d. and other certifications. investigators say they worked off of a complaint and found that dr. love-robinson was practicing without a medical willness. >> he didn't answer the phone. the next thing i know somebody was showing me his picture if he's being arrested. >> malachi's grandfather still in disbelief about the accusations. >> did you see higoing every day to work thinking this is something legit. >> once he opened up the office and the practice, yes, i felt like it was something legit that was trying to do. >> to an outsider his alleged practice would appear legit. according to health, a site where patients can find local doctors love-robinson's profile says he specializes in natural athy, psychology and mental health. it also says he's 25 years olg. >> he has slipped and did
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that everybody pray for him. >> i mean, i guess you just assume at some point there is a system of checks and balances that would prevent something like that along the way from happening. >> he looks so young. >> incredible. that was michelle cass saada reporting for ushis morning. your time is 4:54. >> still ahead, behind bars for your debt, does it happen? that's happened wha pd to one man at least he says seven u.s. marshals unexpectedly showed up at his door. coming up on the nbc 6 news at 5, full house on "the tonight show," the cast reunite for a hilarious skit featuring none other than donald trump. 826 eastbound you have a nine minute ride ahead of us, 826 northbound moving along at 40 miles an hour. on the turnpike a ten minute commute. i am hoping for much better weather than yesterday.
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>> it's weather bob sag get would approve of. a great night, beautiful morning. temperatures sti falling. mostly clear skies and our stormy skies are out of here.
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next few days. if you are one of the estimated 40 million americans with student loan debt you're definitely going to want this. a houston man was saying he was arrested by a team of u.s. marshals without notice for a nearly 30-year-old student loan. janet shamlian has that story. >> reporter: like millions of americans paul acre has debt from college ans. last week u.s. marshals showed up at his houston areaome to help collect it. >> i went to my garage, opened the gawage door and walked up with my hands up. >> acre claims he was handcuffed
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$1500 loan from 1987, 29 years ago. >> surreal, i think it's so unrealistic that you can treat a citizen as if he is a drug dealer. >> court documentshow notices were sent to aker starting ten years ago and he acknowledges he does owe the money and he is not alone. student debt is skyrocketing. there's more t tan $1.2 trillion of it out there and more than 70% of bachelor degree grads will leave school with a student loan. aker says he was briefly put in a cell before being brought before a judge and collection lawyer, ordered to pay over time $a 5,700 for the loan which includes interest and another $1,300 for the u.s. marshals service. the u.s. marshals service says aker refused multiple arrest toss appear in court dating back to 2012. >> the people in debt out there shouldn't be afraid the u.s. rshals will come and kick their door down.
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was escalated by mr. aker himself. >> while not offering a specific number u.s. marshals says their service is used for others who have defaulted on very old students loansns student loans can feel like a prison sentence. janet shamlian, nbc news, houston. part of the reason there's such a big push to get rid of student loans, to free some of those people because it can be something that binds you. >> absolutely. yeah. >> he's not alone, like she said, there's so many people i i the same boat as him. the nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts right now. now at 5:00 clean up under way after tornadoes, two of them, ripped through south florida. julia bagg shows us at least some of the devastation left behind. >> pope francis on his last leg of his journey to mexico, today he makes his way to the border with the u.s. ouruream on the ground to bring you the highlights of his historic visit. a south florida man accused
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own mother appears before a judge, our cameras as he learned his punishment. and a good morning to you, everybody, your time 5:00. >> it is wednesday, february 17th and we are waking up to clear skies, quite a change from yesterday morning when violent storms ripped through south florida but not today. >> a huge change today. ryan, afte so many hours yesterday of looking at that radar all lit up all crazy and now to look at it low key this morning kind of nice. >> we will settle back into that february weather that we know and love here in south florida. after a rocky day yesterday we were able to clear out late in the aftereron and now this morning roadways are dry, skies relatively cloudy, but we are rain free and we will keep it that way for the next severalal days. my only problem with the forecast being the cloud cover, i do think we will send that out, satellite revealing of course the mid and high level clouds streaming across south florida. these clouds are not producing any rain.
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way down into the southeastern gulf waters here. we will take a look tahir in the last six to 12 hours across the region. there is excessivivloud cover moving over right now, this will be in and out probably before we get to sunrise and we will focus on mostly sunny conditions through the afternoon. 63 into fort lauderdale and oakland park, down a degree in miami at 65, feels nice with that northwest wind. it keeps pumping in that dryer slightly cooler air. even though we are mostly cloudy this morning we thin clouds out. up to 75 by 11:00 a.m. today's first alert forecast high 78 with mostly sunny skies. let's get to traffic here i i kelly. good morning to you, south florida. we have a couple of accides on the palmetto expressway so let's get to those first. what are you doing, ryan? you are on the 826 southbound and northbound, two crashes. the first one we start off northbound -- hey. all right. atorthwest 36th street. there you go.


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