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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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>> mike: primary assist is that guy. nice pass ahead. and the rest became history. deficit two. quarter of a minute left. played back in. he has gotten an outdoor victory, his first. he was the backup to jimmy howard at michigan stadium. the red wings pick up points 72 and number 73, one behind idle tampa bay and boston for the tie of second place in the atlantic division. 50,095 were here to watch it. thanks for watching the 2016 coors light nhl stadium series. final score in the game oncf again the detroit red wings 5,
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coming up next on nbc except on the west coast it is your local news and later tonight it is saturday night live with host ronda rousey and musical guestp selena gomez. i should hurry up and say for
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breaking right now. a teen boy is shot after a gun goes off. he has died but the shooting was accidental. >> reporter: we're wrking to get details from police. they've en out in this miami gardens neighborhood for several hours focusing on that yellow home we're zooming into now. working what seems to be an accidental shooting. the family of a teenage victim says he did not survive the bullet.
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this 14-year-old's family is devastated tonight. >> accidental shooting inside the house. kids playing with the gun. >> reporter: his grandfather says the police were called after the accidental shooting and junior as everyone called him didn't survive the bullets. >> where did the come come from? >> i couldn't tell you. >> reporter: people who live in this community are tired of gunfire gunfire, accidental or not. this man lives just a block and a half away. he says he's known the teen for years. he was friends with his children. this picture is from a fefe years ago. >> i'll be honest with you,u,'m just holding back tears. >> reporter: he feared the worst. >> my kids. i know most of the kids everyone
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get the kids something to do. >> reporter: family says the teenager was pronounced debt at edd dead at the hospital. >> very sad. >> reporter: the miami gardens police chief took to social media. a tweet reads another life gone too soon. weas parents must protect, guide, train and love our futu without limitations. people in this community holding their children a little tighter asking where are so many kids getting so many guns. >> we stand together there is no barrier too big to break. >> what democracy is not about is a handful of billionaires buyingelections.
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but success for hillary. she takes south carolina in an absolute land slide victory. with 99% reporting, clinton received 76% of the vote. bernie sanders 24%. steve joins us live from columbia, south carolina with a break down of the vote and what it might indicate going forward. the win isn't unexpected but the sheer numbers, the difference is. >> reporter: no doubt about it. it was lopsided win, keith and a huge night for the clinton campaign. while supporters of bernie sanders did not expect to win, they didn't expect to lose so badly. >> thank you so much from one end of this state to another. >> reporter: as expected, hillary clinton thundered to a victory in saturday's south
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senator bernie sanders with some of his supporters taken back.k. >> there was never any hope that anybody expected him to win in south carolina because it's a conservative state. i was hoping for something like a close margin. >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america's never stopped being great, but we do need to make america whole again. >> she's fighting for us. she's fighting for everyone. america has always been great. >> this will be a huge launching pad for super tuesday. >> reporter: clinton won big with african-american and women. sanders did well with young voters who still have faith. >> it's just the beginning. we did really well in iowa.
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we have super tuesday coming on tuesday. i feel optimistic. >> reporter: a sentiment echoed by the candidate himself. >> we will have a government which represents all of us, not just a handful of campaign contributors. >> reporter: senator sanders delivering his remarks from minnesota tonight. hillary clinton invested heavily in south carolina and campaign hard here leading up to today. that is in part why she won so big. now on the super tuesday, which is this upcoming tuesday in florida's primary happens on march 15th. >> picking it upp there for steve. tuesday. gop hopefuls are stomping hard.d. at stake on super tuesday, 595 delegates i georgia, alabama, tennessee, virginia, massachusetts, vermont, texas,
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democrats will hold the caucuses in colorado. republicans the caucus will be in alaska. at an event today in atlanta, georgia senator ted cruz asked spothers supporters to ally. rival marco rubio cam pappaigning in georgia. he said if donald trump becomes the republican nominee, the media will tear him apart. >> you guys are sharpening your knives. they will descend on h imlike the hounds of hell. >> the republicanandidate also predicted he will win the florida republican primary mid-march even though recent polls show trumpp has a double
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early votinghere in florida begins on monday in miami-dade county. broward county will be next saturday. always bring your pictururid with a signature like a driver's license, u.s. passport or a student id. you can find a list of polling sites as well as extensive coverage on the nbc 6 news and weather up. live results to in-depth analysis right there at your fingertips. a two-month-old baby at the sender of an amber a@ert found safe tonight. he was abducted by intruders who broke into her home last night. the person of interest is being questioned by police. she was pked up near fort pierce. neighbors say the family is quiet and typically keep to themselves. >> people do ridiculous things. it's like whatever issue is
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anything to her it doesn't make sense. nobody should take anyone's child. that's not yours to take. >> anyone with information, additional information encouraged to call crime stoppers. a surprise twist at the funeral ofof 6-year-old child. king carter's father getting down on one knee and proposing to the boy's other. they gathered for a final fair farewell to this little boy. >> a small white coffin holding a child just six years old. >> can all god's people say amen. take me to the king
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say his name embodies his spirit. >> he lived like a king. his father and his mother made sure he lived like a king. he ate like a king. he walked like a king and talked like a king. he really slept like a king. >> i don't remember seeing king angry or upset. as a matter of fact, i thihi he was always smiling. >> reporter: his short life celebrated but still saying good-bye isn't easy. >> as a teammate. my favorite is how we used to race every night after practice and no matter how much i would win, he would also want to race. i'm here to tell you, tt you beat me this time. you won the biggest race of all and that's the race to hehven. >> in between the tears at the funeral criek for change and a better tomorrow.
