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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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"nightly news" is next. tonight the klanan controversy exploding around donald trump after refusing to ndemn the kkk's former leader. what he's saying now and what we found him saying years ago. plus, tensions boil over at trump's rally, and tonight some republican leaders are scrambling to stop him. school shooting emergency. all-out chaos as police say a 14-year-old suddenly opened fire in the cafeteria. taking the stand, an emotional erin andrews tells the jury about her hotel nightmare as a stalker secretly taped her and posted the video for the world to see. craving sleep. a wake-up call tonight for millions struggling to lose weight and trying to get more rest. and hollywood rocked as controversy takes center stage at the oscars. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new
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ennightly news with lester holt. good evening. from our election headquarters on the eve of super tuesday, one of the biggest days yet in the presidential contest, in an election season filled with lead-shaking moments, spray tans. the kkk and ear piece malfunctions are abeing mott topics driving the conversation about the republican race. outside of texas, donald trump seems poised to score some very big wins in tomorrow's primary contest despite some conflicting and curious answers to a question that's left him exposed over very sensitive racial ground. nbc's katy tur starts our coverage tonight. >> reporter: tensions high in radford, virginia. secret service body amming a "time" photographer who tried to leave the campaign mandated press pen. trump on edge, too. this morning blaming his refusal to condition dem the kkk and david duke in a cnn interview on a bad ear piece. >> i'm sitting in a house in florida with a very bad earpiece
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you could hardly here what he was saying. >> reporter: a complaint he did not make during that interview. >> i don't know anything about david duke, okay. i don't know anything about what you're even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists, so i don't know. >> reporter: trump didivowed the cline's infamous former leader last week. david duke and robo calls, white supremicist movement supporting you. any words for that? >> i savow it and didn't know it. >> reporter: trump cited the one-time and wizard as the reason he wouldn't run in the reformarty ticket in 2000. >> david duke just joined, a bigot, a racist, a problem, not exactly the people you want in your party. >> reporter: since he kicked off his campaign trump has been repeatedly accused of stoking racial fears, first with mexicans and then africans a a muslims. >> donald trump is doing his best to appeal to the constituency of david duke and peoplee like david duke while pretending he heegs not doing that very thing. >> he should be moree of a statesman.
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anything with his supporters, and it hats chance of actually bringing more republicans into his fold. >> reporter: this weekend trump championed the endorsement of alabama senator jeff sessions, the first u.s. senator to join trump, this as marco rubio got in the mud. >> how can a person with the worst spray tan in america? you know what they say with men with small hands. you can't trust them. >> reporter: hours from super tuesday and time is running out for trump's competitors to make their case. >> i will go to all 50 states and every territory. i will continue to speak out until i literall have no voice left. i will go anywhere to speak to anyone before i letea con artist get ahold. republican party. >> donald trump represents everything you're mad about washington, the deal-making that doesn't stand with the working men and women. >> reporter: despite it all, trump is poised to win big. > mexico, everybody talks -- >> reporter: as you can hear, donald trump is on stage here in georgia behind me. this is another controversy is brewinin
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calling on trump to press the "new york times" to release a transcript of an off-the-record meeting after buzzfeed reported that trump may have expressed flexibility on his hardline immigration plan. lester? >> katy tur tonight, thanks. as the trump train rolls into super tuesday full of steam, some republican leaders are now openly expressing deep concerns about the prospect of donald trump as the party's nominee. one gop senator even saying he won't support him, and as nbc's andrea mitchell reports, the anxiety has reached a fever pitch. >> we have a movement going on. this isn't normal. >> reporter: donald trump packing in thousands on the trail again today, b b behind the scenes nbc news has learned trump has many top republican officials scrambling, looking for a way to block him from getng the nomination. >> a lot of people who are worried donal trump can't win in november. new poll out today th shows that he's behind hillary clinton where in almost every
