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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  February 3, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 3 ((russell/wipe vo)) p a another football great pdiagnosed with cte what a ken pthe snake means to the nfl. pand man i want to work there.
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pbenefits and perks from getting aid to travel, to taking what pthey call yay days. pand good wednesday morning we're phalf way through work week i'm plaura moody. pi'm russell rhodes. pit's wipd. pit's windy. pit's warm outside. pit's way above where it should pbe ahead of cold front. pthat cold front dropped big time pweather in parts of southeast. pyeah recovering in alabama, pmississippi and kentucky. pas severe storms, tornadoes move pthat you the area, this from plauderdale county, east of pjackson. pdozens of homes and businesses psaw significant damage. ptrees action blocked roads pdowned power lines. pstorm itself weaker or line pitself a little bit weaker ptoday. pyou can see it this. pon skytower radar. pbut atlanta has got heavy rain pgoing all way back down into arts of the panhandle of pflorida. peventually for us it looks like pthat rain will make its way ptoward us. robably not today, but for ptomorrow. plook at the temperatures, we're
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p75 in brandon. phigh today's again flirt with pthat 80-degree mark. pthere's that rain coming through ptomorrow. plate in morning early afternoon pwith highs around 73. p>> all right, thank you, dave. pand we still have bit of slow go palong northbound 275. pwe've got live look for you in parea of state road 60. pwe have flashing lights we're pseeing on left-hand side. pnot blocking in travel lanes pcertainly causing on looker pdelays at the very least. pif you're crossing howard pfranklin bridge heading up it pinterchange plan for about 28 pminutes. p>> all right vanessa thank you. pwe begin with a breaking olitical news. psenator rand paul announced he psuspending his presidential pcampaign. pthis is according to a fox news pchannel. pnot entirely surprising after aul's poor showing in iowa he pcame in fifth mace. pwe will continue to follow this pdeveloping story. pbring you updates on fox 13 news pat noon and on pthe email, and a to a secretary pof state john kerry.
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psenator kerry used a nonofficial paccount to send now class fight pemails to then secretary of pstate clinton. pemails were sent from kerry's pipad when he was chairman of the psenate foreign relations pcommittee. pbut those messages were deemed psecret as of last week. palong with another thousand from pclinton's email. pmeantime today new hampshire, phillary clinton and all the pother presidential candidates pwill be scouring the state for pvotes. pthere are town hall meetings all pover. pgiving voters the chance to make pthemselves heard. pfox garrett tenney has more. p>> he may have barely finished psecond in iowa democratic seven pto and self proclaims socialist pbernie sanders is in command in pnew hampshire. pwhere he's changing his tone and pdrawing sharper contrast with phillary clinton. pwhether she is true progressive. p>> yes some days yes. pdespite being a distant second pin recent new hampshire polls
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ractical choice for true pdemocrats. p>> ask yourselves, is this just psound good on paper or can this pget done? pted has shown propensity to pwilling to say or do anything to pgain a vote on republican side, pflorida senator marco rubio took phis unexpectedly strong third lace finish showing in iowa and pimmediately set his sights on pcaucus winner ted cruz now ptrying to convince voters and pother 49 states he isn't a one pstate wonder like previous pcaucus winners. p>> we ended december 31st with palmost more money in the bank pthen jeb bush, plus marco rubio lus john kasich, plus chris pchristie all combined together. panother candidate who doesn't pseem to have money problems, pdonald trump landed in number pand landed in an endorsement pfrom former massachusetts psenator scott brown. p>> scott brown, for him to come pup and call and say, i love what pyou're doing, i love where pyou're going. phe loves this area. phe loves you people for him to pendorse me is very important pthing. p>> trump is dominating polls in pnew hampshire.
