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tv   Today  NBC  February 25, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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after slamming the south. >> took my truck up in the air and glass is coming in. >> a new round of tornadoes killing at least four people in virginia. heavy rain and high winds knock out power across the northeast and in the midwest a crippling blizzard. mitt romney jumps into the presidential fray taking on donald trump. >> i think we have good reason to believe that there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> trump insist tlg is nothing there. when will he release his return? hurt and humiliated. erin andrews in trs after her father testified. >> she is terrified, depressed. >> and he said that secretly recorded video of her in a hotel left her a shell of herself.
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an e-cigarette battery exploids in a man's pants catches them on fire. the warning being issued. today thursday, february 25, 2015. from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. >> back in the land of the living. >> it seems like a long time since i have seen you. it is nice to be out of my apartment. yes, i got a flu shot. we'll talk more about that later. i'm amazed you touched me. >> me, too. let's start can the dangerous storms hammering the eastern half of the country. the death toll climbing to at least eight people. four of those died in virginia.
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without power from the carolinas to maine. this tuesday there have been at least 34 confirmed tornadoes. weweave it all covered including the impact on travel. we'll start with miguel almaguer. >> reporter: the storm took at least eight lives. three were killed in this region alone. the storm went right through this community. it was a powerful and deadly system. another night of severe weather. damaged. city. in long island firefighters rushed to extinguish cars on fire and clear downed trees in neighborhoods. hail. it was the smallest towns hit with the bigigst damage. overnight rescues in virginia.
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maps as homes were destroyed. >> took my truck up in the air and glass was coming in. i thought the truck was going to turn over. >> reporter: frank rose witnessed the deadly swiser blow through waiverly, virginia. >> i saw roofs flying everywhere. what can you do? >eporter: the wild weather claiming the lives of two men and a toddler tossed from a trailer 300 yards adding to the storm's death toll another man killed in south carolina when a gust of wind snapped a tree on to him.m. >> he was laying down and the tree was on top of him. he was hurt. >> reporter: the powerful storm system battered the gulf coast. among the hardest hit, a trailer park in convent, louisiana where a tornado killed two and shredded 150 homes. >> it looked like a blender. >> reporter: some parts of
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more than 200,000 lost power. thisorning while the storm is diminishing the scope of the damage is just being realized. later today virginia's governor will visit some of the hardest hit communities like this one while the storm system passed over in a matter of hours in places like this one it will take months to rebuild. >> oxford, north carolina. thank you. >> you might expect the airlines are feeling the effects of the severe weather. blake mccoy is at o'hare in chicago. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. airlines trying to hit the reset button this morning after more than 2,000 flights were cancelled nationwide yesterday. the worst airport in the country for the cancellations right here at chicago's o'hare. winter's wallop dumping more snow overnight, moror than a foot in some parts of northwest
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blizrd-like conditions cracking power lines leading to dierz warnings. >> it is terrible. it is going to get worse. stay home. the roads are ice underneath the snow. >> reporter: hundreds of accidents snarled traffic. thankfully no children aboard this school bus when it was sent sliding. chicago's two major airports cancellations. 1,300 flights cancelled wednesday in chicago alone. >> we actually chahaed our flight. we were supposed to leave at 1:30 today and then unitete contacted us and try to move it up. >> reporter: cancellatns stretching across the country including syracuse, new york, where2one airline bought pizza for this flight that had to be diverted because of the storm. we are seeing more than 300 ights cancelled this morning even thohoh the worse of the weather moved out.
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kot stuck on a boat, a fishing boat, moments ago. the coast guard sent out a coast guard boat to@ try to rescue them. they went aground.
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luckily all five members of the coast guard on that boat are okay. as you can see right now coast guard chopper rascuing people off that fishing vessel. that gives you an idea how b b this storm was. really amazing stuff. the good news is the woror of the storm is over as far as the heavy winds and rain. we are still dealing with that but you can see heavy rain pushing off. what we are concerned now is what is behind it. colder air filtering in. you can see snow developing. we won't call it a blizzard, but we will have wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour,oor visibility on i-75, i-80, parts of i-90. it is going to be a real mess traveling. snowfall amounts not the worse but the winds will calm down. that will give better visibility behind the front.
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look at se of these accumulations we are looking at. cleveland two to five. gary, pennsylvania four to seven. the good news is we have warmer weather coming, milder weather but folks are still digging out and dealing with h e mess left behind by these more than 34 tornadoeshat touched down. >> thank you very much. now to the psidential race and notable shift from republican marco rubio going after donald trump and so is the lala republican nominee, mitt romney. we have it all covered this morning. we have peter alexander in houston where tonight's final republican debate before super tuesday will be held. >> reporter: this is the tth republican presidential debate. lone star state show down first without jeb bush on stage. and for donald trump's rivals, marco rubio and ted cruz perhaps
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tuesday. anyone not named donald trump looking for southern comfort. >> i can win. i can grow this party. >> the question right now is how do we prevent nomating a candidate who loses the general election or for that matter donald wins the general election who would know what he would do as president. >> reporter: for ted cruz everything bigger in texas. >> crown jewel of super tuesday is the great state of texas. >> reporter: new polls show him holding a 15 point lead. the rubio campaign calling on trump to repudiate robo calls from a leader of a white nationalist groupup >> the white race is dying out in america and europe because we are afraid to be called racist. >> reporter: trumpesponded to similar calls last month. >> nothing in this count
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>> reporter: the billionaire is hinting at a running mate. >> we are going to probably choose somebody somewhat political. >> reporter: now rejoining the political fray mitt romney. >> i tnk we have good reason to believe that there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> reporter: four years after he was pressed to release his returns romney is pressing the 2016 front runner to do the same. >> either he's not as wealthy as he says he is. >> reporter: an issue trump first addressed on "today" the morning after winning the primary. >> will people be surprised at the rate you pay? taxes. i hate the way the gernment spends my money. >> reporter: trump calling romney a fool. there is no bombshell other than
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government wastes the money. >> reporter: closer than 1r5 points. one interesting dynamic in attendance george h.w. bush. >> thank you. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press." nicolele wallace, political analyst. last gop debate tonight before super tuesday. anyone whose name is not donald trump had better do something tonight o try to slow him down going into tuesday. what are their options? >> winning the nomination is like cliliing to the top of everest. donald trump is half way there and marco rubio is at the bottom of the mountain with a much
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it is possible but extremely difficult. >> rubio and cruz and kasich. >> i think the rubio plan is to sort of stay the course, go after cruz,play this one more long game. hope cruz is eliminated after super tuesday and hope next wednesday morning he gets to wake up, come on the "today" show and say i finished second and now it is a two-man race. >> there is a lot of ifs there. >> i think he can attract the real support he has to show he is tgh enough to take on trump. >> does he absorb the punches, land few good one liners or use this opportunity to take the turn and try to become more presidential than they are in. >> if he was anybody but donald
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ahead what he might do is sta to make the turn to look more presidential. the real vulnerability he has even among supporters is his temperament. his supporters said i like you are different. i am worried about your impulse control challenges. every time he has had an opportunity to display a better temperament he passed on it. i would expect him to act more presidential i don't think we can expect that from him. that is not the way he rolls. >> that is not what his voters like. >> i think he goes -- >> let's talk about cruz. heent through marco rubio's set of circumstances that would alw him to emerge. if cruz loses texas what do the polls show now? it shows cruz ahead. >> pick your poll.
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ted cruz has a one state strategy on super tuesday. >> put your historian hat on for me. every poll i look at doesn't show marco rubio having a shot of winning any state on super tuesday. anyone secured the nomination going 0 for primaries? >> they have an answer for that. what they say is that everything about this cycle is historic in nature and that -- washington post stunning editorial about stopping trump. they feel urgency to stop trump and that would create historic rush towards them in the final days and weeks. >> this issue of taxes. mitt romney thinking there is a bombshell there. donald trump said i pay low taxes because i don't want to pay high taxes.
