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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 3, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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3 3 taking their fight to the granite state.. presidential candidates are p>>russell: taking the fight to pthe granite state. residential candidates are utting iowa behind them as they plook ahead to next week's rimary in new hampshire. p>>laura: and a box of puppies pleft on the side of the road. pwe're live with the search for pthe person responsible for this pand the work going on right now pto try to get the puppies phealthier. p>>russell: and a 3 d scanner pcould help us find out more pabout an extinct species of pmanatee. phey, everybody. pwelcome to "good day." pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pthank you for waking up with us pon this wednesday morning, pfebruary 3. pit's dry today. pdave is tracking some wet pweather in the forecast, though, pright? p>>dave: the wet weather tomorrow pbut it's dry.
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pthis morning. plook at the brookdale, bayshore pcameras. psun will be up in a few minutes pand a pretty start. pwe're looking at the cloud cover pwith the southeast winds that's pdone two things. pone, kept us up near the normal phighs for today and two, kept pthe fog out so i guess it's retty good. poverall we'll go to the upper p70s, around 80 degrees. psun is coming up, mostly cloudy pskies over the beach where it's p71 degrees and again, upper 70s pare expected. pbig line of rain comes through ptomorrow. pwe'll talk about the timing of pthat in just a little bit. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: see you then. pmeantime, we have a couple of pcrashes working around the area. pwe want to start off with the platest one that's blocking some planes off and also causing pdelays eastbound on hillsborough pavenue. pthis is a crash reported at pmemorial highway. preally just west of that pintersection with memorial and pleft lane is blocked. pwe're already seeing delays pheading eastbound for five pminutes or so. lan at least that extra time pout the doorway. pthings tend to stack up peastbound on hillsborough avenue
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pwe'll keep you posted on that. pmeantime, this one is also pcausing some minor delays. pnorth. pserious injuries reported here. psouthbound lanes, two of them pare actually blocked heading pthat way. pwe also want to show you video pjust coming into the news room pof a deadly crash in the pbradenton area. pthis is along u.s. 301. pit's near 63rd avenue east. ptake a look at that wreckage. pwe're hearing from the hotographer it was a vehicle pstuck under a semi truck. pas you heard, at least one erson passed away but we're pstill working on getting more pdetails on that. pmeantime, all lanes of 301 are pshut down. pyou're probably going to want to ptake 301 boulevard in the pmeantime. p>>russell: 7:02 right now. ptoday in new hampshire the pcampaign trail will be crowded. residential candidates trying pto steal some momentum from ted pcruz and hillary clinton. p>>laura: and there will be lenty of chances, too with taun phalls giving a chance for voters
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pgood morning to you, garrett. p>>reporter: good morning, laura. pwith iowa in the rearview mirror pnow, all of the campaigns have ptheir sights squarely set on new phampshire. pall hands are on deck and the pfuture of several republican pcampaigns are on the line. phe may have barely finished psecond in iowa, but senator and pself proclaimed socialist bernie psanders is in command in new phampshire where he's changing phis tone and drawing sharper pcontrast with hillary clinton, pquestioning whether she's a true rogressive. p>> when -- despite being a precent second, clinton is parguing she's the practical pchoice for true democrats. p>> ask yourselves, does this pjust sound good on paper or can pthis get done? p>> she's shown the propensity to pdo or say anything to get the pvote. p>>russell: on the republican pside, marco rubio took his
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pshowing in iowa and immediately pset sights on ted cruz who is pnow trying to convince voters he pisn't a one state wonder like revious caucus winners. p>> we ended december 31 with palmost more money in the bank pwith them all combined together. p>>russell: another candidate who pdoesn't seem to have money roblems, donald trump landed in pnew hampshire and landed an pendorsement from scott brown. p>> scott brown, for him to come pup and call and say, i love what pyou're doing, i love where pyou're going, he loves this area pand he loves you people. pfor him to endorse me is a very pimportant thing. p>>russell: donald trump is pdominating. pit's socially a fourth place lace. pvoters in the granite state, we pall know they're known for not
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plast minute. pwe have six days left and a pdebate until the primary happens p>>laura: all right. plive for us in washington, d.c., pthank you. pseveral puppies left on the side pof the road to die are being pmorning. p>>russell: who left them there pin the first place? pshayla reaves is live outside of pthis morning. pthat's where these dogs are phope. ply -- hopefully recovering psoon. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pshelter workers say it can tell pus in the range of four to six pweeks for these puppies to fully precover. pwe're told at the time that they pwere found, they could have ossibly been suffering for as pmany as several weeks. pthat's the information coming to pus from the humane society of ptampa bay. pi want you to take a look at the pdogs we're talking about.
