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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News Sunday 9AM  NBC  February 21, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EST

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have a fantastic sunday. right now at 9:00, donald trump and hillary clinton claim victory in the battles for south carolina and nevada. while jeb bush calls it quits. plus, leaders in miami-dade demand answers in the fatal shooting of a little boy caught in the crossfire. and a mother accused of leaving her child behind while their home burned down is in court. we spoke to the family of that mother. good morning, everyone. welcome to nbc 6 south florida today. i'm sharon lawson. it's sunday, february 21st. looks like the sun finally came out, but is it going to stick around for the rest of the day? let's get you started with meteorologist erika delgado and south florida's most accurate forecast. >> sharon, goo news.
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we're already seeing it compared to yesterday. 9:01 9:01. miami-dade has been dry so far, good news, spotty showers off coastal broward county, but we are picking up on a few showers over the atlantic wate coming in along that east-southeast wind already affecting coastal areas of palm beach. apart from that temperatures comfortably in the mid to lower 70s, we were in the 50s and 60s earlier this morning, clear skies and light winds allowewe overnight. 72 i i kendall and 70 degrees in oakland park. taking a look at your boating forecast winds will be shifting more from the east leaving sees occasionally 5 feet. we are not expecting any advisoryyover the atlantic waters, just a little sneak peek for the next three days, increasing humid dit ahead of a changes. i will have more coming up in just a little bit. jeb bush has officially
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this comes after a crushing d/ in south carolina wher donald trump came out victorious. meanwhile, in nevada hillary clinton became the top contender for the democrats. stevev handelsman has the latest from columbia, south cacalina. >> reporter: it's the second victory in a row for the natatnal republican front runner, donald trump's first in the south. >> when you win it's beautiful. and we're going to start -- we are going to star winning for our country. let's go,let's have a big win in nevada, let's have a big win at the sec, let's put this thing away. >> reporter: but as they cast their ballots mainstream republicans flocked to marco rubio, powering the 44-year-old's come back from fifth in new hampshire. >> tonight here in south carolina the message is pretty clear. this country is now ready for a new generation of conservatives to guide us into the 21st century. >> reporter: ted cruz kept his
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>> we are the only campaign that has beaten and can beat donald trump. >> reporter: jeb bush finished far down in fourth and quit the race with a parting shot. >> we put forward detailed, innovative conservative plans to address the mounting challenges that we face because, despite what you might have heard, ideas matter, policy matters. >> reporter: in nevada hillary clinton lost her once big lead in the polls, but still won. >> i am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> reporter: union leaders had pushed a big democratic caucus turn out which helped nulli bernie sanders' late surge. i'm steve handelsman, nbc nes, columbia, south carolina. breang overnight out of
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are deadfter a random shooting spree in kalamazoo county police say the suspected shooter, 45-year-old jason dalton, chose his victims at random. the shootings happened during a five-hour period at various locations around kalamazoo county last night. the deadliest one was in the parking lototf a cracker barrel restaurant where police say four peoplpl died. a fifth victim, a 14-year-old girl, is in serious condition in the hospital. the other fatal shooting happened at a car dealership. >> first of all, ouou deepest and profound sympathies go out to the families. there ere seven people that tonight were engaged in every day life, going out to eat, going to look at a new car and baby-sitting is my understanding
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what led to their not being with us anymore. >> emotional interview there. stay with nbc 6 for the latest updates on this story. a south florida teacher charged with having sex with a student is out of jaa this morning. jason meyers bonded out of jail and is on house arrest with a gps monitor. the palmetto high english teacher was arrested thursday night. aftern investigation revealed he allegedly had sex with a 12th grader. the police report says the 40-year-old had sexual conoact with the female student op at least two occasions inside of a classroom after school. meyers was orderedo stay away from palmetto high and his alleged victim. now to a story you saw first on 6. a south florida woman continues to be in a coma this morning, her family says she was attacked by a roommate she recently found on craigslist. the violence unfolded on valentine's day. 23-year-old danielle jones was working with a catering company
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miami apartment when she found a roommate on craigslist two weeks ago. the family saa a week after 35-year-old byronmitchell moved in he reportedly attacked danielle on her birtay. authorities say mitchell claimed self defense but the cuts to her face and head injuries suggest otherwise. police arrfsted mitchell for attempted murder. this morning a six-year-old girl who police say was left to die in a fire takes her first steps towards recovery. meanwhile, her mother remains locked up for leaving the child inside the burning apament. nbc 6's bobby brooks spoke to the woman's family about the ordeal ordeal. >> reporter: playing with her doll, that's what a six-year-old should be doing, but this little girl has had quite the last few days. she finally leaves nicholas chirchs hospital with her grandma. we're told in good spirits. >> she's perfectly fine a a she's going to be able to just -- she misses her mom, s s
