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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Saturday at 6am  NBC  February 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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you can follow me on right now at 6:00, a south florida woman attacked by her roommate. a messagegeer family wants you to hear. plus a former ft. lauderdalee cop kicked off the force for sending racist texts noways he wants his job back a. south florida teacher under arrest after an inappropriate relationship with a student. good morning everyone. welcome to nbc 6 "south florida today." it's saturday, february 20th. i'm sharon lawson. we'll get you started with your first ert weather forecast and meteorologist erika delgado. >> we finally made to it the
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workweek across south florida. now things are looking pretty nice as we head into our saturday. 69 degrees in miami as well as hialeah and opa-locka area. cooler down into kendall, 67 degrees there. still seeing the 730-degree mark in pembroke pines. the reason we're so warm this morning, temperatures -- winds are out of the east-southeast between five and ten miles per hour. that together with the cloud cover really not allow temperatures to cool down anymore than they should have overnight. right now at least we're rain-free. live first alert radar looking good. a few spotty showers over the atlantic waters. things are looking pretty good. remaining in the 60s for most of the morning. a local family is living a nightmare ve days after their loved one was beaten and cut up almost beyond recognition.
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nbc 6 reporter erika glover has a story you'll see only on 6. >> reporter: family and friends describe the young woman fighting to survive after being brutally beaten by her roommate. these pictures of danielle jones are graphic. >> i'm still@in shock. i still can't comprehend that somebody can do this t somebody, mutilate them in such a way and try to kill them. >> reporter: jones was working with a catering company and living in this downtown miami apartment when she found a roommate on craigslist two weeks ago. a week after byron mitchell moved in, police say he attacked danielle. it was her 22nd birthday. he told police danielle came at him with a knife. the cuts to her face and hands suggest otherwise. >> she has scars everywhere you can think of, around her eyelids, he lips, slasheses all down her head.
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attempted murder. this morning the police tell me they're holding on to in the hope you can help. erika glover, nbc 6 news. a fired ft. lauderdale cop is in a battle with his city to get his job back. 31-year-old james wells thinks he should still be on the force. he pled his case yesterday in front of an arbitrator claiming his use of the n word did not apply to a specific race or gender, but simply the worst criminals. >> if you're referring to a person -- we'll call this person a bad guy and we'll even calling him a white guy, if i refer to him as that word, i don't think there's a problem with it. >> we don't have any white guys in this particular case thatou
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>> in this particular case, no. >> a fourth person resigned after an internal affairs investigation. right now the search is on for a pair of purse snatchers in miami. take a good look at these two young men as they enter the congress apartment build on northeast 2nd avenue and first street last month. police say they took the elevator to the tenth floor. there, they waited for the victim to exit the elevator before snatching her purse. the victim was not hurt. if you can help, call miami-dade crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. resolution against the 15-year-old agreed to plead guilty inside lesser charges. he'll go to boot camp instead off jail followed by house arrest and probation. the teen has been in jail since last year waiting for an ocome in the murder case.
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brother john went to steal from drug dealers. his brother and one of the drug dealers died in the shootout. >> i would say it's been difficult. i'm so grateful forhe formidable and humane defense. >> the teen faces up to 60 years in prison if he violates any release conditions. two other 2k69s in the case took plea deals a few months back. this morning a palmetto high school teacher is accused of having sexual relations with a student. nbc 6 reporter jamie gur role la reports. jumpsuit. >> i've known him for three years and he's innocent. he would never do something like that. he's always looked out for us. >> reporter: jason myers taught english, ap english and creative writing at onef the best public schools in south florida.
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removed him from the classroom. >> police stormed in and st arrested him. nobody knew what was going on really. he said he was really scared. everybody was scared. >> reporter: myers accused of having sex with a student twice in his classroom after school in november and december of last year. >> it's kind of scary. no one knew until second period or third period. you spent like the whole year th him and had no clue that he was like that. >> reporter: stunned parents were notified directly by the district. >> for my kids i'm really protective. to hear something like that, is very upsetting for me to haefrm i got very scared when i got the call. >> you got predators out there, man. they could be anywhere. >> reporter: at myers home, no an section but police arrived shortly thereafter. the school superintendent says there's no room for e eor when faculty and staff are arrested.
