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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  February 2, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. 3 end of the 3 embargo, and start of a huge lawsuit. p the end of the embargo and pbeginning of huge lawsuit. pwhy by carried is suing the u.s. pgovernment over the arrival of pcuban imports. pand an international emergency. pdr. jo tells us why we should be pso concerned about the zika pvirus and it's possible effect pon florida. p>> and good tuesday morning. pi'm laura moody. pi'm russell rhodes outside with pdave right now. pi just took my jacket off. pit's warm out here. pit is warm, muggy, beautiful. pand at least where we are. pi know a couple of spots, still, pour dealing with fog at least pwhere i'm standing it's great. pvisibility three miles in tampa
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pso in those area getting better. psarasota, venice that sea fog is pthick. pand it is, oh pesky as well. pright along the coastline, have pto look out for that 9 o'clock phour you will see vast pvisibility improvements inland pas well. pwe're 69 degrees outside at ptampa international. pnot going to take us long to get pback to 81 for a high today. pshould be only time we hit 80s pthis week. pwith a good chance of rain pcoming through on thursday pafternoon. pand that's what i'll focus on pcoming up in a few minutes. p>> all right dave, thank you. pmeantime you will want to a void pwestbound area of memorial pboulevard in the lakeland area. pwe do have reports of a deadly pcrash possibly involving a pmotorcyclist. pyou can see some westbound lane pblockages i mentioned before. pof course we'll have more pupdates on that in just a bit. pbut we do want to revisit heavy pdelays in growing delays in the phillsborough memorial highway parea of tampa. pgot some reports from viewers
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pthey were really seeing stop and pgo traffic in the area of pwestbound memorial highway. pand independence. pand we do know that there's pribbon cutting about 30 minutes por so rocky point. pthat's kind of where the area pthat golf course we're seeing pdelays stem. padditionally eastbound phillsborough avenue approaching pmemorial is pretty backed up psouthbound shelton as well penne preport of a crash hillsborough pand memorial highway with lane pblockage avoid that area at all pdefinitely do so. p>> it was quite the night any pawas for democrats just two too pclose to call until early this pmorning. pwhen the race was given to phillary clinton. pdecided by the slimmest of pmargins republicans senator ted pcruz upset front runner donald ptrump not terribly surprising piowans tend to be more pconservative and religious than ptrump supporters. pdoug luzader is in des moines.
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pmorning to find out, wow, it is pstarted there hasn't it? p>> russell i heard about your phumidity and anticipated p80-degree weather how do you pmanage? p>> i don't know it's horrible pfor us, just terrible. p>> all right. pso bernie sanders almost pulled pthis thing off last night. palmost pulled off an upset. pin great many ways he really did pwin, didn't he? p>> yeah. pi think so. pyou part me while i speak over psound of the snow blower behind pme. pbut, first of all i will talk pabout a weather we thought this pstorm was going come in last pnight and potentially disrupt pcaucuses or suppress turn out it pended up it held off until ptoday. pbut yeah certain sanders neck pand neck with hillary clinton. pthe sanders campaign will paint pthat as a win when you consider pthe fact that just a few months pago hillary clinton has a pcommanding lead here in iowa. pand let's be honest i ways not pexactly a custom made state for pself declared democratic psocialist. pand yet bernie sanders made
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p>> this is a first i'm seeing of pthis i'll just ask u an about it psanders and others have said pvoting was irregular. phave you heard anything relating pto that? p>> haven't heard anything about pyou know generally we don't talk pabout the a likelihood of precount in these things. pbecause it's up precinct pcaptains to report how the pvoting turned out. pbut look, i think when you have pa result that's going to be on pthe with kind of margin that pwe're talking about here, pbetween bernie sanders and phillary clinton, at the very pleast sanders supporters may pquestion how everything was ptabulated. plet's move on and talk about new phampshire. pthat's they got. pwe do know that hillary clinton ptrails bernie sanders by quite a plarge margin. pshe's got lot of work to do. pso some republicans, right? pshe does. pand you know, as far as pdemocrats are concerned i think phillary clinton was hoping to phave big iowa win with an panticipated loss in new phampshire to kind of slug your pshoulders we lost new hampshire
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psanders' home state of vermont pwe went really expecting to win pthere. pnow she may eke out an win here pin iowa bernie sanders might phave more momentum to get a pwider margin in new hampshire. pwe we will see how that plays pout four republican guy to watch pnow marco rubio. preally surged last night coming pin very strong third. ptrue. pthat going to be something to pwatch too. pdoug, thanks a lot. pas always, and we'll talk again psoon, okay? p>> thanks, russell. psee you. p>> just looks miserable. p9:05 now later today president pobama will meet with republican pleaders at the house and senate. phouse speaker paul ryan will phave lunch with president and pthey plan to a senate majority pleader mitch mcconnell thee will phash out compromise what resident wants to finish before phe leaves office and what the prepublican congress wants. pwhite house admits that resident's legislative riorities are losing steam now pand republicans have their own pagenda.
