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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm EST

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pthey had a email before the pchampionship for the florida phigh school athletic passociation asking to be able pto say a prayer before the ploudspeaker before the game. pthe request was tonight. pthe fha eight responded it was pagainst federal law because it pis of a property and it would pbe illegal for state governing pbody to let. pan attorney said that this is a pviolation of the first pamendment, and the headmaster psaid this is just pdisappointing. p>> religious liberty is not psomething that the government pjust gives to us. pit is something god has given pto us, and the government is pduty bound by the first pamendment to respect it. pthey did not. p>> the two teams ended up pholding a joint pregame prayer pat midfield. pby using the loudspeaker and pevolving everyone is a ptradition that dates back to pthe 1960s. pif this doesn't up in court, pthe attorney did not give any
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pthe school would be asking for. pwe also did contact the fha as pa but we have not heard back pfrom them at this point. plive in tampa, aaron mesmer, pfox 13 news. p>> chris: we are following the pupdates were there has been a pfatal school bus crash. pat least one adult was killed pand two students seriously phurt. pis still unclear what caused pthe crash, but the adults and ptwo children were outside of pthe bus when it was he. pwe will continue to fall the pstory and give you any updates pwe get them. p>> a touching moment today. pa sarasota police officer pcomforting a child after the pboys family was hurt in a car pcrash. pthe little boy's twin brother pis still fighting for his life ptoday. phe fractured his skull, and is ptoday,. pas fox 13's kimberly quiz on preports, his extended family is pnow working to make sure the ploved ones get all the support pany. p>> the southern community fire prescue team is more like a pfamily, and two of its members pare missing. p>> man: to see this happen to
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p>> firefighter brian ross is pnow a shift watching over his psunriver remains in the, at all pchildren's hospital. p>> you be running around, playing at the firehouse and pjumping on the sea.>> he was pa twin.lastly, the money lost pcontrol of the car in sarasota, pshe hit a tree, and river hit phis goal.>> man: a very pactive little boy, it's hard to psee him in the condition is pnow. p>> when they heard what phappened, they knew we had to pdo something. p>> man: we spent the third of pour lives together, so it's plike a close family. p>> firefighter rich content is pspread word about what phappened. p>> man: when something happens pto one person's kid, it is like pmy own kids. pi see the pictures, and i think pof my own. p>> he began to raise money ponline to help the family, so pfar, raising $15,000. p>> with facebook and social pmedia, there's no borders and pit just goes out. p>> the support system runs
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pevery firefighter can count on. p>> man: no matter what pcircumstances you landed like pthat, we will be here. pit is not written down, there's pno insurance that will cover pstepping up. pthe community is stepping. p>> they will wait for river pand his dad to once again bring pyour energy and laughter to the pfirehouse. p>> man: he is a young boy, pseven years old, so he will pbounce right back and bounce pright over this. pthis will be a chapter in his plife. p's the nine surgeons will poperate on rivers and fractures pcold tomorrow. pfor more information on site pand recovery, go to our pwebsite, p>> we wish him well. pa disgraced tampa attorney pfound guilty of a dui set up phis and the plug on his own pcareer. plast august, a judge rules pattorney stephen d'arco along pwith two other attorneys who porchestrated the dui arrest of pa rival attorney for the same pjudge recommended that all pthree be permanently disbarred. pbut now, the uncle is telling pthe high court to go ahead and pdo.
