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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  February 19, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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few sprinkles across the area. i think it's a m mnly dry forecast. we're contending with the beach breeze that really got established yesterday. here is where we are with the winds right now. mid to upper 60s and northeast winds running about 10 to 15 miles per hour. the winds will increase just a touchch this afternoon as our temperatures begin to climb into the mid 70s. here is the big picture. high pressure anchored acss the mid atlantic bringing in extra cloud cover. in and out of clouds today. the clouds containing a few sprinkles. still weighing the forecast, partly sunny to partly cloudy skies. a mild morning at 68. breeze kicks up and we see a nice afternoon with highs at 75. that's actually below average. we will warm through the weekend. details on that part of the forecast in just a little bit. approaching 5:01. let's check traffic with kelly. we're accident free in miami-dade and broward county. good news if you're making your weigh out the door. we have construction on the northbound lanes of ives dairy
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be mindful, three lanes blocked off. should be clearing up within the next 15 to 200 minutes. let's change our first alert cameras to 395 where we had construction on the westbound lanes. you can see a couple lanes sttl blkd off. construction crews off to the left-hand side. the coness blocking the center lanes. your right lanes blocked off on if you want to avoid this construction alert, you may want to take the julia tuddle causeway instead. i-95 northbound, as you're trying to ramp on to the dolphin expressway, you won't be able to. all lanes are comptely blocked off. we also have 836 eastbound east of northwest 57th avenue, a couple of lanes there blocked off. the palmetto expressway northbound right at northwest 58th reet, all lanes completely shut down. now to an update on criminal crackdown to get prostitutes, burglars and gang members off the streets of miami. officers wrapped up their special operation four hours ago at 1:00 overnight.
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suspected criminals to show that crimes come withh consequences. the sweep comes amid concerns about sketchy activity in the flag gam many area and the need to improve the quality of life. police y they hope their efforts clean up the crime and deter it in the future. another update in the disturbing case with the south floridaase of the mom accused of killing her child.% as of now she'll be confined to her home with a gps monitor on. she was arrrrt eded when her baby was found in a freezer. a south florida musician was shot and killed by a police officer. >> what we understand at this point is it burned, but the circumstances surrounding it, whether it was deliberate, whether it was an accident,
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>> it's mysterious. the family was there that morning, wondering what exactly happened here. it comes fur months from the day that a palm beach gardens officer shot corey jones to death near i-95 and the pga exit boulevard. a family friend spottet the roadside memorial on fire yesterday. you see the dash camera video that captured the f fmes. his brother spoke about it. >> when you came here and saw this, at was your first instinct? >> who did it. >> so you do think somebody did it? zbli know we didn't do it. >> signs, stuffed animals and candles make up the memorial. police say they have no reason to believe someone setthe fire on purpose. they are still investigating. coming up at 6:00 a.m., you'll hear from the man who captured those flames on his dash cam. >> julia, thank you so much. we'll talk to you again at 5:30.
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toying if your out why a child was home alone when her aparent caught on fire. her mom could be facing charges. michael spears is outside the found. michael, w w were discussing the fact that they believe mom was at the apartment complex, just not in that specific apartment when the fire started. is that right? >> reporter: that's ght, eric. that's a key part of the investigation. firefighters say they rescued that 5-year-old girl from this burning apartment. when they got in, she was alone inside. good news as you mentioned, she is okay. that little girl is recovering hospital. but again, investigators trying to piece together why she was left alone in the apartment and how she may have started the fire. have a look at this video. this is cell phone video from last night, it captures the chaos and how busy the seen was. this is at the versailles
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firefighters got the call before 8:00 p.m., that the girl's mother was outside somewhere else in the complex. neighbors were evacuated. some were truly worried that the fire wouldspread. >> coming from the building right across from the one you live in, you get pretty worried about your andyour family and what's going to happen ift spreads or not. >> reporter: luckily the expected to be okay. firefighters were able to contain the fire to this one unit, prevent it from spreading. neighbors were eventually let back in to the condos. as far as the investigation, it's not yet clear if police will file criminal charges. northwest miami-dade, michael spears, nbc 6 news. your time is five the hour. this morning we're hearing from a 3450er march father heartbroken after hisison was hit and killed by a man running from police.
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den has of his sanjay den. they were visiting their grandparents' house when jayden was hit by a car trying to escape police. jayden's brother is wearing the same clothes on saturday, refusing to change. he says his little boy jaden, he's never going to get to see him grow up. >> i just really wish i could see what he was going to turn out to be. he touched a lot of people. >> police later caught the driver who was released frr prison recently. facing vehicular homicide charges. a pilot's world is turned upside down when his plane crashed in the keys. he was t ting to land the plane at a private air pot.