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pthe side of the road in a box by psomeone described to us as a pgood samaritan. pthat person went ahead and icked them up, transported them phere to the humane society of ptampa bay and it's here where pthey have been receiving ptreatment. pso without that treatment, pthough, they could have died if pleft in the condition. peach one is underweight and prequires antiobiotics, medicated pbaths to help them heal. pshelter workers tell us that the uppies are expected to make a precovery from everything they're pdealing with. pthis includes hair loss, they're pdealing with things like sores pand infection just to give you psome examples. pit's unclear at this point pexactly who the good samaritan pwas who found them or who is presponsible for abandoning the uppies in the first place. pstill some questions out there pthat are still left unanswered pat this point. pin the meantime, humane society pof tampa bay tells us once the uppies make a full recovery, pthey'll be able to be adopted. pif that's something you're
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pgive the humane society of tampa pbay a call. pback to you. p>>russell: thank you. pflorida has six new confirmed pcases of the zika virus and paccording to the state pdepartment of health, two cases pare in hillsborough county. pthat brings the total number of pcases in the state to nine, all pof those who contracted the pmosquito born virus contracted pit while in south america. pthis, though, comes as a man in pthe dallas area, dallas, texas pwas found to have contracted the pvirus after having sexual pcontact with someone who was pinfected. pthe zika is usually spread pthrough mosquito bites. pexperts say it could spread to pfour million people worldwide by pthe end of the year. ptaking place today in ptallahassee, florida house pexpected to vote on a series of pbills that would give gun owners pmore freedom. pone would allow gun owners with pconcealed weapons permits to pcarry their sidearms without pconcealing. panother would allow those same eople to carry guns on college pcampuses. phouse is prepared for final vote pon that bill.
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p>>laura: in pasco county, pdeputies are trying to piece ptogether a violent scene that pended with three men shot. pit happened late last night in pdade city. pthree men arrived at a hospital pwith gunshot wounds. ptwo of them appeared to be in pcritical condition while the pthird man was not as serious. pit's not clear where the pshooting happened or who pulled pthe trigger but investigators pbelieve that the shooting may be prelated to gang or drug pactivity. p>>russell: florida supreme court phas given an indefinite stay of pexecution for convicted killer pmichael lamberts. phe cannot be put to death until pthey figure out,000 apply the psupreme court ruling that pdeclared the florida death enalty unconstitutionality. pit could mean all 390 people on pdeath row could have their psentence either thrown out or pcommuted. ublic defenders and legal pexperts say reopening sentencing hases for all of those cases
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pimpractical and also painful for pfamilies. p>>laura: still ahead, markets pthis year are best described as pa rollercoaster and that's utting it delicately. pcould things be levelling out? pare we in for more ups and pdowns? pgeoff simon will give us panswers. p>>russell: you be the judge pnext. p>>dave: make waking up to 72 degrees. pit's above our normal high for pthis time of year so i can pconfidently tell you today will pbe above normal. pour winds right now out of the psoutheast, maybe six to 10 miles pan hour but enough that the fog pdid not form. p20% rain chance today. p80% on the rain chance which preally will be late morning into
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p>>dave: 7:12 on this wednesday pmorning. pa couple of camera shots for pyou. retty start to the day and the pall children's hospital camera,
