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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  February 17, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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florida breaking news. take a look at this. chopper 6 up over the breaking news happening rht now. you're looking at a pool here. this is where a person was injured in a chemical explosion. this is what we know so far. this is in a community pool in san sebastian boulevard in indian place. this is new so weir still getting update. that person is being airlifted to broward medical center and may have lost a couple of fingers. well be updating the nbc 6 news and weather app with new information, as well. pope francis departing mexico city for the last day of his visit, schedule in northern mexico includes a visitito a juarez prison and a stop at a texas border at a moment when immigration is a hot issue for the u.s. presidential campaign. thanks for joining us this midday, i'm shelli muniz.
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in el paso, texas, will be watching closely. that's where we have laura rodriguez. you've been following the pope's visit every step of the way. what can you tell ? the pope will be sending a special blessing and a special greeting at everyone gathered at the sun bowl. that message will be captured on the jumbotron. the doors here don't open until 12:00 p.m. mountain time, but the pope is well on his wayay to ciudad juarez, as you mentioned. e will be miles from el paso and you can see juarez on the other side of t`e highway. he's such a unifier and his message is one of hope and love that really resonates with us. >> i think he's going to explicitly and openly ask
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>> reporter: pope francis boarded a plane in mexico city and this morning he greeted dozens of people anxious to get a glimpse of him. he'@ll arrive in ciudad juarez at noon eastern time and be welcomed by the bishop and he'll ride a popemobile to cereso prison which was a symbol of gang power. he will end the day in ciudad juarez where he ic to talk about solidarity with migrants and before the mass begins, the pope is expected to walk to the edge of the rio grande and on the other side of that river will be dozens of people, hundreds of people, many of them undocumented migrants and he's expected to give them a special blessingg and a special prayer. stay with nbc 6. we'll be back at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 with the very latest from this historic papal visit.
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>> this is video of the pontiff trending now on the nbc 6 news and weather app. as of this midday it shows pope francis losing his cool a little bit and mind you, all of it was for a very good reason. continue to watch the video here. as the pontiff was greeting a crowd, a young man tugging at the pope's arms so hard that it caused the pope to fall on top of a disabled man who was also in the crowd. the moment was caught on live tv and you can see pope francis' reaction and he looked down and reprimanded that man telling him not to be so selfish. you can look for more reports on the air and media as she continues to follow the pope's visit before he heads back to rome and stay up-to-date on the nbc 6 facebook page and following laura on her twitter account and her handle on twitter is @lauranbc6. a third tornado touched down during yesterday's severe storm.
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pompano beach, a driver's's personal dash cam showing the storm that is being blamed for a trl of destruction and really, what a difference a day makes. a live look over miami showing a much clearer picture than what we saw yesterday. sunny and rain-free is the theme this lunch hour. meteorologist ryan phillips joining us with the first-alert forecast. hello. >> we'll keep that trend going sheli over the next few days and nice to see the sun b bk here across the area and a live look across mia and we'll tell you about some drama that happened there in just a few minute, but sunshine is back. we're moving in the right direction and temperatures into the low 70s with light winds and skies up above. to start off with a cloudy note in the two-county area and we're continuing with the clouds through the keys and a split pattern now with the clouds in place around the florida keys and we have a few showers flirting with the island chain and this will continue for the next few hours and we'll slowly push the clouds out.
