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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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clear skies and light winds. that's what we've got overhead here in the magic city, allowing for the perfect setup to bring temperatures down into the upper 50s and lower 60s, a light northwest wind. 59 in ft. lauderdale and oakland park. we're at 65 currently in key west. again, mostly clear skies. if you look very carefully here, there are clouds developing out across the atlantic waters. as our winds turn from the north to the northeast, some of the clouds will come our way as the day progresses. a beautiful start to our morning. all of our roadways are dry. first alert weather, clear and cool. bright skies this morning, about 59 is what we'll average out as we begin our morning. warping to the mid 70s this afternoon. breezy on the beach. partly cloudy skies. high of 76. good thursday morning, south florida. hope your morning is off to a good start. we were accident-free until a couple seconds ago.
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ives dairy road. directions still unknown. i'll make some phone calls for you and see exactly how it will be affecting your morning commute. this is the palmetto expressway northbound where we have construction at kendall drive. as far as 826 northbound and u.s. 27, okeechobee road, things nice and clear. no construction in this area of the palmetto. no major issues southbound. let's take you over to our maps. southwest 7th street, the ramp is completely blocked off, blocked off since monday after that garbage truck incident. you southwest 17th avenue, brickell avenue or biscayne boulevard as your alternates. 836 ramp to 826 is completely shut down. it should be reopening within the next five to ten minutes. it's 5:33 on yours thursday morning. president obama is headed to cuba next month. that historic trip will m mrk the first time a sitting u.s.
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nation in 30 years. nbc 6's julia bagg is live in little havana. julia, safe to say there's a lot of chatter about this planned trip by the president. >> reporter: you can bet there is, eric. we'll hear moreon that in a moment. the last time it happened, it was this guy, president calvin coolidge in 1928 went to havana for a conference of american states on that island. now president obama will certainly make history heading to cuba next month. the exact dates have not been announced. but remember, this all started in december of 2014 when the white house first announced renewing of relations with cuba, between havana and washington. we have embassies open again. lot of people in little havana viewing this certainly with skepticism. i just talked to a man
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republic, so that's a disclaimer. he saa he sees this president visit as necessary. >> i see that america needs to be in peace with every country in the world. >> reporter: at peace. some people i've just spoken with, they said they don't expect a change even from what's been happening since december of 2014, and w with the president coming to visit. back out here live at cafe versailles, we'll be speaking with more peoe getting their opinions on what this all means. coming up in our next half hour, we'll also talk about what this means for the presidential race and the election coming up in november. live in little havana, julia bagg, nbc news. >> we'll talk to you then, julia. a maintenance worker may have lost several fingers after a chemical explosion that
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community pool house in san sebastian. they say maintenance workers was mixing chemicals in a spray bottle to clean the bathroom floors. he's in serious condition at broward health medical center. more consequences for the teen allegedly speeding in his family's porsche. this happened on new year's day, killing his best friend in the vehicle with him. prosecutors are charging eye say yas medina as an adult in the death of benavides. detectives say he lost control of the car and struck several trees in the process. the impact killed benavides veed dede an 18-year-old college student. detectives are sayinin medina, who is the son of a venezuelan diplomat to united nations tested positive for drugs once he did get to thehe hospital. the judge then held that teen on $100,000 bond. a knife wielding robber forces a gas station c crk to
