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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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after flames consumed the apartment she was trapped in. >> the little girl's mother was in the complex but not inside the home at the time. >> where was the mother? >> reporter: that's a question police are working t t answer right now. detectives from the miami dade police department just got here joining fire resc as they continue to work the scene. firefighters say they pulled that little girl from this bottom apartment through that window. 9400 west flagler street. first respononrs rushed here after several emergency calls reporting a fire in one of the units. >> from the first floor of that building. >> reporter: this witness lives nearby. >> smoke and smoke. i smell a lot of smoke. >> reporter: he says he smelled the fire before he saw the flames. this is cell p pne video he shot. >> i h hrd there was a 5-year-old involved. she w left alone.
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told us the child was found ane. >> nobody else in the apartment that we've been able to locate. >> > porter: firefighters got the child out and next rushed over to a nearby hospital. we're told the juvenile is in stable condition and the flame didn't spread to any of the surrounding condos. >> get pretty worried about you and your family and what's going to happen if it spreads. >> reporter: getting back to that little girl, she is expected to make a full recovery according to officials. smoke inhalation is the only complication we know of in terms of the your of the injuries. why was that child left alone? you heard me say that fire officials believe the little girl started the blaze somehow. they say fire investigators will
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how that happened. the democratic race for president is narrowing tonight. a new nbc new wall street poll shows the former secretary of state hillary clinton still leads senator bernie sanders by double digits, by sanders cut the national lead from 25 to 11 points. this comes just before saturday's democratic caucuses in nevada. tonight the democrats and some gop presidential candidates took part in town halls. we have more tonight. >> reporterrmsnbc's town hall with the democratic candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton just wrapped up. the vermont senator went first talking about raising the minimum wage to $15. he called for police reform and described himself as a feminist. several questions revolold around immigration and whether he wld use executive powers if
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>> it is major priority when you he 11 million people live nging in thee shadows. i think we owe it to them to move quickly. if congress does not act, i will continue president obama's efforts to use executive powers. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton also said immigration reform would be one issue she pushes for in the first 100 days as president if she's elected. >> raising the retirement age would very well eliminate a lot of hard working people from getting social security at all. i will n do that. >> reporter: while clinton and nevada. the second part of a two-part town hall for republican candidates was held in south carolina. john kasich kicked off the event hoping to build on his second place finish in new hampshire. he tried to appeal to the
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the need to slow down and listen to people. when asked about how he feel about marco rubio's getting nikki haley's endorsement, jeb bush touted the support he received from lindsey graham. >> he chose me because he believes i would be ready to serve on day one and leadad of the free world. that's a pretty ringing endorsemenfor a guy who is probably the leading national security expert in the united states senate. >> we need a certain toughnhns. if we don't have it we're not going to end up with a toughness. we're going to let people come io this country that will be isis or icesis related. >> reporter: several candidates on both sides said president ama should use his executive power to nominate the next
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antonin scalia. others have said the president should wait andnd leave the next commander in chief that duty. >> thanks.% nbc 6 is everywhere. political reporter is traveling to south carolinahead of the primary. you can look for his report on friday. you can always follow him on twitter for updates on the campaign trail. an update on pope francis that's got a lot of people clicking on the nbc 6 news and weather app. he was asked about donald trump's promise to build a wall on the southernoi)i)border. his response, i say this man is not question if he's said things like that, end quote. donald not wasting any time in s response that's now going viral. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> the war of words getting a lot of attention on social media and some backlash.
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out that the vatican is surrounded by wall. next month president obama will be traveling to cuba in a historic trii white house officials say the visit will take place on march 21st and 22nd. the president will meet with cuban leader. news of the president's upcoming trip comes after the u.s. and cuba restore their diplomatic relations for the first time in 50 years. president obama took to twitter to make the historic announcement. the president said he's not turning a blind eye by meeting with anti-government dissidents. even though relatiwns have thawed, there's still differences@ between the two. nbc 6 is everywywre. be sure to stay with us as we travel to havana for the president's historic trip next month.
