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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  January 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 washington d,c .. baltimore, new york city .. the northeast p>>russell: d.c., baltimore, new pyork city, northeast bracing for pup to 30 inches of snow. pa massive winter storm is pexpected to hit this afternoon. pat least five states already pdeclared emergencies. p>>laura: and governors and pmayors are urging people to pstock up on groceries and travel pcome. pshelves have been stripped bare. psalt is scarce. pconsumer watchdogs warn of pillegal price gouging. p>>russell: will cities be able pto handle it? ponly took one inch to shut down
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pyesterday officials apologized. pthey said they were simply pcaught offguard. pthe promise is to do better. pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pdave will have for on the pmassive storm in a minute. pfirst he's tracking local rain. p>>dave: we're getting the bottom phalf of the storm system and for pus it's rain and thunderstorm pactivity. pthe rain is starting pretty pearly this morning, too. pwe have showers moving onshore, inellas county all the way to pcitrus county. pwhat i want to do is hone in on phernando. asco, hernando, citrus because pyou're getting steady to light pto moderate rains examine that's pwhat we're anticipating this pmorning. pnot to mention, it's 20 degree pwarmer than yesterday at this ptime. pit's warm outside. ptemperatures close to 60 pdegrees. pwe've got this rain moving in. p but the main area of pthunderstorm activity is still pfar -- not far but still out pover the gulf. pyou can see that line of pthunderstorms and that is ptrekking toward the east.
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plater this morning, mid to late pmorning. pafter that moves through, winds pwill take over for this pafternoon so we have a one, two unch of rain and storms for us pand wind and cold for the rest pof the weekend and again, we'll ptalk much more about this and pwhat's happening up to the north pand we'll look at what's going pon in a little bit. p>>laura: the worst of the pblizzard is hours away. pthe big storm has created a ptravel nightmare. p>>russell: hundreds of flights pare cancelled and ripples are pbeing felt across the country. palcides segui, a lot of reds on pthe board, right? p>>reporter: that's right. phere at tampa, 30 flights have pbeen cabs he will -- cancelled and pthousands have been cancelled paround the country. pamerican airlines and southwest pairlines, well over 1,000 pflights. pif you're flying to charlotte ptoday and you're using american pairlines as your form of
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pbeen cancelled. pagain, if you're flying to pcharlotte using american pairlines, that flight has been pcancelled. pthe numbers are expected to pincrease throughout the day as pthat storm continues to head ptoward the northeast. pbelieve it or not, charlotte, pdouglas international airport is pexperiencing most of the delays pas american is cancelling all pflights today, nearly 400 have pbeen grounded there. pcharlotte is america's second pbusiest and shutting it down an pentire day, no doubt, will see a pripple effect for the rest of pthe country. pamerican is cancelling poperations in washington and pbaltimore tomorrow and pcancelling flights in hiladelphia tomorrow as well. punited airlines announced pcancellations at washington pdulles international airport hub pand other mid atlantic airports pstarting this afternoon. pas you heard dave, this is a bad pstorm. pmillions are bracing for what pcould be the biggest storm yet pto hit the winter. ennsylvania and tennessee, pmaryland, virginia and north
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pstate of emergency so if you're pcatching a flight today or ptomorrow, be ready for major pdisruption in the northeast. p>> pretty crazy. pi actually had a flight to pnashville and i had to -- it got pcancelled last night so i had to pscramble to make reservations to pgo through houston so i was able pto get to houston. pnow i'm kind of concerned pbecause i'm supposed to be in pd.c. on monday for another pbusiness trip and it might be pdifficult to get there as well. p>>reporter: very, very likely. pthousands of flights cancelled ptoday and that number expected pto increase tomorrow through the pweekend. pbest bet, check your airlines pbefore heading out the door and pmake sure your flight is on ptime. pwe'll keep you up to date and plet you know when more flights pare cancelled here throughout p"good day." pback to you. p>>laura: thank you.
