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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  February 2, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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one of the many high octane highlights from last night's "grease live" and with two weeks away from another live musical event. the grammies. we're asking your favorite picks for record of the year. now back to "grease live." the social media question, what
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performance last night? >> billy, rave reviews flooded our social media. vocals of julianne and vanessa brought tears to my eyees. favorite was "worse thing i could do." and talking about julianne hough's performance within so great. and april says, can't pick one, love it all. >> you shouldn't pick one. that production was so big, bigger than one or two people. stay connected, join home and what he said that concerned the government. >> yes. all eyesor iowa. once again, for the first time in this presidential race, the voters have spoken. and ted cruz emerged from the pack as the winner on the republican side, separating himself from donald trump and marco rubio. craig patrick joins us live from des moines. there is a lot to process.
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veering close. tell what did you say is going on. >> sure, you are talking about hillary clinton had been leading. with this, it tells us that bernie sanders has momentum as the late precincts come in. inch by inch. now with right around 10% of the returns yet to go. the big question remains -- will bernie sanders overtake hillary clinton? they basically locked into a virtual tie at this point. that remains to be seen. but something that does remain to be seen in the race is where will martin o'malley supporters go? he didn't have many. but in this close of a race, it could be a deciding facer. and martin o'malley tonight has dropped out of the democratic race. we have a two-candidate race. and this is a nail biter and we
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the presifnghts have not reported because they had a surge of new voters. so it takes a little more time to sort out. sanders. that's why the clinton campaign, currently on top with most of the votes is, is optimistic. but we cannot yet call it. in the republican race, yes, cruz comes out on top. he had a very strong organization. but there are other storylines chris? >> reporter: yeah. let's look at those. in fact, probably the surprise of the night, marco rubio doing much better than a lot of people anticipated and really kind of pushing donald trump into the shadows tonight. >> yeah. this is a game of expectations. and donald trump did not meet expectations. and marco rubio, clearly exceeded those expectations. so i think he is the other big story coming out of the republican race tonight. he moves into new hampshire and south carolina, a lot of the
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been backing other establishment candidates, they will try to bank-roll marco rubio. he will enter the next contest with a lot of momentum and perhaps money in his favor, as well. look at this. 23%. he's within 1 percentage point of donald trump. you have to remember in the polls a couple of weeks ago, he was in the low to mid teens. so this was a tremendous night for marco rubio. he can declare victory, even though he finished third. there are three tickets out of iowa and marco rubio darn sure cashed in. >> marco rubio's camp is declaring victory. and bernie sanders' camp is declaring victory, even though that's not decided. he is already feeling good heading into new hampshire where he has a favorable lead in the polls there. >> that's right. let me add quickly.
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out of the republican race, as well. i bet there will be others as the returns are processed. >> craig patrick, live in des moines. morning. ted cruise won 28%, followed by donald trump with twenty 24 and marco rubio with 23%. on the democratic side, really neck and neck right now. we are talking a 10th of a percentage point between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they still have to certify several votes. so the official resultings are not -- results are want in yet. we will get those for you as soon as they become official. craig's coverage from iowa will continue in the morning on good day. reaction to the caucus results we are waiting on the numbers. you can look for the updates on twitter, following craig at fox 13 politics. >> and florida's presidential primary, around the corner, of course and for some, ballots are in the mail. overseas ballots were support
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next week, they will go out to the rest of the voters who requested those. you can still do that, you have until march 9 to request a vote by mail. if you prefer to do it the old-fashioned way, the primary election day in florida is march 15. hillary clinton is getting some support from the mayor of tampa. he's campaigning for her 1400 miles from here. bob buckhorn is heading to new hampshire on his own dime to campaign for clinton. the new hampshire primary is a week from tomorrow. the mayor says he will do anything from knocking on doors to making phone calls to help hillary clinton win. he says she's a great role model. >> i think she is the right candidate at the right time for our country. as the father two of daughters, for me, having a female president, i think would be a great example to them that, you know, there is nothing that they can't do. >> of course, clinton in a fight
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the polls show the vermont senator has a 23-point lead over her in new hampshire. >> a local man is lucky to be alive. a crash on i-4 left him injured, trapped in a burning truck. he was in big trouble until a group of three witnesses jumped into action. we go to interstate 4 with this story. the daring rescue came without a second to spare. >> reporter: people were in the right place at the right time. michael kennedy was driving on the interstate on the macintosh exit and lost control. his truck was on fire, he was incapacitated. we could have a much more tragic story to report tonight. in seconds, ordinary people have the potential to become heroes. >> i hit the guard rail and i saw the car slide across the guard rail. >> reporter: nick was energy his exit on i-4 sunday night.
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a truck just losst control and crashed right in front of him. >> i saw white sparks shooting up from underneath the vehicle. i was thinking, oil and gas. something's going to go up. >> reporter: he and two other men pulled over. his fire-fighting training kick informed the men ran full speed toward the burning vehicle, knowing it could explode. >> the door was locked. the guy was obviously unconscious. the guy smashed the window in and we just pulled the guy -- we unbuckled the seat belt and pulled the guy out through the window. and one guy grabbed his legs and we both grabbed his arms. >> seconds later, there was no doubt, they just saved a vimplger's life. >> we heard a hit from the car. we looked and you want car just exploded. >> reporter: the driver, michael kennedy, was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. he snapped this picture of the smoking vehicle. >> i didn't think about it until i was driving away.
