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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  February 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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way down into the southeastern gulf waters here. we will take a look tahir in the last six to 12 hours across the region. there is excessivivloud cover moving over right now, this will be in and out probably before we get to sunrise and we will focus on mostly sunny conditions through the afternoon. 63 into fort lauderdale and oakland park, down a degree in miami at 65, feels nice with that northwest wind. it keeps pumping in that dryer slightly cooler air. even though we are mostly cloudy this morning we thin clouds out. up to 75 by 11:00 a.m. today's first alert forecast high 78 with mostly sunny skies. let's get to traffic here i i kelly. good morning to you, south florida. we have a couple of accides on the palmetto expressway so let's get to those first. what are you doing, ryan? you are on the 826 southbound and northbound, two crashes. the first one we start off northbound -- hey. all right. atorthwest 36th street. there you go.
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northbound where you have a right lane completely blocked off. this is on the palmetto expressway. we're all i can wag up together as you can tell. this is 826 at northwest 103rd street, you see the flashing lights. here is where had a couple lanes blocked off now that right lane is blocked off. these two accidents could have been a problem this morning because threeanes were blocked off in each direction but now it's just to the right-hand side. in broward county we are accident free, but you can see only one lane is getting by. this was right at i-95 southbound, griffin road. northbound no i wish yus, no delays, but keep that in mind you have construction going on blocking all of your lanes except for one at 5:02. this should last until 5:30. several communities are cleaning you have after two tornadoes reeked havoc across south florida. this was in miramar, thth surveillance video shows you
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in that deb hood. julia bagg is live in northeast miami-dade. when you talk to these people they are in shock, everything was standing, everything was normal 24 hours before that. >> reporter: and, shelly, many of them tell me this took about 50 seconds for so much damage to happen. there's practically not a tree of damage and there's still a lot of work to do as you can see branches hanging down here, there is still a lot in precarious places. this is from a woman who lives here off of 191st street and 14th avenue. that is the lake behind her house. it looks like it's the ocean with those waves going. now, let me show you some dash cam video as well. incredibly catching one of those tornadoes that was sweeping through here, one of two ef-1 tornadoes that touched down yesterday afternoon and what 're hearing from a lot of neighbors in northeast
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simply surprised them. >> my kids were by the door and they said it stard raining and suddenly it was like pink lightning, just like it got kind of quiet, really rainy and that's when the power went out and then the wind just started going and it was just something -- it sounded like a train. >> reporter: and clean up will resume this morning. let me give you another look live out here for the mess still left. there were lots of wood chippers going along this street yesterday after the storm, you can count on more of that after daylight this morning. coming up inur next half hour we will share with you jusus how many people are still in the dark in south florida after these storms. liven northeast miami-dade, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. this morning several people in fort lauderdale are homeless after the storm sunk their houseboats. this video capturing yesterday's severe weather, it leftft a trail of damage in south florida. here we see a boat being taken away by the strong winds, nearby chopper 6 over the scene where
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still inside. fortunately help came and everyone is expect to be okay. today pope francis will celebrate mass in a troubled border town in mexico but across the border in texas thousands will be filling the sun bowl stadium to watch a simulcast of that service. we sent laura rodriguez to el paso for that historic event. >> reporter: pope francis concluded his fourth day in mexico accompanied by youth at a stadium. more than 80,000 people from different parts of the country listened to his message about the right to live without drugs and violence. earlier in the day his holiness celebrated mass and headed to a cathedral where he was given keys to the city. >> he is such a union firere and his message is one of hope and love that really resonates with us. >> reporter: andrea traveledto el paso from south florida to join dozens of women on a border
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solidarity with migrants is expected to be a key theme during the pope's f fal stop. >> it is so easy for us to cross the bridgeecause we have a passport and documents but thinking about all the women who risk their lives cross the border with their children, all the people who have died in the desert. >> reporter: the bishop of el paso says the city cities are one catholic community. those who can't make it to mexico can celebrate at the sun bowl and watch a broadcast at the mass. >> i think he's going to explicitly and openly ask everyone to, you know, just get out of your chair and be more human. >> reporter: you are now taking a look at the lights over in mexico juststo you can get some perspective of how close both cities are. the event at the sun bowl is titled two nations, one face, and the mass will begin at 6:00 p.m. miami time. we will bring you the very latest. reporting from el paso, texas, laura rodriguez.