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ptoday, criminal justice reform, pfighting heroin abuse war on pterror and president obama will pouring the two to fund pvice-president's moon shot pcancer push. p>> well, with a lot of people pexcited about the easing of the prestrictions with a cuba, one pcompany by carried, by carried prum has filed a lawsuit in pmiami. pthis story's kind of pcomplicated. pso bear with me. pwith the end of the embargo pamerica will soon be able to ptrade with cuba. pamerican companies will be able pto ship items to that country pand vice versa. pand that's where the problem plies. pu.s. patent and trademark office pis allowing cuban rum, that's phavana club rum, to be sold in pthe u.s. when embargo is finally plifted. phowever, by carried says that's pillegal. pby carried says they made rum in
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pand havana club that, name as pwell until 1960. pthen castro took over. pthey say castro seized havana pclub from them. pthere's lot more legal wrangling pno doubt this won't be the last pof its kind. pas we see more imports coming in pfrom cuba. pit's a promise of jobs and more pmoney to the state. pseminole tribe wants to expand pits casinos in tampa and south pflorida. pbut first the tribe has to reach pan agreement with governor rick pscott shayla reeves is here with pmore on what it could mean for pbay area. pgood morning, shayla. p>> hi, good morning to you. pi just had ad chance to speak pover the phone with a pspokesperson for the seminole ptribe. phe told me gary by thor in the ptribe was extremely grateful to phave governor visit and add pfocus to this issue that they pare trying to get pushed through pappear what were talking about phere was compact signed by pgovernor and chairman of the
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art of that agreement would not ponly add jobs but also mean some padditions some expansion to the pseminole hard rock casino. pright here in tampa, what we can psee if this pushed through was a psecond hotel added to the tampa plocation. pwe could also see a new prestaurant. pshops and a helipad. pit also calls for remodeling the pexisting hardrock cafe and pchanging some of the banquet and pmeeting room options available. pgrowth would not limited to ptampa though. lans are also in works for pseminole hard rock expansion in phollywood, florida this would pinclude guitar shaped room an pall projects expected to add pabout 15,000 construction jobs ermanent jobs as well it did pget pushed through however while pthere are folks supporting it pthere are folks that do not like pthis idea. pamong those include the no pcasino florida lobbying group. pno casinos group. pthey chairman of that group has
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pagreement, a bad deal for pflorida. padding that he believes it pviolates the constitution and pstate. pand would undermine florida's peconomy. pso we will continue to keep you osted as this works its way pthrough to see how florida pissue. pback to you prt all right pshayla, thank you. prussell. phappening a little bit later in ptampa, a grand reopening for one pof our city's golf courses. procky point golf course on dana pshores drive has just completed pa 7 month, $740,000 renovation pfeatures all new greens tee pboxes also added new retaining pwalls and landscaping mayor pbuckhorn will be on hand for the pgrand reopening celebration. pstarts at 9:30, in just a few pminutes. plet's stay with us, no beauty pschool drop out here. pjen epstein has a story of how pone school is combining starting pyour own business with learning phow to do hair. pand we've got our answer, pearlier this morning did the
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pdave's got that and just how paccurate the groundhog really pis. pand the breakfast of champions pwith charley belcher. pmini donut factory where they psent me if everybody always says pyou have greatest job ever. pyeah. pyeah. pinvestigating a mini donut pfactory, 2109, 2109 south dale pmabrey in south tampa. pmin donuts they make milk shakes pi will see how they do that also psomething i've never hold of pcold brew coffee. pif you like cold coffee i'm not phuge fan of iced coffee this is retty good. pnot watered down. pit's cold brewed. pi guess latest cool thing in
