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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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this is not how jason highyson meyers students at palmetto high see him. >> he would never do something like that. he's always looked out for us and his stududnts. >> it is crazy. >> you can't believe it because he is such a good teacher? >> he was one of my favorite teachers. >> reporter: meyers taught ap english and creative writing. his arrest stunned parents too. >> for my kids, i'm very protective. that's something very upsetting to hearar >> we've got predators. this can be anywhere. you tak your kids to school and expect them to learn and don't expect predators to attack them there.
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occasions meyers had sex with a girl i his classroom after school. >> this is reprehensible behavior behavior. obviously, it is an allegation. we arrested very quickly. we have terminated that individual. this is the type of behavior that we do not pect. >> if there's anything else out there, let us know.w. if you see something, say something. >> reporter: so they're obviously putting out the call. if there's anybody else out there with allegations against mr. meyers, comeforward. the superintendent says it is his policy that if you're arrested for a felony, you are immediately terminated regardless of what the eventual outcome of the case is in the court system. if he is exonerated, he can reapply for his job. nbc 6 news.
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mother of a little girl saved by firefighters last night as her home filled with smoke and flames. she is charged with child neglect and great bodily harm. she has a history of dui and other charges. firefighters found her 6-year-old daughter crying inside the condo alone and rushed her to the hospital for smoke inhalation. it's still unknown where her mother was at the time, but investigators believe she left the area when rescuers arrived. fire rescue treated and comforted the dogs while firefighters checked to see if there were any many animals inside. two of the dogs were taken to an animal clinic. we'll have more on the condition of the dogs and the
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the son of a canadian diplomat takes a plea deal for his involvument in a crime that resulted in his brother's murder. claudia de campo was in the courtroom for the conclusion. >> reporter: the 15-year-old all smiles during his hearing this morning. >> it is real good. screaming and hollering at you. >> reporter: the 15-year-old accepted a plea deal and pled guilty to reduced charges of third-degree murder and aggravated batttty. prosecutors originally charged him with first-degreemurder, second-degree murder, and attempted armed robbery. the teen and his older brother went to buy drugs and steal from drug dealers last month.
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plea deals to dealing drugs, but no one is being held responsible for john's death. >> i would be lying if i didn't say it's been difficult. i'm so grateful for thehe humane defense. >> reporter: the judge sentenced him to boot camp instead of jail followed by community controt also known as house arrest and eight years of probation. he's been in jail awaiting an outcome to this case since last year. >> you're going to be wearing a gps monitor while y@u're on community control. that means you don't go anywhere without permission. >> reporter: the teen was fingerprinted and sent back to jail as he prepares for boot camp. and he starts boot camp on monday. if he violates any conditions of his probation, he could go to prison for 60 years. at the metro justice building,
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an update tonight on the growinggases of zikaere in south florida. health officials have confirmed another case of the virus in miami-dade bringing the county's total to ten. floridians can still contact an information hotline for any of their concerns. that number is there on your screen. florida's total zika cases 26 are all travel related. another department wants to let south florida know their officers are not involved. the miami-dade police department took to twitter today to dispel any rumors of the boycott. the planned boycott is in reaction to the singer's
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performance. happening right now, friends and family are paying their respects to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia tonight. you're looking at live pictures now from the sureme court building in washington, d.c. scalia's body lying in repose i i the great hall where he served for three decades. a private ceremony was held for family, friends, and the eight remaining supreme court justices before the casket was open to the public. president obama and the first lady paid their respects. they're not expected to attend tomorrow's funeral mass. it will be followed by a private burial. vice president joe biden and his wife are scheduled to attend the funeral. the democrats are in nevada for tomorrow's caucuses while@ the republicans are in south
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nbc 6 is everywhere. south carolina tonight with the latest. at a ted cruz event here. he's getting ready to fire up his supporters. this is a private airplane hangar. the candidates have toured the state trying to win over southern primary voters. as the candidatesssay, it's not the polls that matter. tomorrow's votes do. if the polling is accurate, senator marco rubio will not win south carolina's primary because rubio's goal is second or third, but to beat jeb bush who campaigned again with his mother or to beat john kasich and maybe even beat ted cruz, rubio is looking to take over as the only candidate. >> we need to nominate someone