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pexplain what that means. pclerk? p>> well, the uncle file this pwith the state supreme court precently, and basically, he is pnot fighting the recommendation pby that judge to have been ermanently disbarred, and retty much is accepting it. pthis is really a 180 from what pthe uncle wanted earlier. phe was fighting to keep his pcareer. phe wanted to argue this before pthe supreme court, but suddenly phe has changed his mind and pfile this. pthe other two attorneys oh, pthey still want to fight for ptheir careers, and want to have poral arguments before the state psupreme court. pbut the articles latest move phere, pretty much sealed his pfate. p>> man: he will now be psanctioned by the florida psupreme court with a permanent pdisbarment. p>> was that mean? p>> is over. pfor the typing, it is over for phim to operate law, own a law pfirm, and for this case of pstephen the apple, the case is pover. p>> but it is not over for the ptwo other attorneys. pthe supreme court will hurt
5:05 pm is unclear when, pbut we're thinking possibly the psummer. pwe of course will stay on top pof this chris, and that you phave plays out. p>> thank you for that, gloria. pthe state may pay for the pbarrel of students who died at pthe reform school at the anhandle. ptoday, there is a moment to phelp them prepare the bodies. pthe children there were pallegedly abused while living pat the school and mariana, it pis believed that almost 100 pboys died there over the years. pthe school was dominantly pclosed in 2011. presearchers found the remains pof 51 people, 21 have been pidentified. pwarmer governor bob martinez phad growing up, the school was pviewed as a threat to keep kids pin line. p>> man: no child should be pleft in a potters field and pthat is where they have been. pwhere no one knew who they pwere, no markings. plike they did not exist.and pno one should in their lives pthat way. p>> so this bill that is pdiscussed would allocate $1.5 pmillion for the reburial of pthose bodies. pthat would also include making
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p>> we have an update for you pon the report of gunshots at a pnavy medical center in san pdiego. pthe navy said in his initial pinspection found a sign of a pgunman or even a shooting. pmilitary police checked the pbuilding after someone reported phearing three shots fired in pthe basement. pearlier, the navy hospital put pon their facebook page and an pactive shooter was reported in eople were told to run, hide, por fight. pbut again, no gunman was out. p>> a pinellas county pelementary school is dealing pwith an outbreak of chickenpox. pthe health department said a ptotal of eight students has pbeen diagnosed, and it is pvaccine preventable. pit is spread person-to-person pcontact, and a rash is psometimes the first time. pthe name of the school is not pbeen released due to the health pdepartment's investigation. pthe county recommends that all arents fully vaccinate their pkids. pa strange accident on i 275 phillsboro county that killed a erson earlier this morning.
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pfor some reason, the van came pto a the middle of pthe highway, had a slight. pthe tractor-trailer ran into pthe back of the van, which pcaused the van to explode, pkilling the driver. pthe man in the tractor-trailer pwas not hurt. pthe scene took hours to clean pup, a big mess up to 75. p>> detectives busted a girl phas operation in tampa. pwas taken into custody, now pfacing several charges. pamong the items found on the pstreet were more than 200 pmarijuana plants with an pestimated street value of more pthan $319,000. pthey also found a gum. pdiscovered the house was owered with an illegal pconnection. p>> in a canadian company is phoping to announce the pst peight to go electric. pnew flyer demonstrated their pnew electric bus. pthis one would've meant a lot pless greenhouse gas, like 160 ptons less greenhouse gas per pyear. pand, over a 12 year lifespan,
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psave up to $400,000 in fuel. p>> man: the most efficiency pout of an electric bus stop and pgo in the city. pwhen you start to decelerate, pyou're actually putting energy pback into the battery. pso that helps give you the pextended range.>> new flyer pand other electric bus builders palso claim that pst eight with psave on maintenance cost. pthe downside though, electric pbuses cost a lot more to buy pthan older technologies.>> pstill ahead tonight, a car with pa cone on his roof has been opping up all over the place pand one local city.why it is ptelling drivers to look inside. pthat is ahead. p>> all right. pwe need to find out what that pis all about. pand, ted cruz and donald trump
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plooking at the new p p donald trump is still ulling ahead of ted cruz in piowa, and with the caucus now pjust six days away, trump and
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pother apart in the ads. pour political editor craig atrick is telling us how it pwill all play out. pit's getting very interesting pnow, correct? p>> is getting very pinteresting, and we are not pseeing at all because we don't psee the ads laying out across pthe airwaves and i will. pbut we are seeing that the privalry between ted cruz and pintensified. pwhile they have deflected pattacks against one another in pthe race not too long ago, and pfor quite friendly on the pcampaign trail, we are seen psomething very different. pand i want to start, just pgiving you a flavor of a couple pof the attack ads that both are plaunching at each other. p>> man: i am pro-choice in pevery respect. p>> and what does trump think pabout iowa? p>> man: how stupid are the eople of iowa? p>> donald trump, york phase, pnot ours. p>> man: my views are a little pbit different. p>> man: i want immigration preform to pass, and it allows
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pcome out of the shadows. p>> man: that amendment pwould've allowed undocumented pimmigrants to remain in the pu.s. permanently and obtain plegal status. phow do you square that? p>> actually, but, it would not phave. p>> again, that is just a taste pof what we are hearing and pseeing on the campaign trail. pand donald trump in particular pmay have gotten the upper hand pin this war so far, because we phave seen paul cruz had a pcommanding lead in iowa not too plong ago, he has surely some. pi think in part because trump pis coming after them on three pfronts, calling him nasty, and pquestioning his temperament, pwhich is funny to see donald ptrump go that direction. palso raising questions about phis canadian birth, which may pat the very least a some pquestions and some voters pminds. pis basically saying that ted pcruz does not like corn and i pwill because he opposed at pleast b at one point oppose the pfuel standards that were a psupport for iowa farmers.