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pessentially a 4-way tie between pcruz, jeb bush, john kasich and pmarco rubio. pgranite state voters are known pfor not making up their minds puntil last minute. pwith six days in another debate pto go, a lot can still change. pin washington, i'm garrett ptenney, fox news. p michael will sit death row pit appears indefinitely state psupreme court says he can not pexecuted until state figures out phow to apply the u.s. supreme pcourt's ruling that declared pflorida death penalty system punconstitutional. phe was scheduled to die by plethal injection on pfebruary 11th. pu.s. supreme court ruling says pthe system was unconstitutional. pbecause judges not juries, pdecide whether to hand down, i'm pgoing to move because the wind. phand down the death penalty. pright now both state, house and psenate are working on a fix. pit is picking. p9:05 now yesterday we told but a pbattle over cuban rum today
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pcubans to drink more wine. phundreds of california wine pmakers in havana all part the pcalifornia wine symposium. pintroducing cabernet chardonnay pand zinfandels to mostly mojito pdrinking cubans. peasing of economic policy theres phad been an explosion of private prestaurants in the country. pat this particular meeting those powners gathered to learn about pcalifornia grapes. pit's actually be legal for cuba pto import american agricultural roducts including wine. pbut they stopped in 2005 embargo rohibited american companies pfrom accepting cuban credit. pright now only a handful of pagencies in cuba allowed to pimport from u.s. pthat creates what restaurant powners say is a choke point of pinefficiency and but you rock pkaes. pthat stops private businesses pand people from impofrt pimporting large amounts of roducts whatever they need and pwant they say they will need pmore american products. psome three and a half million
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pthat number is expected to pskyrocket once u.s. and cuba pfully normalize relations right pnow kooubomy see wines from its plee and spain. p>> some developing news. psaw this from "new york times" pthis morning certainly caught pour attention. ptimes is reporting that football pgreat kenny stabler has already assed away now with an autopsy pon his brain they discovered pthat he had cte, that is the pbrain disease being linked to prepeated brain trauma. pespecially in football players. pwe needed to bring dr. jo in and ptalk about this. pjoette, the article from "new pyork times" says kenny stabler pwas in high stage 3 of cte. pnow, he died in july. pand i believe the diagnosis was pcolon cancer. pbut that eventually had it not pbe colon cancer it would have pbeen the cte that would have pcaused him lots of problems, pyes?
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p"new york times" already he was palready having problems. pcertain lapses of memory, like pshe said get confused when he pwent to 4 dash way stop couldn't pfigure out which way to go and pwhich way for do. pnoises bothered him he couldn't plisten to the radio any more. pthere as high pitch ring in his phead. phe was hearing sounds. plight bothered him he was psquinting a lot. pbasically isolated himself from pcertain times. pshe said she could walk in the proom and see when he was psuffering from it. pnow apparently, apparently, he pwas diagnosed with this pcould:asker which was stage 4 pthat ultimately what was took phuhs life. pright up to that time he was psuffering from at symptoms of pcte according to his partner. pask according to his daughter. p>> jo remind us please, clearly pis cte what we've calling this pconcussion syndrome just the prepeated hit on the brain pknocking brain around in the phead causing these problems? p>> yes. pit's chronic traumatic inself
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pand when they look at the a pbrains of individuals, again pthese nfl players, and lots of eople in sports, different psports are donat p pthere is there are doctors, pthere are pathologists in boston pand that's where we are getting pthis information from. pan autopsy was performed on his pbrain. pand basically after the fact is pwhere you're going to see it. pwhat you're seeing here when we pfirst talked about this back in p2008, that's dr. mckey suspect pshe's one key pathologists that pdescribes cte what you're seeing psome of that dark stain that pyou're seeing in that brain is pan evidence cte or even the pbeginning in fact i think this pwas an 18-year-old believe it or pno the basically cte acts psimilar to alzheimer's disease pbut it different because instead pbeta amyloid they accouple psomething call tou protein. pwhat you're seeing here in this articular image is you're pseeing the effects of the
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pbut be but i will tell you, prussell there are experimental ptrials going on with something pthat can stain that protein on t-scanning. pso we may see a change or a pshift in being able to diagnosed pit. pjoette i'm going to start with psomething speculative. pi'm not going to make you pcomment on that. pbut i am going to lead us into psomething that i will ask you to pcomment about. pi was struck, there was an pinterview, f x series now prunning on oj simpson case. pand cuba gooding the actor is laying oj simpson in this mini pseries. phe said something in an pinterview that struck me that he pbelieves, him, the actor, pbelieves that at the end of the pday after oj has gone if they pwere to do an autopsy on his pbrain, that maybe this same pthing has caused some of oj's pbehaviors. pnow, let's put that to the side pand let me ask you this. pdo we think this disease can
