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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 18, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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plus, nike drops boxing superstar many pacquiaover anti-gay comments. and look who is back on late night. >> what is going on with the republicans? i watch these debates, trump attacks cruz, cruz gets attacks bush. remember when the republicans were all united against the poor and the minority said,ies, what happened? a water shed moment for cold war rivals. the sitting american president will visit cuba. president obama will visit cuba in march as part of a latin-american tour. not since calvin coolage in january of 1928 as a sitting
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president obama and president castro met this summer p. he said he was interested in visiting cuba before his presidency ends but only if there was significant improvements in civil liberties. well, national embassies have reopened in washington d.c. and havana. this week u.s. and cuban officials signed an agreement restoring scheduled airline service between the nations. and ted cruz and marco rubio, both of cuban descent, vocalized their opposition to e president's trip, vowing never to visit the island. this morning a big shake up. donald trump has slipd to second place nationally behind ted cruz according to a new poll just out.
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of the south carolina primary. a giddy cruz talked to nbc's hally jackson. about the new found lead. >> it's tremendously encouraging -- that's how you win. you got to get to first place to win but i think this is a result of a couple of things. one -- >> and earlier in the day,ruz took on trump directly over campaign ad attacking trump as pro-choice. at an msnbc town hall, the not-backing down trump seemed less forceful about pursuing the case. >> we certainly want to keep somebody honest and when he says he's not pro-life, you can't say that. >> and marco rubio picked up a key indorsememt. south carolina governor nikki haley.
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great day in south carolina. ladies and gentlemen, if we elect marco rubio, every day will be a great day in america. and that indorsement was a big blow to jeb bus who earlier in the day told nbc news that getting her indorsement would mean he would quote have to work a lot haxder. >> seizehe's a very good governor and should i win there's a roll for her. she's a great person. i'm disappointed she didn't indorse me. >> bush's father and brother, both popular in the state, had reached out to hailey on jeb's behalf. and bush trailing rubio. and now to the democrats and the nevada race getting more excitement by the moment and the polling showing a dead heap. both scrambling to pull in votes.
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continuing her message as the successor toresident obama's legacy, contrasting with vermont senar's statements. >> my opponent has been quite critical of the president. he's called him weak. i'm unappallunapologetic. i will take it further. >> and she was introdududu by geneva, mother of sandra bland, o died in police custody after a traffic stop >> horrifying loss of those you love to something so senseless. we owe it to them to reform policepractices, to make sure that no other yoyng woman like sandra bland is ever pulled out of a car for no good reason and thrown into a jail where she is
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>> sanders, meanwhile held events at morehouse callage and saying there's a crack in clinton's fire wall. and he's responding to killer mike. >> he said michael, are you qualifieto be psz of the united states. you have to be -- you have to have policy that's reflective of social justice. >> a campaign official says senator sanders doesn't believe that gender should be the reason to vote for or against anyone. that's the p pnt mike was making. and just 48 hours away from the caucus caucuses. and rachel maddow will have an exclusive interview with vice president joe biden tight 8:00 p.m. eastern time.
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blow by ke. they just announced they're cutting ties with pacquiao after he called people in home sexual relationships worse than animals. saying man is worse than animals because animals know how to distinguish male from female. he's currently running for the country's senate. nike issued a statement that said in part. the former boxing champion tweeted an apology saying he was sorry for hurting people. apple is defending its de decision to not help the fbi hack into the cell phone belonging to one of the san
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andand meanwhile, according to u.s.a. today, experts say itt was just taken i i an afternoon to create the softwe to break into iphones. and according to a document exclusively acquired by roiders, a chemical went missing and they fear if it falls in the hands of isis, it could be used as a deadly chemical weweon. >> we're aware of the reports
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missinradioiddioradioactive source in iraq. we haven't seen any information that it has been acquired by dash or any of the terrorist groups in the region. sandra o'connor says president obama has a responsibility to name the replacement for late justice antonin scalia. first female supreme court justice says quote i think we need somebody there to do the job now and let's get on with it. justice steven bar wouldn't comment on the battle to replace scalia but instead remembered him as a decent man. >> i'd like to have maybe 15 seconds of silent for justice scalia who was a good friend and a life force of the court and it's going to be a grayer place without him. >> meanwhile the white house has announced that the president wiwi not attend the funeral and
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his respects tomorrow when he lies in repose in the court's great hall. vice president joe biden is scheduled to attend scalia's funeral. and the florida winners have finally come forward. they are claiming a 1/3 of the january 13th ewinnings and until yesterday, they didn't tell anyone they won except for advisors. >> the first day i arrived late won. so i had to say i didn't purchase a ticket and i didn't lie. >> and they decided oen a lumpp sum payment of 327 million$327 million. so, a whole lot of money that they will each be spending in florida. and ice jams, this one
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river to rise about 13 feet. ize ja usually occur in early spring. so, nbc meteorologist bill karins is here. normally that starts in early spring. does that mean it's feeling about spring time in tt part of may? >> it just means we've been on a roller coast r is what it means. we had the warmth and the cold and the warmth and the rain. there's another huge warm up on the way. and everything is on the west coast. heavy snow to mountains in california and areas like salt lake city. and it's going to be very windy. with record high temperatures, dry conditions, you have an early spring set up wherer we're going to have to deal with brush fires andnd we have red flag
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and amarillo, texas could be 85 degrees today. this asp we go through friday to sunday, 70s and 80s. minneapolis doesn't get many february stretches of three days in a row near 50 degrees. that's happening friday through your weekend. and eventually it will try make to the northeast and midatlantic. now a closer look at your day ahead. so, there's that record high, 86 and 80 in amarillo. denver is unusually warm at 73. and mid-60s all the way through montana. mid-60s in montana in february and that's a little unusual. >> in new york it's going to be close to 50s -- >> this weekend you'll get your happy smile back. there you go. and now good news for m taking
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pope francis just wrapped up his six-day tour of mexicooast night. the pontiff visited 700 inmates at a prison in juarez. and had mass with pilgrims and via telecast from texas. and darren went is being charged with 20 koupts ofcountsf murder. he allegedly kidnapped the victcted inside their home, stole their money, killed them and set their $3 million house on fire. and 43-year-old had been convicted of stocking the car-winning actress in 2000.
