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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  February 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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northwest 122nd street northbound lanes toward i-75 things looking good as well. we did are a crash on the sound bound lanes that has cleared out of the way. broward county you are accident free. this is not a crash, it's a broken down tractor-trailer blocking your right lane on i-95 northbound right as you are approaching sheridan street. this is the only incident we have in broward county. don't forget you can follow me on twitter @kelly nbc 6 i will posting traffic update all morning long. we will talk about construction and give you drive times in a couple minutes. clean up continuing this morning almost 24 hours after storms swept through causing damage to buildings and leaving thousands of people without power in broward at the height of the weather event. in pompano beach ceiling tires and trash sit in piles at an auto parts store after an ef-1 tornado slammed the warehouse.
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and bolted out of their stalls. along the interoastal in fort lauderdale strong winds turned over boats and actually sunk others. business owners are glad that no one was hurt. >> total disaster for my business. >> and nothing you can do about it. >> nothing at all. i just don't know what to say. we were just lucky nobody was hurt. >> clean up well under way but some of it will take some time like we're probably seeing some of the letters at the good year blimp barn. the violent weather left some damage behind in northeast miami-dade and that is where we find nbc 6 reporter juliaiaagg with a look at the damage there. people will wake up this morning and just continue cleaning. >> reperter: shelly, still so much todo here. we've moved a block east on 191st street. we've seen a lot of the train damage, there's also damage to this bridge wall here. this is where a palm tree fell
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you can see what's left. so some work to do here. let me show you what things looked like when we first got to this neighborhood after those storms it was a complete mess. it felt like an obstacle course really with trees down in the middle of the street and police having to direct traffic. there are a lot of people who live here, a lot of apartment buildingsgs in this section and trees were torn like tuition from these storms that blew through here leaving people who live here simply stunned. >> that's exactly how it sounded and you didn't have any time. >> i almost died. i almost cried in there. >> reporter: now, a lot of people still without power this morning after the fury of those storms. some 137 homes and businesses in broward, another 751 right here in miami-dade. so back out here live coming up in our next half hour we will show you more of the damage because there's just so much of it here.
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miami-dade, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. thank you so much. we will talk to you again at 6:00 this mornini, but we definitely were not the only ones dealing with crazy weathehe over the last 24 hours. people in parts of pennsylvania and new jersey as well cleaning up this morning after severe storms rolled through those areas as well. the storms that hit south florida yesterday were just part of a much bigger system that passed through th east coast. in philadelphia five homes under construction actually collapsed completely and just over the state line in new jersey the heavy winds brought down two billboards pretty quickly, too. trees also came crashing down including this one at landed on top of two cars, luckily nobody was injured. we help keep you safe on air and online. in the hours following the storms we kept you updated through video and pictures and that is thanks to you at home for sending those videos and pictures. you can see them anytime in our storm galleryn the nbc 6 news and weather app. messy work for today ahead
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trying to fix a sewer main break. it happened at the riegel trace apartments, this is near 5th street and northwest 4th avenue. the city says that a 20 inch section of pipe is broken and because the repair work is going on crews want you to avoid water-related activities in that area, no swimming, no fishing, no jet skiing while they try to get a handle on what's going on there. the advisory affects a section of the new river behind the broward center forhe performing arts between northwest 7th avenue and northwest 4th. the city is asking that drivers and walkers also try to avoid that area. here is live look at el paso, texas, right across the border from where the pope will give mass for more than a today. paso. as we can imagine sun life stadium holds a lot of people. there are a lot of anticipation. this really is going to be a historic event for tens of thousands of people. >> reporter: eric, you are
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shelly, good morning to you as well. there is going to be a unique mix of technology and theology here at sun bowl stadidi. the hope will be able to see and hear the tens of thousands that ll fill this stadium and they will be able to of course watch and listen to his mass through a simulcast he. tens of thousands expected to be here. this stadium will hold about 50,000. it's only a few miles from the border, but this for many is as close as they can get to the pontiff. pope francis ends his tour of mexico with a mass later today in juarez, a five-day journey of hope in a country where its desperately needed. >> he is a life changing hope. he is reforming the church and i think he is absolutely wonderful. >> reporter: his message to hundreds of thousands who spilled into the streets, fields and arenas to listen has been focused on compassion for
