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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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since fidel castro took charge. >> on the same day that almost 30 women get arrested, the president says he's going to cuba. is there more democracy in cuba? heck no. is there respect for human rights? absolutely not. will there be elections called for in cuba? no. did the president of the greatest democracy in the world make even one demand of raoul castro to change? not at all. >> republican presidential candidate marco rubio said during a cnn town hall that if he was president, he would not visit the island under its current dictatorship. >> they're a repressive regime. i want the relationship between the u.s. and cuba to change. but it has to be reciprocal.
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comes after the u.s. and cuba restored their diplomatic relations leading to the opening of the embassy just last summer. last time a u.s. president visited cuba was calvin coolidge in 1928. new charges against the teen arrested for impersonating a doctor. today he's also charged with grand theft and forgery after another victim came forward. >> investigators say an 86-year-old woman claims she was victimized by the teen when he allegedly posed as a doctor to treat her. and she says he gained access to her checkbook and cashed forged
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>> good evening, everyone. first of all, i would just like to simply say on behalf of myself and my family, we thank you for the concerns in the community actbout the accusations. >> the 18-year-old accused of practicing medicine without a license, held a press conference to defend himself. >> i just want to say i am deeply saddened and a little disrespected by the things that have come forth. >> investigatoto from the palm beh county sheriff ees's arrested the teen for operating a medical center in west palm beach. you can see the teen pictured in a white coat and listed as the president, ceo and founder. >> i would just simply ask that you please allow the attorneys to do their job, you respect the privacy and my family's privacy. >> detectives say a complaint prompted an under cover operation.
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physical examon an under cover agent and offered medical advice. >> i've had some great supporters and i've had people who have said negative things but evvyone is entitled to their opinion. >> this is not the first time this teenager has been in this type of trouble. he reportedly approached a female patient at a west palm beach medical center last year but wasn't charged. investigators also say he was cited by the department of health for practicing medicine without a license in october of last year. >> a convenience store clerk still shaking after an armed crook sets its sites on quick cash in her register. the crime caught on camera february 6th at the mobile gas station on broward boulevard just west of nob hill road in plantation. armed with a knife he urges her
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the store's manager thinks the crook made hisove when the place was empty. >> by this time there's people that comend get coffee getting ready to go to work. it wasfter a couple customers like he was waiting for them to leave the store. she did everything that she was supposed to do. we told her don't fight, just do what they say. >> the thie got away, but not before cameras got a good look at his face. new tonight, protests outside of oakland park city hall over who's feeding theoor and where. the all saints catholic church soup kitchen claims the city is closing their kitchen down. they're worried that the vernment is hurting the people they're supposed to be servrvg. the group claims that oakland park issued a cease and desist order. commmmion in morning weston
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up to no goods. police arrested the two. officers think the 20-year-olds had some sticky fingers in weston's neighborhood. they're accused of targeting unlocked cars, nabbing anything they could find. >> they had a blanket they took out of their car that was full of wallets and phones and $500 in money, credit cards, wallets, phones. >> it's unclear how many scars were hit. a maintenance worker may have lost several fingers after a chemical explosion at a community ppl. officials say the maintenance worker was mixixi chemicals in a spray bottle to clean the bathroom floors. he is in serious condition tonight. surprising new poll results for the gop candidates tonight.
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donald trump to lead the republicans in the race for the white house. a new poll shows cruz as the first choice with 28% of voters. marco rubio is third at 17%. >> reporter: with these ever changing polls, gop hopefuls are trying to snag as much of the limelight as possible in south carolina over the next 72 hours. republican presidential candidates dominated the airways thursday night, hoping to sway south carolina voters their way ahead of saturday's primary, touching on hot button issues from social security to immigration. >> waste, fraud and abuse is massive. >> why wouldn't y y raise the retirement age if americans are getting older andnd living longer? >> i'm not doing it. i don't want to do it. >> every country has a right to control who comes here.
