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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Saturday at 9am  NBC  February 20, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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right now at 9:00, a south florida woman attacked by her roommate. the message her roommate wantss you to hear. a former ft. lauderdale cop kicked off the force for sending racist text bs now says he wants his job back. a south florida teacher off the job and under ar represent after investigators say he had an inappropriate relationship with a student. good morning everyone. welcome to nbc 6 "south florida today." it's saturday, february 20th. i'm sharon lawson. a beautifuday out there. we'll get you started with your first alert forecast and meteorologist erika delgado.
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wekend across south florida. the weekend is finally upon us. yes, it is a nice start to the day. we have been mostly dry. throughout he morning hours we did see a few spotty showers moving along the east wind, especially across eastern broward county. we are dealing with clouds out there. before we show that, i want to show you what we're dealings with as far as temperatures are concerned. already 72 degrees in miami despite the cloud cover. 71 in ft. lauderdale and 70 degrees up into pompano beach and the oakland park area. i mentioned some of the clouds. as you can see, all that over the atlantic waters moving in along the east wind. unfortunately we're dealing with that throughout the morning hours. expecting a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures will be in the mid 7070s come noontime. nnhtmare. five days after their loved one beyond recognition. police have a suspect in custody. mao the family is speaking out
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nbc 6 reporter erika glover has he story you'll see only on 6. >> reporter: this morning that young woman is here at jmh in a coma. her mother is sharing her sry in hopes of preventing another tragedy like this one. these pictures of 23-year-old danielle jones are too much for this mom to handle. >> i'm in shock. >> reporter: friends say danielle was working with a tering company and living in this downtown miami apartment when she found this roommate on craigslist two weeks ago. >> my daughter's face is all cut up, like if he was going to take her face off. and she has, you know, brain injury. nobody knows what the prognosis is. >> reporter: a week after 35-year-old byron mitchell moved in, danielle's family says he attacked her. it was her 23rd birthday. >> she has scars everywhere you
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eyelids, her lips. she has slashes all down her head. > she's been in a coma since sunday's attack. police arrested mitchell for attempted murder. he claims self-defense, telling officers danielle came after him with a knife. but the cuts to her face and head suggest otherwise. >> we hold on to hope. it's in god's hands. >> reporter: this morning the family is hoping others will learn from this. >> bring attention to this and try to raise some type of awareness for other people to be careful. >> reporter: in miami, erika glover, nbc 6 news. this morning a fired ft. lauderdale cop is in a bat wl the city to get his job back. 31-year-old james wells thinks he should still be on the force. ft. lauderdale fired wells and two other officers last year for some disparaging text messages and the reported involvement in a disturbing racist video. he pled his case yesterday in front of an arbitrator claiming his use of the n word did not apply to a specific race or
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criminals. >> if you're referring to a person -- we'll call this person aa bad guy. and we'll even calling him a white guy, if i refer to him as that word, i don't think there's a problem with it. >> we don't have any white guys in this particular case that you referred to as the n word. >> in this particular case, no. >> a fourth person resigned after an internal affairs invnvtigation. right now the search is on for a pair of purse snatchers in miami. take a good look at these two young men as they enter the congress apartment build on northeast 2nd avenue and first street last month. authorities say they took the elevator to the tenth floor. there, they waited for the victim to exit the elevator before snatching her purse. the victim was not hurt. if you can help, call miami-dade crime stoppers at 305-471-tips.
