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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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of the y just warm and breezy. 75 in ft. lauderdale and miami. up to 82 midday. could be a stray shower this morning. i think the bulk of our wednesday is mlstly sunny and dry. up toe 84. for the evening ive, storms moving in. we'll track that out in my complete forecast. good wednesday morning, south florida. right now taking a look at your drive here. this is where we have construction on your les of i-95 northbound at ives dairy road. you can see the con blocking a couple lanes. they should be clearing up within the next half hour. i'll let you know as soon as it does. traffic. northbound and southbound lanes look like they're moving up to speed. broward county. little more construction going on for another 30 minutes, 826 northbound the off-ramp 59at kendall completely shut down. two left lanes blockedff
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breaking news out of kendall this morning. in the past couple hours we got our hands on new information following a late night shooting at dadeland mall. we brought you this first last night at nbc breaking news at 11:00. let's cck in with michael spears. good morning. >> reporter: we've learned this morning that it was a detective who they say opened fire at a man who was driving straight at officers rightere at dadeland mall after a major blowup with his wife at dinner. now, the man wasn't hit. neither was anyone else. but listen to these new details this morning about what happened police tell us this started as an argument b bween 36-year-old michael guzman and his wife. they were at a famii dinner at one of the mall's restaurant. police say just after 9:40 p(m., guzman started pulling his wife
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police say he started driving away. his wife wasn't here for this. she jumped out of that car as it was rolling. officers here for an unrelated case saw what was going on and tried to help. officers say guzman drove straight towards the officers, one of whom openedfire. but guzman got away but only temporarily. witnesses could not believe all this haening was happening at dadeland mald. >> at dadeland mall i would never expect anything like this to happen. itit a nice area. now that this is happening, i kind of want to work somewhere else now. >> police say they were able to catch up with guzman through the investigation in an area of southwest 88th and 61st avenue. they say when they caught up with hihi he was trying to get into another person's car, a family memr's car and get away from that area. he was arrested and booked. in the process investigators say
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they did transport him to the hospital prior to taking him to the jail. the wife was transporord as well to be checked out. luckily no one seriously hurt. as far as charges, that part is still@ unclear this morning. live at dadeland mall, michael spears, nbc 6 news. also breaking overnight, severe storms and tornadoes sweeping across the deep south, the national weather service says at least seven twisters hit in louisiana and mississippi. as of right now three peoplee confirmed dead in two different states and more than two dozen oers are hurt. let's take you to alabama. anothehe tornado tufd down. no injuries reported ththe. new video into the newsroom from several locations including florida's panhandle. this specifically is pensacola. you can see the strong winds and rain pounding this hotel and the cars parked just outside. also in pensacola, a confirmed tornado tore through an apartment complex injuring six people.
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terms of those six pipe is not ye known. then let's go to louisiana where an 18-wheeler overturned into a ditch. it apparently flipped ver a highway in st. james parish during those severe stormse're talking about. no injuries reported as a result of that overturned big rig oochs. here in florida, impact on us, wind advisory remains in effect for the northwest portion of florida through this morning. forecasters say that area could see gusts of 60 to 80 miles an hour today as well as golf ball sized hail attome points. we'll keep you posted on those severe storms across the region and especially here in florida. donald trump leading the way once again. julia bagg is live in the studio with the results of the gop caucuses. >> sheli, with superuesday looming, donald trump has now notched his third victory in a row.
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in the silver state where marco rubio is barely elbowing out ted cruz for second place. trump touted his victory across a body of diverse voters. >> we won with young, we won with old, we won with shyly educated, poorly educated. >> sounding like a winner there. there's still five republican candidates in the race. that includes ben carson and john kasich. super tuesday in next week, march 1st. it's the moment of truth. eric and sheli,hat's when there will be 595 delegates up for grabs. it could winnow things down here. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders con fronted issues at a town hall. they're three days away from thehe south carolina primary. the democratic hopefuls tackled questions about syria, race relations and even beyonce's controversial super bowl half-time performance.
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when african-americans in south carolina and around the country get nervous about walking down the street or going into their car and being stopped by a police officer. that should not be happening&in america now. >> we have serious challenges, and i think it's important for people, and particularly for white people to be honont about those. >> clin done has criticized sasaers for not strongly supporting president barack obama. meanwhile sanders took aim at clinton for paid speeches he says she made to wall street banks w. very a full rundown on the nbc 6 news and weather app. look for results, speeches and more from theampaign trail. i am king carter. >> i am king carter. >> a show of support for the family of a 6-year-old boy killed in a drive-by shooting. dozens gathered shoopearching for clues.
