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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  WTVJ  February 22, 2016 5:00am-5:29am EST

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ing the wrong way. he was going northbound in the southbound lanes of the turnpike, just south of griffin road, when he smash into the an 18-wheeler. there were two people inside that 18-wheeler, a man and woman. they survived. they were just fine. hey did not go to the hospital, at least not immediately. troopers arerying to figure out where this man got on the turnpike going the wrong way. it's a big cleanup job that is happening now, a a they are just starting to haul this hyundai away. it has been on the road here since last night as has the tractor trailer that had jackknifed. you are going to need help to get around this. for that let's check in with nbc 6's kelly blanco to help y with this. >> good morning to you, south florida. the turnpike southbound where you just saw julia, that ramp to griffin road is completely
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u.s. 440 instead, and then 595 to the turnpike southbound, that is also blocked off, and as you saw, cleanup is under way but is still going to take more time, so you are avoiding all these areas as you are making your way towards broward county. you can takeroward and sunrise boulevard, and any other major side streetsp except for griffin road, and we will let you know on air and online. we had a traffic alert as you were approaching red road, that exit to west 57th avenue, and another accident blocking your right lanes. emergency crews are leaving the scene. and on to our first alert cameras, this is on i-95 northbound right at pembroke road. now to your first alert forecast with your meteorologist, ryan phillips. >> good morning as we kick off our monday morning. not a whole lot of activity going on.
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e humidity came up over the overnight hours so isolated showers trying to kick off across the area, and not adding up to much, a sprinkle or two across the area and the roads will stay mainly dry for the drive in, and a warm and bright afternoon coming our way. temperatures updated at 73 in pompano beach, and we are down to 69 in miami. the spread the temperatures are based on the amount of cloud cover and the winds, clear skies out west, and slightly cooler readings. a mix of sun and clouds this morning could see an isolated shower early as we approach midday, a stray shower, and partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. your first alert forecast high of 82. the south florida woman that was attacked by her roommate she found on craigslist is making progress. this is video of the 23-year-old
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for the first time since the attack happened, and her mom, who shared this video with nbc 6 said her daughter's face was nearly ripped off a week ago. her roommate, 35-year-old brian mitchell is held on attempted murder charges and he is claiming self defense in that case we just told you a little of the story so far, and you can watch for live reports right here this morning beginning at 5:30. the 6-year-old girl who was left to die in a fire is out of the hospital but will not see her mom for quite sometime. since last week when the apartment went up in flames on flagler street, the girl's grandmother is now taking care of her, and meanwhile the girl's mother still in jail after leaving the girl alone inside the home. we spoke to the grandmother who says her daughter suffers from a
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>> since my granddaughter was born she was diagnosed with postpartum depression. >> a judge ordered her to stay away from her mom and daughter. a tough dy ahead for classmates of a 6-year-old boy killed by gunfire over the past weekend. nbc 6 reporter, michael spears, is live outside the boy's school to see how administrators are hoping to ease the pain a little bit because as t tse kids come back to school and find out the information about the news, it's going to be a difficult week for these kids. >> reporter: the school district is taking steps to have grief counsellors to help make sense of the tragedy for king carter's classmates and friends and for the faculty where the 6-year-old went to school. the first grader washot to death by a drive-by shooting in northeast miamdade.