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friends, neighbors to stand for the boys and girls in your community. we need everybody to stand. >> reporter: it was a stray bullet that took the boy's life. for his parents this loss w w like no heartbreak ever experienced. they don't want this day to end in pain. that's why king carter's's father got down on one knee and asked the boy's mother, his long time love to finally be his wife. >> right now, i ask you to be my wife. >> it was sad, make it a joyous occasion. now we planning a wedding. my baby boy making a change resting in heaven. coming up, the slight dip in degrees. adam has your first alert forecast.
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tempetures in the 60s for miami. stick aroundn i didn't have a second to think. i turned to the door and he walked in. >> one of the injured victims of the kansas shooting rampage relives the moment she came
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(donkey sound) (eleant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephpht sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more t tn lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. tonight, melissa torres said she heard five gunshots outside. she said that's when he walked through the do with his hands up and ready to do damage. she was struck in the hand, hip and back.
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to g do damage. no remorse. he had his hands up just bam, bam. just evil. he didn't care. he was trying to kill whoever he could. >> she was one of 14 people injured. three other co-workers were killed. she says ford had no remorse and robbed the entire excel family of their peace of mind. new details about a plot to poison a teacher in orlando. the teacher speaking out said she never wanted the students to be arrested. the three unidentified middle school students face felony charges for spiking her soda with red pepper flakes. she sent one of the them to the principal's office for dumping glue into a student's backpack. angered by the punishment the plan was hatched. she experienced shortness of breath, burning in her throat and noticed the flakes.
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consequence that teaches them a lesson ant didn't want em to be arrested and go do jail. quote, teachers are out there doing the best we can for students. i love my students. they broke my hearts. my career won't be the same. this is what you want to see behind me. nothing really of consequence showing up. go ahead and zoom in. cold air does create instability. couple of extremely light shoirs. until the winds start turning east to west it's really nothing to bring that moisture inland. not much morehan just a light sprinkle right along the
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let's flash forward to tomorrow. still the weekend. winds will shift more to the east. a few clouds in there. 15 to 20 knots at times. two to four foot seas up to about five giving you a moderate chop on the bay. surf temperatures coming in at 72. winds out of north at 5 to 10 miles an hour. it's high pressure in control. top left hand part of the screen around the top of that. i don't think see too many 40s.
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a little bit warmer in ft. lauderdale coming into 57 right along the coastline. the warming trend continues. we barely got out of 60s today. mid-70s spoo sunday. upper 70s monday and mid-80s by wednesday before weak front trims the temperatures back a bit for thursday. another front late friday into saturday. knocking us back into the 70s. forgrg the 40s for lows. let's pull a few details out of sunday. with the winds turning a bit more @ut of east, possible shower or two low rain chances. i don't want to mess up this nice looking icon on sunday by adding rain. i think the rain chances is 10% or below. a mix of sun and clouds with the winds coming in off the ocean. this is how it plays out hour by hour. comfortable for your afternoon
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still low average. a pleasant evening. notary public doubt about that. as far as rain chances go, spotty monday into tueay. a night to celebrate at the broward center. 11 million people have come through doors to watch 13,000 shows since the performing arts center opened 25 years ago. it's one of the top theaters for attendance. crazy day today insports. you have the heat, hurricane, panthers all in action and some trade deals. >> the cats making trades.
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dwyane wade, what he .
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all season long three-point shooting has been an issue. today the team addressed it by signing joe joson. heat owner tweeted before the team's official account welcoming jngs to miami and saying he's excited to see him with his heat teammates tomorrow. the heat taking on thenicks there. johnson agreed to a contract buy out with the brooklyn nets. before all this went down miami boston, winner would take over third place in the eastern conference. the best shot blocker in the
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13 points and 155 rebounds. after being tied at 82, it was all downhill for miami. boston went on a run late. a collective effort. six guys in double figures for the celtics. they win 101-89. it was seennior day for the hurricane. miami missing their best underclass men for violating team rules. this game, a nail biter from the start. louisville opens up here with a alley-oop. louisville led most of the second.
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the first period, guess who. barkov. don't count out columbus. they would come back and take control of the game in the third. logan shaw would tie it up. they would head to ahoot out. roberto gives up the only goal. testimony eventually an overtime loss in columbus. with the nhl trading deadline the panthers are going all up. acquiring three players today. this guy comes in from calgary. the 32-year-old also won the stanley cup with detroit in 2008. it's a big week for the 2016 nfl draft css. the scouting call has been in full swing all weekend. miami hurricanes well
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artie burns lost his mother is a projected second round pick. >> i pray, i make sure everything i do this a big team to show wh i can do. things always going to tough. it's life. take everything one day at a time. make sure i keep grinding. >> that will do it for sports. back to you. >> that's going to do it for us here.e. hopefully you enjoy your night


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