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pand have strange behaviors? pabsolutely. pwhen you look at the publication pthey see some of they do exhibit paggressive behavior. pand the other thing that can phappen and may happen that is pthey may turn to drugs. pas a way to kind of, you know, pmask some symptoms or treat ptheir own symptoms. pand think about i don't know if pyou remember chris ben waugh he pwas a wrestler he had evidence pof cte. pthey are not saying he murdered phis wife and child, i don't know pif you remember that, and he ptook his own life. pthey are not saying cte caused phim to do that substance abuse pmay have been result cte and cte pcould have contributed to his pbehavior. pno, certainly violent behavior pis no the beyond something niece pindividuals may exhibit. pjo we've got to go. pone of those studies all over pthe studies coming out, i mean pthis is going to, this is pbuilding towards something going pto be fascinating in in next few pyears to see where we go with pall of this i hope they find way
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pget to this point that we're not pdiagnosing this after they are pdead. p>> right. pjoette, thank you. p>> all right. pit is 9:11 now working we all phave to do it. pbut some companies have pretty poutrageous benefits that really pmake it worth your while, right? pi'm getting blown away out here pit's crazy. pthere are a real selves and pthere are our digital selves. pbut what happens to our facebook ages when we die? pthere's a law that us trying to pfix all of that clarify it. pwe'll have that for you a little pbit later. pand then charley is a real pmadmen office. plooking the this. pcharley. pad agency ybor city where we pare. pwe're going to talk super bowl pcommercials you will see this psunday, all right have you heard pof this one yet? pthese are the all kids who are pconceived during super bowls. pthese super bowl babies when the pgiants won. pthen whole commercial goes
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pthe buccaneers are even in here. plook at that, it goes back to p93, 94. pcowboys babies. pdoes that hit? pdoes that miss? pit's actually a commercial for pnfl. pthere's the bucs. pthere's the bucs babies. pkids born in 2003. pinteresting messaging. pbut it's the nfl themselves. pwe will talk about what you stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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((russell//wipe vo)) the
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sometimes, it's the grind 9 to p5 p>> these to 11. psometimes you want to quit win pthe lotto, walk away, don't have poh worry about nothing. psome people have already won pwhat we're going to call a work plotto. pglass revealed the top p20 benefits or perks. pnow some we've already heard of plike netflix offering a full pyear of paid maternity or aternity. pa year? pwow. pleave for new parents. palong with the option of preturning to work part-time for pwhile taking days off once you pgo back on the job. p>> and netflix isn't alone in pthe maternity leave department. pthe music website spotify offers psix months paid leave plus flex pwork options once that parent preturns to work. pthey also cover fertility ptreatments they can run upwards pof $25,000 a dollars for pinvetro. pjust good a facebook they give
9:16 am
arents of newborns get $4,000. pbut then there's the outdoor pcompany rei. pthey offer two paid days outside pof vacation time to enjoy their pfavorite outdoor activity. pthey are called yay days. premember rei was company that pclosed on black friday. pstore that closed on black pfriday. pthey let their workers say go penjoy the day. p>> wow. pa company called sales force pgives employees six days off to pvolunteer. lus $1,000 to donate to their pfavorite charity. pnice. pfinally, there's a company pcalled burton, they manufacture psnow boards in vermont. pthey give their employees annual pseason psycho passes and snow pdays so they can hit slopes pafter the first big snow fall. pwhat i find fascinating about pmost of these i maybe even all pof them, they tend to be younger pcompanies, progressive. p>> yes. p>> they are with the times.
9:17 am
p$2,000 to travel anywhere in the pworld. pnot to mention how about blowing poff steam through comedy twitter rovide on site improv classes, pacupuncture. pi'm going to get my acupuncture pdone and three catered meals a pday friends goal egg in an pemployee dies their surviving pspouse or partner gets 50 ercent of their salary for the pnext ten years. p>> wow. pi mean like i said these are pyounger companies. pand probably obviously trying to pentice younger workers. pand you know sometimes it's not pjust about the money with these pfolks who are coming up these pkids i'm calling them kids just pstarting they want the benefits. pthey want ability to take time poff go do things. pmy favorite one was the company pthat gives six days off to pvolunteer to do a mission work pgo help do something or have phabitat for humanity. pwhatever it is spend a week pfocus on that outside of your pvacation time.