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that were traveling in a black car when the first grader was playing outside with friends. >> it's a story you saw first on 6. a miami woman was beaten into a coma by a roommate she found on craigslist. there's a lot to consider with something like this. police want to make sure you stay safe when you're meeting someone in person. police advise you to let a family member or friend know you're meeting with the person. you can set the meeting up in a public place so there are other people around. do a basic background check, a google check on that person. you never know truly who is behind that picture. the beating victim is danielle jones. her cousin says she's still in crical condition this morning but she is responding to pain stimulation therapy. the 6-year-old girl who was left alone as her home went up in flames will be staying with her grandmother for now.
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her grandmother until the case is decided. police say the mother was outside the apartment when the fire went up. >> shepanicked. she just took off thinking her daughter was dead. >> row>> a south florida man refuses to become a victim. this is what happened. we'll show you how he turned the tables on a would-be car jacker. the suspect is only 13 years old. thousands across the country are taking a side in the privacy feud between apple and the fbi. we are warm and humid. we're at 75 in miami. winds out of the south will keep it warm and humid all day long. watching a line of storms out of the gulf of mexico moving the
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cuba's tourism boom continues at a r rord pace. the government forecasting 6% growth after a 7% increase in 2016, forcing tourists to scramble for a hotel room, raising questions a aut how exactly cuba will absorb more visitors when scheduled airline
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this year. 5:12. president obama has announced his plan to close the prison at guantanamo bay. >> i think a lot of the american public are worried about terrorism and in their mind the otion of having terroristing held in united states rather than in some distant place can be scary. but part of my message to the american people is we're already holding a bunch of really dangerous terrorists here in the united states. >> that official announcement came yesterday late morning. the planeans moving 35 eligible detainees to other countries and ving the rest of the suspected terrorists there to prisons and military bases here in the united states. in closing, gitmo, as it's known, the president is trying to fulfill his 2008 campaign promise to shut that prison down.
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across the country, supporters are supporng the decision by apple -- many people are worried it could compromise the phone's security. apple said they're willing to help law enforcement, but not if it means breaking its promise. fpl customers who unknowning paid hundreds of millions for a nuclear power plant should get their money back. that's according to a class action lawit that claims fpl and duke energy have been overerarging customers to fund nuclear construction projects, one of which has been abandoned. fpl wants to add two nuclear units to his turkey point power station on biscayne bay t. suit claims such y y tilted projects have been financed by banks and wall street, not the consumers. the lawsuit wants fpl to pay customers back up to $800
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fpl called the lawsuit frivolous and said it's only billing customers for money already spent on licensing and planning. 5:14. if you have the nbc 6 news and weather app, today is one of the days where you go to the start screen, touch your 6 and switch your start screen to the weather page. we'll keep you up to date with any weather unfolding. two-county area looking good through the keys, free and clear of any wet weather for now. this afternoon we'll bring in new shower or thundersto chances. at the bus stop this morning, i'll say it's warm and humid, 73 to 76. those are our average afternoon high temperatures in mid february. instead that's where we start our morning. it's going to be a warm and humid day. we're dry this morning.
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we'll hold off until the afternoon hours. watch for showers and storms to move in. we're lookinin at stormrm chances, some offhich could be strong after 3:00. a lot of this will lean toward the eveneng commute by 6:00 with showers moving through the area. the first half of our day, it's bright. it's warm and humid. mid 80s is where we're headed. after we get through tonight, tomorrow we've got cooler, drier weather in place and it takes us through the upcoming weekend. here is where the severe weather threet is this morning. tampa all the way north into southern georgia, a line of storms, yes, extends across the gulf waters. a lot of energy to sustain this will be moving to the north, to the carolinas today. a huge area of low pressure with rain and snow from at least the middle mississippi valley into the mid atlantic. it's this line that wrapsps into the florida peninsula that we'll be watching. initially this morning all the
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this line, as it holds together, will not really be marching towards south florida until later this afternoon. we'll be off to a warm and breezy morning. winds out of the south-southeast at about ten. i think the winds will pick up just a touch as the afternoon goes on. 76 in opa-locka. a warm morning there. 35 in miami as well as ft. lauderdale. 74 in homestead as well as lauderhill. by 8:30, the line drawing a little closer and sinking further to the south and east into the gulf waters. we'll watch what's going on ahead of the line. take your umbrellas with you this morning, be ready to drive through some wet weather for the evening commute and stay weather aware. we'll see if the line has a rambunctious tone this afternoon. 84 is your afternoon high today. showers and storms for the evening commute.