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p this took this is very cool plooking aircraft. pnasa next generation space pcapsule is right at the kennedy pspace center thp no it this is pwhat it came in flow from plouisiana to florida inside this pspecial plane. pis called the super guppy. pwhich i've never seen it before pmassive plane can carry up to 26 ptons of cargo. pright now, inside it, the orion pcapsule. pjust an empty shell. pstill needs all of hardware and pelectronics installed. pfirst deep space test is a pscheduled for some time in 2018. retty cool though. pdon't you think? pi thought that was it. pyou have very well could have
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pgroundhog day. pdid question did punxsutawney hil see his shadow. pan on across no he did not they ulled him up right after psunrise out of his little hole paccording to legend spring will pcome early this year. pbut you know, me, russell, yeah, pkind of feel like the fix is in p>> what? pi feel like the fix is in. pthe fix is in? pthe skies this morning kerr pclear in punxsutawney, ennsylvania. p>> you think this isn't legit? p>> you can't say it with a pstraight face. p>> let's be honest. pnot like fill's prediction will phave huge impact on us here in pflorida. pthat doesn't mean that we can't pcelebrate the occasion as well. eople in hollywood beach may phave the best groundhog day ptradition. pfor the past 12 years they've pgoing for a swim in the patlantic. pright after they watch a live pfeed of phil coming out. pby the way water temperatures pright now in the lower 60s. pso that's quite a cold jump into
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pnot like the gulf. pi'm talking about the gulf. pyeah the gulf or atlantic? p>> no both, both sides. pgulf that cold too? pgulf is about 62, yeah. psouths, not quite a polar plunge pbut still you get the point. pyou know arizona uses a prattlesnake for their little pgroundhog day. pthey use a rattlesnake. pbelieve it or not. p>> let's see the guy who handles pthat thing. p>> anyway. p>> fog, it's very weird the way pfog is set up this morning, pbecause we have some spots like pwhere we're standing gorgeous pyou wouldn't think fog at all pbut with then their other areas pwhere we're completely fogged in pright now. plook at riverview. pright? p>> yeah. pand this just kind of settled in pa few minutes ago. pthe low clouds and fog hanging pon in very stubborn way over priverview. pbradenton beach, this is sea pfog. pyou see some people, you see pindividuals there right at the
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pbut still, you see how thick psome of that fog is in bradenton pbeach behind russell and i it's pabsolutely gorgeous this pmorning. pand not to be outdone, lakeland palso showing that fog. pit's going to take some time. pwe will eventually get rid of pthat fog and once we do, i mean pwe're already starting in mid to pupper 60s. pso i say, let's tack on about 10 pto 12 degrees to those ptemperatures. pthat's what we're looking at for phighs today. pstill, polk county zero to a pquarter mile visibility. psarasota, venice a quarter to phalf mile visibility. pit will get there. pyou'll get that sunshine back. plook at that sea fog. pthat's just been streaming in pfrom south. pthat's why i think inland plocations you've got better shot phitting lower 80s than coastal pareas which may have to be in pout and of that fog all day plong. p81 degrees for high temperature pfor today. pi think tonight stays mild, more pfog for tomorrow morning, and pthen a very good rain chance pcoming through on thursday. punfortunately, timing not great
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pwe've got rain then we also have prain on sunday as well. pokay vanessa. pall right dave, thank you. pheir 9:16 we have a look pactually getting a picture from pthe scene of deadly crash we pmentioned at the top of the hour pin lakeland. palong memorial boulevard and pthose westbound lanes or you can psee are blocked due to this pdeadly crash. pwe're hearing it might involve a pmotorcyclist. pyou will want to avoid that pdirection of memorial. pmeantime unfortunately, another pdeadly crash we're following out pbradenton area. pwe're not seeing any delays any pmore westbound but we're hearing pfrom fhp westbound delay or pwestbound lane blockage along pstate road 64 at hope road. pmore information on this one to pcome. pmeantime give yourself at least pa couple extra minutes outdoor peven though road sensors are pgreen. pmeantime heavy delays here pnorthbound along 275 northbound pdirection as i mentioned, a 38th pchecking out. pwe do have a crash report just pnorth of here. pno lane blockages reported. pbut it is looking a bit slow