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pyou just felt that, the wind? pyeah i did. psouth wind. pbut what's been amazing to me phave been temperatures this pmorning. p74 degrees. pthat's kind of where we're pstarting. punseasonably warm with cloud pcover. pand the aforementioned wind will pbring temperatures up to lower p80s for many of us again today. pshowers and thunderstorms are plikely on thursday. pnow the weekend we first thought pwe'd get rain on sunday. pwe're pushing it up a little pbit. pmaybe wetter on saturday. plate in day going into early psunday. pso there's your 74 degrees in ptampa. pwe've got 75 degrees in pbrooksville area. p70 degrees in st. petersburg. plooking a temperatures today ponce again getting back up into pthe upper 70s to around 80 pdegrees. pthere we go. pright now, about 5 to 11 degrees pwarmer than it was yesterday at pthis time. p>> rain comes through tomorrow. pwe're going to follow that by pthe way with cooler weather.
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pthen we're going to right back pup near 70 again with that rain pcoming through on saturday. pokay. pthank you, dave. pusing cutting edge technology to plearn from the past that's what phappening right now at mosi. pteam usf researchers are pscanning a manatee skeleton. pthat's been there for years. pfox 13 jen epstein is there pright now. phow's it going, jen? p>> we've having so much fun out phere this morning laura we've ptalking about the scanning rocess all morning long. pof the manatee. pwell now we're talking about at rinting process. pafter scanning comes printing. pwe've got 3 d printing expert pwith us this morning. ptony from mosi. pgood morning. pgood morning. phow are you? pi'm good. phow long have you been three d rinting for are about four pyears. pso i got to look at the room pupstairs with all of your rintable objects. phow many have you printed over pfour years hundreds thousands pwith students in our programs pthat we teach. pso we're all fascinated by whole p3 d printing process.
9:20 am
punderstand the whole thing how pit really works. pcan you dumb it down for us pexplain to you it works? p>> sure. pright now we have a 3 d printer pin action. pso it's, its actually printing pout bracelet. pwe do lot of demonstrations a plot of experimenting we're pexperimenting here with flexible ptype of material. pand what it basically is pbuilding this model layer by player. pand the model originally was pdesigned or scanned yeah take pscan just like you saw earlier. pyou can take a scan. pand, build that object. pthis what it will look like when pit done. phow long has been printing how plong will it take to get the pfinal product? pabout 30 minutes. pyou can have fully fledged pbracelet in 30 minutes. pwhen i asked you to explain this pwhole 3 d printing process you psaid layers. pall about layers p>> so when you are printing you pcan see that i can build layer pby layer an object until is
9:21 am
pthat's the kia wide variety of pdifferent ways you can build players whether you're using plasers to melt materials or pyou're building them up just plike we saw in our 3 d printer pwith melted plastic. pwe've got about 30 seconds left pi want you to explain so many pdifferent materials, 3 d rinting, technology. pthis powder type material that pwas made, that was held together pwith kind of plastic. pthis was a material that was pkind of like a laser. pthat was put together. pkind of an originally came out pthis way. pyes then you do air brushing. pexactly. pfly was not 3 d printing the papply is real. pa lego projects. pthis is a mars rover. pso you knows an an educator you pcan download models, prints them pout use them with your students. pso fascinating tony. pthank you so much for explaining pa little bit more about the 3 d rinting technology and asking pyou shall receive. pi asked for pair of shoes, and i
9:22 am
p>> look at this. phe printed out this shoe. p>> how cool that is, guys? pthat is cool, jen. p>> and laura moody, you thought pi was joking around about the pwhole i'm bringing you back psomething. phe printed you a little pbracelet. poh is that my little bengal? pi'll wear it tomorrow. pall right. pjen. pthat's right. p>> see you here in a little bit. pthank you. p>> all right. pbye. pthanks. p>> you know sometimes it's just ptoo much some of your facebook pfriends. pbut before you click the punfriend button, think again. pweaver got 5 types of people you pshould never, ever stop being pfriends with. pand speaking of friends pcharley's up next talking about
9:23 am
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p good day tampa bay i'm what pi who are chapel roberts an ad pagency here locally has a ton of pclients. phas commercials on tv you've pseen a million times. pwe're talking to them about the psuper bowl commercials. pwe talked about what worked. pwe showed you how commercials pare put together. pthis is time where we have a plittle sneak peek on what may be phot and maybe not coming out pthis super bowl. pscott and laura are both here ptoive good us their opinions on pcouple things. pwhat's this playing here, scott? pwe're really excited about a pcouple things this axe what pemergency seeing a big brand preally changing up approach. pso they are getting rid of old pstereotypes, really focussing on pa conversation about pindividuality. plot like what dove did with pcampaign for real beauty.
