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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  February 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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now the community is calling for justice. three people test positive for zika in florida and they're all pregnant women. also, we'll tell you about little-known perks that could change the way that you fly. good morning, everybody. your time is 4:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. hope everyone is having a fantastic week. it is thursday, almost friday and a cool start to the morning. >> not quite as humid as we've had the last couple days. meteorologist ryan phillips has more for us. >> your thursday morning starting off with a cold front, sliding off to our south and east, showers to bimini and beyond and to our offshore waters. 4:31, let's take a look at the big picture, clouds through the eastern gulf waters. a northwest wind bringing
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extra cloud cover initially this morning. we'll work our way through that. i think the breezee likely out of the west-northwest and initially thth northwest at 20 miles per hour. breezy period. sunshine. here are the temperatures at 66 in miami and opa-locka. that's 20 degrees cooler than we were for the high yesterday. we've had a significant temperature drop and temperatures still falling. i think we start out inthe lower 60s in your first alert forecast this morning. here is a check on traffic with joe brennan. >> looks like all is well, copan road, bad crash overnight. they just opened things up. all lanes have been opened. we don't see any real lingering effects through the area. now on 95, same in dade county,
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and downtown miami. a view here from about halfway between, around 79th street, still looks terrific. 826 they're starting the wrap up overnight road work. back to you. it has happened again, another teen shot and killed in northwest miami-dade. this morning the community is saying it will not stand for anymore gun violence. a second shootg took place within blocks from that first one, a 21-year-old was shot in the leg. nbc reporter stephanie bertini has more. >> reporter: detecves say the male victim was 17 years old. he was rushed to jackson memorial hospital this evening but didn't make it. police say the teenage victim was walking in the area when he was approached by a gunman on foot. >> that makes you weary, standing on guard for your children. you can't let them go outside.
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close by and says the crime makes him question safety. also tonight just blocks away on 17th avenu another shooting. detectives are working the find out if this is connected to that. in this case two victims, one in the leg and the other unlarmd, approached by a male gunman also on foot. police say the gunman took off with a ready to toy camry. meantime wleem in miami-dade are outraged over the violence, especially in the north end, people like this teacher who showed up with a message tonight. >> all i know is i fight daily in the classroom to make a difference in the lives of these children for them to come home and meet tragedy at their doorstep? no, sir. >> reporter: over the weekend a 6-year-old caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting, he was president the intended target. but king carter was shot dead while playing outside.
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again and again and again, and it seems like the victims are just young. >> yes, we have seen quite a number of shootings in dade county regegding juveniles. our department is out there every day. >> that was stephanie bertini reporting for us this morning. two teens are in custody at this hour for the shooting death of the south florida child, a crime that has struck a cord in the community. this is 18-year-old leonard adams and 17-year-old irwen pressley. that shooting was apparently triggered by an argument on facebook with a person only joe biden fied as juju. police say teens went looking for juju saturday night in northwest miami-dade where that 6-year-old boy lived. police haven't ruled out making more arsts. king carter's funeral will
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nbc 6 reporter erika glover is going through new details. we'll have the latest from her in our next hour of news. apolice say 47-year-old david rosen berg sexually abused a goering on several occasions. agents say he was sending child porn videos to an undercover officer. we're waiting the hear back from the law firm where he worked for the past six months. rath ens erg is awaiting bond. this morning we're hearing from the pilot of a small plane crash. marissa bagg has this. >> reporter: this is something you don't see every day, an airplane going down a heavy street.