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pvanessa for a look at roads paround here. p>>reporter: we're seeing some phillsborough. pthis is northbound just north of pthe i-4 interchange. pyou can see authorities on scene pof an accident there with two pright lanes blocked. pfar right side of the roadway. pif you're heading out the door, pgive yourself a couple of extra paccident. inellas county roadways, u.s. p19 has been accident-free, no preports of any delays along pulmerton or the bayside bridge. p>>russell: new this morning, plakeland fire rescue rescues pfive days from a burning pbuilding. pa kitchen fire broke out at a pduplex. pfirefighters found two pchihuahuas and three small uppies inside the crate. pa teen and younger sibling were phome when the fire started. pthey escaped unharmed. psituation could have been worse. pfirefighters found out there pwere no working smoke detectors
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p>>laura: a man waiting for a bus pto miami goes to use the rest proom and when he returns, he pfinds his son missing. pit happened last night at the pmarion street bus terminal in ptampa. pthe father stepped off the bus pto go inside the terminal and pthe bus left with his 7-year-old pchild on board. phe tried to chase down the bus, pbut the driver didn't see him. olice were able to contact the pdispatch center and told the pdriver to turn around. pby that time, the bus was palready an hour away from tampa. pthe father and son have been preunited. pofficers say there will not be pany criminal charges for anyone pinvolved. pthere may have been a language pbarrier between the driver and pthe bus driver. p>>russell: uneasy situation for phomeowners in a spring hill pneighborhood. pa large depression has opened up pin some of the yards on kenway pstreet. pall about 20 feet by 15 feet. phernando sheriff's office says pit's not affecting traffic. pthey'll keep an eye on them to pmake certain it doesn't get any pbigger.
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psecond arrest following a pair pof recent murders. pyesterday a man was arrested. phe's being questioned about the pdeaths of tuxford and finland. ptuxford was found shot to death pin a car and finland was found pdead along a road a short time plater. pduane cummings has been charged pwith two counts of armed pkidnapping and detectives say pthe murder charges are pending. pagain. pthis time by a writer who says pthe website has destroyed her pcareer. pjournalist ashley claims she had pan agreement with gawk to her pmaintain confidentiality over a pmajor story regarding the dating papp tinder. pin her complaint, she said pgawker made her the subject of pthe story. pbetrayed her confidence and pdamaged her professional preputation. pshe's suing for $10 million. pmeantime, hulk hogan already
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pof him being secretly recorded phaving sex. p>>laura: 6:07 now. pwhat started as a joke could phave ended much worse. pnow two brothers are facing pfelony charges for pointing plasers at a sheriff's office phelicopter. ptake a look. plate wednesday, a sarasota pcounty sheriffs helicopter was pon patrol. psuddenly, the pilots noticed a pcockpit. pthe direct hit from a laser can pmake the pilot go flash blind. pthe piles managed to keep the phelicopter steady and it didn't ptake long to track down the psource of the light. p>> the laser tells us exactly pwhere it's coming from. p>>laura: gary and matthew pbennington were arrested for pmisuse of laser devices. paccording to the faa, there were pnearly 4,000 laser incidents pinvolving aircraft in 2014. p>>russell: there's a reward for
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pbodies and a skull from an ybor pcemetery. psomeone broke into the mausoleum pon 26th street. pgrave robbers took two babies palong with a skull. pthe crime stoppers is offering p$3,000 reward for information pleading to an arrest and an pupdate to a story yesterday. pa plant city family has timely ptracked down the ashes of a ploved one after they were lost pin the mail. plast week rodriguez said his pfather's ashes was mailed to uerto rico. pthe very important package was psupposed to arrive in puerto prico on tuesday in time for the pfuneral. pashes finally arrived there pyesterday. pthe family plans to hold the pfuneral on saturday. p>>laura: u.s.f. researchers have puncovered the last body at the pdozier school for boys.
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pinfamous reform school. pdespite rumors of beatings, the pu.s.f. team could never verify pinform the boys were killed by pdozier staff. pyesterday state leaders papologized for the generations pof boys who suffered and died at pdozier. pand then turned their attention ptoward the future. pagriculture commissioner adam utnam said that the state must pfind a use for the site. roperty still needs to be panalyzed for potentially phazardous material. pmeantime, today center bill pnelson will be in tampa to meet pwith the u.s.f. researchers who pspent years delving into pdozier's past. psenator nelson helped secure a pjustice department grant that phas helped the team identify psome of the remains using d.n.a. p>>russell: there are plenty more pfish in the sea is a common hrase in dating. olk deputies say a lakeland man pfound himself hooked by a couple pof sharks. pthe man told deputies it started
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p17-year-old on the dating pwebsite, plenty of fish. phe suggested they meet at a pmcdonalds on state road 92. pwhen he arrived, he met davis pand the man she introduced as pher brother. phe turned out to be her pboyfriend, christopher williams pand williams beat the victim and pstole his wallet and they drove poff in his car. pthe couple was arrested the next pday and are facing felony pcharges. p>>laura: it's time. pget out your beads, the pchildren's gasparilla parade is ptomorrow and it's a jam packed pday, too, starting with the pbicycle and pedestrian rodeo pfollowed by the pjumpers, our coverage of the arade begins at 4:00 and i'll pbe hosting it along with mark pwilson. pthe "good day" team will be on pthe float and i'll miss you guys pthis year. pwhen you're out there tomorrow, puse the hashtag good day tv. pwe'll be streaming it live on
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pwe'll all be there together psomehow some way. pi'll wave when we go by. p>>laura: all right. p>>russell: still ahead, the pdangers of buying tickets ponline. p>>laura: we have proof that when pa deal seems too good to be ptrue, it probably is. pthen a major settlement in a pflint water contamination. pa government official is out of pa job after the health of pthousands of children is put in pjeopardy. p>>dave: we're beginning to get prain in the radar and most of it phas been from tampa north. prain in pinellas and phillsborough. pas you get up to pasco, hernando pand citrus, we do have some pmoderate downpours. pour main line of thunderstorm pactivity is still way out to the pgulf. pso dealing with this from now pright through, say, lunch hour pas everything shifts to the east pfor later this afternoon. ptemperatures will start to fall plater today and we probably pwon't get out of the 50s all pweekend long. pi have a lot to talk about.