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psun will be up in 4 1/2 minutes, pgive or take, and we do have psome spots. psee how fast they're streaming pthrough the area. pnotice something you don't have, pthe fog. pthat is because the winds that pwe've had overnight. psoutheast five, 10, 12 miles an phour. pnot a huge wind but enough to pkeep the atmosphere stirred up, pnot allowing the fog to form. plakeland, i can see lake mirror ptoday. pi couldn't see it during the pentire show yesterday because of plow clouds and fog. pnow we do have mostly cloudy pskies but it's a decent start to pthe day. ptemperatures are amazing to me. pit's already 73 degrees in pbrooksville, 72 in tampa, same pfor brandon, wauchula, arcadia. ponly a few spots have been left pback in the upper 60s but even pthat is still way above normal. p53 is our normal low for this ptime of year and the closest i
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pthat is how warm it is. pbut not just here. pgo all the way to the northwest. plook at pensacola at 71. anama city at 70. pthen an abrupt shift in the wind pdrags us down in mississippi. pwe do have cooler air on the pway. pthis front, this time around, pkind of taking its time to get phere, even though you see the prain in florida. pnotice the winds southeast 13, p14, even 17 mile-per-hour winds. pfront sliding ever so slowly to pthe southeast. ponce it gets here tomorrow, pafter tomorrow, showers, maybe a prumble of thunder. pwe're not anticipating any huge psevere weather in our area but pwe may see the bottom half of pthe front have to deal with a pround of heavy rain after the pmorning commute tomorrow. pand that's going to set the pstage for what i think is going pto be a much cooler finish to pthe week. pclose to 80 today no doubt,
7:15 am
ptonight mostly cloudy, warm and pmuggy, lows will be in the mid p60s and then for tomorrow, a pline of showers and pthunderstorms moving through pwith a high temperature of 72 pdegrees. pearly afternoon, the best chance pof squeezing out the showers. pthen cooler for friday. pi think temperatures are cool. pmorning lows in the 40s so a big pdifference between high ptemperatures thursday and friday pand then late in the day on psaturday, another round of rain pcomes through. pthat should be out of here by psunday. p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. p7:15 is the time. pa new crash we're seeing with pminor delays but definitely pworth noting because we have plane blockage out of pinellas pcounty. pmcmullen booth north of 580 is pwhere we have what we're seeing psouthbound delays as i mentioned pin a minor fashion after the pvehicle crash we've been pfollowing. pmeantime, we have a live look pover the tampa side of the phoward frankland bridge. phere is all the traffic coming pinto tampa and you can see it is pstarting to slow down visually pbut also here on the road
7:16 am
plooks like 13 miles an hour is pthe average as you're papproaching west shore with the poverall travel time of 18 pminutes from that tampa side of pthe howard frankland heading up pto the interchange. pi want to check other trouble pspots on the majors. pfor a couple of minutes over the pnormal travel time for this time pof morning, along southbound p275, that's 27 minutes from pbearss avenue to i-4 and then pyou can see we have some minor pcongestion along southbound 75, p13 minutes from fletcher to pselmon and i-4 westbound, 16 pminutes ride. p>>laura: in financial news, pyahoo has announced it's laying poff 15% of the staff by the end pof the year. pthat amounts to about 1700 pemployees. pc.e.o. says this is part of her lan to fend off investors who pwant her fired and redirect the pinternet company into new roducts and services. pfor the first time, she gave a pstrong indication about the
7:17 am
p>>russell: what do you think pabout this? puber is doing a little preimagining, reimaging. ptake a look at the new logo on pthe right side of the screen. pit features an image that is pcalled the at om and bit. pthe suspect spokesperson says pthe new logo will be used pworldwide with a different color pscheme in each of the 68 pcountries that the company poperates in. pmine hasn't changed on the phone pyet. p>>laura: i like the logo. p>>russell: new is an eww. p>>laura: bill cosby will be back pin court today. phear why a former d.a. says the pcase against cosby no longer has pany ground. p>>russell: some are calling it pthe case of be careful what you pwish for with women playing an pactive role in the military.
