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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  February 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> it's crunch time. all of this work is all about this. >> will donald trump be iowa caucus, the high-stakes vote that some say could make him unstoppable. >> anybody within a 50-foot raid radius would have gone seriously hurt or killed. >> why bombs were being built and stored inside this home. >> i don't understand why people would take advantage of other people in general. i think it's a shame. >> yes, it is a shame. but this time, they picked on the wrong guy. how a homeowner outstart smarted a pair of thieves. >> good evening, everybody and welcome. >> we're glad to have you with us.
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the very first votes in this year's presidential cycle are being counted right now. and nobody can explain these quirky numbers in iowa caucuses better than craig patrick. he has been in iowa for the week. craig, what are you thinking so far? >> reporter: you nailed it. we have some real quirks. you can take a lot of assumptions and throw them out the window. this is a very different year. you can look at the numbers. but you can't make a call yet because this much we know -- it's going to be a very close race in both parties. it could take us at least until 10:30, 11:00, to make a final call, if not, more likely, well after that. there is a big spike in turnout, particularly among republican voters at this point. to the extent that it swamped some of the precincts. some of the precincts ran out of paper for ballots for people to
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there are very long lines. the republican party officials tell us that they have this under control. anyone lined up at 7:00 got in and they made accommodations to count the votes. but wemay well set a record. if looks as if there lawyer at least 135- to 150,000 people, perhaps even more than that as some of the population centers come in. so, this much we know, there is a significant spike in interest that seems to be working against all patterns. >> what about the time frame? when do we expect at least a winner to be declared? >> reporter: i don't know if there will be a winner declared right away. but we think we will have most of the returns in within the next hour or two. it will be a nail biter in the democratic race. hillary clinton is clinging to a lead of two percentage points. the gap continues to narrow, now
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if you look at the entrance polling, 17 to 29-year-olds, yeah, bernie sanders, wiping clinton out. more than 85% breaking standards. and seniors are breaking heavily for hillary clinton. it is going to come down to iowa city, pernel. those cities, precincts that have not yet reported will determine whether or not bernie sanders closes the gap. in the republican party, again, the patterns are being broken. you expected donald trump to do very well in the west. he is doing very well in the east. you expected rubio to do well in the central part of the state. he is doing well in rural parts of the state. you expected cruz to do well in the east and west. he is doing well in the central part of the state. we have a lot of new people entering the process. and they seem to be defying the odds. it leaves us with a
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trump and marco rubio is coming out of nowhere. he had momentum in the final days. it is showing in the results. he is relatively close at this point to donald trump. >> that would be really amazing if he does pull out a win here. jeb seems nowhere on the map. craig, we are going to let you get back to it. we will check back with you in a half hour. >> everybody may be talking about iowa. but the presidential and election is underway in florida. ballots for the march presidential primary are in the mail for florida voters who live overseas, including those in the military. state law requires election supervisors to send out overseas ballots 45 days before an election. next week, mail-in ballots will be sent to those who have requested them. and a lot of people have. >> we have a great response for vote by mail. people are finding this is a very convenient way to vote. we mail the ballot to your house. take time to research on your
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candidates or issues. then you seal it, sign it, drop it in the mail box. postage. >> or you can stand in line. the presidential preference primary is march 15. >> the bomb squad showing up at your neighbor's house. what is really unnerving is what they found inside the home on north lincoln avenue in tampa. evan axelbank's here to tell us about the bombs they found and anti-government views, according to police here? >> reporter: michael ramose was reported to authorities by his former employer who had been in ramos' home and saw the bombs. in the federal complaint, ramos says he never intended to hurt anyone. but he made the bombs because you never know if you might need them. michael ramos' facebook page makes clear -- he is armed and ready. it makes clear, he believes an armed militia should, quote, regulate the government when
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yet, he did not talk about the bombs he made on there. not to his neighbors either. >> my reaction is very, very shocked, honestly. nice guy. >> reporter: ramos was turned in on saturday by his former employer, a seller of ballistic plates. he saw at least four pipe bombs in ramos' home and ramos told him he made the products from the internet and home depot. >> had one of them gone off, anybody within a 50-feet radius would have been seriously hurt or killed. >> reporter: during a recorded phone call on sunday, ramos promised that he would get rid of the bombs. but monday, federal agents raided the home and found eight live pvc pipebombs and an assortment of grenades and ammunition.