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laura rodriguez live in el paso, texas, ahead of that mass starting today at 5:00 p.m. you can alwaa follow her on twitter for the latest updates as well. her handle on twitter is @laura nbc 6. plus need your help this morning, they want to find the man seen on camera breaking into a hollywood home. you can see the man walk through the back patio, he scopes out the home, after a few tries he eventually shatters a glass door and actually makes his way inside. you can see this camera angle here. it's not clear if he stole anything, but cops want you to take a good look at this video, the burglar was wearing a distinctive long sleeve white shirt with a red and purple design around the lower half. if you have any information on this crime you can call broward county crime stoppers at 954-493-tips. punishment for a man accusus of a horrific and floody valentine's day crime.. pedestrian dough mesa will stay in jail for the alleged murder of his mom nancy.
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their home. detectives responded to that scene after neighbors were reporting that a naked man was beating a woman in the front yard. police say that they found a knife handle in the front yard and the blade was still stuck in nancy' chest. republican candidates working to get support ahead of t south carolina primaries, our political team in washington keeping a close eyee on the race for the white house. and a health concern is shaking up the miami heat and once again it centers on chris born. a check on temperatures temperatures dropping into the lower to mid 60s, pleasant morning across the area, south florida sunshine coming back and storms are out of the forecast.
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wil welcome back. it i i 5:11 on wednesday morning. south carolina's republican primary is three days away and this morning gop candidates are battling it out trying to get support from voters along the way on the campaign trail. tracie potts tracking all of that from washington, d.c. >> i continue to bieve mr. trump will not be president. >> presedent obama on the republican front runner. >> it's not hosting a talk show or a reality show. it's hard. >> trump's response. >> this man has done such a bad job, he set up back so far and for him to say that actually is a great complement.
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our survey monkey national poll south carolina. let's go. >> he's got twice as much support as ted cruz who is marco rubio. >> this election has to be about making a difference. >> on the other hand jeb bush a distant fourth in palmetto state polls. >> i will be a commander in chief not an agitator in chief. >> he insists no matter where he finishes south carolina is not the end of his campaign. >> a fourth place finish on saturday night are we still going to nevada? >> i'll be there. >> broward county and john kasich are also hoping for a strong finish in south carolina. >> this is important state for us. >> this weekend's primary could further narrow what was once a crowded field of 17 republicans now down to six and counting. >> and don't forget nevada's demoatic caucus also this weekend although there is not a lot of polling out of nevada. the outcome there, it's anyone's guess. in washington i'm tracie potts, nbc 6 news.
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for late justice antonin scalia, his body will lie in repose at the u. supreme court on friday, the funeral will be held over the weekended on saturday at the basilica at the national shrine of the immaculate conception. his chair now has a black wool blannt draped over it. that's a tradition digs dating ba to the 19th century. president obama scoffed at republican's suggestions that the process should be paused until a new administration takes office. >> there's no unwritten law that says that it can only be done on off years. that's not in the constittional text. i'm amused when i hear people who claim to be strict interpreters of the constitution suddenly readadg into it. >> all right. so president obama then vowed to nominate a supreme court justice who o is, quote, indisputably qualified for that seat.