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pand we also have new crash preported in clearwater. pkeen road a lake view road planes blocked. pall right vanessa. pyou know this getting your hair pdone can expensive. pbut there's one place where you pcan treat yourself to a salon pday and help future generations pof hair stylist and pentrepreneurs it won't cost you pa fortune. pjen epstein is live for us a pmiddleton high school where they phave their very own barber shop pup and running. pwhat is that? pdid you dye your hair red? p>> a little bit maybe. pwhat do you think? plet me see. pa little red tips on end or red pall the way? p>> just tips. pwhat do you call it a little pfire and ice. pso, i like it. p>> we've got thank stylist pstrange thing, somehow during pthis process, i think i talked ptoo much you know why? pwhy? pbecause? pbecause you have a red tip you
9:18 am
p>> yeah. pduring dying process it got on pmy tongue. phow does it happen because pbecause i'm opening a little too pmuch. pi have no idea what that mean. phow did that happen? pgot to thank fabulous stylists plaura. pthey've working on my hair all pmorning long. pwhat do you think? p>> it's pretty. pyou like it? pthank you guys so much i will ptip you so don't go anywhere. pof these are just one of the pamazing stylist we've showing poff all morning long here middle pto tigerer claw barber shop pofficially opening doors not ponly two students here for free pstudents and faculty around free pto get any salon services, but popen to the public as well. pand, the salon prices are out of pthis world. pi'm looking right now it says peyebrow averaging $3, women hair pcuts full $5 and fred is here pgood morning. pso you're level three barber. pexplain to me what that means. pi've been in program for a
9:19 am
phair, texture all u. i know all pregulations stuff like that. pwhat are plans nor gentleman pthis morning today i'm going to pgive him an edge to clean imup pmake him look nice did you ever pin high school class you would plearning how to you run business pand how do do hair at the same ptime? pnotice aalways want to learn but pnever thought i would have i pthought i would have to wait puntil college stuff like that. popening yesterday? phow exciting what that is? pit was very exciting. pvery, i was very excited for it. pa lot of people coming out for phair cuts for me. pso you're in popular demand palready? pyeah. pso tell me a little bit about, pthe your favorite part of this pclass. pmy favorite part i think the pappearance changing. plike have someone look like they pdon't really look like rofessional. pthen they have a hair cut and pjust change their whole apgs ptransformation like my hair ptoday, i just came in regular pold girl with brown hair. pwalking out with some fire tips. p>> yeah.
9:20 am
p>> so, tell me a little bit pabout the other students, i see psome of them are doing hair as pwell. pbut some other salon services pyou can get nails done and that pkind of stuff too. pnails shampooing hair coloring phair gleeching. pa plethora of things everything pfullest. pvery cool. pi'll let you get to it fred pthank you my fabulous stylist, pagain. pwhat do you guys think? pi think i'm going to keep this ermanent and try too anchor the pnoon show with this air. pi stand corrected i challenged pyou earlier said i had no idea pyou would get in chair that is ptrer vanessa and i are curious? ptemporary tips? pis it temporary? p>> maybe it is. pwe like it. pmaybe it isn't. pyou are crazy. pmoo u lips are sealed. pwe'll talk to you later. psee you soon. ptell them we said hello. pgeorge clooney channing at that pitem are together promoting new pfilm topic of conversation
9:21 am
pwe'll talk about that's all pabout coming up next charley is pshowing off mini donut guys, when you order now you get a free pizza after super bowl 50! that's a great idea. ever notice how people always show up when you have free pizza? free pizza? hello? we get it after the super bowl. oh... i'll come back. order now through super bowl sunday at and get a free pizza starting the monday after super bowl. use promo code superbowl50. better ingredients. better pizza. better football.