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someone from the public alerted us that someone was in possession of pipebombs. >> reporter: after the raid, rammingose' girlfriend came to the house to gather belongings. will you tell us why you have the bombs? she had no comment. ramos told agents he had no intention of hurting anyone that they were for preparedness. but the affidavit also said, he added bird shot to the bombs and admitted that they could potentially kill his neighbors. >> he's very nice guy. i don't know. i don't know his private life, you know what i mean? for me? >> in the complaint, he says he is part of a militia in pinellas county called the united states patriot army. atf agents are currently checking to see whether that is a real group. and if so, whether ramos is actually a member. >> i am sure they will let you know what they do. >> don't picot man who lives in
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outinitiatived, had a gun pointed in his face and he outsmarted the two men who followed him to his home and then tried to rob him. josh is live at temple terrace to show us what happened here. josh? >> reporter: well, first up, police are still looking for those two guys tonight. the thought is they may have attacked this guy at his home because he looked like an easy target. but, boy, were they wrong. >> i was putting in groceries and i was just finishing up when one of them grabbed me by the arm, pointed a gun at my face and said, don't say anything and started to try to usher me away from the house. >> reporter: a little out of breath, but with remarkable calm, he relays to 911 the details of his near-death encounter. >> the door was open in my house, i feared for my family. i grab the gunman and the second he was distracted, i pushed him as far as i could and ran away
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and the second i could, i drew my firearm and started firing at him. >> reporter: it happened just before 11:00 sunday night. the caller said he fired seven rounds at the suspects. they fired four or five shots at him. >> one hit me in the finger. >> reporter: another bullet ripped across serena drive into a neighbor's living room window. thankfully, no one was home. >> this scary that something happened this close and it indirectly affected us. >> reporter: police think the two suspects randomly chose their target who may have appeared to be an easy get. as a condition sealed weapons permit holder, he proved them wrong. >> it could have been a different outcome. >> reporter: again, police looking for both suspects tonight. it is unclear whether or not either of them were hit during the gunfire. we do know, though, the victim will be fine. of course, if you have any information that could help the temple terrace police, contact
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>> thank you, josh. >> nearly 46 years, 6 years after her ex-boyfriend killed two tampa police officers, courtney brantley is headed to federal prison. she was with dante morris the night he killed the two officers. a federal jury said she should have informed the officers that morris was a felon in possession of a firearm. she did not. the judge sentenced her to one year and one day in prison. this was day one. and her attorney said she was ready for it. >> serve her sentence. and for the families that are involved, including the family of the two officers, hopefully, this will bring some closure. >> yeah, brantley should have started her sentence a month ago, but she got arrested again after her girlfriend accused her of beating her. the sentence was delayed so she could be tried for domestic battery, but that woman decided
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>> two teenagers escaped from a juvenile detention center. 18-year-old anthony bays and 17-year-old anthony cook cut a hole in the chain-link phelps and crawled through t. a staff member noticed other teens looking at the fence, then he did a head count. that revealed that the two teens were missing. both were serving time for grand theft auto. the department of juvenile justice is now investigating how they escaped. >> coming up, a tourism plan to drive visitors here, using a popular ride-sharing service. >> the first of its kind. no one's really approached it like this. >> see why uber riders may get warm fuzzy feelings when they think of pinellas county beaches. >> nothing could shatter this glass. how it's helping keep students safe, tonight at 10:30. >> a warm day today. >> reporter: yeah warm day today and even warmer weather
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the temperatures in the 80s for most of us, on the day on tuesday, i will let you know how warm things get, coming up. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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>> oox. how do you get more people from chicago to visit bay-area beaches? this time of year or any time really. you give them a ride, a very warm ride. at least that's what the plan is by the official tourism agency of pinellas county, very smart. it's called visit st. pete clearwater. >> they have partnered with uber in a marketing campaign that they say has never been done.