7:18 am
psign up for the draft. phello, charley. p>>charley: "good day" to you, prussell rhodes. ptalking about logos, has to do pwith advertising. padvertising takes up the stage pthis sunday. pa little football game happening psunday evening called the super pbowl. pi the biggest game of the year pfor the nfl. pit is the biggest night of the pyear in the ad world. pso we've come to a local ad pagency here in tampa. pthey might not have the super pbowl trophy but they certainly phave plenty of awards out there pto win and the products being padvertised certainly hope they pwin in the shopping arenas, pwhatever they have to sell. pstick around. pwe're going to break down the platest and greatest in super
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america runs on dunkin'. 3 p>>russell: 7:21 right now and
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pdeclined to arrest bill cosby on psex crime charges 10 years ago psays that he is essentially pgranted the comedian lifetime pimmunity from prosecution in pthis case. p>>laura: now the two appeared in pa philadelphia courtroom to talk pabout it yesterday as cosby and phis attorneys tried to persuade pa judge to dismiss a felony passault case from 2004 and in pthat case, cosby is accused of pdrugging and sexually assaulting pa woman in his philadelphia area phome. p78-year-old denies these pallegations. phe says the sex they had was pconsensual and the defense pclaimed they made the deal in pexchange for cosby's testimony pin a 2005 suit filed by the pvictim. pthe woman at the center of the platest allegations. p>>russell: president obama is pscheduled to visit the islamic psociety of baltimore today. phe'll deliver remarks. psenior administration official psays the president will pcelebrate muslim americans' pcontributions to the nation. phe will also reaffirm the
7:23 am
pfor our way of life. pthe president has visited pmosques overseas, never during phis presidency. p>>laura: it's time for women to pregister for the draft. pthat's according to top officers pfrom the army and the marines. pthey testified before a senate parmed services committee pyesterday. pit's the first for the defense pdepartment. pin the past, defense lewders ponly went as far as to say the pissue needed to be researched. pwomen are currently exempt by plaw from being drafted and only pcongress can change that. p>>russell: help on the way for pflint residents who had lead pcontaminated water pouring from ptheir faucets. pmichigan's governor says he will ropose $30 million in state pfunding to help residents pay ptheir water bills. pthe aid would cover the portions pof the bills specifically used pfor cooking and bathing. phe plans to brief city officials pand pastors on the proposal ptoday and outline it for plawmakers next week. p>>dave: i'm still amazed what
7:24 am
pbrookdale bayshore camera this pmorning, i do have some clouds pmixed in with the sunrise this pmorning and step out the door, pfeels nothing like the 3rd of pfebruary because it's warm. pit's muggy outside. pour air temperatures are in the plower 70s. pdew points up around 70 degrees pas well so it's very warm, very pmuggy start and over the next pthree days, notice just a 20% prain chance this afternoon. pwe're going to bring that way up pto 80% by tomorrow afternoon and pthen we're going to cool it off pjust in time for the weekend pwith highs friday back to 63 pdegrees. p>>vanessa: thank you. pand we do want to revisit the pcrash i mentioned at the top of pthe hour. pthat was slowing things down in phillsborough avenue. pthe delays are getting a bit pworse eastbound. pthe crash is reported west of pmemorial highway and it's pblocking a left lane that pactually should say eastbound pbut we're seeing delays up to 10 pminutes or so.
7:25 am
pyou might save a couple of extra pminutes at this point. pwatch it and see how quickly it pclears up. pit is causing trouble for folks palong hillsborough. plooks better this morning than pyesterday along the veterans pexpressway. pi'm not sure if yesterday's fog pwas causing some heavier travel ptimes. pwe got up over 40 minutes pyesterday. pright now we're sitting around p31 minutes top to bottom travel ptime. pyou can see the slower speeds preally around ehrlich where the paverage is around 31 as we pusually see as well northbound ptravel times are such a breeze. p>>laura: thank you. pdonald trump, what he says kept phim from finishing first in piowa. p>>russell: alcides segui is pgoing to be showing us how we pcan prepare ourselves for the pworst of situations. pgood morning. p>>reporter: you have to think pabout it, especially in this day pand age. pgood morning to you, laura and prussell. pthese folks are having pbreakfast, relaxing now. pin an hour there will be an pactive shooter situation here at
7:26 am
pagain, it is to bring awareness, pto learn about what you should
7:27 am
pwe'll discuss it welcome back... the time is 7:xx. sadly... mass shoot
7:28 am
pit's almost 7:28. pmass shootings are becoming all ptoo common in our society. pso much so that people are pasking themselves how they can pbe better prepared. p>>laura: would you know what to pdo in an active shooter psituation? palcides segui is live at the ort of tampa bay where police pare getting ready for a real plife demonstration. pit's scary to think about, palcides segui. p>>reporter: it is scary but it pis something we should think pabout just in case it does phappen. pwhat should be our first preaction? pwe should be aware of our psurroundings. pyou never know when something phappen. pthe u.s. preally across the globe. pthat's why we need to raise pwareness. pthat's exactly what they're pdoing this morning. pthey're grabbing a bite to eat pnow and relax and then in a half phour or so, that's when they'll plearn about active shooter psituations here at the port of ptampa. pit's city officials, business powners, property owners and they plearn a lot about what they can pdo if this happens to them and