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pwith a lot of both sides. pin craig, what do the rojections show now? pdoes donald trump or ted cruz pat the inside track and i'll. p>> well, we're still six days paway, but the model can change. pright now, the forecast is pfavoring ted cruz. pwere not in the so much in the olls, but remember, the polls pare often wrong. pwhen we talk about projections, pwe're told about the prior erformance oppose, and with pthis, it is giving ted cruz a pslight edge in this race with a pround of 49 percent chance of pwinning an iowa. pwe have seen these numbers move pjust a little bit and donald ptrump's favor. pwe're still six days ago, and pthose miles could continue to pshift away from cruz. p>> six days ago, and craig, pyou are packing your bags to phead to iowa and report right pfrom ground zero there.
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pmore from you as the caucus pdraws near. p>> linda: it will be pinteresting. pthere were more and more pirate psightings leading up to the big pbraiding gas. pthe swashbucklers wear extra pbusy. psome of the mystic crew visited phospitals like tampa general pand delivered some treacherous plike the coveted beads. p>> man: to bring a little bit pof this to the kids really pmakes a day. p>> they also visited a phillsborough county senior pcenter, and down to the park pwhere they made their presence pknown. pjust listen. p[explosions] they arrived with
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pmayors surrender. pso let me tay what will happen, pthere will be a pirate invasion pon saturday. p>> i am a little worried about pthis. pthese guys are bloodthirsty, pall right? pthey want the key to our fine pcity. pthe mayor, i have to hand it to pbuckhorn, he really stood his pground. p>> he always does.>> he pkept the key. pthese guys were outraged. pthey are promising all-out war pon saturday. phappen. p>> he is into it. phe is new and he is into.>> pi hope this is not result in psome costly long drawn out pworse. p>> i think you been here pbefore, you have taken some pjanuary trip to tampa, for psure. pthe bottom line is, on psaturday, do not be in a mug pshot. panyway, would be changes on the pway.the nice thing about how pthe weather is taking shape is pthat everything is out for the pweekend. pthe problem is heading from oint a to point b could be psomewhat problematic. plet's take a look outside. pclouds increasing, and oh, that pis very nice. p[laughter] as job, lloyd. pyou are correct in the brickley
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pit's right here, this right phere, chromakey. pthe chromakey wall. pyou see this right here? pgo ahead. pyou have to go out the other pway because you came in the pdoor this way. pnow, we are set. p75 degrees, excellent work, pclouds are increasing today. pif you go in, you have to go pback see clouds pincreasing, and here's a roblem. pall kidding aside, a few strong pstorms early on wednesday, in pfact, some rain could be parriving as soon as late ptonight. pit is incredible, if you think pback to the weekend, windy and pcold, 19 lows in the 30s. pnow, we are doing a flip-flop penclosure very cold to tropical pmoisture, and even the otential for a strong wind pthreat, some rotation and some pof the stronger storms, maybe por tornado. robably not. pbut, there is that threat. pnot as much as we had a couple pof weekends ago, some heavy
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pthursday afternoon, maybe areas psouth of tampa bay could get a pbit more. phere hot is how things are pshaping up. pwe have a big bloom of moisture psouth of us. pthis is coming our way from the psouthwest. pat the same time, there's a pfrontal boundary across the plower mississippi valley.the pcombination of this moisture pcoming at us from the caribbean pand down by cuba, the approach pof the cold front, they just pkind of come together. pfor that reason, our ranches is pgo up significantly. phere's the water vapor imagery. pwe have read over us on the pweekend, indicating dried air. phere comes a little kink in the pjet stream, some energy that prides our way to really make pthe weather go downhill late ptonight. pthe thing is, this is not going pto and quickly. pthere could be a break for time pwednesday afternoon, but then, pthe slow-moving front will pdistract itself over us. pthis will take about two days pto get out of the way.this is pwhat you expect during el nic pwinters. phere is some rain showing up pover cuba.