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instinct was not to hit record, but to pause and simply help. >> i do not regret it. i would absolutely do it again. have you to -- if you see something, have you to do something. it really is a moral code that you have to do it. >> reporter: he says that the driver's wife contacted him to say thank you for all that he and the other men did. as for what caused the crash, the florida highway patrol said alcohol was a factor and charges against kennedy are pending. >> live on i-4 tonight. >> you know, deciding to help someone involved in a crash can be risky. here's proof. for one florida woman, he made the ultimate sacrifice, trying to help an injured motorcyclist. tina martin was driving on u.s. 1 and saw that motorcycle rider who had lost control and overturned his bike. martin was kneeling over him and
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them, killing them. >> her family says they are not surprised at all that she died doing something selfless. >> if anybody needs something, she helps them, without finishing thinking. she was always good like that. shoos who she was. i am going to miss her. >> the driver that hit her and the injured motorcyclist did stop at the scene. it is not clear if any charges will be filed. the motorcyclist who died is 23 years old. his name has not been released. >> reporter: developing tonight, an investigation into this tampa man, accused of being anti-government, also accused of being heavily armed. federal agents raided michael ramos' apartment today in tampa. they found 7 pipebombs and an assortment of ammunition and grenades. he told agents that hoo he -- that he had them, quote, disbluft case. evan axelbank has more. >> reporter: the arsenal that
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a co-worker several weeks ago. after the co-worker told ramos to get rid of them, the co-worker alerted authority who is set up a recorded phone call. ramos didn't know federal agents -- you can see them there -- he did not know federal agents were listening when he promised to disarm and get rid of the bam bombs. however, a day later, today, agents raided the home and found the arsenal intact. there were 8 pipebombs there. he told the agents he didn't mean to hurt anyone. agents say he had no ties to any international or domestic terrorism or any concrete plans. yet, the affidavit also says ramos added bird shot to the bombs and admitted that the bombs could potentially kill his neighbors. >> we really appreciate the fact that somebody from the public took the time to call and alert us that somebody was in possession of pipebombs. as i indicated earlier, you can
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residential area. this is a duplex. anybody within a 50-feet radius could be been hurt or killed. >> he worked in largo. workers did not immediate return our calls for comment, but we don, they were set to fire him until they saw the arsenal and they became intimidated and called the tampa police, who in turn got in touch with atf. ramos told agents told them he made the bombs with products from the internet and products from the local home depot. he also said that if it hits the fan, you never know if you might need them, chris. >> we will see where the charges go. evan axelbank, thanks. >> new tonight, there is a major win for the pasco county sheriffs office. deputies arrested 20 people in a two-day operation that focused on human trafficking and
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most of the arrests inspector wesley chapel and those arrested face charges ranging from prostitutions and solicitation of prostitution and drug possession. >> hard rock is growing with a $1.8 billion expansion. this is the rendering of a location. it will include a new restaurant, more shops and a helipad. the existing hard rock will be remodeled with new banquet and facilities. there are plans in hollywood, florida. a guitar-shaped hotel will be built there. that would create over 4800 jobs >> coming up, there is a new cafe offering families new hope. >> most of the people view the cafe have impairments in mobility, socialization and language. all of that is worked on in real time. >> a therapeutic twist for traumatic brain injury survivors
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>> police are looking for a pair of armed attackers who missed with the wrong man. it happened in a temple terrace neighborhood on serena drive. josh explains how the man that they attacked outsmarted them. >> our victim in this case was just putting groceries away when two guys come up and try mugging him. but they picked the wrong guy. it happened just before 11:00 sunday night. the victim said out of nowhere, he feels a guy grab his arm and tell him not to say anything. a lot of people at that point would give in to the bad guys, but not this guy. listen to what he tells the 911 dispatchers. >> the door was open in my house. i feared for my family, the gunman had his gun at me, as soon as he was distracted, i
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from the house. the second i could, i drew my firearm and started to fire at him. >> reporter: the victim does have a concealed weapon permit. he fired seven shots. he did injure his finger, but he will be okay. we don't know if either of the suspects were hit. they both ran off. the thought is they may have targeted this guy because he may have looked like an easy get, but clearly, he proved that very wrong. in temple terrace, josh cacheio. >> polk county's superintendent has been clear have had any misconduct now, after she was accused of some inappropriate maser by one of her senior staff members. the seesht superintendent filed nine claims against katherine leroy. he said they were close friends until his boss tried to take the relationship a step further.
