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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  February 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 3 ((jen developing this morning: the search for two teenagers, who escaped from a juvenile detention facility. why they were in there in the first place, and how you can help track them down. 3 ((vanessa and... it's decision day in iowa... the first voting of the presidential 20-16 election... and there are two things that could really affect it. mother nature is one... we'll tell you the other. 3 ((jen and... no more "come and play"... sesame street... gets serious. the show tackles another big issue, for its little viewers... and their parents. how they're helping... our
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3 3 ((vanessa)) its now 5:__ thanks for joining us. i'm vanessa ruffes, in for walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off with a check of the forecast, with dave. 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 (vanessa/ we have some new video of a fiery crash on i-4. it happened around 10-30 last night, just east of mcintosh road, in hillsborough county. troopers say: a *truck went off the interstate, and burst into flames. one person was taken to the hospital. no word on their identity or condition. 3 3 ((jen developing this morning: the search for two teenagers, accused of breaking-out of a juvenile detention facility in hillsborough county over the weekend... 3 (jen fox-13's shayla
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shayla: how did 3 they do it, and are they dangerous? 3 if you've seen these teens or know how to find them--- deputies want to hear from you. votake a good look at your screen. right now--- crimestoppers is offering up to a 3-thousand dollar reward for information about this pair--- 18-year-old anthony bays and 17-year-old anthony cook. authorities say---the two escaped through a hole cut in a chain link fence at the state's youth residential facility (here) off columbus drive. we learned a private company runs the falkenburg academy for the department of justice. an investigation is underway to find out how and why this escape happened. according to the hillsborough county sheriff's office-- bays and cook disappeared during recreation time in an outside fenced yard. we're told a facility staff member noticed other teens looking at a fence...a head count and search confirmed who wasn't there. bays and cook escaped around 9:15 sunday morning.tells us their department received notification just over an hour later around 10:30. 3 take a good look at your screen. right now--- crimestoppers is offering up to a 3-thousand dollar reward for information about this pair--- 18-year-old anthony bays and 17-year-old anthony cook. 3 authorities say---the two escaped through a hole cut in a chain link fence at the state's youth residential facility (here) off columbus drive. we learned a
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department of justice. an investigation is underway to find out how and why this escape happened. according to the hillsborough county sheriff's office-- bays and cook disappeared during recreation time in an outside fenced yard. we're told a facility staff member noticed other teens looking at a fence...a head count and search confirmed who wasn't there. bays and cook escaped around 9:15 sunday morning. the sheriff's office tells us their department received notification just over an hour later around 10:30. 3 bays from georgia and cook from st. pete are both serving time for grand theft auto. it's unclear if anyone helped them escape. they were wearing green shirts and blue pants at the time. if you see them, give the
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3 (jen) in sarasota, police want to find the driver who hit and killed a man on a bicycle... and kept on going. 3 (jen here's a picture of the mangled bike. the accident happened around 7-15 sunday evening, in the northbound lanes of u-s 3-0-1, between sixth and eighth streets. detectives say: the driver hit the back of the bicycle, and kept going. authorities have not released the name of the victim. investigators are looking for dark-colored toyota corolla. 3 (vanessa in palmetto, police are investigating the death of a young man, whose body was found in an abandoned home. they had gotten complaints from neighbors about a lot of people coming and going from a vacant home on 12th street. and when officers arrived they found the body of 21-year-old "collin mahoney," he had
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are treating this as a homicide. 3 (vanessa) this was the 8th homicide in manatee county in january, and the third in just eight-days. if you have any information about *this case, please call the palmetto police department. 3 (vanessa the search should resume today for a missing boater off clearwater. police say: the man's wife contacted them sunday, saying he'd been gone since saturday night. and she was worried he might harm himself. crews found his empty boat near the "sand key point" coast guard station. many agencies are involved in the search, by boat and air. but so far, no sign of the missing man. 3 3 (vanessa) after days of preps and discussions and hype... today's the day. it's time for the iowa caucuses. (jen) and it's kind of crazy, since only a *fraction of iowa's registered voters participate. that's why candidates spent the weekend focusing on boosting voter turnout. 3 (jen analysts say: a higher turnout would benefit donald trump and bernie sanders. they're both