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>> i don't think it matters. the only thing that matters to trump would be what romney brought up if his net worth is not what it was. mitt romney is doing to donald trump by just sort of openly speculating what harry reid did to mitt romneyey four years ago when he said i heard he is t paying taxes. mitt romney, this is his way of participating in the stop trump movement. >> he is running against a rigged system. >> this is the real feature of the campaign, i heard this. >> thanks for bringing me up to speed. i appreciate it. big new developments in ongoing fight over the u.s. supreme court. the white house said to be considering republican governor ryan sandoval of nevada a possible nominee to the high court.
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former federal judge, supports s abortion rights. nomination of a republican would be sn as attempt by president obama to stop the bckade of choices. the u.s. olympic committee preparing athletes and staff ahead of gamesf brazil. a usoc doctor testified. he said the committee is considering several steps inchuding pretreating closing of all usoc personnel and providing bed nets. they will have a zika vaccine ready for phase one clinical trials by this summer. the scandal involving defective air bags. uncovered evidence that takata was deceiving auto makers for years.
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company was aware they were defective. if the customer request records or makes an audit we will have a lot of failures, sometimes 38%. regulators are under pressure to expand the recall to include every takata air bag in america. encouraging news saying this ar's flu vaccine is most effective in years. cdc recommends everyone get a flu shot every year. usually half of americans get that. >> did you read that with your fingers crossed. >> i got a shot in november but it didn't work out. fghtening scene at a kentucky convenience store. this guy on the right suddenly flames and sparks shoot out of his pants.
7:18 am
the man says an e-cigarette battery blew up in his pocket. he suffered burns on his legs. he is able to walk. warned to keep the batteries away from coppers and other metals including car keys. >> that is not a little flame. that is a big deal. more on the weather from al l roker. >> looked like he was ready to take off. let's show you whaha we have right now. a beautiful day out west. temperatures will be in the 60s in the pacific northwest.
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we are going to get to wow our thursday morning starting off mostly clear and certainly a cooler note. looking to miami this morning, clouds were thinninin out, northwest winds were coming in, we've got a cool breeze this morning to get you started. winds running out of the northwest at about 10 to 20. breezy day initially. but we'll see more sunshine as the day goes on to help warm us up out of the lower 60s. 60 in oakland park,1 fort lauderdale. 63 currently in miami. on our way up to a mild but and that's your latest weather. coming up, erin andrews and her father tearing up in court as he takes the stand in her civil lawsuit. we will have his emotional
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and melania trump defending her husband and revealing what happens when they disagree.
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this is "today" on nbc. coming up, is johnson & johnson baby mom, dad. >>son. now that fedex has streamlined our e-commerce and helped us grow our business, i think it's time we startrtacting like a business. >>okay... here we go... >>oh, look at this... ok, so number one. no personal items are permitted in the workplace. those will need to come down. we'll be doing some mandatory testing. and there's also a strict no dating policy. >>uh, but honey, we're married. that's going to be a problem. grow your business with the online shipping tools from fedex.
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listen up! i'm he to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein... ... and 26 vitamins and minerals ensure. take life in! live, this is nbc 6 south florida news now. good morning to you. i'm sheli muniz. >> and i'm eric harryman. police investigating a pair of shootings within blocks of each other and minutes of each other. all of it happening in northwest miami-dade. and all of them involving teenagers. one of the victims is 17-year-old died at the hospital immediatelyal foeing that shooting t second victim, a 16-year-old is in stable condition as of this morning. police are now looking into whether or not these shootings are connected. two teens are in custody this morning for the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy, king carter, 18-year-old leonard adams and 17-year-old irwin
7:27 am
charged with the death of carter. they're now facing second degree murder r nd attempted murder charges. temperature coming back into the lower 60s. 10 to 15 degrees cooler this morning than where we were yesterday. lower 60s this morning. plenty of sunshine, mild day, first alert forecast high is 72. here's traffic. >> looks like things are moving along a little bit easier since some earlier accidents have cleared out. in both dade and broward counties.
7:28 am
i-75 is moving prty well. the earlier crash is all gone now. that's traffic. >> joe, thank you so much.
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>> stay with u [ cheers and applause ] 7:30 on a thursday morning, 25th day of february, 2015. we will get outside and say hi in just a little while. insidede studio 1 a we want to look at the morning's headlines. the death toll is rising from the powerful storm system. at least eight people killed from louisiana to virginia where a state of emergency is declared. senator marco rubio
7:31 am
pro trump white supremacist group to stop making robob calls. >> the wise race is dying out in america and europebecause we are afraid to be called racist. >> reporte that group is not affiliated. the republican candidates will take part in their final debate. connecticut prosecutors are asking the state supreme court to send michael skakel back to prison. they say a judge made mistake three years ago by reversing conviction in the 1975 murder of his neighb. robert kennedy, jr., who is writing a book about his cousin's case attended a hearing.g. another high profile case and more testimony. >> it was emotional. jurors heard from andrews'
7:32 am
daughter has been a shell of her former court. >> reporter:ramatic emotional testimony, erin andrews breaking down seeing her father in tears on the stand. >> first time in my life as her father where i didn't know if she was safe or not. i feared for her life. >> reporter: steve andrews describing agony after naked videos of his daughter went viral eight years ago. videos taken through a peep hole by michael barrett. erin is suing barrett, the marriott and her management company at the time for $75 million. the lawsuit claims barrett asked to be put in the room next to andrews and the hotel was negligent foroing it, a
7:33 am
hospitality expert called by andrews' attorney. >> the hotel maintained it did nothing wrong, that barrett deceived, connived and manipulated the system to get the room next to andrews. >> steve andrews joins us no >> steve andrews is a reporter. erin followed in his foot steps becoming a successful television sports reporter. steve says erin has changed since the incident. >> she was just so much fun before we found out about this. she is not the fun person she was. she is scared.
7:34 am
>> and erin andrews will get to tell her story when she testifies. her convicted stalker expected to testify. >> thank you. a little bit more on the race for the white house and melania trump's first solo interview with the campaigngn we showed you a a bit of this on wednesday. jack hally jackson is with us s th more. >> reporter: fresh off his victories, donald trump isn a role for the republican nomination and he is rolling out his running mate, melania trump. she has only been in america for 20 years but says she is ready to become the next first ladydy >> melania, say someing. >> he loves you. >> reporter: like everything trump she can be anything but understated.
7:35 am
>> reporter: melania trump -- >> she will mbke a beautiful first lady. >> reporter: not letting her outspoken husband do all the lking. >> i tell him my opinion. i tell him what i think. sometimes he listens. sometimes he don't. >> reporter: while some accuse the republican front runner of being sexist trump in her first one-on-one interview of the campaign her husband is anything but. >> he treats me the same as men. he will tell you what is i his heart, what he thinks. he will not hold it back if you are a woman. >> reporter: trump would become the first foreign born first lady and the first to bear it all on a bear skin rug. last spring she wanted this turn in the spot light. >> do you wantt him to run for president?
7:36 am
presence on the campaign trail focussing on raising the couple's son born a year after donald and melania married. they met at new york fashion week. he was 52. she was 28. the trump brand her business, too. her line of jewelry on qvc and her moisturizer caviar. now she is starting to step into the spot light with spoofs on "snl." it's the white house she is focussed on now as the republican race enters its super tuesday sprint. and some new reports out that melania trump may have donated a couple of hundred thousand dollars to hillary clinton. she wouldn't talk about what she would do if she weren't to end up in the white house but her husband says she would probably focus on women's health.
