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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  February 19, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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i forgot them. breakink news this midday. a local teacher sitting in jail instead of the classroom. what police are telling us he did with a student. plus a five-year-oldome alone when a fire breaks out. now detectives want to know % where her parents were and how the fire started. also, this midday, donald trump versus the pope. that's quite a headline, isn't it? the presidential candidate not backing down either. did apple cooperate with law enforcement? it could change your opinions about a tech giant refusing to hack a terrorist iphone. and we are following a traffic alert for you this midday. a major crash involving an overturned truck. you are looking at on the
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thank for joining us this midday. let's get to kelly blanco who has yourelays and alternates. >> that ramp has been shut down for about 40 minutes now. what you are taking a look at a ramp from the turnpike southbound to 595 whwhe you can see it's completely shutdown because of this rollover accident involving this tractor-trailer. they are moving it out of the ay. as you can imagine, it's going to take some time. right now, that turnpike southbound ramp to 595, this is how it's looking like. this same situation happened a week ago with anoth tractor-trailer. this is what we're dealing with on that ramp. let's take you over to our maps to show you alternates. you can exit earlier at sunrise or afternoon at griffin road. that's not the only traffic alert we have in broward county. we aso have a serious accident right now completely shutting down univsity drive, both northbound and southbound, between pembroke road and pines boulevard. we've seen two alerts on our nbc
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we'll let you know as soon as it clears up. it's completely ut down. emergency crews are blocking the lanes between pembroke road andd pines boulevard and the southbound exit to 559 completely brock -- blocking off. we're learning a miami palmetto teacher has been arrested. 40-year-old jason myers charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student. this allegation is obviously serious in nature and considered a betrayal of the student/teacher professional conduct we expect at our school. the teacher will beerelocated from our campus and will not have contact with students pending the outcome of this case. miami-dade county public schools commenting on the case, calling
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a year ago we covered the arrest of anoer teacher at the same school also accused of havin sex with a state of the union. the charm in that case were -- the charges in that case were dropped. we have a crew who will have a live report later. a canadian diplomat's son a couple minutes ago took a plea deal for his role in a fatal shooting that killed his brother and another teen last year. we're told the deal includes a nine-month boot camp program. he's on house arrest for two years and probation for eight more. we were there when that investigation started. he and his brother gene planned to rob a drug dealer when it back fired on them. breaking news in the world of books. author harper lee passed away at
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she wrote "to kill a mockingbird we did receive word of her death just a short time ago, and already social media very much alive with her remembrance. she died in her hometown in monroeville, alabama. she said she had a stroke in 1997. we've have details coming up on our nbc 6 news and weather app. detectives are trying to figure out why a five-year-old was left alone when a fire broke out in her home. michael spears is there. what are neighbors telling you about this family? >> reporter: we've learned from neighbors thathe five-year-old lives with mom and her mother's boyfriend who they tell us is a firefighter. they found this girl alone, crying inside this burning unit and pull her to safety through a back sliding girl.
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she was treated for smoke inhalation. of course, we asked how did this started, and they say that part of the investigation remains a mystery. shattered glass, tattering blinds and the smell of thick smoke. this is where miami-dade fire rescue saved a five-year-old girl thursday night trapped inside a burning condominium. >> i smell a lot of smoke. firefighters are going out bringing out old people and pets and stuff. >> reporter: the child was left alone in the unit and was discovered as crews made their way inside at the condos on west flagler street. the preliminary report makes no mention of where the girl's papaents were at the time of the fire. this neighbor lives just upstairs and came home to firefighters and police everywhere. she is happy no one was hurt. >> it's frightening. you think the worst of course.
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brother, not the personal belongings or anything. >> reporter: firefighters say the five-year-old was hospitalized for smoke inhalation. the fire likely started in the kitchen but saidit's not clear at this point in the investigation how the fire started. now, we have left messages with miami-dade police to figureut where the parents were and whether or not they could face charges for this and at this point we're still waiting to hear back. now, as far as this fire in the effortsy the crew, we're told they w we able to contain it to that one unit that was unfortunaty destroyed. we're live in miami-dade. the war of words between the pope and presidential candidate donalaltrump not dying down this midday. this morning, on the "today" show, donald trump was asked about the religious rift. >> julia bagg is live in the newsroom for us and when the headline is trump versus the popoe, that gets a whole lot of attention, doesn't it? >> you know sparks are going to fly. there's a twist to that story
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the pontiff and the presbyterian locked in a holy war of words. >> for a religious leader. [ no audio ] >> step in his criticism of the pope. the poiff said building walls instead of bridges is not christian. but on the "today" show this morning, he faced questions about the own tweet, questioning the faith ofomeone else, his top competitor. >> you said yesterday, no leader, should have the right to question another man's religion or faith and i was really struck by that because over this last week and even on fday, a week ago, you tweeted about ted cruz, how can ted cruz be an evangelical christian when he lies so much and is ishonest.