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never been done. before. >> easy targets. >> this is a natural progression for us. >> reporter: downing is the executive director of visit st. pete clear water. he wants to bring more people from chicago here. he plans on doing that, using the ride-sharing service uber, not to drive them here, but to lure them here. >> it was something that woe came to them with. woe said, how, can we work with them in this key market. >> reporter: in chicago, when they tap the uber app, they are greeted by this, warmup wednesdays. put in a special code and they get a free ride that looks like this. when they hop inside, their driver will hit them with swag. >> we have winter hats and hand warmers. they give the hand warmers that say st. pete clearwater.
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equipped with virtual reality goggles to take a tour of the warm sunny beaches en route to their bitter destination in chicago. how many of them will come to our area as a result of the free, warm swag-filled uber rides? we won't know for a while. but downing sees winds of fortune. >> i believe this is the first of a long-term relationship, doing things with ubir. >> -- uber. >> we do know that four people from chicago will come here as a result of this campaign because each person who uses the app on wednesdays will be entered in a drawing to win a four-night getaway to st. pete or clearwater. the forecast for chicago on wednesday, 39 degrees and cloudy. >> cloudy is the salt in the wound. >> doctors had a local man and giving him a 1% chance of survival.
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first responders saved his life. that's nicholas smith. he was back to thank them today. they defibalated his heart and gave him life-saving drugs. the first responders was reforming cpr. >> i guess she administered cpr for over 6 minutes. >> that's a special case. not very often do woe get to meet our patients after the fact, especially in their situation. >> yeah, february is heart month and he wants everybody to know the importance of learning cpr. 6 minutes of doing cpr, love them or not, that's a long time. >> everything went right for him. he has a lot of blessings and a lot of people to thank. >> a lot of angels. >> warmed up quick. >> yes. it's amazing. we went through november and december and then january seemed pretty cold.
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at 80. >> but not for long? >> for a few days and then we are back in the roller coaster, right? we will be like that for a couple of months. if you like the 80s, you will enjoy the next couple of days. time lapse view from today, look at this, plenty of sunshine out there at the beaches, everywhere you went. good amount of people at the beaches for a monday afternoon, the first day of february, in fact. nice sunset with high clouds in the end. weather headlines, a couple of big stories here. the first one, the most obvious, the unseasonable warmth. that comes to an end on thursday, we flip-flop the temperatures on friday. the other big story will be the fog out there. we will see areas of fog. we already have areas of fog developing tonight. sea fog will be developing later tonight, into the day on tuesday. at least the start of the day tuesday looks pretty foggy. for coastal areas, it may stay
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afternoon and the evening, depending on how the wins line up. the third big story would be the storms and the heavy rain threat on thursday. then again, as we head into sunday, really no rest in an elnino-like pattern. 78, the high. yesterday, we were in the 70s, the day before that, mid to upper 60s. so a big jump the last couple of days. 63 in brandon. 64 in new port richey. 64 in brooksville. still 72 out in sebring. dew points, they're in the mid to upper 60s, as well. it's that difference between the dew point and the temperature being so small, along with winds that are calm or light across the area, that really aids in the development of fog. that's why we already have fog drop into three-quarters of a mile visibility in [sville.
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overnight. the fog forecast. you can see tomorrow morning -- a pretty wide, expansive fog. some of it may be locally dense. that doesn't burn off until 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. then we watch it, the sea fog. again, if we start to get more of that onshore flow, we will see more of that fog impacting coastal communities and that wednesday. we keep that until likely early thursday morning. high pressure in control. that keeps that southeast flow going. so we will see a good amount of sun once we get through the fog, but look out to the west. the massive storm system, that starts to make its way eastward. we will see the cold front bringing showers and rain, later wednesday, through the day thursday, ending thursday night. for tonight, though, mild, 65 degres. the areas of fog developing right now. heads up in the morning.