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case against canada's son. mark wantbafiyebazu will go to boot camp instead of jail. the teen has been in jail since last year waiting for an outcome in his murder case. in march, detectives say he and his older brother john went to steal from drug dealers. his brother and one of the drug dealers died in the shootout. >> i would lie if i say it hasn't been difficult. i'm so grateful for the formidable and humane defense. >> the teen faces up to 60 years in prison if he violates any release conditions. two other defendants in the case took plea deals a few months ago. this morning a palmetto high school teacher is accused of having sexual relations with a student. nbc 6 reporter jamie guirola reports. >> reporter: from the school
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orange jumpsuit is not something students at palmetto senior high are used to seeing a teacher wearing. >> i've known him for three years and he's innocent. he would never do something like that. he's always looked out for us. >> reporter: jason meyers taught english, ap english and creative writing at one of the best public schools in south florida. students watched as police removed the popular teacher from the classroom. >> police stormed in and just arrested him. nobody knew what was going on really. he said he was really scared. everybody was scared. >> reporter: meyers accused of having sex with a student twice november and december of last year. >> it's kind of scary. no one knew until second period or third period. you spent like the whole year with him and had no clue that he >> reporter: stunned parents were notified directly by the district. >> for my kids i'm really protective. to hear something like that, is very upsetting for me to hear. i got very scared when i got the call. >> you got predators out there,
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you don't know where they're at. they could be anywhere. >> reporter: at meyers home, no an section but police arrived shortly thereafter. the school superintendent says there's no room for error when faculty and staff are arrested. >> felonies, allegations for felonies are far too serious to invade the well-being of our kids. >> reporter: the district encourages other students to come e rward. >> taking them to school and not worry about any predators attacking them there, you think that's a safe environment. >> reporter: meyers' wife is also a teacher al the palmetto high school. one of the conditions of him being released is he is not to rurn to the school or have any contact with his victims. in miami, jamie guirola, nbc 6 news. 9:07 is the time. still ahead, a big day in south carolina as voters head to the polls. nbc 6 is on the ground with what's expected to happen. a south florida police department says it's not joining
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one of the nation's largest law enforcement agencies is considering it. south florida, dealing with a few cloudsing especially along coastal areas. winds will pick up later this afternoon and small crafts should exercise caution.
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the question is will the clouds it's a big day in the race for the white house. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off while republicansns battle it out in their south carolina primary. nbc 6's steve litz from south carolina's capital. >> reporter: starting saturday morning, the south will have its say. polls open early in the south carolina republican primary elections, and while some voters have made a commitment --
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conservative state. like the principles that ted cruz is preaching. he's a conservative man, a man of god. that's what our country was founded on. >> reporter: -- others are still making up their minds. >> i have a long g hours ahead. i have to make a decision. am i going to vote for donald or vote for ted. >> reporter: all over south carolina gop candidatesestumped into the night. ted cruz in west columbia and florida senator marco rubio making a last-minute push with the palmetto state's popular governor. front-runner donald trump is hoping to win over voters in north charleston. >> i think we should go much, much, much further than waterboarding. >> reporter: jeb bush greetin voters in the middle of the state continues to insist he's in for the long haul despite a report on friday that some of his staffers are looking to bail on his campaign. south carolina is the first primary election gauging the temperament of voters in the southern state. to some it's just not that
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>> it'just not something i have time to do. i know that's not a good thing to say. >> it's a satutday you know. >> it is. but i'm going out of town. >> reporter: others won't miss the chance to select their favorite candidate. >> it's a good time for south carolinians to voice how we feel, empower the vote is really important. >> reporter: steve litz, nbc 6 news. the poos in south carolina close at 7:00 tonight. that's when we'll find out which candidate the voters prefer on the gop side. in addition to the republicans voting in south carolina, today democratic voters will caucus in nevada. the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is neck and neck. experts say the key to winning in nevada is union,workers. 55% are latino. mrs. clinton was drumming up union support in casinos where the caucuses will be held. nbc 6 is everywhere. political reporter steve litz will be in south carolina through the primary bringing us
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you can always follow him on twitter for updates from the campaign trailil his handle, @stevenbc6. south florida, 72 degrees in miami. a nice start to our saturday. right nok coastal broward county seeing temperatures in the lower 70s as well. waking up to 60s and waking up to 50s outside our viewing area because of the northeast wind. the onshore flow, winds out of the east leading temperatures from cooling down very much overnight. waer temperatures right now in the lower 70s. that's why we were waking up to lower 70s and upper 60s across th board. taking a look outside our first alert camera outside the west indiplomat. that will be the case for the morning hours. as the day goes on, we're expecting a little more in the way of sunshine.