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beats hillary clinton so there's concern there. >> reporter: adding to the alarm, trump's response on the ku klux klan, prompting this tweet from 20122 nominee mitt romney. a disqualifying and disgusting response by real donald trumum to the kkk. his coddling of repugnant botry is not in the character of america. >> are we choosinging a president like "american idol"? is that the system and what kind of democracy will it produce? there's a lot of people i think legitimately worried. >> reporter: one big concern for republicans, would trump at the top of the ticket, if he loses, take down with him 24 gop senate candidates, and tonight the first republican senator to say he won't vote for trump if he's the nominee. nebraska's ben sass. in a facebook posos he wrote conservatives will need to find a third option other than trump. >> this is a guy who says things again and again that sound a lot more like vladimir putin than abraham lincoln. >> reporter: there are
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officials if trump gets the nomination. first, if he wins in november, would he govern as a conservative? and, second, would he even get that far? if democrats are able to successfully attack his past statements and his business record. lester? >> andrea mitchell, thanks so much to talk about. let's bring in our political director, the moderatat of "meet the press," chuck todd. chuck, if trump does well tomorrow, what are the points in which they can -- other republicans can stop him? >> the only way they can stop him within the party is to deny him the delegates he needs to get the nomination. to do that, he does well tomorrow night, then it becomes imperative that they defeat trump in march 15 in ohioo meaning evy other candidate other than john kasich decides to campaign there. maybe rubio says i'll let kasich go there and rubio has to win his home state of florida and maybe they find somebody else to rally a aund and beat him in illinois and north carolina. that's the only way they can do it within the party, but if they don't succeed by march 15th, there's nothing they can do, can't deny the nomination so
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third-party route. i've heard rumors of finding a candidate, -itt romney's name. there's a constitution party out there that has ballot access. if they want to start a third party, you'd have to do it within the next couple of weeks to actually get ballot access, but this stuff i i real, and it gets very real on march 16th if donald trump continues to roll. >> haven't ever seen anything like it. >> not since 1860 and the wigs. the republican party was born out of another conrvative party the whigs breaking apart. maybe history is truly repeating it self. >> chuck todd, thank you. on the democratic side fresh off her landslide victory over bernie sanders in south carolina hillary clinton is look ahead to super tuesday as an opportunity to pull away in this race. nbc's kristen welker is with the clinton campaign in virginia. kristen kristen, what can you tell us. >> reporter: lester, good evening. clinton campaign officials say they feel confident heeding into super tuesday after that big win in south carolina, fueled largel by
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clinton hoping to build on that tomorrow. senator sanders vowing not to give up, but he does have a steep climb, particularly if you look at the numbers, lester. the official nbc news delegate count shows clinton with 519 delegates and sanders with 86. if you only take into account super delegates, typically party leaders who get to choose who they will support, clinton gets 428 to sanders 21, a 20-field advantage. clinton is up with ads in all of the super tuesday states and sanders with ads in five of them, smaller, less diverse states like colorado and massachusetts. still, sanders has a lot of cash on hand which means no matter what happens tomorrow that could allow him to stay in this race indefinitely. lester? >> kristen welker tonight, thank you. for many of you theetations will be carrying the live hour-long editions of "nhtly news" with all the results as they come in and special primetime coverage across the
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10:00, p.m. eastern time. there were terrifying moments today inside an ohio school when pole say a teenaged student opened fire hitting few students and injuring two others. tonight the suspect is in custody as students and their parents cope with the aftermath. nbc's blake mccoy now with d dails. >> reporter: it was in the cafeteria of madison junr senior high school where authorities say a student opened fire on his classmate. one student managing to call 911 from a high 3chool. >> i'm at madison high school. there's a shooting. >> okay. >> he's got a gun. he started shooting people. >> how many people did he shoot? >> i'm not sure. he just pulled o o his gun and started shooting. >> reporter: two students shot at lunchtime, two others injured in the chaos. the school put on lockdown as frantic parents raced from work. >> we had to get here. had to get to him. >> serious mindset and just trying to be quietnd keeee everybody else around me safe.