7:37 am
weather department. storms. and just the warmth that we are experiencing right now. if you have been outside you barely need a coat. 53 in new york city. 57 in boston. syracuse 40 you have to go back to pittsburgh and detroit to find temperatures in the 30s. they will be coming. we have cooler air coming in. look at the temperatures we are expecting right now. indianapolis ten degrees below normal. charleston 39. atlanta 52 degrees and then by friday that moves into new york and down to 38. atlanta 54 andaturday even chillier. boston 42. d.c. 47. but do not fret. waing temperatures will be coming. in the mid section of the country temperatures 60s, 70s in oklahoma. little rock. and as we make our way t tthe
7:38 am
61 in washington, d.c. 66. wow, our thursdayaymorning starting off mostly clear and certainly a cooler note. looking to miami this morning, clouds were thinning out, northwest winds were coming n, we've got a cool breeze this morning to get you started. winding running out of the northwest at about 10 to 20. breezy day initially. but we'll see more sunshine as the day goes on to help warm us up out of the lower 60s. 60 in oakland park. 61 fort lauderdale. 63 currently in miami. on our way up to a mild but bright day. first look and that's your latest weathehe thanks. just ahead, change your settings, what you can do to extend yr phone's battery life. johnson & johnson fighting back after a jury awards a family $72 million.
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7:42. we are back with concernsver a popular product that millions of americans have been using for years. >> johnson & johnson is being order today pay up overr a woman's cancer death. >> reporter: a st. louis jury ruled johnson & johnson must bay $72 million including 62 million in punitive damages to the family of an alabama woman who died of ovarian cancer. >> not just for her but so many other women. >> reporter: the jury sided with the plaintiff who die at age 62 saying that talc found in e company's baby powder contributed to her cancer and that the company knew about the risk.
7:44 am
consultant alerted that anybody who denies is denying the obvious. >> i have had very few juries award more than i asked for. they awarded $1 million every year that she lived. . >> reporter: the discussion around the safety of talcum powder is far from over. in a statement wrote the talc usededs carefully selected. the recent verdict goes against decades of sound science proving safety of talc as cosmetic ingredient. many say the evidence is inconclusive. >> this association had been reported in some studies. however, there are many other studies that have shown that talc use does not really increase the risk of ovarian cancer. >> reporter: the american cancer
7:45 am
is likely to be very small but other research shows an increased risk as high as 30% especially if women use talcum powder on a daily basis for more than 20 years. products with talcum powr continue to be soso. now you can find products which replace talc with coror starch. as for johnson & johnson it is facing other pending lawsuits. >> for the first time people who use talc products they are going to be alerted the first time that they run the risk of get ogvaryn cancer. >> reporter: the company says it plans to appeal. >> and just ahead what adele did last night to steal the show. >> and the reaction buttons you want facebook to add next.
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7:49. fuel to the rumor that carson and i are the same person and can't be seen together i'm back and he is out. >> and he is sick. >> he has a little case of the flu himself. feel better. >> dylan was sick earlier. >> she is back and in the orange room. >> al, it is time for you and i to get out of here. >> it is not good, not pretty. on wednesday we revealed facebook's new reaction buttons. so in addition to liking posts
7:51 am
it took less than 24 hours for the internet too come up with reactions left out. we get it, you have kids reaction. you really need to get a diary reaction for the ones that go on and on. we h!ve the secretly i enjoy your political rant reaction and we get it, you work out. we had people take to twitter to say what they thought reactions should be. jessica writes today i feel. facebook, these are fine, but all we wanted was the dislike button. facebook researchers and engineers spent more than a year testing these reactions world wide so i wouldn't hold out for changes anytime soon and still no dislike button. >> we get it, you workout. >> glad you are feeling better. a startling confession from actor terry cruz about the addiction that he says messed up
7:52 am
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live, this is abc 6 south florida news now. >> good thursday morning to you, i'm sheli muniz. >> and i'm eric harryman. police investigating a pair of shootings within blocks and minutes of each other. in northweststiami-dade one of the victims was a 17-year-old who died at the hospital. the second victim a 16-year-old is in stable condition this morning. police are now looking into whether or not these two shootings are any way connected. >> go two teens are in custody this morning forthe shooting death of 6-year-old king carter. leonard adams and presley facing second degree murder and attempted murder charges. and a job fair for veterans and their families starts at afternoon. kovens conference center. some of the companies there will be comcast and apple.
7:57 am
ryan phillips. >> good morning. sunny skies now making a quick return from south florida. cold front is through. you can feel the difference as you head out early this morning. right now 62. 63 opa-locka and miami. 61 in pompano ach. we'll have to deal with the north/nororwest breeze this morning. sunshine, a mild, beautiful day. first alert forecast high of 72. here's joe brennan with traffic. >> still a bit busy along i-95 making your way southbound. certainly getting tight through that area on your way into downtune miami. and the same in hollywood along 95, more delays northbound trying to get past sterling and that entire area. traffic. back to you. >> all right. thank you so much, joe. 'll be back in 25 minutes.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
the "today" show continues. it's 8:00 on "today." dirty little secret after terry cruz makes a candid confession of his addiction to pornography. >> day turns into night and you are still watching you probably have a problem and that was me. >> how he turned his life around and is encouraging others to do the same. going to the dogs.
8:01 am
dirty working as interns for a canine groomer. and the butler does it. >> i want to live forever. >> gerard butler stops by studio 1 a for a previ today february 25, 2016. [ cheers and applause ] >> good morning from amarillo. >> good morning champae, illinois. >> celebrating 70th birthd. >> celebrating my 45thbirthday. >> i'm getting married in 43 days. love you, babe! >> good morning everybody. welcome back to "today,"
8:02 am
it is toasty on our plaza. a little breezy. >> meanwhile, bad mouthing going on inside the vestibule. this is dylan's throwback thursday song. "shoop" by salt npepa. >> everything we did was shoop. we would know every word and do the dance. nothing i will repeat here. >> you can do every word. >> yes. >> while i'm in the process of outing people, savannah has her sexy boot on today because gerard butler is here. >> my medical boot is still on. you haven't seen me since this happened. >> just the day of the accident. let's get a check of the morning's top stories. >> good morning. nearly a quarter of a million
8:03 am
after violent storms move from the south along the east coast. at least eight people lost their lives, among them a a toddler and two men thrown from a trailer when a tornado struck waverly, virginia. airlines trying to catch up this morning because of flightt disruptions caused by the storms in the east and hea snow in the midwest. nationwide more than 2,000 flights were cancelled on wednesday, half of them in chicago. more than 300 flights have been grounded again today. a dramatic rescue this morning off of new york city. a u.s. coast guard vessel capsized while spauntding to a fishing boat that ran aground. five coast guard member husband to be pulled from the water all apparently safe. the coast guard helicopter air lifted crew members from the stranded fishing boat. dlnald trump's rivals get
8:04 am
voting. the face off is in houston. former republin nominee mitt romney has entered the fight challenging trump to release his tax returns. romney predicting they will contain a bombshell. trumpesponded thaha his returns are complicate skpd he is in no hurry to release them. there has the been one burglary reported this year in beaumont, texas. thieves caught on camera backing a pickup truck through front door of a convenience store. three men dragged an atm into their truck. police have found the stolen truck but so far no sign of the three burglars or the machine full of money. three days and counting before hollywood's biggestst night and rolling out the red carpet for the academy awards. on sunday the 500 foot long carpet will be surrounded by reporters and photographs along
8:05 am
bleacher seats hoping to get a stars. al and i will be there, as well. >> talked to somebody with chris rock as he was working out the monologue saying it is going to be britliant. >> looking forward to that. now to a surprising confession from nfl player turned actor terry cruz. >> videos posted on facebook he opens up about what he calls a dirty little secret that ruined his life. >> one thing everybody has to realize is that you can't survive with guilt and shame. >> reporter: a revealing confsion from a recognizeable facec >> pornography really messed up my life in a lot of ways. >> reporter: former athlete
8:06 am
his years of addiction to pornography. >> if day turns into night and you are still watching you probably got a problem and that was me. >> just like eating. when you feel sad or lonely you grab fofo. and instead of food for me it would be pornography. >> reporter: in a series of videos crews posted to his facebook page about how the addiction affected his life and the way he looked at the world. >> it changes the way you think about people. people become objects. people become body parts and things to be used rather than people to be loved. >> reporter: and reveals how it nearly ended his marriage. >> another thing that i felt was a sense of intittlement. i felt the world owed me something. i felt like my wife owed me sex. >> reporter: crews says heas been free of the addiction for
8:07 am
forward now to help others who may share theame issue and studies suggest that number is significant and gring. >> pornography addiction is thought to be one of the mos common phenomenon and rapidly growing mental health problem we have today. >> reporter: estimated 2 million people suffer from addiction to internet sex and 90% of children between 8 and 16 have looked at online porn. the internet m ming the material ever more acceptable. >> the pornography is becoming more addictive and everyone has a crack pipe in their office and living room which is the computer or on their person, the phone now. >> reporter: crews is trying to remedy that p pblem with the advice to the concerned significant other of addicts. >> anything that will make you feel denigrated or less than you cannot accept it. that is a message for all women out there. >> reporter: he believes the
8:08 am
conflicted. >> the truth is hehas to do it. >> reporter: crews says he will continue to talk candidly about the issue. >> the more you talk about it the more we can beat it. we can beat it. you are going to win. >> reporter: for "today," janet shamlian, nbc news. >> it takes a lot of courage to own up to that and be public about it and hopefully will help others. >> he said this is six years in my past. to come forward to help people is great. >> might not want to talk about it. a lot of people will relate. tired of the cell phone always running low on power. what wurbs and what doesn't when it comes to boosting the battery. the new list of hollywood's best movie quotes of all time. the quote machines lauer and
8:09 am
we find out what happens when kathie lee and hoda took an internship at i have a resident named joyce, and she kept complainingngbout all her aches and pains. and i said "come to class, let's start walking together" and i said "and i bet you money you'll be able to do that senior walk". that day i said "ok it's me and you girl, me and you!" i said "if you need to stop, there's a bench we'll just hang out in the shade." she said "absolutely not! we are going to finish this race!" and we were the last ones in, but you know what? we finished the race. and she goes "desiree, i'll never quit walking. ever" , it's a taste so bold, yet so smooth, it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a taste you could enjoy, fresh brewed, or one cup at a time.