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deal with these clouds. taking a loob at our l lve first alert radar. we have seen a few spotty showers moving in along the east wind throughout the morning hours, light sprinkle at best. we'll want to keep that in mind because we could see that as the morning es on. other than that, we should be mostly dry. first alert forecast causing for the breezy wind to stick around. we will see the rip current risk along the atlantic beaches. we'll have a light sprinkle the first half of the day. other thanthat, a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures a ew degrees below average. high pressure from the carolinas pushing into the atlantic hours. that will leave us the east wind. as this high continues to push further towards the east, were expecting winds to die down, especially overnight tonight and into tomorrow. that will allow mperatures to also continue to warm up. the main threet for today will
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we're expecting brighter skies. the uv index on the higher end of the scale. with the breezy east wind over the atlantic waters, small craft should exercise caution. we'll deal with some of the clouds into the morning hours. as the day goes on by noontime expecting a break in the clouds. sunshine for the second half of the day. temperatures a few degrees below average. water temperatures still in the lower 70s. can't rule out a light sprinkle at best as the day goes on. we should be mostlydry. taking a look ahead at what we can expect, expecting a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow,ight east wind. a cold front will leave us thunderstorms tuesday and wednesday. warm temperatures into the 80s. it will knock temperatures seasonable, maybe a few degrees below come thursday and friday. erica, thank you. one south florida police department says it does not plan
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against beyonce. the miami-dade police department said yesterday it won't be involved in any boycott. the presidentf new york's sergeant's benevolent association is supporting the miami police union's decision to boycott beyonce's concert at marlins pars. he's also considering a similar boycott when the formation tour arrives at citi field in june. he plans on meeting with union board members to explore the idea but also hopes to meet with beyonce to speak with her about the issue. still ahead, hoverboard crackdown. government is weighing in on the popular toy. plus today we introduce you to
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you're never too old fo welcome back. in today's pet of the week, we
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furry friend mason. joining us is tracy pines. mix. him. he has a couple purple spots on his tongue. he's about 11 or 12. he is very chill. >> yes, he is. >> very seasoned because of his age, very well behaved, v vry obedient, super awesome dog. he likes to give kisses. >> he does. he was gladly giving me kisses during the break. >> he's veryticklish. he's awesome, wiwi make somebody a happy family. >> one thing we were talking about earlier, mason is pretty chillax. he's fully grown. >> fully grown. about 70 pounds right now. he could probably put on a little more weight. he came in so underweightht we're trying to do it slowly. he was abandoned. he has a little arthritis in his
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we're giving him a supplement for that. other than that, super healthy. ;> good to go. >> good to go. >> got all his shots and everything. ready to go. >> all he needs is that family. we talk about thisll the time. if you're interested in may son, bring the whole family. the connection needs to be not only with one member of the family, but with all of them, especially if you have kids. >>e have a fund-raiser coming up on march 14. california pizza kitchen at pembroke lakes mall. 20% take in or eat out,. >> eat in or take out. >> or takeout, yes. >> it's toooo early. >> we don't t ow what's going on here. we know what we're talking about. that's march 14 at the
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come out, support pooches in pines. >> u our website, all social media. >> if you would like to know more about my furry friend mason,logon to and search all about animals. right there you can also check out other adorable furry friends looking for their forever homes. i think my lotion is making mason sneeze. >> or maybe he's a little cool. it is a little cold here. i'll give him my little blanket over here. mason can c ce over here and get on my blanket. >> sending him over. >> there's my blanket just in case he needs it. you may have received one as a gift for the holidays. mao the government is officially calling hoverboards unsafe. the consumer product safety commission announced none of the hoverboards currently on the market are safe. the cpsc has sent an official notice to retailers, manufacturers and importers
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if those rules are not followed, the agency says it cod soon confiscate or recall every one of them. thousands of people want an out-of-this-world job. nasa announced it received more than 18,000 applications to join its next astronaut class, a record breaking number. the space agency plans to select 8 to 14 affidavit nat candidates by mid 2017. thoepz selected will spend about two years learning how to space walk and how to speak russian. the new astronauts will travel to the international space station beginning next year. 9:22 is the time. still ahead, students of a florida college are concerned after their teachers say they will not return to work come monday. we'll tell you what prompted the fallout. plus a blast from the past.
