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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the investigation set to figure out why this was done. back out live here. incident. we hope this man will continue to be able to use his hand. for now, live in ft. lauderdale. bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. to anupdate on the teen allegedly speeding in his family's porsche on new year's day. he was charged as an adult. his vehicular homicide charge stems from when detectives say he lost control of his car and struck two trees and a 18-year-old college student. detectives say medina tested positive for drugs. >> he has shown a tremendous amount of remorse. it's been a very, very difficult time for the victim's family. i think it's been a very difficult time for my client's family as well.
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on $100,000 bond. if he gets out, he'll be on house arrest until his trial. the national weather servie confirmed that a tornado is responsible for the damage you see here right behind me. this is out of davie. that makes three tornado touchdowns during yesterday's severe storm. one in northeast miami-dade and pompano bay and davie. steve litz joins us live with the cleanup that's well under way. steve. >> reporter: three tornados in one morning shook this community in western broward county. the tree behind me right there, you see it's not the largest root system in the world, but a pretty good gust of wind to rip that one out of the ground. here. no match for yesterday's winds. from western broward county east to davie, giant trees are down,
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has been under way some 30 hours now. new surveillance video continues to surface showing the power and fury of yesterday's storms. and while nobody was hurt, some people are still feeling bad about all of the damage. >> it is just a shame to see all the damage. unnecessary. taxpayers' money. >> reporterer there's plenty of cleanup going on today and the national weather service now confirms that third tornana originated here in weston right here at weston road and i-75 and traveled about seven miles to the east. tornados and powerful storms around 7:00 in the morning. a lot of people have vivid memories of those harrowing moments. >> i took my dog and sneakers in the bathroom yesterday. >> why your sneakers? >> so i could run if i had to. i was in my pajamas. >> reporter: on roadways
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posts are down. utility poles are propped up. the calamity lasting just minutes. the cleanup will take days. we spent hours driving around this part of the region. we saw a lot of damage and a lot of cleanup. the largest single trunk tree in all of broward county right here up the street. >> nbc 6 is everywhere. chopper 6 over the scene. this is near rthwest reegal street. they want everybody to avoid water recreational activities
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tonight, pope francis is trending onnocial media for scolding an overzealous worshipper in this now viral video. he is seen greeting a crowd. among them a man in a wheelchair. another person grabs the pope causing him to fall on top of ththdisabled man. that's when the pope is seen saying, don't be selfish, don't be selfish. in just under an hour, he'll celebrate mass beforor a crowd of thousands at the border of el paso, texas. hi, laura. >> reporter: hi, jackie. so much excitement here in el paso at the sun bowl. pope francis, he should be wrapping up lunch soon with
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we'll ride on the popemobile to the grounds. pope francis arrived in ciudad ciudad juarez. his next stop was the state prison where he addressed a crowd of more than 700 inmates. pope francis met with business owners and factory workers before the highly anticipated mass on the border. in el paso thousands have be celebrating the papal sit. musicians like tony melendez graced the stage with their inspiring abilities. you don't see the guitar strapped around his shoulder. that's busines melendez plays with his feet. >> i do everything with my toes
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playing the guitar to life. >> reporter: a 1987 performance for pope john paul ii changed his life. >> being so close to the papal gathering that they're going to have right there and being ae to simulcast is going to be powerful. >> reporter: and the pope's higgy anticipated mass begins in about an hour. one key theme d during his homily is expected to be the suffering of migrants. stay with nbc c 6. we'll be back at 6:00 p.m. with much more on this historic papal visit to mexico. laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. >> that mass is expectee to start at the top of the hour. laura will be tweeting from behind the scenes in el paso. look for another live report as