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in middletown, ohio, about an hour north of cincinnati. the two students shot, 14 and 15-year-old boys, were flown by helicopter to the hospital. >> they are both basically stable at this time. >> reporter: attention now turns to the accused shooter, a 14-year-old male who police say tossed the handgun as he ran from the building. he's been charged with o counts of attempted murder, a motive unknown at this time. >> gag to be hard for everybody to get over this. >> reporter: class has been cancelled across the district tomorrow as parents hold their kids tight. blake mccoy, nbc news. >> late word that sports reporter erin andrews is on the stand tonight in her $75 million civil trial. earlier in the day the man convicted of stalng andrews testified. he told the court how he altered the peep hole on andrews' hotel door and secretly filmed her. now as nbc' morgan radford reports, it's andrews' turn. >> reporter: erin andrews still haunted by the video that she
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career. >> i feel so embarrassed and i'm so ashamed. >> reporter: her chance to look jurors, seven women and five men in the eye and tell her side of the story. >> my naked body was on the front page of "the new york post" and they put bars over my body parts. my girlfriend is calling me and telling me she was running around new york city throwing coffee on all the pains because she felt so bad. >> reporter: just hours earlier andrews left the courtroom as her stalker explained the sordidid details of the day he secretly recorded her. >> i could hear the shower on in her room and i walked by. >>eporter: and michael barrett explained how he followed andrews to her nashville hotel room and altered the peep hole. i pulled the plug out and waited for the opportunity. >> reporter: was it your intent to hopefully get her without clothes ? >> yes. >> reporter: her mother paula also testified today describing the embarrassment her daughter continues to face. >> it's a nightmare thatoesn't stop. i just kept telling
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you're a vicity. you've been -- you've been assaulted. >> reporter: andrews devastated. >> it's so embarrassing. it was my private time. i never thought something would happen. i never thought a hotel would let somebody next to me without telling me. >> reporter:r:ndrews says her entire life is different now and that this ordeal is always in the back of her mind. erin says that she continues to be haunted on a daily basis, and as for barrett he lives in oregon and his internet activity is monitored by a patrol lester? >> morgan radford, thank you. at the white house today a member of the elite s.e.a.l. team 6 received the medal of honor and because missions are covert and highly classified we rarely see their names or see their faces. today one stepford. nbc's jim miklaszewski incredible bravery. >> reporter: as a navy s.e.a.l. senior chief
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shadows and one of the silent warriors from s.s.a.l. team 6, the special operations force that previously took down osama bin laden, but today in a rare appearance buyers was front and center at the white house, an ameran hero. in december 2012 the s.e.a.l. ran a mission to rescue an american hostage joseph taken hostage by the taliban. as they approached the hideout gunfire exploded. >> it was pitch black and everything happens in a hostage rescue scenario happens really fast. >> reporter: petty officer nickless cev was first through the door and fatally wounded. >> nick died, you know, a rrior's death, died a true american hero.