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to invade the well-being of our kids. >> reporter: the district encourages other students to come forward. >> taking them to school and not worry about any predators attacking them there, you think that's a safe environment. >> reporter: myers' wife is also a teacher al the palmetto high school. in miami, jam knee guirola, nbc news. still ahead, a big day in south rolina as voters head to the polls. nbc 6 is on the ground with what's expected to happen. a south florida police department says it's not joining the beyonce boycott. one of the nation's largest departments is considering it. a beautiful day in store for us. keepep in mind winds are breezy out of the east at 15 knots, smal crafts should exercise
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the question is welcome back. it's a big day in the race for the white house. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in the nevada caucuses while republicans battle in the south carolina primary. nbc political reporter steve litz has a look ahead from south carolina's capital. >> reporter: starting saturday morning, the south will have its say. polls open early in the south carolina republican primary elections, and while some voters have made a commitment -- >> i like being in a conservative state. preaching. he's a conservative man, a man of god. that's what our country was founded on. >> reporter: others are still making up their minds. >> i have a long 24 hours ahead. i have to make a dichlgts am i going to vote for donald or vote for ted.
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stumped into the night. ted cruz in west columbia and florida senator marco rubio making a popular push with the palmetto state's popular governor. front-runner donald trump is hoping to win over voters in north charleston. >> i think we should go much, much, much further than waterboarding. >> reporter: jeb bush greeting voters in the middle of the state continue to insist he's in for the long haul despite a report on friday that some of his staffers are lookingngto bail on his campaign. south carolina is the first primary election gauging the temperament of voters in the southern state. to some it's just not that important. >> it's justot something i have time to do. i know that's not a good thing to do ru it's a saturday you know. >> it is. but i'm going out of town. >> reporter: others won't miss the chance.
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carolinians to voice how we feel, empower the vote is really important. >> reporter: tonight we should know which candidate south carolinians prefer on the gop side. polls open at 7:00 and close at 7:00 tonight. from south carolina steve litz, nbc 6 news. today's democratic voters will caucus in nevada. the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is neck and neck. experts say the key to winning in nevada is union workers. 55% are latino. mrs. clinton was drumming up union support in casinos/where the caucuses will be held. nbc 6 is everywhere. politicall reporter steve litz will be in south carolina through the primary bringing us live reports. you can always follow him on twitter for updates. his handle, @stevenbc6. >> all right, south florida,
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waking up to comfortable temperatures right now. 69 degrees in miami as well in the opa-locka area. 70 in pembroke pines and ft. lauderdale. in naples, waking up to temperatures in the upper 50s. that's because they have wund from the land and we have an onshore follower. teperatures over the ocean are in the lower 70s. upper 60s and low 70s across the board. apart from that, a few clouds up there. other than that, things are relatively quiet for this saturday morning. even though things are quiet with this east wind, if any showers form near the coast and if it were totoold together, it would easily move on through. we'll leave a chance of maybe a quick spotty shower in the forecast at leaststfor the morning hours. other than that, everything else should be relatively quiet. mostly sunny skies on this saturday. first alert forecast looking good.
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a beautiful day is in store for us. clockwise circulation, leaving us that east wind. it will also be breezy, especially later this afternoon. it's because of the breezy conditions we're expectii another day with a high rip current risk. apart from that, plenty of dry air across the sunshine state, that's the red. the moisture remains over the tennessee valley, that's the green. we're expecting another day with a few clouds, rain-free and very comfortable temperatures in the afternoon. we'll leave those rip currents as the main threat today. also with all that sunshine, uv index on the higher end of the scale and small craft should exercise caution. breezy conditions over the atlantic waters. temperatures this weekend will be very comfortable, a little warmer for tomorrow. that's because we'll begin to see the lighter east wind, plenty of sunshine to go around. increasing clouds as the workweek rolls on. a cold front that will leave us
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tuesday and wednesday, but a clans of showers and thunderstorms, warming into the mid s and cooling us down for the next weekend. >2 okay. all i heard was hidity. erika, thank you. one south florida police department says it does not plan on taking part in the boycott against beyonce. the miami beach police department said yesterday it won't be involved in any boycott. the president of new york's sergeant's benevolent association is supporting the miami police union's decision to boycott beyonce's concert at marlins park. he's also considering a similar boycott when the formation t tur arrives at citi field in june. he plans on meeting with union board members to explore the idea but also hopes to meet with beyonce to speak with her about the iss. also 16 minutesfter the 6:00 hour. still ahead, hoverboard crackdown. for the first time the government is weighing in on the popular toy.
