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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  February 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the hospital. he's undergone mris and cat scans. perhaps a collapsed lung. all of this as this young man was headed to school, mowed down by a driver who just kept on on going. it's happened again. 6:40 this morning, 15-year-old javier valdes and his brother were catching a connecting bus. that's where javier valdes was mowed down. the driver kept going. >> the driver did have the right-of-way at the time of the incident, but always when someone -- when there's an accident, stay on the scene. cooperate with the police. >> reporter: javier's brother told me, quote, the next thing i
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flying in the air. >> possibly has front end damage and windshield damage. >> reporter: the detectives collected evidence from the scene in that bag. silver paint chips and this is a screen shot of the benz as it took off. here's a photo of the car that the police are looking for. >> left the child without rendering any aid at that point. >> reporter: you heard the detective. had this driver stayed there on scene, he may not have been in any trouble at all. now he could be facing very serious charges. if you recognize the mercedes e-class, it's going to be front end damage and windshield damage.damage
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hey, mama. hi princess. >> it's a glimmer of hope for the family of a woman fighting for her life. it was at the hands of her roommate whom she found on craigslist. the family hoping to raise money for her medical expenses. erica glover spoke with the victim's mother in a story you saw first on 6. >> reporter: instead of celebrating her 23rd birthday valentine's day, family and friends say danielle jones began this fight for her life after being brutally beaten by her roommate. >> what bothers me most is there was blood all over the apartment. i'm constantly haunted by the thoughts of what this must have been like for her. >> reporter: jones was living
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a roommate she found on craigslist ten days ago. she's been in a coma ever since. >> she's not following commands. >> reporter: mitchell claimed self-defense telling police jones came after him with a knife. he was arrested for attempted murder. >> i want people to learn from this tragedy that they need to be more careful. mothers will make sure if their independent children won't do a background check, they'll do a background check. >> reporter: the donations have reached more than $17,000. >> i have my faith in god. i know it will be his will. a florida child reported missing turns up dead. now her teenage brother is charged with her mother. she was last seen alive saturday night when she went to bed in
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the family reported the 10-year-old missing sunday morning. she was shot to dead in a field behind the home. they have arrested her 16-year-old brother for t crime. >> this is a hard core kid. he lied. he was deceitful.l. he screamed. he cursed. it was like interviewing a 30-year-old murderer when we talked to him. this kid was agn not a typical 15-year-old brother. >> it's unclear what led to the shooting. investigators have not ruled out that isabella may have been sexually assaulted. deputies are trying to catch a burglar who pretended to be a car dealership employee. the crook's work is interrupted when the worker%hears the ding of the cash register. he told the employee he was there to work, but he was led
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it's unknown how much cash he made off with. we have new details on the coast guard hearing into the % sinking of the el faro cargo ship. day six of that hearing focused on inspection/and oversight of the ship which sank last fall in a storm. all 33 people on board the ship were lost. the distress callsade by that ship captain were played on saturday. ship captain's have full responsibility for deciding when it is safe to sail. john kasich has drawn fire for a comment he made about women voters. the republican presidential candidate is getti^g a lot of pushback for saying he first got elected to public office in part by, quote, women who left their kitchens to campaign for him. >> how did i get elected?
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we just got an army of people and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs up for me. >> the ohio governor made the comment at a town hall meeting. kasich's campaignsave always been home grown affairs and that many of his grassoots teams were made up of stay-at-home moms. supporters of marco rubio are taking aim at his rivals. in a new ad, it touts the senators the republican that can beat hillary clinton. coming up at 6, see which florida lawmakers are switching their endorsement to rubio now that jeb bush is out of the race. y can find extensive coverage
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6 news and weather app. the controversial pastor protection act is headed to the senate now. ip is aimed to protect clergy from lawsuits if they decline to participate in a same-sex marriage. supporter of the legislation say more safe guards are needed in the statute. >> one lawsuit, ohe simple lawsuit, can wipe out a religious organization that relies on donations to keep afloat. >> that bill has not been placed on the house calendar as of yet. a new study shedding light on a possible link between cancer and race. the american cancer societet says new research shows the number of deaths from cancers decreasing faster in african-americans than
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for colon cases, those were only seen among african-american women. experts believe these differences could be due to limited access to proper medical care and lack of physicl activity. more trouble for lumber liquidators. people exposed to formaldehyde in certain types of flooring made by the company have a higher risk of cancer than previously thought. people living with the laminate flooring are the times more likely to develop cancer. lumber lick wi lumber liquidators has stopped selling the floors in question. the rings are modelled after the rings aready available to deliver birth control or hormone replacementtherapy. women change them every four weeks. some of the victims of the
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getting in the middle of the feud between apple and the feds. they are planning to file a legal brief in support of the government's attempt to force apple to unlock the phone one of th shooters used. they want to know why they were targeted. still to come, we hear from the wife of one of the world's most notorious drug lords. >> el chapo's wife sits down for her first ever interview. also, strangers risk their lives in a fiery rescue. why some say there's evidence of divine intervention at that scene. there is star power coming to fight on singer ke$ha's side. why taylor swift and ke$ha have been trending all day long. here are changes coming as a front approaches our area.