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pthe lower mississippi valley, pdwellings, out in the gulf, psome lightning here, too. pjackson, mississippi, up to pbirmingham. pall of that will be gradually pheading our way. pmuch more mild today with pmercury in the mid-70s, also, pthe dewpoint are coming back up pas tropical moisture makes a pcomeback. ptwo points south of tampa bay pare in the low 60s. pthere is future cast. pwe are dry now. pwe have clouds around, moisture pincreasing from the southwest. pi do not think the model does pa very good job of picking up pthe rain south of us. pi think there will be areas of prain here. pthe model is not predicting it pvery well, but there will pdefinitely be a friend heading pour way. pthe rain will increase around pthe region, certainly by pmidday. pslowly, the rain will shift to pthe south. pthe front is not going anywhere panytime soon. peven wednesday night and pthursday morning, it could pstill be fairly wet. pthe highest likelihood of
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pfrom late tonight until early pafternoon tomorrow. psome energy, kind of a warm pfront, has away from the psouthwest. pthen, on thursday, lingering pheavy rain and the severe pthreat begins to shift to the psouth and southeast, down by pmiami. pi can tay the models are very paggressive with rainfall, 1.95 pin brooksville, 2.84 b for pcomputer monitoring on rainfall ptotals, they will not nail this pexactly, but it gives you an pidea. pthere will be a lot of moisture pand water heading our way. p75 dewpoint, windsor southwest pat five. pforecast night, we cloud up. pafter midnight, there'll be prain a few thunderstorms pdeveloping in the mid 60s. ptomorrow, it just does not look pvery good. pa period of rain, if you pthunderstorms diminishing by pthe afternoon, and a few of the pstorms could be heavy earlier pin the day.the morning pcommute could be messy. pcoming up the right, lingering
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pshowers and thundershowers pgradually it from northwest to psoutheast during the day, and pcooler at 68. pwinds are about two knots, with pa light chop on the bay. pthe next diet is a low tide at p9:09. pagain, not good tomorrow, not pgreat on thursday. pafter that, we do okay. pthe weekend is fantastic 60s pwith both 70s for highs, 40s to p50s for lows, and by the middle pof next week, we approach 80. pready?
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pa twist in the hollywood p p hollywood has lost another plegend. pa pagoda has died. phe played the hitman and the pgodfather movies. phis mess famous role was bernie pmiller. phe had a spinoff after that. agoda died in hospice care pnew jersey. phe was 84 years old. p>> a mom and york will have pquite the story to tell her psaid when she grows up. pshe was in labor, on the way to pthe hospital, when her son pdecided yet, he could not wait. pluckily, new york's finest was pthere to help. p>> i don't know if this is
5:21 pm
pthey did very well. pjessica form also has the pstart. p>> reporter: mommy and baby pwere brought here to new york prespite during hospital where pthey were doing just fine. pseven pounds six ounces baby pboy could just not wait to make pit to the hospital. pit was rush hour, almost 8 in pthe morning, traffic was pheavier than usual on the fdr pdrive northbound. pall because this precious plittle boy, nicola long decided pto come into this world of pdysarthria. p>> i was in route to traffic pcourt in manhattan, a call came pover for an active woman in plabor on the side of the fdr. p>> detective michael char did pnot think twice and rushed to pthe scene. plittle did he know he would pmake a special delivery. p>> the father was kneeling on pthe driver seat, assisting his pwife.the baby had already pcrowned, the head was out, the
5:22 pm
pand on the phone with 911 pstill. p>> our camera was the only one pthere to capture the birth of pnikolai. p>> i was given instructions. pat that point, isis to the pfather for checking to make psure the umbilical cord was not pwrapped around the baby's pthroat or anything. p>> by then, the in white pd pemergency unit had arrived and ptook over. pthe nypd tweeted out this hoto, moments later. p>> we had an ob/gyn get we pkeep on board or truck, and we ptook it out, clamped the court poff, i cut the cord, mike artner joe began to do suction pon the baby's mouth and nose. p>> was is the first time you pdelivered a baby? p>> man: yes. p>> ginny tells about the psprints? pi remember 13 years ago when pmine was born, it was a little pdifferent in a hospital. pit was b it is an amazing pfeeling. pit is great to be a part of it pand have some feel that is. p>> we tried to's beak to mom pand dad, but they wanted some palone time with their new pbundle of joy. pthey are expected to leave the phospital in the next few days.