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3 3 3 (( p i don't know what to do with pmy hands. pi don't know where to look. pthese are things i have to coach pthese people through right pbefore we're on live television. puh-oh too late. pgpdz i'm charley belcher coming pto you miniature donut factory. p2109 south dale mabrey highway pin south tampa. atrick is beautiful wife z over pthere their place. pz's place patrick a fine pemployee. pthank you. pnow we've talking about mini pdonuts shown how beautiful they pare. pthey are in case right there. pgorgeous little tiny treats. pbut you now taking them and make
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pyeah honestly we wanted to pintroduce ice cream i don't pdidn't want to do regular ice pcream. pso why don't we throw donuts in pthere. pwhy not. pi like the way you think. pshow me how you do it. pyou said dewing unfarms down pmyakka city. pfine folks down there. pdo eight ounces of that quality pmilk. padd a little extra flavor pbecause milk doesn't have flavor pwe add a little extra vanilla pflavor. p>> okay. pnow you're putting in donuts. poh. pthat's the fun part. plook at that. pjust, plain cake donut. pyou guess nice cake texture. pwe grab ice cream a little bit pfaster for us. pso that's your icing.
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pwe working cow pinellas county plocal creamery. plook at you supporting all local pcompanies. pyou have to local fwisz. pworking cow, good for you. pseriously. pthat's good. pvanilla one super easy just pblend it up. pso we're going to introduce pmaple bacon. pthat's next week i have to save psomething for your next visit. poh look at that how popular have pmilk shakes been? pi go through 15 gallons easy on pa weekday. p>> very, very popular. p>> wow. pyeah. pall right. pi can't imagine. pthese are going to fly of off pshelves this summer. ponly open a couple months pbusiness has been i mean almost poverwhelming? or have you been pable to keep up with everything? poverwhelming. pbut it's been awesome a good poverwhelming.
9:25 am
pgreat name for a band. pcakey bits. poh. pyou've got top it with whipped pcream those new years presolutions go so well. pthis is why new year's presolutions come to be broken. pthat's tag line of the place. pthat's all her. pyou serve it like that? pthen you get to drink it. prussell. pi'm speechless. pso am i. pi want some. pi've got for tv i thought do the presearch. pthis your job we understand pcompletely. pi love you. pi love you. psorry, honey. pshould i leave you two alone? p>> wow. pwow. p>> yeah? pminiature the mini donut pfactory, 2109 south dale mabrey, pthis should, this is i'm sure pterrible.
9:26 am
pwalk home i'll walk it off. poh my goodness. pit's not that far. pi want my old job back. pi want the old job back. pman, that looks good. pall right. pthank you. pall right. phave a good day everybody. pthank you. pwe will. pwe will. pand i know you will too. psee you later. pall right coming up there's talk pof another magic mike movie. pthis time channing at that item phas whole different dance pgeorge clooney?
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p and welcome back. ptime right now 9:30. pbill cosby is facing a judge pright now he first hear in pcriminal case against him. pthis only case filed against the pactor stemming from accusations pthat he sexually assaulted pdozens of women. pthe defense says cosby had a pverbal agreement with a district pattorney in 2005. pcosby's attorneys will argue pthat per that agreement cosby pwould not be prosecuted. pif he testified in a civil plawsuit filed by andrea. rosecutors say there's no pevidence that that agreement pever existed. ponce testimony became public plast year prosecutors charged phim with felony sexual assault. pcosby has yet to enter a plea. p>> a former police officer will palso appear in court today. pofficer william melendez was pconvicted back in november for pviolent assault of a driver in pdetroit. pfloyd dent was hopped lies after pa traffic stop last january.
9:29 am
ulling up from his car pattacking him. pbrutally. pthe officer pushed dent in head unched dent in the head 16 ptimes. pin just ten seconds. pa jury found him guilty of passault with intent to do great pbodily harm. pmelendez could face up to ten pyears in prison. p still no sign of two pteenager who broke out phillsborough county juvenile pdetention center. pinvestigators say 18-year-old panthony bay and a 17-year-old panthony cook cut a hole in the pchain link fence. pguards found out they were pmissing during head count. pboth teenagers were serve time pfor grand theft@if you know panything call hillsborough pcounty solicits office foggy pstart to our morning. pthis video fridays pinellas pcounty. pheavy fog made it hard to see pwhile driving drivers cautioned pthe slow down, don't put your plights on high beam. psince then all fog has burned poff at least most of it. pdave with more on what we can pexpect for the rest of the day. p>> yeah. pi can tell you where i'm pstanding it's beautiful.