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in this race. >> reporter: rubio supporters are urging bush andasich to quit. >> we need that sentiment to just bow out gracefully. >> reporter: ted cruz wants to drive rubio out of the race. >> here in south carolina these next 21 hours are going to decide a great deal. >> reporter: he's linking rubio to president obama. >> this guy ted cruz is really a liar. >> reporter: donald trump's once big lead over cruz is now down to five in today's nbc news wall street journal marist poll. >> it takes guts. >> reporter: and showmanship. the candidates are making their last-minute pushes this
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and if you've been paying attention, then you know the war of words between the frontrunners has been heated. it got even nastier toy. that for you coming up at 6:00. nbc 6 news. >> looking forward to that. after tomorrow's democratic caucus in nevada, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will focus on next saturday's primary in south carolina. according to a new nbc news wall street journal maris poll today, hillary clinton is maintaining a sizable lead in south carolina. 60% to 32%. controversy tonight following donald trump once again. a councilman is concerned the pga tour may have pulling out of the trump doral. willard shepard has the complete story coming up in the next half
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the u.s. continueingeing its attacks on islam militants in the skies. the air strike killed 40 people in an operation to target a suspect linked to two deadly attacks last year in neighbbring tunisia. it comes days after a warning by president barack obama that washington intended to, quote, take actions where we have a clear operation and a clear target in mind. now to an upupdate on that canadian family. amazing video here. you may remember it. a 45-year-old woman and a 50-ye-old man are still in the hospital tonight along with a 15-year-old boy who is in critical condition. the teen was trapped under water when the chopper crashed and had to be cut free from his seat belt. a fourth family member has already recovered tonight. the helicopter belongs to a touring company named genesis aviation.
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an important deadlyin is quickly approaching. today is yoyr last day to get yours registered with the federal aviation administration if you bought it before december 21st. any purchased after december 21st, needs to be registered before the first flight. the process costs $5. > next on 6, sparking controversy. a memorial to remember a south florida man shot and killed by a police officer is destroyed. why some believe it wasn't just an accident. outrage after a judge rules agaginst a pop star's wishes to be released from her record label. an unusual friendship is made on a flight to sin city. theetory behind this selfie ahead. still great weather here in south florida, but the clouds are thickening just a bit. does that meam there's rain in the forecast? details coming up.
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kicked off the force for sending racist texts now says he wants
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over andsks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected
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that anyone would find thatt do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. the writer of an american literature classic has died. this is video of harper lee receiving the presidential medal of freedom in 2007. she passed away in her sleep at
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the book "to kill a mocking bird" earned lee the pulitzer prize. > the singer claims dr. luke drugged and tortured her. he said it is her way in weaseling her way out of her contract. a makeshift memorial dedicated to him burned. the court has ruled it an accident, but the family is not so sure. >> reporter: four months to the day after corey jones was shot to death by a former palm beach
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hisemorial completel burned. >> when you came here and you saw this, what was your first instinct? >> who did it. >> you do think somebody did it though? >> i know we didn't do it. >> reporter: after a long night of remembering his brother corey. >> we came out here. we had some music. >> reporter: every month a group gathers at the spot to keep corey's memory alive. when they left just before 8:00 thursday night, there was nothing out of the ordinary until c.j.'s phone rang. >> i got a call from one of my teammates. >> reporter: the call came from john slocombe whw owns a body camera business. >> i was passing by and as i passed the site is when i saw a fire off to my right. >> reporter: the time stamp on
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>> as he made the turn, hh popped his trunk and pulled out a fire extinguisher immediately. >> reporter: this was all that was left. he doesn't believe candles did this on their own. >> the teddy bears was wet. >> is there any reason that you think someone would want to burn this? >> i can't answer that question. >> reporter: he'll make sure the memorial remains. >> it is still standing. they still standing. keep the beat alive, baby. >> rererter: c.j. says he and his family plan to completely redo his brother's memorial in the coming days. another nice day here across south florida, but the clouds are thickening just a bit.
