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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  February 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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man after three hours of standoff. why police say they were forced to shoot. >> live, "nbc 6 today" starts now. good morning to you everybody. time is 5:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. thanks for joining us on this tuesda february 23rd morning. >> wouldn't it be nice if today was just like yesterday. we were talking yesterday, a fantastic beach day. looks like a repeat once again. >> we're headed in that direction. we may see a shower or two creeping in today. overall, a pretty nice pattern. i think our best rainh chances will hold off until tomorrow. not finding rain outhis morning. roadways are free and clear of any wet weather. we've had spotty showers through the middle and lower keys. let's take a closer look here. throwing a lot of cloud cover into the upp keys but mainly dry there. marathon on down to key west the
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the breeze not easing up whatsoer. the southeast wind will lead to a high risk for rip currents on the beaches today. the strong breeze will bring in a passing shower. it has not allowed temperatures to cool off. 72 to 74, such a warm morning here in south florida for late february. mainly dry on the morning commute. could see a spot shower or two brewing up, but heading inland, a breezy warm and humid day. 83, warmer tomorrow, and a better storm chance. we'll detail that for y in about nine minutes. let's check traffic now with kelly. >> good morning, south florida. thank you for waking up with us. construction is starting to clear, but if you head out in the next five to ten minutes, you might still find a couple lanes blocked on the don shula expressway ju after killian parkway. we had an accident that has cleared. but we have a broken down car blockiki a right lane. this will be on the airport expressway y stbound approaching
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in broward county you're still accident-free on all your major roadways. i-95, i-75, all clearing within the next five t tmen minutes. you can follow me on twitter, @kellynbc6. i'll be posting updates all morning long. your timim is 5:32. a south florida father asking for help to find the hit-and-run driver who put his son in the hospital. julia bagg has more on the story you'll only see on 6. that father is tweeting on behalf of his 27-year-old son struck while crossing the street. fernando row celll was driving to work early saturday morning when he ran out of gas, , he left on foot. >> my son is in very bad shape.
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that guy, i just want to have some justice. >> this all comes as just last week the florida highway patrol launched a campaign to encourage witnenees to come forward and help solve hit-and-run cases.s. miami-dade leads florida with the most hit-and-run cases in the state. broward is right behind at number two. > this morning police in coral springs say they were fofoed to shoot an elderly man. they say the 71-year-old man started firing rounds from officers from inside his home before beinghot in the arm by one of them. police say armed officers d heavy equipment were brought in when the map called 911 and told them he had a gun. when officers realized how tense the situation was, they called in w.a.t. who attempted to talk him down. >> maybe 30, 40 minutes later there was three shots fired. scary hearing gunshots down the street where you wouldn't really expect it. it's coral springs, it shshld be a safe neighborhood, but thingss
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>> the man was taken to the hospital. polle are still investigating what caused the suspect to allegedd lose his cool. one neighbor said he had been dealing with stress because his wife had a stroke recently. also this morning, deputies trying to catch this burglar who pretended to be a car dealership employee. surveillance video shows this guy rummaging through the cash register at benji auto sales in west park. a worker who was supposed to be there hears the ding of the cash register, knows something is wrong, goes to investigate. the thief told the employee that he was ttre to work. he was quickly, as you just saurks escorted right ouuof that building. it is unknown at this point how much cash he actually made off with from that cash register. if you electralize that man, call broward crime stoppers, 4-493-tips. >> when i say i'm hurt on the inside, i got to be there for my husbandndnd my kids. >> family and friends marching
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after a 6-year-old boy was s st and killed playing outside in his neighborhood. this morning the show of support is getting stronger. nbc 6 reporter michael spears has been covering this story all week. about 30 minutes ago, parents are telling you kids are scared now to play outside. >> we spoke to probably four or five parents throughout the morning who said they're scared to let their kids play outside. horrible reality for neighbors in this area. it's hard to imagine what it's like to lose a 6-year-old to nameless, faceless killers. that's the reality for king carter's family. the first grader's murder remains unsolved. hundreds gathering for us, rallying at charles hadley park for justice, answers, and calling on the community to speak up.
