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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tragically short by a driver who shouldn't have been on the road in the first place. >> i've got four kids. for them to tell me i've only got three, it just ain't right. >> reporter: a f!ther trying to come to terms with such a sudden -- this is the last picture that i took of him. >> reporter: -- and tremendous loss. >> i just really wish i could have seen what he was going to turn out to be because he touched a lot of people. >> reporter: jayden was visiting his great grandparents in palm beach county on saturday, was walking down the sidewalk to the park when a driver swerved off the road and killed him. lex eugene, the man running from police, a man driving without a license. >> this ain't right.
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of my life. >> reporter: both of j.c.'s brothers were there. his younger brother still weing the clothes from saturday, refusing to change. tonight, they are surrounding themselves with the 5-year-old's artwork. a boy who wanted to be an engineer and had no angry words to the driver responsible. >> you d't have any anger you said. >> no, huh-uh. >> how is that? >> i just know it wouldn't do me any good. >> reporter: eugene took off from the scene of that crash. police caught up with him a short time later. he is facing a slew of charges
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there will be a candlelight vigil in the 5-year-old honor next thursday. president obama announced he would be the first presesent to visit cuba in 88 years. the social view on 6 flooded with both messages of support for the president's plan while others say he should stay away from the communist country. nbc 6 has teamoverage tonight. we begin with willard shepard live from the f fedom tower in miami. >> reporter: the president will be heading to cuba on the 21st of march. he'll spend the night there. then on the 22nd he'll head to argentina. the president and the white house today saying this is the way to go when it cos to the improved relations with cuba. it's been ten months since the famous handshaa at the summit
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president barack obama and cuban president raul castro. now this. a message from obama himself on twitter announcing that, i'll avel to cuba to advance our progress and efforts that can improve the lives of the cuban people. the trip comes even though the white house says it waants the cuban government to do more. >> i don't think we will be satisfied. i don't think we've been sasasfied to date. frankly, i think we're always going to have differences with this gogornment because they have a different political system. >> reporter: the last time a u.s. president was on cuban soil calvin coolidge almost 90 years ago. reaation from cuban american representatives in congress was hard on the administration. >> there is no justification for president obama to make a visit toto cuba before real and substantive democratic rereforms
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>> this is obama as obama. we should not be surprised. i know none of youare. >> it asks nothing of the cubanan government. >> reporter: the white house says some members of congress will make the trip. it's congress that still has it within its control whether the embargo will be lifted or not. and the president will have a lot of competition when he is there in havana during march. the rolling stones, they'll be playayg on the island the day before he gets there in the evening. ththn if you like baseball, the cuban national team is taking on the tampa bay rays at the same time as well. we're live in downtown miami. nbc 6 news. n ns of the historic visit being met with mixed reactions from south florida's cuban america community as well. many are wondering what change the president's trip will bring, if any.
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generations of cubans about the trip. >> reporter: a school was established in havana cuba and relocated here after ctro expelled it. >> i thought it interesting. >> reporter: president obama's announcement that he's going to cuba sparked some conversation today. >> it will a gesture to bow down to them basically in essence. >> porter: this father and son share their disapproval. >> as long as there are communists with ctro still being there, i don't think he should go. >> ifou don't know history, you may think this is a good idea. you may think visiting may help.
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side but you can look at it through the side that may be through this cuba will have the opportunity to be freed from that oppression. >> reporter: change in policy after decades may be what turns things around for the island country. >> it is very sad to see people living in those condotions. evee through diplomacy the american dream be reached. >> what i've seen there. there are so many restrictions, abuses, and so many people that die. >> the people that are in jail are still in jail. the oppression continues. the poverty continues. there's nothing his visit there will fix. >> reporter: only time will tell the success the trip will have on cuba and its people. nbc 6 news.