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8:12 am
8:12 with trending today. >> let us start with the million dollar question. this questn could get you hired at facebook. the company's globalead of recruiting told business insider when they are going over applications with job applicants the is one question that they like to ask more than any other. on your very best day at work, the day you can home and think you have the best job in the world what did you do that day? >> i like that question because i guess the idea is it shows what you love to do. i went to australia. this show you do a million things. i got to go to australia with my mom and visit my birth place and
8:13 am
that was awesome. >> traveling and getting family history. >> free trip to australia. > dylan, what about you? >> my brother is a veteran, wounded warrior. we did a story where he dpaut to play on the softball team. he travels the country as a wounded warrior. >> that's amazing. >> great opportunity. >> for me it would be we have a privilege of being able to share great stories about peoe who inspire us. we did a story abouthe foster care system and organizations that helensure that kids are protected in the system. being able to create a psa and meeting young people whose lives were changed. we helped raise $300,000.
8:14 am
>> i had to go over the inaugural when the vice president -- i begged him to come over. dr the mic moment. >> somehow getting around the secret service. >> and not getting tackled. >> every couple of years when we go to the olympics and get to interview people who have worked there a large portion of their lives to accomplish something and you get to talk t t them right after they have accomplished it or not accomplished it, but talking to people at this epic moment in their lives makes me happiest with t ts job. >> it happens at the olympics and all the time on this show we get to talk to people at interesting moments. we all love our smart phones but may not love our batteries. a lot of myths about what will and won't drain your battery. we are goi to play a game of
8:15 am
true or false, closing unused battery? >> true. >> false. i'm surprised. running apps doesn't do that much. >> true or false, streaming music uses more battery than the ones that are downloaded. true. third party charges will damage your phone's battery. >> that can be true. >> i have no idea. >> i would say false truish. it says false but the times says you should go with reputable vendor and not cheap alternative. >> false truish. >> an interesting social experiment from jet blue. on a recent flight the company offered everyone on board a free round trip flight to anywhere in
8:16 am
it could only be one destination and all 150 passengers on the plane had to agree on the same destination. if there wasn't a unanimous decisisi they didn't get the trip. using paddles the passengers narrowed down their options choosisi an international location over a domestic one. after wheeling andealing it came down to two options, turks and caos or costa rica. >> must mean only one thing, 150 ndom strangers have chosen unanimously to go to costa rica! >> that's not easy. >> we c cldn't do that.
8:17 am
>> they get a free round trip. >> can you imagine trying to get 150 people to choose lunch. >> apparently the airline said they conducted the experiment because of the division in washington. >> reminded me of a caucus. even more space and top movie quotes of all times. >> adele and her big night at britain's version of the grammy's. it is called the brit awards. adele looked stunning in a flowing red gown. she won award after award after award taking home four trophies in all. her award for global success was presented by an astronaut aboard the international space station. when adele won best female solo art she had the opportunity to support ke$ha. >> i want to thank my record
8:18 am
encouraged and i would like to take this moment to publilly support ke$ha. > and by the time she won her fourth award adele jokingly apologized for what she called her ugly cry face. never looks ugly. time. the movie serving over 1,600 of oz." toto, i have a feeling we are not in kansas anymore. from "star wars" may the foersz be with you. >> you're going to need a bigger boat. >> casablanca for here's looking at you, kid. after all of that, what took the top spot? >> frankly, m dear, i don't
8:19 am
>> gone with the wind voted top movie quote of all time. one proposed alternative was frankly, my dear, i d't give a woot. >> that does not work. >> not even close. >> to gwen stefani. on today's episode of her show ellen asks ss gwen about blake getting serious. >> when he popped theuestion about you being his mentor, how did he do that? >> did you rehearse that before? >> yeah. i did. i thought of that one. >> i want to be on that show as much as possible. laughing. i got so much out of it. >> you did.
8:20 am
clarify wt she meant. >> that's fun. al, let's get a check of the weather. >> let's show you what we got goingn for today. snow here in the great lakes. wet weather moving through boston and new england. that will clear out rather quickly. western two-thirds of the country nice and dry. we look for temperature today 80s and 70s in the southwest. fairly mild in the east with temperatures in the 50s and 60s down through the gulf coast. windy conditions along the mid atlantic coast to the northeast with wet weather. windy condition, it's a beautiful start to our thursday morning. in the wake of last evening's cold front, clearing skies thi morning, a lot of sunshine, and the temperatures falling back into the 60s. we'll do away with the rest of the clouds lingering to the south, southern miami-dade county and down through the keys. temperatures into the lower 60s, 61 in oak@and park and pompano beach, 62 ft. lauderdale and 63
8:21 am
the mid-60s through the 9:00 a.m. hour, then our high today a mild 72. sunny y ies and a light northwest wind. and that is your latest weather. >> our week long series up for the job where we take on internships is rolling along. this morning two for the price of one, kathie lee and hoda. >> as dog lovers and owners we figured we would be groomers for the day. our friends opened their very nice doors to us. >> the tails were wagging, dogs were barking and other stuff flowing. how did we do? >> let's take a look. >> what are we doing? >> i'm not sure what we are doing. >> an internship of some sort. >> this is the spot. >> we are supposed to learn how
8:22 am
>> we both have dogs and love dogs. i'm extremely interested in learning how to do gland expression. life. >> i'm nauseous. >> i'm excited. >> hi. >> nice to meet u. >> we want tolearn how to be groomers. >> come with me. >> here is a nice dog for you to try. >> you are not going to assist? >> i'm going to watch. >> are you ready? >> she is dinitely -- >> careful. >> there is poop on her butt. >> she is like thanks a lo >> i don't want to touch it. >> where are you going?
8:23 am
>> you have to get her belly. >> she has a lot of soap here. >> this is fun, i'm sorry. >> she does not like to be sprayed back there. she said no thank you. she doesn't like it. some women don't like that. >> you ready? she doesn't look like it. you are bending her neck too much. you are suc a good dog. >> here we go. >> some of it went in my mouth. >> what is this? what is happening? >> this is where we take care of other people's dogs. >> they come in the morning and stay all day. hello, everybody. >> hi.
