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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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of your heart. that applies to teachers as well as children. >> reporter: 6-year-old king carter was killed over the weekend in gfire at his apartment complex while he was playing outside. at the school today, the superintendent was also out speaking to the young kids as they were heading to class. king's friends told he won't be with them anymore. >> i just want to express my deep, deep disappointment at the ongoing carnage that continues to unfold on the streets of miami-dade. >> reporter: king's father sunday called for a stop to the violence. >> i don't care what your son name is. he's a king. we're going to treat him like a king. >> reporter: police are looking for two men who got out of a
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in miami gardens. officers were out today trying to build bridges and asking anyone with information to come foward. >> any information is very important for t preservation of our communities. there's no boundaries when you're talking about a 6-year-old losing their life. as smart as we may seem on television, we can't solve these type of crimes without the assistance of the community. >> reporter: that's really something that'seing emphasized tonight. miami-dade county police detectives pouring all they can into this case to try to locaca these men. they need the public's help because of what happend throughout and the forensics might be limited. we'll he much more tonight at 6:00.
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an update tononht on an infamous case here in south florida. dan krauth is live at the courthouse with the judge's decision. dan? >> reporter: jackthe judge broke down and got emotional when talking about the heinous crimes committed by michael hernandez, a man who was sentenced today to life behind bars without parole for the second time. >> i'm compelled to reach a conclusion that i never wanted to reach and that conlusion is that the defendant michael hernandez today is essentially the same kind of person he was in 2004. >> reporter: he showed no emotion. hernandez who was just 14 at the time stabbed classmate jaime gough to death in their middle school bathroom. he was sentenced to life behind bars already, but the court had
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automatically get life without parole, so his family and prosecutors had to live this whole thing again in court. >> the fasccade that you see is not reaa tonight, we're getting our first look at the thief as he tararts a young woman withdrawing money from a drive-thru atm. the suspect was armed with a handgun when he demanded money. on the a scene of a violent
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>> marissa bagg is live at mia beach with why this might not have been an accident at all. >> reporter: it appears this driver did post on social media last week that he wanted to take his own life s scifically by driving the wrong way on the turnpike. that's apparently what happened here overnight. now we're uncovering more about this man's behavior over the last few days. disturbing details continue to surface regarding a wrong-way ash that left the driver of this hyundai accent dead. he threateed his own life on a facebook post friday saying, i started driving down 195 from
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95 ready to crash my car into another. she rushed to the sce. she's friends with the couple who survived with no injuries. miami beach police released this report saturury where ference was accused of harassing people at temple emanuel. he was givenea trespass warning. the rabbi says ference was allowed to stay at temple on saturday and his friends and family had tried to help him with his mental illness for years. friends of the victim involved in the crash are thankful no one else was hurt. >> driving on the florida turnpike, they were lucky. >> reporrr: this apparent suicide is a tragedy and a sign that more needs to be done to help those suffering with mental illness.. nbc 6 news. we're following breaking
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los angeles. nbc 6 is everywhere. these are live pictures coming in right now from the scene of a small plane crash. now this happened over an hour ago. there was not immediate word on the condition of the pilot, but it appears the plane may have clipped at least two vehicles. we'll keep an eye on this one and bring you any updates. now on 6, controversy on the campaign trail. senator ted cr@uz forcing out his campaign spokesman over a report that falsely accused marco rubio of insulting the bible. it's another twist in an unorthodox race in the white house. meanwhile frontrunner donald trump is going ahead with a strong lead in the polls. we're following the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump is
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tomorrow night i i nevada will give him insurmomotable momentum next week as the gop primary race goes nationwide. >> you tell me who stops him? >> reporter: south carolina turned the republican race into a three-man contest. it's a fight that's getting even more personal. >> every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign that's untrue. >> reporter: this afternoon cruz acknowledged the video was false and asked h h communications director to resign. >> this was a grave error of judgment. >> reporter: cruz questions rubio's ability to win. >> there are only two of us who have won a state so far, me and donald trump. >> reporter: march 1st super