9:30 am
psaw how gorgeous it is warm, pmuggy. pbut there's still fog along the pcoast. psome of that stubborn sea fog. pthat may not lift or back out panyway. pbest way to describe that until pearly this afternoon. pso if you live right along the pcoast and you still fogged in, pnot the greatest start to the pday. pbut, hang in there. priverview you're looking down at pthe low clouds. pso still, some fog in eastern phillsborough county to contend pwith out toward beach you see psome of that sea fog. pany time you get a southerly com pincident to wind this time of pyear, i mean you're likely going phave to deal with sea fog. pbut then tampa looks like this. pi mean so, it really depends on pwhere you're watching from. pbecause, clearwater it's pgorgeous. pst. petersburg, it's gorgeous. pwinter haven, you've got below a pquarter mile visibility. pand some of that stressing into phillsborough county as well.
9:31 am
pwhere you're watching, inland plocations, we'll get rid of that pfog soon enough. pright along the coast little pwaves of sea fog over next pcouple of mornings you can see pit with visible satellite erfectly there. pyou see those clouds in the peastern gulf. pthat's sea fog. pand you're generating that by ushing this south to southeast pwind right up over the cooler pshelf waters of the eastern pgulf. pthat's producing that fog. pi think that once the sun goes pagain. pi don't think there will be much pof a change tomorrow morning pfrom where we are right now. pthe big changes for us really pdon't happen until thursday. pthrough. pand brings us pretty good chance pof rain. pso next couple more than kind of pfoggy afternoons will be wild. ptoday warm high of 81 degrees. ptonight overnight lows near 67. pand tomorrow's high temperature paround 78 degrees. ptomorrow, there's that quick
9:32 am
pfor good measure. pfor good measure. pbut the best rain chances you've pgot two of them for you. pwe've got one which is going to pbe on thursday. pi know. pbeginning of the state fair. pi really want you to pay pattention on thursday to pskytower radar. pthen another one on sunday, so ptwo times this week we could get psome heavy rain and maybe a few pthunderstorms as well. pi do have one first birthday to ass along to you on this lovely pgroundhog day. pmckayla is turning one he loves pto dance and a play with toys pand chocolate chip cookie and a pmilk. pmckayla dip into milk and your pmilk tastes chocolatey too. pgood tip, dave. p>> happy birthday mckayla. pall right time right now 9:35. plet's check roadway pasco county pdrivers watch out for crash moon plake roadblocking northbound planes could see delay heading
9:33 am
psouthbound ridge road crash preported here. pand also we want to check on hey pyour are faring looks like we're pshaping up pretty nicely and pthings are clearing out. plooks like eerie main delay pnorthbound 275, tampa side of pthe howard franklin moving up to pi-411 minutes is that ride. pall right vanessa. pworld health organization has pannounced this zika virus is now pan international emergency. pone major concerns this morning pis for pregnant women, this is pvirus that can cause severe pbirth defects. pand lot of cases we brought in pdr. jo to talk about this a plittle bit. pgood morning. pthis has become a real concern. p>> it absolutely has. pi think what world health porganization is doing let's go pahead and take precaution and pinstitute this state of pemergency increase funding pincrease that krans we're going pto get research for vaccine and pvarious other treatments. pright now we no this
9:34 am
pit presumed it might be link to pzika. psome evidence shown in women, pbabies babies that have died. pzika sires was there. pbut they don't know it for sure. pthey sayist's its going to take ossibly 6 months to really, preally confirm that. palso we had heard numbers, 3500, p3800 cases of this microcephaly. pwe're now hearing maybe knows pnumbers maybe they aren't as phigh as they said. pbut at the same time, you never pwant to take that chance. pyou want to be on the safe side. pso the who director general pmargaret chen said that she's pnot really imposing travel prestrictions. phowever the cdc is. pthe cdc is advise's women that pare in any trimester of regnancy or trying to get regnant i'd add that in there pas well to not go to those pcountries that are affected. pthey they just added four more, pone of them over americas samoa. pnot just central america south pamerica the caribbean now we're ptalking about south asia. pyou mention let's stay with that
9:35 am
pwoman is infected with the zoo pcan virus bitten by a mosquito psay for instance gets pregnant psix months or a year electric pnow. pstill a concern stay in the pbody? pi don't think anybody can say pyou know it's absolutely not a pconcern but i would say it robably is not. pbecause, what they, they believe pis that this virus resolves pvery, very quicklywithin a week pout of your system. pthey are most concerned about pwomen in their first trimester pwhen that brain development is poccurring that affected by or pthey believe is affected by the pzika virus. pbut again, don't take a chance. pthey are saying any woman in any ptrimester. pso really that woman who's about pto get pregnant or you know, or pmaybe in that early pregnancy pthat i think has the most pconcern. pbut certainly, you know, i keep psaying this all the time it's pnine months out of your life you pknow be careful do everything pyou can. pstay home. pyes. p>> yes. pmaybe not stay home but you got pget a bubble. pget inside a bubble.