9:25 am
pyes, absolutely. pwe also are seeing big brands pfor first time ever getting into pthe big game. pthis is actually quickbooks who pis as small team that created a pcontest for a small businesses pto have a 30 second spot in pgame. pbasically $5 million of free ad pspace. plet's run that one again. psometimes you do you see pcommercials during super bowl pfor tiny companies. pthis is death wish pthat's right. pbut it's like how in world do pthey get in that plains space psome companies will just throw ptheir entire budget into this pabsolutely. pin this case quickbooks had a pgreat contest, gave small pbusinesses an opportunity to phave that. pnext one that you think might pbe. poh, humor is always big. pso it's big. pand the super bowl. pand we see the number 1 winner pthis year is being shock top t j pmiller and talking orange slice pfrom this lolo go insulting pconversation in bar. pdefinitely make big waves. pi like it. plaura is something that is
9:26 am
pagain this year, these teasers, pwhat is mountain dew doing? pwe're not quite sure yet. pwe have a sloth baby, sloth pug papproach a mix on sloth-like penergy. pand how mountain dew can help pthat out. pgoing for more interruptive papproach. pshould interesting. pwe had to find out what that pcreature is pug, a sloth? pis it monkey? pwe don't quite know yet. pthis is what teaser supposed to pbe to get people interested m pwatching the last thing you talk pabout celeb rt. pa celebrity, it's a walk-in pcloset. pnice lose of pun but we will we pwill looking out how they tie it pback to the overall brand. pthen from social media pstandpoint i know that's your pspecialty wash for hash tagz. peverybody will bring if facebook por twitter. pbig's day for tweeter and social pmedia fans alike.
9:27 am
pour live commentary. pbut everybody else is going to ptalking about ads too. p#ad bowl brand bowl we're plooking a for it big game. psuper bowl washing for game, if pnot you definitely was tonight pon twitter #cr for chapel proberts cr super bowl. pcrsuperbowl you will see experts plive tweeting their opinion on pcommercials sunday evening. pnice. pnice. pi like it. pit's been fun today. pgood stuff. pyeah interesting. pcommercials are part of all of pour lives like it or not true, ptrue. pall right. psee you later. pokay. p>> don't worry if you hear pgunshots at the port today pthere's good reason.
9:28 am
pactive shooter lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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3 (laura - one of the men involved in an overnight shooting in pasco p one men in overnight pshooting in pasco county has pdied. pthis is an update to story we've pbeen following since start of pgood day deputies tell fox 13 pthe shooting happen in dade city pnorth about 10:30 last night. pa short time later the three men pshowed up at an area hospital pand one of those men ricardo phernandez has died another has pcritical injuries third male was pnot seriously hurt. pstill not xhooeld clear what led pup to shooting investigators pbelieve it was likely gang and pdrug related. p>> state lawmaker expected to pvote today in series of bills pthat would give florida gun powners more freedom.