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criminal crackdown to get prostitutes, burglars and gang members off the streets of miami. they continue their special operation rounding up suspected criminals to show that crimes come with consequences. nbc 6 began following the crackdown early this morning and join police again before they wrap up in another few hours. the sweep comes amid concerns about etchy activity in the area and a need to improve the quality of life. police say that are hoping their efforts clean up the crime and deter it in the future. the 13-year-old seen here as he was robbed is breathing a sigh of relief. the accused thief is behind bars. the suspect in that robbery is accused of several other crimes as well. >> reporter: that's right. the teenagers are walking around comfortably knowing the peon who robbed them is in jail. the same suspect is accused of a
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>> out of nowhere, a guy comes from the back. i thought it was family member or something. >> reporter: it wasn't family. it was armed robber. >> he just came and took my chain. he threatened he with a gun and bracelet. i didn't have enough time. he ripped it off and ran. >> reporter: it happened last month but this week police identified and arrested crime. >> it was fast. i was telling him take it. i'm not sure if i was scared or nervous. it was too fast. >> reporter: surveillance video shows him snagging a necklace off the flashed a gun and ordered t t rest of his jewelry. >> iever seen that guy in my life. >> we were all shocked at the moment and didn't move. >> reporter: he's responsible
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city. >> i could have ended up getting shot or injured. he should learn from what he did. that wasn't right. >> reporter: police kblooef the suspect may be responsible for more crimes. if you think you recognize the man you're asked to call crime stoppers. police are looking for this man who robbed a woman at gunpoint as she took out money from the atm. he got away with her purse. this happened back in january at a wells fargo on flagler street. investigators want to know who the thieves are tonight. if you think you can help call miami dade crime stoppers. new tonight, a pilot's world is turned upside down when the plane crashes in the keys. it went down this evening.
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before going down. it's not clear what caused the crash but the pilot walked away unharmed and no one on the ground was hurt. south florida. the forecast is next. dramatic video as a heldhelicopter plunges into the water below. boycotting beyonce. why miami police say they will
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concert. welcome back. dramatic video captured as a helicopter mama a crash landing in pearl harbor. the navy says the chopper is owned by a company that gives tours around the area. a family of four and pilot were on board. good samaritans jumped into action and helped pull the five people out of water.
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16-year-old is in critical season. >> they did an amazing job. he put it rig off the shore where everybody was. as soon as people saw what was happening they started running. i started running the opposite way. as soon as it hit the water, saw it splash down. two people popped out. i jumped in. >> witnesses reca seeing smoke from the chopper's tail at the time. it's unclear what caused it to go down. this april beyonce will kick off her 2016 formation world tour right here in miami but members of the miami fraternal order of police won't be there. the boycott is in release of her latest single formation. the song's video got attention for a wall that reads stop shooting us.
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unn her actions mean she does not support law enforcement.@ she's been bashing her all day. back the blue, boycott beyonce. he's calling for other label organizations tooycott the concert. the miami police union is not the only organization upset with beyonce beyonce's alleged anti-police message. a group called proud of the blues announced an anti-beyonce rally but only three people showed up. her only show in the magic city is already sold out. tonight we hear from a south florida father still heartbroken after his son is struck and killed by man running from police. this is the last photo he has of his son seen here with his baby sitter. the 5-year-old and his two brothers were visiting their great grandparents saturday when little jaden was hit by a driver
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trying to escape. his older brother is still wearing the same clothes from saturday refusing to change. the father is devastated he won't get to see him grow up. >> i just really wish i could have seen what he was going to turn out to be. he touched a lot of people. >> poli caught the driver seen here. he was released from prison and was driving without a license. he's facing a long list of charges including vehicular homicide. today is national wine day. some people may will celebrating with a couple of classes of cabernet. tonight our sister station puts the gadgets to the test. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: to demonstrate the use of smart phone breathalyzers
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they scored a table at gc marketplace. they enjoy gourmet snacks and a glass of wine each. then we breathe out three portable breathalyzer. we wait 20 minutess as directed and have the women blow into each device recording the results on smart phone apps. round one. they registered a .00. the no one registered above a .01. they had two more glasses of wine a piece. >> i'm feeling a wine buzz. >> now the numbers vary more with backtrack reporting higher readings including a .09 reading for tess.
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>> reporter: the i team invited police officer toest the women. his results come closest to backtrack. >> reporter: round three. each woman drinks a fourth glass of wine. >> if f had to, i would drive home. >> would you feel comfortable riving now? >> i wouldn't. >> reporter: tess .09. >> i would drive very slowly. >> reporter: ellie was .07. backtrack has all three higher, too impaired to drive in the eyes of the law. >> andblow. >> reporter: officer's stones results match backtrack precise preciselyprecise precisely recording each woman as legally drunk. they voice concern and confusion about the handli of devices. >> it wasn't easy to use.