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pweekend o 3 nasa has released a p>>russell: nasa has released a pnew animation showing the scope pof the blizzard that's going to phit the northeast recorded pbetween tuesday and thursday t. pshows one system moving followed pby a second storm expected to pbring feet of snow to the mid patlantic. p>>laura: this is going to go on pfor days, right, dave? p>>dave: and every state is going pto be impacted in different pways. pfor us, rain, thunderstorm pactivity and wind.
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pd.c., new york city, it will be pa blizzard with heavy snow. prain and strong storms for us. pwe are at a slight risk for psevere weather. ponce we get in the afternoon, pthe storms will have blown pthrough and then that rain is pover. pfor now through lunchtime, we do phave a chance of a very strong pstorm. pwe get a couple of lines of rain pto move through here. pour temperatures right now, big ptime. plook at the bottom left-hand pcorner of the screen. pit's 63 degrees outside. pwe may briefly get to the upper p60s today. pthe rest of the weekend, we'll pnot get out of the 50s and come psunday morning, it will be 30s pon the map. pwindy and cool, but the blizzard pwarnings now, d.c. all the way pthrough new york city. pi expect them to completely pclose the airports so if you're pnot getting an early morning pflight out of the area, you're robably not getting up there. pagain, they're just shutting
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pthe way and letting the weather pdo what it's got to do and then pwork it from there. pi have a lot of radar to show pyou this morning. pa lot of this activity as it papproaches the coast starts to pfall apart a little bit. pcooler shelf waters but still, pthere's enough in the atmosphere pdynamicswise pdynamicswise, we'll get one or ptwo storms. phere's round number one and pround number two in the radar prange. pone or two of these could rovide some gusty winds for us. pthat's why we're under the pslight risk. pif you're walking out the door pnow, just light to occasionally pmoderate rain in citrus county, phernando county, parts of phillsborough as the wave of rain pstarts to work its way onshore. pyou'll want to forget about phighlands county. pthese showers popped up over the ast few minutes. preally, i would expect 6:17, pfrom now through early pafternoon, we're going to have pto deal with showers and pthunderstorms but irpg the pstrongest of the activity is
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pthis is sort of your prelude, pyour main line of thunderstorms pthat will move through in a few phours. pafter that clears the area, then pwe're okay. pit's just waiting on the wind pand the cooler weather. pup to the north, we've had some pbig thunderstorms this morning. pwe're running from the ptallahassee area. plook at that rain. pgoes up 75 into the atlanta area pwhere, after you go past patlanta, it turns to ice and to psnow and then go winter storm parea. pthis is big for them because pthey've got the nfc championship pgame on sunday and they're ptalking about a quarter to half pinch of ice. pthat's enough to just shut a pcity down. pwinter storm warnings for praleigh and then up here, hasn't peven started snowing yet in the pd.c. area, but that's where pthey're anticipating one to two pfeet of snow. pmountain areas of west virginia, pthat's where you may pick up two pto three feet of snow.
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pin the afternoon, we'll shift peverything further offshore and pthe reason that they're putting pa blizzard warning into effect pis not just because of the snow. pthey're talking about coastal pwinds in the neighborhood of 40 pto 50 miles per hour in parts of pnew jersey, delaware, all the pway down through southeastern pvirginia so this will be a retty intense storm and it's pjust in its infancy now so it's pjust developing. pfor us, showers and storms, peverything pushes through by pearly afternoon and then the pwind starts to take over. pit will be very windy tonight pdragging in colder air. pi know 51 is not bad, but it's pnot going to get much warmer pthan that tomorrow. pthe sun is going to try to do pits best but the wind and the pcolder air taking over. p55 for a high tomorrow pafternoon. pforget about it. pdon't even put it in your mind. pcheck back in this weekend, pmaybe sunday afternoon.