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started sputtering and he needed to find another runway. >> i saw this, there was no traffic, no children around. that was my first priority is to make sure i didn't hit anybody's home or take anybody's life. >> this man saw the cessna 152 fall out of the sky. >> the wind pushed the wing back. >> reporter: that next-door neighbor, miguel contreras was home at the time. he says it's a miracle the plane landed generally enough not to cause any damage. >> pow, very, very strong. >> i had to take off my shirt, he was bleeding excessively. i tuck off mie shirt and wrapped it around his head. >> reporter: neighbors praised
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>> everybody is thanking me. i'm just emotionally, i wish i could have gotten the plane in. that was the main thing. doesn't feel like any kind of hero for saving the lives of property, but i did what i was trained to do. >> that was marissa bagg reporting. switching over to weather, this is downtown miami. >> a pretty picture on this thursday morning. not quite as humid which is nice as well. >> we have a lot of changes forthcoming today. we'll clear the clouds out, bring on the sunshine. cooler readings for you as well. as eric mentioned, huhudity out. first and foremost, the rain out. the overall squall line we're attracting yesterday fell apart across south florida. we got a quick dose of rain all off to the east now. we've got cool air spilling in. a fair amount of cloud cover initially to get through. i'm hoping by the time weet to drive times, say 7:00 a.m. once the sun comes out, we'll have
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you that will guide us through the afternoon hours. temperatures are still falling this morning. we're at 64 right now, ft. lauderdale and oakland park. that in and of itlf feels good. the air is drying out. the temperature has the ability to continue to cool, and with the northwest winds, we'll start out into the lower 60s and have a slow climb back into the 60s. a live look into downtown, down towards the aaa. getting rid of the cloud cover, temperatures leveling off at 63. normal high closer to about 78 or so. today, 72, enjoying the sunshine this afternoon. the breeze will be with us more of the day. let's check traffic. kelly is off but joe is in.n. >> they're wrapping up overnight road work, looks terrific. this south of the golden glades interchange and i represented downtown miami. things nice and quiet. same at the mall met toe, dolphin expressway.
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clear from the two left lanes. steady. we had the earlier crash that was there for a while along 95 southbound near copans road. >> light and steady, that's what we like to hear. your time right now is 4:40. still new cases of the zika virus re in florida. those who did test positive are pregnant women. we'll hear what the governor is now requesting. when forces defeated saddam hussein, they uncovered many
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a special exhibit some south florida students are getting a glimpse of history seldom seen. they found in iraq intelligence headquarters flooded basement.
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been digitized and cataloged. the books that were saved are on displayed at fiu's -- >> it is not a true archive. >> no, it's not. what the school kids see to the jewish museum of florida fiu is a treasure trove documenting a lost culture. >> the squlu wish community has roots in iraq going back 2,500 years. this basically is a record of jewish life in iraq. >> the exhibit is full of unexpected treasurers. for example, this bible commentary over here is printed in 1568, just 93 years after the gutenberg bible. it was found floating in saddam hussein's basement. >> reporter: u.s. soldiers found a record of a people's destruction instead, soggy mess of oath books and scrolls inside saddam's intelligence headquarters. the national archives had
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washington. their experts cleaned and preserved this slice of history. >> i think what stkes me that's fascinating is to really see through these documents and records the progression of the downfall of the jews in iraq and how they were treated. >> reporter: from a distinctly iraqi torah school cover, students see how history from ancient bob lon to modern iraq is created to us. >> what's great is it brings us right up to the modern headlines of our involvement in the middle east. >> all over the world you hear about these monumental cultural heritage being destroyed all over the world. >> like isis right now doing the same thing. >> this is a story of the preservation of the cultural heritage. i think people of all different cultures can relate to this.
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saddam has this mish mosh but since he did it's preserved for people to see. >> the story of jewish people begins in this ancient land. >> reporter: ari odzer, nbc 6 news. take a look at this funnel cloud. it was captured by an nbc 6 viewer in west t alm beach. we appreciate you sending that to us. a couple of storms moved in last night, but now they're headed out to sea. the weather is drying out this morning as ryan is mentioning with cooler temperatures definitely on t t way over the next couple days. >> if i remember correctly, you said today was going to be a beautiful day, i that correct, meteorologist ryan phillips? >> t interesting thing, temperatures are still falling this morning. as erica mentioned, the rain is out of here, heading out into the atlantic waters. live first alert doppler sweeping clear. our best dose of rain came through as we went through the evening dours about 7:30 or 9:00. after that, just clearing out in the meantime. ll's jump over, looks like we
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we've got 66 degrees right now at m.i.a., northwest winds at 15. at the bus stop this morning, we've got cooler temperatures. a drastic temperature change overnight. it will take some time to actually get the temperatures to recover. 60s, low 60s. we'll feel the real chill this morning, but the fact that temperatures dropped over 20 degrees versus where we were yesterday. extra clouds this morning, as the sunshine comesback, a beautiful day lies ahead. here is what we went through during the overnight hours, the li of showers sneaking through, drying out after 10:00, 11:00. now the residual cloud cover in place. we're finished with the showers, not just for today, but for the next five, maybe six days. i want to take you to the origin of the real potency of the system. snow back through michigan and ohio. how about severe weather in boston this morning with nasty storm continuing to move off to