7:29 am
pseveral tragedies across the pu.s., many lost their lives. pone incident that stands out is pin newtown, connecticut. p20-year-old man walked into psandy hook and killed 26 people. p20 of those children. pmost recently in san bernardino, pcalifornia at the inland pregional center during a party, ptwo people were just heavily parmed, walked in and killed 14, phurt 21 others. pyou never know when it's going pto happen. pthe list goes on and on. pbecause of that, it's raised a plevel of concern among pamericans. pour schools, the workplace, phouses of worship. pare we doing everything we can pdo to keep our students, staff, eople around us safe from gun pviolence? pthat question will be answered ptoday. pthese folks are having breakfast pnow and then the forum will pbegin at 7:45. pnext hour we'll have the active pshooter scenario. pthat will begin. retty surreal but very pinformative and we should have
7:30 am
p>>laura: thank you. pyorkie that was stolen last week pis back home this morning. pthe three men who made off with pthe food, electronics and the pfamily's dog toby are still on pthe run. psomeone returned him to the home pyesterday. pthe vet says he's healthy. phe's fine. prepublican senator tom lee of pbrandon helped to propose a bill pthat would require the florida plottery to scale back the amount pof scratchoff games it offers. pcurrently the lottery offers pabout 60 scratch jom games. psenator lee wants it to be 20. pthe likely intent is to protect eople in low income areas. phe says the lottery targets pthese people, regulated pindustries committee has backed pthe measure. p>>russell: shocking find at one papartment complex left some presidents on edge. p12 foot crocodile makes an pappearance at a complex in cape pcoral yesterday. pfolks who live there say they pwere surprised to find out that
7:31 am
pbeach and that they'd never seen pit before. p>> one of our neighbors was pstanding outside. pyou have a crocodile down here pon the beach. pi said, no. pi've been here since july. pi haven't seen an alligator. p>>russell: fish and wildlife had pbeen told about it but they pdidn't take any action to remove pthe crocodile. pit was tagged and found on the pbeach which means that pauthorities have been contacted pwith it in the past. p>>laura: strange story. pa familiar in osceola county is pstill trying to figure out why psomeone stuck a slimy catfish in ptheir mailbox. pthe family found out about the pfish after the mailman walked up pto the front door, handed them ptheir mail and then told them pabout it. phe didn't want to touch the pmailbox. pshe took a few pictures and very pconfused, then threw it in the pgarbage can. p>> he was definitely slimy.
7:32 am
pand when i pulled him out, he pwas about 12 inches. p>>laura: madison and her husband phave no idea who or why anyone pwould want to do this. pthey hope this is all just a rank that will not become a roblem. p>>russell: it's been another prough day for asian markets. pstocks fell in today's trading. rice of oil is worrying pinvestors as well and the prices pcould lead to job cuts in the penergy industry. pwe'll talk about how this is paffecting all of us here at phome. pgeoff simon of raymond james is pin to talk about that. pit's not been a good year so pfar, has it? p>> the year hasn't gotten very pfar yet, either. ponly a month into it but it's pbeen a really rough ride for pinvestors and not only here but
7:33 am
p>>russell: volatile? pis that an appropriate word? p>> there are many words for it. pthat's one that you can say over pthe air. p>>russell: okay. pwe have learned that 93% of pinvestors lost money in january. pi would sure like to meet the pother seven. pbut you know, safe places to go? p>> well, are there safe places pto go? pat the moment in the stock pmarket, there aren't too many. pbut cash and fixed income have pactually done rather well so if pyou own bonds or money, cash, pthat sort of thing, they have pdone well because they're not ptied whatsoever to the stock pmarket. pthey probably increased in pvalue. pbut if you own any stocks pwhatsoever, your portfolio, pthere have been little to no psafe places to hide. pit's been across the board pselloff. p>>russell: besides the stock pmarket that we're talking about, pthere are other markets around
7:34 am
plet's talk about commodities, pnot having a good go of it, peither. p>>reporter: the average stock is pdown around 10% this year. pif you look at commodities, the ast year, 2015 was a pcatastrophe and that's having psome effect on the global peconomy and then therefore, the pstock market. pif you look at natural gas, pnatural gas was down 40% last pyear. pif you look at it over five pyears, it was down 85% which is punbelievable if you're in that pbusiness. pwe saw the price of oil and gas pgoing down. pcrude oil saw 45% in 2015 and pover 70% the last five years. pso these are some really pincredible numbers but other pcommodityd like corn down 20% plast year. p40% for five years. pwheat 20% last year, down 65% pfor the last five years. pthis is just some indication pthat what is happening is more pvolatility.