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during our 6:00 newscast. today, on the campaign trail a big endorsement for marco rubio. south carolina governor nikki haley throwing her support behind the florida senator. it's a move gop presidential disappointing. also in theepublican race there are two eye-popping polls for trump. he has a giant lead in nevada and a big lead in south carolina, but the national picture is very contradictory. nbc 6 is everywhere. we go live to o o nati's capital where steve handelsman is sorting the numbers out for us tonight. >> reporter: they're going this way and thatway. desperate to try to stop him, donald trump's rivals are charging more than ever he's not a reliable conservative. the polling now on trump is suddenly mixed, even mixed up. is donald trump headed up or
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for the first time today, the poll fou trump trailing ted cruz 26-28 in the ntional gop horse race. even though trump is 20 points on top in today's quinnipeac poll. >> you all have the chance to reset the race. >> reporter: trump's rivals are charging he's notconservative. respect. >> reporter: that was in 1999, part of a current ted cruz ad. >> a vote for donald trump is a vote to erase the second rights. abortion. >> i'm pro-life. >> reporter: trump says he's changed and might sue cruz. >> i've never dealt with anybody
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>> reporter: marco rubio attacks. >>ed has proven he is willing to do or say anything to get elected. >> reporter: a new cnn poll finds hillary clinton tied with bernie sanders in nevada. it's ten days until the democrats clash in south carolina. clinton's once huge 50-point poll lead in that state is now down to 20 and falling fast. live from washington, steve handlesman. nbc 6 news. a traffic accident on the southbound lanes of i-95. this is on the 79th street exit. traffic is at a crawl right now there on i-95 in the southbound lanes. >> this is an area that you definitely want to avoid here.
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southbound`i-95. you see the traffic right there. there is an accident. crews were spotted towing away one of the vehicles or getting ready to do so. we'll continue to follow this breaking news story and have the latest on ourapp. meet the sunshine state's newest multimillionaires. how florjda's winners of the record powerball jackpot kept it under wraps for so long. why the tech giant won't fork over the mass shooters' records to the feds. what she's doing in the name ahead. a glorious day here in south florida. i'll let you know what to
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welcome back. new tonight, a north ft. myers wanted for beating up a cop. >> i'm proud to be here >> he says he's in syria joining the kurds in their fight agast isis. he made the claims in his first video greateting from the region. he said he!s part of a people's militia, not a standing
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he says that he's in the company of other westerners and french soldiers. tech giant apple is fiercely opposing a federal court order to help the fbi unlike the iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. investigators have not been able to get past apple's security features. apple's ce tim cook said the security bypass could breach millions of users information. why it took them so long to claim their winnings? >> i wish i had their luck. they got to take home their piece of the prize. a share of $1.58 billion.
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david kaltschmidt and maureen smith. >> reporter: after waiting more than a month, melbourne couple david kaltschmidt and maureen smith made their first public debut. what are they going to do with this new cash flow? >> of course, we're going to take care of family. we have a lot o think aboutto think about. >> i will be retiring. >> reporter: a giant czech ofheck of $528 million was made ouw to them. >> i checked the ticket. i matched everything up. i said he'sshe's messing with me. i lost u lot of sleep. i lost over ten pounds. >> reporter: the couple is from long island and has lived in melbourne since 1991.
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they decided to take the lump sum of $527 million. >> my truck is about to fall apart, so i do need a vehecle. >> i want to get a massage. >> reporter: they weren't the only ones that had lady luck on their side. the historic winnings are divided between two other famiies. john and lisa robinson of tennessee and a ticket holder in california who has not yet com forward. if you were wondering what the odds were, it's one in 292 million. nbc 6 news. as much as i disliked yesterday's weather, i'm loving what's going on today with the low humidity and the beautiful blue skies and not a drop of
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the florida key,ss, you have not enjoyed as nice a weather pattern that we've had in the mainland. a pretty picture of downtown ft. lauderdale as well as the area near port everglades. it is going to continue to be very nice not just tonight and tomorrow, but for the next several days here in south florida. 75 in miami. 72 degrees in pompano beach. a little cooler in the florida keys. there's always the influence of the gulf of mexico. temperatures cooler there in the keys at this hour. relative humidity, this is a story this afternoon. this is desert desert-like for miami. we do have three areas that are in the 20s. you get closer to the coast. pompano beach 40% humidity.