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pevening and go through saturday pand that means for those who pwatch the parade, on bayshore pit's probably not a good idea. pno. pit's not. pnot probably. pit's not. pback to normal by tuesday, pcourtney. p>> we're starting to see busy ptraffic through the downtown pinterchange. pthat's all due to an accident at pnorthbound 175 north of the pinterchange. pyou can see two right lanes pblocked. ptraffic able to pass by on the pfar left side of the roadway but pthat is causing delays through pthe interchange and westbound pi-4 starting to build up as well papproaching northbound 275 so pkeep that in mind. pdale mabry at lambright street, pan accident with road block in pthe intersection, especially psouthbound slowing down through pthe area. prest of interstates are in good pshape. psouthbound 75 from bruce b downs pto i 4, but we'll bump up the
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pminutes as you make your way out pthe door this morning. p>>russell: thank you. pa regional tracker has resigned pin flint, michigan. pe.p.a. issued an emergency order prequiring michigan and the city pof flint to take immediate paction. pthey've determined the response pfrom local governments has been pinadequate to protect human phealth. pthe emergency order comes nearly pfour months after advocacy pgroups asked the e.p.a. to step pin. p>>russell: remains at a fighter pjet crash in arizona. pa student was flying solo pattempting a difficult combat pmaneuver when the f-16 crashed. pthe student had been in the ptraining for six months. p>>laura: man is missing after pgoing hiking in colorado pnational park. pronald weber began his hike ptuesday morning and officials psay he never returned to his pcar.
6:20 am
pwinds, cold temperatures. ark spokesperson says that he pwas not prepared to spend the pnight at all. pcrews will continue their search pat sunrise. p>>russell: school in new york is phanding out two types of report pcards. p>>laura: one for the parents and pthen one for the students. pwhy one of them is a lie. pand then time to pick the hot
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ptaylor is in most people who sign up for health insurance on qualify for financial help to make coverage more affordable, lowering their monthly premiums. many find low premium plans for less than $75 dollars a month. if you don't sign up, you have to pay a penalty of $695 or more. your last chance to enroll is
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3 it's friday, that p>>laura: it's friday and that pmeans it's time to pick the hot pclick of the week. p>>russell: taylor katz, let's pgo.
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pgood morning. pi like this week's top three a plot. pone, i like it because we get to pshow a cute video that we didn't pget to show yesterday and two, pbecause the other two videos are pgood as well. phere we go. phere it is. pwe ran out of time yesterday pmorning before we got to show pthis adorable frenchy alarm pclock. prussell's love for frenchys and pcoco and josephine, thank you pfor being so cute. pwe're able to watch this moment. p>>russell: been there, done pthat. p>>taylor: what a way to wake up. pdo they do that to you as non uppies? p>>russell: josephine never grew pup out of puppy mode so yes. pshe's ready to go. pwhen it's time, it's time. p>>taylor: luckily for them pyou're an early riser, right, prussell? p>>russell: i usually have to pwake them up.