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it's been a wild winter of weather, i should say. the cold front now extending from boston all the way offshore here so the whole thing is connected. our local weather tis morning not bad except for the breeze. i think the breeze will begin to taper. a northwest wind drawing in the cooler and drier air at about 15 to 20. here is where the temperatures stand right now across the two-county area and through the keys. at 4:46, temperatures still coming down. 64 in pembroke pines, pompano beach and deerfield. 69 in marathon as well as key west. this is quite a change from yesterday morning, ten degrees cooler, maybe 11 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. temperatures still falling. a greet recovery coming this afternoon. a font moves away. we contend for the next eight or so hours with breezy conditions. we move into an outstanding weather pattern. it starts today. after we do away with the
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around 63, a very slow climb just to get to 70 by the lunch hour. we're up to 72. mild and breezy afternoon, lots of sunshine. then we carry into the evening hours. ouou your friday will be beautiful. morning low temperature of 53. temperatures below average. we'll take it into the low 70s. low 70s is a common theme for the next severaldays. temperatures on saturday around i think there will be some pockets of upper 40s. sunny skies, your eekend outstanding. 71 on saturday, 74 on sunday. again, no rain chances coming into play until next week. as we mentioned, kelly blanco off this morning but joe brennan in with a look at first alert traffic. in the doral ara, looks great north and southbound. everything open through that area. if y u go around the corner
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itself, just before you get to 107th avenue, we do have a crash there. the good news is they've already moved it to the shoulder, so t affecting any travel lanes. you'll get by pretty easily. the same thing the rest of the way, 95 dade county, 95 through broward. copans road cleared up after a bad overnight crash. detectives near orlando are trying to figure out what cause add mom to shoot her son in the swer. police say virginia ortega shot her son while he was bathing. officers say when they got to the scene, they found te mother holding a gun. her son had be shot several times. the family says they never saw this coming. ortega right now is charged with murder. the state health department confirmed three pregnant women in florida contracted the zika virus.
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counties where those women live. the total number of confirmed cases is now up to 32. but all are travel related. in miami-dade alone,there are 11 p@ople, in broward there are 4. you might soon have a say in who is florida's top voting official. since 1998 the position of secretary of state has always been appointed. a new measure could change that. a senate panel approved calling for an election.n. it still has to get three fifths votes. the state senator sponsoring the bill says he wants people to be more accountable. in october of last year 31-year-olt corey jones was shot six times by a palm beach police officer who was in plainclothes that day. the bill would require clear-cut rules in place for any police department that uses body cameras. under the legislation, no agency
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cameras. rules would d in place for those that do. the bill which is getting approval of the florida police union is getting ready to go to the full house for a vote. a woman in west kendall says days after her dog disappeared, she found it listed o craigslist. >> nbc 6's laura rodriguez talked to that woman in hopes of saving other people to go through the same thing. >> reporter: the dog is 15 years old and has cancer. her owner is very concerned for her health. although she was able to contact the craigslist poster, the responseseot her back at square one. >> i'm very attached. my mom calls her my daughter. >> reporter: this is linda, a 15-year-old miniature schnauzer who ran away from her wes kendall home a week ago. once the fernandez family realized the dog was missing, they frantically searched for her and posted flyers on social media and in the neighborhoods. >> i just wnt her home. >> reporter: five days later a neighbor sent her a craigslist link.
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>> it ww a picture of my dog. there was three pictures and i freaked out, that's my dorks that's my dog. >> reporter: this is a screen shot of the craigslist ad provided by fernandez that has since been relisted. the listing says rehoming for a friend movivg out of state. the person asked for a rehoming fee of$140. >> what's going oo you found my dog. you should have said looking for owner. >> reporter: just by looking at the photos, she knew it was linda. she e-mailed the system and asked if e dog had a lump on her left leg. the person responded, yes, she hh a lump on her inner thigh, explaining he or she found the dog and said the schnauzer ran away. >> she said she did have my dog and tried to take care of her but she ran away. >> reporter: it's common for people to find lost or stolen
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suspicious after linda's owner owner -- >> you're supposed to do what you can within 30 days to find the owner. >> i'm scared it's going to be too late. >> reporter: recontacted the craigslist poster, but the e-mail bounced back. if you know anything about linda's whereabouts, make sure to call the fernandez family. we haveheir information on our website,, under my story or find my story onn the nbc 6 news and weather app. laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. >> i don't even know what to make of that story. >> do you think sometimes people are just born with no conscience? >> no comment. i don't understand what he was thinking. >> something is going on. all right. it is eight minutes to the top of the hour now on your thursday morning. still ahead for you -- >> you could get some cold, hard cash next time you fly.