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characters gathered welcome back. for fans of some of tv's most famous sitcoms, it's the moment you've been waitingor. >> a two-hour tribute special to an emmy director. >> here is mark barger with a sneak peek. >> reporter: at the bar where everybody knows your name, he was simply jimmy. >> when jimmleft during rehearsal, you knew it was funny. where everybody ows your name >> james burrows directed the gang of cheers for 230 episodes. >is hand signals, you knew exactly what he was talking about. wasn't a guy to waste words >> or energy for that matter. >> the cast of "frasier" learned that quickly. >> from across the sound stage, he said what is she doing. i said rehearsing.
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>> it's like working with a scientist-comedian. >> reporter: the very first episode of "friends" got the burrows touch as well. >> he really was key, essential for helping us as a cast helping us find relationships with each other. >> we would do anything for jim burrows because he really gave us the opportunity of a lifetime. >> reporter: his impact was even bigger on "will and grace." he directed all 188 episodes >> towards the beginning of a half season, he told me to do a ad stand on the chair when my character said, i'm bored, and i jussdid a head stand. i'm like, how would you even think of that. what makes her different >> reporter: burrows plays a mean piano to bot. mark barger, nbc news. >> looking forward to that.
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must-see tv, all-star tribute to james burrows airs tonight right here on nbc 6. >> you don't realize all those shows he directed, watched all of them. >> so talented. unbelievable. 9:27 isishe time. new details on a south florida teen accusese of running a fake medical practice. it turns out he was doing a ole lot more than just playing doctor. firefighters come to rescue tiny lives after a mother and
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smoke-filled apartment. good morning everyone. welcome to nbc 6 "south florida today." it's saturday, february 20th. i'm sharon lawson. finally the weekend is here. we'll get you started with your first alert forecast and meteorologist erika delgado. >> the weekend is finally here. we had a pretty nice workweek across south florida. it was mostly rain-free. now a look at our live first alert radar. rain-free from ft. lauderdale down to miami. that goes for the keys as well. we did see a few light showers along the east wind this morning. you can see a few spotty showers over the atlantic waters. other than that, things are looking pretty good so far. waking up to 60s across the board.
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71 in ft. lauderdale. breezy near oak lapped park, winds from the east to northeast from ten to 15 miles per hour. a few clouds moving in along the east wind. a thicker cloud deck for the morning hours. expecting brighter skies. for the flafd, mid 70s come noontime. the question is will we see rain in the forecast? i'll let you know in just a little bit. a local family is living a nightmare five days after their loved one was beaten and cut up only almost beyond recognition. the family is speaking out hoping to prevent a similar tragedy. nbc 6 reporter erika glover has a story you'll see only on 6. >> reporter: this morning that woman is in jmh and her mother has the story. these pictures of 23-year-old danielle jones are too much for this mom to handle. >> i'm still in shock. i still can't comprehend that
9:32 am
somebody. >> friends say danielle was working with a catating company and living in this downtown miami apartment when she found this roommate on craigslist two weeks ago. >> my daughter's face is all cut up, like he was just going to take her face off. and she has brain injury. nobody knows what the prognosis is. >> a week after he moved in, danielle's family says he attacked her. it was her 23rd birthday. >> she has scars everywhere you can think of around her eyelids, her lips, slashes all down her face. >> mitchell claims self-defense telling officers danielle came after him with a knife. the cuts to her face and head suggest othwise. >> we hold on to hope. it's in god's hands. >> reporter: this morning the
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learn from this. >> bring attention to this and try to raise some time of awareness for other people to be careful. >> reporter: in miami, erika glover, nbc 6 news. the mother of the little girl saved by firefighters from a burning home will be in court later today. this is 32-2-ar-old erica rosello charged with child neglect and great bodily harm. cops say she has a history of dui and other arrest charges. thursday night her home burped near flagler and southwest 94th avenue. firefighters found her 6-year-old daughter unconscious on her bed and rushed her to the hospital for smoke inhalatatn. investigators think her mother took off when rescuers arrived leaving her little girl behind. >> grateful we were able to get her out when we did.