9:36 am
pannouncement puts it right with pebola in same category. pyet it's not fatal. pnoisn't again micro self lee. pwe don't know what's going phappen we heard from nih last pweek there could small clusters pin florida and texas. phe does not anticipate its going pto widespread in our country pbecause we have mosquito pcontrol. pwe're inside. pwe have air conditioning we have psome that things other countries pdon't have a little bit more recautions. pbut at the same time, those psmall clusters will occur when psomebody comes back from one of pthose countries, maybe they pdon't even know they are pinfected because only about 20 ercent have symptoms at all. pthey get bit by mosquito. pso it can and it might very well phappen. pso if you're one of those people pwho has somebody coming in pyou're pregnant or trying to get regnant or you're in early pstages of pregnancy, you know pmaybe you know, to extra
9:37 am
pyourselves from mosquitos you pcan actually, believe it or not pwe have manufacturing center pright here that has repellents pand called sawyer you can spray pyour clothing with certain ones pobviously treat your clothing pyou can spray yourself prepellent. ptake necessary precautions i pwant to get to you i want to ask pyou quickly we're waiting on pword before jamaica a 4-year-old pboy who is reportedly recovering pfrom the zika virus. phe had visited texas. pthat's true. pand yes we are. pi'm waiting every day i'm pchecking their website. pministry of health in jamaica is psaying that they don't know. pthey just don't know. pboy came back from texas after pvisiting there around pjanuary 7th he has recovered but pthey did get configures on 29th phe was in fact positive for zoo pcan virus. pso we don't know. pwe don't know did he pick it up pin texas. pbut you know if you think back premember last week we saw
9:38 am
pdon't get pregnant they hadn't phad a reported case yet. pit turns out they knew about pthis case investigating that and robably why they had that pwarning out to women. pi mean they really are asking ptheir whem to not to postpone regnancy. pit's very serious issue. pall right dr. jo we'll leave it pthere. palways good to so you. prussell. pall right think about this duo, pif you will. pgeorge and chan. pyep. pclooney and tatum. ptogether in a new comedy. pbut what would they be like in panother magic mike movie? pvery funny name they came up pwith for clooney's character.
9:39 am
pstarting the day 228 down. welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff
9:40 am
and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. 3 it was a raukus red carpet last p it was a rock rauk us a red pcarpet last night stars for pupcoming comedy hail cesar pgathered at the premiere last pnight in hollywood based on p1950s hollywood. pthe movie follows a movie studio pfixer played by josh brolin, and pa search for missing film star pgeorge clooney in order to pcomplete his movie within a pmovie. pyeah.
9:41 am
pi don't think i followed that pone either. pso there's an ester williams pwanna be played by scarlet pjohannesen. layed by channing at that item. art of the promotion for hail pcesar clooney and tatum sat down pwith entertainment tonight and pthey discussed george being part pof magic mike 3. phow about that? pand what his character name pwould be. pwell at first channing says you pcan't go wrong with his real pname then they got a little pcreative. p>> mine is bare boon bare boon? preally. pmind would be what is pet first pfirst pet and then your first pstreet. pmine big boy fourth street. pno way. p[ laughter ] pi might have best name ever. pnow featuring big boy. pcan't go wrong with big boy. pall right. pby the way, there are no plans pright now to do another magic
9:42 am
pso those two were just clearly phaving fun. pall right. pspeaking of having fun tebow ptime. pformer football star joined pspike tv lip synched battle only pway that tee bo can. pjust watch. cont)) pall right i will overlook the pfact that he's not doing so much plip synching more dancing he's pchoreography. ptebow going old school precreating rocky training scenes pto survivors eye of the tiger. pthis is just a preview. pthe share airs thursday night pnina. pthere come the guns. pall right. pcoming up watching what you aeat pis not only about weight but palso about not getting sick food
9:43 am
pfirst here's look a today's
9:44 am
it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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3 ((russellvo)) if the chipotle e-coli outbreak has proved anything... pif this chipotle e.coli outbreak phas taught us anything we should preally pay attention to what we peat. pspecifically how our food is repared some foods are more pdangerous than other and should pset off red flags. p5 flaifrts that you may want to pavoid. pin an interview with the food oison journal, attorney bill plisted several things he would pnever eat what makes him an pauthority on matter he's pspecializes in food poisoning plawsuits he know as thing or to pabout dangerous foods things plike raw sprouts like alpha fall pfa clover rad issue sprouts. pthey can contaminated with psalmonella. pmeat, if it isn't cooked well or pdone can be harmful for are your phealth centers for disease pcontrol trongly advise ground pmeat cook to 160 degrees. oultry, 165 degrees. palso, a be wary prewashed or recut fruits and vegetables.
