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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  February 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> the b2feze starting to pick up and i think that's the only highlight or low light leading into our friday and into the weekend. mild temperatures, a lot of sunshine. 69 in opa-locka as well as miami and palm beach. notice the 60, it really stands out down into the west kendall area. light winds and clear skiess out west. out towards the beaches, a few extra clouds and the breeze a little stronger. that's keeping it a touch warmer. with the clouds cycling in this morning, in and out of sunshine. could even see a sprinkle. nothihg to impede the drive. 836 looking good. a mild start, upper 60s will do it on the drive in. breezy on the beach, ploud with highs of 75. we're accident free in miami-dade and broward county. you can hang out with us a little longer. i-95 southbound, the express lanes have reopened.
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taking a look at a 12-minute ride from the golden glades around northwest 135th street. no issues northbound towards the golden glades interchange. we have couple of construction alerts still that haven't cleared up. 39, that's cleared up. but i-95 northbound as you're approaching the dlphin expressway, you still have all lanes completely blocked off. on the dolphin expressway eastbound just a little east of northwest 57th avenu expect two of your left lanes to be blocked off. you wa to stick to your right-hand side. this should be clearing within the next five to ten minutes. 826 southbound at 88th street, all lanes completely shut down. this did clear, palmetto expressway southbound, the entire area was blocked off at miami lakes drive. now all lanes are open. this is a top talker on the nbc 6 news and weather app. exccement builds as we get closer to april and beyonce's world tour launches here in miami. thth miami police union saying
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the venue. erika glover is live at marlin park with the reason they're so upset. good morning to you, erica. >> reporter: good morning, sheli. when beyonce kicks off her 2016 world tour here at marlins park, she won't have the support of miami's fraternal order of police. they say that's in response to her controversial super bowl performance of her latest single called formation. if you haven't seen the video, heard the song or missed the performance, check it out. here it is. beyonce's backup dancers wore black panthers style costumes and referredo malcolm x. you can see officers signaling the hands up don't shoott gesture and stop shooting us is written in graffffi. thursday miami fop president javier ortiz released a statement which says the
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law enforcement offers boycott her concert. ortiz says beyonce used her half-time performance as a way to divide americans by promoting the black panthers and her anti police message shows she does not support law enforcement. javier ortiz posted this shot on twitter. it reads ck the blue, boycott be beyonce. the miami police department hasn't released a statement just yet. asor beyonce's concert here at marlins park in april, it's already sold out. erika glover, nbc 6 news. 5:33. right now a 5-year-old little girl is being treated for smoke inhalation after her home caught on fire. police say she was home alone when this happened and now they want to know why. michael spears has been making phone calls trying t get answers. michael, we talked to you about a half hourago. what we understand so far is this little girl's mom was at
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fire. is that right? >> reporter: police have not yet said where she was in relation to the apartment. when it comes to fires, truly every second counts. firefighters re able to make it inside and find the little girl. the 5-year-old is recovering but suffering from smoke inhalation. right now investigators focusing on the key piece of where exactly was mom. we're told the 5-year-old was the only one inside this apartment. they're also looking at how this fire may have started. we know from fire investigators they called in police to investigate as well. this is the versailles condos in miami-dade. they say the fire started before 8:00 p.m. and the girl mother was not home at the time. >> i smelled a lot of smoke. firefighters are going in,
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and stuff. i saw a bunch of fire when i came out and was worried about my building. >> reporter: we are working to find out more information about the investigation. it's been several hours. i mentioned 8:00 p.m. last night, since this all started. we'll get an update as far as possible charges in the case. that part is not clear. firefighters were able to contain the fire to one unini people were evacuated, but all neighbobo were allowed back in their home. michael spears, nbc 6 news. > a 13-year-old robbed of his jewelry is breathing a sigh of reliefhis morning. the accused thief is behind bars. this morning we'refinding out this isn't the first time the accused robber has struck. police say 32-year-old alfredo garcia is responsle for the string of robberies including this one. we told you about this story last month when it first happened. you can see in the surveillance video a man in a white hoodie approaches thes group of teenagers, threatening them, robs them of jewelry. miami-dade police need your
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criminal off the streets. they're looking for this man who robbed a woman at gunpoint at an atm. he stook off with a partner in a black chevy malibu. you can see a lot more of thh surveillance video on our nbc 6 news and weather app. you think you can identify any of the people involved here, you're asked to call miami-dade crime stoppers. 305-471-tips. innecision 2015, the final argument with ju 24 hours before democrats face off in nevada and republicans in south carolina. the clinton family campaigning in nevada because before the democratic caucus and that happens tomorrow. clinton and bernie sanders are essentially tied both going after the state's large latino electorate. >> my immigration policy is to unite families, not to divide families.