9:34 am
four minutes, the outcomeould have been different. >> the department of children and families s custody of the 6-year-old. an n date this morning on the man accused of stabbing a police officer in the face at the magic city casino last month. jose car va hollow pez will be back in court monday for dna testing and could be tried as soon as may 16th. thth almost deadly encounter happened back on janua 21st. witnesses say lopez attacked the officer and sabbed him in the face, forcing the officer to fire his gun oncement it landed them both in the hospital. this morning lopez remains in jail. firefighters arrive at an apartment fire and find tiny lives in need of care. they managed to pull @ut a mother dog and puppies from the smoke-filled apartment. sadly not all of them survived. nbc 6 reporter marissa bagg has
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>> reporter: a bittersweet union for marijuana martinez as her dog covers one of her precious puppies with kisses. the 6-week-old pup suffered smoke inhalation at a a fire at martinez's apartment in miami. martinez says she doesn't know how the fire started. she was at a neighbor's house when she heard the fire alarm and walked outside to find smoke coming out of her home. i'm grateful to the man who went inside my apartment and saved some of my puppies. she's emotional because not all of the dogs made it out. four died in the fire. those who did survive, along with the mother, are now covered in soot. they're usually white in color, but the smoke turned them gray, and this little girl needed medical help. >> we gave her oxygen right away, checked her blood glucose to make sure she wasn't hypoglycemic as well and warmed her up. >> reporter: no one was inside when the fire started. firefighters h hped save the puppies along with a man
9:36 am
thank. he was brave. he went in with a sweater over his face to save them. i think he's a hero. marissa bagg, nbcbc news. >> all the surviving puppies and the mother are back with the martinez family. they'll be staying with friends until they can get back on their feet. a house of worship the target of thieves in miami-dade. the pastor at eglesias pentecostal says several church instruments were stolen. he says this is not the first time. he said crooks have come two or three times before. in the past car batteries were stolen from cars parked in the lot. this time instruments taken from inside e e church. he says he'll get surveillance cameras to help fight the & problem. this morning a south florida college is on the verge of closing its doors. teachers at mattia college say they haven't been paid for a month.
9:37 am
meeting with administration there is no money available. they say they will not teach if they don't get their cash. as for the concerned students, this means no classes at least for now. >> whether the department of education didn't get a badge, i don't know what is. >> are you coming to workext week? >> no. >> we are on a tightrope. we don't know what's going on. nobody is telling us the right answer. you go to the nursing department, you go to the administration, they tell us the same thing, we don't know what's going on. >> meanwhile the college released a statement saying, quote, we sympathize and understand their frustrations as they're expressing their concerns due to the fact that the institution has not received any federal funding for several months now. with everyone's best interest in mind, the institution has had to selflfinance to ensure the integrity and continuity 06
9:38 am
our doors remain open, end quote. a sports agent has been indicted here in south florida on charges of illegally smuggling a cuban baseball player into the united states. bart hernandez is the agent of leonis martin. according to the indictment, hernandez conspired with two other men to bring the cuban national into the u.s. illegally. in 2011 the rangers gave martin a five-year, $15.5 million deal. prosecutors want to recover $1.5 million from hernandez, his commission for martin's contract. hernandez could be looking at 20 years in prison if convicted. 9:38 is the time. still ahead, the battle between apple and the feds is heating up. how the tech giant is firing back. plus a woman from utah getting more than she bargained for when she opened a can of green beans.
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surprise she g inside. right now taking a look outside our first alert camera over watson island, you see the clouds in place moving along the east wind. the question is will (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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welcome back. later today, the body of justice anonin scalia will be laid to rest. here is a live look inside the basilica of the emeculate shrine in washington, d.c. where hundreds are arriving to attend the mass. vice president joe biden and his wife are scheduled to attend today's funeral mass. justice scalia was found dead last saturday at a west tes ranch. it is believed he passed away from natural causes. he was 79. the battle pitting apple versus the feds has intensified. the justice department slamming the tech giant for refusing to
9:42 am
killer's iphone ying the company is only worried about its reputation. nbc's joe fryer has the latest from silicon valley.y. >> reporter: with app publicly vowing to fight a court order to create software to unlock sayed farook's cell phone, the government says apple'e'refusal appears to be based on concern for its businessodel and public marketing strategy, something the company denies. earlier this week, apple ceo tim cook posted an open letter saying the u.s. government is asking for something we simply do not have and something we consider too dangerous to crte. they've asked us to build a back door to the iphone. prosecutors responded to that arguing the court order does not require apple to providida back door to every iphone or hack its own users. prosecutors contend apple could maiain custody of whatever software it builds. the white house also weighing in.