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by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. welcome back. thousands of people want an out-of-this-world job, literally. nasa received more than 18,000 applications to join its next astronaut class. the space agency plans to select eight to 14 astronaut candidates by mid 2017. those selected will spend about two years learning how to space walk and how to speak russian. the new astronauts will travel to the international space station beginning next year. >> motorists, listen up. a new app is changing the meaning of full service gas, delivering fuel right to your location. no need to step foot in a gas station. nbc reporter amanda plasencia reports how it works. >> reporter: if yore like me,
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fueling up at the gas station. gas ninja could change all that. imagine having gas delivered right to your door with the touch of a button? well, gas ninja does just that. >> for me it was incredible because i'm always on the go. working out, i want to fill up my car. i come out after my clasu and it's filled. >> we deliver gas straight to your car, wherever you are, home, apartment or work. >> reporter: first grab your smart phone and download the gas ninja app. >> the app opens, you'll see a map. it will pinpoint exactly where you are, or you can enter an address. >> reporter: the founder says it's like uber for gas. after setting your location, pop open the gas lock, then let the gas ninjas take care of the rest. >> it saves time and it's convenient. >> reporter: they offer free
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another option is to pay a $5.00 feet to get fueled up within an hour. >> we buy our goose wholesale. cause we do that and don't have the same cost as a typical gas station, we can still offer competitive pricing. >> reporter: right now they offer gular and premium fuel. >> we charge the same price as the gas station. wherever you are, we take the five closestgas stations and average that price and that's the price you get charged. >> reporter: customers told us what they think of this time saving service. >> it has been life changing, especially in the mornings. i think a lot of usu wake up and realize, oh, i forgot to fill up my car. >> reporter: the idea of waking up with a full tank of gas has been taking off. since launching the app on january 6, the developers say there's thousands of signups and hundreds of users. so far they're only delivering in miai, but they hope to expand as their customers keep going. amanda plasencia, nbc 6 news.
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one as a gift for the holidays, but now the government is calling hoverboards unsafe. the consumer product safety commission says none of the hoverboards on the market are safe. they've septembernt notifications containing new safety standards. hoverboards have been prone to catching fire while in motion and burning down houses. 6:21 is the time. students of a florida college are concerned after their teachers say they won't return to work on monony. we'll tell you what prompted the fallout. plus a bllt from the past.
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characters gather to
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for fans soso of of our favorite sitcoms. >> a two-hour tribute special to an emmy director will bring the cast of "friends" and other favorites together here on nbc. >> here is mark bargrg with a sneak peek. >> reporter: at the bar where everybody knows your name, he was simply jimmy. >> when jimmy left during rehearsal, you knew it was funny. where everybody knows your name." >> james burrows directed the gang of cers for 230 episodes. >> his hand signs, you knew exactly what he was talking about. >> or energy for that matter. >> the cast of frazier learned that from burrows quickly. >> from across the sound stage, he said what is she doing. i said rehearsing. he said stop it! >> it's like working with a scientist-comedian. >> reporter: the very first
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as well. >> he really was key, essential for helping us as a cast helping us find relationships withh each other. >> we would do anything for jim burr rose because heave us the opportunity of a lifetime. >> reporter: his impact was even bigger on "will and gra." >> towards the beginning of a half season, he told me to do a head stand on the chair when my character said, i'm bored, and i just did a head stand. i'm like, how would you even think of that. what makes her different j. >> he plays a mean piano to boot. mark barger, nbc news. >> going to be so good. the two-hour special must-see tv, all-star tribute to james burroughs airs to night right here on nbc 6.