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with nearly 600 delegates up for grabs, including those in virginia, where john kasich is being forced to clarify this statement. >> we just got on army of people and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go dr to door and put yard signs up for me all the way back when things were different. >> reporter: and things will be different with super tuesday looming as a potential game-changer in the gop race. with jeb bush out of the race, cruz and rubio are desperate to win over his supporters. nbc 6 ws. >> and those endorsements are rolling in. some local lawmakers raving about rubio. laura rodriguez will have more coming up in our 00 newscast. a possible breakthrough for the u.s. after president obama
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putin discuss a cease-fire in syria. >> this is a mlment of opportunity, and it will require all of the parties who signed onto this document to follow through on the commitments that they've made. >> right now, the u.s. and russia are backing opposing sides in syria's civil war. the cease-fire will take place saturday. josh earnest says it may be diffict to implement, but the whole world will be watching. the u.s. supreme court back in session for the first time since the unexpected death of justice antonin scalia. the group took a moment to pay tribute to their colleague whose seat was empty and draped in black. it was a somber and emotional return to business for the court which is expected to hear ten cases, including a challenge to restrictns on texas abortion clinics. justice roberts began today's
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the world has also lost peter nodavi. he pioneered a number of improvements. he battled his brother for control of their family company, but the pair reconciled in 2005 and celebrated their reunion with a special blend of wine. today, peter's sons lead the family business. accused killer in court. the uber driver who police say went on a shooting spree randomly killing people between fares. plus, something new is brewing at staucks and it could cause a whole lot of controversy. he is trending on twitter. what social media is saying
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find out about some changes in the wether coming up. and coming up all, el chapo
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uncovered. we're back with an update on the deposition of bill cosby's
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there was no sighting of camille cosby before her depeposition today. she's been forced to testify in a deffation lawsuit filed by seven women whoay her husband sexually assaulted them. anything she says could be used in a criminal prosecution. bill cosby is facing criminal charges in pennsylvania for sexual assault. the uber driver made his first appearance in court that included a surprising admission. trina robinson is live in the newsroom with the update. >> prosecutors say they think they know what happened, but they're sill trying to figure out why. 45-year-old jason dalton, a husband and father of two and an uber driver, chaged with six counts of murder plus two counts of assault with attempted murder.
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michigan, said dalton conducted that killing spree over six hours saturday night all the while giving rides to unsuspecting passengers. lapse. this was not just a crime. there was nothing that provoked this. incidences. he walked up on these people and >> reporter: eight people were locations. a woman at an apartment complex, a fatherr and son at a car dealership, and five people in a restaurant parking lot. among the dead there, a mother and aunt. best friends who were killed after going to a play. >> i don't know how i'm going to explain it toy son. doesn't get to see his grandmother ever again. >> reporter: people have come together to pray for the victims.
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all ages, all walks of life, innocent were so violently taken from us. >> reporter: uber says dalton passed a background check. police say he has no prior criminal record. >> two people remain hospitalized. an update tonight on hover board hazards. a major retailer is pulling the product from itsshelves. toys r us has decided to remove all hover boards from its website. the move comes after the consumer products safety commission says no hover board on the market meets its safety standards. they are working with the manufacturer to test the toy. after the investigation, they'll determine whether to start
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big changes konlchanges coming to starbucks reward problem. you will get stars based on the dollars spent. it's a win for people who spend big on daily visits, but a loss for those who only order a regular cup of coffee. you'll have to rack up 125 stars until you can get a freebie, not just 12. beauty of a start to the week here in south florida with sunshine and temperatures warming up. live first alert doppler radar only shows some specks of rain er the western coast of florida as well as over the gulf of mexico. that is a sign of things to come. we'll soon be seeing some rain here in south florida.