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two shooters who police say rolled up to the apararent complex and open fire in broad daylight. that's where the 6-year-old and other kids were playing saturday afternoon. right now police tell us it's not clear who the gunmen were even targeting. >> everybody, me, i had to find my son in the corner with s eyes open. >> king's father emotional, absolutely outraged. one of hundreds who gathered sunday for an anti-violence rally, and preaction from community leaders and the search still on this morning for the two people responsibility, according to police, and community leaders asking anybody who knows anybody to call police to lead investigators to the shooters. you can leave an anonymous message at crime stoppers. soh florida coming up out
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annuu support our police rally. thatrally and motorcycle ride was held yesterday. it was hosted by the dave county police commissioner. >> we are unified to show the people that there is pro-law enforcement in this community. >> the miami-dade police department aviation unit performed a fly over. that's what you are taking a look at with those helicoptere. it will benefit a charity that helps officers and their families during their times of need. a new development on the babatle between the feds and apple. who is siding now with the tech giant. i think the race is narrowing more and as it narrows and continues to narrow, we will continue to gain. >> the race for the white house inching up, and marco rubio
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the campaign trail, too. a warm morning across south rolina -- south florida. while we may see a few sprinkles
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this enamel is your teeth's first line of defense. but daily eating and drinking can make it weak. try colgate enamel health. it replenishes weak spots with natural calcium to strengthen enamel four times better. colgate enamel health. stronger, healthy enamel. welcome back, everybody, your monday morning. ten minutes past the top of the hour. presidential hopefuls switching states, republicans heading to
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democrats are looking to make a splash in south carolina for their primary on saturday. >> we're just going one after another. are we going to win georgia? yeah. >> donald trump looking beyond tomorrow's contest in nevada to super tuesday. >> i have a big advantage, but a long way from being won. >> behind him a race between ted cruz and marco rubio. >> what happens in vegas is not staying in vegas. cruz is not winning his key group, evangelicals. in south carolina, they voted for trump. >> there's a division of opinion. >> the democrats are getting ready to square off in south carolina this weekend. hillary clinton is popular with the large african-american electorate. >> she could have tremendous momentum going into next weekend and super tueay states. i think it's a real problem for
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>> the nextresident of the united states, senator bernie sanders. >> we are listening to the african-american community. >> clinton is looking ahead. >> i am in texas and we are reaching out to everybody. >> texas, one of the 13 super tuesday states that will further narrow this race. from washington, tracy spots, nbc 6 news. we will stay with elections here for just a second. jeb bush's recent exit from the race leaves others to get support in the race. >> marco is the new generation of republican conservatives that can reach to blue-collar
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>> if marco rubio has any chance of beating donald trump for the nomination, and if support from jeb bush is going to be necessary. testimony continues this week into the sinking of the ship. take a listen. the name? elfaro. >> the ship caught got up in hurricane joaquin. the cargo shipping company that owned el faro, and nobody realized the true magnitude of
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they are asking questions about how tote track hurricanes while at sea. and then the same teen was seen brutally attacking a correction officer. police say it appears he shot himself but wait are for the autopsy to confirm that. he attacked a officer with a toilet top. you can seee him grabbing her gun and trying to shoot her but the gun was empty and the officer is now recovering. we have a traffic alert out of broward county. julia bagg is live on the scene giving us details on the unfortunate fatal accident. it happened around midnight and right now the ramps are still shut down in broward county.
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the door you cannot ramp of the southbound turnpike to griffin road. of course weweill keep you posted on air and online and tell you as soon as this opens up and julia will give us live details in a moment. you can take any other major side streets except for tkpwreufen roaa we have construction going on on miami-dade in the palmetto expressway uthbound. we did have an accident scene on i-95 southbound that was blocking a right lane at pembroke road, but as you can see from our first alert cameras that accident has cleared up. now here is your first alert forecast with ryan phillips. >> we have dry conditions and may see a sprinkle or two, but the ones you really notice, it's
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workweek. we are going to see a lot of different weather come into play as the weekekoes on. fairly quiet across the two-county area and through the keys. at the bus stop, more clouds than sun and a sprinkle or two but not an overly wet morning. temperatures out west in the mid-60s, and sunrise at about 6:51. in the last 20 minutes we have seen the cloud deck thin out across miami, and we'll be in and out of the patchy cloud cover this morning. here is the satellite imagery % through the overnight hours. from key largo all the way down to key west the conditions are dry, and warmer, toooo we are at 69 in miami. 65 opa locka. you can feel the difference. we head back out into eastern
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it into ft. lauderdale. 50s upstate here. we will see more 50s coming our way into south florida by the end of the week. we'll get to ohat in a minute. future tracker, in and out of the cloud cover. the humidity will be pumped up, and we will see increasing rain chances as well. today in a worse case scenari sprinkles on the morning drive. midday, isolated shower activity developing. notice how warm it is. 79 even before the lunch hour. that would be the average high at this point in february. we will keep adding to that with your high today at 82. we do have a dry afternoon and i think the evening commute will be dry to get you home. temperatures at 5:00, right around 80 degrees. here is the holeroller coaster, bumping it up to about 85 by wednesday, and southwest winds driving temperatures in the mid-80s and the first three days of the workweek into the 80s and
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wednesday evening scattered storms begin to move in, and then everything clears out. by the time we get to thursday afternoon, 72, partly cloudy skies, and i said 50s are coming our way, several days of them this time, and highs in the 70s for next weekend. a nice way to get through the rest of the month of february. guys? it's 5:17 on your monday morning. apple getting support from a unexpected person. one of the mothers of the victims in the san bernardino shooting. she said the right to privacy is what makes america great. that's a quote from her. she is standing by apple's decision. apple's ceo said the software could create a dangerous precedents.