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at the age of 79. now the united states and cuba are restoring relations many companies want to bring their business to the island. this is why today and tomorrow representatives from both countries will meet in washington to talk abouou regulations and the challenges. for the first time in 50 years aao american commercial airliners will start flying to cuba. the deal allows as many as 110 flights a day. cuba right now receives 10 to 15 daily charter flights from the u.s. u.s. airlines still have to apply for permission to fly specific routes before they sell tickets to cuba. resuming commercial passenger flights would be the most important development in u.s./cuba frayed. flights are expected to begin by fall. as we approach 5:15 we have dry conditions all across south florida down through the south
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by the way, with the rain yesterday we had anywhere from 1 to 2 inches. of course, twoornadoes touching down and all the wind damage we had taking center stage. we picked up a lot of rain in the process, but we're rain free now and we start off on a dry note and beautiful forecast here not just for today but the next several days. school back in session for both unties now, we will take you to the bus stop first and foremost, looking it the temperatures into the lower and mid 60s. sunrise now at 6:55. temperatures as they settle back into the lower 60s we will have a few extra clouds around this morning but then the clouds break, sunshine takes over and it will be a marvelous day. live look out towds the aaa, biscayne bay into downtown we have temperatures into the 60s with mostly cloudy skies with the visibility just fine. we can put away our umbrellas. for some of you in the next few important you may want a light jacket earlylyn at least.
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beach 65 opa-locka ana 65 through miami-dade county. we break through the cloud cover and bring in the sunshine temperatures will warm quickly. it will be a fairly dry atmosphere. into the upper 70s today, with low humidity it will feel real nice. fast forward into tonight and then into thursday morning we're talking 50s for lows across a good portion of south florida. it's going to feel real nice, we will get back to the sunshine and some pleasant february weather. can't wheat t mostly cloudy skies early this morning, transitioning to mostly sunny skies, 75. what a great day to have lunch outside, 78 into the afternoon hours, mayben the warm side in terms of looking at that number, but that's actually exactly where we should be here into the middle of february. finally we get back to the beach, too, low rip current risk, lots of sunshine, temperatures on the beach up to 77. there's yo low tonight of 61 with mostly clear skies. we're dry far the next several days and, well, any big cool snaps coming our way? no.
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position as one of the best locations in the nation. san francisco is h hlding on at 65, sunshine returning for us mid to upper 70s for the next few days. friday is going to be great, lows in the morning at aboul 60, highs at 74, then mid 70s through the upcoming weekend with lots of sunshine. 5:17 back to traffic with kelly. >> hope your morning is off to a good start. right now taking look at the palmetto expressway, this is northbound, this is where we had an accident that was blocking three of your lanes, now we can see it's finally off to the right-hand side not causing too much of a troubled commute this morning. that's 826 northbound, on 826 southbound around the ea of northwest 103 rt street we had another accident scene and that has cleared up. no issues as you're making your way northbound toward i-75. ths is where we had that accident scene, it's no longer there. broward county you are accident free, however, we had some construction on i-95 southbound and northbound att sheridan street and just around that same
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tractor-trailer blocking one of your rate lanes. the u.s. surgeon general is in flint in morning, yesterday he had held a meeting to hear how people who live in the area are being affected by the water crisis. the doctor says more needs to be done. the cdc also working with local leaders there to give aid. chris bosh could end up back on the sidelines. this is the same thing that causededhim to miss 30 games last season. the heat do have a practice today and a game friday as well so hopefully before then we'll get some good news about bosh. well, a man facing charges this morning for taking deputies on an unusual chase. stick with me here. investigators say carl blanik stole a backhoefrom a construction site and took it for a joyride across the seven mile bridge in monroe county. this is dash cam. video.