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lows of 63. tomorrow beautiful, 74 and sunny. first alert traffic now, here is kelly. >> still accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. good news for you folks making your way outhe door this morning. also more good news. construction onon i-95, northbound lanes at ives dairy road. that construction has cleared up. basically all of i-95 is construction-free in miami-dade. let's take you to our first alert traffic maps. 826 northbound at southwest 88th street. we have the off-ramp completely blocked off. that ramp ready to open up. it should be opening up within the next five to ten minutes, just in time for you to make your way out the door. i-95 southbound at hollywood boulevard, two lanes are still blocked off. tht should be opening up as well within the next ten minutes. a teenager is recovering this morning after being shot. police are not calling him a victim. investigators say the 13-year-old was with three others trying to car jack a couple in north miami beach.
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because he says he spotted what appeared to be a gun in the teen's hand. the teen is expected to recover and will face charges. police are looking for three other people. a thief apparently had a craving for some cash and not the cookies. deputies say they're looking for a womawho stole a wallet from a girl scout's employee and went shopping with the credit cards inside. officials say the woman in that surveillance video ar that white t-shirt and jeans took the wallet from an oakland park office and racked up about $400 in charges at a target. if you recognize her, call crime stoers. the senate passed a bill that would split custody time evenly between divorcing parents unless i finds reasons not to. senators say the bill would add consistency to child custody
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the court to order a different custody arrangement if it's in the best interest of the child. >>ou might soon do away with your car keys altogether. volvo is working on replacing car ke with your smart phone. the smart phone would not only start your car, but unlock the doors and the drunk. bluetooth technology will be the name of the game. volvo will test the technology this spring in sweden. only a limited number of cars will be equipped with that digital key technology. >> nowadays you're losing your phone more often than your keys. >> we're kind of a mess either way. put a clapper on it. you ap, it beeps. it works. >> it works. time is 5:19. if you have a sweet tooth, a recall alert for you. what was found inside a popular
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morning affecting 55 different countries. u.s. chocolate maker mars is recalling bars of snickers, milky way and mars bars after a customer in germany found plastic in her snickers bar. all the recalled chocolate was produced at a lant in the netherlands. most of the affected countries are in europe. there's no indication that that recall is extending right now to the united states. an unusual rescue off the coast of jacksonvivie. two off-duty sheriff's deputies helped a leather back sea turtle who became entrapped by a light. luckily the officers saw the turtle just in time to save its life. >> nine-foot turtle. ook at the size of that thing. your`time is 5:24 on your wednesday morning. the 15th annual south beach wine and food festival isicking off today. >> nbc 6 has you covered,
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>> for the first time, the festival is expanding to ft. lauderdale in broward county with a sold-out kick-off event at one area tonight. the show also todayay is going to join the fun -- the "today" show is going to join the fun with al roker and natalie morales. they will be at the festival starting tomorrow. a star-studded culinary event running through sunday. celebrity chefs like guy fieri and rachel ray will be on hand. tonight spacex is attempting a historic launch of falcon 9, carrying its heaviest satellite yet for an asian communications company. spacex will try to land the rocket back on earth on a plant form in the middle of the ocean. is launch is scheduled for 6:46 a.m. from cape canaveral. we're sorting through new overnight video following a wave of violent weater that ripped through the south.
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julia bagg has been keeping track of the overnight damage across several states. she's going to have a lot more in a live report couple minutes away. a major case in a hit-and-run. the man who police say was behind the wheel turns himself in while the young victim fights for his life jts back to the severe storms moving into north florida this morning. we're free and clear of any active weather in south florida and the keys to kick off our wednesday. this line of storms is what we'll watch leading into the afternono hours. still have a clans of rain, showers, storms coming our way
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we'll talk
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overnight, the nevada republican caucus ends with a win by donald trump. marco rubio and truz tieing for second place. michael spears live at dadeland mall where investigators are looking into a late night shooting. good morning. your time is 5:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz.. thanks for joining us. >> maybe around commute time, things could change a bit. >> i think we'll be watching for showers and storms to move in acoss south florida. getting ready for our next cold front. not today. a warm and humid forecast. we are dry as you head out early here. 5:30 on wednesday morning, broward county, miami-dade and down through the keys. live first alert doppler, the only radar on the air will become more active once we get past the lunch hour. the big picture across the
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keys. you'll notice the line of storms across the gulf, moving in at least into west central florida, intt north florida this morning. we have a risk for tornadads. the tornado watch box here, the line extends to the south and west across the gulf waters. that's the portion of the line we'll track later this afternoon. warm and humid to start our morning. partly to mostly cloudy skies. about 75 across the area. i thihi we're mainly dry for the morning commute. could see a stray shower. the emphasis on that very warm sunine up above. after 2:00, 3:00, showers and storms developing and moving in. we'll watch the radar. you can stay up to date on our nbc 6 news and weather a. roads are dry. let's see how they're moving. here is kelly with more. >> a brand new accident on the turnpike. first i want to make sure the construction on i-95 northbound has completely cleared up.


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