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breeze which has been produng a high risk of rip currents along the shoreline.e. well, you're not going to see mucc but there is some precipitation starting to approach our coastline. check it out. a couple of showers right there clipping the southern tip of south beach. i'd say now in the grove area. they're tiny, but they're out there. just f shore of the broward and miami-dade county line. now current temperatures in our area look like this. we have 72 in miami. 71 degrees in f ft. lauderdale. a little bit warmer in the keys. temperatures in the low to mid 70s down there. despite the showers i just showed you, nothing has fallen within or in the buckets across the airports in south florida. so the rip current risk will continue to be high headed into saturday.
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go to these bches that have life guards. you might want to stay out of the water at least through tomorrow. by sunday there'll be less of a rip current risk. right now models are backing off on the intensity of that front next week. last thing we need iss another squall line with tornados coming through here. hopefully it won't be that type of situation. we'll keep you posted. it is still several days away. that would be our next storm chance, tuesday and wednesday of next week. you see the breeze dragging some of the clouds off the ocean and some of these clouds producing a bit of a sprinkle out there this evening. tomorrow in the coastal waters still a good breeze. 15 to 20 knots, 3 to 5 feet, with a moderate chop on the bay. there's a small craft advisory
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small craft tomorrow should use caution with these conditions. monday look to be partly cloudy. here comes that chance of showers or thunderstorms tuesday into wednesday before temperatures cool down late next week. thank you. more than 18,000 people applied to get a job that's out of this world literally. nasa announced it received a record-breaking number of applications to join its next astronaut class. those selected will spend about two years learning how to space walk and how to speak russian before being assigned to any of nasa's spacecraft. >> awesome. love it. next on 6, what happens when a grandmother sits next to a famous rapper on a plane? >> they snap a selfie of course. all new ahead, we introduce you to a local student with swag.
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i mean, look what i have done.
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survivor is welcome back. what happens in vegas, stays in vegas unless you sit next to a slebt celebrity on the plane. a 70-year-old grandmother snapped this selfie on a plane.
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that's little john. what? in case you didn't know. she told her daughter that he was, quote, a nice guy. they enjoyed a bottle of champagne together. she was so smitten she left the rapper a thank you note out there which little john shared with his fans on facebook. she thanked him for his kindness and the selfie and also wrote that he taught her something about not judging a book by its cover. that's little john for you. he's a unique hip hop star. >> you learn something new every day. it's the moment they've been waiting for. >> a two-hour tribute special to a ten-time emmy-winning director will bring the cast of friends together on nbc. >> here's a sneak peek. >> reporter: at the bar where
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was simply jimmy. >> when jimmy laughed in rehearsal, you knew it was funny. >> reporter: james burrows directed "cheers." >> sorry, forgot my keys. >> reporter: the cast of "frazier" learned that quick. >> he said what are you doing? >> we're rehearsing. stop it. >> it's like working with a scientist-comedian. >> reporter: the very first episde of "friends" got the burrows touch as well. >> it is really key in helping us find our relationships with each other and our characters. >> we would do anything for jim
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opportunity of a lifetime. >> reporter: his impact was even bigger on "will and grace." he directed all the episodes. >> he told me t t do a head stand on a chair and say i'm bored. i just did a head stand. how would you even think of that? >> reporter: burrows plays a mean piano to boot. >> the two-hour special must-sese tv airs at 9:00 p.m. sunday on nbc. >> very talented. the news at 5:30 continues next. >> here's trina with a look ahead we are working on a whole lot of stories. he was fired after racist text messages and video were found on his phone. he says he deserves his job back tonight. tonight, we hear from the ex-cop for the first time.
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it's also the source of powering your it wastelevision and environmental concern around your area. we'll take you to the nuclear power station.
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now on 6, fighting for his job. a ft. lauderdale cop fired for racist text messages takak the stand hoping to one day put on the uniform again. james wells said he would never have written those text messages if he knew they would have gone public. >> sharon lawson has tonight's top story. what's the latest on this? >> reporter: trina, the arbitration hearing started on wednesday with james wells testifying today. he says he is not a racist, nor is he homophobic. he adds that the text messages were taken out of context. it's a disturbing racist video reportedly made and distributed among several ft. lauderdale cops. their involvement with the content and the disisparaging text messages cost them their jobs. james wells said he never should


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