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it's not an outlier. it's real. 's what's going on. another tornado added to yesterday's two ef-1 tornados. one from pompano beach and the miami gardens area and a third one confirmed by the national weather service indicating that all indications point to the vie being a tornado yesterday. east-northeast lifting off near davie on a six-mile path that did produce numerous areas with downed trees along that path. we had three tornaos touching down. fair weather stretch will continue into the weekend with low humidity and pleasant
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here's a lo at the front that affected us. it's well off to the east in the southern bahamas. we started off the day with clouds and a couple of showers. this morning was not as niezce for the keys. the next system will approach us on tuesday of next week. that's our next thunderstorm, possibly strong thuerstorm, chance. tonight things are looking good. clear, pleasant, and temperatures dropping into the upper 50s for your overnight low. that's four or five degrees below normal. tomorrow's high 76. 74 friday. it's going to be a great weather pattern at least until sunday. back to you. another hike in air fare for the second time in weeks. delta, united, and american
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to fly after jetblue had a $6 rate increase. we'll explain why in a report from london ahead. all new ahead, a special education on 6 report. >> reporter: i'm at northwestern
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is getting a big trea back to that traffic alert happening now on i-95 on the southbound lanes. these are live pictures of the 79th ptreet exit southbound on the highway where an accident was causing closures. the good news is all lanes are now open after that traffic accident halted traffic on i-95. this is the southbound lanes right off the 79th street exit. looks like things have cleared. crews have cleared all vehicles that were involved in that accident. traffic is slow, but that's normal for this time of day, rush hour traffic. we'll continue to follow this traffic alert for you right here on nbc 6 nenews. tesla is creating a kids' ride that runs on lithium batteries. it can cruise at speeds up to 6 miles per hour. reverse capabilities. a front trunk for toys and a
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you've got to ha that. the mini car will run you just under $500. >> i want that car. children's mental health is today. >> it is partly thanks to the duchess of cambridge who spent the day as a guest editor at "the huffington post." >> reporter: the@duchess of cambridge turned guest editor. with reports and bloggers in her kensington palace home to heart. launching the campaign young minds matter, kateets personal, writing that she and prince william hope to encourage george and charlotte to s sak about their feelings and to give them the tools and sensitivity to be supportive peers to their friends as they get older.
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it can be very powerful. >> reporter: the duchess says the mental health of our children should be just as important as their physical health. even kids younger than 5 could be suffering in silence. >> imagine if everyone was able to help just one child who needs to be listened to, needs to be respected, and needs to be loved. we could make such a huge difference for an entire generation. >> reporter: huffington post research shows parents worry they'll@ look like bad mothers or fathers by getting treatment for their kids' mental health. the idea is to go global with this idea and already the trending. back to you.
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impse of the trending topic. the news at 5:30 continues next. >> here's trina witit a look ahead. it's a story you'll see only on 6. what sent a police helicopter, canines, and about a dozen officers to this quiet neighborhood in weston. a make-believe doctor that opened his own office and treated patients. this isn't his first run-in with
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why one local family says only on 6, burglars busted. police pick up a trio believed to be behind multiple car break-ins in weston. good evening, i'm trina robinson. >> and i'm adam kuperstein. they made off with cash or hands on. keith jones live with this exclusive story from weston. >> reporter: weston is a quiet community, but not immune to these type of thefts. i spoke with a lot of neighbors here in the neighborhood today. they're all asking if it was a couple of teens from this especially because it's been happening over the past couple months. the answer is no. the suspects are from doral.
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because of the proximity to 595. also perhaps targeting this neighborhood because it is one of the few in weston that's not gated. >> squadron cars come and the hellopters were here, canine units. >> reporter: what sounded like a major mission turned out to be the takedown of a couple of accused crooks. they were arrested for sticky ngers and the 17-year-old was with them. >> left my car unlocked last nig. when i got in this morning, the console and the glove compartment were open. >> reporter: in the wee hours of the morning, the trio engaged in a crimemef opportunity. they tested car door handles. locked and they moved on opinion carelessly left unlocked and according to the police reportrt


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