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questioning another person's faith? >> no, i'm not. ted cruz told many lies. >> this comes a day before south carolina's gop primary as cruz and trump fight for first place. as for the pope, trump says he doesn't like fighthtg with him. and byhe way, when the pope made those commen on the papal plane he did not give any specific direction on his own pick for president. live from the newsroom, julia bagg. less than 2hours from now voters hit the polls in south carolina and nevada and a new poll out today shows trump leading the way with 28%. ted cruz, five points behind at 15. jeb bush at 13%. heading intohe nevada democratic caucuses, hillary clinton keeping a commanding
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despite the wide margin, clinton's numbers have gone down by 4% since last month and nbc 6 is everywhere covering the campaign trail. we're in south carona ahead of the primary. you can look for his reports. and while on the campaign trail, hillary clinton gave her take on president obama's upcoming trip to cuba. she says she's stands by the president's decision and she's sure he will bring up human rights concerns while he was there. democratic frontrunner made those comments in a town hall in las vegas 24 hours ago. we go in-depth coverage in the restoring of relations in the cuba cross roads section. we'll be traveling to havana for the president's historic rip. a live look from our nation's capital.
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scalia has arrived at the supreme court. you see it there wrapped under the ameririn flag there. mourners will be paying their respects. it will be his final return to the supreme court building where he was among the longest serving justice in u.s. history. >> pete williams is there. >> reporter: justice scalia will lie in repose for the rest of the day. his casket arrived earlier day carried inside by supreme court police officers as nearly 10 of justice scalia's former clerks stood on the marble steps. president obama and the first lady will be here later today to pay the respects. the supreme court is open to the public today for those who want to file pass and pay their respects.
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president biden will attend. when everything is concluded, president obama may announce next week his nominee to fill the vacancy next week. when the lid came off, more than beans came out. did the tech giant work with the feds to hack i phones in the past? miami-dade accepting a challenge from the president himself and that is to improve the lives of minority students. we'll have a live report on how the county plans to actually execute their plan. it was a cloudy start to our morning. sunshine sneaking through. the wind still driving in a few clouds. rip current risks turned out to be a big issue leading into the week. first alert forecast coming up.
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>> i'm ari new developments now in apple's fight with the federal government into an order to hack into a phone used by the san bernardino shooters. apparently it's something the tech giant has done in the past. here's nbc's joe fryer with more.
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evidence from the home of a relative from shooter sayed farook. what the feds reallyy want to spark spark. ceo jack dorsey writing we stand with tim cook and apple and thank him for his leadership. the judge is ordering the company to create new software to unlock farook's phone. >> to deny the order that creates safe havens for all different kinds of bad guys. >> major tech companies can thousands of requests to release user's data. apple has repeatedly assisted
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federal criminal cases by extracting data from pass code locked i phones saying happenle -- apple has supplied in 70 court orders since 2008. the san bernardino case is different. you see apple can extract data from phones with older operarang systems, ios 5 and early. the terrorist's phone is io 9. it's encrypted. apple co-founder steve wozniak says back doors is a bad idea. >> it's largely based on an item on trust. you believe somebody. you are believe you are buying a phone with encryption. it shouldn't have hidden back doors. >> applee has another week to respond to the court order in this battle over privacy and security. joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles.