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many great shows he directed. i watched them all. >> oh, my goodness, glued to the television. 6:26 is the time. still ahead, new details on a florida teen accused of running a fake medical practice. it turns out he was doing a whole lot more than just playing doctor.
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tiny lives after good morning everyone. welcome to nbc 6 "south florida today." it's saturday, february 20th. i'm sharon lawson. we'll get you started with the first alert weather forecast. how is it looking out there. >> looking nice, happy saturday to you. 67 in the kendall area, a little cooler further to the south. broward coastal areas seeing temperatures in the lower 670s. the reason for this, ocean temperatures are in the lower 70s. we're waking up to the east wind. any time you have the onshore flow, you'll have the temperatures close to what the water temperature is like around us. further to the north on the cooler side. waking up to 40s in tallahassee. 50s across the panhandle and also in the 50s across central florida. our live first alert radar looking good. rain free from west palm beach into the keys. the forecast calls for a few
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come noontime, in theid 70s with a mix of sun and clouds. sharon? >> erika, thank you. 're following breaking news on the roadway. you can see the traffic backsp. this is over on the palmetto southbound near exit 103. where we understand emergency pursonnel on the scene right there. there is a fatal crash. as you can ee, there's a backup for miles. this i over on southbound palmetto near exi 103. right now you really need to avoid that area becau of that traffic backup. we don't know how long it's going to be there and how long they'll be blocking off the road. we'll continue to follow it and bring you the latest as we get it into the newsroom. now a local family living a nightmare five days after their loved one was beaten and cut up almost beyond recognition. now a break in e case. police have a suspect in custody. the family is speaking out,
6:31 am
nbf 6 reporter erika glover has a story you'll see only on 6. >> reporter: the young woman who was severely beatennd strangled by her roommate is in intendive care and in a coma here at jmh. now her mother is sharing her story in hopes of preventing another tragedy these pictures of danielle jones are graphic. >> i'm still in shock. i still c't comprehend that somebody could do this to somebody, mutilatehem in such a way and try to kill them. >> reporter: jones was working with catering company and liveing in this downtown miami apartment when she found a roommate o craigslist two weeks ago, a week after 35-year-old byron mitchell moved in, police say he attacked danielle. it was her 23rd birthday. mitchell claimed self-defense. he told police danielle came afafer him with a knife. cuts to her face and head suggest otherwise. >> she has scars everywhere you can think of, around her eyelids, her lips.
6:32 am
>> reporter: police arrested mitchell fororttempted murder. the family has set up a gofundme account to help with medical expenses. for more information on that account, head overer to our nbc 6 news and weather app. reportingutside of jmh, erika glover, nbc 6 news. the mother of a little girl who was saved by firefighters from a aburning home will be in court later today. this is 32-year-old erica ross rosello. she's charged with child neglect causing great bodily arm. authorities say sheas a history of dui and other neglect charges. thursday night her home burned near flagler street and southwest 94th avenue. firefighters found her 6-year-old daughter unconscious on her bed and rushed her to the hospital for smoke inhalation. investigators think she took off when rescueue arrived, looeching her little girl behind. >> grateful that the situation
6:33 am
get her out as quicklyas we could. had we taken, let's say, another three or four minutes, the outcome would have been different. >> the department of children and families has custody of the 6-year-old until a judge decides today where she will go next. an update thisis morning on the man accused of stabbing a police officer in the face at the magic city casino last month. josearvajal lopez pleaded not guilty to second degree attempted murder. the almost deadly encounter happened back on january 21st. witnesses say lopez attacked the officer and stabbing him in the face, forcing the cop to fire his gun once. it landed both of them in the hospital. this morning lopez remains in jail. firefighters arrive at an apartment fire and find tiny lives in need of air. they managed to pull out a mother dog and her puppies from the smoke-filled apartment.
