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tv   NBC 6 Impact with Jackie Nespral  NBC  February 28, 2016 9:30am-10:00am EST

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jackie nespral: making an impact this week, breaking down the failed presidential campaign of former governo making an impact this week, breaking down the failed presidential campaign of former governor jeb bush. what went wrong from a woman working on jeb's team. and a former congressman is trying to get back to capitol hill. why joe garcia is throwing his hat back into the political ng. this is nbc 6 "impact" and i'm your host jackie nespral. now on "impact", the former florida governor and member of the bush family dynasty ended his white house hopes after only three states voted. jeb bush's status from front-runner to after thought shocked political observers in a never before seen election season where billionairereonald trump rose to the top of the gop. joining me now to discuss jeb's campaign, a former consultant of bush. thank you for joining us. >> i'm delighted to be here.
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>> now you can decompress. >> sleeping a little and eating healthier too, which is nice, getting back to the family which is always good. >> very nice. let's talk about the disappointing primary, south carolina, which is really the catalyst for jeb bush reaeay bowing out of the race. and it was a stronghold for his brother and his father. what happened? i mean, he went into the election season as the front-runner, close to $100 million raised between the campaign and the pac. what happened? >> you know, i think this was the year of the perfect storm where you see so many things coming together. back in the day you would call somebody, if you didn't agree with them within the republican party, maybe they would -- this political cycle, if you have any political experience or record, you're called establishment and that's considered a bad word. the idea if you have a record to run on and something of great accomplishment as governor jeb bush has, and we know that his polls as former governor are extraordinarily high, close to
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would count for something. but this is the year where the voters are so unhappy, primary voters are so unhappy. and you see it on the republican side, but you also see it on the democrat side with bernie sanders. where they're saying we don't -- we're not confident in the party and maybe we need people who have zero political experience to come in and to be the ones that we shouldn't trust with our future of and i think future. and i think it speaks to the lack of trust in washington, d.c., which is more than understandable and washington, d.c., the economy is doing great. washington, d.c. is growing. it is booming. you go to washington, iowa, and the middle class hasn't had a salary increase in more than 15 years. and that is occurring everywhere. so you definitely see that sentiment and there were so many people who would tell me, jeb is a good and decent man. we like jeb. if jeb gets to the ticket in
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over hillary clinton easily. assuming they were -- they were assuming hillary would be the one that would win on the democratic side. but at the end of the day, those who are anti-record, those who are looking for something different wanted something else. and certainly you can see that the one who is the front-runner today is donald trrp and donald trump who, for all practical purposes, isn't a real republican. he's not voted in a republican primary since the 1980s. but republican primary voters and i mean evangelical voters in south carolina certainly he took a big portion of that vote, you see thischange and this anger that is translating into a protest vote and that vote is translating as someoneho is harsh and coarse in vocabulary and language as well as in some policies the way he describes them and you see them that in
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>> do you think of the fact that governor bush, the last time he campaigned was 2002, it has been a long time since he's been out of public office. >> it is a long time since he was out of public office and it is kind of funny. if he's been out of public office for so long, how -- >> he's not establishment. but at the same time, i think when he was campaigning in florida, he had a number of -- against candidates who were buddy mckay, former lieutenant governor, he had against governor lawton chiles. a different caliber of candidatat if he had debated against candidates who weren't donald trump and who weren't bullies and so coarse, it would have been a different situation. and, indeed, all of the debates would be very different because you probably would betalking more about policy and not defending yourself frompersonal insults.