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gunned down just a block away, playing outside broad daylight saturday afternoon when two gunmen, police say, opened fire. y? police haven't said. but those in the community say enough is enough. >> we need more leaders, we need more men, more parents to get involved. this is a tragic incident that happened, but there's greater things that will come from this. >> this is video of superintendent alberto carvalho paying his respects yesterday. meanwhile police hit the streets for answers, trying to connect with neighbors. the message is here that neighbors will be keke in cracking the case. this morning a $25,000 reward stds for anyone with information leading to an arrest in this case. two suspects, little information, no names. police calling on you for help for answers. call crime stoppers, 305-471-tips. for now in northwest miami-dade,
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thank you so much. tomorrow marks 20 years since the cuban air force shot down brothers to the rescue plane. later today family members of the victims will gather at their memorial at opa locka airport. the two brothers aircrafts were flying in ternational airspace when cuban fighters shot them down. cuban exiles. miami community leaders warning neighbors about an unknown outside grouou that's apparently deliberately spreading lies about the plalaed miami beach convention center hotel. this is allegedly what they're saying. the group is apparently sending out mail lers and calling on the phone, giving out wrong information about the project's height and how it's going to be financed. the city is maintaining it will
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on top of that, they say it will create jobs and pay a little more than $24.5 millionvery year in lease and tax payments. the project goes before voters the 15th of this month. the battle at the core of the apple is heating up. a tense standoff at the fed over phone privacy. >> i w wnt people to learn from this tragedy to be more careful. >> aheartbroken mom's words of caution as her daughter fights attack. dry at this hour. live look over port miami out to miami beach. sunrise in about 1:10. your drive in, youay see a sprinkle. partly sunny and 72. your drive home looks free and clear of wet weather with temperatures around 80. we have wet wealth her the forecast. details in just a fewnutes. kelly? >> grab that umbrella, if you're
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drive times are looking great. flamingo road to 441, an eight-minute ride. ten minutes from cypress creek
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welcome back. breaking news out of the netherlands. at least one person has been killed, several others hurt after a train collided with a crane. it happened near the dutch town of dalfsen, about 80 miles from amsterdam. the train looks like it tilted over and fell into a field leaving several of the cars on their side. no word on how many are hurt. from what we know now, none of the injuries are life-threatening. as more information becomes available, we'll update you both on air and online on the nbc 6
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the michigan manaccused of going on a random shooting spree and killing six people is now charged with murder. jason dalton is his name. heppeared in court yesterday where a judge denied him bai police say he shot eight people at several different locations in kalamazoo. they also add that surveillance video at those different locations clearly shows him shooting those people. if convicted, he's facing life in prison. it's 5:3. the kwaet of guantanamo bay and all the inmates could be determined today. the plan calls for all the detainees to be moved to a facility in the united states and for that detention center to finally be closed altogether. that new facility they tell us could cost about $475 million in construction costs. officials say it will drop operating costs. the controversial pastor protection act is heading the the florida senate.
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lawsuits if they decline to participate in a same-sex marriage ceremony. opponents say it's unnnnessary because they already have the first amendment protection. however, supporters of the legislation say more safeguards are needed in the statute. >> in theory they say they're covered with the first amendment. but one limb simple lawsuit c wipe out a religious organization that relies on donatns to keep afloat. >> the bill has not been put on the house calendar. the legislation begins the final three weeks of the session. we followed this very closely for about the last week or so. big decisions are coming here in the name of national security, mind you. the fallout between apple and the feds over phone privacy is getting a whole lot of attention on our nbc 6 news and weather app. >> and all across the country as well. today supporters of the tech giant are ready to speak out. julia bagg has more on how demonstrators want their voices heard. >> the case apple is making is
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every iphone user. you can expect at 5:00 p.m. local time that apple supporters ill be demonstrating in 50 different stores coast to coast. a judge has ordered apple to help the phish hack into the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. so far apple has resisted warning of major consequences for all iphone users. >> it's been asked not just to open a door, but to create a door, create a lock and then create a new key for the lock. once it does that, your iphone is not safe anywhere. >> the fbi counters that its agents could not look themselves in the moore recordirror if they didn't do everything they could to recover information from an attacker's cell phone. find out more ahead here on nbc 6. now first alert weather with meteorology ryan phillips.
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the roadway is dry, skies are partly cloudy. we have isolated shower chances in play. a lot of the shower chances will old off until you're in the office, until the kids are at school. waking up to mainly dry weather. we have showers i'll show you in the keys in just a moment. let's talk about what's out there right now. we've glt mostly clear skies. we've had partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions at times. then the clouds break. a little bit more of the night sky. t tropical clouds coming in on the strong breeze. made itself very present, especially along the beaches. if you live towards the beach, you know exactly what i'm talking about. a healthy ocean breeze in place. that won't change today or tonight or tomorrow. a refreshing breeze coming our way on thursday. 73 h hre in miami. a lowest in the mid 60s. so we're above average.