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pcuteness. pvideo that shows baby goats. p>>russell: that's cute. p>>taylor: seriously cute. phe's just hopping around, pkeeping warm. pvery cute. pall right. pand then there's something for pthe fearless. pthis human sling shot. p>>laura: that looks fun. p>>taylor: it looks fun right pthere. p>>russell: you may be right on pthat. ponce i got right there -- p>>taylor: as soon as i'm pharnessed in, ready to fly free, pi don't know that i could do it. pso everybody, head to our home age. pfox 13 pit is time to vote. pyou see taylor's hot clicks. pyou'll see links to the videos pand you scroll down further and pit will say click here to vote pfor your favorite. pthere it is. pso just follow those easy steps pand then i will be back at the pend of the show. pi'll let you know when you can prepeat vote, you can comment,
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ptoo, but be sure to cast a vote. pall right. psee you later. p>>laura: thanks, taylor. p>>russell: still ahead, florida pvalet will not be getting a tip pwhen you see what happened to a p$400,000 lamborgini. p>>laura: and then a consumer pwarning this morning. pbe careful when you buy your ptickets online. p>> it's sick in your stomach pknowing you just paid $300 and phad nothing to do but empty lastic cards to show for it. p>>laura: a mother was ripped off pbuying tickets to universal pstudios and how you can protect pyourself from similar scams. p>>russell: and as you can see pright there, we've got some rain pheaded our way. pdave is going to talk about that pand we're also talking about the
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yesterday they had blue skies and rays of sun... but t p>>laura: yesterday they had blue pskies and rays of sun but today, eople in north carolina are pseeing flakes of snow. pthis is video that was taken in pcharlotte just a while ago. pthe snow is part of winter storm pthat is expected to pummel much pof the east coast today, too. pd.c. area up to two feet of psnow. pright now many cities have pemergency crews like the red pcross have road crews on pstandby. pwashington, virginia and pmaryland have declared states of pemergency ahead of the storm. pgood morning. pi'm laura moody. p>> and i'm russell rhodes. plet's look at our weather, our prain headed our way. p>>dave: we have to deal with prain and thunderstorm activity pourselves and then all of that pmess to the north. pbut for us, it's -- we have two
6:28 am
pi'll put the latest radar frame pon. pwe go north to south, it's pmostly light. poccasionally you'll get moderate prain here in citrus county, a pcouple of heavier showers along pthe coast in hernando county. pthen you get into pinellas, asco, that particular area near panclote where we've had some pmoderate rain and further south, pwe see a quick shower over psarasota, not to mention a few pshowers inland. pthe main area of thunderstorm pactivity is still back out, back pover the eastern gulf. pyou can see it here. pwe put this in motion. pit's steadily moving our way. pin a few hours, that line of pstorms will move onshore and pbehind it is when we get the pwind and the much colder air. pthere's everything to the north. pthis storm is literally in its pinfancy and just beginning, phaving started in places that phave a blizzard warning. pthat will follow for later ptoday. pi could see the beautiful,
6:29 am
pthe way, highs today in the pupper 60s but we're not leaving pweekend. pvial more on that, more radar pviews in a few minutes. p>>reporter: an accident was pblocking two right lanes here. pyou can see the activity premaining off to the right pshoulder so delays there are pdown. pheadlighting heading southbound ptoward the i-4 interchange, that ptraffic is backing up and the pusual place heading toward i-4 pall the way back to fowler pavenue at this point. pkeep in mind dale mabry is pslowing down southbound at plambright street, reports with a proad block in the intersection. pnorthbound also pretty heavy as pwell. pa crash along seminole boulevard pfreedom boulevard. p>>laura: this weekend marks the p10th anniversary of the pkenzie.
6:30 am
olice believe she was abducted. pher car was found a mile away pfrom where she lived. porlando police have devoted pcountless hours searching for pjennifer and her family still phopeful that she'll be found. p>>russell: senate judiciary pcommittee has shot down a bill pthat would allow concealed pweapon permit owners to openly pcarry guns on college campus. pthe bill is not a proper way to rotect college students. phe's refused to hear the bill. pit's unlikely to pass even if a psimilar version in the house is papproved. p>>laura: and neighbors in one psout tampa community banded ptogether to speak out against a pnew billboard. pthis is the structure of it. pit's at the corner of south phoward and azeal street. pthey say it's an eye sore. pneighbors complain it's too big pto be close to a residential parea. pwe're still waiting to hear back pwhether the city will allow the psign to stay up.
6:31 am