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being so coarse and donald trump called jeb bush an unhappy person with low energy. where was the disconnect? by all accounts jeb on the campaign trail was quite the contrary. so where was the disconnect that jeb we saw in, say, the debates and the jeb on the campaign trail? >> certainly jeb is one of the most energetic people i've ever met in my life. if i ever felt sleepy rb was always full of pep. and really excited about going out and meeting with voters. and certainly you're describing jeb as he is, not that low energy unhappy person to the contrtry. but donald trump likes being insulting and that's -- he's insulting everybody. it is not just jeb bush. >> did jeb underestimate donald trump? >> i don't think jeb underestimat donald trump, jeb just wouldn't get to donald trump's level, which is very different. and i think jeb had a very elegant campaign. he had a great campaign. it just wasn't enough for voters
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angry, who are looking for something so different, and he, you know, democracy is an amazing process. and in this democratic process, everybody has a voice and a vote. and those who chose to vote and unfortunately you're seeing that -- that not everybody who should be voting is voting in the primaries. nd you also see a growing number of independents in florida. you have this big voting bloc that is independent that unless they change to a republican or democratic c arty, they won't be voting on march 15th. you know, they're voting in a way that i think it is heart over head. and i think it is -- it is a fascinating time, also a dangerous time. >> let's talk about immigration, because, of course, governor jeb bush's stance is pro immigration ance. the contrary from donald trump, also his anthem from the beginning of this campaign, anti-immigration, could that also have been a factor as well.
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i think voters are feeling a tremendous frustration with what is going on in the country. i think thatou can pin a lot of it on the obama administration and the sense at president obama who has such unique political skills to be able to unite the country and rally around so many important causes, and certainly he's done it in selected moments, but he hasn't done it over the issues that are really important. immigration is o"e that should have been put to bed, forget he promised the hispanic community he would do it his first year in office and obviously didn't do it. but it is one that if he wanted to, as he did with the pacific trade agreement, he can work with both sides of the aisle to present legislation, but president obama has chosen to mock the republican party. and not just president obama, you have to say senator harry reid and congressman nancy pelosi when she was speaker of the house. they were not helpful in bringing the country together. and so as a result, you see disparate parts wherever you go,
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numbers on some levels look positive, the economic levels for many people, you know, the cost of living continues to ririe, health care continues to rise, going into the supermarkets amazingly expensive. the middle class family is hurting. >> let's talk about the million dollar question, in jeb's case, the $100 million questionon who would he endorse? he hasn't as of yet and could it be his one time protege, senator marco rubio? >> it is interesting. with jeb and jeb bush and marco rubio, it is the teacher and the student. and it is an interesting time where we see each other now. i would expect that if senat rubio would like an endorsement, he would ask for it. and certainly from here to march 15th, anything can happen. but the governor has said, clearly, that he will suppojt the republican candidate -- a
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and if he should do so at that point in time, i'm sure he will. >> where would those votes go? all of the people voting in the primary and now for the future primaries, do you think they would go to marco or do you think they would go to ted cruz? >> you know -- >> or kasich? >> i would say that it could go all three ways. there are people who are wondering what to do. there were those many voters who were in favor of jeb bush and really didn't have a number two. but when you look at jeb bush and looking at somebody with experience, and so that's one thing, and some of those votes i know will go to kasich, some will go from florida, some of those will go to rubio. and ted cruz has quite the campaign going on in florida as well. so that's pretty interesting. i will say regarding your question on immigration reform, jackie, i have to say it is pretty disappointing that the republican party hasn't found a way to be able to deal with this issue in a way that is more appropriate. and that really comes and puts
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not just the republican part, democrats as well. 2016 and we're still debating something that doomed mitt romney in 2012, that's not good. >> a lot of years have passed. we don't haveuch time. i want to ask you, jeb bush always said he would prevail in the end. do you think at this stage in the game that it is almost a sense of relief for him? >> well, i would -- you know, it isnot so much a sense of relief. there is clearly a sense of disappointment. i don't think anybody runs for president and does it half heartedly. serious candidates don't do it half heartedly. i think jeb bush has prevailed in the following sense. all his policies -- he worked very hard on brilliant policy papers dealing with tax reform, with immigration foreign policy, those have all been taken or borrowed from different campaigns, and so i think jeb bush's contribution to the republican party and to the nation has been h h policy papers that really provides the ground work for whereehe