7:35 am
pglobal markets and commodities pas well as financial assets like pstocks are definitely going pthrough periods of turmoil and pthat's probably going to have an peffect on our economy peventually. pright now the u.s. economy is pone of the strongest in the pworld. p>>russell: and another pindication to me, and you talk pabout this a lot in the past, of phow interconnected the world is pnow. pwe're not insulated from what's phappening in china. p>>russell: it was turmoil in the pchinese stock market and in ptheir currency markets that ptouched off the selloff we had pin august and absolutely had a plot to do with the selloff we phad at the start of the first pday of trading in january of pthis year. pthe chinese economy has had pturbulence in the stock market. pthey tried to intercede and cut ptheir exchange rate which pcreated a big wave of selling pand all of that uncertainty and pturmoil is rippling through the pstock markets here and in other laces around the world.
7:36 am
pthanks for coming in. ptake care. p>>laura: seems the second place pfinish at the iowa g.o.p. pcaucuses humbled donald trump a plittle. p>>russell: he sat down and said phe may have done better in the phawkeye state had he articipated in that debate. p>> i think i would have done robably a little bit better in piowa had i not, you know, gone pout and wanted to do that event pfor the vets but, you know, i'm pvery happy with second place pfinish. p>>russell: donald trump will be pin new hampshire for a campaign pevent today. phe's already been hurling pattacks at ted cruz on twitter. p>>laura: florida senator rubio psaid he's the most viable pgeneral election candidate. pbronze finish in iowa is pgarnering nearly as much funds pas if he had won and now as new phampshire voters get ready to phead to the polls, rubio is phoping to unify the pestablishment vote. pcampaign's goal is to edge out
7:37 am
pjeb bush and consolidate dollars pfrom mainstream republicans paround him. pgranite state votes next ptuesday. p>>dave: in sports, if you tune pinto the super bowl to listen to pthe music, lady gaga has signed pon to sing the national anthem. pthis will be part of the pregame pfestivities at levi stadium on psunday. pof course, the half-time show pwill be performed by coldplay pwith beyonce. poscar winning actress will rovide the american sign erformance. pone person that won't be there pis denver safety ryan murphy. olice detained and released the layer during a prostitution psting in san jose last night. preports that he was let go after olice determined he did not psolicit a prostitute but the man phe was with did get cited for
7:38 am
pbroncos head coach released a pstatement saying, quote, we pdecided it was best if we pcontinued our preparation for psuper bowl 50 without him. phe also said murphy's status has pnot changed, only that he will pno longer be part of the super pbowl. phe was cut by the seahawks but phas yet to play a game with the pteam. pmeanwhile, on the field, pquarterbacks for this year's psuper bowl teams, they both made pit clear they have a great deal pof respect for one another. pmanning says newton could be the pface of the nfl for a long time. phe said the panthers made a wise pchoice when they selected him. pfirst overall pick in 2011. pnewton has made the most of his popportunities, certainly looks plike cleveland quarterback pmanzel has done his best to pthrow him away.
7:39 am
ick after he was involved in a pdisturbance with his pex-girlfriend over the weekend. pthey could release him as early pas monday but i don't think pthey'll do it until the pbeginning of march because they pcan save some money. p>>laura: thank you. pabout 20 minutes from the top of pthe hour now. pthere's another game that fans pwill be looking for this sunday. p>>russell: that is an et lanet's 12th annual puppy bowl. pmay not be able to use the fan pduel in some stats but you can phave a fantasy league. pyou can place three pups against panother team of cute dogs. pif you want to play, head over pto the website. p>>laura: it's big in our house, ptoo. pwe'll be watching the broncos pand the panthers and flip it pover to animal planet during the pcommercial breaks.
7:40 am
pyesterday she got a new look. ptoday jennifer epstein is a pscientist at mosi. pshe'll explain how the scan can phelp us learn more about extinct panimals. p>>russell: and benefits of heavy prainfall. phow much water a lake in pcalifornia has regained this pyear. p>>dave: and a great start to the pday but it is warm and muggy poutside. psoutheast wind providing that pmugginess. p72, we're going back up to 80 pthis afternoon.