6:34 am
nbc 6 reporter marsa bag has the story. >> reporter: a bittersweet reunion for martinez as her dog covers one of her precious puppies with kisses. the 6-week-old pup is one of four that suffered smoke inhalation in a fire at martinez's apartment in miami. martinez says she doesn't know how the fire started. she was at a neighbor's house when she heard the fire alarm and walked outside to find smoke coming out of her home. i'm grateful to the man who went inside my apartment and saved some of my puppies. she's emotional because not all of the dogs made it out. four died in the fire. those who did survive, along with the mother, are now covered in soot. they're usually white incolor, but the smoke turned them gray, and this little girl needed medical help. >> we gave her oxygen right away, checked her blood glucose
6:35 am
glycemic as well and warmed her up. >> reporter: no one was inside when the fire started. firefighters helped save the puppies alongd with a man martinez hopes to find and thank. he was brave. he went in with a sweater ovor his face to save them. i think he's a hero. marissa bag, nbc 6 news. >> all the surviving pupps and the mother are back with the martinez family. they'll be staying with friends until they can get back on their feet. the pastor at this church says several church instruments were stolen. he says this is not the first time. he said crooks have come two or three times before. in the past car batteries we stolen from cars parked in the lot. this time instruments taken from inside the church. he says he'll get surveillance cameras to h hp fight the crime. this morning a south florida
6:36 am
closing its doors. teachers at mattia college say they haven't been paid for a month. we're told last night in a meeting with adminiration that there is no money available. they say they will not teach if they don't t their money. as for the concerned students, this means no classes at least for now. >> i think it's the money or something that the department of education has to give to the students. >> reporter:r:re you coming to work next week? >> no. >> we are on a tightrope. nobody knows what's going on. nobody is telling us the right swer. you go to the nursing department, you gogo to the administration, they tell us the same thing, we don't know whatat going on. >> meanwhile the college released a statement aying, quote, we sympathize and understand their frustrations as they're expressing their concerns thathe institution has not received any federal funding for several months now.
6:37 am
mind, t t institution has had to self-finance to ensure the integrity and continuity of our education. our door remains open, end quote. time right now, 6:37. still ahead, the battle between apple a a the feds heating up. how the tech giant is firing back. a woman from utah getting more than she bargained for when she opened a can of green beans. see the not-so-opinion tiesing surprise she found inside. temperatures will remain pretty comfortable, in the mid to lower 70s. we'll be rain free for the most part. however, some coastal areas could see a spotty shower moving
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the question s what welcome back. later today, the body of justice rest. president obama and first lady michelle paid their respects
6:40 am
repose. vice president joe biden and his wife are scheduled to attend today's funeralmass. justice scalia was found dead last saturday at a we texas ranch. it is believed he passed away from natural causes. the battle pitting apple versus the ds has intensified. the justice department slamming the tech giant forrefusing to help unlock the san bernardino killer's iphone saying the company is only worried about its reputation. nbc's joe fryer has the latest from silicon valley. >> reporter: with apple publicly vowing to fight a court order to eate software to unlock syed fa road's cell phone, the government says applele refusal appears to be based on concern for its business model and public marketing strategy, something the company denies. earlier this week, apple ceo tim cook posted an open letter saying the u.s. government is asking for something we simply
6:41 am
consider too dangerous to create. they've asked us to build a back door to the iphone. prosecutors responded to that arguing the court order does not require apple to provide a back door to every iphone or hack its own users. prosecutors contend apple could maintain custody of whatever software it builds. the white house also weighing in. >> we don't want to allow terrorists to establish a safe haven in cyberspace. >> reporter: ceo says he thinks it's frivolous. many tech companies are defending apple. >> i think the government's interest in surveilling people, while it's animportant interest, shouldn't trump all of our interests in being secure. >> reporter: donald trump who sends many tweets f fm an iphone is calling for an apple boycott until the company unlocks the shooter's phone. >> apple ought to give the security for that phone. >> reporter: the tech giant has a week to respond to the judge's order.