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surveillance cameras managed to get a good look at him before he got awa >> reporter: the clerk was armed with a knife and wait for just the right moment to catch the clerk off guard. is morning officersere in plantation say even though he got away, they have a pretty good idea of tpe guy they're looking for. here he is casing the mob bill gas mart. watch the entire scene as the female cashier heads to the cash register with the armed robber right behind her holding up a knife ducking below the counter. the store manager caught this surveillance video february 6 around 5:00 in the morning. >> there's people that come in and get coffee ready to go to work. it was right after a couple of customers, maybe five customers, he was waiting for them to leave the store. she didn't know what to do because the guy threatened her. >> reporter: officers say he's a
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fair complexion and beard. if you have information about this case, you should call broward county crime stop pers. coming up in the next half hour, i'll tell you why the store manager is thanking his cashier. reporting if plantation, erika glover, nbc 6 news. a local teenager getting a lot of attention for allegedly pretending to be a doctor and even treating people with medication. we've found that this is just a small part of what that teen has been up to. michael spears has been tracking the story since yesterday. what have you learned this morning? >> we're hearing from an 86-year-old woman who claims the teen defrauded her after several home visits to treat her for severe stomach pains. anita m mrrison says when love-robinson came along, she thought god is good. but now out more than $6,000. this bhoon claims love-robinson
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cutting him a check for nearly $3500 for the visits and vitamins. the woman claimssone time she had to take an ambulance to the hospital and love-robinson took three checks from her in the process, forged and cashed them, worth more than $3,000. investigators san jose the teen is accused of practicing medicine without a license, also now charged with grand theft. >> i am deeply saddened and a little disrespected by some of the things that have come forward, but i will say that my attorneys are working hard, they're working around the clock to make sure this issue gets resolved in the best way possible. >> the palm beach county sheriff's office tweeted this out yesterday saying just because you saw a season of ""grey's anatomy"" doesn't mean you can practice medicine. he was seen tuesday performing a physical l am on an undercover officer and also operating his own medical office. we learned last year the
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wandering around a hospital inwest palm beach and interacting with staff. livein studio, michael spears, nbc 6 news. ank you so much. the pope is on his way back to rome this m mning after his tour through mexico. the pontiff was highlighting the plight of migrants. he spoke about humanitarian issues causinghousands of people to look for a new home. pope francis even took a symbolic walk to the rio grand and blessed people watching from the u.s. side of the border. his last mass was live streamed to people across the border in el paso. your time is 5:39 on your thursday morning. a lot morehead for you today. coming up, big backing for marco rubio days before south carolina republicans are heading to the polls. >> a beautiful morning across south florida. check this out. our temperatures averaging into the upper 50s this morning.
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a climb into the mid 60s by 9:00 a.m. a warm afternoon coming your way. we may have problems with the breeze. first alert weather coming your way in just a few minutes. kelly? >>. from coral reef t@ tamiami trail tamimii trail, traffic moving from 55 to 60 miles per hour, leavingou with a ten-minute ride. on the turnpike, northbound 826,
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moving along at 55 miles per bracking news out of turkey. turkey retall aets following deadly bombing in the heart of the country's capital. the atack killed more than two dozen people.
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strikes over the kurdish region of iraq where militants are located. it's believedhat terrorists are responsible. we're hearing of multiple arrests linked to that arrest. the war between apple and the federal government is escalating this morning. when we say ealating, we're saying likely all the way to the top. word is this case could go to the supreme court. we told you the government wants apple t unlock a terrorist's iphone. saeed fark went on a rampage along with his wife in a sanan bernarno office complex killing 14 people late last year now there's a court order forcing apple to comply with that arrest. the ceo says doing so would be like providing a universal key to give lawnforcement to any iphone. as venezuela's enomy continues to sink, the government is taking drastic measures.