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eliminate the economic conditions, crime and corruption forcing many across the border, but most agree changing things here will take some time. >> i hear a lot. [ speaking foreign language ] if the pope goes thingsre going to change. i keep reminding them the pope is not god and his not going to change things immediately, but over time. >> reporter: francis is expected to echo his message of persistence, faith and family to more than a million thisis afternoon in juarez and tens of thousands who will gather here inun bowl stadium. in a place where many can't go home for the pontiff's historic visit. >> i'm in el paso, close to see mexico which i haven't seen in 20 years is very emotional, you know, being here. >> reporter: emotions affecting so many in separate countries, but from a single faith. >> you know, the faithful expected to gather here long
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joining in singing and prayers celebrating the papal visit. that's the visit live in el paso, i'm jay gray. your time is 5:37. police are looking for a burglar in deerfield beach who went toe to toe with a door and won, but that being said the door did definitely put up a good fight. take a look at this. watch as this guy kicks and punches the glass door o o an antiques store earlier this month. six minutes passed of him doing this before he was able to finally pry the glass from the door frame. the guy and his accomplice went in, stole two paintings worth about $10,000 plus a computer that was inside as well. we have more of what you're seeing right here on the nbc of news and weather app so you can get a better look at the people who were involved here. if you've got any information on these burglars you are asked to call the broward county crime stoppers line. this morning police are searcrcng for a missing newborn. orlando police were called out to an apartment complex this week after people reported
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behind in the parking lot. several teams of dogs were called out to try to find the missing baby but nothing else was found. officerer did find the mother and apparently she admitted to giving birth to a baby girl. there's still a lot more ahead on this wednesday morning. investigators right now working to figure out what caused a wild crash involving a garbage truck causing it and the driver to plunge about 100 feet to the ground. it goes without saying yesterday's morning commute was quite a bear. this morning so much better. we are dry first and foremost. mostly cloudy skies and some slightly cooler readings, 64, so you can peel the sunroof back, put down the windows. beautiful afternoon lies ahead, dry conditions all the way through. first alert temperatures into the middle and upper 70s. we'll definitely take that. if you're headed out the door on the palmetto expressway you have a ten minute drive ahead of you.
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just yet.@ 55 miles per hour. and on the turnpike northbound a ten minute drive with traffic
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a federal judge has ruled that apple has to unlock the iphone belonging to the san bernardino shooter. say yeed farouq and his wife were responsible for killing 14 people at his workplace in california last december. since then investigators have not been able unlock the phone belong to go farouq. now apple being ordered to help them get back the security. in the last few hours apple responded saying it plans to fight the order because it threatens th security of their customers. the ceo said they don't have a back door to get into phones and making one is too dangerous for privacy. i want to show you something you don't see every day. a plane marked in the median of u.s. 27.
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police say this plane made an emergency landing last night and this morning federer investigators will be on hand to figure out what went wrong. the gooddews here, the two people who were on board were not hurt according to police but talk about a terrifying experience. police y the pilot radioed in engine trouble, then made this landing where we are south of pem broem road, u.s. 27. firefighters were called out to plug a fuel leak and had to close down traffic while they did so. overnight lanes did reopen until about 15 minutesgo when police pulled up and they are blocking the left lane south of pem broem road. as far as when this will be cleared up we're told this plane will be towed away later this moment. michael spears, nbc 6 news. the eagles of death metal performing a concert in paris we should say once again that's because their last show was raided by islamic extremists adds part of that much larger coordinated attack that happened