7:41 am
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plenty of people dealing with severe damage to their homes this morning in parts of the southeast.. this video p>>russell: plenty of people pdealing with damage to their phomes. pthis is from mississippi not far pfrom the border with alabama. pdozens of homes as well as a pchurch reported to have pstructural damage. ptrees uprooted, blocking roads, pknocking out power lines and
7:44 am
pso far no reports of deaths or pserious injury. p>>laura: out west, california is pstill in a drought but if you plook at some lake in northern pcalifornia this morning, you pwouldn't know it. prunoff from recent rain. pthe lake has risen 44 feet in pthe last month. peven though the water level is ponly at 54% of total capacity. plocal business owners in the pregion also say the profits have prisen as the water goes up. p>>russell: that's interesting. p>>dave: it is. pand you know what's interesting, pnorthern california has got a pton of rain thanks to el nino pbut southern california, equally pin drought, they're not getting ptheir share. ptypically in february and march, pel nino year, they get theirs so pi hope they can take some of ptheir water levels and bring pthem back up in southern pcalifornia. pwe on the other hand, we have psome cloud cover this morning. phuge difference. phuge difference in how it feels poutside as you've got
7:45 am
pour normal highs are in the 70s. pwe've also got that mugginess. plooks like, hey, maybe a little pbit of low clouds are trying to pdevelop. poverall, we're not seeing a lot pof fog and that is because of pthe southeasterly wind that we phad all night long. pthat southeasterly wind, dew oints get the atmosphere mixed pup. pwhile it's warm and muggy poutside, at least we're not pgetting ridiculous visibilities pthat we had yesterday. plower 70s, plant city, new tampa pto brooksville, crystal river is p72 degrees on the morning of pfebruary 3. pnormal high is 71. pyou're already past that. p71 in bradenton. plakewood ranch, myakka city, a pfew spots inland in the upper p60s but i think the high ptemperature today really depends pon the amount of cloud cover pthat you have. pif you have a lot, you may say, pyou know, mid to upper 70s but a pdecent amount of sunshine, you pmay go back to the lower 80s.
7:46 am
pwith that we bring numbers up to pnear 70. pthere's your stickiness this pmorning. pcold front on the way right pthrough the atlanta area now, pthey've had some big storms and pall in the southeastern portions pof alabama. pthe front is going to get hung pup for a bit. pthat's why you see it marching pto the east now. pbottom half of this is what we panticipate coming through here ptomorrow. pmainly late morning into the pafternoon this so we're going to pget a round of rain in ptomorrow's forecast and another pround of rain late saturday into psunday as well. pbreezy for you with a high ptemperature around 79 degrees. ptoday mostly cloudy, 66 the povernight low tonight, tomorrow, pbreezy and showers and storms plikely. pnot a complete washout, though. pi think what we're going to do pis run into a line of storms plate morning, early afternoon. pthen it quiets down for friday. pnotice a drop in temps for
7:47 am
p63 for a high and then the rain pchances are back saturday pafternoon. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you. pwe're checking in on i-4 right proad. pthis is the camera we're looking pat. pthonotosassa looking toward the pcrash and it looks like we do phave the previously reported plane blockages that i tweeted pout earlier that have moved off pto emergency shoulder. pstill looks a bit slow as you pcan see in the westbound pdirection with overall travel ptimes between buckman and 75 psitting around 17 minutes. pmeantime, we have a crash that's preportedly blocking run lane, p54th avenue at 31st street pnorth. pyou could see minor delay there pis and good news for drivers 301 pfollowing that deadly crash over pat the intersection with 63rd pavenue east. pwe're hearing from f.h.p. that pthe lanes are finally clear. p>>russell: all right. pthank you. pit is 7:48 and a team of presearchers from u.s.f. are pusing some cutting edge ptechnology to take a look into
7:48 am
p>>laura: they're at the museum pof science and industry scanning pa manatee skeleton that's been phanging in the museum for years. pjennifer epstein is there right pnow learning more about how this pnew information can help them plearn about the extinct animal, pright, jen? p>>jennifer: yeah. pgood morning. pit's pretty fascinating. pchances are you've walked punderneath this big guy. pit's a skeleton of a manatee. ptoday u.s.f. researchers are phere continuing the scanning rocess of this skeleton to plearn more about that and we'll pcall it a cousin of this pmanatee. pgood morning. p>> good morning to you. pthis skeleton is a normal pflorida manatee like you would psee in the bay, the big gray pguys. pthey're going to create a 3 d pscan using tools that can get pdown to details like a human phair. pnext month they're going to scan
7:49 am
pthat's extinct. pthis is the guy from a museum in aris. pit's called a stellars sea cow pand it's enormous. pit's the size of a small whale. pit's like two pickup trucks back pto back. p>>jennifer: it makes this pmanatee look tiny, right? p>> it does but the stellar sea pcow is extinct. pthe last one was hunted 250 pyears ago so scientists never pgot their hands on one. pby scanning this manatee and its prelative of the sea cow, pscientists in the world will be pable to compare the two and plearn more about the extinct pspecies on top of that, you can puse it for other things. pdinosaurs or archeological psites. pit's called sea bass, the center pfor virtualization and sea ptechnologies. p>>jennifer: they'll be pcontinuing day two of the pscanning process and let's show pthem the finished product over phere. pthis is really cool.
