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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 26, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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o it's friday, february 26th. coming up on "early today," the tense gop debate proved to be a texas sized slug fest. >> you'll have competition. you'll have so many different plains. >> now he's repeating himself. >> i watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago. >> i saw you repeat yourself five times four seconds ago. he says everything we're going to win, win, wi >> you're all talk and no action. first of all this guy's a choke artist and this guy's a liar. >> and those were just the
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developing overnighgh new details on the kansas shooting. and aaron andrews leaves the courtroom as the jury is showing the naked video taken by her convicted stocker. plus the latest log vegas odds on who will take home the oscar. "early today" starts right now. i'm dara brown. it was a true tex tksas slug fest. both former president bush and barbara bush were in attendance. the donald wasn't one to sit back and take it, take a look at the top tweeted moment of the it night on the subject of replacing obama care. >>so, that's the only part of the plan, just the interstate competition? >> you'll have many different plans. yowlu'll have competition.
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plans. >> so, now he's repeati himself. >> i watched him repeat himself five teams four weeks ago. >> and i watched you repeat yourself five times five seksds ago -- seconds ago. he says five things, everyone's dumb, he's going to make america great again. we're going win, win, win and the lines around the state. every nigh >> the second most t tetable exchange. >> donald, relax. go ahead. i'm relaxed. go ahead. don't get nervous. >> and cruz brings us full circle slamming trump on past health care positions. >> have you said you're a liberal on health care?
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>> explain your plan, please. >> my plan is simple. we're going to have private health care but i will not allow people to die on the sidewalks and the streets of our country if i'm president. you may threat and you may be fine with it but i'm not fine with it. we're going -- >> answer the question. >> excuse me. >> on wednesday, trump was thehe most googled candidate in the state of texas and during the debate the numbers were similar with ben carson and john kasich getting a boost. later cruz talked to nbc's hallie jackson about trump's tax returns. >> it was rather astonishing that he still refuses to hand over his tax returns. there's a real question of what's in t tre and if his oddaudit reveal he's committed tax fraud, voters deserve to know that now
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election. nobody can defraud the irs. >> governor kasich remained a positive tone after the debate. >> as the field gets narrower, it allows me to be in my comfort zone better. i was able to get the time by beingg constructive and not in a war. >> and he's right. he edged out marco rubio in speaking time by just underer a minute. dr. carson ended the night by talking about his news on medicine and the future of his campaign. >> people ask me all the time do you miss medicine? and i always say i miss the way it used to be. this would be one ofy goals to make it fun again, to make it efishficient again. >> will you be ih this race all the way to cleveland? >> it will depend how many
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enthusiasm we have. > and hillary clinton is speaking out about her relationship with dond trump. >> how surprised are you that we woke up after nevada and everybody in washington said oh, my god, this guy i i most likely going to be the nominee? >> i didn't know him that well but i did know him and it's been most surprising to me to see someone who was good compan and affable and had a reputation of being bigger than life really traffic in a lot of the prejude and paranoya doesn't quite fit what i thought i knew about him. so, it's going to be interesting to see what he decides to do with it a how he presents himself. but he has really been offensive and in many respects surprising
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>> meanwhile the new york times secall is calling for her to release her transcripts. >> i have talked about the fact that hillary clinton has received many millions of dollars from wall street for her campaign and for her super pack. sheez arer er's received very large speaker fees from goldman sacks and by the way, i ree with the new york times editorial. where they urged secretary clinton to release the transcripts of the speeches she gave behind closed doors. >> clinton has responded. >> the real question underneath this is okay, if you take money from wall street, can you regulate wall street? well, barack obama took more
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other to run for president, and i think you should be judged on what you've done. if you look at what caused the great recession, a bill he voted for in 2000 had a greater impact than most of the talk that we're now doing. so, let's get everybody out on the same field. i feel like i don't mind being responsive. i d't mind answering questions. but at some point i want everybody to have to answer. >> i respect that call. can you assure the american people that you didn't say anytng that would undermine your promise to be tough on big business and banks? >> absolutely. three people dead and 14 others injured after a gunman opened fire in multiple locations in rural kansas late yesterday afternoon. the shooter, armed with a long gun and pistol, was killed by police w wle exchanging gun
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nbc's dan schenamen reports. >> everybody says there was gun hearing pop p. >> reporter: it was towards the owned of the work day when athortsz ina authorities were called to a shooting and then word of an industries. >> it didn't matter who it was. he's just shooting anyone that got in his way. >> reporter: he first shot lot. >> he yelled and went do, do, dodo and went into the building. >> inside the building he st a total of 15 people, four were killed including himself, the shooter.r. >> reporter: the sheriff says the loan gunman was killed after going on a shooting spree. e suspect was employed at the plant.
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>> kansas governorill have flags lowered today in honor of the victims. the company argus the court order would violate its first and fifth amendment rights as well as do significant damage to the security of their products. james comey said the code would only work on fuarook's phone. and google, facebook, and crosoft all plan to write briefs in support of apple in the next week. and here's meteorologist bill karins. good morning. >> we have to get through winter weather today and then it will warm up in areas of the great lakes. so, just be careful driving in some of those spots, otherwise, the weekend forecast is shaping up to be nice.