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on@the nbc 6 news and weather april. beyonce's tour, they say they won't be providing off duty security. we've been tracking her twitter page and we've not heard anything from the performer. the boycott is in reaction to her super bowl performance. it featured backup dancers wearing black nther costumes. it featured a wall that read stop shooting us. as you see the president of the miami police union has been very vocal on twitter. he says beyonce's action she doesn't support law enforcement. the miami police department has
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union's plans to boycott. the event is so big, there will be police presence, but traditionally off duty personnel pick up the hours for extra income. beyonce's april show is already sold out. miami-dade taking on quite the challenge here. the county is joining a new federal initiative to shrink the achievement gap between w wte and minority students. erika glover is live in downtown miami with a strategy that they are hoping is going to bridge that divide. good morning, erika. >> rorter: good morning. one way to bridge that divide is with a commitment to meaningful change which is exactly what offifials say is going on here this morning at the local task force meeting. >> we need solutions andhat is the purpose of my brother's of this forum today. >> reporter: members of congress, the superintendent, mayor and officers are making a new commitment to the my
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challenge in miami-dade county. >> i think i've said it many times, the level of carnage that we've witnessed in our community must and can be stopped if the community rallies together and develops solutions for what's happening in our streets. >> reporter: with a constant rise in gun violence, these community leaders say the need for opportunities and strategies to help at-risk boys and young men of color is greater than ever. >> so many young men who are involved in violence, it's because they have a sense of hopelessness. community efforts like my brothers keeper are way to combat that and lift up young men's as operations for what's in their lives. >> now, a helping hand is being lent to show what's possible here in south florida. >> we've got to say that you will not traumaticize our community. we're taking our mmunity back. >> reporter: it's just the beginning of this call to action, education and mentorship.
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foundation, you know, something that we can continue on for years, for generations and generations. >> reporter: now again officials say this is just the start. thereill be plenty of opportunities for folks in the community to get involved with mentoring. erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> the breeze continuing as we head into our friday afternoon. we're still dry too. live first doppler, sweep and clear. we are be picking up on a few sprimpingles here's --prinkles here developing in our off shore atlantic waters trying to squeeds -- squeeze down in the upper keys. here in the two-county area
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back to sunshine in miami. a live look toward fort miami, and the beach. the breeze kicking in and the breeze real picking up too. sustain at m.i.a. at 21. we've had gusts at 25. that's commonplace today on into tomorrow. 74 degrees is where we stand right now at miami international. the cloud deck thinning out just a touch. everything moving from the east to the west. in and out for some clouds for the duration of the afternoon but nice to see a little bit more sunshine coming back into our skies. hereare the winds running sustained at 15 to 20 in some locations, like west kendall and east winds sustain at 22. gusts at 25 pretty common this afternoon. the winds will control -- the temperatures we're just about finished warming. locked in the mid 70s this afternoon. high pressure really running the show for today, tonight, and tomorrow. the winds will shut down as we
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cloud cover, we're going to keep that just cycling through. there will be some cloudy periods from time to time the rest of today on through our saturday, but sunday is really a highlight of our local forecast leading into the weekend. midday temperatures at around 74. partly sunny skies. mix cf sun and clouds but breezy beaches this afternoon. your high at 75 as i mentioned and just a slow decline into the lower 70s as we head into the evening. here's my caution to you. high rip current risk through the weekend until sunday at least. in the meantime, stay out of the water. if you are not a strong swimmer, stay close to the live guards. 66 tonight. could see some sprinkles by the time we get into the early morning hours on saturday but i think saturday afternoon is dry. wet in the pacific northwest. stormy here through the northern plains. we'll have another buckle in the jet stream. the ridge stays strong, tuesday into wednesday.
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back into the forecast. in the meantime, enjoying the sunshine and thehe warmth. mid 70s, sunday, the best of the weekend a 78. low 80s with showers by tuesday and maybe another cool spell cong at the end of the seven-day forecast period. i'm sure eot going to make fun of her since i had to practice it too but one actress is going to practice saying supercalifragilistic- expialidocious. >> love it. "six in the mix" roxanne rgas. >> you are impressed, aren't you? >> i'm so ressed. you should put a wig on eric and have him do it. >> whoa! >> when i thought no one could replace julie andrews. emily blunt is taking on the role. rob marshall will be directing. no word on production or release dates.
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you can hear them perform. they are in the house. puppies marco and polo arere here. they want to go home with you. you want to find out, watch at 111130 on "six in the mix." we love you. i lovev you. lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valeine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get 3 shrubs for only $10
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a woman gets a not-so-appetizing surprise for green beans. she found a snake head. the manufacturer is pulling the cans om the shelves.
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steps to keep it from happening today. >> it kind of looks l le a bean. western family is saying they have stopped production of those beans right now and they are trying to investigate exactly how that snake head ended up in that can of beans. >> how are you going to get kids to eat their vegetables when that happens? >> it's not hard enough.
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snake head in my beyonce kicking off her formation world tour right here in south florida this april. it is a sold-out show but the miami fraternal order of police won't be there, apparently. good morning, i'm roxanne vargas. miami fop president has said the union has urge law enforcement organizations to boycott not just this show, all of beyonce's shows. this is afterer super bowl performance and her music video. ortiz says beyonce is promoting an anti police message.


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