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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  February 29, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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>> and buns in the oven with right now at 11:00, students return to class with heavy hearts after a classmate is accidentally shot and killed by a friend. and a suspected kidnapper who sparked a statewide amber alert finds out if she's getting out of jail soon. i thank you all for this amazing award tonight. let us know take this planet for grted. i do not take tonight for granted. twitter is still all abuzz about hollywood's biggest night. it's enough that came with its own drama to win its own award. >> i'm ari odzer. we're at the home of the wol vor renes. we're going to be bragging about this place coming up. live, the news on nbc 6 starts right now. thanks for joining us this midday.
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downtown miami. a look at your lunchtime forecast there. >> that's what things are looking like one minute past the hour. ryan, we're coming off a brilliant weekend weatherwise. what's next. >> we're going to watch things up as the week goes on. we see the cloud cover thin out and sunshine coming back at us. we'll keep it around the afternoon hours. it will be warmer than the beautiful temperatures we experienced this weekend, but i think progressively as we get toward the lunch hour and into the afternoon, more sunshine coming into play as well. we've seen the cloud deck thinning out across the two-county area and down through the keys. that's a positive trend. we have not seen any showers and i think we're going to stay dry for the bulk of the upcoming workweek. how about these temperatures now rocketing up into the mid 70s with the additional sunshine that we've seen just in the last two hours?
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76 in miami. 76 in ft. lauderdale. opa-locka. turning the winds out over the atlantic water is helping. your forecast this afternoon, just beautiful. coming out of a week where we were below average. this 77 still ends up being it should bebep to 79. either way, bright sunshine, all the way through, dry conditions. mostly sunny on the drive home. temperatures fall off just a touch this evening. we'll have details in my full fofocast in minutes. today, students returno school without one of their classmates. a 14-year-old boy was accidentally shot and killed while he and a friend were playing with a gun this weekend. his friend is facing charges. >> we have new information on what's going on here. >> reporter: i got to chance t t stop by the the family's home this morning. they didn't want to show their
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but they had these words for me, calling it a tragedy, shaking their heads. a lot of crying as well. kids returning to school today sad, mad, some even hurt, not understanding the full scope of this. another teen killed by gun violence here in miami-dade county and this time accident. the can dells lovingly form the letter j, a 14-year-old killed over the weekend in an apparent accidental shooting. word of the teen's death, a shock. >> he didn't serve to die. >> the 14-year-old was shot to death on saturday by a friend who brought a loaded gun to the home where rhodes was staying at. detectives say the gun wentff as the unidentified teen also 14
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who later died at the hospital. >> just teenagers. they are kids. they are babies. >> reporter: miami gar denies plea have charged him. >> they took advantage of a 14-year-old kid. >> reporter: an attorney for the friend accused, says it was not accident, but not criminal. >> i know they push around a 14-year-old kid and they force him into some kind of statement. >> reporter: police have not yet responded to requests for an interview. the chief did tweet this out over the weekend, saying another life gone too soon. miami-dade county public school superintendent alberto carvalho also took to twitter, guns, children, homes don't mix, accidental gun discharge claims
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to the unacceptable carnage plaguing the community. we actually heard back from the police. we brought those statemenen and claims to police and how the 14-year-old may ve gotten the gun, police said they are not ready to release that information. michael spears, nbc 6 news. police need your help finding a missing woman from hollandale, this is a picture of her. this is jeanne waser. ssese 5' 8", weighing 115 pounds. she was wearing a blue jacket. florida tag, awdf 40. it's on your screen there. she suffers from memory loss and anyone who knows where she could be is asked to call police. an incredibly sad story coming out of south florida midday. that's where a baby was killed
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happened right outside the home. the palm beach county sheriffs office is saying this one-year-old boy died when his mom backed up over the pickup truck. he was standing with his dad at the time. he let go of dad's hand, wandered away from him, knocked down by the bumper and run over. no charges have been filed. well, if the game faces are be. we're officially less than 24 hours away from super tuesday. >> we'e' talking about 12 states whose votes couldld alter the course of the campaign. we have a preview on how things are shaping up. >> reporter: donald trump heads into super tuesday with his first senate endorsement, alabama senator, jeff sessions.