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will occur. the nbc 6 investigators are working for you.
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we continue to fooow breaking news near los angeles. no one was injured on the ground when a small plane crashed. it hit severara cars that were parked on the streets here near a small airport.
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you can see a broken off wing. we'll keep an eye on this one and bring you any updates. strangers risk their lives to save a man pinned inside a burning car. the jeep was traveling on memphis highway when the driver was sideswiped and careened into a pole. with no time to spare, other motorists and a canine unit worked feverishly to get the man out. the car was fully engulfed. everything inside was completely burd except the good book. it was so moving that people started to pray afterwards. >> i wanted to keep him as moist as he possibly could be. >> the driver is expected to
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big time hollywood power rallying behind pop star ke$ha. roxanne vargas explains. >> reporter: ke$ha lost a bid to be free from her current contract with meg hit producer dr. luke. she claims she sexually assaulted her and psychologically torments her, allegations that dr. luke says are completely on true. a lady gaga writes there are people all over the world who love you ke$ha rose. i'm in awe of your bravery. taylor swift showing her support by writing a check.
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help her with her legal battles. demi lovato tweeted against taylor swift. take it to capitol hill or actually speak out about something. the battle continues as friday's court decision is not the final word in this fight. dr. luke has since released a statement that reads in part, quote, the new york county supreme court on friday found that ke$ha is already free to record and release music without working with dr. luke as a producer i i she doesn't want to.
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factual detail and that there was no evidence whether from doctors or anyone else to support those allegations. roxanan vargas. jury seeection began today in the trial involveing erin andrews. a man admitted to recording nude videos of her back in 2008. he would rent hotel rooms next to andrew's and filming her. someone affiliated with nashville hotel told barrett where she was staying and allowed him to stay in the room vext door to hers. it's been a great monday here in south florida. we've had lots of sun. there are some showers on the live first alert doppler radar.
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west just near naples and ft. myers. our rain chances are expected to increase. we have the sun starting to set here across the everglades. 77 degrees right now in miami. i'll show you the temperatures across 2/3 of the country. yes, it is february, but it is not brutally cold anywhere. it's 51 degrees in new york city right now. 52 in chicago. 46 degrees in memphis. almost 60 in atlanta. temperatures tonight in south florida are not expected to drop all that much. we have a southeasterly wind flow. it's keeping our air mass moist and certainly warm, so we expect temperatures to probably stay during the overnight hours in the 70s. perhaps we'll end up in the upper 60s in some locations. otherwise partly clou skies. very low chances for rain
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tomorrow things will start to change as we'll see a better chance of rain. there'll be an easterly breeze. temperatures early in the day 68 to 72 degrees as you head out the door. a weather system off to our northwest is expected to approach with a chance of rain. the future tracker by tomorrow morning at 7:00 some showers movingnghrough the florida keys. faster winds for the florida keys by tomorrow morning. couple of spotty showers as well through the metro area through the day tomorrow. you saw some hit and miss showers in broward. i think all in all there's about a 1 in 4 chance of rain for our metro area throughout the day totoorrow. then those rain chances will increase much more on wednesday when that weather system that's currently out over texas and louisiana starts to approach us from the northwest. in the meantime, for tomorrow we
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now this is happening because of that onshore wind flow, which is moderately strong. keep that in mind for tomorrow. otherwise no threatsin our weather for your tuesday. now you look ahead to the weekend. keep in mind the weather system headed towards south florida that would cross as a front would cross on wednesday night. so it starts to clear on thursy. friday into saturday it's going to be generally sunny and unseasonably cool. our normal high this time of year is 79 dederees. i'm forecasting lows in the lower 50s and highs in lower 70s on sunday. sunday temperatures in the morning in the 50s, h hhs in the afternoon in the mid 70s. the weekend looks fantastic and rain free. i'll have that full seven-day forecast at 6:00. 50 cent has been ordered to appear in bankruptcy court to