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marco rubio is courting the middle... seeking a balance between what he calls "anger and optimism." but the big unknown here is what *younger voters will decide... and fox's jonathan hunt tells us: getting millennials to show up could be hard... since many don't even know what a caucus is. 3 caucus season can a be grind for candidates and voters alike... but if the mood at stomping grounds - the coffee shop of choice for iowa state students is anything to go by, this unusual campaign is giving younger voters quite a jolt... : "the vibe i'm getting on campus is that students are energized, there are caucuses everywhere, they're seeing candidates and i think that excitement is going to push them over the edge and they'll want to show up excited." but translating youthful enthusiasm into actual caucus votes has in the past been goers are traditionally over iowa caucus project..."you run into a lot of people on the them about politics, they is. they don't even realize that that's just the word for process that you go through." politically active, younger voters also recognize the process, while complex, has value.... aberle says: "i of changing attitudes because i really like the way the caucus process is set up know what you believe in." farmer, will be caucusing monday night, but he too
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"young people might have a lot to say but when it comes down to actually participating they're late to the party... but mark, whose family has been farming in nevada, iowa since the 19th century, says that needs to change... younger voters have to realize and exercise their power... kenney says: "there's a lot of things going on in the world that are going to impact our futures so why not be a part of it.?" there are of course certain candidates on both sides who would benefit from a very high young voter turnout... and if the numbers monday night are as high as our informal polling suggests, it could truly shake up this election... in nevada, iowa,
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3 3 (jen/ also possibly impacting the outcome: the weather. there could be a major winter storm moving into iowa today. the national weather service says: a lot of the snow will hit late in the afternoon... up to eight inches could fall... and there are strong winds in the forecast, too. 3 (jen) in our next half hour: fox 13 political editor craig patrick weighs in on today's big battle in iowa... and how he thinks today's results will play out.... that's coming up at 5;30. 3 3 (vanessa/ new this morning: did you make the deadline? last night was your last chance to sign-up for healthcare on the federal marketplace, and be covered in 20-16, *without paying a penalty. and this year, the penalty has gone-up... to
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more than 11-million people signed-up this year, in the 38- states that are eligible and new for the plan this year: taxpayer-subsidized *private plans, for people who *don't have coverage from work. the law also added *medicaid, for low-income adults with no children living at home... but florida turned *down that option. 3 (vanessa) and if you didn't know about the deadline, you're not alone. a "kaiser family foundation" survey done late last week, showed that only 15-percent of un-insured people *knew that last night was the deadline... and only *one-percent knew how big the fine for missing it would be. 3 3 (jen) happening today: a pivotal moment in the push to bring *ferry service between downtown st. pete, and downtown tampa. st. pete mayor rick kriseman has to start negotiating with a ferry operator by the end of today, if he hasn't already. also by today: all four local governments involved in this plan, need to identify how they're going to cover their share of it. that includes the two cities, along with pinellas and hillsborough
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*each, to fund this pilot program... and the deposit needs to be paid, by april first. 3 the party's over... the cleanup's begun... (vanessa) and soon, the this year's gasparilla 3 (vanessa they expected a turnout of about 200-thousand, along bayshore boulevard saturday. no wonder there were *thousands of pounds of trash left behind. good thing nearly 100 volunteers showed-up sunday morning to help clean-up. they pulled strands of beads out palm trees, gathered-up empty beer bottlesomed ven cl trash out of the bay. they want to make sure there's nothing in there that would harm animals. but there's one type of trash that really bothers them. 3 "it's a little demoralizing, seeing what people just drop on the ground for absolutely no reason, especially if it's maybe five feet away from a trash can, but the worst thing is it's nothing but cigarette butts. you'll see garbage, but the predominant garbage is just
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--vanessa 3 but here's good news... most of the garbage they gathered up, can and will be recycled. 3 (jen tampa police say: there were two felony arrests, and 21 misdemeanor arrests saturday... for everything resisting arrest... disorderly conduct... trespassing... underage drinking... and even again, the final numbers should be available today. 3 ((jen)) so a politician was speaking at a volunteer event last night... when suddenly, he drew gasps from the crowd.((vanessa)) and he didn't even know what had happened! the health scare that everyone's talking about next door to iowa. 3 ((vanessa like live t-v isn't scary enough... the heartache one "grease live" star carried into the show last night... and how *performing... actually *helped her deal with her
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3 (vanessa welcome back... the time is 5:xx. in the top stories this hour. in russia... 12 people have died after a fire in a textile workshop. officials say it happened late saturday night in northeastern moscow. the victims were migrant workers who lived next door to the shop. 3 of the victims were children... including a small baby. it took dozens of firefighters several hours to put out the flames. right now... officials don't know the cause-- but they believe it could have been arson. 3 ((jen two virginia tech students have been arrested in the death of a 13-year-old girl. "nicole lovell" disappeared from her home in virginia last week. police found her body over the weekend in north carolina...