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state except texas. >> friends do not let friends vote for con. >> you don't do that. >> ted cruz is leading his home state, texas and slamming trump for not condemning support from the former head of the ku klux klan. >> we should all be united in saying the clan is reprehensible and has no place in politics. >> super tuesday is looking good forr hillary clinton coming off her huge win in south carolina. >> we got decimated is what happened. i'm going to need your help to win the democratic nomination. >> reporter: clinton is nearly 2-to-1 in key states, focused on trump. >> i don't think in a c cpaign you make wild promises, you insult, everybody,and then people wonder what does that person really stand for. >> reporter: but clinton could
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her emails are supposed to be released by the state department today. tracie potts, washington. some voters in south florida can already cast their balllls. early voting started this morning, goes through march 13th. we caught up with a few of the voters who made their way to the polls today. they are participating in early voting because they don't want to wait in line. it will run until march 13th. toorrow night, three candidates will watch the super tuesday outcome in florida. trump will be in palm beach gardens, hillary clinton will be
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> nbc 6 cameras in a broward county courtroom this midday where a woman accused of kidnapping a two-month-old, you are looking at her on the right-hand side was standing before a judge officer the first time. that baby snatched from her home late saturday nightt gunpoint. erika glover is near ft. lauderdale with what we know about this case so far. >> mother and daughterreunited here sunday night, not one but two people are facing charges for a kidnapping here at this apartment complex.
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appeared before a judge in bond court monday morning. deputies say she and her 14-year-old cousin worked together to kidnap two-month-old taraji kemp from her parents hoho shortly after 11:00 friday night. >> it's devastating to have a little baby snatched away from their home or whatever. i don't know what i would do if it happened to me. >> reporter: officers say taraji's mom is one of they are usins. they were armed when they snatched the sleeping baby. she headed toward orlando before being arrested in fort pierce saturday. >> lord have mercy us. >> reporter: she's facing multiple charges, iluding kidnapping and aggravated child abuse. the 14-year-old involved in this case was caught saturday in miami is faci charges for aggravated assault and armed burglary. now officers sayhat 14-year-old is being held at a
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reporting in broward, erika glover, nbc 6 news. the oscar after parties may now just be winding down on the west coast, the rest of the country still talking about hollywood's biggest night. the 88th annual academy awards are in the books with a mix of expected and unexpected winners. >> we have a wrap of the highlights from hollywood. >> spotlight. >> the title described the moment. the newspaper trauma "spotlight" the center of attention, a surprise oscar winner for best picture. >> this film gave a voice to survivors and that oscar amplifies that voice. >> best picture favorite, the revenant won big. a fit career oscar for actor. amazing award tonight.
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i do not take tonight for granted. >> best actress went to brie larson. >> thank you to the fans, for the moviegoers. >> best supporting actress went toto alicia vikander, while bridge of spies mark ryland pulled out a heavy favorite. >> mad max took home the most oscars, six overall, all in technical categories. >> we're not saying who must win. before the show, demonstrator blocked the way, protested the lack of diversity. >> otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. the subject also on host chris rock's mind. the really big winner may have been the girl scouts.
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dozens of scouts out to sell cookies. the tally, $65,243. now, it's time to sleep off the big night inhollywood. portland police take a look at this and now the suspect they were chasing, they did it with a help of a shopper. the guyuy runs into a store. a shopper rolls his shopping cart right in the path of that running suspect. that made him fall to the ground. t shopper picked-up his groceries and continued shopping like everything was normal. the suspect facing disorderly conduct charges. today, we're bragging about an elite miami high school that focuses on academics and faith and spirituality. what sets these guys apart from other private schools? >> you know what, this is a wonderful place to be, especially on a beautiful day
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miami-dade county. belen jesuit is a special place. we're talking to father willy who is the president of the school. >> what makes this special? >> there's many things. one of most important things is we're 162-year-old institution, uninterrupted education since it was founded in 1854 in havana, cuba, that says a lot about the jesuits who founded this school. all the men and women who took part in educating these young men. we're very proud. we've got students here who are fifth generation. that makes it special. not only are we the second oefletd jesuit high school in the united states, we're definitely the oldest high school in miami. >> let's take a look at some of that history. living history right over here. you'll see some of the alumni re going back five generations and some of the leaders and movers and shahars of this community, right?