9:43 am
terrorists to establish a safe haven in cyberspace. >> reporter: senior apple executives feel today's filing is frivolous as apple hasn't responded to the court order yet. many tech companies are defending apple. >> i think the government's interest in surveilling people, while it's an important interest, shouldn't trump all of our interests in being secure. >> reporter: donald trump who sends many tweets from an iphone is calling for an apple boycott until the company unlocks the shooter's phone. >> apple ought to give the security for that phone. >> repoer: the tech giant has a week to respond to the judge's order. joe fryerernbc news, los angeles. all right, south florida, things looking okay right now. dealing with some clouds. temperatures still warming up. 72 degrees right now in the
9:44 am
71 in sflaud and 70 near pompano beach. woke up to 60 across the board. now we're continuing to warm upup with winds out of the east. breezy at times especially across coastal broward county. between 10 to 15 miles per hour, between 5 and ten miles per hour. we're expecting conditions to turn o the breezy side this afternoon. keep that in mind if you have any outdoor plans. i want toook at what we're dealing with right now. a quiet start to our saturday across the sunshine state. dealing with a thicker cloud deck down into the keys. that goes for us across south florida. it's not going to stick around for most of the day. we're expecting brighter skyes as the day goes on. we do need to deal with clouds especially througut the morning hours. take a look at r live first alert radar, we see this all the time during the summer when we have the east wind in the morning hours. any shower that does form over the atlantic, especially the
9:45 am
can easily swichkng on through. we'll leave that light sprinkle chance in the forecast for today. more than anything, expecting bright kies. your first alert forecast on the saturday, temperatures reaching the mid 70s. a few degrees below average. a mix of sun and clouds, breezy as the day goes on. high pressure over the carolinas slowly but surely pushing towards the east. as it does, it will continue to weaken. in the meantime we're expecting a breezy east wind today, close to seasonable temperatures. even though this doesn't look like anything impressiviv that's what we continue to keep an eye on. that's going to be our next rainmaker here. in the ueantime, the breezy conditions will be our main threats. rip currents along the atlantic beaches will remain on the high end of the scale. dry for most of the weekend, mix of sun and clods. temperatures will warm up into the 80s. that low pressure system leading to a chance of showerer possible
9:46 am
wednesday and then cooler temperatures for the second half of the upcoming workweek. turning to our state's capital, the florida senate will consider expanding medical marijuana options to the terminally ill. a state senator is proposing adding medical cannabis to the state's right to try act. under the proposal eligible patients and their legal representatives will be able to purchase and possess marijuana for medicicil purposes. unlike a similar house measure, it does not address adding more medical marijuana dispensing organizations. the senate will take up the bill tuesday. it's a story that nearly 2 million people have clicicd on the nbc 6 news and weather app. this morning we're learning that state investigators discovered the fake teen doctor had three fake degrees and even gave him an early warning to stop practicing medicine. malachi love robinson told state officials he wasn't a doctor when state investigators interviewed him. however, he has several degrees
9:47 am
one of those phd degrees s me from the universal life church seminary online institution where anyone can reportedly buy a doctorate in divinity for about 30 bucks. he also presented his employer with degrees from southwest % college of natural medicine and arizona state university which investigators found to be fraudulent. like the universal life church seminary, degrees from the southwest college of naturur medicine can also be reportedly bought for a price. invtigators began their probe last september after an anonymous concerned citizen tipped them off. after interviews him, investigators sent love robinson a cease and desist letter to stop practicing medicine in october. after getting arrested this week, love robinson is out of jail and facing severer charges. 9:47 is the time. still ahead, a utah woman is outraged because of what she
9:48 am
green beans. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social secity, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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a woman cooking up a dish for her church group says she was horrified when she opened up a can of green beans and found a surprise. nbc 6's adam kuperstein tells us about this item that was not on the menu. >> don't touch. it's very hot, okay? >> reporter: troy walker is an old pro in the kitchen. she prefers cooking for her tiniest family members. >> i love it because my grandkids think i'm a good cook. >> reporter: it was a church youth function where she served up something nonoon the menu. >> when i went to dish it out, thought it was a burnt bean. low and by hold it wass a snake head. >> reporter: a snake head right in the middle of all those