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week to respond to the judge's order. it's clear evidence that vaccine is working. a study from the studies of disease shows a drop among 60% in girls. experts say these results are encouraging but less than half of teenage girls and fewer boys have gotten all three doses ofof the vaccine and it's suppos to protect you from the sexually transmitted virus. thetreaming company knows it only has maybe a second or two before you moo on to something else, because we get board real quick. ey rolled out a multimillion recommendntion center for the new global audience. before recommendations were based on where you lived, but
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habits of customers from all over the world. a exciting start to the nascar seaso off we go to the kitchen as well, and off the track. a former heat star bringing new eats to south beach, and we'll held you what is new on the menu. taking heavy machinery to clear a wrong-way crash site. we know new details about the driver that died here that was
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an update on when this road is (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car saleses and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. look at that. oh, talk about a race to the finish. that's not even a second. i'll explain more. it was a historic photo finish ishat you are looking at at the daytona 500 over the weekend.
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took a photo finish to determine that he won by 0.001 of a second. and then opening an organic restaurant in miami. it will offer real food cooked slow for fast-paced people. it will feature a full-service drive through and carry out. while beards have become the trend in major league baseball, the marlins are going in the completely opposite direction. >> the team has a strict no facial hair policy. >> with don mattingly, he played
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known for their facial hair policies. it's not the first time the marlins have opted for the clean look, and facial hr has been allowed for the last decade, anyway. >> some of the best beards have come from baseball. tax season is here, in case you did not know. are you wondering how to spend your refund money. >> we have a couple suggestions and it's not what you want to do with it, it's what you need to do witht. two people onboard a small boat saved just in the nick of time off the coast of ft. lauderdale. a high ripp current on the beaches, but a peaceful start to our morning here.
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we're tracking a major traffic alert this morning. a wrong-way driver slows down your commute this morning on the turnpike in davie. >> what we know is that crash turned deadad. >> our team making sure you stay
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and our posted on social media as well. julia bagg leading off our team can you have coverage, and you are learning it could be cleaned up in an hour or so. >> reporter: crews dumping gravel and clearing it off becausehey had a mix of gas and oil from the crash. this is crews hauling off a smashed hyundai on the back of a tow truck. we knoww more details about the driver behind that wheel. he was a 26-year-old man from the miami area. that's what troopers told me a few minutes ago. they know he was driving the wrong way, northbound here in the southbound lanes on griffin road, collided with an 18 wheeler, and the people in the
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you can tell how bad the crash was. when you lo at the crash, you can tell the driver did not have a chance. we were able to speak with a friend of the two people who survived and she told us what it was like for the two people inside that tractor trailer. >> my friend, she sounded really shocked. >> reporter: shocked but okay. both of those people survived, but the other driver going the wrong way killed onscene. crews are hoping to have this open by 6:00 a.m., and you will want to check in with nbc 6's kelly blanco with details on that, and we'll gol to her to help you get around the roadblock. >> we will send you a push alert as soon as all lanes have been re-opened and as julia mentioned, hopefully by 6:00 a.m.


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