9:30 am
pbe able to carry a gun on pcollege campuses. pstatehouse is prepared for a pfinal vote. pbut the senate version has pstalled. p>> something else that happening ptoday. pthat we wish did not have to phappen, but we need it, ptraining. pnot just for law enforcement. pfox 13's alcides segui is at the ort of tampa where they are pdoing an active shooter training pday. pgood morning again. p>> good morning to you russell. pabout an hour ago, the active pshooter scenario actually punfolded in front of i'd say pdozens of people here who are a art of this actor shooter pforum. pit really was a time in which pthey learned what they should do pin case something like this phappens to them where they are pat work or movie theater you pjust never know when it can phappen. pthey learned a lot thanks to pthis man corporal daudz. pthanks so much for being with us pi appreciate it for your time. pfor folks at home who could not pbe here talk a little bit about pwhat this was all about this pmorning. p>> this was mostly partnering pwith community. pworking with business and
9:31 am
pthey of they have better punderstanding of these pincidents. pand response options. pa better understanding what pwe're going to do and we're able pto partner better with them so pwe can work as team to address pthese types of situations. p>> corporal we're looking a pvideo of newtown connecticut. p26 people we are killed 20 were pchildren. pand we look at scenarios like pthat just through the years. pit's tragic. pyou think about virginia tech, psan bernardino, i mean it's just pcountless happening more and pmore often. pwhat can we do? p>> well we hear about these pthings a lot. pthey are actually still pretty prare. pbut obviously they are very, pvery high impact. pwe need to be aware of that. pwhat we teach is the same thing pthat homeland security is utting forth, which is run hide pfight model. pbasically what we're looking a pwe want to partner with pcommunity in ways that if we can pintervene in advance, if we can phave better awareness, if we can revent incidents before they poccur that's the ideal. phowever, if it gets to the point pthat we haven't be able to revent it, then we want to look
9:32 am
pthemselves safer. pit basically follows that run phide fight model run if you can pget out situation, gets out pwherever that incident is phappening if you can. p>> if you can't do that the next pbest thing to try to barricade pyourself. revent that threat from getting pyou and others and if that is pnot possible, if you're not able pto run, if you're not able to a phide, barricade yourself very plast option is what can you do pto fight back. p>> and is there anything you can pdo or just one of those things pyou just hopefully you've had ptechnique and able to defend pyourself. pthat's what it type of training pis aboutabout to raise that plevel of awareness get people to pthink about for themselves their pareas where they work where they plive where they play. pyou know realistic options for pthem we're trying to get people pto think about it reeling punfortunately we need to think pabout us because happening more. pthank you so much for your time pi appreciate it. pan hour 45 minutes possibly even ptwo hours. pthis but they actually provide a
9:33 am
pgoerses business owners property powners. pall you have to do contact tampa olice. pthey will actually come out and pthey will teach you how to rotect yourself how to protect pthe people around you. pit's unfortunate. pbut, something that we need to pthink about. pespecially moving forward pespecially how often these mass pshootings are occurring. pback to you. pall right, alcideses thank you. p8 puppies abandoned on side of proad are getting much needed phelp. pgood samaritan spotted the dogs pin box and the dogs are under pway and require costly medical pcare to heal they are receiving ptreatments for source hair loss pinfections. pshelter workers expect puppies pto make full recovery in 4 to 6 pweeks. pstill don't know who abandoned pthem. p>> well here in florida it's no pthe exactly uncommon to see an palligator swimming retention ond or maybe basking in your pfront yard when a distant prelative makes an appearance a psouth florida apartment complex presidents were a little shocked.
9:34 am
eople found him a complex in pcape coral yesterday. pfolks who live there say they pwere surprised to find out the panimal was just lounging on ptheir beach. pthey've never seen him before. phim her florida fish and wild pwife were told about incident. pthey did not remove the pcrocodile. panimal was tagged before it was pfound on the beach. pwhich means authorities have had pcontact with the animal in the ast. p>> so i guess they are going to plet it live there for a pbother. pjust let him hang. pwe've seen him before we're just pgoing to let him stay there. phe's harmsless. pjust crocodile. pthat's scary though. pit's all bodies of water around phere. phey we're at 74 degrees. pclouds are whipping across the psky. pget quite breezy out here this pmorning. pwe have everything kind of out
9:35 am
pcold front itself moving through psoutheast louisiana earlier this pmorning. pnow you watch with a skytower pradar. pyou can see with that strong pline of storms are from atlanta psouthwestern down through ensacola area. pthe back edge of that front is pgoing to get hung up. pand nasty why we're not really utting a lot of rain in today's pforecast. pbut eventually we'll come psliding through with a front ptomorrow. pand we're thinking some time plook at the future cast, after pthe sun comes up. pnow future cast takes you pthrough tonight action line pweakens a little bit start to papproach the coast, by time pwe're getting into that the 8, p9 o'clock hour tomorrow morning, pand then eventually, going to pcome squeezing through. pwe could pick up a between now pand sunday, there you go, maybe pan inch and a half of rain pbecause we've got not one but ptwo lines of rain that we have pto deal with. pfirst one we just saw comes pthrough tomorrow. psecond one which is going to pcome through late, we'll say plate saturday, saturday night.