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81 degrees, a warm and muggy day out there. inland folks, you may be getting into the mid-80s. not really feeling like the second day of february. 79 on wednesday, 30% rain chance later in the day. thursday, first day of the state fair, always seems like it rains on the first day of the fair. this year, no exception. 73, 70% chance of rain. >> all right. after that, the weekend will be good. that's the key. >> plenty of days. plenty of time. >> coming up, new developments in a very scary virus. the zika virus. see what it means here in the the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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>> we have a new warning about a virus spread by mosquitoes. i am sure you have heard about this. world health officials have declared an international health emergency over the virus, which has been linked to a series of birth defects. >> cdc has added four countries to the alert list, costa rica, nikki haley and american sama, where the virus is active. those who travel are at high risk of being infected with the disease. the united nations health agency helt held a special meeting. >> the virus has affected thousands of people already in brazil. 24 other countries are in territories that are involved in this. today, brazil's health ministry rolled out a plan to document and monitor everybody who has
10:24 pm
zika has been linked to a rare birth defect that causes abnormally small heads and brain damage in infants. there have been 22 cases of zika in the u.s., but all of those people were infected in other countries and traveled here to the u.s. there is no vaccine or treatment. lawmakers say, that needs to change. >> it should expeditiously work with private industry to develop a vaccine, treatment and test for the zika virus. >> sometimes it causes flu-like aches and pains, but many people who are infected do not have any symptoms at all. the best way to protect yourself is to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. >> a lot of people are pretty concerned about the zika virus. let's bring in dr. jo on this. what advice might you have for us, especially for pregnant women who really need to be most concerned? >> reporter: heed the warnings of the cdc. they are asking pregnant women
10:25 pm
that are affected. those who are here and are stateside, we have not seen any local outbreaks, we don't know of any locally transmitted cases. the cases that have come to the imported. most of them or all of them have been contained. so for those women who may have a relative or a loved one coming back from one of those areas, probably a week is probably safe. i would say take precautions during that week. but we have mosquitoes here in florida that have been carrying west nile. so always, you know, really and truly, we should be thinking about mosquitos and what they can carry. really, when you do see the devastating effects of individuals who are bitten with transmitted disease like west nile or eastern equine encephalitis, it reminds us, we really do need to take precautions. >> follow-up is really important, especially here.
10:26 pm
if you have a person who does come back from one of these country, only 20% or so can have it. so if they take precautions. and if someone does get, you want them to get to help. you want them to have access to care, not be afraid to seek out the care. once that person is identified, what happens? we have mosquito control. we have all sorts of things that come into play to help to mitigate the circumstance. so it's extremely important that people get care or talk about it. when you think about here -- there are a lot of women -- i have emails from some of our viewers, they are concerned, they are going to some of those areas. there are lots of ways you can protect yourself from mosquitoes. you can spray your clothing. you can obviously spray your body. but you can soak your clothes. it's a very inexpensive way. you don't have to buy the
10:27 pm
ways to protect yourself. zika virus or denge or whatever's circulating, you want to protect yourself when you are going into those areas. >> for those who don't intend on traveling and especially the pregnant ones, awareness is key, right? >> reporter: absolutely. you know, that's really important. you know, the nice thing about living here is most of us have air conditioning. we have, you know, screens and certainly, you want to make sure that your screens are fixed and covered. and make sure that, you know, you don't have any standing water. try to decrease the number of mosquitoes that might be in your local environment. those are things that we can do. if you have any questions or concerns, you can always call mosquito control. they are out there. they can be helpful to you. so, talk to your doctor. >> worst thing you can do is assume you know it all. thanks very much. >> we have more results rolling in from the iowa presidential
10:28 pm
our political editor craig patrick's in the thick of it. he will tell us why the clinton camp is cautiously optimistic, but nervous about the vote count. >> stand by, we will go to bend me shape me, any way you want me as long as you love me, it's alright bend me shape me, any way you want me shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepia technology adjust any way you want it the bed that moves you.