9:51 am
so we're like, oh, i wonder where the body is. >> reporter: the maker of the green beans, western family says foreign matter is not something we take lightly. we want to know what it is, and we will immediately research and do any level of correction we can. stores in utah already pulling the beans from store shelves. walker says she's not upset. >> that was my biggest concern, that somebody else would get the body or something of the snake and not the snake head. >> reporter: she's already planning fof her next dinner party. >> we're having a dinner party on sunday and nobody responded to my text. i said, i promise'm not going to serve green beans. >> reporter: adam kuperstein, nbc 6 news. >> walker also sent a photo of the snake head to western family which has begun an investigation but at this point can't confirm exactly what she found. that particular brand of green beans not sold i i south florida. 9:51 is the time. coming up, a look at our top
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first, a live look in (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with wor-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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mao the big 6 stories you need to know. >> a local family is living a nightmare after a loved one is beaten and cut up almost beyond recognition. a 23-year-old woman found a roommate through craigslist. a week later he allegedly attacked her on her birthday. the victim is in a coma. the roommate arrested for attempted murder. this morning a palet toe high school teacher is accused of having sex with a student. jason meyers is charged with sexual battery and is being held on bond an sentenced to house arrest with a gps monitor. a fired ft. lauderdale cop is in a battle with the city to get his job back. 31-year-oldames wells thinks he should still be on the force. the ft.auderdale pd fired wells and two other officers last year for some disparaging and racist text messages and a
9:55 am
a fourth offer involved resigned. the mother of a little girl saved by firefighters from a burning home will be many court today. 3232year-old erica roseello is charged with child neglect with great bodily arm after firefighters found her year-old daughter unconscious on her bed. investigators believe she took off when rescuers arrived 4r50e6ing her little girl behind. a south florida college is on the verge of closing its doors. teache at mattia college say they will not teach if they don't get paid. as for the students, this means no classes, at least for now. a bitttrsweet reunion for a south florida woman and her dog. the dog and her puppies were found alone inside the owner's burning home. firefighters pulled them out of the fire. sadly, our of the puppies did not survive. the cause of the fire under investigation. be sure to check out our nbc
9:56 am
details on all the storors we're covering. a check on the weather. >> things looking pretty good ut there. i know some of you have been asking if you should go to the beach today. definitely go to the teach. i know we're dealing with clouds, it will expect up. expecting a mix off sun and clouds. your first alert forecast on satury, expecting temperatures to reach the mid 70s. a few degrees below average. the normal high this time of year should be around 79 degrees. breezy east wind later today. be careful with the rip currents if you go to the beach. tomorrow sligly warmer. winds die down just a bit, every day will be a little warmer. cold front tuesday and wednesday will bring showers and possibly a few thunderstorms and a cooldown thursday and iday. if you've ever wondered what nascar drivers dofor fun on their days off, we have a pretty good idea. >> have you ever heard of that girl who races? >> danika? >> danika. what do you think of her? >> she's awesome. awesome.
9:57 am
to pose as an undercover driver. she took a few unsuspected lyft passengers for a fun in around north carolina. the nascar driver ied to drop hints about her real profession speeds. danika is looking for her first ever nascar win during this weekend's daytona 500. how can you not know it was her? >> i only knew when i read the story. >> get out of here. even with the shades and with the hat, i would have been like,
9:58 am
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>> i'm used to the zooming in from out space to see what we are doin' tiny little astronauts ready to get to it intergalactic scientists earthbound on a mission they're the brightest of the best a team of friends upon a quest all aboard they send reports of projects they are doin' question and investigate there is nothin' to it make a guess and do your best gathering the data - find out, floogals. go! they're a band of cosmic friends tiny happy aliens blast off to another world secretly exploring when they land upon the earth nothing's ever boring they might have landed in your room be testing in the kitchen or exploring in the baroom have you noticed something missin' it's another undercover super seet day experimenting all the way they think our planet's really great


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