9:36 am
pbut we're going to warm again. pright back up close to 80 pdegrees. pmostly cloudy, warm muggy ptonight with low of 66. ptomorrow you saw line of rain pmoves through. pchances of severe weather low. pgoing line of rain maybe rumble pof thunder. phigh 73. pcools down for friday. pwith some showers coming back pinto the forecast late on psaturday. pout here early on sunday. pall right sounds good dave. pthank you. p9:39 is time i do have heads up psr.s emergency road work and pfolks traveling through oldsmar parea. pwe have some scheduled to start palready under way a half hour pago. pat that road all blains psupposedly blocked commerce pboulevard plan for same lane pblockage all way through p4 o'clock this afternoon. pand so if you just give yourself pextra time as you make your way pthrough that area you can pdetoured on site. p>> well she's in an academy paward winner but probably one pthe most malign actresses in phollywood. pgwyneth paltrow has a message pfor all haters.
9:37 am
lus in few minutes questionable pfriends on facebook. pwho should you never unfriend? pand then a live look at the
9:38 am
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actress "kristen stewart" is the new face of chanel p , black dress kristin stewart pis new face of chanel make not pstewart's first go around with pcompany either. pshe first front the brands pclothing campaign in 2013. pthen again, in 2015. pthe company says her modern pmagnetic beauty and free spirit pis what got her the role in 20 ptiny eyes collection. pstewart has been muse of chanel pcreative director karl lagger pfelled for a what i now articipating in photo shoots pand walking runway. pcongrats to her. pfast and furious fans, congrats pto you. pget ready for some even more pmovies universal pictures vin pdiesel confirmed franchise going prelease, get this ninth and ptenth movie. pthat's right. pnews was released late tuesday pthrough diesel instagram paccount. pwe already now that fast date pwas with a filming in new york
9:41 am
pwe now know fast and furious 9 pwill open 2019 that follow up pnumber 10 coming april 2nd, p2021. psecure was dedicated to late aul walker grossed $1.5 billion pworld wide. pactress entrepreneur again it altrow is on the march issue of pglamour. pshe's really getting candid pabout her life. pand what people think about her. pshe hit back a people that pcomplain on things about her pgoop website being expensive. pshe told magazine she wishes pay pmore attention intins they oh do psell things for $8. pif you want mess with me bring pyour a game and at least have pall of your information. pshe also hit back at people that psay she's a spoiled rich kid. pshe had to work for everything psince see was 18. pand she hasn't taken a dime from pher parents even when she pdropped out of college. p>> all right.
9:42 am
pnot be your real friends, but pthere are 5 different types of pfacebook people people you pshould not delete from your pvirtual life a look at that pcoming up next but right now
9:43 am
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pfox 13's good day, local for you pall morning long we all know eople who are obsessed with ptheir social media accounts. pbut what happens to those paccounts after you pass? pa new proposal moving through pflorida legislature right now pwould allow people to designate pa cue stowed town access manage ptheir social media email and ponline financial accounts if pthey difficult somehow become pincapacitate. psenate passed bill on tuesday pand passed committee reviews in phouse bill requires owners of paccounts explicitly agree in a pwill or online agreement to phanding over control. pso we get it we know easy to get pfed up facebook friends and all olitical rants and vague posts pthat sort of beg for attention. pbut before you hit the unfriend pbutton, pause for a second. pturns out their 5 types of eople you should never dump.
9:45 am
pyeah it gets annoying seeing ictures of meals not to mention pmakes your stomach growl. pdon't get rid of her she could pgive you some restaurant precommendations. p>> next, the people who work in pyour industry, i know you don't pwant to talk shop all the time. pmaybe, after a week with yo pco-worker avoid them all pweekend. pbut you should never cut ties pwith work bud they got one day pguffey job or good lead on one pif you need it our neighbors any pmore you should follow on pfacebook. pthey may be to date things crime palerts and new associations. p>> and no matter how mad they pmake you do not dump people who pdisagree with you. ptheir differ's opinions keep an popen mind you don't want to get psucked into believe everything. pthis goes without saying don't punfriend your mother-in-law. pyou don't need that extra ptension, do you? por anything that would come palong with that.