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>> reporter: while her mom is now at jailed and in her bond hearing we found out erika rosello won't be seeing her daughter for a while. >> you are to have no contact with the minor in this case as well as have any contact with your mother who is the tempory guardian. >> reporter: the reason why rosello was in tea in jail and her daughter left the hospital is the little girl was almost killed this past thursday. a fire broke out at rosello's apartment at the versailles gardens apartment complex. according to the police report witnesses watched rosello run out, simply leaving her six-year-old daughter trapped inside. but according to rosello's mom, angie tabbio it wasn't that simple. she says her daughter started cooking and things rapidly got out of control. >> both of them are screaming, my daughter does not hear my granddaughter's voice, she just goes -- she just went crazy and she took off thinking that my granddaughter was dead.
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has been suffering from a mental illness that contributed toer decision-making. >> since my granddaughter was important she wasiagnosed with postpartum depression. >> reporter: when miami-dade fire andescue responded they broke through a window and got whe girl out. despite what witnesses say tabbio defends her daughter. >> my daughter adores her daughter. >> reporter: rosello has been charged with child neglect, as for her daughter she will be staying with grandma while this case plays out. for now tgk jail, bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. this morning the death of a young boy is shaking a south florida community. that child was gunned down during a drive-by shooting in broad daylight. nbc 6 reporter erika glover has been tracking the overnight developments. she will have that story in a little while. >> reporter: family and friends of six-year-old king carter said nothing can bring their young one back but something can and
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violence in our community. >> t tt was a real good child. >> reporter: the grandmother of six-year-old king carter says enough is enough. >> if they can't go outside and play what can the kids do? >> reporter: ofcers say her grandson was shot while playing outside of this apartment complex off of 12th avenue just one block away from this elementary school. another innocent child killed in the crossfire. a victim of a drive-by shooting. >> when you let your kid out to play y y do not expect that someone is going to come shooting up your neighborhood and that your child is going to be hit. >> reporter: the miami-dade police director is angry over saturday'sshooting, unfortunately it's something we're seeing again and again in this county. the school district superintendent stood beside the families at jackson memorial hospital. >> this tragedy hit too close to home. for this child's aunt happens to be a former teacher of the year. >> reporter: detectives believe three young men are responsible
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four-door vehicle, possibly a sedan. hours later officers put a $5,000 reward in place for information leading up to arrests. less than one hour later the mayor added an additional 0,000. >> the key to stopping this is the community's help. >> reporter: officers here at the miami-dade police department says one way you can help is by calling crime stoppers with any tips or information that you have regarding this shooting incident. reporting in doral, erika glover. still ahead. >> you think men like these are afraid of an uneducated 125 pound punk like you? >> a police captain's warning to fugitive gang members goes viral. why one group says the message is offensive. plus a four-legged student lending a helping paw. see how this friendly pooch is guiding young mindsed on the road to success. quiet start to our day so
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we are beginning to see increasing clouds from north -- well, towards the north from
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now to new video of a man narrowly escaping an ooming train. video from a security camera shows the man trying to cross the tracks at a train station in melbourne, australia. one train was leaving the station, the man crossed behind
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he apparently saw the oncoming train at the last second and avoided what could have been a fatal collision. the aclu calling out a louisiana sheriff's departmenty for a crime stoppers video going viral. in the video captain clay hill begins is seen wearing an armored vest and holding an assault rifle while delivering members of a street gang. >> and ifyou raise your weapon to a man like me, we'll return fire with superior fire. darren carter, you think men like these are afraidf an uneducated 125-pound punk like you that's never won a fair fight in your life and holds your gun sideways? young man, i will meet you on solid ground anytime anywhere light or heavy makes no difference to me. >> higgins goes on to call the gang members heathens which the