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they have been involved in the businins world, politics, law, and what you are looking at right now are men who graduated back in havana, 194 1942, 1948, their sons and grandchildren and great grandchildren are currently students here. >> what is it like to be principal of an all boys school? >> it's a blessing and honor to be part of this institution. it's a duty of both men and women to form the leaders of tomorrow and definitely i have been inspired by other women who have led other educational institutions of higher education. >> amazing, amazing job you have here, leading all these young men, and before we leave here, let's turn up the volume a
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kick us into gear here. >> by the way, they have an amazing academic reputation too with lots of ap classes. they send kids to the ivy league every year. we're live at belen jesuit academy. back to you guys. now,, first alert weather. with meteorologist ryan phillips. >> through the weekend, of no use because we have no rain in place. we have isolated showers well off shore here, staying out across the atlantic, overhead, all is quiet. down through the keys,weeping clear across the area, we're kind of relatively rain-free forecast to carry us through the next few days. isolated at best coming in on the breeze. let's talk about what's going on outside and that's the sunshine rererning and folks heading out
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live look out to hollywood beach for our diplomat resort and spa camera. we're watching the skies thin out and increase in sunshine, a decrease in cloud cover all morning long, a step in the right direction as we head ward lunch hour. 76 in miami as well as ft. lauderdale. 75 key west. opa-locka 77. our warmer location, and these readings are about 3 to 5 degrees roughly warmer at this point in the day than they were 24 hours ago. of course, the wind is not an issue, but they are turning now from an off shore breeze early this morning to an onshore breeze as we're seeing in opa-locka and miami lead to go a warmer weather pattern. that will reflect itself both in the overnight t es -- lows being warmer and high pressure farther off to the east. we have colfronts off on the map. we're not seeing a big push off to the south with these fronts. no cooldowns expected here for the next several days.
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cloud cover and that's about it. from time-to-time from that on shore breeze, we may see a stray shower pop up. i'm not seeing any concentrated rain chances come across here for the next few days. 77, bright and mild this afternoon as winds turn to the east at about 10. tonight's forecast into the 60s. mostly clear skies and tomorrow, 81. you are going to notice some temperatures stepping up here, little by little, day by day. we will continue to see a very iet weather pattern hold steady because the jet stream and the storm track way off to ur north, not allowing any systems to drop into our neighborhood any time%soon. let's talk about what you can expect for the next few afternoons. we're looking at generally lower 80s now after we get past today's refreshing mid 70s this afternoon, with low humidity. you start to notice the humidity creeping up andthe wednesday and thursday, that will be the case.
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about this, beautiful conditions, partly cloudy skies and highs right at average into early march. first alert forecast about 79 both days. some veryrygood news for a lot of you drivers out there as of this midday after months of having to take detours around all of this, the venetian causeway very soon will be reopening. >> today, you can drive on it for the first time in months. julia bagg is live in miami where the newly renovated bridge is expected to alleviate traffic troubles. >> hi there. it's happening very soon. in fact, right now we've been listening to miami-dade county mayor thank the board of county commissioners and speak of the significance of this reopening. he told me he's very satisfied that this bridge opened on time and on budget. have a look at what else we have here. the cyclists you see here. they will be crossing the bridge very shortly along with runners as well. let me show you what we're talking about here.
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if you look downo where the darker pavement is, that's the entire section that's been replaced. further up where you see the bridge open, that was actually replaced in 1999, but this section, the western section of venetian causeway costs some $12 million and it's supposed to be good for the next 60 years. the mayor told me thts project was about preserving the spirit of this bridge that was initially built in the 1920s if you can believe that, so something that people are very excited about and i want to show you one more thing back out live if you see those rlts there, they will become green very shortly and definitely alleviating some traffic headaches whether you are headed to the beach or the mainland. you will now have another option and, boy, is it a pretty one. live on the venetian causeway, julia bagg. off we go to our entertainment headlines. jennifer garner finally sppking
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ben afleck and also the nanny scandal. >> roxie with the details. >> to fally hear her speaking out, inside "vanity "fair" it's been she doesn't blame the nanny. she still has conversations with her kids about the word scandal and she's staying focused on her work and her kids. her latest movie is set t be released next month. >> "six in the mix," oscar night, who shined and who dimmed on the red carpet tonight. we've got our fashion panel ready to go. we're going to talk allll things oscar fashion and a big weekend for foodies. we have your full recap on what went down. who was there, the souou beach
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more coming up at 1 (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president nes a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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presidents have been asked this question to no avail butut now one golfer is answering that age oldquestion. the question is, guys, boxers or briefs, ah, that's the question. >> i think that's just -- yeah, okay. >> sheli, what do you think? sheli doesn't seem too disturbed by this. gary woodland found its way to the wawer, to the fairway, not wanting to get his outfit dirty, he decided to take off his shoes, h socks and pants to make that shot from the water. >> he w able to hit the shot out of the water and went on to par the hole. you were like i missed this earlier. >> didn't have to go to arizona here. long beach. >> he went from there to@ the
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he he may as well left his pants off. >> treat it like the beach. >> he ended up making par. >> you did well.
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" well, hollywood's biggest night came with enough drama to win its own award, starting over the controversy over its all-white nominations, happy extra day in february. leap day, of course. thank you for joining us on "six in the mix." the h h -- oscars top the headlines. after four nominations, leonardo dicaprio finally got his moment. a first career oscar for him. >> i thank you all for this amazing award tonight. let us know take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for graaed. >> his director makes history as only the third director to win oscars back-to-back. >> i can'tbelieve this is happening.


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