5:23 pm
pjessica formosa, fox news. p>> linda: not your everyday pcall. p>> did you hear them? pthey said they had an ob/gyn pjet in the rescue truck. pwill have to see what they name pthe baby detective michael pterminal so. p[laughter]
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p we have done so many pstories about car burglaries pwere people left the doors punlocked. plakeland police are really ptrying to drive to message him. pken suarez shows you how they pare getting people's attention. p[beeping] p>> ken: and the key is common psense. pthe police say use it if you phave it. pcar research up to 25 percent. pin 2015, or the 900 cards are pbroken into. pfour out of five people who get pripped off get ripped off for pgood reason, they leave their pvehicles unlocked. pwhy? p>> i think it comes down to eople are easily distracted or pthere on the cell phone, pthere's a text message, they pget out, they hit the wrong pbutton on the remote. p>> n a little at the wrong ptime, you might lose yourself
5:25 pm
pfate in their. p>> most car burglaries don't puse sophisticated tools. pdo not become a victim. plike your car. p>> they're kicking off a new pcampaign with psa's, giveaways pb >> we have over 1000 of pthese refreshers. p>> and posters all over the pway. p>> man: i already know you phide your purse under the seat. plock it in the trunk, why make pit visible? p>> this is the eye capture. pa car with a cone on the top pthat says look inside. plook inside and you will see pthe warning. pit is popping up everywhere pover the next few days. p>> woman: you're going to look pto see if it's good, back ptomorrow?. p>> the police say is good, and ossibly ugly if you do not pfollow. pken suarez, fox 13 news. p>> cleveland officials fire psix officers in a shooting that pkilled two unarmed people.
5:26 pm
phe began with officers to the psound of a gun backfiring was a pmistake as gunshots. pthey fired 137 shots of the pcar. pthe man and woman inside were pkilled. pone of the officers stood in ptop of the hood and fired 15 pshots repeatedly. phe was acquitted of pmanslaughter charges last may. psix more officers face psuspension, and one has since phis retirement. p>> lawyers for the affluenza pteam says he will return to ptexas to face charges. peven cash has dropped his pappeal to stay in mexico. pcash and his mother were pcaptured last month. rosecutors were investigating pwhether he violated his robation. pethan was drunk driving we pkilled four people in 2013. phe avoided prison time after phis lawyer use the affluenza pdefense, never before heard of, parguing that his parents pulled phim to the point that he did pnot know his actions have pconsequences. phe shall return and one to two pdays.
5:27 pm
pconnection.lansky family plives in south florida, and the plansky family says that they pare owed means of dollars. p>> is right, linda. pit has to do with my or plansky's dealings in cuba, and pwhat he may have left behind pwhen castro took power. pnow, i sat down with my or plansky 's daughter sandy and pson. pfor decades, they have heard pthat my or lansky was the panchor of the mafia who made pall kinds of deals with means. p>> man: forbes magazine said phe had a value of $603. pwell, we have up the backyard pand have not found it yet. p>> now they believe they pactually have a way to find psome of the money in an old photel in havana. pa hotel that meyer lansky pdelta. pwe will show you how they hope
5:28 pm
p10:00. with the help of comfort keepers, i'm keeping my mom healthy! i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation, health and wellness services and personal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change, so your aging loved ones can stay happy and healthy in their
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3 (chris) pregnant woman should not travel to countries where the zika virus is present .. p p another warning about the pseek a virus. regnant women should not ptravel where that is present. pgroup a lot of it says the olicy applies to travel across pmuch of south america and some pcaribbean islands. pthe mosquito borne virus causes pchildren to be born with
5:30 pm
p>> women should be screened pduring pregnancy and after pbirth. pthat is issued today by pgovernment task force. pthis is sure to cause some big pchanges with healthcare roviders. pdoctor joe joins us now to talk pabout all this. pfirst of all, joe, had they pcome to these recommendations? p>> what they did was looked at p23 different studies, looked at pscreening for pregnant women pand also those who were ostpartum. pthey found a pregnant women pwith a screen them, there was pan 18 percent reduction of pdepression. pand for the postpartum, about a p59 percent reduction. pso certainly, there is definite pbenefit when it comes to pscreening postpartum, but pthere's always the additional pbenefit during pregnancy, robably a little sparser, but pstill there. p>> in these medications, they psay for pregnant or nursing pwomen today? p>> they are calling and is pquestion some of the safety, pthe risk they believe are very psmall.