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long, for that length of time. i found it very difficult. >> reporter: as a designated driver escorted them home, officer stone told the@potential for user error is the reason they fail to meet legalr scientific standard. drive. >> the makers of all three say they stand behind the results of their devices. the company unveiled an update and bluetooth model that promises police gradede technology. another long stretch of great weather here in south florida between cold fronts. the next one won't be here until tuesday night. it looks like the weather will
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been these days all the way into the weekend. look at the lows this morning. 59 in ft. lauderdale. miami international stayedbove low of 61. thisair weather stretch will continue into the weekend. low humidity, pleasant temperatures. our coolest night was last night. tonight we're probably stay for most places above 60 degrees. couple of interior locations might get into t 50s. tuesday will be our next chance to see storms here in south florida. currently, 69 in miami. the you can see we have plenty of clouds offshore to our east and
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west or the south/southwest with the northesterly breeze. that's why some clouds are clipping the coast. we haa few more clouds today compared to yesterday in terms of sky cover. too. as a matter of fact i've got conditions. you can see it here. 7:00 a.m. on the future tracker. future tracker tries to bring a couple of isolated sprinkles. generally speaking, i expect a gusty breeze from the east. partly cloudy skies. it should be rain free. look for temperatures tomorrow to reach the mid-70s after a morning start. 63 is our normal low for this time of year. tomorrow sunset will be at 6:16. we're adding aboutut a minute of day length to the day. gradually the days are getting longer.
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s lows i the mid-60s. we'll see just how strong they are. we'll defefe that as we get closer to the event. after the front moves through conditions will be drier and cooler for thursday, a week from today. back to you. sounds good. you get a shirt. you get a shirt. you get a shirt. sound familiar? the queen of talk is auctioning off her wardrobe from her work closet. how you can get your hands on
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a zoo miami tub goes for a deadly house fire claims the life of a michigan man but his dog managed to survive. the man's dog who was found inside the burning building was rescued. shegs named halley. she was taken to an animal hospital for treatment. she's expected to live and be okay. oprah fans will soon be okay and own some of her gently used high fashion items for as low as 99 cents. she's cleaned out her closet and she will be auctioning more than 250 of her items on e bay. bidding will start at 99 cents and is sure to go way up. all proceeds will go to the leaderlead er
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leadership academy for girls. harr harpo studios is closing after 25 years. the drone captured aerials of olympic park. the local organizing committee % says the park reached the 97% completion mark at the end of january. nbc 6 is your home for the olympic games which begin august 5th. the man sitting right next to me will be in the heart of it all. >> you're one lucky man. >> scoping out where i'll be working. another heat trade.
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university after (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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the heat making a move before today's nba trade deadline. they didn't bring anybody new in but said good-bye to bryan roberts. let's take a look back at his miami heat career. man, we're going to miss him. what's his name again? roberts. any way, he was in that photo
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i swear. got traded from the heat. an hour later he got traded to portland. the move, along with the heat's other two trades this week, birdman on tuesday, justt about cost cutting. as the heat wait to find out when chris bosh will be back, they will likely wait until after the season to make any major cangess to the roster and the team. he's been so good he got to start tonight. first time all year that's happened believe it or not. panthers hosting san jose fresh off his 44th birthday. are you kidding me. he continues to defy the aging process. his 740th career goal, fourth most all time. later in third, san jose strikes back. beats montoya. great chance in the three on three.
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great save there. we go to the shoot out. making it look easy. scoresto put the pressure on florida. no dice. san jose winsp in overtime. first place panthers. still get a point. i think we know the secret to their success. here is yesterday's win. look look at that. he raises the roof. he's going to dab.
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zoo miami baby tiger is a new name. the cub successfully passed the swim test, a crucial step toward letting him roam around in tiger exhibit. >> in case he ever falls into the motes, they want to make
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he surfaced and made his way to safety and proves he's ready. the zoo staff expect to move the baby and its mother in next several days. way to go. a big accomplhment. >> we'll have to go to zoo miami to check it out. it was nice weather out >> this is the best time to visit the zoo when the weather is nice like this. there's the forecast. highs in the mid to upper 70s and lows in the mid-60s. >> thanks for watches. the tonighttshow i [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeges, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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