ptomorrow. p>>laura: that's right. pthat means beads and floats and pa lot of smiling children and palso means tampa police will be pworking around the clock to make psure it's safe. p>>russell: shayla reaves, the psecurity a big concern in light pof the terror attacks, right? p>>reporter: absolutely, russell. pit's something that law enforce penforcement is taking very pseriously. pthey want to make sure the pevents this week and next week pare safe ones. pwe're ducking for cover, trying pto dodge a little rain off pbayshore boulevard. pas we stay here for a little bit pand try to stay dry, we want to pmake sure you have the pinformation you need to know as pfar as security goes. pif you're going to be coming to pgch pgasparilla, here is what you pneed to know. ptampa police say they're working pwith almost two dozen agencies pto make sure that the event is pnot only safe but also secure. pthere are thousands of folks
6:32 am
arade and all of the pfestivities preceding it and the pchief is asking parade goers to preport anything unusual you pmight see. pofficers will be out and about pinl for pon so you'll be able to see them retty easily and report panything that they ought to pknow. pthis is in partnership, not only ptampa police working with local pagencies but also with state and pfederal law enforcement to make psure this event is a safe one. pwhen it comes to thinking about ptrouble. pthere is a zero tolerance policy pfor underage drinking and it's psomething that not only law penforcement but the psuperintendent for hillsborough pcounty school says he takes pseriously as well. pso if we bring you back out here pnow, you can see the traffic pmaking its way down here for the pbeginning of the friday commute pbut come tomorrow, this section pof roadway, you won't be able to pget down to here because it will
6:33 am
plot of folks that are looking ptoward to taking -- toward pgetting a good view and pcollecting beads from the pfloats. pback to you. p>>russell: all right. pthank you. ptalk to you later. pbuyer beware. porange county sheriff's deputies parrest a man accused of selling pcounterfeit universal orlando ptickets on craigslist. pone family is out $300. p>> you're sick to your stomach pknowing that you spent $300 and phave nothing but empty last i pcan cards to show for it. p>>russell: she was denied entry pto universal on monday after pbuying tickets responding to an pad on craigslist. paccording to the incident preport, the man selling the ptickets said he got them as a pgift and wasn't going to use pthem. p>> once we arrived at universal pstudios, we found out the ptickets were not valid and they pwere confiscated. p>>reporter: universal
6:34 am
pgroup providing them free and pdiscounted tickets but megan psaid she doesn't want anyone pelse to get taken advantage of. p>> we called law enforcement and pthey met with us the following pmorning. p>>reporter: kevin bauer was parrested the next day. phis bond was set at $2,500. p>> so count one at $500 is pappropriate. pi'm going to increase that bond pto $2,500. p>>reporter: megan admits she pshouldn't have purchased the ptickets through craigslist. p>> i asked if they were valid ptickets and he said, well, i psure hope so. pmy mom wouldn't do that to me. p>> would you buy something on pcraigslist dozen p>> absolutely not. p>>russell: and you know, major pchad was here last week to talk pabout the dangers of buying pthings online. phillsborough county support atrol district offices can rovide a safe meeting place for
6:35 am
pmonitored 24/7. p>>laura: a story is upsetting a plot of people. pa private school in new york is poffering to send out two sets of preport cards. pone with real grades for parents pand then secondly with better pgrades for the students. ptake a look. phere is a note sent out to arents. padministrators say they want to pbolster the kids' confidence pwhile giving kids a realistic pevaluation of their performance. pthey say only a handful of arents have requested this pinflated report card. p>>russell: a valet in miami pappears to be in a world of ptrouble after taking a bright pred, $400,000 lamborgini on a pjoy ride. pthe sports car 720 horse power pengine was too powerful for him pto handle. pwhen he stepped on the gas, pflames shot out of the exhaust pand burst into flames. pno word on the condition of the plamborgini or if the valet has a
6:36 am
p>>laura: all right. pget your beads ready. pit hurts. pget your beads ready. pgasparilla parade is tomorrow. p>>russell: and dave has the pweekend forecast and a whole lot pmore. lus, it's not exactly cool pweather but that doesn't matter pfor this the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. p>>dave: well, our main line of
6:38 am
pwell out into the gulf. pwe had this prelude of this line pdevelop the past couple of hours pand start to march toward the pcoastline and really, it's been pmostly light to occasionally pmoderate rain as this activity pworks its way onshore. pso it's 6:42 in the morning and pi do expect until this line pcomes through in a few hours pthat we're going to have these pon and off, wet conditions and pbehind that line is when the pwind really starts to pick up pand really take off. pit's going to be a pretty windy pafternoon and we'll follow that pwith pretty much a windy weekend poverall. phere's the light rain, inverness psouthward down to brooksville, pright along 75 in sumter county, pall the way to pasco county. pevery once in a while, you get a plittle moderate downpour but pthis isn't the main area of prain. pthat's still out over the gulf pand a few sprinkles in highlands pcounty and this shower has just opped up and starting to move ponshore, very close to sarasota. pyou're likely to get a quick pdownpour in sarasota at this phour.