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he filed for bankruptcy last year,ut posted photos of himself with piles of cash. another showed him arranging bundles to spell out the wor broke. back in july, 50 cent claimed the expensive lawsuits drained his fortune. the ladies were judged on their talent, poise, and elegance. it wass awarded with a $2500 scholarship. rororiguez served as the emcee for the evening. > this has gone viral, but it has very little to do with the
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>> 106-year-old virginia says she's always wanted her entire life to see a black man as commander and chief. the south carolina woman got to visi the capital over the weekend. her road to the white house started two years ago when she started her social media campaign and started a petition to meet the commander and chief. she's on social media. probably more than me. this is a good tim to remind you about the nbc 6 black history special. it's called "paving the path, black women in south florida," hosted by jawan strader and me. that's thursday at 7:00 p.m. right here on nbc 6. >> we're going to be just like her when we're 106, except taller. >> we're going to be really tall taller. one of the closest people to
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>> what the wife of the world's most dangerous man reveals about her husband. also how a tight knit community bid a final farewell to a larger than life reality star. one of the most creative unique schools anywhere in the country. fashion design over here, industrial design over here, and a lot more at dash. we brag coming up. and if you see news happening, take a photo or shoot
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here on families of some of the victims of shohoting at sandy hook elementary school are suing the rifle manufacturer. the parents say they're seeking accountability from the gunmaker remington for negligence and wrongful death. >> they are marketing to people like adam lanza and they know it and now they know it. it's time that everybody knows
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responsibility for that. lawyer >> lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit citing the law that gnts gun manufacturers immunity from wsuits. family, friends, and fans paid respects to big ang in new york. she died last week after a yearlong battle with stage 4 brain and lung cancer. the 55-year-old has undergone several surgeries since she was diagnosed last march. the wife of el chapo speaks out about life with the one of the world's most dangerous men. she shared her thoughts onis recapture and she revealed her worries for him behind bars. defending her husband publicly
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aispuro, says her husband is in danger in maximum security prison because he made a fool of authorities during his recent escape. she met el chapo at a village dance when she was a teenager and married guzman when she turned 18. she doesn't see him as a torturing and murderous drug lord. she saysthroughout her marriage much of thr time spent together came during visits to prison. as for leaked text messags between el chapo and a mexican actress, she brushes that off saying they didn't makeer
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this video of her husband in which el chcho admitted to trafficking drugs since the age of 15. the extradition process continues. there's a chance el chapo could be brought to southern california to face drug charges. that'll do it f fr the news at 5:30. >> don't go anywhere. more news straight ahead. sentencing upheld. a judge resentences the man who stabbed and murdered his best friend in middle school. hundreds are demanding justice after a 6-year-old boy is gunned down while playing outside. outrage online after a man pulls a small shark out of the ocean to take a picture with it. today we're bragging about design and architecture senior
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the story is coming up. the courta jue sentenced southwood middle school murderer michael hernandez to lifen prison again for the death of his rmer best friend and classmate. >> the judge upholding the life sentence after hernandez sought to have his sentence reduced. dan krauth is live from the courthouse in miami with reaction to the judge's decision tonight. dan? >> reporter: jawan, the victim's family m mbers and former classmates are relieved tonight. the judge called hernandez a self-centeredoung man who inspired to be a serial killer. convicted kilr michael hernandez showed no emotion as the judge sentenced him to life
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faces of his young victim's parents. >> it was final justice for my son.. >> reporter: the father of 14-yearrld jaime gough had to relive this terrible ordeal for the second time in thehe courtroom. >> it'ss been terrible. the ups and downs, this should have been over a long time ago. it took us two years back and forth. >> reporter: hernandez slit his friend's throat and stabbed gough more than 44 times. this man was the intended target. a judge already sentenced hernandez to life in prison. since then the supreme court ruled kids cannot get automatic life sentences without the possibility of parole. prosecutors played the violent phone calls he made while behind bars.


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