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how she died. 18-year-old "david eisenhauer" is charged with abduction and murder. while 19-year-old "natalie keepers" is charged with helping him dispose of the body. both are being held without bond. 3 (jen with all 3 violent inmates who escaped from a california jail back in custody... officials are now looking into *how they were able to escape. earlier this month the 3 men sawed through a grate then climbed down plumbing tunnels. thr group was awaiting trial for charges including murder, torture, and kidnapping. right now... a woman who taught english at the jail is accused of giving them a google map showing an aerial view of the jail. she's set to appear in court sometime today. 3 (vanessa) the governor of minnesota is undergoing *testing this morning... after he *fainted during an event last night. mark dayton's chief of staff says: he had *back issues. the 69-year old spent the night in the hospital, as a pre-caution. governor dayton comes from the family that founded a department store empire in the midwest, that eventually
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(vanessa) 3 remember grumpy cat? well, we've found her cousin! (jen) it's the worried kitten! 3 (jen meet little "bum." he was rescued by the san diego humane society, along with his four siblings. immediately, they could tell there was something a little different about him. but don't let his concerned eyes worry you... rescuers say: he's super friendly... very affectionate... and quite smart. no wonder he's already been adopted. but you can still follow him on
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3 3 ((anchors)) it's now 5:__. time to check the forecast with dave.
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3 3 3 (jen "grit" is the word. actress vanessa hudgens lost her father over the weekend. her dad greg died saturday night, after a long battle with cancer. she tweeted about it sunday... just hours before she was due to perform in "grease live" on fox... and said she was going to dedicate her performance to him. 3 (vanessa and the show was a hit last night. the t-birds and the pink ladies, reunited, to do a new version of the 1978 movie classic. julianne hough took-on the olivia newton john role... and aaron tveit did the john travolta part. vanessa hudgens was the tough, sassy
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early review say: the camera work and music was fantastic. 3 ((vanessa)) 3 we know, you're still from your holiday shopping bonanza.((jen)) but there's good reason to go back in the
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3 (jen coming up: the best buys this month. we're in february now... the things you've gotta add to the shopping list... before these bargains slip away.
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,,3 3 (vanessa did you fill-up at the gas station over the weekend? then you're probably still smiling this morning... over the bill. prices at the pump are still *way down... according to gas-buddy-dot-com, the average 3 80 a gallon. that's down
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25-cents from this time last year. right now, hawaii has the highest prices... oklahoma has the cheapest... and you can find the lowest prices in *our area, by going to the traffic page on our website, "fox-13 news dot com." 3 (vanessa) with president's day and valentine's coming up, february is a good month to find deep discounts on several popular items. (jen) but don't go out shopping willy-nilly. there are some *bad buys this month, too. but let's start with the good news: the bargains. 3 (jen if you're in the market for g-p-s or electronic equipment, february is a good month to shop around. lots of new gadgets seen at the consumer electronics shows are starting to flood the market... so many retailers are offering discounts on *old stock, to make room. 3 ((jen/ there are also deals to be had on furniture. new lines of tables, beds, couches and more... they typically hit the market in early april... so stores are marking down stock.((vanessa
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clothing, bedding and tools. some retailers discount these items as much as 80- percent... over the three-day president's day weekend. 3 mentioned earlier, not *everything is a good buy right now. if you're able, hold-off on buying jewelry, flowers and perfume. stores love to crank-up prices as valentine's day approaches. (jen) 3 away from digital cameras. betters deals are coming, later in the year. 3 ((jen)) something *furious in the air. this time, it wasn't a *passenger acting-up on a flight.((vanessa)) it was the flight attendants! what the pilot had to do after they ended-up... in a fist fight! 3 ((vanessa plus... a hot pursuit in florida... but this time, it wasn't police chasing a speeder... someone else was chasing police! what happened when an irate woman, got the cop to pull over. 3 3 spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl
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3 it's 5:--, on monday, february first. i'm vanessa ruffes, in for walter allen.((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. 3 (jen happening today: the first *real voting, in the 20-16 presidential election. the iowa caucuses are now just *hours away. and in the past few weeks, the race for the white house has tightned in *both parties. 3 (jen) g-o-p frontrunner donald trump has been getting much of the focus this past week, along with his rival ted cruz. but the democrats have their *own battle on their hands. (vanessa) craig patrick reports: the *democratic race could deliver the biggest surprise, come 3 script available 3
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3 fox-13 political editor fox-13 political editor craig patrick is *in iowa, tracking the candidates in both parties. we'll check in live with him, throughout the morning, start at six. meanwhile, dave... the weather in iowa could affect turnout at the caucuses today. 3 3 3 3 3 no closed captioning is
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3 3 3 (jen) developing this morning: the search for two escaped teenagers... who broke-out of a detention facility in hillsborough county. 3 (jen fox-13's shayla reaves is on the story for us. shayla: these kids were outside, during a regular recreation period sunday morning... how did they get out? 3 3 3 3
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3 3 ((vanessa in palm harbor today: a church will rise from the ashes. the "saints raphael, nicholas and irene orthodox church" burned down more than a year ago... this is a look at the considerable damage. church leaders vowed they'd re- build... and they did... and today is the groundbreaking on the new church. it will seat 200-people, and cost more than a *million dollars to build... but parishioners are excited. for the past year, services have been held in a temporary facility, in a nearby shopping center. 3 (vanessa) the church has a priceless collection of holy greek relics. amazingly, they were not damaged in the fire. 3 3 an odd twist to a traffic stop involving a miami-dade police officer.