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across port miami and miami beach. it looks really nice. again, we've had some pretty nice weather since the weekend. more clouds on saturday than we bargained for, but overall since the clouds didn't yield any significant rain it was just a really, really nice weekend. let's talk about weather headlines because this week we'll have our rain shower chances return to the forecast beginning tomorrow. then a coldlfront is going to move through on wednesday night. ahead of the front, thunrstorms are possible wednesday afternoon and wednesday night. then it becomes cooler and drier after the front moves through. by the end of the week, we'll see sunnier skies. it's 77 right now in many cities across south florida and 74 across key west at this hour. the wind coming in from the southeast and that wind is causing our humidit levels to creep up just a little bit.
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we're seeing more moisture and eventually we'll be affected by this front. the front is still in texas and louisiana. it is expected to tomorrow possibly yield some severe weather in the florida panhandle and parts of the gulf states. the chances for it yielding severe weather diminish considerably wednesday night. we know what happened last time when one of the fronts that was expected to lose energy ce through. it yielded our biggest tornado outbreak this yeaa we'll let you know what we're expecting from that@frontal system. for now, you can see the sunshineinge ing sunshineing across south florida. skies partly cloudy. temperatures not dropping below
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70 degrere. tomorrow, chance of a shower. showers end thursday morning. it clears out. look at these temperatures for friday, saturury, and sunday. trending at 3 months old, saint wes is taking over. the highly anticipated reveal comes on kim's late father robert kardashian's birthday. the baby picture taking over news feeds around the world. saint getting a lot of praise being called everything from cute to beautiful and something pointing out his likeness to big sister north. kim's instagram post of the pic has over 1.8 million likes. >> beautiful baby. beautiful kid. next on6, it is tax season
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>> an alarming update from the irs tonight and what you need to know to avoid your return going into someone else's pocket.
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and so full welcome back. tax season or scam season is in
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scams have surged this year. fraudsters have been sending e-mails that look like they're coming from the federal agency. the irs says it has seen nearly 1400 reported phishing schemes this year alone. the irs wants you to remembmbr they normally reach out to taxpayers through u.s. mail and not over e-mail. when tax returns do get intohe rightful owners hands out there, what's the best thing to do with that extra cash? >> this year you might want to think twice before you splurge. >> reporter: if you are tempted to indulge yourself, you are not alone. >> maybe a day at the spa. maybe just a day of total relaxation.
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ones this year have already spent it. >> in an imaginary world, i would get some season tickets to the panthers. >> reporter: it doesn't take much imagination to figure out what you should do with your refund. >> number one, paying off high interest debt like credit cards. >> reporter: credit card debit is the most insidious because it grows daily, but also put refund money io an emergency fund that reduces the potential for more debt and then depositing if not all of what's left into a retirement account. >> making sure your 401k or ira is maxed out. >> reporter: or you should adjust you withholdings so you're not providing the government with an interes free
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>> and don't forget the date to submit your tax return has been moved back a few days. the year's deadline falls on april 18th. the news at 5:30 continues next. >> a teenager on his way to school mowed down by a careless driver. police release the critical clue to catching the person who slammed into that teen and never looked back. plus -- >> i want people to learn fom this tragedy. >> a heartbroken m's word of caution as her daughter fights
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a thief (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. right now on 6, the critical clue in the search for a hit-and-run driver. police releasing this surveillance photo of the car that plowed into a teen boy. thank you so much for joining us. i'm adam kuperstein. >> and i'm trina robinson. keith jones is live at jackson memorial hospital. what's the latest on this and what's his condition right now? >> reporter: let's start there. he was brought here today in itical, but stable condition. i've been speaking with family all day long. just received a text from a family member. he's awake. e's talking, although he is very confused. doesn't know what happened.
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the hospital. he's undergone mris and cat scans. perhaps a collapsed lung. all of this as this young man was headed to school, mowed down by a driver who just kept on on going. it's happened again. 6:40 this morning, 15-year-old javier valdes and his brother were catching a connecting bus. that's where javier valdes was mowed down. the driver kept going. >> the driver did have the right-of-way at the time of the incident, but always when someone -- when there's an accident, stay on the scene. cooperate with the police. >> reporter: javier's brother told me, quote, the next thing i


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