8:24 am
everybody wants some love. >> i'm getting scared. there is a lot appening. >> found some doody. >> where? >> right here. >> ew. >> that is going to need a scouring pad. it makes you want to take home a little brother or sister? >> maybe. i'm not sure but we have been hard at work today. >> it has been fun. they are so sweet. >> so happy right now. >> bru their teeth. >> let's walk the dogs. we have to make sure -- >> let's . >> i'm exhausted. >> i'm trying. >> hold on.
8:25 am
>> it was fun. >> they were really sweet. >> those dogs were so happy. >> >> thank you. we got up early for this? >> it is worth it. see you in an hour or so. tomorrow savannah shares a few
8:26 am
intern on good morning to you. i'm sheli muniz. >> and i'm eric harryman. police investigating a pair of shootings within blocks and minutes of each other in northwest miami-dade. a 17-year-old died in the hospital, a 16-year-old is in stable condition this morning. police are looking into whether or not those shootings are connected. two teens are in custody for the shooting death of 6-year-old king carter. leonard adams and erwin pressley facing second-degree murder and attempted murder charges. a job fair happening this morning for veterans and their families starting at 11:00 a.m.
8:27 am
it's hosted in the kovens conference center at fiu. it looks like things moving along on the palmetto expressway, but slowly northbound mainly between bird road, coral way, it eases up a little before you get to the dolphin expressway. we have a crash on the palmetto westbound just before red road. unfortunately, right lane blocked so everybody getting to the left side to get through that area. 95 still a decent ride through
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
that's the latest traffic. we're back now 8:30 on a thursday morning,g, the 25th day of february, 2016. the first day on the plaza and several days without rain. we are happy about that. we are happy we have a nice crowd out here. >> coming up, so excited about gerard butler, just played a big role in sunday's daytona 500. really cool. we will talk to him about all of that. hands off, why chances you are over doing it when you do
8:31 am
ar decreasing the value of your home. we want you to come down to the plaza and get a chance to win a trip to los angeles. just bring a packed bag and a friend and a poster showing us hours. >> straight from the plaza to l.a. for a three-night stay at the line hotel. discover los angeles. you have to be over@ 18 if you are here tomorrow rsvp at >> a cool deal. how about a check of the weather. >>looking ahead to the weekend starting with tomorrow we have windy conditions, wet weather in the pacific northwest. warm weather through the southwest. gulf coast l@oking good. saturday windy around the great lakes.
8:32 am
sunshine through the rest of the country. on sunday snow around the great lakes, cooler weather making its way in. more rain along the pacific northwest coast and look for the sunsne hanging around thr it's a beautiful start to our thursday mororng. in the wake of last evening's cold front, clearing skies this morning, a lot of sunshine, and the temperatures falling back into the 60s. we' do away with the rest of the clouds lingering to the south, southern miami-dade county and down through the keys. temperatures into the lower 60s, 61 in oakland park and pompano beach, 62 ft. lauderdale and 63 in miami. the mid-60s through the 9:00 a.m. hour, then our high today a mild 72. sunny skies and a light northwest wind. and that's your latest weather. the election season has been
8:33 am
thoughts and opinions, things you may not feel comfortable sharing with others. there is a placeor that calls election confessions. nbc news made this phone number available. no rhyme or reason for the phone number. it is there for you to anonymously text, send or leave a voice mail sharing thoughts about what is playing out in politics. it is all gathered on this website, election confessions. you must be 18 or older to participate. message rates and data rates apply. everything that comes in gathered and posted. for example, i only vote so i can post a selfie. we also had this one. debates. i watched one and a half and got bored. i am ready to pin my own thing weighing on my mind for a bit. president. there we go.
8:34 am
to get off your chest that number is 424-353-2016. of course, you can follow along with content ass coming in at interesting. seems like you are asking for trouble there. and now to one of the most sought after men in hollywood, gerard butler as a merciless god his mission is to rule the world. >> i want to live forever down there in the land i conquered, my kingdom. this should be my reward. >> you would unleash chaos. you would destroy everything. >> not destroy, create. >> you're just a god with modest ambition, world domination, seems like a sweet guy. >> he is a sweet guy when you get to know him. >> i think what is interesting we have gone there taking
8:35 am
the rest of the movie he has this incredibly charming. playing different ways to bring out that quality. >> you're a god but in this movie a villain. i know you see his good side. >> that's why i wanted to do it. every now and again i feel that need to travel into another world. i get to travel into many different worlds. i stayed there a few times so it felt fun to see what it would be like. >> it really has that mystical element. these epic fight scenes and then a lot of special effects. were you kind of blown away when you saw the finished product? >> when i was younger i had a dream that i was in a movie like this. when i wokep i thought i need to visit those worlds.
8:36 am
when you see the film finish it blows you away. i think this film is incredibly artistic. it is a very rich journey. >> very beautiful, definitely. stunning. so are you, actually. you have this whole god physique going. i guess there is no god of beer bellies. >> i tried to work with that with the director. >> is there a slacker god? a god who looks cheetos? >> he doesn't like the fact that he can't be fat. >> you had to workout all the time. >> a lot of training. i'm used to doing it now. there is thelement at the
8:37 am
down the cheate tos and cheeseburgers. >> like onoe the shoot is over do you slack off? >> the worst. every time i say i'm not going to do it. i'm going to stay fit. normally within two or tee weeks i'm not looking good. >> the daytona 500, how cool was it? you were the grand marshall. you got to say drivers start your engines was that the moment of your life right there? >> did you practice the line? do i do it soft or like the god of egypt? >> i had a sore throat so i was what a blast. my folks are there next to me. my mom and step dad and my aunt. my mom came up and was like that was good.
8:38 am
and then the photo finish. epic. >> i saw denny hamlin being interviewed and he had written a letter when he was 7 years old saying when i grow up i'm going to win the daytona 500. >> that is amazing. >> gods of egypt hits theaters. young people breaking
8:39 am
8:40 am
first this is "today" on nbc. time for looking back moving forward in honor of black history month. >> young african-americans making history. honoring 28 game changers under the age of 28 who are breaking barriers in everything from politics to entertainment.
8:41 am
of them. >> black history month is about looking back at w`o paved the way and also about looking forward. nbc blk 28 was created to honor innovators, entrepreneurs, actors, activists at th top of their field redefining what it means to be black in ameri today. the young people aren't just changinghe black community, they are changing communities all or this country. kai lightner is a pro rock climber, three time american winner and a world championship title to his game. >> it is almost ingrained with them. my whole life. >> i started climbing when i was >> pushing myself was contagious for me. once i was able i always wanted to push myself to win the next
8:42 am
climber that i can be. >> i climb about three hours a day. >> i'm thinking about the next solution or what am i going to do next? the type of climbing that i do is based upon difficulty and not height. i will keep going and keep climbing. >> creating this field of design and technology and weaving them together. >> i started sewing when i was around 8.
8:43 am
so with that i don't -- we work to help them innovate. >> google had a progr for me to make animations and they wanted the dress. >> that d dss itself, they chose the silhouette and then from there it was kind of organizing the electronic inside of the garment. so exciting and she looked beautiful in it. >> nate howard founded movement be to amplify young voices o this generation. >> focussed on working with young adults and youth.
8:44 am
inspire a generation to be the best they can be to hone the story and let the stories inspire others. >> in 2013 i wasas celebrating and showed up to my house and shut the party down. i was arrested. > we will not stop. >> that's when i knew i had to speak up. i realized that had to hold on to what this movement could be. there is something aboutoetry that allows you to kind of speak to your heart. at the end of the day when everyone writes their sry the is the best story because it is yours. >> just a foot note we should mention no one was charged 2023 incident.
8:45 am
nbc blk 28 honorees head to coming up next, don't do it yourself. the home projects we have
8:46 am
8:47 am
first this is "today" on nbc. are you killing your home with kindness, from excessive cleaning to constant repainting you may be doing more harm than good. here to keep you from becoming a home wrecker in a different way. we are not going to shake hands because we are both recovering. how are you doing? >> fine and you? >> fine. >> fewer chores at home. let's start with paint. if i see a door like that i'm going to repaint it. >> a new coat of paint isn't always your friend. paint wants to stay flexible.