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announced a price jumping nearly 60 times what it was before, from two cents american to a dollar. this comes as an attempt to shield the oil-dependent economy from collapsg. the shortage of essential goods has already caused tensions to rise. new details in the cause of a massive oil spill in santa barbara last year. officials say it was corrosion on a pipine that caused the major spill. the report shows that when the line restarted, pressure increased leading to the rupture. the incident killed hundreds of animals, tar balls washed up even to 100 miles away in los angeles. the latest on el faro. the ship owner sends a company-wide safety alert about a hurricane last mmer, but didn't send one before the storm that actually contributed to the ship sinking. the ceo testified yesterday
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september out an alert for hurricane danny only because it was the first storm of the season. the ship sank october 1st while sailingghrough hurricane joaquin killing all 33 crew members. good morning to you. it is 5:46. kelly in the background standing by for a check on traffic. we've had construction overnight, but no wet weather, no weather interruptions in your morning drive. i'll tell you you need some sunglasses. a lot of you may make the extxt stop for hot coffee, cool weather settltlg in briefly this morning. it's going to be a nice warmup today, all the while staying drive. let's take you to miami right now, a sneak peek as to what lies up above which i can tell you is not much with clear skies and light winds. temperatures have dialed back. here is one of the warmer locations we've got this morning. m.i.a.a. reporting 62 with a northwest wind very light at 3
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many locations, much cooler than that. on the roadways for the drive in, averaging temperatures at about 59. a cool and dry morning. mostly sunny on the drive home. temperatures into the mid 70 for highs will be at about 74 once we wind around to 5:00. here are 50s for you as we survey temperatures in south florida. 58 in pembrokeke pines, 56 in west kendall. average low in february is 63. just a notch below normal. it feels great out there this morning, especially with the lighghwinds. across the state with high pressure sprawling out across the region, we've got temperatures into the 40s up state. 53 orlando, tampa and vero beach at about 54. a few clouds coming in on a northeast breeze. you notice future trackingerer picking up on a few showers. over doing the probability of zeeing precipitation w. a northeast wind you can't ever really rule out at least a few sprinkles. i don't think we'll be overly cloudy. i do think that northeast wind will be persistent for the next
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we'll have breezy beaches and elevated rip current risk and passing clouds, perhaps a sprinkle. that's about it. let's focus on the sunshine and a really pleasant pattern. the temperature trend is perfect. 59 your first alert forecast out the door this morning, a rapid warmup into the mid 70s this afternoon. the breeze holding temperatures in check. a high today of about 76. partly cloudy skies on the drive home with temperatures at 74. again, i'll caution you, t t rip current risk kicking up a notch here to the high and very elevated risk for the next few days with the northeast winds. that said, sunshine surely is inviting. tomorrow temperatures a little warmer because of the ocean influence. temperatures about 63. still on the cool side. we could see some sprinkles overnight tonight and sprinkles tomorrow. a mix of sun and clouds to wrap up the orkweek, 75. it's a quiet weather pattern. first alert weather through saturday and sunday, looking at
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mid to upper 70s for highs. we will see more cloud cover come into play on monday. the best chance for showers next week, into tuesday and wednesday. highs into the lower 80s. if i look beyond the seven-day forecast into the latter portion of next week, i think a little cooler weather might settle back in across south florida. in the meantime, a nice stretch of sunny and 70s here through the weekend. let's check the drive with kelly blanco. happy thursday, south florida. we're accident free in broward county. the accident i told you about a few minutes ago is on the southbound lanes of i-95 and ives dairy road. no roadblock is reported, but keep it in mind as you make your way out the door. all green both northbound and southbound, so the crash should not give you any headaches this morning. also, only construction going on right now at 5:49 a.m. is 826 southbound right at miller drive. you have one lane completely blocked off. should be clearing up within the next ten minutes.
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are looking good from coral reef to tamiami trail tamiami trail. if you're headed out the door, 826 drivers also looking good. southbound five-minute ride from the big curve to observe choeb bee with traffic moving around 55 miles per hour around miami lakes drive. ten minutes to the top of the hour. it's something you can happen to anybody. you know how it feels to go e into your pocket and your wallet is not there. all your personal information, your credit cards and cash, all of it gone. >> what surprise add new york city man is the person who@ found his wallet returned almost everything. >> almost everything. >> riley flattery lost his wallet at a concert in brooklyn. so two weeks later, he got an envelope with his license, his credit cards and a surprising note. the important thing to note here is he got the important part back.