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word is a religus term and was used incorrectly. the former pitch man for subway is asking for less time behind bars after he was sentenced to more than 15 years. jared fogle's attorney asked an appeals court to shorten his prison sentence. the attorney argues the district court judge abused her authority by giving him a sentence three years longer than a term prosecutors agreed to pursue. he pled guilty to possessing child porn and paying for sex with underaged girls. as part of the plea dealal prosecutors agreed not to push for more than 12 1/2 years. people in fiji are cleaning up after one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the south pacific ransacked the island chain. we're told at least five people are dede. tropical cyclone winston packed winds of 143 miles per hour causing widespread devastation in remote villages. the capital missed the worst of
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power, water and communication services. all right. south florida, on this sunday morning things are looking pretty good so far. rain free from miami-dade up into broward county. we are seeing some showers over coastal west palm beach beginning to move in along that east wind and that t uld be the trend further to the south, if anything forms near the coast with that east wind we e e move through. i'm thinking we will be rain free for most of the day today. i think the moisture will continue toto increase as this upcoming workweek moves along. we're waking up to temperatures around 74 degrees in miami, 72 in kendall area. still cooler opa-locka 71 degrees, this is after king up to temperatures in the 50s and 60s earlier this morning. let's take a a look outside because it's already looking yesterday at this time. today we're seeingng a mix of sun
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winds not as strong. they are picking up and as they pick up rip currents will form along atlantic beaches so keep that in mind if you do have any outdoor plans that involve the water. first alert forecast calling for seasonal temperatures, upper 70s, a mix of sun and clouds with that breezy east wind leaving us a high rip current risk along atlantic beaches. high pressure still in control, it will continue to weaken and push further into the atlantic waters as the low pressure stek over the plains continues to push towards the east dragging that cold front. it's that system that will bring you major changesstarting tomorrow and into the rest of the workweek. today the main threat we want to worry about will be those breezy conditions of course causing p currents along atlantic beaches. more sunshine tooy so you definitely want to have that sunscreen handy and of courseo advisories over the atlantic waters but it could be a little choppy out there at times because of the breezy east wind in the afteron. keep that in mind if you do have any boating plans later "today." the next few days major changes
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today lighter east wind, tomorrow we will begin to feel a little more humidity in the air, especiale overnight into tuesday and then finally the showers return to t forecast come tuesday, wednesday, with a chance of some thunderstorms as well. temperatus back into the mid to lower 80s. definitely above average. now, tt cold front is a slsl moving cold front. it will not cross sou florida until at least wednesday night overnight into thursdayr early morning hours. once it does cross through it will cross thrgh quickly so we're expecting possibly lingering showers wednesday night into early thursday morning. after that that's when we will begin to see that cool down, temperatures thursday still in the mid70s barrel reaching that 70 degree mark on friday and next weekend is going to be a nice one for us. >> erika, thank you. well, hve you ever used the term teacher's pet? it doesn't usuly bring a positive tone with it, but in northern wisconsin one teacher's actual pet is helping students through challenging times and changes.
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>> reporter: every morning you can count on the school ll to deliver excitement for some kids and anxiety for many others. but at tomahawk middle school you can always count on another ll to deliver happiness guaranteed. >> you immediately -- i see kids, oh, belle is here and they have the biggest smile on their face. >> three to four days a week belle the therapy dogg joins middle school students in class to listen, eat and just be there. >> she just enjoys, you know, being around as many people as possible and just has lots of ve to share. >> special education teacher al is a zimmereran originally got belle as a pet two years ago, she trained t t lab as a therapy dog out of her own pocket and asked the school if belle could become the newest faculty member. >> there to help and bring a calm atmosphere and for them to
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want to take their attention off of the teacher. >> but fellow teachers embraced the concept. >> if they're having a bad day sometimes they pay a visit to belle as well. >> they had to figure out insurance coverage and allergy concerns and helped get approval from the superintendent. >> middle school is a hard time to be in school and the pressures of grades, pressures from home as you walk in the hallways or you are in the assrooms you can feel an extra calming in the building when belle is in thehe building. >> sometimes she sneezes. >> reporter: belle's presence has helped improvesocial skills and grades. teachers say students are reading better thanan to practicing their reading to belle. >> they're able to hear themselves read, picking up errors when they -- you know, they're flying through a sentence and they say a word incorrectly, if they can hear it that's a huge piece to reading. >> when i'm stressed she comes over and lays right next to me. sometimes she will lay on me.