5:31 pm
passociated with small increases pin the risk of potentially pserious harms, and one of the pdoctors on the, doctor pino, pwas on the us definitive pservices task force and had pthis to say. p>> man: there is some psuggestion that some pmedications that are used for ptreating depression may have padverse effects on the fetus. p>> what they do suggest also pis to look for cognitive pbehavioral therapy.that is palso extremely helpful, and psometimes it can be costly. pi spoke with the folks over the pcrisis center in tampa bay, and psay if you pick up the phone pand called 211, they have a pdatabase that can help direct pyou to the kind of help that pyou may potentially need. pi have to say this over and pover again. pthe important thing is to make pthe call. pdo not wait until you are in pcrisis. pto make the call if you need phelp. pit is really not something you pshould be ashamed of. pa lot of women go through this.
5:32 pm
pare you surprised by the precommendations? p>> i don't think so. pwe have seen more and more the pconsequences of postpartum pdepression, and when you put pall those things together and pfigure that perhaps you can get pthis help, again, all this pawareness we have heard, brooke pshields with all these people
5:33 pm
pi think has been a g you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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3 ((chris))its time to see what's trending!((linda)) p p no more sloth videos. p>> i like the sloth. p>> i will lead off of that. p>> so many people give me pinformation about slots. pthe other day they say they're pnot good. p>> you and i will fight after pthe show. p>> i am challenging you for panother sloth audio. p>> yeah, stop by the zoo and pbring wanting. p>> i don't think you can do pthat. p>> the first video is not a psloth, but it is amazing. pit proves if you have your phealth, you have everything. pthis is someone waking up from pheart transplant surgery.
5:35 pm
p>> i can breathe and talk. p>> man: do you feel good? pdo you feel good? p>> i feel amazing! pi feel amazing! p>> he is a little hard to punderstand, but he said i can ptalk in brief, i am amazing. phe was diagnosed with pcardiomyopathy in february of plester, that was a heart pcondition, and he felt really pbad. pafter the transplant, despite pall the trouble of surgery, pthere? pthe family take this and shared pthe video because they want to praise awareness for organ pdonation.>> is very sweet pand i'm very happy for them. p>> yeah, a new life. pand dads are always looking for pways to amazing oppressor kids. pthere is a guy who figured out pa way to have his sons jaw on pthe floor, thanks to a little phelp from his little sister. p>> man: okay, let me guess. peight? p>> man: for? p[laughter] p>> that is crazy. pi am so hot. pi'm going to guess a queen? p[laughter] p>> big brother then turns
5:36 pm
pfor his little sister. pfor a second there, dad was a pgenius. p>> he was like okay, something pis going on here. p>> he was on such a row. p>> the next question, the plotto numbers. plet's have a. p>> they're all smiling and plaughing through. pthat's great. p>> a great part is when a pwaiter walked up to give them pthe to go order, and the dad pwas like, just leave me alone. pi'm trying to trick my kid phere. p>> don't give way. p>> the waiter shoveled a. p>> you send them three? p>> he is four, he just turned pfour. p>> 11 south carolina couple pher the two-year-old talking pover the baby monitor, they prealize the baby was praying pand saying great things about pthe family, they quickly pgrabbed the video and 50. phere is what we got. p>> woman:
5:37 pm
pand thank you my mommy, amen. p>> i think that is very psweet. phe she thanks for mama and pdaddy, and a lot of family pmembers to santa claus. pthe video was posted by pcatherine witt of south pcarolina and has since covered. p>> she had said go clemson at pthe inn, that would've really pbeen the icing on it. p>> goblet the tigers win. p>> love those gamecocks! plet's go! p>> that is so precious though, pthat is awesome. p>> i was feeling heartfelt ptonight. p>> i could tell today. p>> may be more sloth tomorrow. p>> really a roller coaster ptrending there. pit was! p[laughter] p>> about the forecast, will we phave ups and downs with that? p>> i feel like i need naps pright now. p>> let's take a look outside ptoday. pchanges are on the way, and pgoing back to next week, we psaid there could be a severe pthreat on wednesday. pthe cloud cover today. pincreasing during the day, or poptics in the sky today, a pcouple of sun dogs showing up plate in the day. pclouds are definitely lowering
5:38 pm
psign of things to come. pi think what we really have to pwatch is, there is a friend pcoming, no doubt about that. pbut you look areas south, and pthe rain is already increasing pdown by the florida straits in psouth west of florida bay. pi think this is the rain that pwill initially headed our way. pthis is more like a warm front. pthis is a surge of tropical pmoisture coming back. pand i think areas around tampa pbay will have rain well before pdaybreak. psome rain will be heavy, and psometimes developing warm pfronts with a jet stream poverhead can produce severe pweather. pso we will be watching this parea until late tonight, and pdavidson on the day. pwe will watch and see how pthings shape up. pthere's a frontal boundary pedifice, also in play. pand that will hit our way later pwednesday night and thursday. pthis will be a two-day event. pi want to stress, it will not
5:39 pm