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actually hit the ground. it's not clear what caused the crash officially. the pilot walked away unlarmd and no one on the ground was hurt. this morning we know more about president obama's historic trip to cuba. the white house says the trip will take place on march 21st and 22nd. ke'll meet with raul castro, entrepreneurs and members of civil society. the meeting comes for the first time in 50 years. president obama took to at which time tore make the historic announcement. the president says he's not turning a blind eye to human rights concerns. he emphasized that even though relations have thawed, there are still differences between the two governments. president obama is the first prsident to visit cuba since
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pope francis in the news a lot. this time weighing in on concerns surrounding zika. why his comments are causing a lot of controversy. a florida deputy stops a woub robber in his tracks. how a craving for snacks made it all happen. a warm morning across south florida, running about ten degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday. the onshore breeze, few extra clouds leading to a mild morning.
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welcome back. it's 5:11 on your friday morning. this morning in decision 2016 we're a day away from democrats caucuses in nevada and republicans voting in south carolina. tracie potts is in washington, d.c. with a closer look at what's to come later today. >> reporter: the clinton family campaigns in nevada today. with just 2 hours to go until nevada's democratic caucus, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are essentially tied, both going after the state's large latino electorate. >> my immigration policy is to unite families, not divide families. >> i was the fst person to call out donald trump. i said bust us, enough of this prejudice and paranoia. >> reporter: trump with a smaller but still firm lead in south carolina blasted president george w. bush on iraq, defended
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war and toned down his criticism of poach francis. the pope called him unchristian for wanting to build a wall with mexico. >> i think he was v%ry much misinterpreted and i also think he was given false information. >> i don't think it's appropriate to question donald trump's faith. >> reporter: ted cruz and marco rubio are courting south carolina's conservatives. >> -- and ensure that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states is a real and prove even conservative. >> i really appreciate -- >> reporter: john kasich is making voters feel good. >> we alll need to slow down a little bit. >> reporter: as the demoats and republicans go after their next election prizetomorrow. >> as of right now, hillary clinton and donald trump remain in the lead nationally, although clinton's lead has been cut in half in just the last month. tracie potts, nbc news, washington.
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political reporter steve litz is traveling to south carolina ahead of the primary. you can look for his live reports starting tonight at 5:00 and you can always follow him on twitter for updates. his handle on twitter,@steve twitter, @stevenbc6. on his way back to t vatican from mexico someone asked the pope if the church would consider birth control compared to women aborting fetuses infected with the virus. the spread of zeek r zika in latin amererca is urging women to avoid getting pregnant until the virus is under control. witn a few hours, an official from the world health organization will give an update. the number of cases of the virus keeps growing in the united states and including here in florida. just in the last week, two new
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miami-dade. all cases so far are travel-related. the sunshine state is proving to be a tourist favorited! favorite. for the nifgt year in a row, here are the numbers to back it up. 105 tourists made their way to florida. the fifth year in a row a new record was set for us here in florida. governor rick scott has pushed for more money for tourism and marketing. maybe that's possibly why. he says if he starts setting a higher targ for tourism this year, even more will show up next year. coming up on 5:15 friday morning. all is quiet across south florida. we have to contend with the breeze today. i think it will be a mainly dry pattern. we're not seeing any activity on live first alert doppler except a few sprinkles near elliot key. a few sprinkles coming in on thehe
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otherwise in and out of cloud cover and we'll contend with the wind. it won't be around forever. i think progressively the weather gets better as the weekend goes on. any time you can get live first alert doppler on your smart phone. while you're checking your e-mail and scrolling facebook, you can check the radar, but you'll probably just scroll facebook. here is what's on the roads this morning. >> let's just be honest, friends. sheli, put something on facebook so i can look at it. kelly will bring you up to date on traffic in a moment. if you're out west, skies are mostly clear to partly cloudy. but the breeze toward the beaches staying elevated all night long at about ten to 15 now, increasing at 15 to 20 with gusts to 25 this afternoon. a pattern very similar, very parallel to what we experienced on thursday.