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get as much sleep as i wouldike to get. some nights i do. some nights i don't. >> i don't get as much sleep as i would like. >> as soon as i wake up i feel like i'm starving and all i want is food. >> reporter: new research from the university of chicago shows it may be part of a vicious cycle. the less sleep we get the more our produce produce a chemical in the blood tt increases our cravings. the same system triggered by marijuana. cravings for the sweets, salty and fatty foods we snack on in the afternoons and evenings. >> we're actually eating more calories than needed for energy costs of being awake longer. >> reporter: previous studies h he found when sleep-deprived adults got an extra hour and a hf of sleep a night, the recommended eight hours, the crangs for junk food dropped. people who get less than six hours are at an increased risk of obesity. this dock >> getting 300
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cookies in two weeks can be a pound of extra fat. >> reporter: just two weeks. >> two weeks. >> reporter: best advice, go to@ bed and wake up at the same time every day and avoid eating anything in the two to three hours before going to sleep. if junk sleep leads to junk food whichcheads to obesity and more junk sleep, breaking the cycle could be key. tom costello, nbc news, washington. we're back in a moment with a gasp-inducing moment for adults with an advanced lung cancer called "squamous non-small cell", previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, it's n n every day something this big comes along. a chance to live longer th... opdivo, nivolumab. opdivo is the first and only immunotherapy fda approved based on a clinical trial demonstrating longer life... ...for these patients. in fact, opdivo significantly increased
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the same cruise ship that had to turn back earlier this month after it was damaged in a violent storm had to cut a voyage short yet again today. some guests on yal caribbean's "anthem of the sea" are experiencing norovirus symptoms and that's not why the company says it's turning around. royal says they are avoiding another severe storm looming in the forecast. there were gasps in the audience today at the supreme court when something
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happened in ten years. for a decade justice clarence thomas hasn't asked a single question during oral arguments and that all way. he broke his silence asking ten questions gun rights that came during the second week arguments since the death of justice tonin scalia. tonight we say good-bye to one of the all time great hollywood tough guys. beloved character actor george kennedy, a force on screen for nearly six decades has died. kennedy won best supporting actor beside paul newman in 1967's "cool hand luke." decades later he would wi laughs in a new generation of fans about he was cast against type in "the naked gun" series. kennedy was 91 years old. when we come back, oscar host chris rock's takedown of the academy's diversity controversy and how if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture... i can tell you prolia is
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(water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can n . talk to your dtor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. finally, last night's academy awards program still has people buzzing from leonardo dicaprio's best actor win to "spotlight's" upset for best picture and overshadowings the night the lack of anyny nominees of color and
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the controversy early and often. >> reporter:amid the glitz and glamour of hollywood's biggest night a serious topic dominated the oscars. >> otherwise known ass the white people's choice awards. >> reporter: from the moment chris rock took the stage he tackled hollywood's diversity controversy head on. >> hollywood is sorority racist. it's like we like you, rhonda, but you're not a kappa. >> reporter: the ten-minute opening monologue was part standup, part sermon. >> i'm a danish rl. >> reporter: and the theme continued through the night. >> he came at it straight head on, and he said everything he wanted to say. >> there was a lot being asked of him to do and to still do comedy and he really did it. >> rorter: rock also took aim as will smith and jada pinkett smith for boycotting the show saying the all-white slate of acting nominees isn't the only thing that's unfair. >> it's also not fair
6:58 pm
million for "wild swild west" okay. >> reporter: the "l.a. times" called it the first oscars in history that nakedly tried to do something other than hand out a bunch of gold statues. >> everybody kind of needed somebody who felt qualified to call out hollywood's problems and to put them in a proper context and also allow everybody to sort of laugh. >> reporter: ratings this year were down and in a fewoments fell flat including a widely criticized joke as asian kids as accountants but on this night it's the message from chris rock. >> black lives matter. >> reporter: that dominated the spotlight. joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >> before we say good night we want to extend a big welcome to our viewers in raleigh dur hamm, north carolina. i was down there meeting our fans and wral-tv that as of tonight becomes an nbc affiliate. so hap to be all of you as part of our nbc news family and proud to be part of yrs as
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you here every night. for now that's going to do it for us on monday. i'm lester holt. today it's florida flatbread with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. let's start by spreading oliveoil and garlic on our flatbread. then we add cheese; but whatreally makes this dish special are the florida bell peppers, and juicy tomatoes. when the cheese is melted and bubbly it's done. just cut and serve. and that's how easily florida flatbread with tomato and sweet bell peppers can become a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from floridalabel when you shop.
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. new video chris rock and his girlfriend moments after he skewered hollywood. kate on her reunion with leo. gaga and taylor and the stars partying inside "vanity fair." >> it's the oscars. on extra. >> right now. chris rock, rips into hollywood. >> you damn right hollywood's racist. >> taking a jab at jada taking on the white elephant in the room. >> i'm a danish girl. >> we got the celebrity score cord on rock today. >> we regret not going to the oscars? >> leo's long awaited oscar victory. >> very nervous but it's all over now. >> his kiss with kate you didn't see.


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