8:48 am
paint is a problem. >> is it okay if you take the paint down to the wood and start from scratch? >> scrape it, sand and then repaint. >> touchups aren't necessarily good. starting from scratch is probably better. >> just don't go over the bad stuff. >> get a clean surface and do a few job. >> let's talk abo insulation. if you own an old home probably built withouw proper insulation by today's standards. >> if you are feeling cold you house. here is the problem. come to my dollhouse. >> i didn't know you have a dollhouse. >> some houses are designed to have attic vented. right here is the soffit.
8:49 am
is a good thing. but the insulationn would go right here in the attic. if you go too far up you can choke down that attic and that can lead to mold and can exacerba ice dams. >> we do, however, want to seal air leaks. >> and they ate all over the house. this is just as important as insulating. there are pipes and wires coming through walls and floors and ceilings. that is where conditioned air can come up through and into spaces where you don't need it. here is a can of sealer. we spray it in there. >> did you fill up the holes, you can seal the penetration and leave that behind. >> you're fine. >> much more efficiency.
8:50 am
how is it possible to clean a mirror too much? >> a mirror has -- behind it it has a reflective surface. that cleaner that you put on there could have ammia or vinegar which could be aggressive. if it gets bebind the frame it can attack the silver backing. if you are going to use that i sa spray the rag and then clean as opposed to spraying it on the glass and having it go behind or you can just use a lent free cloth with warm water and do your cleaning that way. >> what about people who say they use newspapars? >> god bless. >> does it work? >> yes. there is not that much dirt. professional guys use newspapers all the time. >> take me to the tiles here. people get obsessive about the tiles. they want them to always look clean and they will treat them so they seal them and nothing can get on them.
8:51 am
>> too much sealing is a problem. it can make the granite or the marble look dull and streaky. over sealing is a problem. you want to find out if the stone needs to be sealed. we put water on this marble. the water has absorbed into the marble. sealed. over here this granite doesn't need to be sealed because there is no difference between where the water is or isn't. we say seal it. as a rule of thumb how often would you end upp sealing tile or stoneeike this in. >> three months or a year but we suggest drop the water on there and see if it soaks in. if it doesn't you are good to go. >> thank you.
8:52 am
8:53 am
this is "today" on nbc. 8:53. time for today's birthday wishes. >> we have very accomplished folks to celebrate. let's start with francis jasper from san antonio, texas. she is turning 100 years old, enjojo playing the piano and exercising. harry is 100 years old. he has been struc by lightning
8:54 am
lifetime, walked away both times okay. that is one lucky guy. happy 100th birthday to sophie eberly. 13 grandchildren, 18 great grand kids and 9 great great grand kids. she is a great great great grandma. helen whiteford from whiteford. she is known for her world famous fried chicken. george cowan is also 100. he visited 51 countries. very happy 100th birthday to elsie ralph. she is fantastic. she is wonderful.
8:55 am
celebrate with us just head to >> love hearing about these awesome folks. and let's send it to matt. earlier this week jill martin and the folks at real male helped sell clothes men hardly wear. ji, good morning.d you have an update for us. willie is here, as welln >> there are a lot of people around the country who are exactly your size. i'm excited to announce w are officially sold out. how much did we raise? 0,000. >> really good. >> we are so pumped about this. we asked our viewers to tweet in ctures. they have some clothing. this is dave.
8:56 am
awesome co. thumbs up. and then we have abby who got a very special surprise from her mother from you. take a look. >> what man do you love the most that is famous? >> al rokeke >> that is one of your ties. >> so i want to say 100% of the proceeds go to charity. >> that is so good thursday morning to you. i'm sheli muniz. >> and i'm eric harryman. 8:56 on your thursday. the faa is investigating this after a small plane crash land in a hollywood neighborhood. the pilot managing to avoid damaging all homes and property
8:57 am
he landed halfway crashed, everything's okay, minor head injuries for the pilot but other than that, no one else was hurt. two teens are in custody for shooting death of 6-year-old king carter. leonard adams and erwin pressley fing second-degree murder and attempted murder charges. meteorologist ryan phillips has a closer look at your forecast. >> a cool northwest wind kind of a sweater day out there despite the snipe, 63 oakland park, 64 in ft. lauderdale, 65 in miami. northwest wind about 10 to 20. the air is dry but nice to see the sunshine b bk with us. we'll keep that trend through the afternoon hou not just today but for the next several. first alert weatherp to 72 today, sunny, mild, and breezy. here's joe brennan with traffic. >> looks pretty good on 95, a little slow as you try and make your way northbound around griffin road in broward county. got a road ranger and some cones set up but doesn't look that i can they're affecting anything too badly through the area.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
into doral. the oscars. we have a eview. then a wild adventure to a winter wonderland. a five-ingredient dinner you can whip up in minutes. all tt and more coming up next. from nbc news this ip "today's take" with al roker, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1 a in
9:01 am
>> welcome to "today." warm dayay today. al, your morning jam. >> "cheeseburger in paradise." i'm going to be cooking at the burger bash. >> do i have to recuse myself? i'm judging. >> i'm looking for all fixes i can get. >> yours is going to be a good burger. >> i go down tomorrow. >> then we cook on the beach. >> then we are going to l.a. for the oscars. >> we are a married couple this weekend. >> we are. >> okay. >> more on that coming up. let's talk about the oscars sunday night. >> youou guys are going to be therer
9:02 am
a lot of people want to know is actor? best picture category, different kinds of movies. the big short, bridges of spies, more of a spot lighty movie or big with revenant? >> split on where the awawds are landing. it will be interesting. >> a fun night. one thing hanging over is diversity of hollywood question. chris rock is hosting. a lotn of people can't wait to see the opening ten minutes of the monologue. he talked about the gig with the hollywood reporter. >> a pretty decent monologue and be funny throughout the show. if you get off on the wrong foot, though, it is a real hard hole to dig out of. i'm only there because ellen
9:03 am
only here because ellen said no. she did so good the last time she hosted the show thats the standard. >> ellen world famous selfie a couple of years ago. >> it is about the monologue. the first five minutes set the tone. that is where you know he is killing it. >> you remember the talk about should he boycott. he said what a great challenge and responsibility to walk outut there. i think he is going to -- >> you have a friend -- >> i was with somebody last night who works at a small comedy club where chris rock is trying out som of the material. it is out there.
9:04 am
by the way, in honor of the oscars and throwback thursday hollywood reporter came up with 100 most memororle movie quotes. number one, frank my dear i don't give a damn. others include shaken not stirred. we have chosen our favorites. boat. >> one of the best moments of movie history.