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call out donald trump. i said busted us. enough of this prejudice and paranoia. >> on the republican side in south carolina trump blasting former president george w. bush on iraq and denied claims that he supported the war while ted cruz and marco rubio is courting south carolina conservatives. political reporter steve litz is heading to south carolina. you can look for his live reports today a a follow him on twitter. his handle is @stevenbc6. presidential hopeful donald rump is toning down some of his rhetoric as he blasts pope francis. julia, i think when the headline here is trump blasts the pope, i think that gets a wle lot of play, doesn't it? >> it sure does. you're kind of like, what? nobody is off limits for donald trump who is now retreating this morning just a step after blasting the pope's remarks first. now his take is the pope's words
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nicer, end quote, than first reported. the squabble sparked actually on a plane on the pope's flight back from mexico when somebody asked the pontiff about trump's plan to build a wall on the mexican border. the pope responded that anyone who only thinks about building walls and not a walkway isn't a christian. listen to how trump softened his stance. >> i didn't think it was a good thing for him to say. he was talking about the border. you know i'm very strong on border security and we have to have a border in this country. we don't have one right now. as you know, we're talking about building a wall. we're going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> a little twist to the story now, thousands posting on socici media shhing pictures of the wall around the vatican. trump says he does not like fighting the pope.
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el trump is saying coming up in our next hour. we'll talk to you at the top of the hour. your time is 5:38. still ahead, a good samaritan jumps into action after a helicopter plunges into the ocean bee low. how he managed to pull those on board to safety. you heard the phrase if you see something, say something. somebody did. actually a lot of pple did in miami beach. their perceptions are way off base. sheli, waking up to partly cloudy skies. we're dry right now. the breeze still with us. it will be part of the forecast pat tirn. 68 in ft. lauderdale, clear at 67 in key west. the breeze around but also some sunshine. pretty beautiful week i understand to get ready for. we'll give you the details in your first alert forecast in a few minutes. kelly? >> if you're headed out the door on the turnpike, traffic moving between 55 and 60 miles per
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from coral reef to justice antonin scalia's body will -- chief justice william rehnquist in 2005 as part of the supreme court tradition, a black drape is hung over the courtroom doors, scalia's chair on the bench and the bench itself.( his funeral is on saturday. this morning the affluenza teen will appear in court to find out if his case is going to be moved to adult court. ethan couch was 16 years old driving drunk and caused a crash that killed four people. it happened in dallas, texas. couch pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probatio he then later fled to mexico with his mom where they were arrested and expedited eventually back to the united states. if this case is moved to adult court and he violates his probation like that again, couch could be sent to prison. if you're one of the more
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today is the deadline to register your drone with the faa. only about 300,000 people registered their drones since the rule took effect. after today unregistered owners could face serious consequences. users only have to pay $5.00 for a three-year registration and the faa safety guidelines. the faa has an app called before you fly which shows the rules wherever you are. >> you have to be mindful of the people around you. they could potentially be dangerous if they actually hit somebody. >> the faa hopes education will help reduce crashes with other drones or planes as well as property damage and injuries. if you don't register your drones, you could face fines of up to $250,000 or prison time in some circumstances. >> 5:44 now. a new bill could have elementary school kids back out on the playground. the bill requires at least 20 minutes of recess a day. it passed in the florida house
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only two people actually voted against it. the bill would also make it so that kids will not have that recess taken away for any kind of disciplinary or academic reasons. so far the state senate has there are only three weeks left in that session. live first alert done pler looking good this morning. worst case scenario we see a few sprinkles. for the most part, i think we're looking at a mix of sun and clouds as you kick off your friday. the morning commute should be okay weatherwise. it's a mild morning. temperatures a little warmer now that the ocean breeze is well established. rain-free right now in live first alert doppler. let's check the bus stop forecast. we'll find slightly warmer readings but also breezy conditions at the bus stop this
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sunrise at 6:54 as many of the kids having an abbreviated school week. heir friday is extra sweet here, such a short school week to contend with. we have dry conditions on the 836 right now, dolphin expressway moving along just fine. a few clouds coming in on the breeze. you can see that in the satellite imagery where most of the clouds were hanging on the beaches. you move west and skies are mostly clear. that will be the trend, not just this morning but all day long leading through the weekend. wind speeds from the east-northeast at ten to 15. then they will bump up just a touch at 15 to 20. we could see gusts up to 25. that's especially true right near the beach. out west, we have the spread. the gusty winds out towards the beaches and maybe not quite as breezy out west. at 67 in pembroke pines and miramar. 68 in dania beach and ft. lauderrle. 69 in miami and miami springs. cooler in southwest miami-dade. mid 60s through the keys. our weather dominated by an area of high pressure across the mid
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a breezy onshore pattern for us. by the way, on the back side of this through the southeastern states, it's a mild morning across the entire region. we'll be in to some very stable weather pattern at least for the next few days. the exception being the clouds cycling in on the breeze. i think we see progressively more sunshinene and less wind as the weekend goes on. that's what i mean by it gets better as it goes. friday is not bad. upper 60s on the drive in. ploud skies, a breezy day still in place for friday. highs at 75 with partly cloudy skies. i think saturday and sunday looking good. breezy on saturday, less wind on sunday. a little warmer, too. highs then at 78. first alert temperatures leading to early next week. best chance for rain on tuesday. cooler air by next thursday.