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last night concert goers had to go through three different security check points before they could get into the venue and take their spot. this time they tell us that that concert went off without a hitch. >> u.s. stealth jets have been spotted in south korea. the military usually sends the high tech planes during times tension with north korea. last month a nuclear capable b 52 bomber was sent after north korea's fourth nuclear test. sepp blatter fifa's former president we're talking about international soccer back at headquarters appealing his ban. the soccer company's ethics committee suspended him for eit years because of what he allegedly did. the committee says that he is guilty of offering or accepting gifts and we're talking about high dollar amounts here. blatter says he expects his appeal will be denied and if it he will take the matter to court. fifa is trying to appeal the ban
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instead. just about 5:46 wednesday morning. hope your day is off to a great start. we have a few clouds up above but we are dry, going to keep it dry for the in ex few days. many of you using the advantage we have of live first alert doppler on the nbc 6 news and weather app to stay ahead of the storms yesterday. even as we move into a quiet weather period you can still check your local forecast at that time and you will get traffic updates. no rain on the radar. mostly clear skies. right now looking into miami skies have been mostly cloudy, visibility just fine. again, the emphasis here on dry, quiet weather. we are severe clear for the next few days. drop off at the bus stop with a few extra clouds, readings at 63 to 66, but a mild and bright afternoon and that comes with low humidity as skies transition to mostly sunny, 75 to 78. all right. here we go into the hourly
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lower to mid 60s, temperatures still falling i imagine some of these temperatures will come back at us degree or two cooler. heading into the 6:00 a.m. hour, we will say 68 key west and marathon. 63 in fort lauderdale. across the state how about some 40s and 50s up the road. even tampa, veer rowbeach, orlando right around 50 degrees, not bad at all. we're hanging on into the mid 60s. going to be a nice pattern. we will get through this cloud cover, not producing any rain, just mid and high level clouds streaming on by. our front well off to the south and high pressure building in and just sprawling out over the florida peninsula for the next several days. we get through our clouds, future tracker tries to turns the winds just a hint to the northeast tomorrow which may bring in a few extra clouds, i don't think we will see any showers diving back into the f_recast, i think it may be several days before that happens. extra cloud cover this morning then a quick climb to the mid 70s this afternoon, upper 70s
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is pretty much on the money for normal temperatures at this point in february anyway. clear skies, though, tonight and for most of the metro area we will look for a low of 61 degrees, but i think out west easily some upper 50s by the time we kick off our thursday mornin tomorrow what a great day, mid 70s, 76, mostly sunny and mild. next several days much the same, no one complaining about a pattern like this. mid 70s, low humidity. the mornings rather delightl into the lower 60s and highs into the mid 70s. fa forward through the weekend which you don't want to do that but i think we will be looking for mostly cloudy skies on monday. our next chance for rain still a week away now. first alert forecast by the middle of next week with temperatures back into the low 80s. a nice stretch of weather. let's see how the drive is shaping up. >> as you're making your way out the door in broward county no accidents, but we still have a broken down tractor-trailer here off to the right-hand side blocking that right lane as you
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getting by the left lanes without an issue. this is northbound at sheridan street. keep that in mind as you're making your way out the door. thing else to worry about on your main roads in broward county. if you're headed out the door that southwest 7th street ramp from that garbage truck accident still completely blocked off. your alternate southwest 17th avenue, brickel avenue or biscayne boulevard. we will let you know as soon as in a ramp opens back up but it's not going to be today. >> on 595 eastbound flamingo road you have an 8 minute drive ahead of you. the saw grass expressway a 9 minute commute. just about ten minutes to the top of the hour right now. this morning we're seeing new video of the aftermath of that garbage truck driver that took a death defying plunge off of i-95 in miami down about 100 feet off that overpass. cellphone video showing a stunned driver lying on the ground next to t mangled metal that was his truck.
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in the concrete barrier along i-95 as that t tck plunged about ten stories or about 100 feet. smith remains in the hospital as of this morning in serious condition. a lake land woman who was live streaming herself driving drunk using the app periscope is not going to be getting any jail time. >> i am drunk on south florida avenue because i'm a drunk person. >> because i'm a drunk person. it's a story we actually covered back in october of last year. whitney beall was sentenced to 12 months on probation, for six of those months her license will be suspended. she was arrested after she broadcast herself driving home drunk following a night of bar hopping in downtown lake land with some friends. two of her periscope viewers called 911 right away and reported what she was doing. police say that they found her driving with a flat front tire.