9:46 am
pmore food is handled the better pchance it has of becoming con pfamily nated. pi use that last one precut. pi do. pall the time. pcan you imagine some of the
9:47 am
pnever here's another live picture of the board on wall street. adlib over pix. pwife we've got to look at dow is pdown 261. pwhat's going on, lauren? pde ja vu. pit feels like january all over pagain. pstocks are selling off because poil just went under 30 bucks a pbarrel. pthis is another sell off pyesterday was it was down 6 ercent. pnow down about three, three and pa half percent. pexxon mobile major oil company preported profits down 58 ercent. pthat's stock taking a hit. pchevron the worst performing dow pstock yet. pso you have oil sector really pwhacking equities this morning pand quite honestly you have sell poff here in u.s. around world pwith exception of china today. pi know we us a talk about how, phow we're republican or democrat pin white house will affect the pstock markets. pbut even the caucuses can have a pbearing on the markets? p>> well, in a sense that they pbring certain candidates to pforefront.
9:48 am
pwinner. phillary clinton, right? pshe is bad for drug stocks and pbio texas they got hit past pcouple months after she went pafter companies tore for pincreasing price of drugs. pclose second. phe would come down hard on the pbanks. pfinancial regulations. pfinancial sector would do badly pif he you know gathered some pmomentum again yes new hampshire pbut also south carolina. pand on republican side, donald ptrump, he's, junny protectionist pa little bit. pmulti nationals might not do so pwell certain sectors do respond. pall in you have to remember that piowa and new hampshire are not pnecessarily symbolic of what's pgoing on nationally. pthey are typically more rural, pmore religious, maybe a little pbutt wealthier places. pat least when you look wages and punemployment rate. p>> okay. pwe'll watch the markets with you pand hope for the best, okay. p>> i know going to tough one ptoday. pbut you know what, anything can phappen. pas you guys know come the pclosing bell.
9:49 am
pcould a whole different story ptomorrow morning. pall right hope so. psee you tomorrow. pand don't miss lauren simonetti por sister network station you're pnot where to find log on to and look for pchannel finder. plet's check those visibilities. pbecause i know, as pretty as it pis in tampa. pthere are spots dealing with pzero visibility at this hour. pgoing on? pwe're going to do our best to plift that fog out once we do it pshould warm up pretty quickly. pwe're back to lower 80s for high ptemperatures today. pguess what more fog tomorrow pmorning. prain coming through. pwe've got two bands of rain, one pon thursday, and i think another pone on sunday. pokay. pall right that will do it for ptoday tuesday february 2nd. pgroundhog day. pgroundhog didn't see his shadow. pso there. pso there. pspring's coming live with kelly pand michael coming up next then pwendy williams fox 13 news at pnoon as always get latest on our
9:50 am
pfollow us on twitter and pinstagram like us on facebook. pglad you're feeling better. pmuch stronger today. pyes, strong. psee you pbye. p"realtime closed captioning rovided by u.s. captioning pcompany." good day tomorrow starts with a list of the five people you should *never" unfriend on facebook.... (laura) plus, charley belcher has an year's superbowl commercials..... (russell) then, we're sorting out the markets.... ways you can best recover from the wall street plunge of january.... (laura) ..and all your overnight news, weather and traffic.... (russell) ...starting at 4am, on good day tomorrow.******:10 (laura) tomorrow' we've got a list of the five people you should *never" unfriend on facebook.... (russell) plus, an insider's preview of
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