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muscle or nerve conditions, medications including botulinum toxins, antiplatelets and blood thinners, may increase the risk of serious side effects. ask a urology specialist pif botox can help pcalm your bladder. pvisit pand learn how botox pcan be a low cost option. >> the iowa caucuses are going on right now. the first votes will be here in the presidential election cycle. it is time, indeed. the early results from hillary clinton's campaign cautiously optimistic, that's their phrase -- but nervous. >> and political editor craig patrick is live again in des moines with a new batch of results. a lot of people calling this race, craig. what's going on in. >> reporter: yeah. and we are, too. we can call the republican race. this just in, the fox decision desk calls it for ted cruz. he will be the victor in iowa,
10:31 pm
this will be a disappointing night for donald trump who led in the polls. they expected to win. loud boos erupted moments ago from the trump camp when it was announced that ted cruz will be the victor. look for another big storyline, marco rubio is neck and neck, right now with donald trump. now we have news, as well, in other campaigns. we have mike huckabee announcing that he will be suspending his campaign after his poor finish tonight. the republican race loses at least one candidate. i bet there will be more. now to the democratic race. we have hillary clinton leading by less than 1%, with more than 80% of the returns already in. the clinton campaign is optimistic. they think this is the latest statement from the campaign -- they think that they will win. but the problem that the clinton camp may have is that the outstanding votes are coming from precincts that are not
10:32 pm
new voters, who basically are delaying the rules coming in. with new voters, based on the interim polling, they heavily favor bernie sanders. can bernie sanders close what is in effect less than a one percentage point lead from hillary clinton? we will probably find out later tonight and possibly at 11:00. we have one more casualty. the o'malley campaign, martin o'malley will be dropping out. though he department have much support. have you to wonder in a close race between clinton and sanders, where his support may go. >> you know what, craig? i know this is breaking right now. but i know the spin is happening in all the campaigning. what are they starting to say? have you heard from them, yet? >> reporter: this was just moments ago. so this will come trickling in. but the loud boos that erupted from the trump headquarters, i
10:33 pm
of reaction that you might get from donald trump himself. he invested heavily in iowa and may be rethinking that decision, to skip the debates. we found anecdoteally that a number of people in iowa didn't appreciate that. they wanted to hear from donald trump, be part of that debate. if there isa a -- if this is a close race, that could have made the difference. >> it is going to be interesting to see how this all plays out. we will be coming back to you in a little while. >> reporting from des moines, iowa. we will see you at 11:00. >> new at 10:00, detectives say three inmate who is broke out of a california jail had been planning their escape several months. the trio was picked up by an accomplice, shortly after their escape, a little more than a week ago. they abducted a taxi driver. two escapees argued about killing him. the taxi driver was not hurt. two of the fugitives returned to jail last night.
10:34 pm
a third turned himself in last week. the e. coli outbreak in chipotly, the centers for disease control says there have been no new cases since december 1. the outbreak appears to be over. 60 people were sick from it. the cdc says the exact source of the illness was never found. it did hit the restaurant's bottom line pretty hard. sales were down, along with its stock price in the last quarter. the company promises new state of standards that will make it an industry leader in food safety. >> a new type of class glass so strong, bullets can't shatter it. created to follow the sandy hook school shooting. >> rob roth shows us how it works. >> reporter: no matter how hard they hit this glass, not one, not two big men with baseball bats could break it. and bullets can't shatter it
10:35 pm
that's what the makers of school guard glass told representatives at bay area school districts and universities. the glass is designed to stop someone with a gun from getting inside a school long enough for help to arrive. >> we are really giving people time. whether it's time for first responders to show up, time for evacuation plans to take place. >> reporter: the specially designed glass was born after the shooting at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. 26 people were killed, most of them children. >> he shot a side light, it crum crumbled, he walked in. if our glass was in place in the front entry and he continued to try to get into that front entry, it is very likely that he would not have gotten in before first responders were there. >> reporter: cool relationships wouldn't comment, but a school safety consultant
10:36 pm
layer of safety, especially in school entryways. >> we are looking across the country. a lot of that has been through enterways. >> reporter: the glass can't prevent every school shooting scenario, the manufacturer says. but it can make it more difficult for someone bent on harm from getting inside. rob roth for fox news. >> hope it works. >> it's about time. we needed new technology like that. >> absolutely. yes. >> coming up, football plans are flocking to buy super bowl gear. >> a warning about counterfeit merchandise, right after the the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. it coming up, a new approach to physical therapy. how working at a college cafe is giving patients the tools they need to recover from traumatic brain injures. >> the sound of a heart beat, the emotional reunion between a woman and a little girl who now has her son's heart. it is an amazing story. that and much more for you at 11:00. >> thank you, chris.