6:39 am
phere is your line of pthunderstorms out ahead of the pcold front itself. pit's been a lot stronger up here pto the north where they've had pnumerous severe thunderstorm pwarnings, potential tornados as pwell. pbut as far as what we're panticipating, there is a slight prisk, just a slight risk for psevere weather. pi think overall, it's going to pbe some straight line winds. pyou may get some wind bursts as pwell as this rain is moving in pfor later this morning and then pbeyond that, we get back and pjust in general as the winds pshift to the west this pafternoon, those windy pconditions last pretty much ptonight and tomorrow as well. pas far as travelling goes pthroughout the east coast, it's pjust not going to happen. pit's raining, snowing already in praleigh. pcharlotte is getting ready to pswitch over to a freezing rain pand sleet mix and it's going to pbe miserable 24 hours in pcharlotte area. plook at the heavy rain along 75 pfrom atlanta all the way down to
6:40 am
p75 meets i-10. pand all of this activity pcranking up and moving toward pthe northeast. pyou've been hearing d.c., d.c., pit hasn't even started to snow pin the nation's capital yet. phere is the slight chance for psevere weather. preally through the early pafternoon hours and then peverything will have shifted to pthe east at that point. ptampa to atlanta to daytona pbeach, there could be one or two pstrong storms within the line as pit moves onshore and the main pline looks like it's going to pmove onshore in the neighborhood pof about 10:00 through 1:00. pthey'll be pushing through the pviewing area. pthe storm system itself is in pits infancy. pit's just beginning to crank up pand as it moves to the pnortheast, it will generate panother low off the coast of the pcarolinas. pthat's really going to start pwhipping in the snow, moisture pand wind and that's where your pblizzard is coming from. pnew york all the way through pwashington, d.c. where they pcould be looking at washington
6:41 am
pi had to show this map to you preal quick. pi'm going to pause it at about p6:00 tomorrow morning. pwhen we say blizzard, it's not pnecessarily how much snow you pget. pit's the wind. plook at the projected winds from pthe computer model along the peast coast. p50 mile-per-hour wind. pas it moves north, we're talking pabout 44 mile-per-hour winds in pnew york city. phadn't, -- hence, the blizzard pwarnings. pvery windy there. pfor us it won't be quite this pwindy but we'll have to deal pwith wind gusts over 20, 25 robably throughout the day ptomorrow. pso this whole storm system is pjust beginning to crank up. pshowers and storms through early pafternoon. pthen the wind takes over late in pthe day. pwhile we hit 69 today, tonight pwe'll drop it back to 50, 51 but pit's going to feel colder than pthat and during the day ptomorrow, it's going to be a lot plike the parade was last year.
6:42 am
paround, that windy, raw type day pwith temps only in the mid 50s pand that's what we're looking at pfor tomorrow afternoon. lease no boating. pwe have a gale warning which pkicks in this evening and goes pall the way through tomorrow as pwell. punfortunately, that means we're pnot going to be out in the phillsborough bay watching the arade. p58 for a high on sunday and then pgradually getting back to normal pby tuesday. pcourtney? p>>reporter: you know, still pslow. pearlier road work that was psupposed to wrap up before 6:00 pthis morning is still in place. pthis is southbound 275 near 31st pstreet south. pyou can see the taillights pheaded southbound. pthat far right lane still pblocked and the delays continue pall the way past 26th avenue psouth and then it does start to pthin out but you do want to repare for that this morning. padd 15 minutes onto the commute pand we'll let you know when this pclears. pkeep in mind, dale mabry, an paccident at lambright street. pthis is reportedly southbound pwith road block in the
6:43 am
preportedly in the clearing pstages. p>>jennifer: it's time to check pin with charley belcher. pi thought i got fired yesterday pbut i'm back. p>>charley: imagine the revolt pthat would happen all throughout ptampa bay if i fired you. pcan you imagine? plet me think for a moment if i phad the power to fire people. pwho would i fire? p>>jennifer: who would be first? p>>charley: nobody at fox 13. pnobody. pi do have a quiz for you, pthough. phere you go. pwhat is sheldon cooper's pfavorite internet show that he phosts? p>>jennifer: flags. p>>charley: fun with flags. pwe're having fun with flags ptoday. pthere's the original sign right pthere. pthis was done in ybor city. pnow on henderson. phenderson boulevard.
6:44 am
pit's an avenue or street or pboulevard. pyou would know. p3815 henderson boulevard to be pexact in south tampa. pand fun with flags and the preason we're having fun with pflags is this gasparilla season, pthey make and create many of the pgasparilla flags you'll see pflying, especially in south ptampa. pyou'll see tons from the great pbig -- that's a good look for me pright there, isn't it? pi could hide behind flags all pday. pthey also do american flags, pthey do flag repair, bucs flags phere. pyou name a flag -- name any pflag, jennifer epstein. p>>jennifer: i always look at prussell for help. pi don't know. p>>charley: name a flag. p>>jennifer: florida flag.