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you can use the moon as your guide. where the moon is passing in and out between these clouds filteringon buy, the clouds have been bringing in some shower actcvity through the florida keys, not all that concentrated now versus where we were two, three hours ago. the bottom line`is, wet weather around the middle key this is morning with extra cloud cover as well. wet weather continuing through the mid atlantic all the way to the southeast. notice it's all rain, not snow. a potent system winding up across texas, even triggering severe thunderstorm watches across texas. all this mess in the western gulf coast states, that will move to the east. i want to show you this, this does not impact usfor today. the thunderstorm forecast across the deep south and into the g glf coast states, you may hear more tonight about severe weathth taking place. a lot of this energy torrow will head into the carolinas, we'll have a risk for few thunderstorms late in the day as
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think a lot of the energy will be displaced away from us. not worried about any severe storms. we will see isolated showers, but not a bad tuesday. parallel forecast to what we experienced on monday. rain chance late afternoon on wednesday. for the evening commute on wednesday. mighty fine weather on thursday morning. warm and humid on your drive today. a warm and humid forecast at 83 today. it's tomorrow we bring in the late day storm chances. highs of 84. then welear out, cool off, too. lows in the 50s. friday, saturday and sunday. highs the rest of the extended forecast period into the lower and mid 70s, beautiful, perhaps last blast of winter as we round out the month of february. good morning south florida. you're making your way out the door, no major accidents
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roadways across south florida. this is i-95 around northwest 151st street. express lanes still 50cents. they have reopened. no issues northbound. we have one broken down car and that's about it. if you're headed out the door on i-95 northbound, as you approach the tnpike and the golden glades interchange, that's where you'll find the broken down car, but not causing delays at this time. if you're headed on the palmetto expressway eastbod to the golden glades, under ten minutes is your drive. 79th street, we'll talk about broward county in a couple minutes. state agents want to remind you driving too slow is against the law. you may have seen the signs on some roads. they tell driveves, if you want to go slower, move out of the left lanes. in the sunshine state you can face a fine of at least $121 for
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officials say this law is in no way intended to encourage you to speed. they want you go with the flow. one woman behind bars for allegedly stealing clothes and abandoning her daughter in order to try and get away. officials say she was caught by store security trying to shoplift about a thousand bucks' worth of clothing in philadelphia sterday. after they detained her, officers say she escaped leaving her 4-year-old little girl behind. that little girl given to department of human services which turned her back over to relatives. police got a warrant and arrested thee woman last night. she has been arrested two different times f theft before. take a look at this. chuck e cheese a place for the kids, not this time. police are looking for the peple who started a brawl in whan chester, connecticut, on sunday over the weekend. witnesses say the fight started
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no arrests were made because everyone had cleared out by the time police were able to get there. luckily no one was seriously hurt. your time nine minutes to the top of the hour. one tale ending happily for a soututflorida family. >> the family was reunited with their lost dog. they had been trying to finds this dog for months. the barrios family was tuned in to nbc 6 over the weeken when they spotted their long lost dog cco on our adoption segment. they immediately got on the phone and called broward animal control to arrange the reunion. to make up for lost time, the family plans to help him put on some pounds and supply him with endless belly rubs. >> we went to see the dog for the first time, he went absolutely crazy, just jumping. it was totally awesome. >> i'm really happ. when i saw him, i got all teared up. it was a great experience. >> as fate would have it, michael ber yoes met a long lost
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reunite with his dog. he's now surrounded by o new friends. >> we're working magic here at nbc 6, reuniting cousins, reuniting dogs with their families. >> can you imagine turning on your tv and there's your dog you're loonging for. animal lovers are outraged and speaking out on social medidi all because of this video you see here shows a a man pulling out a shark out of the ocean. coming up on nbc 6 news at 6:00 this morning. >> what's so good about living
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to strengthen enamel four times better. colgate enamel health. stronger, healthy enamel. the mother of a young woman in a coma warning other parents abou roommates. her daughter is unresponsive for a week after a roommate she found on craigslisis beat her. they say danielle has opened her eyes but still not responding to commands. she's heavily medicated and her fate is uncertain. byron mitchell is accused. her family was this to be a warning to other parents that they should be more involved in the process. >8 i want people to learn from
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be more careful. mothers will make sure if their independent children won't do a background check, maybe they'll do a background check. >> mitchell told police that jones came after him with a knife. meanwhile, the gofundme page has raised this morning more than $25,000. video of a big catch in palm beach county is dividing the online world. some are calling this a run-of-the-mill catch and release while critics claim it's nothing less than abuse. some people are upset that the young man pulled this young shark out of the wart and holds it down. after the video end, the shark is taken back into deep water and released back into the waves. sharks they do tell us that sharks can live out of watar for much longer. very likely they say that shark is fine. >> i can see where some people would be upset about it. it is a hot topic there.
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working on a lot more for our next hour of news. coming up, a legal nightmare comes to an end for a south florida family. a father sits down to talk with us about his son's killer. florida senator marco rubio finds himself in a war of words the day of the nevada caucus. >> beach breeze keeping temperatures very warm.
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74 in miami, on our way to the good tuesday morning. i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. the time is 6:00, tuesday, february 23rd. we're hoping tay is going to be a repeat of a beautiful monday. let's get a check on your weather with ryan phillips. >> a very warm and humid morning. you step outside this morning and it does not feel like february whatsoever. warm and humid start. it's dry. we haven't had showers materialize in the overnightht hours in the two-county area. live first alert doppler looking good. we're on guard for a few isolate isolated showers to begin later on. we take you to the middle and lower keys. a few showers there. not adding up to much. the overall coverage early this morning and io overnight beginning to really dwindle. let's take a look at the picture, watching the radar and satellite. watching the low level moisture creeping up in south florida.


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