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immigration. >> reporter: they tackled the issues instead of attking each other, although each repeatedly sets a bullseye on the other on the campaign trial. >> a vote @or donald trump is a vote to erase the second rights. >> reporter: trump and rubio on cruz. >> i've never dealt with anybody who lied so much. >> unfortunately he's proven he's willing to do or say anything to get elected. >> let us have a good result in south carolina. you all have the chance to reset@ the race. >> reporter: but it's florida senator marco rubio who received the most coveted endorsement. governor nikki haley is backing him. >> i wanted somebody with fight. i wanted somebody with ssion. i wanted somebody that had conviction to do the right thing. but i wanted somebody humble enough that remembers that you work for all the people. >> reporter: on the democratic clinton. a new cnn poll finds her
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sanders in nevada. she was a -point favorite in october with the nevadaaucuses just three days away. and it's now ten days til the democrats clash in south carolina. clinton's once huge lead has now shrunk down to 20 points. nbc 6 everywhere. we're traveling to south carolina ahead of the primary- look for live reports starting on friday and follow him on twitter for updates on the campaign trail. right now pope francis is on his way back to vatdican city after a historic five-day trip to mexico. earlier today he concluded his
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country, symbolically tracing the path of migrants to the u.s. and ending up at the border. >> reporter: a very busy day. on his final day in mexico, he sent a message of hope, compassion and change. and as he off does during his trips, he asked everyone to pray for him. a final good-bye from pope francis to the mexican pepele as he departs for rome. his hollyiness concluded his visit. during his the pontiff al made a special stop on the edge of the ro grande where he blessed people standing on the u.s. side of the border. but one of the most unifying
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he said a few words for everyone gathered at the sun bowl in el paso. pope francis said thanks to the help o o technology everyone can pray, sing and celebrate together and no border will ever impede them from sharing god's love. >> just one god, squus onejust one pope. so we all celebrated together. >> r rorter: earlier in the day he addressed a crowd of 700 prisoners. some o othem wept. >> god blls him, he's really making a difference. >> reporter: and today thehe pope also met with factory workers in mexico. now, as for the u.s. side, the u.s. border, everyone here -- you can tell they were moved. it was visible that they were moved by the pope's visual it to this border land. we had a beautiful day today in south florida.
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just as pretty? the forecast coming up. a would be crook caught on camera. >> how a good samaritan jumps in to stop the thief from getting
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how hundreds of lifting weights and losing stereotypes stereotypes. a south florida based nonprofit is reaching world wide proportions helping thouounds over come their physical disabilities. the insring story all new tonight. >> i'm add daptiveaptive is redefining the word handicapped. doing back squats with one arm. it doesn't take jonathan lopez long to up his weight to 245 pounds. >> at the beginning it was hard.
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veteran ihjured overseas by a infantry. he's just one of thousands who found an organization that helps favor. >> they have helped me reach so many people that i wouldn'te able to reach on my own. >> repoer: i am adaptive aims to educate, socialize and mobilize both the handicapped and veteran communities. but their mission begins with warming up people with the concept of not saying handicapped or disabled. >> the moment that someone incur add trauma and they're now being told to use a wheelchair or prosthetic to get around, the moment you tell them they're handicapped or disabled, something shuts off. >> reporter: a motorcycle accident on 95 caused traumatic brain injury and paralyzed his left arm. >> i had to learn everything again. >> reporter: chris learned how
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his life down. >> really good. i never thought i was going to be able to do anything. >> reporter: i am adaptive has created a global network here in south florida where adaptive individuals connect and make life better. >> we want peopp to know what they can be capable up and know what each other is doing and pushing the boundaries of everyday life. >> reporter: for more information download the nbc 6 news and weather app. the buzz continues around the record setting powerball jackpot that took over headlines last month. tonight we're finally meeting the florida couple who's come forth to claim their share of the prize, a melbourne cups who's taking home part of that record $1.8 billion made their first blic appearance today
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numbers back on january 13th at a publix. they plan to trakake the lump sum and help out their families as well as donate to charity. >> my truck is about to fall apart, so i did need a vehicle. >> i want to get a massage. there. they'll split that jackpot with two other families, a couple from tennessee and a ticket holder from california who has not come forward. more consequences for the teen allegedly speeding in his family's porche on new year's day killing his best friend. his charge stems from the first of the year when detectives say he lost control of the car and struck several trees. the impact killed an 18-year-old college student. detectives say he tested positive for drugs.
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amount of remorse. it's been a very difficult time for the victim's family and i think it's also been a difficult time for my client's family as well. >> if he gets out, he'll be on house arrere with a gps ankle monitor until his trial. a suspect tried to steal some painkillers and failed miserably. take a look here. the hooded man climbed on the pharmacy counter, told the pharmacist that he had a gun and demanded oxycodone pills. that's when a customer confronted him and the fight was on. you won't be able to see frit this angle but the suspect was knocked unconscious. he was taken to the hospital for trement and then to manatee county jail.