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>> where do you think he goes to om here? >> i think the first thing he does is really concentratat on family. he loves spending time with his grgrndchildren, two boys and two girls. >> we he get back into the ring? >> i hope he continues to be a voice f the country. there are many ways to serve. you don't have to be a candidate to rve. but i hope he continues to be a voice and a conscience for the republican party. i think his stock is hher today than it was before. without being a candidate, he's more free than ever to express what he has to say. >> thank you for your input here. >> thank you for the invitation. >> my pleasure. still to come here on "impact," a former congressman who lost re-election in 2014 is looking to win back his seat. why joe garcia wants pack in the
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[ ] (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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[ ] jackie: now on "impact," a former miami-dade congressman is looking to get back to now on "impact ," a former miami-dade congressman is looking to get back to the nation's capital. joe garcia has been a prominent player in politics for years in south florida and he's launching into a primimy fight for the democratic nomination for district 26. joining me nono to discuss his
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to congress, joe garcia. thank you for joining us. >> it is a pleasure. >> finally. >> finally. > we get you on the show. >> finally. >> district 26, the battleground seat, the seat the nation is looking at, the republicans want to keep, and the democrats want back. you h that seat already. and you were defeated in 2014. why do you want to run for the seat again? >> look, i love that area. when no one thought it could be taken by a democrat, we were running there. and it is one of the most beautiful -- one of most complex and most exciting places on the country, right? you got -- it has got more national park land than any other state in the southeast because you got the whole -- the everglades. not only everglades part that is physically land, but t t water park, which is florida bay and then you got biscayne bay parar all national reserves. then all the coral reefs and everything in that area. you got largest most productive agricultural farm land per acre
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got some of the bt and most expensive houses in that area, and then you got some of the best working class neighborhoods like westchester where grew up or horse country or the redlands. florida city. you got areas like middle class neighborhoods which have lots of county employees like richmond heights, you've got parts of gould and cutler bay. it is beautiful. it is south florida. it is complex. one of the most diverse districts in the country where you have a huge hispanic population, a large african-american population, a population o o anglos that live there, very disperse. you got al add to that haitian americans, column bonbian americans, cuban-american and every other hyphen american possible but all floridians. when we're there, we enjoy the job we did. we enjoyed representing them and gave a voice to the people of south florida that didn't have a voice. >> a diverse district.
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geography of the district as well. but why do you want to tackle this again? it is going to be a dogfight, really. not only in the general election, but first have to get through the primary. >> i don't think it is a dogfight. i know annette. i like her. i endorsed her every single time she's run for blic office. this is where i represent -- this is where i grew up, this is where i worked. and this is what i know. >> but you lovest the seat in 2014. what makes you think you can get it back? >> republicans have redesigned this district in three years to make sure i don't represent. we have drawn the battle lines every time to make sure they take advantage. finally, they stepped in and used the law that we all voted on that said you can't do this. but in the last -- they had -- so i couldn't win it, they took out huge parts of the district to make sure it was a republican leaning district. that no more. now we have a seat balanced, i think people's voice as opposed to the politicians in
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going to be heard. and those people know that when joe garcia is there, he'sn it. when we have the creation or the restructuring of florida bay, and all that complexity, we maded sure not only we protected the environment, we protected the people w worked off the environment, the fishermen and make sure there is a balance. and we have done that with the farmers, when they have water issues. we make sure that they're protected, speaking up for the mikasukee, people that live on the edge of one of the greatest parks in the world and represented them, made sure south florida water management park projects to protect the everglades and make them work go forrd and they'll get stalled. so, you know, this is tough. let's be clear. and running for office is not for everyone. but i enjoy it. i enjoy sitting and talking with people. we had our first canvassing the other day. we had scores of people show up.