9:05 am
>> what we got her is failure to communicate. some man who just can't reach. >> how often do we use that line? >> a little bit of a different direction. >> very deep. >> i don't know how to put this, but i'm kind of a big deal. >> really? >> people know me. >> i'm very happy for you. >> i'm very important. i have many leatherbound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany. [ laughter ] >> one of the greatat pickup scenes. that line never gets old for me. >> we have to rewatch that. so good. >> i understand you had a rough
9:06 am
>> a true parenting confession, worst moment. my husband is away on business. he tasks me with taking the kids to soccer. i have taken them to where they play socr all the time. it's pouring rain yesterday. do you remember how bad it was. so i'm driving along completely missed the turn and driving anywhere in new jersey you miss a turn you end up on a juggernaut. i ended up practically coming back into the city. it was the whole time what i feel so bad about, it was an ex pltive-ridden ride for my children. 30 minutes of f bombs, gd. my poor kids got quiet. it was like crickets in the back seat. quietest i have heard them. >> were you mad at the car for taking you there? >> yes, bause i tell you, she
9:07 am
rsey turnpike and now go north and now go south. is it south or north? make up your mind. in the middle of the night my husband is like he just said the gd word. my kids are in shell shock this morning. >> did you say maybe i should tone it down a little bit? >> i looked at them a couple of times and they were just like -- they were holding each other's hands to get through this. it will be okay. >> has the school called yet? i'm such a bad parent. i'm sorry and sorry to the soccer coaches. >> i was crying in the car last night. i was like we're going home. >> the good news is the kids
9:08 am
>> the first thing i did when i walked in the door is poured a big glass of moment. i'm not the only one. >> oh, boy. >> we want to hear yours. >> she was about 7 or 8 and i realized realized after being intimate that there was maybe a witness. >> making it sound like a crime. >> i said what are you doing? >> nothing. >> where are you? >> nowhere. i realized i think i traumatized -- >> leading into the open this
9:09 am
>> mommy and daddy are wrestling. >> sometimes mommy and daddy are wrestling. >> daddy is winning! [ laughter ] >> willie, you are up. >> how can i follow those two? >> you have something. you have material. >> i'll tell you one thing, we bought a house recently and the previous owner had a pizza oven out there. and i can't do it. so the kids are out there with two hours of prep. i try to get the pizza in and it sticks to the thing. >> did you put the corn meal? >> you need to ask al first. i took the thing and launched it in the backyard like a javelin and they never forgotten that. that was really scary.
9:10 am
trying to be politically correct dad and talkingbout dating and things and she says when you bring a boy home. >> or a girl. sfwl and she says great my dad thinks i'm gay. i don't think you are gay. there is nothing wrong with that. whoever you want to bring home we're fine with that. we love you. off my chest. >> that was all for natalie. >> thank you, people. >> after that i think we should do some math. live. want you to play along at home.
9:11 am
says. >> okay. show it to us. >> didn't work for me. >> it's so weird. did not work for me. >> what are we missing?
9:12 am
>> our stage director -- >> we wrote 9 and y y two with 8. >> that was fascinating. >> was there another element to this? >> i think because you come up with the math so you are thinking about o of the numbers. >> i'm glad you didn't get upset about it and start swearing. >> like a sailor. let's show you what is going on as far as your weather is concerned. facebook, real quick, big vacuum cleaner,'stake. over 300,000. register and get that v vuum cleaner. we are looking at snow. here is the rain. was itt awful yesterday? at least eight people died sadly. we are talking 32 tornadoes possible, a real mess over the last two days. earlier today wind gusts up to 40. poor visibility on i-75.
9:13 am
tomorrow things calm down. much calmer weather but we are looking for the next coue of days heavy amount of snow as you get into west virginia. cleveland may see two to well, the sunshine is really inviting, but there's a pretty stiff northwest wind coming down the peninsula, winds sustained near 20 miles per hour at times this morning as we're seeing i pembroke pines, at least hollywood and opa-locka, even west kendall. so the winds kind of a problem, but boy, the sunshine is nice and with temperatures into the lower and mid-60s it's a nice winter's m mning, if you will, a cooler weather pattern for the next days. plenty of sunshine to go along with it. first alert weather, rest of the morning, slow climb through the 60s to a high of 72. >> it's an electrolux blender,
9:14 am
christine and adam picked 7. who else? leslie. and christine down stairs. >> we want tohear your bad parenting staring. go to today's take on facebook. like us. coming up dylan hits the ice in one of her coldest assignments ever. skincare now becomes skinactive. new garnier skinactive introducing clearly brighter. a new active moisturizer to brighten dull skin. packed with antioxidant vitamin c,c, and lha. clearly brighter does more than moisturize, it actively smoothes,, boosts radiance and protects with spf 15. clinically proven. see brighter skin in just one week. new clearly brighter from garnier skinactive. the active way to better skin. moms know their family's mouths often need a helping hand. after brususng, listerine total care helps prevent cavities,
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9:17 am
we know you are miss winter. you are always out in the elements. wewe decided to check out these ice bikes. >> y look ridiculous. >> i didn't know it was going to happen. i have my sneakers on. >> this winter has been pretty easy this year. i decided to head to augusta, new jersey and bundle up to head indoors where they have all things ice including more than 100 ice sculptures. temperatures. >> we haveeen below freezing. >> reporter: shivered through some of the worst on record. my next assignment may be the quirkiest yet. the first time i'm seeing snow in weeks. it is about 36 degrees but i hear there is a place inside where it is much colder and much
9:18 am
i got to chill out at the frozen in ice event at the skylands stadium. it is a crisp 28 degrees inside. >> i wasn't expecting to see my breath the whole time i was here. that is all i have been seeing so far. >> it is cold. we tell everyone hat, gloves, snow pants. i see you are ready for the slide. >> rorter: the main attraction a 50 foot ice slide. on to the ice mazeith a little help from new friends. >> i'm justing you. it's icy in here. are you sure this is ght? again! more than 100 ice sculptures in
9:19 am
i think i found my favorite. it took two hours too create sculptures of our weather team. al, what is hpening in your neck of the woods? next up in this winter wonderland? a house made entirely of ice. early morning, time for a nap. wow. hot cup is good. there is noplace to warm up around here. hot chocolate won't do the trick. this is great. much better. in here it is 28 degrees, no snow, lots of ice. now i'm going to peek out the
9:20 am
i channelled my inner princess elsa on the giant ice throne. time to end my ice adventure with a sweet treat. >> nic little smoers with some friends. >> you always end a cold day with smoerz. you want to get out and enjoy it while you can. i have to give a big thanks to sculpted ice works for making my face in ice and al, too. it was pretty awesome. it took about two hours to do. >> our today's take logo. i don't know howowhey get the color in there. >> i have heels on. >> there we go. >> and they're off. >> this going to be
9:21 am
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9:23 am
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9:25 am
we will hear from sisisr hazel in a second. one of the easiest dishes you will make. all you need five ingredients and you have a healthyp dinner on the table in minutes all coming up after yourr local news and make it a point to shop kohl's... thth thursday through monday!... because yes2you rewards members take an extra 20% off!... and earn triple points - no matter how you pay! get a $5 reward for every 100 points. plus - everyone gets $10 kohl's cash for every $50 spent! you can earn a a redeem rewards points and kohl's cash throughout the store! there's noetter time to sign up!... anyone can - it's quick and it's easy! enroll, save and start racking up the points today! kohl's. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
9:26 am
covering is caring. because covering heals faster. to seal out water, dirt and germs, cover with a water block clear bandage from band-aid brand. good thursday morning to you. i'm sheli muniz. >> and i'm eric harryman. 9:26. there's a job fair, all veterans and their families can go to. it is starting in less than two hours. it's going to run today until 3:00 in the ternoon. it's hosted by the kovens conference center on the fiu biscayne campus. a few that will be there are comcast and apple. meteorologist ryan phillips. >> can't beat the sunshine out therer clouds out of here, enjoying a sunny and bright pattern for the next several days. on the cool side, mid-60s as we approach 9:30, and a northwest wind that's been rather brisk at
9:27 am
we'll keep this up through the midday hours. westward see thehe breezings ease um late in the day. 72 bright, say mild and breezy, and we are dry through the upcoming weekend with cool temperatures. here's joe with traffic. >> weather absolutely gorgeous,s, the roadways, well, we're getting there. it's still not perfect t. still some delays on the ppmetto expressway, but it looks good at 122nd street just south of i-75. we have a crash northbound exiting to miami lakes drive. beware of that. 95 in broward county still a
9:28 am
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9:29 am
9:30 am
apple ceo says it would be bad for america if his companyp were to comply with the fbi's demand for help locking an encrypted iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. apple is pressing for cgress to referee the ongoing battle with the feds. encouraging news this morning. this year's flu vacacne is one of the most effective in years. they say so far people who got the vaccine were 59% less likely to get sick. the cdc recommends just about everyone get a flu shot every
9:31 am
americans#actually do. >> matt did get the flu shot unforlunately didn't work for him. it was a a dramatic day in court on wednesday in the civil lawsuit brought by sports reporter erin andrews. after videos of her naked went viral. the videos were taken through the peep holef erin's hotel room by michael barrett who was convicted of stalking and spent 30 months in prison. >> first time in my life as her father i i didn't know if she was safe. >> erin is suing barrett, the national marriott and her management company at the time for $75 million. e lawsuit claims barrett asked to be put in the room next to andrews and the hotel was
9:32 am
the hotel maintains it did nothing raung. air travelers could have a new choice below economy class. by the end of the year united and american airlines will offer no option to upgrade, make changes or collect miles. the tickets are designed to help airlines better cpete with discount carriers. >> travel in cargo. you don't see him. he is off to the side. take a look at this. the frightening scene caught on camera at a convenience store in keucky. the man on the right, sparks erupting from his pants. he runs outside where clerk douseathize flames. loose cigarette batterieshould
9:33 am
and loose objects. wet weather in the pacific northwest. windnd move away into new england. plenty of sunshine through the gulf. beautiful day in the southwest. saturday we have rain making its way into the pacific northwest. heat continues in the southwest. sunday windy around the great lakes and into the well, the sunshine is really inviting, but there's a pretty stiff northwest wind coming down the peninsula, winds sustained near 20 miles per hour at times this morning as we're seeing in pembroke pines, at least hollywood and opa-locka, even west kendall. so the winds kind of a problem, but boy, the sunshine is nice and with temperatures into the lower and mid-60s it's a nice winter's morning, if you will, a cooleleweather pattern for the next days. plenty of sunshine to go along with it. first alert weather, rest of the morning, slow climb through the 60s to a high of 72.