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recent letters were to ask for forgiveness for previous actions. and this man is being called a hero. nemmau said he had a gun and demanded oxy coden. >> i just did something to protect my girlfriend. >> west pinned down the suspect until police arrived. the nearly $5 billion year testosterone supplement industry just got a lift. a newly published study found that they reduced depressive symptoms and even improved walking. and the world's cheapest smart phone and it costs -- are you ready for this? just $4.
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back to future fans rejoice. yes, the delorean is coming back. find out how you can get your hands on one. and college basketball's mighty fall again. texas tech with an upset against oklahoma. they stole the court in a 65-63 triumph and it is the third straight win over a ranked team. next to penn state managed to knock off the fourth ranked iowa. 79-75. and to the most storied coaches in college hoops. number 20 versus number five. >> personally blocked. and duke is go tosing going to win the game. >> and two international super star rondo who ends his supposed stump as he scores the
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number one. it's off of big sis's kim's mobile game. kate middleton can now ad edtoitor to her title and she was raising awareness for mental health issues. the price is right, a guest won an aston martin. and steven colbert kate hudson got interesting responses in a game. >> orange is the new black and google asks did you mean rejected trump campaign slogan. erican horror story and google
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4:25 am cliven bundy, sons, two other occupis will have to face charges with a confrontation with officers which include conspiracy to commit an offense, obstruction and extortion. bundy is scheduled t@ appear in court today. elementary school accidently sends "hurt feelings report" home. under reasons for filing the report it has options like i'm a cry baby.
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an embarrassing mistake. some of the other stories we're following. one person died in a crash in los angeles county after large transformers fell and trapped several vehicles. many cheese producers are misleading customers in their labels. though they may touted 100% cheese labels, many sl sellulose, a tasteless filler from wood pulp. so, you think you're eating pm sean and you're eating a tree. look at this. as winds pick up, the wild tumble weed covers gardens and garages. they suspect it comes from a nearby field. it's swallowing up the house.
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day from little red riding hood to little red in a car. it feares forward and reverse control. oh, yeah. letting the girls go right back. there's working head lights, sound system, of course. and there's nothing like making the other kids feel like you don't have anything. >> look at the rims going backwards. >> exactly. that's the way to do it. and if you think you can't teteh a dog new tricks watch this. the former surfing champ has been rescuing animals from shelters and using this sport to help other dog owners to understand their dog. celebrating birthdays today. rapper dr. j turns 51 and john travolta is 62. artist-singer yoko owno turns
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watching "early today." right now at 4:30, a bombshell announcement in the move to restore relations with cuba. president obama will be the first serving u.s. president to set foot on that island nation in a long time. a good samaritan jumps into action to fight off a robber. i'm at the northwestete high school where the dance team has a huge treat in store fo them today. we'll show you coming up. good morning everybody. i'm eric harryman. your time is 4:30. >> i'm sheli muniz.z. thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. a cool start this morning. >> let's get you over to meteorologist ryan phillips with
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>> we're rain-free. we'll keep it that way leading to the next few afternoons. live first alert doppler looking good. roadways are dry. i think weatherwise we've got a great commute in store. if you're an early riser looking for a run or walk, outstanding. here is a live look into ft. lauderdale. skies clear, visibility just fine. a beautiful february morning. here is w temperatures line up. oakland park at 58, 59 in ft. lauderdale. temperatures still coming down a touch as we or on the air for the next 2 1/2 hours. 62 in miami. a little warmer there. clear skies. we'll have february sunshine coming our way northwards initially. i think a few more clouds this afternoon. we've got a great forecast for you. upper 50s this morning on the morning commute. we'll see 73 before the lunch hour. today's high 76.


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