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4:53. a cooldown in place going on right now. temperatures falling to the lower 60 64 in oakland park, 64 in ft. lauaurdale. eric, something is going on, a
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weather to the welcome back. attention frequent flyers. did you know there's a secret list of passenger rights? >> when you ge angry, you can get compensated. if you get bumped off your flight or if they lose your luggage, there are ways to get compensated. you get compensated in cash. nbc 6 reporter amanda plasencia breaks it down for us. >> reporter: flying isn't what it used to be, but there are things to ease travel headaches. the next time you head to the airport, know your rights. passengers have a lot of rights. a lot of them don't know about it. >> reporter: there are at least
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traveler, including ways to make cash from flying inconveniences. >> the person who speaks up gets what they want and might get compensated for something that went wrong. >> repter: first up, get refund fd you're bumped off a flight. according to the department of transportation, you can get paid back if you get bumped off an oversold flight. if you arrive to your destination four hours lat you price. >> once in a while, they'll have to involuntarily deny people boarding. in that case there's certain amounts of money to pay you legally. >> reporter: speaking of vouchers, always ask for cash whenever possible. many of those couchers come with strings attached. another fact, opt out of a tarmac delay. you can't be held on a delayed plane for more than three hours. airlines are required to update you every 30 minutes and serve you food and water after a two-hour wait.
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>> reporter: some passengers were pretty surprised when we showed them this list. some tips include getting paid back for itinerary changes. if weather dam pens your plans, the airline must give you a full refund or cover the expenses and fees to reroute you. you can also cancel your tickets for free, most airlines allow you to get a full refund if canceled within 24 hours of buying your ticket. these tips can help you be an educated consumer on the ground and in the air. >> you have to do your homework and make sure you know what your options are and your rights should you encounter problems. >> reporter: for a full list of all these tips, check out the nbc 6 news and weather app. remember that knowledge is power and could equal even more money in your wallet. reporting from ft. lauderdale international airport, amanda plasencia, nbc 6 news. all knew tonight, your boarding pass is your ticket to fly, right?
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thief needs to get your most personal information. >> tonight at 6:00, the nbc 6 investigator is going to tell you what exactly thieves are looking for off the boarding pass and how you can protect all that information. >> usually you swipe the boarding pass and rip it up -- >> good information to know. nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> right now nbc 6 is everywhere. right now at 5:00, a south florida community calling for an end to gun violence once and for all after yet another teen is shot and killed in northwest miami-dade. >> an unusual scene in a south florida neighborhood after a pilot in distress is forced to make a crash landing. >> a fourth suspect now in custody in connection with the death of an fau student killed during an alleged drug deal. >> thanks for joining thus morning. i'm sheli i niz. >> i'm eric harryman. your time right now is 5:00 on this thursday, february 25th. we had some storms move in sort
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moved out fairly quickly, back out to sea. now we're looking at a much cooler day this morning. >> apparently it's going to be a beautiful day. meteorologist ryan phillips has your forecast. >> you're setting me up. better hope i can come through. >> outstanding. winter making a return there. my weather pattern even better with the wine and food festival kicking off. they're banking on beautiful weather. roadways are dry right now. we'll keep it that way for several days. all the showers that eric was speaking of, now moving offshore, away from us over towards the bahamas and through the straits. we have a channel of cloud cover in place. we'll get through that over the next three, four, five hours. going to move that on out of here and we'll bring in full sunshine. even though the sun is out today, we'll have plenty of it. northwest winds will be breezy at times today and temperatures settling back into the lower,
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temperatures are still falling. we'll hover right around 62, 63, 64 this morning and only make a climb up to 72. all the while more sunshine coming back, a breezy afternoon. mild. joe brennan with a look at traffic. >> still looks like a decent ride out there, especially since they opened up 95. a bad crash southbound around copans road. that is gone. all roadways and ramps open. things on 95 around griffin road in terrific shape as you motor towards 595. so far not that busy in getting by that area. same with dade county, dolphin expressway, palmetto, where they come together, still looks good. one crash on the dolphin westbound right before 107th avenue, but already out of the travel lanes. that's traffic, back to you. >> j j, thank you so much. one minute past the top of the hour.


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