6:42 am
angeles . south florida, 6:42 on this comfortable saturday morningng right now temperatures in the upper 60s in miami-dade. 70 degrees in the ft. lauderdale area. teteeratures outside the viewing area in the upper 50s, alittle cooler in naples. upper 60s and low 70s across the southeast areas of our state. the reason for that is because we're dealing with an east wind for the most part. already picking up a little ross broward county. the northeast wind across naples, that's what's leaving temperatures on t t cooler side because they have that wind from the land and we have the onshore flow from the ocean. i want to take a look at what we're dealing with outside, outside our first alert cam. we're dealing with a few clouds around coastal areas, and
6:43 am
a risk of rip currents thh will continue to pick up as the day goes on. keep thatn mind if you have plans on the water today. i mentioned the east wind dragging in a few spotty showers. you can see some of they have affecting portions outside the metropolitan areas in mimii-dade. anything that forms off the coast could be dragged in. other thanthat, we should be seeing a relatively quiet day with plenty of sunsnsne. as i mentioned a little while ago across the plik teaches, a high risk of rip currents across the atlantic beaches. we'll continue to pick up as the day goes on. highs today expected to reach into the mid to upperer 70s. we'll leave that with a mix of sun and clouds. we're ending the day with temperatures low average. a very comfortable day in store. high pressure remains in control, the weather pattern across the carolina coast.
6:44 am
the east, there's a system toward the rockies that we'll work to keep an eye on. that's going to be the next rainmaker. today the main threats will be the uv index. expecting plenty of sunshine. rip current risks along the atlantic beaches. keep that in mind. the second half of the weekend, temperatures will continue to warm up. a mix of sun and clouds to last through the weekend. a few more clouds for monday. there's the cold front i mentioned, warmer temperatures in the 80s, more humidity and it's going to cool us right back down to the mid 70s come thursday and into the next ekend. turning to our state's capital, the florida senate will consider expanding medical marijuana options to the terminally ill. under the proposal eligible patients and their legal representatives will be abl to
6:45 am
for medicinal purposes. unlike a similar house measure, it does not address adding more medical marijuana dispensing organizations. the senate will take up the bill tuesday. it's story that nearly 2 million people have clicked on the nbc 6 news and weather app. this morning we're learning that state investigators discovered the fake teen doctor had three fake degrees and even gave him an early warning to stop practicing medicine. malachi love robinson told state officials he wasn't a doctor when state investigators interviewed him. however, he has several degrees that listed him as a phd. one of those phd degres came from the universal life church seminary online institution where anyone can reportedly die a doctorate in divinity for about 30 bucks. he also presented his employer with degrees from southwest college of natural medicine and arizona state university which investigators found to be fraudulent. like the universal life church
6:46 am
southwest college of natural medicine can also be reportedly bought for a price. investigators began their probe last september after anonymous concerned citizen ipped them off. after interviews him, investigators sent love robinson a cease and desist letter to stop practicing medicine in october. out of getting arrested this week, he's out of jail and facing several charges. time right now 6:46. still ahead, a utah woman is outraged because of what she says she found inside a can of
6:47 am
we'll show find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance?
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into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. we continue to follow breaking news right now out on the palmetto. this is a live shot over the palmetto southbound over by exit 103 where authorities are on the scene of a fatal crash. as you can see, that crash is backing upp traffic for miles in that area. so you may want to avoid thatat
6:49 am
southbhbnd near 103rd exit and take an alternate routeuntil further notice. this next story you will probably cause you to check your canned goods. a woman from utah cooking up a dish for her church group says she was horrified when she opened can of green beans and found an unpleasant sprise. adam kuperstein tells us about this item that was certainly not on the menu. >> don't touch. it's very hot, okay. >> reporter: troy walker is an old pro in the kitchen. >> we're having turkey steaks and macaroni and cheese. >> reporter: she prefers cooking for her tiniest members. >> i love it because my grandkids think i'm a good cook. >> reporter: at a church function sh almost served up something not on the menu. >> when i went to dish them out, i thought it was a burnt bean. lo and behold it was a snake head. >> reporter: yep, a snake head, right in the middle of all those beans. >> we just found the head.