pthere will be a surge initially plate today and tomorrow. pmaybe a break tomorrow. panother round of rain comes in pat the cold front gradually pcomes down the pagain, error land-based radars pcan pick up rain south of us, pand obviously there is reindeer pnew orleans and over the gulf pof mexico.that will slowly pheaded our way. pmore rain in houston. pthis will come into play on the pbackside of the front. pas we look to areas south and pwest, radar from key west is icking up rain over cuba. pthat indicates these are big pthunderstorms if we are seen prain that far away. pall of that is moving generally pin our way. pit is a long ways away, but pthings are moving fast across pthe country. pthis will be here before you pknow. paround the bay area, a rapid pwarm-up today after a couple of pchilly days. p75 degrees in tampa, 76 apollo pbeach, 70 in st. pete. plow to mid 70s in our southern pcounties. pnew port richey is 69. psouthern counties in the 70s. pinland counties are holding in pthe low to mid 70s under partly
5:40 pm
pfuture cast has class pincreasing. pit does not do a very good job, pand is now picking up the rain pcoming in from the southwest as pnew data model comes in. pthat rain will over spread the parea tomorrow and it will be a pway commute. pshowers and thundershowers may pinitially drift to the south in pand tomorrow. pthen we will have to wait for panother surge of rain to go by. pthe storm prediction center is phighlighting from springhill pall the way to about daytona is phaving the best risk or the phighest risk of severe storms ptomorrow. pi think the primetime will be plate tonight and early tomorrow pmorning. pthat threats will shift to the psouth on thursday as a frontal pboundary begins to head that pway. pso, improving mother by pthursday afternoon. pwith 75 is the dewpoint at 76, pwinds are south it five. paround the country, becomes an papproach of a frontal boundary pwith rain around. pmuch of the country is milder pon the east coast, a lot of pmelting snow.
5:41 pm
pthree feet of snow are in the p50s today. pall that snow is literally pgoing down the drain. pbehind the front is cold in pchicago, 29. pmelt the snow in york, 38 in praleigh, columbia, south pcarolina, is 65. pforecasts for tonight, rain pwith rain developing after pmidnight. pit down to 64, messy tomorrow pwith rain. pthunderstorms, some could be pheavy, diminishing in the pafternoon. p72. pcoming up on thursday, showers pand thundershowers ending pduring the day, and 68. pthat will set the stage for a pnice spell of weather on pfriday, and sunshine, the pweekend looks fantastic. pgasparilla is a okay. p68 for a high. pwe could be approaching 80 by pthis time on tuesday. p>> paul, late last night the pnfl announces janus winston
5:42 pm
winston threw for over four- thousand yards last season and set 28 touchdowns.... the big lay in the pro bowl. pthis is a historic moment for pthe tampa bay franchise. pthe first time in team history pthat a ricky history has made pit to the pro bowl. ponly three other buccaneer pquarterbacks have been pselected. pwinston's slot came open when ptom brady said i will not go. pwinston through for 4000 yards plast season and set another but precord with 28 touchdowns.the pbig question this off-season pwill be how much ch wwi pwith dirk cutter nd that he is pthe head coach? p>> i love to be involved with pthe quarterback. pthat is my number one area of pexpertise, working with the pquarterback. pwe have a quarterback in shamus pwho wants to be coached and pthis able to be here. pthere'll be some to change, but ptrust me, i will spend a lot of ptime with him. p>> the bay area lost a ptreasure. pbertha saladino and her husband
5:43 pm
pand for 42 years they worked ptirelessly's here heading the pareas best tournament. psimply put, if you are a pbig-time baseball player in the parea, you know the saladino's. pbertha was right there for pevery pitch. pher warm smile and genuine pkindness with a stable around pthe fields, second only to her plove for baseball. pboth bertha and tony take huge ride in the third event there roduces 38 major leaguers a pdozen first-round picks. pchip carter and myself both phave the honor of throwing out pfirst pitches at the ptournament. pit is an even bigger privilege pto call the saladino's our pfriends. pour thoughts are with tony, his pfamily, and friends. pwell, the lightning did not lay last night and it cost pthem. pthe bolts tumbled down in the pstandings to seven place in the peastern conference.that is pjust how tight the races. pthe team held another practice pover the bread and ice formed pthis morning. pbishop finally getting the precognition he needs is one of pthe league's finest goalies pafter wednesday night's game
5:44 pm
pthe ship will head to nashville pfor his first nfl all-star pgame. pthey are playing their best phockey of the season right now. pso does he wish he could keep pthis thing going? pright through the break? p>> man: i think you could say pthat, but everybody is looking pfor to the break. pit is always nice have a few pdays off. pi know guys are looking out for pthe all-star break. pthey wan he pbattery. pbut i appreciate how you want pto keep playing, but it is palways nice to have that break. p>> and the break for pmotorsports, the world is over. p24 hours of the 10 oh.>> of pthis weekend, and is the pofficial start of the daytona pspeedway's 24 hour.catherine plake visited our studio, and pwith her car, it will be easy pto pick us up. patc this. p>> oh my! p>> she drives a delta wing car pwhich like look like it comes pright of the batman movie. p>> it does! p>> she will tell us what it is plike to get behind the wheel of pthat car . p>> does it run a jet fuel.