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heads to cuba, so will nbc 6. we'll be live in havana for his historic trip. meanwhile, be sure to follow all the latest developments out of cuba in the@ cuba crossroads section of the nbc 6 news and weather app. we new details. miami police have arrested 32-year-old alfredo garcia for the crime that happened last month. he's the man seen on surveillance video fallollowing a group of teens. police have linked garcia to a string of robberies. a broward lawyer accused of having sex with an inmate returns to court to try to get her client out of jail. as she defends him, broward deputies find a way to get the two separated. we are live at the courthouse in ft. lauderdale with more. >> reporter: jawan, jessica
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will have to meet w wh her client at the jail behind a window with cameras present ter learning that her client's bond has been denied yet again. she says this is not fair because she never had inappropriate relations with her client. now it's going to be diffifiult for her to continue to prepare for his trial. defense attorney jessica david making headlines back in a broward courtroom today not because she's tryg to get bond for her client, who is facing a number of charges including attempted murder. rather the scandalous behaveior she allegedly had with him. she was caught >> those allegations are false. there is no evidence of those allegations whatsoever. >> reporter: the allegations had
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the ban has been lifted after an emergency hearing. david can only meet with her client behind a window. shu argues they can't have meaningful contact or prepare paperwork properly before trial, but the judge disagrees. >> what the setup looks like to me is how it was in the old days in the 80s and 90s and early 2000s. that's the only way lawyers communicated with their clients. >> reporter: david said her client's safety is in jeopardy. >> mr. granda is not safe in the custody of the broward county jail because of the corruption in bso. >> reporter: she says it has nothing to do with her and everything to do with her client. i'm his attorney. i'm also the one fighting for him, helping him, protecting him. to separate us is to do great harm to mr. granda.
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an open investigation to determine whether any action should be taken against hee the beyonce boycott next ahead of the miami police union. they are urging others to do t t same. a bungling burglar is caught on camera breaking into a store the hard way. will this great wther continue into the weekend? the forecast is next.
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after being ripped off by a deputies in jacksonville are on the hunt for a clumsy burglar. surveillance video from a popeye's fried chicken restaurant caught him falling through the ceiling and laying on theh floor. after breaking into the safe, he fled with cash. beyonce's super bowl halftime performance was met with acclaim by her fans. the miami police union announced it is planning to boycott the singer's new world tour concert. we are live in the newsroom with more on the controversy. >> when beyonce kicks off her tour in miami this april, members of the miami fraternal order of police don't plan to be there. it is in reaction to her controversial super bowl
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that had black panther costumes. now according to javier ortiz, beyonce does not support law enforcement. he has been bashing her all day on his ttter account. back the blue, boycott beyonce. ortiz is calling for other law enforcement and labor organizations to boycott beyonce's concerts across the country as well. the miami police department has yet to issue a statement on the union's planned boycott. beyonce has not commented publicly on the controversy. the tour will k kk off on april 27th at m mlins park. pretty day in south florida despite just a few more clouds.
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the strong breeze that generated some rip currents at the coast. they might clip the lower keys. no rain is expected. take a look outside now. our overeverglades holiday park cam. another spectacular view of our everglades. let's take a look at current headlines. fair weather that we have right now and yesterday. that pattern is expected to continue into the weekend with low humidity, pleasant temperatures. our next storm chance would be tuesday night next week. i'm starting to bring it up now because it could be quite the ld front and quite the squall linn we'll see how things pan out, but there is a chance that it could bring some severe weather next week. 72 in miaia and ft. lauderdale right now as well as pompano beach. 71 d drees in key west. so the wind has been coming in
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that's what's generating rough surf now. marine conditions have deteriorated and the breeze is anywhere from about 10 to 15 miles per hour or so as you can see at this hour. tomorrow winds could be a little bit stronger across south florida. as far as the clouds are concerned, there you see them off to the east and north of the bahamas. as the breeze comes in from the northeast, sometimes we get the clouds moving through. so far@ no rain from these clouds, but tomorrow again we'll have the same dose of cloudiness mixing with sunshine across south florida. really. breezy tomorrow. was. great. evening, it should be a breezy evening with low humidity. a few clouds. degrees. that is e average low for this time of the year. tomorrow up to 75 for your high.