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whole foods in west palm beach we do have information you miht want to know about. the supermarket is recalling the peccorino aged cheese in walnut leavesn they say they're recalling that cheese because it might cause food poisoning. that recall is only for that one whole foods store in west palm beach. we have a whole lot more information if you me to recap for you on our nbc 6 news and wlp app. a mother's baby monitor saved the baby's life because of that monitor her eight week premature baby had underdeveloped lungs so for peace of mind the woman bought a baby mon store and that tracks vitals, breathing and alerts parentsf anything goes wrong. >> i heard like this -- almost like a really loud like alarm go off. so i flipped on the light and pick him up and he has chunks of formula in his nose so he is not brthing, i'm freaking out. i get the nasal aspirating and
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i'm crying, he's crying. >> thanks to that monitor that baby you saw is baby and healthy today. your time is 8 minutes to the top of the hour. still ahead, a south florida teenager in pretty serious trouble, accused of playing a dangerous game. what police say he did thatat landed him behind bars. and then coming up on the nbc 6 6 news at 6:00, these dogs
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a south florida teenager bonded out of jail just a few minutes ago or so after police say he was posting as a doctor at an illegal medical office that he was running. this real life doogie howser essentially 18-year-old malachi love-robinson had a medical office in west palm beach with real patients. his name even appeared on the directory board at the medical building as dr. love-robinson with a ph.d. and other certifications. investigators say he worked off a complaint which is when they found that dr. love-robinson was license. >> you uld sigh him going in his coat every day to work thinking that this is something legit -- >> well, once he oped up the office and the practice, yes, i felt lik it was something legit that he was trying to do. >> according to a site where patients can find
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profile says h specializes in natural pathy and psychology and mental health. it also says he's 25 years old. this morning key west has a new statue comment rating the city's civil war history. the sculpture is called the forgotten soldier and it's dedicated to the african-american soldiers who served in the union at the civil war. the names of the soldiers were read. you might want to be on your best behavior with your loved ones, this reallylygoes for sort of all the time, but especially right now because of course you remember last month's record powerball jackpot worth nearly $1.6 blion. a ticket sold at a publix in melbourne beach matched all of those numbers. that ticketolder expected to come forward later today for his or her share of l that cash. two other tickets also matched the numbers, th were sold in california and tennessee.
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it is. it could be your uncle. family member. >> you are now my best friend. 5:56. news. twister touched down in south florida, cameras roll as tornadoes destroy everything in their path. we will take you to some of those damaged areas showing you the clean up. plus a very unusual police chase unfolds in the keys famous seven mile bridge as a suspect evades police and he did it in a backhoe. > eric, 5:57. beautiful start to our morning ander, yes, a quieter start to our day. live look at miami. chchk k t the temperatures, cooling off into the lower to
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a delightful forecast f you. i don't know what i'm dog. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work.
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can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it aming right? i never would have expected would have thought at anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn'telieve it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story..
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6:00 now and, oh, boy, what a difference a day makes. take a look at this. after two tornadoes ripped through two counties, south florida left to clean up a huge mess. >> this morning we are getting a clearer look at the damage in miami-dade and broward county. good morning to you. happy wednesday, i'm sheli muniz. >> and i'm eririharryman. your tii is 6:00 on this wednesday, february 17th. take a look at this, a live look over downtown miami and our first alert doppler radar this morning, south florida's only live radar. >> at this time yesterday we were talking about storms rolling in, but today nbc 6 meteorologist ryan fill flips says we're talking about sunshine. >> finally making a return to quieter weather, we were
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thunderstorms yesterday on our first alert doppler radar as well as the free mobile app. the radar pattern no matter where you're looking on air or online it's clear this morning and ourkies will be clear as we get into the morning cloud. just some extra clouds streaming overhead extending from the bms across south florida down to the keys. no rain being produced from these clds. we will thin them out. still have about an hour in the dark to go. then once the sun comes up we will work on breaking skoo is into mostly sunny conditions. 62 pompano beach. through the overnight hours dipping down into the lower to mid 60s. 65 opa-locka, 64 miami. i mentioned the extra clouds around this morning but we're dry. we'll thin those clouds out out your first alert forecast a warmer day, mid 70s by the murch hour, today's high 78, low humidity a lot more sunsne coming our way. we will look ahead to the weekend forecast in just a bit. good wednesday morning, south florida.


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