6:45 am
p>>charley: they've got it here. pflags, we'll tell you about the ptampa tradition and get you pready for gasparilla. pstay safe in the nasty weather pus. p>>jennifer: sounds good. pthank you, charley. p>>russell: it's 6:49. pa look at top stories. plakeland firefighters rescue pbuilding. pfire broke out in the kitchen of pa duplex. pfirefighters put out the fire pand rescued the dog. pteenager and his younger sibling pwere home when it started. pthey escaped unhurt. ptampa lightning got well earned prevenge against the blackhawks plast night. pthey set a franchise record 12 pgame winning streak with a 2-1 pvictory over the defending pstanley cup champions. pthe win is the seventh straight pfor the lightning, one shy of a pteam record. phomeowner in the florida keys pgot an unexpected surprise. phe found a crocodile lounging in phis pool. pfish and wildlife officers
6:46 am
pthe croc was safely returned to pthe native habitat. p>>laura: wow. pcoming you mean, -- coming up, pthe auditions are over for pamerican idol forever. pit's a matchup that you would pnot expect. padele and korean pop superstar pcy. pfind out who comes out on top. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn'
6:47 am
funding fast. in 4 months? that was a leap. on american express building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself?
6:48 am
3 3 to see if tampa uber drivers will make good on a threat to boycott p>>laura: right now we're waiting pto see if tampa uber drivers
6:49 am
p>>russell: g.m. is launching an palternative car sharing service. pjoining us, we have lauren psimonetti. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning. phappy friday. p>>russell: you, too. p>>reporter: car sharing app by pgeneral motors, why would psomeone who buys and sells cars pwant you to share a car? pthis is the future. pby 2020 it's predicted that paround the world, there will be p25 million people who share cars pso five times the present pnumber. pyou can lock and unlock the car, prent it by the hour and do so pall with your smart phone and phelp of general motors. pthey're testing it now in just pone city in anne arbor, michigan pbut they do have plans to take pit nationwide. p>>russell: things are changing, plauren. pyou know? pthat's the way it is. p>>reporter: you can't fall pbehind. pthat's why g.m. is doing it. pit doesn't make sense but -- p>>laura: just a few weeks ago, pwe heard the song "hello" from
6:50 am
pyou could not escape it. pwe knew she broke records but it psounds like sheepz just broken a pnew one, too, right? p>>reporter: i was driving the pother day and "hello" was on pthree different radio stations. p>>laura: it's everywhere. p>>reporter: she has reached one pbillion views on youtube in just p87 days. pdo you remember gangum style? phe reached a billion views in p158 days but adele just passed phim. p>>russell: wow. pit's hard to believe that he was pthe record holder. p>>laura: i was going to say the psame thing. p>>reporter: people were obsessed pwith that video. phe was funny. pshe is sheer talent. p>>russell: yes, she is. ptalk later, okay? p>>laura: all right. pdon't miss lauren simonetti on pour sister network station f.
6:51 am
pthe fox business network, log on pto fox and look for pchannel finder. p oh, my love pmy darling pi hunger, hunger for your ptouch p>>russell: audition rounds for pamerican idol are now over pforever. pthe last golden tickets were pepisode. pwe'll see who makes the cut when pwednesday. pwe can't wait to see how the plocal competitors do. p>>laura: jennifer lopez will phave a job after american idol. pshe began her much anticipated
6:52 am
pthe show is scheduled through pjune. pher show debuted last night. p>>russell: i was worried what pshe was going to do next, pweren't you? pgood for her. p>>laura: she'll always land on pher feet. palways. p>>russell: a beautiful woman. ptalented. pall right. pno more waiting. pit's time to reveal the hot pclick of the week. p>>jennifer: i want to know if pthat guy we just watched paudition for american idol beat pit. p>>russell: i don't know what he pgot. pi'm just saying that that is pwhat we're ending with. p>>taylor: i'm googling it. pfind out. p>>taylor: i will let you know. pthe week winner, it is the goat pin the coat. pi will tell you, russell.
6:53 am
pthe vote goes to the frenchy so pit was a very close call. retty cute. p>>russell: since we didn't have ptime yesterday to put the pfrenchy up, i wonder how the pfrenchy would fair since he pwasn't really seen except that pone time. p>>taylor: he had a good amount pof time at the beginning of ptoday but everybody else gets to pbe seen twice. p>>russell: i'm not complaining. pi know he's cute. p>>taylor: very cute, yes. p>>laura: the frenchy needs more pscreen time. p>>taylor: i'm going to google pand let you know. p>>russell: still plenty more. pthe latest on the north as they pbrace for what could be one of pthe biggest storms the country phas seen. p>>laura: gasparilla children's arade is tomorrow afternoon. pthe floats will stick to the pground unlike these guys. pwe'll talk to them live before pthey plunge to the earth at 120 pmiles per hour. p>>dave: skytower radar, a couple
6:54 am
pfirst one moving onshore now. pline of thunderstorms a couple pof hours behind that. pstick around for our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool for free on, right? [ laughing nervously ] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television.
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