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severe weather in the cards for us, and now sunshine, we're back up to 707 after the morning lows were closer to 60 this morning and 73 in fort lauderdale and 73 in miami. your first-alert forecast, mostly sunny and a light wind and humidity down and rain is up and rain-free. highs about 78 and on the money for where we belong. as a matter of fact, rain chances are out and we've got a mild or dry forecast to take you through the rest of the workweek on into the upcoming weekend and we'll detail that for you and my complete first-alert forecast, right now, eric, back to you. >> the calmer conditions for today making it a whole lot easier for the cleanup efforts to continue this midday. take a look at that, it will take a while and ceiling tiles after an ef-1 tornado slammed into those houses. a horse pack, ponies panicked bolted right out of their stalls
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like toys and around the intercoastal in fort lauderdale and pretty strong winds turned over some boats and sunk others completely. mother nature doing a good amount of damage in miami-dade and that's where another tornado touchdown, we do have confirmation as of this midday that we had three tornadoes and nbc 6 reporter julia bagg is live in north miami beach and it will take a while before everything is back to normal. they've got a lot of cleanup to do. >> reporter: it sure will take a while, erik and it is busy, but from the ground to the treetops here, they are definitely making progress. chain saws and cherry pickers working overtime to clean tornado-tossed tree limbs while crews cart the mesa, way. >> we are exhausted and it's getting done. it's gettingdone. >> the oven is back on at roasters an toasters on miami gardens drive.
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power and he had to stop working. >> we don't have power. we can't do nothing. >> reporter: parts of miami beach are still in the dark. generators are keeping lights on and things going at harvey rienstein's house. >> we've been without power since it started yesterday morning. it started with ef-1 force tornado winds fouling through northeast miami-dade. that's exactly how it sounded and you didn't have any time. >> i almost died. i almost cried in there. >> reporter: stunned neighbors are grateful no one was seriously hurt and they're thankful for good weather to help put things back together. >> reporter: now i just checked in with the city of north miami bea and they tell me the power should be back on on this street by 1:00 this afternoon. live in north miami beach, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. >> thank you. >> many of you sent us your storm pictures throughout the day yesterday. i want to thank you for that because that provides perspective for viewers at home and we have all of them featured
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and weather app. >> a scare at miami international airport this morning when a plane was forced to make a pretty tricky landing. kelly blanco live in the newsroom. >> reporter: that's right. a plane experiencing mechanical problem his to make an emergency landing at miami international airport this morning as crews rushed the runway 27l to meet the plane. a few tire appeared to be blown out, but overall the pilot was able to land the aircraft safely. airport officials tweeting shortly after the landing, quote, on the ground safe and sound. nnother flights were affected and everything is on schehele now. but as a precaution, of course, police shut down perimeter road around the airport and all lanes eastbound o 87th avenue and lanes have since then been reopened and live in the newsroom, kelly blanco, nbc 6 news and chopper 6, take a look at this up over the scene moments after a small plane made
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side of the highway and this morning a tee from the faa is on its way from u.s. 27 and pembrook road and that's where the single engine plane landed safely. there were two people onboard and the hilot radioed with engine trouble early on and found a spot near the everglades to land and that's what he did. it will be towed this afternoon. people say it smells like vomit in their neighborhood. chopper 6 over the regal chase apartments in northwestth avenue. crews working to repair a sewer main break. the city has been advising people to avoid water-related activity like swimming and fishing and this affects the section of f e new river behind the broward center fororhe performing art between 7th avenue and northwest 4th street and chopper 6. a busy morning, nbc 6 is everywhere over sheridan street and state road seven and that's where a woman was airlifted to the hospital after she was hit
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you see the response there and that driver did stay on scene and is cooperating with police. alal in opa-locka, a driver walks away after being hit by a train. police say the car and the train collided in an area of northwest 22nd avenue and rutland street. the car was badly damaged, but the driver was not injured. >> all right, turning now to decision 2016, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck in the poll heading inn nevada's caucus and that would be this weekend on turday. according to the latest polls, 48% of people expected to 4ke part in the nevada caucus support clinton while 47% are backing sanders and they're neck and neck there. although clinton is th foreign policy and immigration sanders is leading with the middle class. on the republican side, donald trump continues to hold his lead with 45% followed by marco rubio with 19%.