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((jen 'claudia castillo' says she was driving when an officer went speeding past her on the highway. she decided to chase the officer... while flashing her lights and honking the horn. 'castillo' claimed she had to go at least 80 miles-per-hour to keep up with him. but eventually... she got the officer to pull over. she told the officer that she had pulled him over for speeding... and setting a bad example for children. while the officer never admitted to actually speeding.... he did apologize. officials say the police department is investigating the incident. 3 3 (vanessa) and it looks like some delta flight attendants need to catch some of those balloons. they got into a fist fight on a flight from los angeles to minneapolis... and it got so bad, the pilot had to make an unscheduled landing in salt lake city! it happened a couple of weeks ago... and according to the "aviation herald," the two crewmembers had a disagreement over work issues. when a third woman on the plane tried to break-up
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of the attendants! that's when the captain decided to put the plane down. 3 (vanessa delta reportedly sent an apology letter to passengers saying, "some of our team members didn't display their best behavior. we expect our flight crew to be nothing but courteous and professional at all times... i'm sorry we didn't deliver on our brand promise today." 3 3 ((jen)) sesame street has always taken on tough issues: like homelessness and poverty. ((vanessa)) now they're shifting the focus... to our military families. how they aim to help so many, with so much, after the break. 3 ((vanessa and... talk about a runner's high! these athletes just finished the race to end all races. brag about this morning... if they have any wind left, that is! 3 3 s steaks that sizzle for $12.99.
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and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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3 3 (vanessa) military kids will tell you: they serve right along with their parents. so, when mom or dad retires, or leaves the service, it's a big deal for them. (jen) now they're getting some help with this tough transition... from some very familiar, and comforting, faces. laura's on the story for us. 3 (laura) that's right... the gang at sesame street is taking-on this very important mission on the homefront. and it hopes to teach kids who already know about taking-on the world, that this is another "adventure." 3 (laura the characters "elmo" and "rosita" are playing a key role in this initiative. organizers say: more than a million personnel have *left the military in the last five-years, or will do so, by the end of the year. that translates into 148-thousand children under the age of 10,
5:35 am
civilian life. and that change can be difficult. it's hard to fit in with kids who've lived in one place all their lives, when you're used to moving around. 3 "our friends told us that it was different to have the mommy and daddy with different jobs and new homes, new routines, new school, new friends, so they were going through a big, big adventure that elmo and i were trying to remind them that it's a nice, new adventure." 3 --laura parents can get a special keepsake book, to help kids through this tender-time. it's full of ideas for activitivities and conversation topics. it'll help *parents with their role in this: conveying a sense of optimism and adventure. 3 (laura) a defense department official says: this sesame street initiative will help military families adjust to new changes with the same resilience that marked their service to our nation. and parents can help their kids most, by carrying-over the fun family traditions they've always had, to their new lives. 3
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3 3 3
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3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 3 super bowl 50 is less than a week away... but the fumbles are already starting. the grounds crew at levi's stadium... made a bit of a mistake. you can still see some of the aftermath in this photo. the workers accidentally painted the wrong end zone with the broncos' name and logo. so for a brief point in time... both sides of the field featured
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tweeted out this picture telling the carolina panthers that their end zone was ready for dabbing. super bowl 50 is sunday. 3 ((jen)) also in sports this morning: one last trip to the locker room for five tampa bay bucs. and fox-13's merissa lynn tells us: this time, they had to play *against their own teammates! 3 for one last time this season... five buccaneers suited up in the pro bowl game out in hawaii yesterday. we had bucs going up against their own teammates... and jameis winston proving everybody why this rookie quarterback is already a pro bowler. michael irvin and jerry rice the captains for this pro bowl. early on... we see buccaneers going up against their own. check out the left side of your screen... there's lavonte david... and he's covering doug martin... ball is deflected and intercepted. skip ahead to the 2nd half... martin pounds his way into the endzone... the short 3-yard touchdown... team rice trails team irvin by a score... jameis winston comes into the game late in they. 3 53 ya te irvin is rolling... 