9:46 am
pshe doesn't see everything that pyou post. pi'm sure that's nasty business. plieu take care of my facebook pafter i'm gone. pwe're so good at it aren't we?
9:47 am
pthat we will right back with 3
9:48 am
here's another phoor heir another live like pabove 16 thousand park we love pto see. pwe love to see territory in ositive 52. psure do. pwe this see it very often. p. pthat will last tonight. pi don't think anybody can answer pthat. pthese days. pbut, i can tell you we've got preport on private job growth, pand it was a better than pexpected. pfolks are saying that when we pget big numbers, government jobs preport for january on friday it pmight be better than expected. pbecause expectations now are pabout 190 thousand jobs added i pknow you want number to above p200 close to 300. pmaybe that will be the case pafter all. p>> all right. pat the can at that airbag pcontinues to take our companies pdown. pand now and latest headline we phear toyota is recalling 320 pthousand cars and trucks. pyes. ptrucks and suvs for the most art. pfrom more or less the 2000 to
9:49 am
ptundra action sequoia certain plexus suvs et cetera. pissue with airbags that are on pthe roof. pthey can deploy without ever pgetting into a crash. pand the problem stems from pcomputer that controls the pairbag. ptoyota will send you letter in pthe mail, say okay your car is paffected. pit's been recalled. pand a they will fix it for you. pi find it fascinating one pcompanies that helped put book pstores out of businesses opening pa book store. p>> yes. pright? pso weird. pso weird. pbut it makes perfect sense. pdo not know if this is true. pbut i can tell another pfollowing, number one, amazon phas a book store in seattle. pit's an experiment. pnumber 2, the ceo of a company pthat operates malls said that pamazon is talking about making p300 to 400 book store as malls pacross the country. pso we can surmise from this, pthat amazon is probably thinking ptwo things, one, oh, we need pmore warehouses because peverybody wants their items like pthree seconds later.
9:50 am
pbook stores which people might pbook stores which people might pwant because so many have gone pout business we can use book pstores a warehousesso they can pget folks their stuff faster. pand then for people who did miss pborders and want more barnes and pnoblies buy greeting card or psomething that used to be able pto do in book store, they might phave that opportunity to do so pat an amazon brick and mortar pand maybe pick up a kindle or psomething like that while they pare at it. psmart strategy kill competition pthen flood the market, right? pbasically. p>> good to so you. pgood toe sue you. pyou too. pbye. pand don't miss lauren simonetti pon our sister network station. pif you're not sure with to find pfox business network log on to pfox business pit breezy out here lot of cloud pcover as well. pbut it is mild. pour temperatures are already pseveral degrees above our normal phigh for that time of year. pso we'll get close to 80 pdegrees. pthink the clouds will hang
9:51 am
p20 percent rain chance. pbut i think the majority of it pis going to come through ptomorrow. pwe will have a line of showers, pmaybe a few rumbles of thunder pas well. p73 degrees for a high tomorrow. pbut notice the drop in ptemperatures as the cold front pcomes through. pyou will start in 40s on friday pmorning. phigh of 63 degrees. pon friday afternoon. psaturday, and sunday, it is psubject to change a little bit. pbecause i don't think that looks pworse than i think it really pmight be. psaturday afternoon could a get pfew showers through area getting pout of here some time on psaturday night. pwhich would leave us a with a pdecent sunday. pbut after tomorrow, all right pour high temperatures go right pback to 60s. pthose stay below normal at least pthrough beginning middle portion pof next week. pwe're going ton statement fair pon saturday. pyes we are bundle up. p10 to 11 to 1. p11 to 1. pwe made it. pwe made it through the whole, pold school news style. pno computers. pjust
9:52 am
pa stack of papers and you and pme. pkind of nice. pall right. ptoday's wednesday, it's pfebruary 3rd live with kelly and pmichael coming up next wednesday pwilliams and fox 13 news at noon pas always you can get latest on follow us on ptwitter and instagram. plike us on facebook. pwe'll see you tomorrow. pi'm healthy again. pyes, bring it back. p"realtime closed captioning rovided by u.s. captioning pcompany." lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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