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fbi, apple is hitting back after refusing to hack an iphone that belonged to the san b bnardino shooters. plus an 18-year-old accused of playing doctor and we're talking real-life where police busted his clilic where he was treating patients for i need new carpet. ok. i have two dogs. and a husband. house trained? my husband? no, the dogs. sometimes. i'd suggest stainmaster pet protect carpet. why? incredibly durable and stain resistant. that's why they call it master it's... i got it. now get free basic installation with purchase of stainmaster carpet and pad,
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welcome back. it is a battle of two giants, apple. is the company protecting its customers or making it harder safe. all of this is over apple that doesn't want to give access to what's on san bernardino shooter's syed farooq's phone. theech giant must help the fbi. it has five business days to fight the order. investigators are trying to fill in 18 missing minutes of the killers' actions after the shooting. they also want to know if there are any other clues to the plot that killed 14 people and hurt 22 others. >> we still have one of those killer's phones that we have not been able to open. it's been over two months now and we're working on it. >> apple ceo saying it cooperated with the fbi on this case, but it will fight the order because it threatens the security of itss customers. author its are asking for apple's help and they're worried
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software could autoelete all of the data on the phone when they try to crack it open. also this midday, flights grounded after two planes collided on the runway at detroit metro airport. this is from the inside of one of those planes. oneof the jet's wings clipped the tail of another plane while it was on its way to be de-iced for takeoff. none of the passengers were injured and they were stuck onboard the planes for a couple of hours while officials tried to get them out of the g gte safely. both planes eventually towed away for repairs. now to an update on a wom who livestreamed herself driving drunk. we reportet on the story a whole lot and got national headlines as well. whitney beale is her name and sentenced to 12 months on probation and her license suspended for six months. she was arrested after broadcasting herself driving home drunk after bar hopping.
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they found her driving with a flat front tire. >> now first-a, letter weather with meteorologist ryan philli, south florida's most accurate forecast. so nice to see a dry radar pattern in place across south florida and we've been rain-free since severe weather moved on through and we'll keep it rain-free in the next few days. live first alert doppler getting a break as we move back in to a much brighter and dryer weather pattern. hehe is a look from space down into south florida. we have the clouds lingering through the keys and slowly wedging these out as we head into the next few hours and sunshine returning for everyonene hour. so the keys are the last too get the break in the cloud deck. we had the cloud deck brebking first into fort lauderdale and it was a beautiful morning and rule. we have really nice weather in store for you and 73 in fort lauderdale as well as miami after we started the morning
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we're at 70 in marathon and key west and we'll be headingn at least this afternoon into the low and mid-70s and after a chilly morning upstate and 60s returning for everyone and high pressure beginning to move in and setting us up for several nice days and the main front well off to the south and to the east and a cool surge here just off to the north and this will keep the atmosphere dry and stable here as it sinks down in the ninsula. the futuretracker honing in on the cloud deck and honing in on the keys and any northeasterly component at least tomorrow and we'll bring in a few coastal clouds and i'm not worried about rain coming back into the first alert forecast any time soon. know issy sky, that's what we're looking at mid-70s through the lunch hour and we'll briefly touch 78 and the evening commute weather wise looks spectacular. get ready for the temperatures to tumble quickly once the sun goes down, clear skies, light winds and dry conditions will cause for a cool night. by the way, the beach forecast
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winds out of the north and rip current risk staying low and the uv index staying low with the abundant sunshine. 61 tonight and clear skies and cooler temperatures and i would not be surprised if you joined% us tomorrow morning temperatures in the upper 50s and it will be a nice night and a quiet night and we're back to more sunshine and a cooler day tomorrow with more wind and 78ith the afternoon high and a nice stretch of weather with the consistent afternoon high temperatures into the mid-07s and rain-free and morning lows into the 60s and we fast forward jumping into next week and that will be the next rain chance on tuesday and if you're looking ahead to the weekend, mostly sunny skies and temperatures at or below average with highs of 76 on saturday d 75 on saturday and check your weather any time on yoururnbc 6 news and weather app. >> fantastic. the teenager who pretended to be a doctor h h actually been
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>> this story is incredible. nbc 6 reporter michael spears. this kid must have been convincing because he wasn't seeing patients for a day or two. this went on for months. this is something you don't hear about every day. 18-year-old malachi love-robinson, this is a teen who pretended to be a doctor and this isn't the first time. malachi love-robinson is pictured wiwi a white coat with a stethoscope around his neck. the palm beach county sheriff said this is a teenager, busted and now accused of practicing medicine without a license. >> i've heard of these things happening, but you're righ i never thought it would happen in this building. >> dr. allen schultz is an oncologist in the same building where investigators sayhe 18-year-old took things a step further and opened a medical office in west palm beach. the new birth, new life medical
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its facebook page is no longer available, but a website is still up. on it, the teeee is listed as the founder. the website billing the self-proclaimed practice is, quote, a full-service holistic family practice of dedicated and professionals. >> they didn't answer the phone and the next thing i know somebody is showing me his picture where he's been arrested. love-robinson's grandfather told our sister station wptv that he's still in disbelief. >> we'll see once we see the office and the practice i felt like it was something legit he was trying to do. the sun sent nal reports that this is not the first time the teen has pretended to be a doctor at a medical center in west palm beach after a patient alerted staff at the center's obgyn office that there was a kid dressed in the lab coat inside an exam room.