5:45 pm
p>> does it do all the cool pthings like advanced us? p>> i wonder if we will see
5:46 pm
p>> only one3 3 (linda-2-shot) two "gap" stores are closing in tampa bay. p p to stores are closing in ptampa bay. p>> that is surprising is.
5:47 pm
price of crude oil went up. the dow soared pthey recently announced they pwould reduce their north pamerican specialty store fleet pover the next two years.70 pstores across the country are pclosing today, including those ptwo here. palice stores are not affected. p>> stocks to a jump as these pcost of crude oil when it. pthe doubts or 282 points, the pnest that climbed, and the s&p pjumped, too. p . p>> the singing of soul aretha pfranklin is coming to sarasota pto perform on march 29 at 8 pm pat the bar ways and performing parts hall. m. pleonardo dicaprio's role in the pthe revenant want him an oscar pnomination. pthe onscreen fight with a pgrizzly bear was all too real. p>> everyone is wondering how eople that were not. pangeles. plouis? p>> reporter: yeah, linda and pchris. peveryone is talking about the pscene and the revenant. phow they do it?
5:48 pm
pback let's start with the pmaking of leo's grizzly attack. p>> man: it was incredibly pdifficult to do, but we prehearsed for weeks beforehand pjust of that sequence. p>> a lot of hard work and pmoving magic went into the pmaking of this riveting to that plong attack. p>> man: the research of how it phappened is very important. p>> al hunter himself watch pover 100 different air attacks, pbut what he creates in that pmovie in that sequence, is it psomething that is also like pvirtual reality is only hunter pwould be last year's oscar pwinner. phe was the director of the prevenant. p[growling] [screaming] p>> since no actual bears were pinvolved in the scene, bringing pthe complex seem to like prequired several stuntman, pincluding 54-year-old canadian pglenn is. pthat is glenn and the blue cgi psuit he wore while filming. p[screaming] [growling] p>> i think that sequence will pgo down in the history of pcinema that makes people really
5:49 pm
p[growling] linda and chris, pbecky. p>> chris: we were all saying phow realistic that looks. pi don't know if any of us have pseen a real bear attack movie pbut b >> i want to go see pthe movie now. p>> and the guy in the bears pwho probably deserves the pnomination. p>> the 6:00 news our next. phere are marking calipari. p>> folks, it is a tradition a pcambridge christian school. p>> football pregame prayer is pat the center tonight of a pcontroversy that could it up in pcourt. p>> plus, construction is a psign of progress for sure, but psee you here at six why some plikely businesses say it is pturning away customers. p>> dozens of homes in pcalifornia are in danger of pfalling off this clip.
5:50 pm
pquickly, p p the florida high school pathletic association has ptrampled upon the school. p>> a legal battle underway punder a long-standing tradition pbefore a local high school's pfootball game. p>> man: i am just hearing what pi hear. pit makes no sense to me. p>> the public bus system in inellas county is making a lot pof big changes, and some do not p[explosions] p>> and it has happened again. pthe persistent pirates of pgasparilla are promising an pinvasion after tampa's mayor
5:51 pm
p>> from tampa bay's number one
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