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montana goes to 60 today. 40s and 50s on the east coast. by saturday, there's your record high, minneapolis, 58 degrees, 71 in denver. we're talking sun tan weather from oklahoma to kansas to texas the east. we jump to 67 on sunday in atlanta, should be 58 as far north as new york city. it's a fanstic looking spring weekend. now a closer look at your day ahead. so, again, the only troublesome weather is the cold temperatures and snow showers this morning. so could be slick roads through pennsylvania and new york. we'll warm up this afternoon. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we'll also have to watch. super tuesday's going to be
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there's going to be a big storm, maybe even severe weather and snow. >> right now we'll take the jump on spring weatatr. thank you very much, bill. and an emotional aaron andrews leaves the courtroom as the jury views the naked video from stocker. and they pull a man from a fiery crcrh. details in two.ash. details in two., danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isj't pumping well. ater filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering)g) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering)
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chilly and uncomfortable moments in court that caused aaron andrews to leave the courtroom. jurors saw for the first time the tape at the cenenr of her lawsuit that caught her naked in her hotel room%captured by a stocker. here with more. >> reporter: the video that she says changed her life was shown to a room full of strangers. aaron andrews stepped out as the jury sat in the dark watching
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almost 17 million times. >> so, this is the first one, correct? >> yes, this is one of the ones. once it's on the internet, it's on the internet. >> reporter: michael david barrett altered the peep hole of andrews' door. he a admitted to following her to three different hotels across the country. he offered a tearful apology, begging her forgiveness. >> his apology isn't good enough. it doesn't take the video off the internet. i've cried enough and it's not taking the video down. >> reporter: earlier andrew' therapist described the panic andrews felt when her stocker got out of jail and she wasn't told. andrews is expected to take the stand next week.
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man she says left her hurt and humiliated. morgan radford, nbc news. some dramatic moments as a police officer in corps christi texas rescued a driver from the remains of a fiery crash and it was all captured on video. >> get outf the car. your truck's on fire. get out. come on. crawl out the passenger side door. your car is on fire. dude, you're on fire. >> the officer broke the window with his baton and then he and several onlookers pulled him to safety just before the fire engugued his suv. the driver was treated at a hospital f nonlife threatening injuries. and surgeons in cleveland say they have performed the first uteerous transplant that
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this morning on "today," a behind-the-scenes look at the highly anticipated netflix show "fuller house."
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employees spied on activists. they said they wanted to maintain the safety of the company after they received threats. they stated employees are no longer purposely posing as animal activists. and etsy has opened a full fledged pop up store in new york city. they hope it will improve their bottom line. and a drop in prescriptions is not the kind of loss weight watchers was hoping for when oprah winfrey bought share oz of the company. she herself has lost $24 million.n. her overall stake gain is nearly 75 million since becoming the face of the company. just ahead, which classic film is getting a sequel? plus, may the odds ever be in your favor this sunday. oscar betsz are in.
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now for some entertainmeme news. the oscars are sunday night and the las vegas odds makers have spoken. right now the odds on favorite is "spotlight" with 4 to 5 odds. and leonardo is the lead for
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revenant" with 1 to 5 odds. and brie larsson is the favorite to win with 1 to 3 odds. and alejandro to win best director for "the revenant." the academy awards will air this sunday night on nbc. >> how can leonardo dw capicaprio -- he almost deserves it for his previous rolls. >> it wasas one of those crazy years where somebodyas a hollywood favorite. well, big hollywood names are fighting against discrimination in the industry by joiningng nonprofit production company. and woody allen got a big
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amazon paid him $15 million for the streaming rights. that's more than sony pictures paid for his previous film. and a mary poppins sequel is in the works. emily blunt is in talks for the title role with hamilton's emmanuel for birch the chimney sweep. love that movie. and on march fifth, jonah hill with musical guest future and on march 12th, ariana grande will premier new music as the host and musical guest. >> that's elite stats. when you do both. >> she hasn't had a hit in one or two months. well, i'm dara brown along with bill karins and this is arly today." does the smell of a freshly bound presentation fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keybybrd
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leading the news in the san francisco chronicle, dna testing reunites columbian sisters after 30 years. they were separated as children after a volcanic eruption triggered an avalanche. the sisters were taken in and raised by separate families. on thursday they met for the first time after three decades, a social media campaign and a dna test. and holy grail beatles record to be aukszctioned. for 50 years it languished in a
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now it's up for sale bearing the handwritg of the fab four's manager and estimated value upwards of 14,000 u.s. dollars. that's the starting point. so, we'll see. mark zuckerberg is not pleased after finding out someone was defacing a black lives aatter slogan in the building. he said it's a were-- melissa click was turmntinateturmnterminated by the university's board. she has apologized and said she was very frustrated at the time of the incident. thihi isn't something you see every day. an escaped unicorn has finally returned home. she poses for photo shoots as a unicorn.
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residents were able to t t her down without injury. she's a cute one there. > well, a group of researchers have captured the march of the penguins on a treadmill. this newly released sped up video of a king penguin is one part of a study scientists conducted to obsbsve the differences between the gate of fast versus skinny penguins. they found fat penguins are less steady on their feet and therefore being more vulnable to predators. vice president joe biden will talk aboutp the moon shot cancer. he was tapped by president obama january. he lost his 46-year-old son beau to brain cancer next year.
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domino, who's 88 today. i'm dara brown along with bill
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thanan for . right now at 4:30, breaking overnight, police are investigating the home of a gunman killed after shooting more than a dozen people in central kansas. donald trump gets a dose of his own medicine as the candidates go head-to-head in houston. crews are working overnight to repair a water main break. how your commute could be impacte by that this morning. >> live, "nbc 6 today" starts now. g gd morning everybody. your time is 4:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. it's friday. we counted down to this day all week. >> i think it started last friday. all kinds of events happening this weekend.


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