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said he was reprimanded on the job. an independent review found that while they did share a personal relationship, the superintendent did not break any rules. today, she released a recorded statement, regarding her exoneration. >> i have come to realize that what others describe as an outgoing personality can be misinterpreted by some. i regret that. i have learned from it. >> now the firm handling the investigation recommends that leroy and the cabinet get additional sexual harassment training. >> new tonight, it could be the middle ground that ride-sharing services in the hillsborough transportation commission have been trying to reach. a bill was advanced to force an end to the legal mess between the county and uber and lyft, requiring them to pay annual fees to the department of highway and motor vehicles, similar to the ones that cab
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ited would include provisions for background checks and insurance policies and prevent the transportation commission from trying to regulate the services, which is what the commission has been trying to do since uber and lyft deban -- began operating. a senate committee still has to put its version up for a vote. pinellas county's partnering with uber to target potential visitors in the windy city. every wednesday in february, people in chicago can request a free ride. when their car shows up it will be a rolling billboard to remind customers of the warmth and beauty of the st. pete and clearwater beaches. they won't drive them to st. pete and clearwater that. >> would be the entire $2 million budget. >> and it would take a long time. >> if they are coming here this week, they will get a little bit
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we have warm weather now. but we are cooling off later in the week. >> this is the temperature roller coaster that we go through every winter. you see the extremes, like the 80s over the next days and then the lows, like we will get toward the end of the seven-day forecast. >> but compared to chicago? >> i would say much better. but i know there are people who would prefer that. so before i get myself into trouble. check out the time lapse for today, towards the end of the afternoon. saw a good amount of sun. pretty nice-looking sunset as well. the sun went down around 6:10 this evening. no problems out there by sunset. but we are seeing problems popping up. before i get into that. the almanac, 78 the high. 65 the low this morning. a few days ago, we were seeing highs in the mid 60s. currently, 67. dew point is 66. you see that difference between
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point as a degree. that's a good indication that there is a lot of low-level moisture in the atmosphere and the potential is there for fog. you can see the winds calm. here's the dew points across the area. generally in the mid to upper 60s. we see the light winds. those are prime ingredients to see the fog develop. right on cue, here you go. visibility, down to a quarter mile. three quarters of a mile in crystal river. 2 1/2 in brandon. i expect this fog to continue to develop. continuing to expand in the overnight hours, potentially become dense in areas. we could see the visibilities tomorrow morning, drop below a quarter of a mile. the forecast is showing widespread fog for the morning. even towards the mid-morning, it is going to take a bit of time for the fog to lift. you look offshore here, we are going to keep the sea fog rolling.
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oicationsal onshore flow going tomorrow afternoon, into wednesdayach. that would bring this sea fog closer to the coast, perhaps even over some of the coastal areas. of course, we know bhat sea fog can do near the coast. that can drop the visibility, down to zero. it's something to watch the next couple of days, especially the closer to the coast that you live. once we get through the fog, this is what we turn our attention to. this storm system near the four corners. that starts to work its way eastward. with it, bringing the cold front, along the way. the future compast show, heading into tuesday afternoon, sea fog an issue, burning through the land fog, increasing the moisture. heading into the day on wednesday, front back to the west. we may see a couple of showerings pop up -- showers pop up, late wednesday afternoon. the bulk of the rain and the storm arrives on thursday. there may be heavy rain with it. especially thursday afternoon,
1:26 am
we could be talking about areas locally, more than 2 or 3 inches of rain. that seems to be the biggest threat out there, for thursday's batch of rain. 55 for tonight, partly cloudy. the areas of fog, continuing into the morning hours. 81 for tomorrow. warm and muggy, stray shower possible. sea fog an issue. tomorrow, sea fog an issue. thursday, a 70% chance of rain. highs in the low 70s, we drop into the low 60s on friday. near 70 on saturday and the next batch of rain on sunday and drops us back in the mid 60s on monday. >> what is that creature you have -- >> groundhog day tomorrow. >> oh, man! i hope we don't get stuck on that. >> coming up, a job with a bigger purpose here. how working at a college cafe is helping survivors of brain injuries. and let's give you a live update. we are watching the democratic caucus rules in iowa.
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this is with 94% of the ballots counted. so this still isn't official. right now, you are looking at the margin, separating hillary clinton, 52.2% to bernie sanders, aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm.
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cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! >> a program out of central florida giving people a second chances. it's a cafe designed to help people with traumatic brain injuries. a woman says working there has changed her life. >> reporter: the last 10 years have not been easy for diana, not since one horrible night in new york city. >> a truck driver ignored the light going the other way and smashed into my cab. and i flew out the window of my cab and landed on my head. >> it's a phone call that every parent doesn't want to hear. >> reporter: a traumatic brain
1:29 am
the left side of her body is semi-paralyzed. speaking is difficult. >> she has to learn how to breathe and eat and walk -- and do everything. talk. >> reporter: a decade of once-a-year therapy only does so much. but this new cafe in the college of health and public affairs holds new hope for diana and others. they will be using this body weight harness system developed by the go baby go organization at the university of delaware. it's the second of his kind in use at a u.s. university cafe. >> most of people who use the cafe have impairments in mobility, socialization and language. all of that is worked on in real time, while you are socializing. >> reporter: for diana and the authorities, it is physical therapy and more. >> [inaudible]. >> occupational therapy, o.t.,


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