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he has -- and this go around, though, deputies say the teen will face a judge. he was cited by the department of health of practicing medicine without a license in october of last year. acting on a complaint, the sheriff said he conducted a physical exam on an undercover agent and offered medical advice. >> we, of course, tried to reach out to love-robinson for a comment through the number listed on the website, when we called no one picked up. michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> incredible. thank you so much for that report. a porch prowler caught on a security camera right off the front porch had a change of heart. do thiefs have guilt? do they? police say the thief took the delivery right off the front porch. turns out it had $300 worth of birthday presents for the daughter.
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took and the thief ended up turning it, reading. so sorry. i hope this helps. i know i can't make it right, but i hope this helps, and off he goes. it goes without saying that prince is is flawless even when taking a passport picture. spoiler alert, it's good. >> i'm sure it looks better than mine. he tweeted out a picture of an internaonal travel permit and makes us look like mere mortals. >> perfectly contoured and pursed lips and most passport photos don't look this great, but then again, prince isn't like most people, is he? prince had to get his photo updated for his appearance. if you're a beatles fan
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check out the beatles tribute band. find out what it was like growing up with john lennon. plus the cycling challenge is
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on a bike. welcome back. preparations for carnival miami. >> you're getting a look at the kiwanis club of little havana is unveiling the carnival miami poster and its artist. >> this year's festival will feature an attempt to break a guinness world record and cork and fork wine and tasting event. that is at's going to break the record.
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5th and 6th this year. you've been, right, ryan? >> yes. it's just around the corner, too. >> fantastic. hopefully they'll have weekends like we're about to have. carbon copy of the next several days will be in great shape a a we're finished with the severe weather with sunshine for the next several days and by the way, not humid at all. >> oh, yay, we're looking
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>> 6 in the mix ryan reynolds crashing hugh jackman's press date asking the burning questions to the hunky aussie. good morning. i'm roxanne vargas. that tops the hollywood headlines. take a listen. >> many actors enjoy performing their own stunts. >> yes. >> do you do your own acting. >> if they're sex scenes i do them. >> that's where the craft is. >> do you ever age? since 08? >> gorgeous. i would love to pick up a few points if you're okay with it. >> what i would like you to do is hold this, okay? >> yeah.
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>> all right. >> oh, my god, he's t a knife! and then you say -- >> tt's not a knife. now that's a knife. >> oh, come on! >> oh! >> who doesn't love a crocodile dundee reference. he joked about scenes he filmed as wolverine. he's promoting his movie "eie the eagle." you can see all of that and hear from hugh on "6 in the mix." friday you'll hear my one-on-one with hugh jackman. >> cool. milkshake, please. >> drop it! >> wow! >> thanks. >> you@ever been in a fight? >> no. >> no. >> ever had two women fight over >> have i?


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