42-21. winston again... this time to deandre hopkins... winston and lavonte david ... the two bucs on the winning team today.... as team irvin defeats team rice... 49-27. three games of 3-on-3. that's the new n-h-l all-star format... and it did not disappoint. the eastern conference played in one semi final game... made up of the atlantic and metropolitan all- stars... then the western conference had their own semi final as well. winners from those two games met up in the final and what did they get? well... winning team receives $1-million. lightning all-stars ben bishop and steven stamkos in the running for that chunk of change. first semi-final game... atlantic taking on the metropolitan team. check it out... bishop going to get an assist on this p-k sue-ban goal... that was the game
5:39 am
and the pacific team would beat the central team.... so the atlantic all-stars face the pacific all-stars in the finale. and with a little over six minutes to go... corey perry nets one past bishop... unbelievably... that was the only goal in this 3-v-3 game... so the pacific all-stars the first to win in this new all-star format... and win the $1-million bucks. and u-s-f's win streak is over. temple defeated u-s-f at the sun dome... 70-63. meanwhile the women's team wins on the road... beating s-m-u 66-48... courtney williams had 19 points. that is going to do it for sports... have a good day
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3 (vanessa) alright, you either have to be *bionic, or *nuts, to do this. 15 long-distance runners traveled around the world, to race in seven marathons, on seven continents, over the course of seven days. 3 (vanessa it's all part of the "world marathon challenge." they started at "union
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publix. where shopping is a pleasure. 3 (vanessa it's the love story that never lets go. 19-years ago, leonardo dicaprio and kate winslet teamed-up in "titanic." it captured hearts everwhere. and all these years later, the stars are still entertwined. look what happened saturday night at the screen actors guild awards in los angeles. when leo won best actor for "the revenant"... kate was right there... with a huge
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3 3 (vanessa) alright, time for the "great florida cattle drive." it's going on right now... (jen) and fox-13's mark wilson tells us: it involves *hundreds of cowboys, who are trying to keep a piece of florida history, alive. 3 deep off the beaten path, you'd think it was the year 1800 in central florida, ((nats))where more than 400 people reflect on their farmer ancestry.((nats))this group, transporting hundreds of cows 60 miles across the state in an old fashioned cattle drive. no trucks, no highways.just horses and driving mules pulling wagons. ((nats))each rider and horse hopefully carrying enough patience and stamina to last a week.((nats)) soundbite (english) doyle conner, florida cow culture preservation committee:"the cattle industry has been important to florida and florida has been important to the cattle industry."the ride is symbolic of the rich cattle history in florida which will soon celebrate 500 years. ((nats))many of the riders like linda brown -soundbite (english) clark bailey, rancher:"i'm a third generation rancher farmer from florida"- and clark bailey come from ranching families who have raised cattle in florida dating back to the early 19th century.soundbite (english) linda brown, rancher "this lifestyle doesn't keep up with the modern city lifestyle"soundbite (english) doyle conner/ florida cow culture preservation committee "it's just a way of lifea&we need to have it if we want to eat."but that way of life is going away. according to state conservation groups, 1000 acres of land disappear everyday in florida due to development.soundbite (english) doyle conner, florida cow culture preservation committee"it's just a lifestyle and a culture that's rapidly disappearing and my job as i see it is to make sure that the florida cow hunter, a unique american hero, isn't forgotten."as the ranchers drive the cows along lake kissimmee, ((nats)) traversing creeks and journeying through acres of field; in a way, the ranchers, no matter their age pay tribute to their past by riding.soundbite (english) linda brown, rancher:"it's how are the pioneers, these are
5:45 am
ruggedness."((nats up of singing))as the future of this disappearing culture remains uncertain.((man sings song until end))"keeps alive the past" 3
5:46 am
3 there's much more to come on good day.((vanessa)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. 3 ((russell/2-shot)) here we go.. after months of campaigning and debating.. election season kicks off in iowa..((laura)) and fox 13's craig patrick is there about who *must have a good showing - to keep their campaign alive.. 3 ((russell/take vo)) and: the fight to keep a retiring officer and his k-9 partner together.. donations are pouring in - to help prevent this pair from being torn apart. 3 ((laura/take vo)) and: it's impossible to miss.. a bright, burning object flying through the sky.. the truth is out there - coming up at six.
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