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with mostly sunny skies. sunday upto 79. slightly warmer. it will feel comfortable. into the 80s monday into tuesday and even wednesday. again, tuesday is when we have that front approaching. tuesday night is when we'll have the highest risk of thunderstorms. then these should start to depart on wednesday morning. the timing of all this still in question because of course this event is so far out into the future, but we'll let you know as it approaches whether we're going to possibly be facing some strong thunderstorms ast crosses through. after that front moves by, it will be much cooler towards the latter half of next week. highs in the lower 30s erer 70s and lows in the 50s again. it will bringbelow normal temperatures by that time. well, it happens all too often out there. someone takes your hard earned
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>> she kept calling him and
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welelme back. if you have ever lost money to a contractor out ththe, you know what a bad situation it is, but there's a little known pot of money the state collects to reimburse homeowners. >> it's not an easy process. >> that's ght. we talked to people who say the fund is too difficult for the aperage person to access on their own and state records show many who tryait years to find out if they'll qualify for the cash. maria gonzalez loves the view from her home. but every window reminds her daughter-in-law of whattent wrong. >> every time i go to her house and i see her hurricane shutters, i think about how she was taken advantage of. >> reporter: her%mother-in-law gave a contractor more than $2,000 as a down payment for hurricane shutters. she says she thought they were going to do a good job, but in
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the contractor disappeared along with this housekeeper's money. >> she doesn't have disposable income to give away $2,000 like that. >> reporter: that's why that jumped on the florida homeowners constructctn recovery fund. it reimbursing up to $50,000 if you lost your money to a licensed contract, got a judgment in your favor, and have no other way to collect the money. >> i thought it was great. i said great. >> reporter: butten years after writing the check, they haven't seen any money back. the state fund says it is awaiting additional paperwork for the family. that is the case for a full 33% of those who have applied. st 29% of the more than 1,000 people who have applied have gotten their money back. >> i'm happy with what we got. >> reporter: he is one of those peopl he got $50,000 from the fund after he says his contractor
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>>he process and there's one word for it, burdensome. burdensome and expensive. >> reporter: he's grateful, but he says the process took him more than two years. he has to refinance his home twice, take out a loan, and pay an attorney $17,000. >> the home recovery fund needs be looked at by legislators. it really needs revision. it really needs to have more customer friendly documentation. >> there's no sense in creating a pot of gold for victims to go to and knock on the door and try and get there if it is guarded by barbed wire. that makes no sense. >> reporter: he says the fund is an important safety net for consumers, but has too many legal hoops for consumers to jump through. >> they need to have instructions for them to be able
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>> we're trying to see if there is anything we can do. >> reporter: we contacted the state fund to find out what paperwork is still need from michelle and her mother-in-law. they are in the process of submitting it. they will keep waiting. >> it will take the bad taste of our mouths. >> reporter: and hoping. changes have been made over the years to make it the process easier for homeowners. nbc 6. a reminder tonight that the nbc 6 investigatorsrsre working for you out there. if you have a story you want them to check out, send an e-mail or call our tip lines. good afternoon. ahead for us, trump versus the pope. why those two are now at odds. if a hospital can be have its computer data taken for ransom,
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans workard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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and finally tonight a quick look at today's top stories. president barack obama makeing a move in n s efforts to restore relations with cuba. he will make a trip in march. his plans an't sitting well with some south florida lawmakers who don't think he should be visiting the island while the castro brothers are in power. this after the florida supreme court once again overturned the murder conviction of ana maria cardona. jurors found her guilty twwe before in two separate trials for torturing and killing lazaro
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fraternal order of police are calling for all police officerer to boycott beyonce's tour. in a statement, the president of the fraternal order accuses the pop star of spreading an anti-police message. you can follow the latest on these stories and other news making headlines on the nbc 6 news and weather app. download it for free. just a lovely few days ahead for us, right? >> yes. all the way into the weekend and possibly beyond. there's your weekend forecast, friday, saturday, and sunday. no rain. lows in the 60s, highs in the 7070s. who can complain about this weather? somebody will always complain. >> always, but it looks beautiful though. >> it's going to be great. rip currents are possible at the beaches. otherwise it looks great. >> we'll take it. >> that's our report for tonight.
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11:00. developing news tonight. the pope versus trump. shock waves as pope francis weighs into the race for president. why he said donald trump is not a christian. donald firing back. it's getting ugly as rubio and cruz have accusations. sudden impact. a terrifying chopper crash caught on tape near pearl harbor. breaking news from hawaii. a hospital hacked. its computers frozen, forced to pay ransomm to gain back control. and a warning it could happen to you. and hidden risk. when even exercise


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