7:50 am
plike once it's said and done. p>> this is a scan of a dinosaur. pand then you can take this 3 d pscan and use a 3 d printer panywhere in the world to create pyour own model of this so pscientists can print out bones, pfit them together. pit's an amazing tool and again, pthe folks in tampa bay are pleading the way on this. p3 d printing is taking off. pwe're talking about a third of pall engineering jobs these days pasks for experience in 3 d rinting. p>>jennifer: thank you so much. pi know you guys are shaking your pheads because you and i, we pdon't understand this whole 3 d rinting process. pcoming up in the later hours, i romise you we have an expert phere. phe does 3 d printing at mosi and phe's going to show us some pexamples of things that he's 3 d rinted and keeping my fingers pcrossed, i'm coming home with a pnew pair of shoes from that rinter.
7:51 am
p>>jennifer: i can dream, right? p>>russell: only you would take ptechnology to that level. p>>jennifer: we'll talk to presearchers in the next hour. p>>russell: see you later. p>>laura: head over to charley pbelcher right now for a look pwhat he's up to. p>>charley: good day to you guys. pdon draper's cubicle right here. pi could have whittier comments pin reference. pi never watched mad men. pyou guys? prussell? p>>russell: he didn't have a pcubicle. phe had an office. p>>charley: smoking. p>>russell: and drinking, too. p>>charley: smoking and drinking. pthose were the days. pthe ad agency has changed a plittle bit since the mad men era pbut this is where all the work phappens at chappell roberts. pwe're here to talk about super pbowl ads and when we come back, pthese no don draper. pwe'll talk to colleen chappel pabout th the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts.
7:52 am
and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher coming from pybor city, the home of chappel proberts and this sunday, the pbiggest game for professional pfootball, really the biggest pevening in the ad industry. pcolleen chappel, this is your psuper bowl for advertising,
7:55 am
p>> the super bowl is to ad pagencies what the oscars are to pactors. pthis is our time. pthis is the stage where all the pbig brand, all the expensive roductions come into one venue pand it's really exciting for the pad agency. p>>charley: what happens? pi come in and i say, help? ptell people about me? p>> we're an integrated ad agency pwhich means what we do is we plook at every single discipline. pbranding, advertising, pmarketing, public relations, pdigital, social media, to move a pbrand forward so you look at pevery single thing we can do in pthe communications world to move pa brand forward. ptv and tv commercials are so pincredibly important to brands. pthat's where we make our pemotional connection. p>>charley: you can see it, hear pit. p>> you can feel it, get a sense pof connection. p>>charley: ads for the super pbowl are how much? p>> five million.
7:56 am
p>> 30 seconds. pthat's up 75% over the past 10 pyears. pthat's $167,000 a second. pthere you go. p$167,000 per second. p>>charley: that's for a national pad. pif channel 10 locally, what are pthey charging for an ad? p>> 80,000. p>>charley: $80,000. p>> the normal going rate is pabout five. p>>charley: so $80,000 for 30 pseconds here locally. pwow. p>> it's a powerful medium and eople are willing to pay it pbecause it's proven to drive presults and also proven to be a pbig flop for other brands. p>>charley: five grand for like p30 seconds, something like that? pthere's money being made papparently and we're going to pmake some more. plove those commercials. pthey pay my salary.
7:57 am
i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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