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temperatures warmer, too, with the exception of west den kendall. the 69 we're seeing in west kendall due to clear skies and light wind. a breezy day down through the florida keys here. ptly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. not bad. 74 iney west, 75 in marathon. east wind at 15 to 20. first alert weather here, last day of the workweek, upper 60s, lower 70s on the drive in. a slow climb. temperature. afternoon. worst case scenario we see a sprinkle. tonight we head to the mid 60s. the coastal locations will hold on to the breeze out west, mainly clear skies. the storm track as i mentioned yesterday, kauaiquiet through the weekend. early next week into tuesday a chance for rain. it looksike the next batch of cold air will stay to our north. nextfew days despite the
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sunday the best day of the next few, 78, less wind, lots of sunshine. let's check traffic now at 5:17. >> putting something on facebook. >> i will like it. >> are you in bed right now? are you having breakfast? eggs, bay con. you're going to be able to see this on facebook live. so right now we're taking a look at 395, eastbound and westbound lanes. we definitely have construction on the macarthur causeway. that construction has cleared which is a good thing to as you make your wawa out the door. no accidents in miami-dade or broward county. you can hang out with us a little longer. ryan is doing that live thing kids are doing. if you'reheaded out the door right now on i-95 northbound at the dolphin expressway, we still have the ramp to the dolphin expressway completely shut down. we also have a couple of lanes blocked off on the 836 eastbound
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826 southbound right at kendall drive, all lanes still remain shut down for another 10 to 15 minutes. crews are testing the amtrak trains in alabama for the first time since the tracks were damaged during hurricane katrina. that was ten years ago. a crowd cheered as a passenger train arrived yesesrday afternoon. the goal is to resume service through the g gf coast. no word on when that would happen. deputies in jacksonville, florida, are on the hunt for a very clumsy burglar. this is why. you can check out the full video on our nbc news and weather ach. here is a piece of it. you see the guy, boom, this is at a popeye's restaurant. there he is on the ground, falling to a heap on the floor. the man spent a couple hours trying to pry open a safe underneath the counter. yes, a couple hours. deputies say he did eventually break into it and ended up getting away with a bunch of crash.
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robber walking into a gas station south of port st. lucie. seconds later, an off duty officer walks in and notices the clerk looking a little nervous. the suspect now in custody. kelly, wherere you? we're about to have an overload on cuteness. >> he passed his swimming lesson. i knew that. >> zoo miami's baby sumatra tiger is one step closer to her new home. the cub successfully passed his swimming test. every parent's wonderful dream. a crucial step towards letting him roam around the tiger exhibit there. in case he ever falls into the moat, staff wanted to make sure
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he proved he was ready, ready for the real world. thth zoo staff do expect that baby to move with his mother within the next coue days back into their enclosure. >> he's cute. keep him far from all of us. >> he's cute now because he's this big. in six months, he'll eat you. >> that's not funny. i'm laughing over here. new images released by nasa show interesting findings inside our solar system. >> also television's favorite
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reun welcome back. it is 5:23 on your friday morning. we'll play a little game this morning. are you ready? as you leave home and walk into work, check out the cubicle next to you. if it's empty, that might be for a veryry good reason. >> we were just talking about this. julia is tracking the latest flu numbers. these numbers just out of the cdc. >> pretty fresh, eric and sheli. 17 states ha regional outbreaks, that includes our sunshine state. i want to show you a map out from the centers for disease control. another seven states with darker colors, they're the ones that
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about new york and california. for florida, we've got regional cases. the flu season here has gotten off to a slow start but usually peaks this time of year. the cdc triggers the flu will trigger 31 million outpatient visits. coming up, find out how many of us can expect to come down with that bug this year. sheli? billions of miles away in space, bluetoe pluto, may have once had an ocean against its surface. the photo was taken in 2015 showing what could have been water, has long since frozen ann and expanded. scientists have hundreds of review.
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friends went off the air. the hit show "friends." fans for a very long time have been hohong with those folks to have rhee union. >> this weekend fans will get their wish. >> the cast of "friends" minus matthew perry coming together to celebrate the career of director james burrows. this guy is doing something right. some hit shows for sure. the special will air this weekend on sunday, 9:00 p.m., and it will be right here on nbc 6. >> that's going to be great. time is 5:25. still much more ahead in our next half hour of news. not everyone is sing beyonce's
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now at 5:30, a child is in the hospital this morning after a fire breaks out inside her apartment. police trying to figure out why she was home alone when it happened ncht the miami police union is talking about boycotting the beyonce tour. donald trump takes on pope francis. the pontiff questioning the candidate's christianity and now the donald is firing back. >> live, "nbc 6 today" starts now. hi, everybody. it's friday, in case you didn't know. that is the word of the day. it is friday and it is 5:30 on your friday. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. that means you c cn put away the alarm clock. know where to find i i when it comes to sunday which will be here quickly. >> we made it through the week and now the focus is on the weekend. what is your weather going to be looking like. meteorologist ryan phillips has
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>> the b2feze starting to pick up and i think that's the only highlight or low light leading into our friday and into the weekend. mild temperatures, a lot of sunshine. 69 in opa-locka as well as miami and palm beach. notice the 60, it really stands out down into the west kendall area. light winds and clear skiess out west. out towards the beaches, a few extra clouds and the breeze a little stronger. that's keeping it a touch warmer. with the clouds cycling in this morning, in and out of sunshine. could even see a sprinkle. nothihg to impede the drive. 836 looking good. a mild start, upper 60s will do it on the drive in. breezy on the beach, ploud with highs of 75. we're accident free in miami-dade and broward county. you can hang out with us a little longer. i-95 southbound, the express lanes have reopened.


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