6:50 am
where the body is. >> reporter: the maker of the green beans, western family says foreign matter not something we take lightly. we want to know what it is, and we will immediately research and do any level of correction we can. stores in utah already pulling the beans from store shelvlv. walker says she's not upset. >> that was my biggest concern, that somebody else would get the body. >> reporter: already planning for her next dinnerer party. >> i said i promise i'm not going to serve green beans. >> reporter: adam kuperstein, nbc 6 news. >> walker also sent a photo of the snake headado western family which has begun an investigation but at this point can't confirm exactly what she found. that particular brand of green beans not sold in south florida. good to know. lots of famous bands fly in
6:51 am
are piloted by one of the band members. legendary heavy metal band iron maiden arrived yesterday afternoon at ft. lauderdale international airport. it was the maiden voyage of their jumbo 747. the lead singer bruce dickinson has flown the band around for years. they'll kick offer the world tour wednesday at the bb andt center. they call the plane ed force one. coming up, a live look at miami from our first alert camera, a
6:52 am
6:53 am
we return. once again, we continue to follow breaking news of a traffic alert right there, a traffic backup on southbound palmetto near northwest 103rd strt exit. there is a fatalcrash authorities are investigating. ce again, a fatal crash in the area of the palmetto southbound
6:54 am
you may want to avoid that area and find an alternate in the meantime. now the big 6 stories you need t know. >> a local family is living a nightmare after their loved one was beaten and cut up almost beyond recognition. a 23-year-old woman found a roommate through craigslist. a week later, he attacked her on her birthday. the victim has been in a coma since sunday's attack. police have arrested the roommate for attempted murder. this morning, a palmetto high school teacher is facing serious charges after being accused of having sex with a student twice in his classroom. jason meyers is charged with sexual battery, is being held on bond and was sentenced to house arrest with a gps monitor. a fired ft. lauderdale cop is in a battle with the city to get his job back. 31-year-old james welel thinks he should still be on the force. ft. lauderdale fired wells and two other officers last year for disparaging and racist text
6:55 am
involved in a disturbing racist video. a fourth officer involved resigned. the mother of late girl saved by firefighters from a burning home will be in court today. 32-year-old erica rosello. firefights found her 6-year-old daughter unconscious on her bed. investigators think she took off when rescuers arrived leaving her little girl behind. teachers a mattia college say they haven't been paid for a month. we were told last it in no a meeting with administration there was no money available. they say they will not teach if they don't get their cash. as for the students, this means no classes at least for now. a bittersweet reunion for a south florida woman and her puppies. firefighters and a good samaritan pulled her dog and puppies out of the fire. sadly four of the puppies did not survive. the cause of the fire under investigation.
6:56 am
news and weather app. for fulldetails and all the stories we're covering. as you wake up, the weather will be lovely. >> feeling pretty nice out there. we're afew degrees above average because we're waking up to the east wind. right now in the upper 60s and low 70s. for your first alert forecast, calling for highs, just a few degrees below average. a high of 77 degrees around miami. a mix of sun and clouds. more sunshine as the day goes on. things looking nice so far. other than acquit spotty shower moving in along the breeze, 'll be okay for most of the day. taking a look ahead, w wnds on the lighter side tomorrow, a few more clouds for monony, increasing humidity as the week goes on ahead of a cold front that will leave us our next shot of showers tuesday and wednesday and cool us back down again into the mid 70s. >> love the cooling us down. >> it will be nice. if you've ever wondered what nascar drivers do for fun on their days off, we have a pretty good idea. >> have you ever heard of that girl who races?
6:57 am
>> uh-huh. >> what do you think of her? >> man, she's awesome. she's awesome. >> well, that was danika patrick. she decided to pose as an undercover driver. she took a few lyft passengers for a fun spin around north carolina. she tried to drop hints about her real profession by taking corners at high speeds. she's looking for her first ever nascar win this weekend at t daytona 500. >> hold on.
6:58 am
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if she's behind the > good morning. super saturday. high stakes presidential contests in south carolina and nevada today. donald trump poised to win south carolina while making yet another con row version statement at a rally. >> he took 50 bullets and he dipped them in pis blood. >> ted cruz slamming the frontrunner. >> easy to say let's make america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. >> marco rubio hoping to become the establishment candidate on the day he could knock his one-time mentor jeb bush out of the race. meanwhile, on the democratic side, hillary clinton's huge lead over bernie sanders in nevada, gone.


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