10:39 pm
many people are trying to get their hands on the hottest super bowl gear, but not all the merchandise is legit. so how can you tell the real stuff from the fake? ashley mcgehan shows us how counterfeiters are cashing in. >> reporter: a super bowl run for the carolina panthers moons a super surge. >> it's nice to be able to remember them with this memorabilia. >> reporter: but the department of homeland security is warning people, major events like this also draw major counterfeiting. >> the counterfeiters are looking to make a buck wherever they can find it. so if they see an opportunity to sell a product, they are going to take it. >> the super bowl being a major event, is obviously a major opportunity for counterfeiters. >> u.s. immigration and customs enforcement officials say it's one of the busiest days of the year. and the department of homeland security has already removed thousands of fake products from
10:40 pm
>> last year, our homeland security investigation seized $19.5 million in counterfeit nfl. that's for the year. but a jersey here, a jersey there is funneled up the tank. that $19.5 million goes to the black market and is used by criminal organizations to fund a variety of criminal activity. >> reporter: zy spend the monospring authentic? the counterfeit is not made to last. >> they put them together just good enough to get you to buy it. but you wear a jersey like this one or two times and you can see the threads are already coming out. you may wear it once or twice and you put it in the washing machine and it falls apart. a counter fit jersey, you can see frayed edges, loose threads. you can pull the jersey apart, already. >> reporter: fabs said they do plan to buy authentic
10:41 pm
>> you don't want to spend a lot of money on something that's fake and then realize, it's not real. and you spent $80 on a jersey. it's not real. >> the feds take super bowl counter fitting very seriously. 53 people were arrested last year and jailed and face fine and counterfeit tickets. chip, what you got? >> reporter: a very tight leaderboard and john cooper said this one needs to be done to playoffs. and chase has a new number. one of the most iconic numbers in nascar. the chase is on for rookie of the year, he talked about take over jeff gordon's ride, next. >> dancing cops with a mix, 3
10:42 pm
accident on i-4... would have killed a driver... if not for a local man and two other heroes. hear from him.. at eleven.******
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>> call us on our blue phone... we'll be there when you need help. call us on your cell phone... when you need our help. we know when thatblings, that can only mean one thing. >> if i told you this was a real police department, would you believe me? >> yeah. >> it's a college police department. not disparaging them at all. they put this video together to let the students know that they are there. it's called hotline blink. it's been viewed more than 700,000 times. yeah, they got some moves. >> university of delaware students will be more apt to call the police because they see -- they're normal.
10:46 pm
>> how about this? a close call, even when you watch the video for the first time tjumps out at you. close call. check out the video in oyster bay. two men were standing in a boat shed when a bolt of lightning just misses them. wow! i'm talking just misses them. >> oh, my god! >> he posted it on youtube. it quickly went viral. don't go out there. that's incredible. >> that's scary. >> the interesting thing is, look around at the weather at the time. >> right. mike, paul, they tell us this all the time. it's not raining, lightning's the leading edge of the storm in most cases. >> thank goodness they were okay. we have to show you adorable video that is trending. it is precious. check out this video. it's a baby. and two little puppies are cuddled in there with him. they are all sleeping and
10:47 pm
just loving life. look how precious that is. oh, i could watch that and just -- >> what kind of dogs are they? >> they are babies. they are so -- maybe... they are precious. >> that's so sweet. this was on nova 100. everybody's watching it and saying the same things we are. that's adorable. >> now it's time to get back to work. the all-star break is over. it's time for teams to make their playoff push. but lightning have a bigger grip on a playoff spot. the team will be back on the ice tomorrow. the lightning are second in the atlantic right now. but a couple of bad games and they are outside looking in for the playoffs. john cooper knows this tight leaderboard, this no-room-for-error situation started at the beginning of the season. and it will be like this until the playoffs start. >> when you don't start well, you are chasing it.
10:48 pm
and we are in -- like the wildcard spot. i think we are 2 points away from being out. that's going 8-2. now we have to keep this going just to -- you know, to keep ourselves in the playoffs. so that's how -- that's how important those starts are. to give yourself that little cushion. we just have to line tup the rest of the way. we got ourselves in right now. but we have no cushion. we have to keep going. >> yeah. i think that is perfectly put. they play their first 3 of 5 in am amly arena. bolts will be the only two road games until late in the month. all right. if i had to pick the cup driver the year. chase elliot. plus!