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bridge for an hour and a half before ty managed to flatten the tires with a spike strip. blanik bumped boulders on the road. he is being treated in the hospital. >> not to he thinks am the fact that the thing was dragging on the ground the entire time making sparks all along the seven mile bridge. where were you going? incredible. still a whole lot more ahead ror you. fighting fires from the water. nbc 6 taking you on board miami's floating fire station as emergency crews work to keep you
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plus blast from the past, welcome ack, your time 5:22. the city of miami has a new fire station, a little different than what you're used to seeing, thi one is floating in the middle of the bay. it's signed to respond to emergencies faster because it can zip across the water. the new station 15 on bayside is home to miami fire rescue's marine operations. this new station will better their response times for water emergencies but that's not all. although they work for the city they have no jurisdiction specifically on the water meaning they are going to
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some people love to shop until they drop,ut which fashion retailers are america's favorite? more tan 5700 consumers were surveyed for an annual satisfaction and loyalty report. coming out on top was nordstrom for the fourth straight year, marshals moved up five spots to number two, h & m tied for the number three shop with ross, dress for less rounding out the top five kohls and macy's. it was a "full house" on "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallen. >> we're jimmy fallen fans so we think that this is really funny. we think k hat you might as well. "the tonight show" staged a "full house" reunion with the entire cast of "full house," but they is it have a special guest stand in for -- they had somebody stand in for michelle because michelle she couldn't be there last night. >> so of course jimmy fallen you see him there dressed up as presidential hopeful donald
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michelle tanner. and for thwse familiar with the show you will notice that the set looks exactly like the room made famous by the olsen twins. >> soo the skit features the cast of "full house," there's bob saget trying to comfortmichelle slash donald trump who is sad because he might not get the republican nomination. >> how rude. [ inaudible ]. >> i just love donald trump. >> i know. donald trump. look at uncle joey. uncle joey, does uncle joey really know what's going on? i'm not so sure that he es. if you want the watch the whole thing you can head over to our nbc 6 news and weather app and we have the whole skit is there. >> does the poster on the wall, it's donald trump?
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it's just really funny. 5:24. much more ahead on our next half hour of news. pope francis getting ready to visit the u.s./mexico border. our team season o the grounu for the last minute preps. also the american band that
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now at 5:5: tornadoes touched down in south florida leaving a chaotic scene behind. we are lve from one of the most damaged areas showing you how the clean upstill ahead. also an emergency in the air forces a plane to land on a south florida highway. what we have learned overnight about that. plus crews working overnight to repair a sewer main break that flooded a south florida neighborhood. good morning, everybody. your time 530 i'm eric harryman. >> we are waking up to a much calmer morning in can a comparison to yesterday when violent weather came through. >> ryan, 24 hours ago we were looking at radar that looks completely than than what we're looking at behind you there. >> as we look at the middlef the workweek and the rest of the workweek and into the weekend it
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that is a rain free radar picture. sweeping clear, we will keep it that way. nice pattern setting up. overnight we have had a few extra clouds still in place, not producing any rain. we will thin these out as we get deeper into the morning hours and thing on more sunshine. clouds passing on by, encompassing broward county and miami-dade but at 5:30 still have an hour and a half to go before we bring the sun up. once we get the clouds through it will be a nice morning. live look down into miami right now. we arereat 63 fort lauderdale, 65 in miami, 68 key west. it will be a steady climb into the mid 70s tay, but with low humidity, north winds, it will be a great day top to bottom. extra clouds in the morning drive but we are dry. 64 to start, 78 this afternoon with mostly sunny skies. here is kelly with traffic. >> good wednesdsd morning. thank you for joining us as you're making your way out this morning. taking look at your drive the palmetto expressway looking nice
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northwest 122nd street northbound lanes toward i-75 things looking good as well. we did are a crash on the sound bound lanes that has cleared out of the way. broward county you are accident free. this is not a crash, it's a broken down tractor-trailer blocking your right lane on i-95 northbound right as you are approaching sheridan street. this is the only incident we have in broward county. don't forget you can follow me on twitter @kelly nbc 6 i will posting traffic update all morning long. we will talk about construction and give you drive times in a couple minutes. clean up continuing this morning almost 24 hours after storms swept through causing damage to buildings and leaving thousands of people without power in broward at the height of the weather event. in pompano beach ceiling tires and trash sit in piles at an auto parts store after an ef-1 tornado slammed the warehouse.


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