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quote, i kept the cash because i needed weed and the wallet because it was kind of cool, end quote. but hey, he got his credit cards and license back, the most important stuff. the conct hall where riley lost his wallet heard what happened to him and offered him tickets to an upcoming show to maybe lessen the blow little bit. >> people at home just shaking their head. carnival miami is around the corner. this year's king of carnival andy garcia got the party start zbld this place for me has a tremendous amount of memories. i'm proud of its people, its culture and its growth and how it represents our city. >> the i cankiwanis club unveiled the 2016 poster yesterday, a tribute to the club's roots. this days before the official carnival kickoff this satatday at miami high. the event will be happened by
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this year artists including chino enacho will rock the stage. >> we just ran a promo for carnival. your time is 5:52. still ahead, see how a good samaritan jumps into actio to stop a brazen thief right in his tracks. >> the game of monopoly getting a big makeover that not everyone
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deputies in pinellas county calling for a personal foul on a former universe tea of nnessee football player. mckenzie crowder was arrested of investigators say he tried to have sex with someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl. police say he even sent her nude pictures of himself. the minor was actually an undercer deputy. crowder is now facing five felony charges rated to this. the 23-year-old just played his final season with tenneee this past fall. a florida bill that would allow gun owners to openl carry weapons is officially dead. the senate committee chair said the bill is dead for the 2016 legislative session. it's one of three gun bills he's killed this season. he refused hearings on bills to allow concealed weapons on
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and another in airport terminals. a robbery suspect could have used some of the painillers he was trying to steal after he failed ms. rahbly at that process. this is happening on valentine's day at a walgreens. the hooded guy climbed onto the counter, told the pharmacist he had a gun, demanded oxycodone pills. that's when a customer confronted him. that's wen the fight started. you won't be able to see him on this video, but the suspect ended up being knocked unconscious. andy nemeth is charged with armed robbery. 5:56 is your time. working on a whole lot more for the next hour. the palm beach teenager accused of posing as a doctor. we'll hear from an elderly woman who says he scammed her out of thousands of dollars. president obama will be visiting cuba next month. thths morning locals are reacting the the controversial decision
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we'll check in with julia bagg live in little havana next. just about 5:57 now. no one complaining about below average temperatures. it's been a nice night with clear skies dialing temperatures back into the 50s. it won't last too long, a refreshing start to the morning. 61 at m.i.a. opa-locka at 61. 50s across the area. the kids should be ready for that at the bus stop with their hoodies and jackets. temperatures back into the 70s this afternoon. a preview of the weekend forecast. you're watching nbc 6 "south
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>> stay with us at i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. thisoman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to it amazing right? i never would have expected would have&thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it me me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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good friday eve. >> i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. >> nbc 6 6 meteorologist ryan phillips joining us to give us an idea of what our friday eve and friday will hold. >> settling into a beautiful weather pattern. i want to get to the good stuff this morning. cooler readings into the 50s across much of broward county and most of miami-dade. still holding on to the pesky 61. 59 currently in ft. lauderdale. 59 in pompano beach. into the upper 50s for pembroke pines.
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a north wind shifting to the northeast. it will help to warm us up later on. skies are clear but we will see a few extra clouds fill in by mid morning. all the clouds are over the atlantic water: cooler readings first thing this morning. sunshine will be abundant. just be ready for cooler temperatures out the door this morning. on the morning drive, dry and bright. about 59. then a rapid wawaup to 73. that's even before the lunch hour. on the beaches todody, it turns breezy later on. partly cloudy skies and high of 76. >> we're still accident-free in broward county. good mornini to you, south florida. thank you for starting off your morning with us now. miami-dade does have an accident on i-95 southbound. northbound we had a couple of lanes blocked off at ives dairy road because of construction. now it's that southbound lane at ives dairy road seeing an cident. but no roadblocks, shouldn't be affecting your morning drive. on t turnpike right now, traffic is moving along between


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