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here is kelly with ttffic. >> accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. 826 at kendall drive, allanes completely blocked off. this is the only construction alert we have at 5:48 a.m. if you're headed out the door, the turnpike is looking good. a ten-minute drive from coral reef to tamiami trail. construction cleared on the eastbound lanes of the dolphin to palmetto expressway. a nine-minute ride. this alert is the exit ramp at 7th street. the rightht lane is blocked off but you can still get by the left-hand side. 826 from the big curve to the golden glades, unter ten minutes. pines boulevard to palmetto expressway, nine minutes. 595 drivers only an eight-minute drive from flamingo to u.s. 441. gop candidate and marco rubioio under fire once again, this time for his -- what they're describing as a
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>> julia is back with brand new details. what can you tell usbout this not-so-perfect attendance? >> it looks like there's somewhat of a pattern. "the washington post" digging up dirt on the south florida presidential hopeful. this time it's about his tallahassee days. marco rubio, a state representative, weeks after the september 11th attacks, he landed a spot on florida's covenant 9/11 panel tasked with helping keep us safe. he did not show up for more than 20 votes. now, this even prompted concern from the house speaker at the time who gave him the assignment. of course, it's been a similar story in washington as the first term senator faces criticism for missing more votes there than any of his colleagues. eric and sheli, coming up in the next hour, find out what else is coming to light about this this morning.
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sparks flying as cars collide in the last qualifying race before the daytona 500. a driver trying to block another, causing a chain reaction of destruction. seven cars taken out of the race left wrecked along the side of the track. all the drivers are fine, but three of the cars were totaled. wow. this morning the faa is investigating what caused a tour helicopter to crash into the water. good samaritans who saw the crash jumped in right away, rescued all five people on board. rescue crews showed up a short time later and took them to the hospital right away. there's no word yet what caused the accident. that happened on a tourist helicopter in honolulu. maryland's court of appeals put a hold on the trial of three baltimore officers charged in the case of freddy gray. a decision needs to be made on whether of@ficer william porter can be forced to testify against them. you can remember that gray died back in april of 2015 after breaking his neck in the back of
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despite her already mounting tech woes, hillary clinton is weighing in on the san bernardino terrorist iphone debate. while she wouldn't give an opinion one way ob the other, she did say she hopes the tech companies like apple and the government can find some kind of common ground. meantime the fbi is searching the home of the brother of the shooter here. we're talking about saeed farook. confusion and chaos, really, curiosity, too,et two women in trouble with police. the mother and daughter turned police. officers received multiple calls concerning these two womnen. they're suspicious, according to them, visiting loc synagogues and churches. the women who wore scarves, say they're of many sfagts iniluding muslim and christian. the daughter suffers from terminal cancer and was curious about other religions. >> my intention was to say hi,
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i'm here toay love, peace. we want to be brothers and blood. >> after several interviews which included the department of homeland security, police say no crime was committed. police say they don't want this to deter people from being vigilant. it is 5:52 on your friday morning. still ahead, a south florida attorney accused of inappropriate behavior with her own client. what she's saying about the ahead. coming up on the nbc 6 news at 6:00, a you stau woman
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says she found inside a can of lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get 3 shrubs for only $10
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for the second time the florida supreme court overturned the murder conviction of anna maria cardona. they say the prosecutor made inappropriate comments during her secondtrial. she was found guilty twice before in two separate trials for torturing and killing e bobo and discarding his body. in both cases she was sentenced to death. the broward county county lawyer accused of having sex with an inmate returns to court to find out if she can get her client out of jail this time around. as she is dedending him, deputies found a new way to keep the two separated. she can only meet with her
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she's arguing she can't have meaningful contact or properly prepare paperwork for the trial. the judge disagreed with that. the defense attorney believes the accusations that recently surfaced have nothing to do with her and everything to do with her client. checking the time for you. working on a lot more for thee next hour of news. we're hearing from the family of corey jones gunned down by palm beach gardens police. now the memorial set up to honor him, someone burned it down. >> it's definitely peak flu season in case you haven't noticed around your office or your school. find out y yur chances of catching the virus next. beautiful morning across the area. east wind at 10 to 15. 67 in miami. warmer in broward this time around by about ten degrees versus yesterday. 68 in ft. lauderdale and oakland park. the breeze bringing in cloud cover initiallyhis morning. i wouldn't be surprised, at
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to find one or two sprinkles. it's a nice pattern overall. first alert weather going this way, upper 60son the drive in. lunch hour outside, not bad. hang on to your hat because we have temperatures only into the mid 70s. breezy conditions all the way through. highs today at 75. the weekend split, it gets better as we go with the best part of the weekend probably coming on sunday. then we h hve some rain chances to talk about. when will they kick in? a lot going oneatherwise in the next seven days. you're watching nbc 6 "south florida today." >> we're back at 6:00 a.m. with
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just a few minutes away. good morning to you. i'm sheli muniz. it's friday. we're so excited it friday. >> it is. february. it's been a long week. so you enjoy your weekend. you have earned it. meteorologist ryan phillips has good news. >>ric and sheli, we macon tend with a sprinkle or two into our friday forecast. cover. by and large looking good. live first alert doppler free and clear. let's talk about the wind speeds.


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