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wars with me before, and brand-new people. and -- >> it can be a war. >> listen, it is tough and you got to have a thick skin. but when you know when you're doing is making people's lives better, you know -- >> annette is the first war, if you will, and the campaign committee endorsed her. >> right. >> so do you think there will be a rift in the democratic party? >> the establishment always has a problem with me because i'm a guy who votes for the community. i don't care what nancy pelosi thinks. i don't care what john boehr or paul ryanan think. i care about what the people in that district need and what is in the best interest of our country. differences with annette? >> i don't know. i don't -- i'mot here to -- i'm not running against nnette. i'm running for congress to represent the 26th congressional district and we're goioi to win the primary and then win the general election. we're going to win it because we're goingo talk about the issues. i got nothing negative to say
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i know her daughter. i know her mother. these are good people. but m not running against them. i'm running in my seat where i have run before where i represented the people. and, you kncw, anybody can run. i'm all for the democratic process and i know that i've got nothing negative to say about her. i know the policy that i disagree with, people that try to shut down our government, like carlos, so planned parenthood doesn't get funded. that's unacceptable. we need to make our government work. what is unacceptable is the world's largest enterprise, the u.s. government, hasn't had a budget in over eight yrs. you can't run the tv station this way, you don't run your household that way. no one with any common sense is trying to make a -- something work with do that. and yet that's how we run our government, it is unacceptable. you ask, why do this, right? i tell you why i do this, i remember when we got up there, i think that -- they voted to shut down obamacare 40 times. not to fix obamacare.
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fixes on obamacare. there is a guy that walked up to me and he was -- his eyes were watery, he said, i want to tell you something, i used to have four jobs. two to stay alive. and two to pay for my health care. and now i can afford health care. th changes people's lives, you know? and it works. is it perfect? no. that's what's sad. instead of fixing it, we spend our time with this ridiculous rhetoric about nonsense as opposed to doing thatateople want. what people want say government that provides services and get out of the way so they can do well. and what we need to do is get back to that. >> you mentioned carlos cubello, the miami herald had an article -- in the freshman year in office, republican representative carlos deserves praise for taking a leadership role. climate change and cuban immigration. >> first off -- i think the herald is completely wrong.
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now he's scared he isn't going to win? this is the same guy who won at offshore drilling in floridid never was for the environment, suddenly for the environment. what he's for is getting re-elected. that's clear. but on the cuban -- he created the crisis. here is a guy o ran saying he was against the cuban adjustment act. then last week he said he was for the cuban adjustment act. this is a guy who said we should take away assistance from people who come here, and then writes a letter to the president of the united states demanding assistance. found a bill to cut assistance and writes a letter to the president. we need a person who says in south florida exactly what they say in washington. not some guy who says one thing here and anoer one in washington. not one guy who goes up there and votes with the suicide caucus and then comes down hee and plays a moderate. a guy that stands up on gun -- on gun control in a sensible fashion.
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neighborhoods of richmond heights and gould for gun violence. mr. cubello goes to the meetings but votes with the nra in washington. that's why theny endorse him. suddenly he believes in a woman's right to choose. and yet he ved to close down the government to make sure that poor women didn't have a right to choose. that's unacceptable. listen, we'red running because it is glorious to be a south floridian, wonderful to stand up and say i represent south florida and congress and it was the greatest honor of my life and hopefully with a little bit of luck, the people of south florida give me that opportunity again. >> good luck to you, joe. always great to have you. >> great to be here. >> thanks. still to come, our lighter look, breaking down the donald's unusual victory speech in vegas. at's coming up next here on
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stay witus. [ ] and finally, our lighter look at politics as jimmy fallon breaks down the donald's victory speech in nevada. >> after winning in nevada, trump was talking to the crowd and he's gotten to e point where he can pretty much say anything. just check out what he says to s own supporters. >> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. we're the smartest people with the most loyal people. >> you can hear people -- people cheering that -- yeah, wait, what? he's talkiki about you, right?
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policy, every child left alone. >> wait, what? thanks so much for watching nbc 6 "impact." we're looking to bring you the stories that impact you and your community. if you have a story idea, sentd me a tweet. "meet the press" is next.
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make it a great sunday. this sunday, hillary clinton's blowout win in south carolina h h her looking towards >> then trump thumps rubio with a surprise endorsement. >> there is no oneho is better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs. >> as donald trump collects endorsements, the republican establishment approaches panic. now? donald trump and senator ted


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