9:34 am
we are three days away from hollywood'siggest night. you have time to put together a nice oscar bash. >> a senior lifestyle editor at >> days away you can roll out the red carpet for your guests. this is a real red carpet. we lined it with topiaries like you would in l.a. you can do house plants. you can do this affordbly. you want to have a photo op. you want to make guests feel like a star. we have a cutout. take a little selfie so we take a pick. >> amazing. >> he does this on every red carpet. >> the garland here and lined it with light up marquis so you feel like you are under the
9:35 am
you can give your guests a little momento for the night. or the selfie stick. people might want to ke photos with their own cameras so they can socialize their red carpet experience. have guests arrive so that you can watch the red carpet rollout nd rate their red carpet look whether they love the look or don't love the look as celebrities come down the red carpet. >> tell us about the beverages. >> these are sparkling drinks. >> these are tuxedo glasses. only took me seven minutes. and here this is the best picture party. all named after -- we have gummy
9:36 am
the dove bars, a nod to bridge of spies to negotiate and create peace and payay day for the big short. so instead of big bowls of popcorn which usually ends up on the floor individual servings in upturned party hats. >> tell us about the food. >> heavy from beef tenderloins to krut ones. if you doomething as simple as cheese do presentation. this is actually a movie nod for brooklyn because the main character is from ireland. a local new york city florist. have them put something pretty together for you.
9:37 am
my party guests a e diverse so i have vanilla cookies and chocolate cookies. some are brown and tan. my diverse party guests are represented here. each one of these are little nods to the academy awards category. so we have best speaker of foreign languages, best supportive spouse. best friend in a leading role and best guesser of winners. ich takes us to our last party theme. instea of an official ballot that you mark this is a ballot on the wall. you put the categories up on the big stars. each guest puts their best guesses up in their handwriting. the ones that are losers you can assess who is winning. >> you are amazing. you thought of everything i think. thank you.
9:38 am
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9:42 am
nicoise. >> i made the recipe my own wawa there are more ingredients to a typical tuna nicoise. >> it is nice and rare. we let that go about 10 to 15 seconds each side. >> there is nothing wrong with having a nice bottled tuna, as well. we will make a mustard vinegarette. we have egg yoke with mustard in there. only a touch of ginger and touch of the water. salt andnd pepper again. >> can you turn it there for me? >> thank you, thank you. then we put our top on like this. we will keep that and we are
9:43 am
we are going to slowly pour the oil just like that. looking nice. then we have the beautiful vegetables. we have artichokes, these are all cooked. we braise the artichoke. you can get a nice bottled marinated artichoke and then here is mustard vinaigrette. >> can you stir this? just give it nice stir. >> this is so easy >> i wanted to make it easy for my cooks. if the time comes i want it to easy for the home cook, as well. so we try to make it simple. simple is key and also fresh ingredients. let the ingredients shine on their own. and then the tuna.
9:44 am
>> just like 10 to 15 seconds each side. keep it ne and rare. if you want it cooked more you can. i would cook the tuna on the plate completely raw. you would sear and you can top it. is is optional with a little -- >> gives a bitterness to it. >> look how fast that was. >> thank you very much. >> go to coming up we are going to be taking you back nearly 20 years to the hit song you all know. it's a throwback thursday performance by so my kids don't have to forage, got two jobs to pay a mortgage, and i've also got a brain. life's short, talk is cheap. i'll be working while you sleep. still don't think i've got a brain? you think a resume's enough? who'll step up when things get tough? don't you want that kind of brain? a degree is a dedeee.
9:45 am
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this, i can do. find benefiber healthy shape in the fiber aisle. earning unlimited cash back on purchases. that's a win. but imagine earning it twice. you can with the citi double cash card. it lets you earn cash back twice. once when you buy and again as you pay. it's cash back then cash back again. and that's a cash back win-win. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earncash back twice on everypurchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. the citi concece series on "today" is presented to you by citi. >> we are excited becau we have another great throwback thursday performance. sister hazel singing their number one hit from 1997, "all
9:49 am
they just released their album. a new album. you have b bn together for 21 years. i was just looking at the hazel nuts. that says a lot about you. >> so fortunate to resonate with such a wide audience. >> doing "all for you"? >> let's hear it. take it away. finally i figured out it took a long, lonon time there's been time just can't turn and walk
9:50 am
it's hard to say wt it is i see in you wondering if i'll always be with you words can't say it can't do enough to prove it's all for you i thought i'd seen it all but it's been a long, long time but trip and fall wondering if i'm flying there's been times so nfused just can't turn and walk away it's hard to say what it is i see in you if i'll always be with you
9:51 am
enough to prove it's all for you baby rain c@mes pouring down, falling from the sky falling from the sky words without a sound coming from your eyes finally i figured out but it
9:52 am
and now maybe because i'm trying there's been times i'm so confnfed just can't turn and walk away it's hard to say what it is i see in you if i'll always be with you words can't say, i can't do enough to prove it's all for you if i'll always be with you ords can't say i can't do enough to prove it's all for you yeah
9:53 am
it's all for you [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. ster hazel. >> thanks for getting thasong stuck in our head. >> we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
good morning ladi. >> how are you? >> what do you have coming up? >> we are going to wash some dogs. >> we are grooming again.
9:56 am
we have a name tha two shootings last night, a victim, a 1year-old died at the hospital, we're talking with his family. you'll hearrrom them on our midday newscast at 11:00 a.m. 16-year-old, is in s sble condition. the family of 6-year-old king cter said it's relief but not closure after two teens are arrested for the drive-by the weekend. the teens are facing second-degree murder and attempted murder charges. >> meteorologist ryan phillips has your thursday forecast. >> 65 ft. lauderdale and miami, 66 pompano as well as west kendall, upper 60s through the keys.
9:57 am
the northwest at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. but that sunshine feels nice. slow climb to get into the lower 70s today. first alert forecast fillelewith sunshine, the breeze should ease up, 73 your afternoon high. last check on the roads with joe. >> looks like things on the palmetto moving along northbound on the approach of the dolphin expressway, a lot better than earlier. we have a crash in broward in t turnpike northbound before hollywood boulevard. already backed up to the
9:58 am
9:59 am
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beware of that. this is "today" withathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody! guess what? thirsty thursday. february 25th. >> i just read the other day, i had no idea this is a leap year. >> it's a leap year! we'll have to have another day of february! >>9 days. how about people's whose birthdays are on the 29th? >> i know, i wonder if they celebrate on the 28th.


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