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armed ro@bbery. absolutely loved the weather today here in south florida. the next few days promise to be very nice, maybe not as spectacular as today was, but nevertheless they're going to be great days weather-wise. right now no rain on the doppler radar. current temperatures have dropped into the 60s in most locations. 61 degrees pompano beach. down to 59 degrees right now in kendall. overall, all of south florida expected to reach the 50s tonight. it will be the coolest night of the week. hey, one more note about yesterday's tornados. a third one confirmed by the national weather service today, indicating that weaker tornado compared to the other two that occurred, pompano beach to lighthouse point as well as
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it lifted off near davie. aix mile path that did generate quite a few downed trees and other damage in this area of broward county. three tornados yesterday makes this the biggest tornado outbreak so far this el nino winter. next week there's another strong squall line headed our way. we have to keep a close eye on that. and obviously we'll keep you posted. in the meantime, fair weather is expected this week. some rain in the northern section of the dominican republic republic. tomorrow a few more clouds start to arrive. these clouds, which start the day offshore at 7:00 in the morning will start to kind of hug the shoreline towards the mid-morning or into the afternoon. you see the showers remain offshore except for some
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florida keys. otherwise the wind starts to turn towards the northeast tomorrow. that means a risk of rip currents returning to our area for tomorrow. 76 in the afternoon tomorrow with partly sunny skies, as opposed to completely clear skies like this afternoon. saturday, sunday, partly to mostly sunny, highs in the mid to upper 70s. lows in the mid 60s. tech giant apple is fiercely opposing a federal court order to help the fbi unlock the iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. the fbi wants to know if anything on the phone includes other c ces to the plot that left 14 people dead last december. investigators have not been able to get past a aple security features to unlock syed farook's phone.
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still ahead kate the duchess of cambridge took a job with the media today. the mother of two served as a guest editor for the online news site huffington post u.k. theinitiative will shine a spotlight on the issue of
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the duchess says the mental well-being of children should be just as important as their physical health. a new york city man who lost his wallet was surprised when the person who found it returned almost everything. he lost his wallet at a concert in brooklyn. two weeks later he received an envelope with his llense, credit cards and a surprising note that read, i kept the cash becausese i needed weed and the wallet because it's kindd of cool. the concert hall where he lost his wallet heard what happened and offered him tickets to an upcoming show. >> he was honest about why he did what h hdid, i guess.
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athletic feat i've seen in a chris bosh still hasn't said a word about his current health scare. but he did post something on snapchat. i can't post it becauau it's a rap lyric with unsuitable language. bosh posted the kendrick lamar lyric we're going to be all right. and his teammate dwyane wade seems to think so too. >> he'ss fine.
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was last year at all. none of us are over doing it from that standpoint. so it's fine. >> the miami heat wouldn't give any more details about bosh's calf injury or the report that he is back on blood thinners. he did miss practice today and he will not travel with the team for the game in atlanta. it's goodd to hear wade say he doesn't think it's a big issue or as serious as last year's blood clot when bosh was sidelined for the final 30 games of the season. what the miami hurricanes did tonight shows they belong up there. after a slow first half they go wild in the second. angel rodriguez capped a 23-5 miami run. mothers everywhere will love this. sharing is good. mcclellan makes a move, two of his 11 point there is. then the dunk of the game. reed is all alone.
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yeah, reed gives the home crowd something to celebrate. miami beating virginia tech 65-48. the canes are at north carolina on saturday. a basketball players from hialeah leapapg over a fence, a high fence. look how high that is. he's a tall kid. he clears it. now i see why he's wearing that super man shirt. that is amazing to jump that high. and probably dangerous. i don't know how his mom w wuld
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these guys are cky i had to work tonight. the marlins hosted a media softball game at marlins par >> we sent adam cooperstein and kelly blanco. here is adam right here. hold on a second. he shows -- >> see, wha had happened was --
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>> you're not going to show the hit? >> kelly blanco got a double and youot what? >> don't get scared kelly. it's all good. >> you looked good, man. >> to be able to play on that field. whwh you're up close, you see how big it is. it's really cool. we all should do it next year. >> way to go marlins for doing that, by the way. >> the bat wiggle there. >> you like that? >> he's getting tested for performance enhancing -- [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jennifer lopez.
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musical gueszayn. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 419 toledo! woo! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hey, welcome! [ screams and applause ] thank you! thank you, los angeles! hey, looking good. looking good! welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show," evybody. this is it. you made it.


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