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strengthen memory and test taking skills, too. students feed her treats each time they answer a question correctly. >> belle is well fed. >> yes, she is. she's not overweight, she gets o lots of exercise but she gets lost of treats as well. >> reporter: but perhaps it's students being treated to a better school experience thanks to this dog ringing in a little happiness between the bells. >> you can always get a hug from a teacher or always get a hug from a friend or high-five or pat on the back, but there's something about the attention and the love that comes from a dog, a therapy dog, that is just pretty special. >> great job indeed. speaking of helpful four-legged friends in today's segment of clear the shelters we want to introduce to cato. great to have you. >> hello. how are you? >> tell us a little bit about ato. he is a sweetheart. >> cato is a german pshepherd, he is seven years old, 67 pounds.
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how loyal and intelligent they are and indeed that's cato. beautiful dog. got lost from home unfortunately. >> okay. >> and so we're trying to get him a new home. he could use another pound or two, but he's ready toove right in. >> he's ready to go and he's fully grown already because you mentioned he is seven. >> he does like other dos. if you have another pet he will fit right in in the family. >> during the break we were talking about that storm awareness week is coming up. let's talk about that. i know it's been a busy season for us so far with all the storms coming through south florida. >> even though we are not in the beginning of hurricane season we have had storms and cato got lost because he had no id. so we want to make sure that your pet is wearing id, if you have a microchip make sure that the chip is registered. also, you know, have some extra food and water on hand so that, you know, if we do lose power, you can't get out, you have, you know, some supplies ready for
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your pet not just you and your family. >> we always said it's like you adopt thesese wonderful furry friends, you you have them already at home they are a memb of your family it's not just another animal hanging out these are your family members. >> absolutely and you need to treat it as such. you need to prepare, make sure they have id, extra meds, whatever they may need and certainly come and adopt becauu we want to get the pets that we do have into homes so we know that they are going to be, you know, in a new family so that's real important. >> plus something else that's important we are e t in summer yet, late winter, early spring just around the rner, you know, you want to adopt them now so that way the kids can get used to them so when they stay home from school during the summemethey have already created that bond. >> absolutely. >> once again if you would lili to adopt cato log on to nbc and search all about animals and you can also check
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looking for thei so at least more sunshine. >> already seeing more sunshine. already better day than we saw yesterday, unfortunately it did not work out as i forecasted. >> okay. >> so today making up for it today, nice looking out there, temperatures in the upper 70s, cold front leaves usp showers tuesday into thursday morning and knock temperatures back down into the 60s for friday and the upcoming weekend. >> it's been a great weekend. finally this morning, a
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virginia caught on mera, surveillance pictures show the deo push open the front door of a liquor store. employees say it headed straight forhe bourbon aisle. perhaps to pick up some red stag. no idea, no bucks, employees showed the deer back out the door and it left empty hoofed. >> sometimes get tough metimes. he got thirsty, sometimes it's a long day we justst need some wine, i think. >> poor thing. they should have got him (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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jackie nespral: making an impact this week, a look back at the brothers to the rescue tragedy, two de making an impact this week, a look back at the brothers to the rescue tragedy who decades after the castro regime shot down two planes and how the founder of the group feels about the trip to the island nation. and the u.s. senate hopeful sitting down with me pitching his plans for florida, what he had to say about his democratic primary opponent. this is nbc 6 impact and i'm your host, jackie nespral. a monumental event and low point in the hostile relations between fidel castro's cuba and the united states. the cuban air farce shooting down of two brothers to the rescue planes on february 24th, 1996, killing four pilots. now two decades later, joining me now on impact to discuss the


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