10:49 pm
races last year, one top-10 finish. his dad of course, is hall of famer bill elliot. chase's first season on what has been a nationwide series, he became the first rook tow win a nascar championship. for the last two years, he has been driving his father's number 9, but this year, he will keep gordon's 24, when he hits the track, starting in daytona. >> for a guy who has been around and done everything that he has done to make that place what it is, i mean, how can you not have respect for that? i am just very honored that he is supportive and is okay with me driving that number. that he has done, you know, so much to make it what it is. it's an honor more than anything. >> i have been such a huge supporter of chase coming there and the timing just worked out so perfectly for him to come along, for me to move on. foritous come off the season that we came off of. >> reporter: all right.
10:50 pm
diego and the pga tour at torrey pines. i mean trees toppled everywhere. play was suspended yesterday. today was the final round. but there was so much damage on the course, fans were not allowed to watch. brent senecker it -- did finish his final round yesterday. he had to wait. k.j. choi with a shot, high on 18. didn't get it to fall. so senecker finally wins on club. he had to hang around and see if anybody could tie his score. probably more pressure than playing out there. >> you would probably want to get out there and add to the lead. congratulations, nonetheless. >> still to come, decision day meets dessert. >> a cupcake shop that gets in the election spirit.
10:51 pm
right after the look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. get a busch gardens fun card now and let the fun begin. pay for a day, dive all year, splash all year, thrill, get your fill, and celebrate all year. climb, launch, roar, and soar all year. pay for a day, play all year. and if you get the busch gardens fun card now, you'll also get an adventure island fun card for free. p
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29th. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
10:53 pm
>> mild evening out there. after a really warm day. 80s. this is really why. we got through the morning clouds and gave way to a good amount of sunshine. that helped. and we were at the warmest
10:54 pm
quite sometime. we are going to be even warmer yet as we head into the day on tuesday and still pretty warm, into the day on wednesday. here were the highs today. 78 in tampa. 82 in brandon. 83 as you head inland. low 80s inland, upper 70s along the coast. here's where we jump to tomorrow. just about everyone into the low 80s. the one exception along the coast. 76 in st. pete. 78 in clearwater which is above average. inland, 86 in lake placid. 84 in -- [inaudible] well above average. these temperatures more typical of late september, october. here's looking at the satellite and the radar. overall, we are not looking at a lot of cloud cover. having said that, fog will be a significant issue tonight, wouldn't be surprised to see a dense fog advisory later tonight
10:55 pm
tuesday morning. in addition to that, sea fog, which you can start to see show up here, even on the satellite picture. meanwhile, this pront off to the norg, that's days off to the north. it's this system back to the west, working through our area. as far as severe weather, it is going to brick severe weather to the portions of the southeast, into the tennessee river valley. as that starts to work eastward , it kind of loses some of its energy. by the time it gets down here, our primary threat for thursday would be for heavy rain. as we take a look at the forecast, for the next few days, warm tomorrow. still warm wednesday. we will see showers wednesday late in the day, especially near the coast. by thursday, that's the big weather day when we will see the temperatures in the low 70s and heavy rain possible, storms as l. it is not our only storm threat in the seven-day forecast. i have details and a temperature rollercoaster, coming up later
10:56 pm
>> saving money becoming a top priority for americans, consumer spending, flat in december, even with the holiday shopping. folks deciding to hold on to their cash. the bosted the savings rate to the highest level in 3 years. the consumer caution may be impacting manufacturing, for the fourth straight month. low demand the reason for the slow-down. no slow-down in construction. a jump of more than 10% to an 8-year high. here's a job perk that could pay off for college grads -- literally. a survey showing 9 in 10 job seekers, think that student thrown reimbursement should be part of their beeches package. one in 10 would choose it over paid vacation. >> all right.
10:57 pm
>> a cupcake shop at the mall of america is predicting the winners of the iowa caucus. >> in a conventional -- or an unconventional way with their own cupcake caucus. the owner of the cupcake in the mall concocted a cupcake for every candidate. and to bring some attention to the 2016 presidential race -- as if they needed to, they include a coconut-topped cake for bernie sanders. plain cream cheese for jeb bush. and a red, white and blue cake with pink frosting for hillary clinton. >> there may be a little bit of burnout on all of the debates and everything like that, that are, you know, talking about the serious issues and this, that and the other. this puttings a more fun, tastier spin on the election. >> okay. and in this caucus, currently, clinton is the leader on the democratic side -- if that's
10:58 pm
and for the republicans, marco
10:59 pm


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